Scream Queen Chapter 102

Zhu Yang looked around. She naturally couldn’t remember clearly the section of road that she passed through so long ago.

But if you need some references, it will be easier to associate.

Seeing Wang Xiaoer’s question, she didn’t answer at first, but instead asked the working group: “Is it right here? I haven’t reached the destination yet? The surroundings are so deserted, do you plan to let us pass by ourselves?”

When she asked what she said, let alone Wang Xiaoer, the other two groups were even more surprised. At one point they thought they had different levels of scripts.

Then I looked back at the production team, and saw that the person in charge was blank at first, and the two sides looked at each other in such embarrassment.

At this time, a private car drove over at the end of the road, and the car appeared like an activation switch.

The person in charge suddenly showed a dazed expression, and then looked at the three groups of people with a smile: “This is all because of you guys?”

“Yes, this is not the real mission site. Finding the real mission site today is also part of the challenge. The clue is still on this mountain. The hint is here. Come on!”

Come on, your sister, it’s not here. You arranged this place like this. Several groups of people looked at the vast equipment around and were speechless for the stupidity of the production team.

Putting such a large cost out, it is really too much to burn, right?

But Wang Xiaoer glanced at Zhu Yang, as if he understood something.

What tricks did the program team deliberately set in the mission? mischief? impossible? Who would reverse such a large cost for a little bit of accidental prelude, not to mention this effect can not have a shocking effect in the final program.

I am afraid that in the high-speed rhythm, the audience has forgotten the beginning of this issue after watching this issue. It is not worth the loss.

Besides the attitude of the person in charge just now, Wang Xiaoer didn’t study this way like his brother, but the common sense of this aspect is definitely beyond ordinary people’s.

A group of people are still stupidly surprised by the arrangement of the program group, thinking that the difficulty this time is within their spoof range.

But he was the only one who felt a bit of chill from this absurd and laughing atmosphere.

He calmly looked at the person in charge who had just answered them, and the staff around him who had no objection to his words, everything seemed to be expected.

“So many people–” Wang Xin also whispered.

Just said it was normal, Zhu Yang made a gesture to silence, but he glanced at a certain place.

Wang Xin also looked over, and saw a figure standing there holding his arm in the busy corner of the working group.

No, it’s not a personal shadow, because the people around you don’t seem to notice her.

However, Wang Xin also had a relationship with the other party. Before the program was formally established, he was the lead coffee that was confirmed early and had dinner with the other party and the team.

It is Mr. Jing who is one of Zhu’s real stewards.

Wang Xin also immediately let go, no matter what has come out, but the current situation is obviously the result of his’aunt’ pushing the boat along the water.

It was confirmed that it was such a powerful helper, even with so many ordinary people here, Wang Xin was relieved of worry.

At this time, the private car that had driven far away had arrived near them.

The recording program of the program group does not say Baoshan, but this wilderness is definitely not a place for cars to come and go, especially the gloomy legend here, unless it is necessary, there are only a handful of people passing by in a car at night.

Seeing the car came in front of him, Zhu Yang raised his hand to beckon the other party to stop.

The other two groups who were preparing to pick up clues to find the real mission location were a little confused and asked them: “What are you doing?”

Zhu Yang turned his head back: “Time is limited, didn’t you say you can’t ask others for help?”

He lowered his head and leveled with the window. Unexpectedly, the owner of the private car was a beautiful woman. Zhu Yang asked: “Beauty, are you familiar with this piece?”

The beauty is also talkative. Although she is talking about the ring road outside the mountains and old forests, she is not afraid to see so many people. She said, “Familiar, you have to pass by here every day when you go to work. Are you filming TV? Are you going down the mountain?”

“You don’t have to go down the mountain. Didn’t it mean that this neighborhood is haunted? It’s a messy cemetery here, but the whole mountain is so big, we can’t find it for a while with bare feet. chant.”

