Scream Queen Chapter 101

In the past two years, the existence of ghosts has officially entered the public’s field of vision, and the social structure has also changed accordingly to some extent.

People’s enthusiasm for exploration in this area has naturally skyrocketed. After all, it involves the world after death, which may be the ultimate destination of one’s soul. The discussion of life and death is an eternal topic.

It’s just that from the large-scale social impact to the present, it takes less than two years to reach full play. At the same time, the Zhu Group has almost monopolized the industry’s resource connections and top ghost bosses.

Although horror-themed programs have emerged in the past two years, to be honest, horror variety shows are not the first attempt at them.

However, in the past, because of the audience, production funds, guest flow and planning direction, it was not without good quality, but it would be laughable to talk about nationality.

After all, apart from the Zhu family, this is a brand new field. Everyone is equivalent to crossing the river by feeling the stones. Among them, there is no shortage of fish in troubled waters.

Under the title of bluffing people, I actually clicked in to see it. It was basically the same as the traditional model of pretending to be fools. With Zhu’s jade in front, the outside world would naturally not be satisfied with this.

Although the show was aggressive this time, it rushed to the ambition of the whole people. The traffic guests invited three extravagantly in one breath, and it was Zhu’s exclusive title investment, which made a lot of gimmicks.

But to be honest, the outside world did not expect anything beyond the supernatural rendering of comedy variety shows.

To be honest, this is actually pretty good. There are idols, funny, and hot spots. The first episode of the show has been broadcast until now, and there is no peeing in the most half of the show. It is completely qualified to be a unique funny variety show. Everyone is on the screen. Tears flowed from behind with laughter.

Variety fans have also analyzed the routine of this show. Although this is named by Zhu, it is possible that the ghost stars under Zhu will leave the country, but that is also the climax of the show, or when the final episode ends. Up.

After all, those ghost stars really talk about the global popularity. The hottest ones are higher than the three big traffic guests. How can they go on the spot?

It’s not impossible for other ghosts who don’t have enough coffee spots to appear on the scene, but these ghosts lack their own housekeeping skills, and it is naturally difficult to design a hot spot for interaction with stars.

As far as the post effect is concerned, instead of putting the gimmick on ghost guests who are not embarrassing or embarrassing, it is better to invest in the fun of the show itself.

However, this show did not disappoint everyone. It was not a finished product of gimmicks. On the contrary, with so many advantages, the rhythm was still carefully created, so the first episode has not been finished.

The barrage is already brushing up on the rhetoric of [Annual Variety Show Hegemony], especially the artists I like, and the fans are all proud.

Then the sudden rebar shot out, and the breathtaking sense of thrill made the audience in front of the screen squeeze a cold sweat.

Variety shows are not the same as making movies. Special effects of this level are not uncommon for making movies, but the angle and lens of variety shows are completely different.

In order to highlight the accident, I also played the shot in a panoramic angle, but there is still no sense of distortion.

At this time, the audience in front of the screen, especially Wang Xinyi’s fans, thought it was a sudden accident during the recording, and they suddenly screamed, such as not treating the artist as a person.

Some sunspots mixed in and sprayed something like [Other people can suffer hardship, but your idol is delicate], but the slowing down of the steel bar speed is really a dangerous situation that can pierce the brain without paying attention. The fans who had been occupying the commanding heights in every minute were retreated steadily.

Then it was the first step to see that the good deeds came back and swiped the barrage to flood the screen.

Waiting for the impatient person to close the barrage, following the [high energy ahead]’s tightly raised heart, I was looking forward to the next second.

Then I saw another steel bar poked out of the iron closet, even faster than before.

The angle was still directed at Wang Xinyi’s face, but Wang Xinyi was blocked by his aunt at this moment, and the steel bar was also greedy.

Still desperately rushing forward, even trying to tie the two of them side by side.

In the next second, Rebar stopped directly in front of the’auntie’, less than three centimeters away from her face, but just couldn’t get closer.

This scene is a bit similar to a deliberately arranged and forced editing, but no one would say that, because the panoramic long lens is used from the beginning to the end, and the speed of the “Auntie” shot and the speed of the steel bars are referenced around.

