Scream Queen Chapter 103

Zhu Yang’s appearance emerged from the darkness, and when the camera captured her, there was no abnormality.

It’s just that, how did she suddenly jump to the side of other people’s ghosts under the eyes of everyone? This frightened people.

It was originally because of death that the face was so white that it penetrated the human face, but now it was even more white, and I glanced at the dead fish belly that turned over

Because of being stabbed by a mop, the ghost fell on three legs, and all three legs are trembling now.

There was no trace of the posture that had just been ecstatic, and it looked like a frightened little chicken at first glance.

Looking at Zhu Yang, he still murmured in disbelief: “You, no, you, why are you back?”

Also use the honorific title deliberately?

By the way, Zhu Yang is on the ghost road, right? Is there a fancy name? Thirteen Taibao on Menggui Street and the like.

Seeing Zhu Yang moved two steps in front of the ghost, the ghost seemed to have restrained his retreat from the outside.

However, Zhu Yang didn’t let him go. He kicked the other party’s mop with one foot. The mop ghost fell weightlessly to the ground, struggling with his limbs, and he was pitiful with a four-legged insect that was pierced by a bamboo stick and could move.

Even the few people who were almost frightened by him just now looked unbearable.

Then Zhu Yang said: “Yes, the tiger is not at home, and the monkey is the king. I don’t know that there is still you in this place. Are you a footwasher?”

As far as the level structure of this school is concerned, let’s not talk about Zhu Yang before coming over, and after she left, the layout here has been completely shuffled, and the students will not repeat the endless torture in the last few days before death.

After the principal was introduced and a school became neat and tidy, the status of the students was already at an absolute advantage.

Well, this guy who killed people when he was unable to pursue a female classmate and turned the cherished hair upside down to make a mop, and another guy who was killed by the black ghost after the tragic death of a complaint. The two are obviously in an ecological situation. At the bottom of the chain.

The mop ghost naturally understood what Zhu Yang meant, and his eyes trembled at her.

The meaning in those eyes is obvious–

You are too shameless to come out scary?

On one of the four illusions of ghosts-I will definitely be able to scare people today.

Zhu Yang kicked the other person twice again: “What do you want to say, what kind of bastard? It’s the mop that stabbed you, not you that stabbed the mop, there is no turtle shell for you to hide.”

The mop ghost moved aside and whispered in a low voice: “They are all gone, I don’t know where they went, I want to follow, but I can’t follow, so I was left here with the teacher.”

Zhu Yang was not surprised when he heard this. If the others are still there and are all well, it shouldn’t be his turn to come out right now.

I don’t know if those students were freed, but their ultimate destination must be different from those of the perpetrators.

I understand in my heart and I don’t forget to ridicule the other person: “Of course, people are clearly not showing you to play, why didn’t you know it? Are you embarrassed to come out scary? To be so squeezed, I would hang on a straw rope. Isn’t it embarrassing for you to make your neck so hard?”

The mop ghost said: “It wasn’t me who was stubborn. The throat was pierced by the mop. The mop pole is so hard. I can’t help it.”

“Then I see why you have no problem talking? You can still think of a way? It’s nothing more than finding your own position.”

Zhu Yang said, shook his head disgustingly: “Forget it, the level is too low, I don’t even want to ask you about the news, how much can Xiao Xiami know?”

Mop’s head slammed up, startling the people around him. He stared angrily: “Why do you look down on me?”

As soon as he finished his voice, he slapped him over and made him spin the mop stick around, just like turning over a barbecue.

Zhu Yang pointed to the mop trough on the side: “It’s still going horizontally. Believe it or not, I will add meals to the dozens of people who come to the mountain?”

The mop ghost shook, and the dignity and aura that he finally gathered together was the same as the burst balloon.

When the dean was roasted alive by this guy and distributed to the students to eat his meat, he did not participate because he was trapped in the dormitory.

You can look through the window, but you can see the situation clearly. I also said that the teachers are terrible, and this guy’s incitement is more like a cult scene.