What kind of bachelor’s straightforward request? Most people don’t think you’re going crazy at night, it’s just that they’re crazy. They just know that you’re making a show, it’s not so easy to say, right? After all, at night–

As a result, the beauty of the private car readily agreed: “Sure, get in the car, but there are only four places in the car.”

Wang Xin also hurriedly said: “It doesn’t matter, just the three of us plus photographers, and we have our own cars for the next ones.”

Then he made the mistake of finalizing the matter.

The other two groups didn’t expect things to be so easy, so the private car was arranged by the program group, right? They are still foolishly thinking that they are really passers-by.

Seeing that Wang Xinyi’s group is one step fast, and the other two groups have done the same. To find the so-called haunted ‘cemetery’ on such a large barren mountain, it really needs someone to lead.

The program team even arranged for you. If you don’t follow this routine, you will really put your IQ on the top of the screen and laugh at it.

At exactly this time, an empty bus drove over, like a returning bus.

It’s not that I didn’t do any work before I came here. There are no buses at all on this section of the road, so it must be arranged by the program team.

Only those who are ahead can be a beautiful private car, and those who are behind have to squeeze together with only one sluggish face, wearing a uniform and not taking care of their old car driver.

The people in the second group got into the car, and the people who were following them drove to follow, and most of them were evacuated in a moment.

Some people who were left behind were a little bit confused for a moment, do they need to travel so far in this filming?

I didn’t care about this idea before it came out, and I was distracted by other things. People who came here had a star’s assistant team, so they were not busy.

For a while, the pace of work occupies everyone’s mind, and there is no time to think about others.

The mirror girl who has been hiding in the crowd shook her head helplessly, which is why laymen are prone to accidents.

They were also watching, otherwise this team of people wouldn’t be able to explain it here today. It would be strange. From the beginning of going up the mountain, these guys don’t know that they have experienced several thrills.

They are all jealous of the haunted house monopolizing the business opportunities of the entire industry, but many people want to imitate-here! If you want to take care of this porcelain work, you must first brighten the diamond.

To make this money, this kind of thing has to be included in the conventional risk. If you don’t have the ability to get entangled when something happens, according to the rules of life and death, there is really not such a rigid reason to complain.

It’s just that this show was led by the Zhu family, so it was natural to put a layer of safety on it, but even they didn’t even think that they would bump into it like this, obviously, it was a menacing force.

There are mirror girls and the few ghost brothers she brought here, watching to ensure the safety of employees at any time, but on the other side, it is not her concern.

After Zhu Yang and the others got in the private car, the camera never stopped. Although the segment will be edited later, they have to diligently record every moment at this moment to avoid missing the wonderful performance.

The beautiful driver was very talkative. When he got in the car, she chatted with a few people in the car. He heard that the other person’s accent was a local. She lived nearby and had to drive by every day, so she knew everything well.

At the beginning, the newcomer brother and the photographer were still lamenting that their team was lucky, and they ran into such a good help as soon as they came. It was a bug caused by the program team.

It’s not too boring to chat with beauties. When I was going through a forest, the radio in the car suddenly rang–

“Recently, there have been several incidents of hitchhiking killings in the city. The victims are all young women… I would like to remind the female compatriots to avoid traveling late at night and not to get into strangers’ vehicles…”

The pleasant atmosphere in the car became a bit heavy due to the content of the news, and the newcomer suddenly said: “Recently–have it happened?”

Seeing a few people look over, he explained: “I have the habit of reading newspapers and brushing news. There are already several consecutive related cases that have not received such attention. Recently, there seems to be no local news—”

Before she finished speaking, the beautiful driver turned off the radio. For some reason, she saw her face through the rearview mirror.

It may be because of the angle. It turned out to be a bit fierce in the eyes, which is completely different from the talkative humanity just now.

As if she felt her actions were a bit abrupt, she explained with a grin: “This radio is faulty. It always turns on suddenly and broadcasts some inexplicable news. I don’t know if it’s a channel or a channel that’s not popular. Don’t mind. what.”

The owner has said so, naturally no one will pick and choose here.