It seems real and exciting, just like the classic martial arts show of real kung fu.

In the barrage, there are a few articles that countless fans have brushed up on the hand speed of the’auntie’ and the strength that needs to be endured at that speed, as well as her awe-inspiring gesture of lifting her weight and speed, and it looks like her strength and speed. analysis.

A group of melon-eating people watched the video with gusto, especially Wang Xinyi’s fan, which was offered another rainbow fart.

And then, after eating melons and drinking water choking, the operation rushed in a direction they couldn’t understand.

I saw the ‘aunt’ got a steel bar in his hand, clenched tightly, and pulled the other end out of the iron closet like a tug-of-war.

On the barrage screen, I was about to use witty words like “Heroic mighty”, when I saw the ‘Auntie’ swish, and stabbed the steel bar in his hand.

The person in front of the screen chrysanthemum tightened, and was shocked by the momentum that Tie Ju could smash you when the’auntie’ burst into the front door.

She directly stabbed her through the tin cabinet, and she could see the faint light passing through the hole.

However, this didn’t end. There was a rhythmic BGM in the screen. With this BGM, the steel bar of my aunt stabs each cabinet one after another, each time the rhythm of the past is just stepping on the point.

It makes people jump again, and they are amazed at the strength of the world today, and there is also a sense of forbearance created in the later stage.

Finally, something ransacking in the closet seemed to be blocked in a grid by her and stuck.

There was a scream in the screen, and the audience thought it was a dubbing of the show.

Just listen to the “Auntie” saying to Wang Xin: “Pick up that steel bar.”

Wang Xinyi didn’t ask anything and did what the’aunt’ said. The cleverness of turning around and doing it just made the fans scream so cute.

The people off the screen didn’t know the next development, and they thought naively at the beginning. The messy “good brother” inside was trapped, and the locker 038 on the task was vacated at this moment. Take this opportunity to get clues. Right?

But in the next second they found that they were still young, and they didn’t care about the 038 cabinet at all.

After receiving the other steel bar that my nephew handed over, he slammed into it again, and then the two steel bars were held in his hand, like chopsticks stirring a can.

Although the iron sheet of the wardrobe was rusty, it was still solid metal, and it was a hole in the boss.

At this time, the camera zoomed in, and some timid people couldn’t help but exclaimed.

I saw that in the dimly lit cabinet, there was a ghost that had been turned into chaos, with its facial features shifted and deformed, its body stretched like a silk, and his eyes were looking outside with horror.

“Auntie” spoke: “Little Er, look at this guy and the girl.”

On the barrage is another ridicule of the nickname between “Auntie” and his nephew, sandwiched between [Can I still see the male and female? 】

[No, what if it’s a female ghost? Don’t you take advantage of your brother? 】

【Hey! How did the Er Dengzi on one side look at it? 】

[Brother worked hard. 】

Wang Xin also grew up in the village since he was a child, and later the ghost sister lived with them for many years, so she was really not afraid of ghosts.

Hearing Zhu Yang’s words, he went up to investigate. Although he didn’t follow his brother’s path, he was still with spiritual power and was able to contact ghosts directly by his own will.

Going up is to grab the head of the guy who was turned into brushed candy inside and pull him out.

While looking at it, he said to the’auntie’: “Short hair, rosacea, beard, teeth are full of smoke, um! Male.”

[Fuck, Brother Yi is so reckless. 】

[Is my brother such a fierce person? 】

[Suddenly feel so safe, how to break? 】

[Auntie, the bride price will be doubled again, will the marriage be negotiated? 】

[Hahaha, why are you so skilled? 】

[Yi Ge said that he helped his mother sell sheep when he was young. 】

[I have restored the scene. 】

The barrage rainbow fart is still blowing, and the aunts and nephews over there have already scolded them.

Zhu Yang’s face sullen: “Man? How can a man hide in the women’s locker room?”

“Perverted!” Wang Xin also slapped on the tuft: “Bah! Shameless.”