It’s because they are already ghosts, and they can’t be overborn in this miserable place, and they can’t do such a sinister thing.

If the dean and the teacher are perverted and sinister adults to him, this guy is a real devil.

However, the other students seemed to admire the devil very much. When they heard the words ‘dozens of people’s extra meals’, the memory was instantly brought back to the time.

The mop ghost almost freaked out, when she saw her pointing to the mop slot next to her: “Where to stay and where to stay.”

He dragged the mop’s head honestly and withdrew, pretending that he was a mop with no emotions, and didn’t dare to say a word.

This doesn’t take a bit of effort, and the arrogant spirit, who can deter ghosts and gods, is a bit embarrassed to follow.

But at any rate, a few people did not forget the newcomer brother, and a compartment opened, and he was just ready to come out with his pants.

Seeing everyone looking over, they shyly covered themselves: “Oh, what are you doing?”

Everyone: “…”

“Why have you been so long? I told you not to answer.” Wang Xin also asked.

Newcomer brother: “If you don’t want to go up, I want to go big. I yelled. You didn’t answer me. I thought you were not happy.”

A few people pointed at the ghost pretending to be dead in the mop slot in the corner, scared the newcomer brother, and almost drew it over—

“I just saw two legs and a mop passing by from the crack of the door. I thought someone was coming to drag me when the urine splashed.

Very good, the inadequate person is not broken.

Ignoring that this guy was so scared, there was no gain on the dormitory building, and a few people were ready to move.

Mop ghosts cannot act together with other students, and teachers who are the perpetrators naturally cannot.

As for why they were lured here, the mop ghost, a marginal character, doesn’t seem to know well, so you have to ask the person who really has the right to speak.

Speaking of which, Zhu Yang was quite moved when he saw the faces he had experienced before, just like the bandits revisited the robbed col.

Wherever I go, everything I see is intimacy.

When passing by the area behind the dormitory, Zhu Yang personally pointed to the area from the third-floor window to the lawn below, and said to Wang Xiaoer: “Look there, it’s the place where I pushed the ghost down and killed people.”

“Keep thinking about it, but it’s simply.”

Wang Xiaoer nodded: “I don’t think the ghosts here are strong. The mop bar just now seems scary. I don’t want to puncture him. Where can he move while holding the handle from his mouth?”

He doesn’t have the ability to exterminate spirits, but under his own spiritual power, he won’t suffer from a skill and hand-to-hand combat against ghosts of this kind.

This conversation was not heard because the photographers were behind and wanted to show a perspective, but the newcomer brother heard it clearly.

He looked at Wang Xinyi in awe, and Zhu Yang saw that Lianjiazi’s identity was mysterious.

Are you a big star so reckless? It’s not that I’ve seen him and the other party weave a ghost curtain before.

It is worthy of being the number one flow in recent years. It is really not something ordinary people can do. Just look at this mental quality?

The three of them walked through the desolate playground and came to the teaching building. Someone had already turned on the lights in many places, and they didn’t need to spend time looking for switches.

It stands to reason that the other group of three people are in it. This is another gloomy haunted house. There is also a female player in the male star group. It is easy to be frightened by surprise. It should not be so quiet.

But since they came in, they haven’t heard anything.

They are not in a hurry to rendezvous with that group. After all, it is a competitive relationship. They didn’t take the show seriously in their hearts. So many people follow the busy schedule, and they have to look like they are.

Still searching from the first floor according to the usual practice, nothing was found in the front. When he drove to a certain room, Zhu Yang suddenly remembered that he had been here.

I reminded the newcomer who was opening the door: “Here, inside—”

Before he finished speaking, the guy opened the door openly, hearing Zhu Yang’s voice and still greeted back: “What’s the matter? Sister?”

One hand followed the door and turned on the light. The light switches in several rooms on this floor were in strange positions. They were not on the wall next to the doorknob, but on the back of the door, but opened a few doors. Brother also found the trick.

At this moment, he faced Zhu Yang and the others behind him, the lights in the room had been turned on, and suddenly behind him was a ghost tied to a chair with broken bones.

