Scream Queen Chapter 104

Zhu Yang tried hard, the newcomer brother secretly said that it was not good, and wanted to do his best to get his wrist out.

But the huge gap in strength was more difficult to shake than he thought. Only then did she discover that the strength she showed to easily hold the two adult men was the result of deliberately weakening.

I really started, even if I don’t want to do it, I can’t break away from her control.

Zhu Yang shook his hand, and this guy’s whole body flew into the air. The moment he hovered in the air, he was hit in the abdomen by a punch.

The newcomer’s little brother was distorted by a burst of pain on his face. This was not over yet, as he was about to land inertially, he was caught in his calf again.

Carrying him as a firewood stick is to throw it at the two people who came in, and suddenly knock the two people under control far.

But the two people suffered a certain degree of injury and did not stop, and continued to attack the nearby newcomer brother.

Zhu Yang smiled: “In order to cover up your position, the commands these people are controlled are indiscriminately attacked? If it is only aimed at me and the second, wouldn’t you be too conspicuous?”

“Now it’s okay. Both of you are injured. When the time comes, you will ask outside, don’t blame anyone, you have to thank me.”

The rookie brother is also extraordinary in his ability, but it is a pity that the people in the Xuanmen are no matter how powerful, the structure of this world is such that the close body is also intolerant.

The other party didn’t fight with him for the first time, but instead performed precise blows physically. The intense pain and discomfort made the spirit shake, and suddenly he couldn’t become more calm.

Coupled with the puppet’s desperate attack, he suffered two blows abruptly while the pain had not disappeared at the moment, which made it even worse.

Hurriedly shouted to the dean: “Don’t let these idiots stop!”

Seeing that the matter was revealed, the dean naturally stopped worrying and gave the puppet another order.

The five people on the side of the male star suddenly stiffened, and the robot stood still for two seconds, then turned around, and all the members aimed at Zhu Yang.

The instructor smiled badly: “I like to be clever, right? Yes, it depends on how you solve it now.”

Seeing that there was already a bruise on the corner of the male star’s mouth, she smiled triumphantly: “Key point, then resist the point, they won’t stop at this level.”

This guy also learned a lesson, knowing that the superiority of ghosts in front of Zhu Yang is not obvious, but instead focuses on using the world’s restraints to make her bind her hands and feet, hoping to find opportunities.

A few puppets walked towards Zhu Yang’s direction step by step, and the smile on the teacher’s face became stronger.

But then when they passed by Zhu Yang, the expression on her face became stiff, because the puppets who were firmly in her control did not attack her at all, but walked out of the classroom neatly. .

Zhu Yang is still counting the passwords in his hand: “One, two, one, one, two, one, good kids, pay attention to the stairs, go out and gather in the playground.”

Just like a kindergarten teacher leading the team downstairs to do exercises, within a few seconds, the biggest bargaining chip used to contain them was invited out, clean.

The dean of teaching panicked, and quickly mobilized his hypnotic ability, and suddenly found that the connection had been cut off without knowing when.

What she manipulates is the broken puppet, it is ridiculous that she still holds her own side proudly.

The dean looked at Zhu Yang in horror: “It’s impossible, you can only take care of yourself.”

At the beginning, her brother was almost hanged by the hint by himself. At that time, she also pulled the other party back based on external stimuli.

At that time, the director of teaching was far worse than the current one. The other party could only guarantee that he would not be confused. If she could also manipulate people, her brother would not be fooled.

But now this person obviously already has the ability to manipulate others, and is far above himself, easily crushing his control right without a trace, and he has an afterthought.

Nothing beats a ghost more powerful than he thinks he is powerful enough to reinvent himself, Fang Yi sacrificed himself still being beaten into scum.

The dean’s confidence was finally destroyed, and he took two steps back unbelievably.

I saw Zhu Yang grinning: “Teacher, it seems that you have forgotten the school rules again.”

She didn’t know when a pointer appeared in her hand, and she waved it to the side with a crisp sound.