After speaking, he solemnly reminded the screen: “Although ghosts and humans are not strictly of the same species, don’t think that the other party does not have gender awareness. In fact, the behavior of ghosts can be judged to a large extent before birth. Character.”

“So here to remind girls, if you bump into a ghost in a private place such as a toilet, bathroom, dressing room, closet, you must be alert. A serious person will not be so uncultivated, and a serious ghost will not be the same.”

No, the point of your remark is wrong, right?

Isn’t it more scary to hit a ghost? Why is the focus on investigating the quality of ghosts?

It is indeed a person who dares to catch ghosts with bare hands. Compared with the shocking performance of the other two teams, the style of this group is really reckless.

The barrage slipped past [The Calmness of the Strong].

Then there is a series of [This ghost was a decent ghost before his death, let’s go to the column incense. 】

Obviously, I came back to spoiler after watching it again, accompanied by [Devil Aunt Nephew Warning. ] [The scene of cruel and inhumane ghost abuse. 】such as.

Then everyone saw something beyond their imagination.

“Auntie” also said to Wang Xin: “Remember how to hook the pin?”

Wang Xin also nodded: “Remember.”

It is the basic needle method for knitting sweaters. When I was young, I used to help my mother pull up the wool, and use my fingers to knit two needles.

Zhu Yang said: “Okay, you and I hold the needles, and you knit.”

Then there was a five-minute steel knitting picture on the screen. For a fast-paced variety show, it is very incredible to spend five minutes of continuous shots on one action.

However, no one finds it boring and lengthy.

Two thumb-thick steel bars were used as knitting needles, and the closet was stirred into wire drawing, and because of the need to be made into wool by the ghosts that were constantly stretched by the’aunt’.

With a simple weaving method, the two aunts and nephews hum and groan into a blanket.

Next to the newcomers who set up a selling point with two rough nerves, they can’t stand it completely. There is no line to refer to in this improvisation.

No, it is a miracle for him to stand here now. When the shot was given to him, the barrage had perfectly explained his state of mind at the moment.

【who am I? Where am i? What am i doing? 】

[Why did a mortal get into the circle of gods? 】

[Mom, how did I get in? 】

[Are they killing people and whip corpses? Should I pass the knife over? 】

[Hahaha, my little brother is so pitiful. 】

A few minutes later, the ghosts/aunt and nephew unfolded the ghost-woven curtains, and in order to prevent the other party from breaking apart, they also tied a knot on both ends of the show.

Then hung it on the door frame of the locker room, and wrote a book with the red paint on the side——

[Free entry for men]

This is the real **** lesson.

After everything was done, the two men calmly opened the door of cabinet No.038 and took out the clues in the space where the three views were subverted off the screen and needed to be reorganized.

[What can I do besides kneeling? 】

[Don’t help me up, I’m just a salted fish who can shout 666. 】

[I thought it was just a funny variety show, I was wrong, is it so hardcore? 】

[No, no, the other two groups are still being chased all over the house. This division of labor is a bit biased. 】

For a time, three-quarters of the fan group was torn up again, and the other two groups were eccentric, and the other two sides of the three main cafes seemed to be a foil to Wang Xin.

Wang Xinyi is spraying the other two groups who are not so good at doing porcelain work. Change your idol, who was so scared and yelling, to come over and pull the ghost out of the closet, for fear that your idol will not dare.

Another voice started to appear, it was a discussion about the **** performance of “Auntie”.

The other two found the attack point, and Wang Xin also [hiding behind his mother].

However, on the premise that Wang Xinyi himself performed well, his fans are beautiful and honorable, and his words also blow the opponent’s anger into the bladder.

At this time, someone had already separated Zhu Yang’s sense of existence from the impression that Wang Xinyi was bound to the label “Auntie”, and looked squarely at the other party’s name and sparkle.

Then someone began to ask [Do you think my aunt is a bit familiar? 】

After all, it happened two years ago. Let alone two years on the Internet, two months are enough to forget a lot of things, so this topic did not resonate much at first.

On the contrary, the farther behind the show, the three groups began to have direct crossover and competition as the clues gathered.