When the bright moment enveloped the room, only a step away from the back of the newcomer brother’s head, the newcomer brother was still very eager to not know the scene behind him, and he was sure to be scared to death when he turned his head.

The newcomer brother saw Zhu Yang and Wang Xin also looking at his back, his eyes were hard to say, and the film crew turned pale as if they had seen a ghost, and he snorted in his heart.

Slowly turning his head back, and at the same time, the ghost with broken limbs also saw Zhu Yang’s appearance.

This reaction was surprisingly consistent with the timing of the newcomer brother’s sight to him, and then one person and one ghost burst out horrified screams at the same time.


filming team:”……”

Who is this scaring? The guts here are so small? Before they finished preparing their fearful emotions, the other party showed a more fearful threat to their own morale.

This is really scary, even if it is unsuccessful.

I saw Zhu Yang raising his foot two steps forward, pushing the newcomer brother away, and as she moved forward, the ghost retreated even more.

Helpless, this guy is like a mop ghost, as if growing up with a stool. He was retaliated by a black ghost, tied to a chair and broken his limbs and died. He turned into a ghost and stayed in this state.

In this way, we all know that there is a problem, that is, it must not run fast.

At this moment, I met the big devil who came back to inspect, because he showed his face too fast and there was nowhere to escape.

Zhu Yang swept around the clutter classroom and laughed mockingly: “Oh, you can clean it up. Inside, you can see that you have a sense of belonging here.”

“What? I finally came back to explore your living conditions, thinking about sending warmth, not happy, am I?”

The accuser didn’t dare to run away. He quickly sat down on the chair and shook his head, because the neck was also interrupted. This head would fall from the neck when he shook it and followed.

Seeing Zhu Yang’s expression of disapproval, this guy was able to flatter the teachers at the beginning, which shows that he is very good at his words.

Busy with a flattering expression: “No, no, welcome the boss to visit the countryside. Without your teachings, we will always feel uncomfortable.”

“Knowing that you don’t like burying Taidi, you see, how clean do I clean my nest?”

He pointed to the equipment room as if offering treasures, not to mention, but also visited neatly and neatly.

Originally, his original intention was to leave as much space as possible to make his own existence more impactful in visual effects.

At this moment, it just so happened to be used to confuse strangers, this guy had a **** face with an upright and passionate expression.

Don’t say it, this guy was able to step on other classmates to please the teacher. He was in a better position among the students, and he did have his own way of survival.

After speaking, he looked at Zhu Yang cautiously: “Then-boss, are you coming back this time?”

Zhu Yang handed it over with a look, and he explained to himself: “Haha…, I must be back to inspect the work, boss, don’t worry, everything is normal on my side, and the equipment room will be kept by me. ”

“It’s not worth your thoughts on my side. It’s the teachers. Recently, they are more concentrated in their work. I am afraid of making mistakes in the busy schedule. I need your guidance.”

This makes Zhu Yang a playful smile–

Teachers are busy lately? The students are gone. What are they doing? But listening to this guy’s statement, it is also a marginal little shrimp, can not ask.

Zhu Yang beckoned, and said to the film crew: “Well, this guy is willing to cooperate with the show. You guys will take some shots here first. Let’s go up and have a look first.”

Then he looked back at the complaint and said, “You will work with them, right?”

The accuser hurriedly nodded his head like smashing garlic, as long as he can send away this big devil, why should he not do it? Fortunately, her brother did not follow. Although the Great Devil said he hated him, but he also looked down upon him and disdain to do it with him, her brother was not so particular.

The whole elder sister Yilian became mad, and his elder sister hadn’t reacted to the big thing, and the guy cried out.

The crew was a little surprised at Zhu Yang’s arrangement, and said to her, “How can I record without following you?”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “Don’t worry, I know all the ghosts here. You see, there are no surprises except for their faces along the way. After all, there is no script and it is a little tasteless. They all know me, and there will be no big surprises. , You can discuss it with the director, I’ll go up and take care of it first, and then make up the shoot again.”