That gesture reminded the dean of some terrible memories, and he shivered more and more.

There seemed to be only those dense teeth left in his eyes, confiding words one by one: “This school, what is the most important rule of the school?”

The dean was so scared that he didn’t speak. Although Wang Xiaoer on the side had never experienced this copy with Zhu Yang, he had a thorough understanding of her domineering style and style.

Hurriedly said: “Sister Yang’s will is absolute. People and ghosts who violate this point will die.”

Zhu Yang pointed at him with a pointer: “Look, classmate Wang Xiaoer, who has not received the admission manual, understands better than you. You, the dean of teaching, are really negligent in doing this.”

“Where is the principal? Dead come in!”

“Eh eh!” She yelled, and the principal actually rushed in from the door.

The few teachers who secretly watched by the door were a little bit intolerant of the dean’s tragic situation. After that person came to contact, it was the dean who cooperated most diligently.

At the beginning, I didn’t know the origin of the people, so I just relied on the deep mountains and old forests to do bad things. When Zhu Yang appeared, everyone knew the bad dishes.

Sure enough, the teaching director is still worried. To be honest, although they are not capable, they are losers when they are alive. They vent their unwillingness to the students, and die just like that. Compared with the extreme mental coercion of the teaching director, it has indeed changed ghost power. Not strong either.

You can be weak and weak. Some things are clear. You said that you were alive and turned into a roasted pig. Since there were so many ways to cure you at the beginning, it is the same now, so you are becoming stronger. Unstoppable?

Sure enough, it wasn’t even five minutes since the start, four and a half minutes was still a few stubborn humans procrastinating, and another half a minute was actually talking and talking. In fact, within two seconds, it was given a second.

The principal had just been chopped off by two feet before his head and shoulders were tied back. His face was sweating profusely, and he said to Zhu Yang in a low voice and flattery, “You, what do you want?”

Zhu Yang pointed to the dean of education: “You can’t even memorize the school rules, so you don’t deserve to be a dean of a school, right? You are the principal, and the appointment and removal of personnel is in your hands. You can handle it.”

The dean’s pupils shrank when he heard it, and the secret path was not good.

Sure enough, the principal immediately replied: “Yes, what you said is that she doesn’t have her own professional courses, and she keeps track of her study records all the time. It shows that her work is lax. Okay! You are not the teaching director from now on. This position is temporarily represented by a language teacher.”

The Chinese teacher at the door was crazy when he heard that he was happy, but the dean of teaching immediately cried out in horror: “No, no, no, no–”

It was as if something was dissipating from her.

Zhu Yang saw what she wanted to keep, but couldn’t stop it, as if desperately trying to hold a handful of water.

A wicked smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “Do you think you can become very powerful? As long as you work hard with your ability, one day you can come back?”

“But you forget that your ability is largely derived from the hierarchical suppression of this school, that is, your identity as the dean of teaching. This is the identity contract that you have been seated before you die. Even I can’t easily change it.”

“But don’t forget, I said that the boss of this school is me, so it can’t be just talking about it. Look, it’s not difficult to deprive you of your position, is it?”

The dean looked at the principal bitterly. They were all this idiot, who didn’t have the slightest ability, but was the idiot who suppressed her.

Losing the position of teaching director means losing her foundation to become stronger. This is something she only wants to understand now.

In an instant, the breath of the director was weakened by the naked eye, and her mental despair might be more painful than being filmed into a ghost film.

The other teachers also realized this latent rule because of her tragically. It was obvious that they were in school all day long, but they were not as good as others to see through their own rules of life and death, so they resisted.

Just hearing the loud noise of the pointer thrown on the podium, the teachers’ necks shrank in fright.

Then Zhu Yang said: “In the future, who wants to pick up the straw rope handed by outsiders in private, I don’t mind putting a noose around your neck now.”

“Don’t dare!” The ghosts including the principal said hurriedly.