Wang Xinyi had plenty of time, but his aunts and nephews spent a lot of time on weaving ghost curtains.

There was a little tightness in the back. Hearing that one group had obtained the key clues, he didn’t delay running up.

In the middle of the run, I heard a scream from the treatment room.

It’s the female celebrities and their group, the cry sounds like her.

When the picture of the female star was cut to this side, a dark figure happened to be close behind her, and the camera fell to the ground.

The fans on the female star’s side were so anxious that they were horrified even if they knew that this was a show edited later.

According to what a netizen said later on the Internet, it was more emotional and more contagious than when she was acting on TV.

But at this time, with this scream, the three people who were running up were startled and stopped subconsciously.

But the rusty handrail suddenly disconnected from the back as if it had been appointed.

Wang Xinyi and the rookie brother suddenly fell weightless because of the angle of their positions.

The camera was one step behind them, but the two suddenly fell down, and the scared photographer almost got rid of the instrument.

But at this moment, the stagnant movement of the two stopped, and the person on the upper end held them easily with one hand.

Two young adults of more than a hundred kilos were hung on those slender wrists, and they didn’t feel reluctant.

The camera is also at a clever angle at the moment, just facing Zhu Yang’s face above, suddenly bringing the audience’s perspective into that of Wang Xinyi and the newcomer brother.

I saw that beautiful and flawless face looked condescendingly. It was funny and disgusting and said, “Be careful!”

Then he lifted his arm and gently pulled the two back.

The heart stopped for the first time when I saw this paragraph. In the frightened sudden drop from the ladder, the thrill of the falling to the breath of relief when stopped, before it slowed down, it was a beautiful face like The savior usually appears in front of you.

The coincidence of the lens just ingeniously simulated a brief suspension bridge effect for the audience, plus the impact of appearance.

[Mom, I am in love. 】

[My sister, love rivals, draw your sword. 】

[Auntie what? Called Sister Yang, Sister Yang is mighty]

[It turns out that Sister Yang is the biggest plug-in. 】

The audience’s reaction will not hinder the progress of the game. After the two were pulled up, the group followed the sound to the place where the scream came.

It’s a treatment room. I don’t know if it is the arrangement of the program group. This treatment room and the treatment room of the electric shock school that Zhu Yang has been in have the same effect.

There are all kinds of strange equipment stacked, the lines tangled in random circles under the ground, the chairs on the walls and the sickbeds, there are spots of blood or rust, looking very gloomy.

The treatment room did not turn on the lights, and the three of them raised their flashlights without seeing anyone.

This made the audience worried about the female star group even more worried when the screen was cut.

Find the light switch on the wall and turn on the light. The dazzling light instantly dazzled everyone’s eyes.

After the lights were turned on, several people appeared in the empty place just after the flashlight was shining.

They are the three members of the female star group, and there are actually two staff members. Looking at the props scattered around, it is to follow the cameramen of their group.

At this time, even the photographers of Wang Xinyi’s group who were following the shoot were not calm. To say that Zhu Yang and the others’ previous show operations also made them at a loss, but at any rate they were not surprised by the appearance of ghosts, after all, they were expensive. Hired.

But the photographers all fainted and lost everything. This is not in any script arrangement.

The two of them were ready to go up, one arm stretched out, and a smile at them, “Do you know what it is, you dare to go forward?”

When the two choked, they saw Zhu Yang and Wang Xin also exchange eyes.

At this time, there were five people in the entire treatment room in a coma. Among them, the female star was lying on the hospital bed, like a patient who had fallen asleep. The two newcomers in a group with her fell beside her bed and the other was sitting on a strange treatment chair.

The two who looked like staff fell on the aisle between the instruments, just pressing the line.

Zhu Yang waved his hand to the back, motioned several people to step back, came to the female star, and gently lifted the back of the other’s head.

That female celebrity is also very beautiful in the circle, and it is only natural for the beauty to be treated gently.

The two beauties were so close to the same frame, the cautious atmosphere seemed a little quiet for a while.

Unexpectedly, the sudden change occurred, the female star suddenly opened her eyes, but the pupils of the eyes were actually a strange blood red, which made her look strange.