But when I heard the other party suddenly started talking about the news just now, “But to be honest, women do not run outside most of the night, especially when they are dressed in revealing clothes, for fear that others may not see them. This person sometimes gets confused. It’s just the excitement of that moment. If you don’t give this opportunity, who would be that stupid?”

She had just reacted so strongly, and now she took the initiative to talk about this topic, and as a woman, she actually said this argument.

It makes the people in the car a little unresponsive.

Especially for the man in the car, the photographer is okay. It is his accusation that he can not speak without speaking, but Wang Xinyi and the newcomer brother are public figures.

This kind of remarks involving the Three Views were published after thinking and thinking, especially if it was a pit dug by the program group.

Not to mention Wang Xinyi, even the rookie brother frowned. Isn’t the funny variety show that way?

Before the two of them thought about how to talk, they listened to Zhu Yang and said, “Then you are actually fishing law enforcement?”

Her words condensed the atmosphere in the car. Although what the female driver said just now, it was them who asked for help. Zhu Yang didn’t want to go back.

The three of them noticed that the female driver’s dress was indeed **** with red lips, low-cut and high-waisted, and she had just returned from a nightclub, especially in the middle of the night, wandering in the wilderness.

Although there is a discrepancy between the position of the victim who got on the car by mistake in the news, according to her own statement, what happened when she was stopped by someone really deserved it.

Thinking of being slapped by this sentence, the female driver’s complexion suddenly turned ugly, and Zhu Yang glared at him. This picture was embarrassing throughout the screen.

It’s just that Zhu Yang didn’t let others go, and then smiled and said: “In these days, it’s really not easy to be a woman. The irony of putting the risk at your own risk.”

“Of course, it would be one-sided to say that all at once, everything has two sides, let’s just talk about you, this–”

Zhu Yang stretched his voice, looked at the other side again, and smiled: “Good-hearted Miss Shun.”

I don’t know if it was the illusion of the three people in the car. She always felt that she bit the word’Miss’ very hard and carried a sense of sarcasm.

“I think changing your position will make you feel the same. Obviously, I underestimated the stubbornness of bad roots. If you meet too many people who are with you, you can actually put the blame on the victim. It can be seen that there are some things that even death can’t change. of.”

As soon as the voice fell, the car stopped abruptly, and the people in the car leaned forward abruptly except Zhu Yang.

He raised his head and looked at the driver’s seat, and saw that the beautiful driver turned his head, the hatred in his eyes was not concealed.

The enchanting face also became hideous, with sharp teeth showing through his grin.

She looked at Zhu Yang and asked, “How did you find out?”

Zhu Yang was still sitting in his spare time, and it was funny seeing her, but she didn’t hold back, just laughed like that.

“I didn’t clean up the first trip, so I thought about running the second car and behaved so that you are so dedicated. If it weren’t for your idea that doesn’t fit our corporate culture, I really want to recruit you into the company.”

The three of them were startled, they saw Zhu Yang pointing to the carpet inside the car, flashing a flashlight to the top, it was a puddle of sticky blood, and then there were surrounding ceilings on the leather chairs in the car, which were also miserable and messy. Of blood beads.

In the last second, there were still new carriages, exuding the fragrance of mature women, and the warm and soft seats. I thought it was a good driving experience for the show. The next second became the scene of killing and dismemberment in the car.

The photographer sitting in the front passenger seat burst with hairs all over, and subconsciously pointed the camera at the female driver.

Then she saw her face twisted and deformed, her long hair gathered inch by inch, but after a while, she turned into a enchanting and hot beauty into a middle-aged man with even a little greasy appearance.

It was the man who hitchhiked at the beginning when Zhu Yang cleared the haunted house copy.

The test was right from the beginning. The players who chose to take the bus were almost driven into the cliff by the ghost driver. Fortunately, the careful old players turned back on the steering wheel with caution.

Players who chose to run straight past encountered a ghost hitting the wall halfway through, and almost failed to reach the destination within the prescribed time of the game. Fortunately, one of the players used relevant props, which barely caught up.