Zhu Yang snorted, and pointed his chin to the teaching director: “Hold her and roll together. There are shows to be filmed below. Go to the director to lead the work. Whoever doesn’t cooperate well will just hit me in the face.”

“Absolutely cooperate well.” The principal and other teachers quickly promised: “Your face is the face of the school. It is about collective honor. How can you perfunctory?”

As soon as the scene was finished, Saya Zi ran to the crowd who was setting up outside the playground downstairs.

I don’t know if the suggestion has weakened at this moment. The director and the others also feel a little aftertaste, feeling that it is a bit scary to be in this gloomy place where the village does not touch the ground.

However, the work inertia is halfway through, and I can only bite the bullet.

When I was still in charge of setting up the set, I saw a few people suddenly appearing in front of me-ghosts!

Because there were no shadows under the lights, the director was taken aback when he determined that this was not the group performance he hired.

I quickly wanted to say, “Excuse me, please don’t blame me”, I saw a bald middle-aged man in the lead cracked a yellow tooth and smiled kindly——

“I heard that you want to help with the show here. I am the principal here. At the order of our person in charge, Miss Zhu Yang, I came out to help. If you have anything to do, please speak up.”

“The program special effects or something, as long as we can do it, don’t hesitate to say it.” It’s best to delay the time, they really don’t want to go back to face the big devil.

The director, as well as the staff next to the director, were stunned by this enthusiastic and eager work attitude.

Then Miss Zhu, isn’t it the daughter of King Yama?

The Zhu family belonged to her family, and the ghosts encountered in Huangshan Yeling were also hers. So what else is there to be afraid of in their program group?

Wouldn’t all the evil spirits of the haunted land be regarded as free extras?

Realizing this, the eyes of the director and screenwriter are brightened. It seems that their script can be bolder. Anyway, it has nothing to do with them.

The hot rhythm below did not affect the progress in the upstairs classroom.

The instructor has taken care of it, but the most important mastermind is still missing.

At this time, the newcomer brother’s body has recovered a lot, at least not at all.

As he was about to get up, he saw a pair of slender legs appear in front of him, stepping on his head unceremoniously.

With a crushing force, he forced himself to bury deeply in the dust.

“I don’t understand. Although it is said that the wrongdoer has the debtor, but in your case, anyone who wants to make a face is too late to hide, right? How? Is it true that you feel that you have suffered? What is wrong?”

The newcomer brother was startled, and then his face turned savage: “You know everything?”

“You have always known that you can still be led around and play tricks on me deliberately?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “No, I only found out when I came out of the dormitory. Does that make you feel more comfortable?”

The look of others is obviously gone.

Wang Xin can’t stand it anymore: “As you mean, we have to take care of the self-esteem of someone like you who stabbed the knife in the back, right? You can’t pretend, right? What a pitiful attitude right now? ?”

The newcomer glared at him: “You’re just a mud-legged man with nothing. It’s nothing more than a little chance with the ghost sister in the family. Why else can you climb so high?”

“At any rate, he’s also half of a profound sect. Your brother’s practice of collecting money and contacts is simply a shame in the industry.”

“Your brother wants to be the shame of the industry, but unfortunately he doesn’t have the skill and talent for business.” Zhu Yangliang said.

Then he looked at him: “You are much better than your brother, but unfortunately you don’t know much about it.”

Who is this little brother? Wasn’t it just the brother who killed the people in the haunted house and the metaphysicist?

After Zhu Yang broke the opponent’s conspiracy and was attracted to the bait, the haunted house employees were dispatched collectively, and finally the cockroach swallowed it alive.

“You are clever. The signs of your actions are mainly aimed at the second person to cover up your true purpose. Even when you are caught off guard, you strictly follow this standard. At first, we really thought that the second person was targeted.”

“It’s a pity that you take yourself too seriously.” Zhu Yang sneered: “In front of me and the mirror girl, I just hinted at so many people in one breath. I really thought I was so powerful that they couldn’t guess the upper limit of your ability. What?”