At the same time, she grew her mouth wide, and a tongue ejected like a frog hunting, and at such a close distance, she rushed towards the door of Zhu Yang.

The people watching couldn’t even pinch the gap of sweat, but saw that the tongue had been pulled twice in Zhu Yang’s hands.

And the picture of the “female star” with her mouth wide open and her tongue being pulled out of the old one is weird and terrifying.

Then through the screen, you could feel the temperature drop in the entire room, and an indifferent voice sounded, which made people shrink for no reason.


Zhu Yang stared at the tongue in his hand, as if trying to pierce it, with a slimy liquid on it.

The ghost’s eyes disguised as a’female star’ shrank in horror. Before he could react, he was smashed into the ground by his tongue.

One after another, the elasticity of the tongue can be extended to more than two meters at most at a time, not as good as the original ghost bodhisattva, but it is enough to throw people underground as a yo-yo.

The entire screen is now full of the whole process of a figure being slapped onto the floor or the wall, and then torn off.

During the brutal fight, the female ghost’s face changed from a ‘female star’ to the original appearance, which made the female star’s fans feel less difficult to say.

In the end, Wang Xinyi went up and dragged Zhu Yang: “Auntie, forget it, some guys are buried, it’s not the first time you have met, it’s important to find someone.”

Then he took the tongue out of her hand, rolled it and put it back into the female ghost’s mouth, squatted down and pointed at Zhu Yang at the back, with a face threatening: “When my aunt was playing with the ghost tongue, you still Who is trembling in front of whom? What about people?”

The female ghost pointed to a huge box in the room. The newcomer walked over and found the female star who had passed out in a coma.

It was originally a shooting accident. The star fainted on the set, or a traffic star, and he would be sprayed to death by fans when he said it, let alone use this to gain clicks.

But the program team discussed it again and again afterwards, and the opinions of all parties were combined, and finally decided to edit the real scene and release it.

Sure enough, the final result was a fan riot on the female star’s side. While cruising the show group for eating human blood buns, they also served as a stepping stone to the performance of Wang Xinyi’s group, and even the ugliness of female ghosts becoming female stars and being beaten up was made into animated pictures by sunspots. , Holding out an inexplicable’Zhu Yang’.

This makes them very dissatisfied.

But Wang Xinyi’s fans and passersby saw it heartily. On the one hand, they saw the idol’s unusual reckless, milky and ostentatious side, and they were screaming cutely.

On the one hand, Zhu Yang’s force value that clearly crushes ordinary people is breathtaking, and he has never seen the operation of ghosts.

I’ve only heard of ghosts chasing people, even if it is a master of metaphysics to exorcise ghosts, which one is not looking at the fairy tales or talking about the gods?

I have never seen a ghost as a pitiful bully, especially when he finally tied the tongue of the long-tongued ghost to the window sill railing and pushed the whole ghost down and swayed lonely in the cold night wind.

Although this is a bully, right? However, the inherent impression that has always been given to people is that ghosts are chasing people for their lives for no apparent reason, and people can only counterattack passively.

It was the first time I saw it so heartily, and it suddenly shocked people, as if I could take off my chicken feathers and tremble for two games in the dark.

In short, at the end of the first issue, the male celebrities went round and round and finally found them. The Wang Xinyi group had already completed the mission and saved another group by the way.

The hilarious joys in the first half, the thrills and operations beyond common sense in the second half, and the scolding fans behind your own star.

As soon as the broadcast started, the related hot searches were slaughtered one by one.

Some were dissatisfied with their idol scripts being not good enough, some scolded the show crew, some cried and sympathized with each other, and some attacked each other.

In short, it seemed that this was the only thing left on the entire Internet overnight, and even the recent introduction and release of a national surgical phantom film seemed to fall apart.

Now that the program team has made a choice, what happens next naturally has to be head-on, saying that they patronize Wang Xinyi, and the other two were all tricked into serving as a foil. As far as the effect of the program is concerned, this is really inevitable. Pot.