And Zhu Yang, who chose to take a ride, met the driver who killed and threw the body of the female passenger, and the female ghost who tried to pay the murderer to destroy the car at that time.

Zhu Yang drove off the murderer and the female ghost, and picked up a car for nothing. Later, the police also told her about the fate of the owner of the car. Naturally, she did not escape the female ghost’s revenge and died on the barren mountain where he committed the crime. .

But I didn’t expect that after death, this man would continue to drive around the area with the face of the female ghost he killed.

Without waiting for Zhu Yang to guess, he expressed the convenience and comprehension: “I hold the face of that stinky lady, and I can’t get free from driving around here every night. There are not many men I meet who don’t feel bad about Laozi. I His mother took it out and was bigger than you, and licked his face and drooled at Lao Tzu.”

“I figured it out, the girl wouldn’t let me get rid of even death, right?”

“Oh~~” Zhu Yang guessed the same, but he was also convinced of the arrangement of the female ghost lady.

Doesn’t the smelly man think that women deserve to be hunted out in the middle of the night? to make! Then let you become the best hunting target.

It also allows you to taste the taste of being harassed and obscene by a man. This unreasonable malicious pouring, is suitable for this guy who will take responsibility for the touch.

The man has been disgusting enough for the past two years, don’t expect a ghost with rotten roots to wake up.

It’s just that this person faces the harassment of the wretched man from time to time, his crookedness, and the malicious act of acting, making him, a guy who is indistinguishable from the other person in nature, is like swallowing the same **** repeatedly.

Seeing that Zhu Yang was still in his spare time, the other party smiled badly: “Hey! It’s not bad to be around all day long. I’ll wait for you today? If I didn’t carry you back then—”

“Take me? I was just an innocent passerby who was accidentally involved? I was almost taken care of by the female ghost lady. In the end, they were reasonable, and you ran off the car by yourself. I was placed. To be honest, I was thrown on the mountain in the middle of the night, but I was terrified.”

The male ghost choked. He didn’t expect this person to be filled with garlic cloves and didn’t pretend to be with her. He pointed out the window: “Hey, the place is here, get off the car!”

The other three people felt very nervous. This is not good intentions. The “enemy” can be tolerated in front of them, which shows that the idea is not small.

The photographer and the rookie brother don’t know what to do, and it’s not up or down.

Let’s go down, that’s just for death. Isn’t it possible to still rely on the ghost car?

Wang Xin is also what Zhu Yang is doing, and Zhu Yang is playing with the taste: “You let go and get off? From the moment I get in the car, you still feel that the ownership of this car belongs to you?”

The male ghost was dumbfounded and looked back at Zhu Yang with a stupid expression. Then he was slapped on the head with a slap, hitting him so that he was spiritually unstable and almost disappeared.

With a painful cry, he heard the other party scolding: “What do you pretend to be an obscene murderer in front of Sister She? You should be co-authored and you should bear the humiliation right now, right?”

Speaking and pushing the photographer’s machine at him: “Come on, aim at this face, take a good photo!”

“This guy is the murderer of the sensational hitchhiking homicide two years ago. He ruined a beautiful girl in his prime and threw her corpse into the wilderness. I believe anyone who has an impression will remember.”

“If it wasn’t for the girl’s ability to get revenge, the police would really let you get away with the law by searching your body to find relevant clues. What are you calling for injustice?”

“Don’t think that you will be wiped out if you die. Ghosts are divided into different ranks, don’t you know? You are a rapist, even a ghost should be nailed to the shame.”

Talking to the photographer: “Remember to put down this guy’s life information in the later period. It has been broadcast in the news. It should not be difficult to find.”

The photographer agreed blankly as he took the photo, only thinking that his courage at the moment was given by the leopard.

The male ghost collapsed: “Go away, don’t shoot Laozi, the camera is off, let you turn it off, do you hear it?”

He stretched his hand to attack the photographer, but Zhu Yang punched him directly through the windshield.

Then I got out of the car and came to the driver’s seat, and said to the other three people: “There are still hundreds of meters away. Drive in.”