“Listen, in this world, it’s impossible for anyone to do this remotely without being noticed. At that time, I suspected that it was a member of the camera crew. It’s just that there are too many people to hide and it is difficult to filter them.”

“When you didn’t expect the mop ghost, you jumped out by yourself. You said you yelled to someone outside, but we didn’t hear it, heh! It’s possible that Xiaoer and the photographer didn’t hear it. You think it’s a mop. Can ghosts confuse my vision?”

The newcomer brother knew that he had made a mistake when the control of the teaching director was taken away. It’s not that he didn’t work on Zhu Yang, but he would never have expected that she was actually better than when she appeared before. There is more illusion ability out of thin air.

So, for the pretense that the ghosts come out and are happy to see them, is he just not confessing?

Confused with the careful preparation and arrangement under the cover of a large number of people, how can he be reconciled to reveal an irreparable flaw in this small detail?

Zhu Yang took out his mobile phone and pointed the screen at him. There was his personal information on it: “Now that the candidate is determined, the next thing will be easy.”

Coming out of the dormitory, I took the time to send a message to Wang Xinyu. Within a few minutes, he called up the background information of the newcomer brother.

Coupled with the Xuanmen contacts in the haunted house, he quickly determined his relationship with the previous Xuanmen master.

The two turned out to be brothers, but the difference in age was a bit big. They looked like they were in their mid-30s. Now the newcomer brother is only in his early twenties.

It’s just that the talent of the rookie brother is much higher than that of his brother.

Daoxing at a young age is much stronger than his brother back then, and he also knows to gather her enemies and use people she will not let go of as bait.

You must know that these low-level dungeon worlds have only been integrated for two years, and he can investigate her to this point in such a short period of time. If you give him some more time, he will definitely make a lot of achievements in the profound doors of this world. .

The newcomer’s little brother was really angry when he heard the words: “That was my brother, and in the end there was no body, nothing left.”

“Yes, he is a bad guy, but not for me. He raised me. I have a rare talent. I must inherit the mantle at home. It is also his insistence on letting me pursue my dream. But he was slaughtered by you. Killed.”

Zhu Yang stepped on the back of his head and buried his face in the ground again——

“Is there no camera around, how can I shout so loudly?”

“Okay, do you want to be miserable, right? Line up! No matter how good your brother is to you, is it the only thing he killed? Is it possible that the only truth, goodness and beauty in human nature to his relatives wants to offset the evil he made? Without his family? His old father, mother, and little brother have no support, so others deserve to die, right?”

“Where is the face that people who feel irrelevant from the position of the weak should sacrifice for you? Are you great because you have a dream? That is your own business.”

“Do you think you are so special? Seeing that you have investigated the trajectory of my appearance so clearly, you shouldn’t be ignorant of the staff at the beginning of the haunted house, right?”

“Don’t mention anything else, just playboy. He wants to be in the entertainment industry and is much better than your stupid. In other words, in your dreams, people are better than you, but you can study wealth for your brother. , To eat and drink for your family, they are dead.”

“There are also two children under ten years old. Come and come! Tell me, where do you face revenge?”

The newcomer brother closed his eyes in pain, Zhu Yang didn’t bother to pay attention to him, and kicked away.

Finally said to him: “You should be glad that there are not many ordinary people really affected at this time, otherwise you think your brother is dead?”

“In the information, your parents and family are still alive?” Zhu Yang smiled coldly. In the horrified eyes of the newcomer brother, a wicked face said: “Zhu, Xiuxing, and the media they control.”

“I don’t want your parents to be accused by thousands of husbands when they are old, and the Xuanmen family, who has passed on for so long to punish evil and do good, is scolded by thousands of people. I advise you to accept those careful thoughts.

“Yes, you are a human being, and you haven’t done anything that is intolerable at the moment. It is reasonable to say that I am not good and just take you like this.”

“It’s just that you are naive if you want to think of your own position as the enemy, if you are not in the dark, right? Remember, you are opposite to a behemoth whose power, public opinion, and morality are all at the commanding heights. If you have that ability, let me see. Save it now that we grown up bullying you, a child.”