“Although he knows that he has high expectations for the show, he can’t put the cart before the horse in the second issue, right?”

The photographer thought that it was the same reason, all the way to shoot, although Zhu Yang’s performance is good, but this is a bit too shame the light of the main guest.

Moreover, the editing is too much. For the sake of the effect of the program, it must be supplemented. Then you can’t just look at the accident. Since Zhu Yang makes this guarantee, it is even more desirable.

So I contacted the director outside, and thought about it for a while, and agreed, saying that the editor was already designing a joke and rhythm based on the current conditions. Let them first take pictures of the existing ghosts.

Zhu Yang dumped the film crew and took Wang Xiaoer up, but he didn’t expect the newcomer brother to follow.

There is also an upright face of “We are a team, don’t you want to get rid of me”, and Wang Xin also wants to use his industry experience to bully the small.

Not enough, Zhu Yang didn’t care much, and said casually: “If you want to follow, just follow, and don’t worry.” So he acquiesced to act together.

Wang Xin also gave Zhu Yang a strange look, his thoughts turned sharply, a faint flash in his eyes, but he did not speak.

Nothing was found on the second floor, the whole floor was quiet, only the light at the end of the corridor flashed from time to time, adding a touch of horror out of thin air.

The whole building has only three floors. It stands to reason that they have all turned the two floors below, and the movement is not small. Just now, the newcomer brother and the complainant both screamed.

Looking at the other group of people, there was no response, and they were quiet everywhere. If they hadn’t seen them walk in with their own eyes, they would have thought that there was no one else in this building except them.

When he came to the third floor, Zhu Yang stopped in front of one aspect.

This room is used as a teacher’s office. I think she had bribed the dean of teaching here. At this moment, the three of them stopped outside and heard the voice of talking inside.

It seemed that there was a quarrel inside, and Wang Xiaoer and the newcomer brother had planned to listen to them with their ears.

As a result, seeing Zhu Yang raise his leg and kick, the whole door opened, and the other side gave them a blank glance, “I want to listen to them honestly, what are you doing secretly?”

The discussion inside stopped abruptly because of this movement. Several teachers turned their heads and looked here. At first, their faces were still ghostly and hideous, but when they saw Zhu Yang’s face, the inside turned pale.

The courageous Chinese teacher was already trembling a little, and quickly pointed at one of the men and said: “He, he started, the English teacher’s idea, I didn’t agree from the beginning to the end, it’s none of my business, you Don’t find me.”

In this way, it was the same as the underground party when they were discussing rebellion.

Several other teachers didn’t call on their Chinese teachers anymore, and the timing of Zhu Yang’s appearance was too coincidental. I was really unsure whether he came to catch them after hearing the news. There were two battles at once. The color was trembling.

Wang Xiaoer looked at Zhu Yang, and the meaning in his eyes was obvious-what did the sister do to these guys when she came here?

One or two counseled like this.

Zhu Yang ignored the people who crossed the doorway and entered the office. One of the teachers quickly pushed out the only big chair when he saw it.

“You, sit down!”

Zhu Yang was not polite. He sat down and glanced around. Except for the dean, all the teachers were there, and there was one more person.

She sneered: “Oh! There is a new face here, don’t tell me when you hire a new face.”

The head teacher hurriedly said with a smile on his face: “Where can I? Without your approval, where would we recruit people blindly? The place is so big, and there is no room for us to recruit, right?”

Said and pointed at the other party: “This is the principal, you have seen it before.”

Zhu Yang didn’t have a big impression of the principal. She has a certain degree of blindness to people with ordinary looks.

Even if the opponent pushed the dormitory downstairs to death by himself.

The principal didn’t even know Zhu Yang. He was murdered because of greed and he was drawn into this space by the students when he came to the other world. Zhu Yang also broke the game at the time, so he was naturally impatient with a greasy middle-aged man. What intersection.

So even though the poor principal had heard of his name, he didn’t know what his enemy was like from the beginning to the end.