The faint silhouette has been seen, but no one in the dark is willing to walk this way.

The male ghost was paralyzed in front of the taxi, but Zhu Yang completely ignored him and rolled over. The three people in the car clearly felt that the obstacle was crushed.

But knowing that the person underneath is a ghost, except for Wang Xinyi, both of them are sweating profusely.

But thinking that these sisters can do something about knitting sweaters with ghosts, this doesn’t seem to be enough.

It was strange to see them stop in the car behind them, but it still recorded everything that happened outside, seeing a person flying out of it, and driving by another person and driving over.

The assistant tremblingly asked the director: “Director, director! Isn’t this show really going to happen?”

The director was also scared, but the next second he received a synchronized message. Not only did the photographer briefly explain the situation, the accompanying guide on Zhu’s side also promised that there would be no problem——

“Although registered ghost citizens enjoy the same rights as humans, the cause and effect has not been eliminated, especially those who were still in the position of perpetrators during their lifetimes, but it is not so easy to obtain ID cards.”

“Simply put, this kind of ghost has no ghost power. You can only be reborn if you go directly to **** and suffer countless tortures, so don’t worry about these issues.”

What is there to be afraid of?

Well, I’m really scared. The most important thing to do in this line is curiosity and sense of exploration. Seeing that there are so many digging points in this program, everyone is no longer satisfied with just being funny. Variety show.

It is bound to trigger a discussion of social issues. For example, today, we can focus on the phenomenon of sex/criminal. Although this topic has existed in ancient times, it is the karma of life and death between the perpetrator and the victim.

The appearance of ghosts is definitely not as simple as a scolding war on the Internet, but a more thought-provoking issue.

The depth of the show is just such a smile with tears, condensed through serious entry points.

For a moment, the director even regretted looking for the traffic to be the master. In the face of the attention of the traffic, the focus of certain issues will inevitably fade, but the corresponding influence is definitely unprecedented. This is another problem that complements each other. It should not be too entangled. .

Zhu Yang drove to the dilapidated building, which has not changed much from its previous appearance.

Originally, I only thought that this time was a fusion of Haunted Mansion and a copy of Haunted House, but I didn’t expect that the Dengeki School was also integrated.

Can’t change the low-level courts she passed through? Although this is convenient for her to come back to visit relatives, did something happen to the game?

Zhu Yang had a bad premonition for a while, and thought of Teacher Qiu, Miss Cui, and Wu Yue who were still trapped in the villa in the first copy.

With this mixed emotion of half joy and half worry, the four got out of the car.

After standing still, the two groups behind also rushed over.

However, Zhu Yang’s expression suddenly became a little strange when he saw the car they were in, mixed with surprise and admiration.

But the others just turned pale.

The male star got out of the car and teased them: “What? Seeing us like a ghost, I didn’t expect us to move so fast, right?”

I saw Wang Xin also pointing behind him, motioning him to look at the car he was in.

The male star was baffled by his solemn attitude, so he turned his head and his scalp was numb.

I saw the driver who had no sense of existence, but he didn’t know when he had become a paper man, with two funny and scary reds on his face.

Seeing him look over, he even waved to him, indicating that he had successfully delivered the person to the destination.

There was a scream in the surroundings. It was the female celebrity and the people next to her, who were relatively courageous girls.

The assistant of the female star was in the follower car behind, and saw this scene when she came down, and immediately questioned the program team: “Such a prank is too much?”

After I finished speaking, I actually saw the paperman driving the car slowly starting and leaving the area.

The assistant’s voice seemed to be choked. The last episode of the show came out, and their group had an accident, and the final editing product came out like that.

I thought that the production team temporarily changed the script, and the program team explained the reason for the coordination of the ghosts. In general, although the female star team was dissatisfied, under the premise of such a high popularity, it would be reluctant to give up the show for a while.

They naturally understand the hiring of real ghosts, but they only come out later as a show effect.

But today’s trip is different. The car is under the supervision of so many people, and it is impossible to change the driver to a paper-wrapped driver in full view.