Zhu Yang and Wang Xiaoer left the newcomer brother and went downstairs on their own.

This guy has united many of Zhu Yang’s “acquaintances”, and there should be no fewer other lonely ghosts.

Zhu Yang assigned Xu Wei and the three of them to the haunted house employees who had come out to help in order to prevent unrelated personnel from being injured.

Fortunately, that guy is not too hopeless, there really needs to be someone here who has caused irreparable harm, she can really stabbed it.

After all, it was a visit to relatives, and her hostility also melted a lot. If possible, she really didn’t want to see blood in this world.

When Xu Wei and the others saw Zhu Yang coming out, they didn’t know that they had already confronted Zhu Yang, and they were still reporting to Zhu Yang: “Don’t worry, stare at them with a good look to ensure that there will be no accidents.”

When I finished speaking, I heard the notification of task completion in my mind——

It can be seen that the newcomer brother has given up revenge, so the game will make this judgment.

However, there are three players who work and follow the crew to do the chores. They eat and drink in the haunted house when they have nothing to do. After more than a week, they are all three players who are treated at the presidential level. At this time, they still lay down and cleared the game.

I saw the power of the golden thigh again, and didn’t want to leave the game for a while.

Li Shi pleased: “Well, sister! You think it’s over for today. Let’s go back and live for one night. How about leaving tomorrow?”

When they came out, the old man and the old lady also said that they would prepare supper for them. They were all luxury ingredients that they couldn’t bear to consume in reality.

Zhu Yang smiled: “Follow you, you are willing to live for a few days before leaving.”

The three of them immediately became happy, and happily ran back to the car sent by the haunted house.

At this time Wang Xinyu has also arrived, Zhu Yang said to him: “That guy keeps it is always a hidden danger, send a message to their family, let them take care of people, or abolish the cultivation base, in short, don’t give it to He has a chance to make trouble.”

At this moment, although the other party was scared off by Zhu Yang’s intimidation and the reputation of his family members, he could prevent him from encountering opportunities later or being incited by others.

After all, this is a dungeon world, any evil spirits are possible, if you have an impure mind to take advantage of this guy’s ability.

To be honest, Zhu Yang was soft-hearted enough to let this kid go, and he certainly couldn’t cause everyone to capsize in the gutter because of this hidden danger.

Wang Xinyu naturally regarded this matter as important, but he also realized something more important: “You, are you leaving again?”

Wang Xin was still silly, but his smile gradually disappeared after hearing this.

Yes, it was the same at the time. Toad/Mao disappeared, so she should leave.

Then she looked at her, she was already an adult, and she still felt like she was about to cry.

Zhu Yang patted his head: “What do you want? I have to stay a few days, and then it will be fine. Let’s relax and get together.”

Then he said to the two of them: “Don’t worry, I won’t come and go in a hurry when we meet.”

At that time, the level was still low, and to be honest, in a dead village, even if she wanted to stay for a while and admire the natural scenery, she should be right?

Most importantly, now the instances of the low-level fields are basically integrated, and she has to confirm whether some of the first villas are integrated.

The talk is ready here, and the female celebrity who threatened to strike has done a good job. The new script has been designed, and now the filming is officially started.

After the second episode of the show was broadcast, it still received rave reviews, and compared to the first episode’s live performance, the second episode was carefully designed, and the rhythm of the laugh was stepped on the spot, and there was no shortage of public executions of drivers when they went up the mountain. Discussion of social issues.

There are still a lot of hot spots. Once an episode is broadcast every week, other topics on the Internet will be overwhelmed by this show in the next two days. There are dozens of countries abroad that have bought the copyright.

The enthusiasm of the three stars suddenly reached the world level. This is also the reason why the show is dangerous and focuses on Wang Xin, and the team of the two stars will not resign.

However, after the second episode, Zhu Yang stopped appearing on the show. After all, she was not here to be a star, and she did not think that the attention and praise from Wang Xiaoer’s side was anything to be proud of.