The two brokerage companies had already called to protest, but on the one hand, Zhu’s attitude is now that Zhu Yang is the mainstay. Even if the entire program is broken, she is happy to buy her.

On the one hand, Wang Xin also had the highest proportion of the three. Against the threat of the two threats to withdraw, the program crew also stubbornly carried it down.

It’s not just a choice made by the crushing of the capital on both sides. Even if people with brains didn’t react at the beginning of the filming, when it came time to edit later, they should understand that their program was hit by evil.

For this reason, the program team also asked Zhu for help, after all, they are professional for ghosts.

Only over there is an attitude, with Zhu Yang, how you should shoot and how you shoot, the more benefits are yours.

At first everyone didn’t understand what it meant, but at the end they said meaningfully: “How do you think the haunted house opened in the first place?”

Then someone called up the earliest video of the haunted house, and surprisingly discovered that Zhu Yang had briefly left the country once or twice at that time.

Combined with those only conceivable hints, yes, ghosts start companies and use their own existence and ability to make money. Is this a business opportunity that can be discovered from the perspective of ghosts?

It must be human, but even if a person has this bold idea, he must have the corresponding strength to persuade others to listen to you. Who integrated those powerful ghosts in the first place?

The people in the program group were immediately excited, and when everything should be made a choice, when the two sides have too much bargaining chips, things become simpler.

Compared to a well-behaved funny variety show, it is really a real match with a ghost, and it gives an unheard of visual experience more breakthrough.

It is also impossible for others to follow suit, not to mention that there is still Zhu’s bottom line. For this, it is worth offending two flows.

The next few days were really lively, Zhu Yang was pushed to the forefront, and the haunted house video of that year was also dug out.

The trend on the Internet is fine for the time being. Fans of the female celebrity can’t take her directly, although they are not convinced. After all, although the ghost expression pack that the female celebrity was beaten was caused by her, she is the one who saved the life. Directly spraying others will only curse. You don’t know what is good or bad, so you can only rub the connotation secretly.

After the first phase of the test, the outside world has become more and more looking forward to the content of the second phase.

At this time, Zhu Yang and Wang Xiaoer were sitting in the animal tea restaurant, waiting for his brother while eating.

Animal tea restaurants are also ranked according to the rarity of animals. Of course, the most treasured ones are Gungun and Lion Tiger.

These locations must all be booked in advance, and the fees are extremely high, but it is still hard to find a ticket.

As the boss, Zhu Yang is naturally unimpeded everywhere.

She took Wang Xiaoer to the Gungun Room, the decoration here is also very particular, all in the antique bamboo rhyme style.

The whole room was filled with the cool fragrance of bamboo, and even the tableware was all made of bamboo. The only two billowing waiters wore blue and red Tang suits and melon hats, and languidly shuttled between the seats.

There were not many places here, and because they were too lazy, they couldn’t receive a few guests in a day, so Zhu Yang and the others are now privately reserved.

The two of them saw the boss but didn’t see how hard they were.

After ordering food, the red-dressed man carrying the tray with his feet on the ground walked over, and was still eating the dishes on the plate as he walked.

The cat-faced old lady who came up to patrol the animals immediately became angry: “Brown sugar? You steal it again. Even if the guests pet you, you also steal the food in the house?”

The man called Brown Sugar was already able to talk, and slowly put the bamboo tube in front of Zhu Yang and said, “I will taste the taste for the master.”

Speaking, the head wearing the melon hat rubbed in front of Zhu Yang, and also pulled her hand around her neck.

Pointing to the dish inside: “Master, the bamboo shoots are delicious, fried so tender, you can taste it.”

Zhu Yang: “…”

Who can stand it like this~~

For food or something, feel the rags on the neck, and then hold back the crooked melon cap for it, and it will be full.

Wang Xiaoer was greedy, and pushed his own dishes over: “Come on, help brother taste it.”

“Okay!” The brown sugar took the bamboo tube and poured half of the vegetable into his mouth. The remaining half was not left to Wang Xiaoer, but poured into the mouth of Lanbao who followed.

Then the empty plate was thrown in front of Wang Xiaoer with a clang.