Listening to the teachers at this moment, one organization before and after, isn’t it particularly jealous about the enemy.

Suddenly, the whole face of the bald middle-aged man became hideous and distorted, and his eyes were bloodshot, bulging and protruding, and he stepped on Bai’s glaring toad/mao. He stretched out his thick wrist with a gold watch.

Pointing at Zhu Yang and said: “It turned out to be you!”

He said that he was holding a hook, and he wanted to pinch Zhu Yang by the neck.

I was quickly stopped by the surrounding teachers with eyesight and hands: “Hey! What are you doing? Just talk and act on the young girl. What is it? Asking you to recite the school rules all the time, do you remember?”

“That’s right, it doesn’t count if you are crazy, but don’t hurt us, push it farther, and don’t know how this idiot managed the school.”

The principal was ridiculed by this, and almost died of anger, shaking his fingers and pointing at these people around him: “You, you guys, don’t forget whose bowl is it?”

“I’m dead, and he’s your boss.”

“What’s wrong with the boss? The boss can’t fail to follow the rules.” The Chinese teacher said.

People are dead and talking about these is simply a joke. When the students were there, the principal was just like them. The students were not here now. To say that there was a missing link in the biological chain, he was indeed the biggest principal.

Otherwise, everyone wouldn’t have the patience to listen to his beeping plan, but the big devil had already come back.

You can just pull down your upper and lower levels. In front of the devil, everyone is scum.

Everyone babbled and sold the principal: “He is thinking about things, and he wants to win over us, but who are we? We are educators who have undergone the new school rules and have completely changed their faces. How could they listen to this speculation? Of profiteers?”

“Oh by the way, this guy is dead and wants to open a ghost school. He wants to bring in freshmen to fight against the students.”

Although they are happy to see the result, but seeing the big devil come back, this plan is not expected to be the next step, anyway, the students don’t know where they are going, it is better to behave with their necks.

The principal was stunned by these guys’ double-handedness, but Zhu Yang really admired him.

It deserves to have suffered so many lives and can still make a difference in the society. If it weren’t for their actions at the time, this guy might have really set up a new school with great satisfaction.

This head melon seeds, the direction of thinking is not comparable to the so-called teaching director and the teachers. If the operation is really good and he introduces a new ghost, it may really change the structure of the school and save his situation.

However, the manipulation is too difficult, and he alone is enough. If there is a dean to help, it will be more difficult to avoid the eyes and ears of the students.

Zhu Yang laughed and said to several people: “I am very pleased that you can strictly abide by the school rules after I leave, and work with students to create a better learning environment. As a teacher, you are not arrogant or impatient, and you know how to listen to students’ demands. Compared to China’s atmosphere, it’s really brand new.”

Seeing her praise, whether it is true or not, and no matter how much hardship they have suffered in these light and flirty words, what else can teachers do? He can only nodded his head repeatedly and pleased everywhere.

The principal couldn’t believe it. He pointed at Zhu Yang and said: “You stubborn little girls in their early twenties, afraid of a fart, the students are not here now, can you still eat us?”

“Hey, I don’t believe it today. I have a wrongdoer and a debtor. Since you sap on my back, don’t call me wrong now.”

“Lao Tzu is trapped in this place with tortoise hair. It is also good to bring a young woman down to bury him.”

Just now he took his two teachers to look at each other, and then unanimously let go of his hand, how can you stop him looking for death?

If it is said that this is the case, it is not a problem that he can’t find trouble, but a problem that people can’t circumvent his life.

The principal had just been pressed tightly, and the two of them let go of their hands at this moment, which surprised him a little, but the next second. His face was cut.

The whole ghost was engulfed in severe pain like a heavy knife, and the tragic pain that penetrated the soul made him scream.

I saw that the young woman sitting on the executive chair in front of me had something in her hand, which was a plastic ruler copied from the desk.

The ordinary, fragile and breakable ruler was held in her hand like a steel knife.

The glass of the office formed a fairly clear mirror in the contrast between the darkness on the outside and the brightly lit inside.