She went to the city that was the first official copy first, but found the villa there, as well as those people.

However, the world has not merged, and the fate of the people involved is also very different.

For example, the **** landlord once kicked the iron plate because he harassed the female tenant. A certain official/second-generation daughter who was traveling with a friend discovered that the other party was peeping, and asked the landlord’s wife to argue against being scolded, so he told the family.

So the two of them got cold, and some other crimes were found. The landlord was still singing behind bars, and the girl who was sealed in the cement was still alive.

Because of her husband’s domestic violence, Teacher Qiu resisted the pressure of the surroundings and divorced early, and now leads her son to live well.

After being entangled by the stalker, Ms. Cui went to the police station to spoil and riot. The school side was also able to tear and tear, but the strong behavior caused the man to drop out of school. In short, wind words and words dare not pass her ears.

Wu Yue’s mother did not choose to commit suicide that year. Instead, she divorced her husband and obtained as much property as possible and took her son back to Thailand.

Those shocking tragedies in this world, because of personal choices, persistence, and opportunities, all seem to have turned a corner at the intersection of destiny and headed in a good direction.

This may be a comfort to onlookers, but what Zhu Yang left in the game for the initial intersection is indeed the unfortunate ones who have gone to ruin.

At this moment, they are still trapped in the seven-day cycle of reincarnation, and Zhu Yang cannot really take the people of this world as comfort.

Zhu Yang asked the game why the only world was not integrated.

The game gave her a cruel answer-

Because you are not strong enough.

Haunted houses, schools, and copies of Toad/Mao Village were all blown up by her, and related NPCs have more or less changed their own.

These are things within her ability, but the important thing about the copy of the villa is reincarnation.

It’s not that after she clears the level once, the time will be delayed, all the suffering will be diluted after all, they are still trapped there.

But here comes the problem. Even if Zhu Yang’s current ability is not weakened to the entire mid-level field, it is an impossible task for her to break the cycle of reincarnation.

Zhu Yang didn’t think he had a sense of responsibility for every NPC who cleared the dungeon, just what he said when he left.

The promised Ghost World Sisterhood, as well as the two members recruited on the spot, can’t be a big talk.

Zhu Yang, who returned from that city to the city where the haunted house was located, was always lacking in interest while in the car.

Suddenly she asked the game: “This is your purpose?”

“Amplify my sense of loss with the only shortcoming, just like the last piece of the puzzle that has been put together is missing, and try every means to incite my urge to become stronger.”

“I think my ambition to become stronger is big enough, not to mention that you have specially let me see the game world outside the game, but here, it seems that it is not enough.”

“What are you thinking about? Do you want me to reach the height of direct dialogue with you so urgently?”

“Mumbling~” There was a arrogant mutter in his mind, and she did not answer her, but it was obvious that her guess was at least in the right direction.

Fine! Since this guy has worked so hard, she has to speed up.

After all, it was with the emperor and the others, although the lips and the cover of the game took some superficial advantages.

But in the end, the disparity in strength has left her still cherishing her.

The other party is not so much jealous of her, but jealous of the game behind her, and some of the contradictions that she incited, really without these premises, it is estimated that a random master from behind them can run her to death.

After returning to the playground, knowing that she was leaving in the next few days, everyone cherished time more.

The two brothers of the Wang family and Ah Qiao moved here directly, and they just relied on three guest rooms to come out. The haunted house has a good location and is convenient to go anywhere without delaying their work.

Rao is that the most recent work can be pushed as soon as possible, and the assistant can be sent here if he can’t.

The outside world saw that Xiuxing and Zhu were playing such a hot game, and they thought they were going to make some big moves together. Taking advantage of the popularity of variety shows, many cooperations are indeed profitable.

For a time, the stock prices on both sides rose steadily, and the limelight was unmatched.

Zhu Yang and the newcomer brother left the show one after another. In order to conceal others, the guest group behind will also rotate.