The person in charge of the female star side smiled ugly: “This is the ghost employee you hired, right?”

No one answered her. If yes, even the director and the accompanying screenwriter would not show that expression. They didn’t show their faces, so what drama?

The female star suddenly collapsed: “Go home, I want to go home, I will quit if I don’t film this show.”

The assistant still wanted to persuade her, but she had already pushed everyone away and hid in the nanny’s car, and couldn’t say anything.

The male celebrities’ faces are also not good-looking. This mountain road is known as the death lane. Originally, the show was taking risks. Unexpectedly, a ghost would drive them over.

How unlucky is this for them in this industry?

But as a man, it’s not easy to put fear on the emotions, so he tried to unite Wang Xinyi and said: “Look at her now in such a situation, there is no way to start the phone, or go back today?”

Wang Xinyi replied nonchalantly, “Oh, okay, I think your driver is quite friendly.”

This Nima is called Friendly? Are you deliberately stepping on someone else’s position? The male star was unhappy, but was immediately pulled over and secretly told about Wang Xinyi’s group.

Got it! The three groups of men and horses were covered with rain and dew, and the ghosts were hit neatly. The two groups of them were sent by paper men. Wang Xinyi and the others were not bad either. They were murderers who died two years ago.

Others care about the show, and Zhu Yang only cares about pulling out the secretly calculating guys here.

Although the director found it difficult because of the female star’s strike, the journey ahead was full of points, and it was impossible for him to give up the script.

So I just made a big deal and ignored the actress: “She can’t go back to the studio to make up for the film.”

If it doesn’t work, they have to give up, and their team has simply let go.

“You guys shoot first!” The director gave an order, and Wang Xin immediately set up preparations.

The male celebrity didn’t think it was necessary to fight like this, but he had a strong sense of competition for Wang Xinyi, and even the program group didn’t discuss it, so the rhythm was pushed away.

The female celebrity group did not follow their rhythm no matter how they protested. The female celebrity was really afraid of not being able to call out. She passed out last time, so she could only watch the program group leave them to work.

The script is completely different from the original arrangement. This is an unfamiliar place, and it is naturally impossible to prepare for it.

Wang Xin also secretly said to Zhu Yang: “Why are these people crazy? So not afraid of death? I thought most people would choose to quit.”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Some people want to appear on stage, so naturally they can’t let the stage they bothered to withdraw.”

He also explained to Wang Xiaoer: “If this kind of suggestion is good, you don’t need to fabricate it out of thin air, just magnify it a little. For example, the male star, as long as he magnifies his sense of competition for you, he can’t say no when he gets dizzy. The directors, let’s exaggerate their good expectations for the effects of the show after the broadcast, upgrade their salary and rise to the pinnacle of their lives, and even become the most representative legendary players in the industry. Don’t you just hit the mark?”

Wang Xin also looked at the busy and excited people coming and going, only feeling a little bit cold all over, leading everyone here all the way from the beginning.

Although there are people from Zhu Yang and the haunted house who have contributed to the situation, this careful arrangement makes people chill for no reason.

The camera turns on and the program continues to record.

There were three buildings here. It happened to be a group of buildings to explore, but the female stars were absent, Zhu Yang and the group chose the dormitory, while the male stars went to the teaching building.

When Zhu Yang left this copy, he also exploded it.

The principal was brought in by her to accompany the students, the dean also lost his status as a ruler because of the principal’s entry, and the students suppressed the principal, so the ending was fine.

Even if those students can’t get rid of them, they don’t need to be trapped by the teachers day after day, so even if they show up in this school, logically speaking, Zhu Yang should no longer see those people.

Because they had a time misalignment with reality, the low-level dungeons she experienced were now fused, and she didn’t know what kind of arrangement was here.

The three of them stepped into the dormitory first, and the camera crew behind followed suit.

The newcomer brother and Wang Xin also used the flashlights to find the switch, but they didn’t expect the light to turn on.