The principal looked up and saw that his head was split in half from above the nose.

He yelled in horror: “Ah——, ah————”

The other party was impatient with a ruler cut over again, and he cut a gap in his shoulder: “Ah, ah, your sister! You won’t die, just open a scoop, which ghost have you seen so squeamish?”

“Other physics teacher, the intestines were cut out alive and hung from upstairs three times around the neck without your battle. As a principal, don’t be dignified. Do you understand?”

As soon as they turned their eyes, the other teachers took her toes and said: “Yes, yes, just cut it twice. As for it? Students won’t take it seriously if they hit the ruler twice.”

“Don’t scream, don’t scream, it’s almost done.”

He said that he was in a hurry and closed his head and shoulders back, but he was still frightened.

This was terrible before, and now just a piece of plastic can kill them, and if a fellow daoist is not dead and a poor daoist, he takes the principal to open the head. In fact, who would not know the pain of the soul being attacked? Especially there is such a big gap.

Zhu Yang saw these guys winking, and stood up and said: “Okay, I think you are still very clear about your own division of responsibilities. That’s right, a school can be unreliable as a leader, but just follow the scientific operation. The system won’t be so bad, the boss may be fooled for a while, right?”

He said and nodded: “Where is the dean?”

The teachers all pointed their fingers at the classroom at the end of this floor.

Zhu Yang shrugged and came out of the room. Everyone was really relieved when she stepped out of the office.

Wang Xiaoer couldn’t help muttering, “How much shadow did you bring to them? They look pitiful.”

But this is just a joke. The incident of the mass hanging of students that happened a few years ago has just been detected through mobile phones.

Presumably, the repressive darkness here before that was not much better than that of Wangjiacun. As victims of the malicious collective, Wang Xiaoer was glad that he escaped, but the young children–

The corridor was not long, and came to the door of the classroom while thinking.

It is said that the student is no longer there, and there should be only the dean of teaching at this time, but there is a loud sound of reading.

It’s just that the voice doesn’t belong to the youthful vigor and crispness. The adult’s voice and the vague and vague rhythm say that it is for studying, but it gives people a kind of ridiculous inspiration for chanting in the hall.

This time, Wang Xiaoer and the newcomer brother stopped trying to lean on to listen to the rhythm. As expected, Zhu Yang kicked his legs up and down again.

Sure enough, not only the teaching director, but the group of male celebrities who have disappeared and their accompanying camera crew are all here.

The faces of several people were dull, and they looked wrong. In this gloomy and dim classroom, all of them were green and scary.

Even the male celebrity, who relies on his face to eat, is now under the control of a human set collapse. If it really appears on TV, it will definitely be a large-scale defan scene warning.

Fortunately, I didn’t let others keep up, so I didn’t want to help and mess up.

The dean of education slowly turned her head, and compared to when Zhu Yang left, her image has changed a bit.

It is probably the reason why Zhu Yang’s film was grilled. Her face was covered with hideous scars, like a piece of flesh to restore a human form.

The key is that the lines of the interface are not smooth, and they roll and curl outwards. Even if you have seen the terrible mop ghosts and complaints before, the appearance of the teaching director still surprised Wang Xiaoer and the two.

And what looked more frightening than her appearance was the venomous look in her eyes. When she looked at Zhu Yang, the resentment and hatred were as real as the substance.

Ordinary people would be frightened to get sick just by looking at her, but Zhu Yang still looked like he was patrolling the territory.

Slowly stepped into the classroom, and turned on two more lights–

“Turn on the lights in class, and no one will collect your utility bills. You can see that the eyes of the classmates are all blue.”

Wang Xiaoer and the others followed her voice and took another look at the male celebrities and their group. They were indeed as if they hadn’t slept for ten days after fighting. It can be seen that the mental burden is heavy after being manipulated by this ghost.

The dean of instruction chuckled, his voice hoarse: “Hahaha…someone said that I would receive someone, but I never thought it was you.”