It’s a pity that many netizens feel that with Zhu Yang’s beauty and hardcore, even if he is alone, he can make a living in the entertainment circle.

It’s just that Zhu’s previous live video was picked up, and someone picked up the name of Zhu’s corporate legal person named Zhu Yang.

Everyone shut their mouths. The tycoon with a net worth of tens of billions is probably just coming to the warm-up show to join in the fun and cheer his nephew by the way.

Can female celebrities be compared to actresses? Sister Yangui and Brother Hua, who are even hotter than the shadow queen, belong to her.

Suddenly, Wang Xinyi’s background was even harder in the circle, but after finding Zhu Yang, he stopped focusing on the business of traffic.

Instead, he pushed a lot of endorsements and activities to increase the exposure rate, settled down and began to study good works, hone his acting skills, start writing songs again, and plan to try to be a director in the future.

When he left, the little yellow chicken had become very good friends with the Gunguns.

Other mission worlds may not be easy for the little yellow chicken to come out, but it is different here. There are so many animal ghosts that mutate after death.

Just like the two peacocks in the Peacock House, they became brighter and brighter with the cultivation base, and one became fiery red, like a phoenix. So it’s not surprising that the little chicken is two meters tall, right?

Anyway, the guests are well-accepted, so the little yellow chickens have been playing here these days.

He also helped Kumun to carry the plates, and brown sugar couldn’t bear it when he left.

With tears in his eyes, he put his melon hat on the top of the little yellow chicken’s head: “Chiji! This is for you, and you must come back to play with us.”

Sapphire, who can’t speak yet, also gave the treasured snacks to the little yellow chicken. This scene is like a kindergarten friend going to a distant place with his mother.

Zhu Yang felt that he was a bit cruel, so he touched the heads of the three babies: “Next time I will take you to another place to play.”

“There are so many bamboos where Xiao Ji was born. The bamboo shoots are big and tender, and I have the opportunity to bring them back for you to eat.”

After listening to the two of them, the spirit came, and he arched over Zhu Yang and said that he was reluctant to be the head of the house.

Zhu Yang Yixiong touched it: “Remember to learn martial arts, don’t be lazy, and strive to become a Kung Fu Panda as soon as possible.”


In order to stimulate their enthusiasm for learning, Zhu Yang also asked Haunted House to often show them Kung Fu Panda movies.

At the last parting, the **** couldn’t help but burst into tears, and the sad mood suddenly disappeared.


This time, because it was an occasion to visit relatives, Zhu Yang’s ability was also severely cut, and the rewards were not high, after all, it was abusive food.

Naturally, there is a basic method to abuse dishes.

Therefore, she is no different from Xu Wei and the three who lay down to win.

On the contrary, Xu Wei and the others had a good harvest this time. After hearing that Zhu Yang had already had her own circle of players in reality, she wanted to join her.

However, there is no critical opportunity in this game. It is not easy to return to reality, so I can only regret it.

However, Zhu Yang’s evaluation of the clearance this time is not high, and rewards are optional, but it is not entirely without benefits.

For example, animals have a high affinity with little yellow chickens. When they finally left, the little yellow chickens acquired a mutation skill of peacocks.

Specifically, it is only in the change of appearance, and it has no effect at present, and it is reflected in the little yellow chicken, just like a consolation prize given to her.

But as Lu Datou said, there are no useless abilities, only useless masters, and any abilities can be expected to be used to the extreme.

So Zhu Yang was also happy, and let the little yellow chicken try something.

The little yellow chicken squeaked, and the hair on his body changed from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple one by one, just like an overturned palette, almost laughing Zhu Yang to death.

Having fun, Lu Datou walked in and said to her, “Now that the water is ready, go take a bath.”

Touched the little yellow chicken again: “You also go wash.”

The little yellow chicken still likes to take a bath, and happily ran outside and plunged into the swimming pool.

Zhu Yang took Lu’s head and went directly into the bathroom: “Help me rub my back!”

The author has something to say:   , I also want to help her rub her back, by the way (pawn)


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