“I said, where exactly is this place?” Wang Xin asked casually following the prompt.

Zhu Yang did not look at the prompt board of the production team, and said to himself: “Random cemetery! Dozens of students died here and no one cares. What is the cemetery? Oh, by the way, I heard that this place was originally built in a cemetery. Above.”

The newcomer shook: “How do you know so clearly?”

Zhu Yang showed off his mobile phone and turned to a piece of news: “Here! A search for the coordinates here can still find out the specific location and what happened in the past.”

Does this work?

The two hurriedly connected their mobile phones, and even the program crew were surprised by the result, but they wanted to come, what is the place where the ghost brought it?

Wang Xin also leaned against his “auntie”: “Then be careful, everyone pay attention to your feet.”

Naturally, other people didn’t let him say, even the newcomer brother squeezed over in disdain.

Nothing was found on the first and second floors for the time being. When he reached the third floor, the newcomer saw the toilet suddenly rushed.

He raised his hand: “So what, can you wait for me to go to the toilet?”

Wang Xin also smiled and said: “At this time, are you brave enough to be anxious?”

The newcomer made a gesture that he couldn’t hold back, and maintained his second stupid man, saying: “I want to pee while in the car. Isn’t this afraid that you will smoke me? I forgot when the cold wind blew out of the car. I can’t hold it anymore.”

Wang Xin also waved his hand: “Go and go, if anyone wants to suffocate you alive, I will stand at the door waiting for you.”

“Thank you, brother!” The newcomer brother rushed in.

Wang Xin also looked at Zhu Yang, a girl who stood in this quiet place and listened to the sound of the boy’s water.

So embarrassed: “Do you not listen to the song? I’ll sing for you.”

What kind of stupid operation? But Zhu Yang really agreed.

So in recent years, the biggest traffic star sang in front of the toilet, and the program group did not dare to miss the recording.

It is not easy for the little heavenly king to sing a cappella, and this period is bound to be unabated in this period.

As a result, every song was finished, and the guy who went into the pit hadn’t come out yet.

Wang Xin also shouted inside, “Where are you going? Is it okay?”

There was a vague promise inside, and then the sound of the toilet bowl sounded, and the sound was ready to come out.

The people outside felt relieved, and the toilet cubicle over there slammed open and closed.

The sudden loud noise shocked the people who were illuminated by the flashlight in the dark. The toilet was probably in disrepair for a long time, and the other party did not pay attention.

The people coming out of the cubicle slowly moved towards them, but the sound of footsteps didn’t know why, and it felt very dragged, unlike a young man walking on two legs vigorously, but like a mop mopping the floor.

Wang Xin couldn’t help but photographed the flashlight. What he saw made his pupils and the camera crew who were following them shrink.

Where is the newcomer brother coming out of the toilet? It was clearly a guy who was stabbed by a mop and moved his head slowly forward.

His posture was strange, his face turned upright, and the tip of the drag handle was sticking out of his mouth. He looked disgusting and scary, especially as a humanoid creature’s empathy. When he saw his first reaction, his throat and internal organs suddenly appeared. Discomfort.

The other party made two chuckles of difficult movements, and then suddenly pointed his face at them. Of course, with his figure penetrated by a mop, to do this, his body had to be tilted down thirty or forty degrees.

Several people were shocked, Wang Xin also quickly subconsciously looked at Zhu Yang, only to find that the person who was still in front of him had disappeared at this moment.

Wang Xin also panicked. He had seen a lot of ghosts with abominations long ago, and he was not afraid of ghosts of this degree.

On the contrary, Zhu Yang’s sudden disappearance made him more concerned, but the panic on his face was misunderstood by the other party.

I thought that the star was about to collapse because of him. This recognition made the other party a little proud.

When he was about to make persistent efforts to scare the group of people in front of him, he was suddenly relieved to find that the star was looking somewhere next to him.

The mop ghost didn’t know for a while, so I turned my head and looked at it, and was almost frightened by a black man who appeared next to me at some unknown time.

“You, why are you here?”


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