“I knew it was you, so I personally went downstairs to greet you, and it wouldn’t be worthwhile to visit you again.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand and said, “It’s very difficult to hear you. Why don’t you just stop talking? I remember that when I sliced ​​meat, I was not old-fashioned, and my tongue and throat were shaved a little messy.”

“Soy sauce and cumin are so bad that they are everywhere. Isn’t it because you still have cumin smell in your throat when you are talking? If you feel uncomfortable, drink more hot water and talk less.”

The dean’s face was inhumanly distorted, and her grievances were overwhelming, and the other party dared to poke the original painful foot.

This woman with extreme obsessive-compulsive disorder can once again dominate the ghosts of students for so long as the perpetrator. It can be seen that the mentality is actually much stronger than that of ordinary students.

Moreover, after Zhu Yang left, he was tortured by the students, and the hatred in his heart became more and more condensed, and his strength was no longer what it used to be.

She sneered: “Okay, then talk less.”

Then, with a wave of both hands, the ‘classmates’ sitting on the seats suddenly stood up and moved bluntly. They all brought down the chairs under them and made several harsh noises.

Then everyone turned their heads and looked at Zhu Yang, with bloodshot eyes and an aggressive expression of killing his father and enemy.

The dean of teaching smiled: “They are not ghosts who let you squeeze and squeeze. There are photographers following them downstairs? They are all people outside.”

“As long as I don’t say stop, they will continue to attack you until they die. Don’t try to stun them. They are not conscious.”

“Hey! Of course there are ways to get away with your ability, such as slaughtering them, or abolishing their hands and feet, it depends on your own choice.”

What else do you not understand? It’s no wonder that these people insist on pulling a whole program group, and they are just relying on the identity of the artist to limit their shooting range.

These controlled people not only targeted her, Wang Xinyi and the newcomer brother, especially Wang Xinyi.

As the main bait here, the traffic coffee with the most social influence has limited steps.

The male star rushed directly on him. After being controlled, the attack that ignored his own injury made him amazing at this time. Wang Xiaoer has a good foundation, but it is impossible to fight back.

With one kick, the opponent retreats two steps, as if no pain is felt, pressing the arm to control it, and the opponent has to break free with the dislocation of the arm.

As a public figure, they really can’t beat them like tofu’s ashes, not to mention that there are people next to them who sneer their hands from time to time.

These few people really want to have some strengths and weaknesses, and indeed the three of them have to be sprayed to death by outside public opinion.

But after Zhu Yang escaped the attack of two people slowly, he did not take it seriously, and said to the dean on the podium: “Don’t you feel like you’ve been tortured for such a long time. I took a sigh of relief, just to wait for revenge today, and everything is ready, so I can get what I want, right?”

“Wake up, that’s the treatment that the protagonist has. You half-old daylily, the spicy chicken abandoned by Halo and Yundao 800 years ago, why don’t you understand that you only have the tricks of life and the bitterness of fate?”

“What are you talking about?” The instructor snorted, raised her hand and threw a knife to one of the puppets. She knew that Zhu Yang had a certain resistance to illusion, but she also believed that she had become stronger.

Just consume her attention with these baits, and then—

Zhu Yang tilted his head to avoid, and the knife that was cut did not kick the puppet with a heavy hand. Instead, he raised his hand and grabbed it behind him.

Grasping a wrist impressively, the injured one was holding a sharp knife, and was about to stab her in the back corner.

And this scene didn’t show up before Zhu Yang touched the opponent, it was obviously covered by illusion.

Wang Xiaoer, who was not far away, looked over and found that the owner of that hand was not anyone controlled by the dean of teaching, but was actually a newcomer who had been with them for so long.

It’s just that the expression on his face was not unexpected. When Zhu Yang agreed to a newcomer to follow them, he was touched.

“The trick of getting started here is to sneak attack. You are really making the cheapest preparations and looking forward to the most perfect result.”

The newcomer brother saw that his hands could not be shaken, even Wang Xiaoer was not surprised, and his heart sank: “When did you notice?”


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