“Taste it, not bad!”

Wang Xiaoer: “…”

It’s worthy of rolling, no matter whether you are alive or dead, you have a clear understanding of your status, knowing that you only need to please one person.

After the dishes were served, both of them were playing lazily on the pedals not far from the dining table. Add water and dishes? What do you do when humans have long hands?

It’s no wonder that the following conscientious cats, cats and dogs have such a big opinion of these two goods, but the service feature of Gungun House is naturally one of the selling points.

Who doesn’t ignite the soul of M in the face of rolling? The more people are stuck with cold ass, everyone will only call Sesame Danzi’s **** so cute and soft.

Zhu Yang simply let the little yellow chicken out to play with them, and he was fascinated by humans, and he was interested in this huge creature with a soft coat.

Two bears and one chicken rolled on the pedals in no time. The three soft and chubby creatures really made people’s hearts cute.

Just teasing and the others didn’t feel difficult anymore. When Wang Xinyu came over, Zhu Yang and the others didn’t realize how long time passed.

As soon as Wang Xinyu came, he told them: “I have investigated the mental hospital, and the two ghosts said that they were also entrusted by others.”

“It’s really aimed at Xiao Er, but when I wanted to inquire more, they disappeared.”

“Disappeared?” Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows.

Da Gouzi can be regarded as a self-taught person from the profound sect. A ghost of that level can’t be restrained and can run. The meaning of “disappeared” is obviously in what sense.

Can control the life and death of ghosts with this trigger condition, it can be seen that the background is not small.

Wang Xinyu said again: “I also went to see the next shooting location in advance. I can’t see anything abnormal for the time being. When Xiao Er stayed here these days, the other party did not dare to act rashly. The shooting period was indeed the best opportunity. ”

He said that he was a little worried: “Is there really no need to dismiss other people?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “You see, people don’t do it early and don’t do it late, and they have to take a ride on the show. This shows that this timing is of special significance to others.”

“I understand what you mean. I really don’t want the people involved to be involved. Once I can’t take care of any accidents, the reputation blow to Xiaoer will be irreversible.”

“However, instead of letting the other party hide and wait for an opportunity, it is better to take this opportunity to pull it out, which is the long-term solution.”

Wang Xinyu knew it naturally, so he nodded: “I will follow in secret tomorrow, but the staff here may also need to be seconded, and the safety of the staff must also be guaranteed.”

Zhu Yang is a little relieved. She has learned about the family history of this guy in detail. Although summed up, it is full of black belly, but in the end, she still maintains the bottom line and does not forget the original intention.

A few ghost employees who were available were recruited, and when the time came the next day, the group came to the recording venue according to their schedule.

What I want to explore today is a chaotic cemetery located deep in the mountains. A formal cemetery in the city must not be used as a shooting location.

Every household has an owner, and you are not afraid of being scolded by others.

But in the wilderness, a specious land of legends, no one cares too much.

When the mighty convoy arrived with props and staff, it was already afternoon, and the preparations to be made were already done in the city. The shooting time was at night, and there was no need to make any arrangements. It was already a desolate place.

The sound of crows occasionally sounded in the forest, bleakly shivering.

Zhu Yang frowned when he saw this selection. It turned out to be an old place?

The three groups of people have been dispersed, and they are indeed not as easy to control as indoor scenes. Fortunately, ghost employees have disappeared and followed secretly, so there is no need to worry about the safety of unrelated personnel.

The main purpose at this moment is to lead the snake out of the hole.

Then Zhu Yang said to Wang Xiaoer in front of the camera: “Speaking of which, I am not here for the first time.”

The author has something to say:    Yesterday, the 100 chapters actually forgot to spread flowers to celebrate hahaha, thank you little angels for your support all the way here, bow, and hope to continue to support, not surprisingly, this book will be written for a long time.

There seems to be little cutie not very satisfied with these chapters, haha! The chapter on family visits is indeed not focused on customs clearance, but with A Yin’s daily word count, it doesn’t take long.

Please enjoy the ones you like, and tolerate the ones you don’t like for another two days, and return to the rhythm in the next instance.


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