Scream Queen Chapter 105

Who can stand Zhu Yang’s figure?

Said it was a back rub, but within a few minutes, the whole steamy bathroom was filled with pink bubbles that flashed blindly and the love and sourness became more and more intense.

Just about to go further, the little yellow chicken who was bathing in the swimming pool outside ticked in and came in.

Seeing my mother’s big bathtub full of soft bubbles, I plunged into it with excitement——

“Wait! Don’t—”

It was too late. The big fat chicken, which was nearly two meters away, jumped in. The splashed water directly poured Lu Xiuci next to him to the heart.

Zhu Yang watched happily, took his hand, and dragged the person into the bathtub: “Yes, you come in too.”

Lu Xiuci had to take off his shirt and just finished taking a shower for his girlfriend. At this moment, he still has to squeeze the shampoo to continue rubbing the cock.

The little yellow chicken’s soft hair was very foamy, and it didn’t take a while to feel that the entire bathroom was a mountain of foam.

This guy likes to be different from other birds. He likes to take a bath. He especially likes to rub bubbles. He can play for an hour or two after playing. He is not happy when he rinses it.

But it is also here that you can maintain a full body shape. There is a medium-sized dog at home, and it is not so troublesome to scrub. Usually, Zhu Weixin helps her scrub.

Occasionally, I would rub it for him when he was not at work and take his grandson at home, but Zhu Yang didn’t bother much. This guy is spoiled at home.

That’s the case, Lu Xiuci still said across the bubble mountain: “Let’s have children later.”

Zhu Yang deeply agreed, but pets can be kept.

The pets in the game world are much more durable than the real species, and they have a high IQ. People who are not very impatient with pets, Zhu Yang does not find it tiring to raise her chicks.

Then he said to Lu Datou: “Why don’t you go back and bring the dragon over? You can pretend to be a snake and raise it at home.”

Then I thought: “No, does the dragon have to absorb the aura of heaven and earth? Our aura must not be very good here, so forget it.”

After speaking, I saw Lu Datou looking at her with excitement: “No, although this world lacks aura, it belongs to the high plane world. It will only be better here.”

“I just, I just didn’t expect you to agree.” He smiled, “I’m so happy.”

Zhu Yang stared at him blankly for a long time, then slapped his head: “Why is an old lady finally agreeing to your posture of taking the **** outside home?”

The little yellow chicken also turned around and aimed at him with his fat ass, Lu Xiu resigned and had to surrender: “Okay! I won’t talk nonsense, next time, next time I enter the game, I will pick Xiaolong back.”

He had only been mistreated by the dog than the game before, and he has been in the game world for almost a year. Recently, he did not want to enter the game at all.

Who knows if that product will play tricks with stitches?

Zhu Yang is satisfied now. She is not at a level right now, but she is still looking forward to seeing the legendary dragon.

So I told Xiao Huang Ji’er early: “You are not allowed to fight with your brother at that time, and you have to get along well.”

Taking advantage of the free time, they also arranged a comfortable children’s house for the two cubs. According to Lu Datou’s statement, the dragon was calculated according to the age of the dragon clan and was also the age of an infant.

That said, it seems that both of them are using child labor. No, this is not even child labor. It is a child labor.

Suddenly, the bitter picture of a two-year-old child standing on a bench washing dishes on the stove dominates Zhu Yang’s mind. She trembled all over, thinking more and more about the children’s children’s room.

Her own home, Lu Datou’s house, and the house where the two had a regular date for the night have all made the layout of the children’s room.

Zhu Weixin went home to see that she had been busy recently, and bought some things, and came to the chicken’s room to take a look.

Good guy, the room has doubled again, and the toy dolls in it are about to pile up. It doesn’t matter, there is a new nest that is comfortable and soft to look at.

The nest was filled with all kinds of shiny crystal jewels. Zhu Weixin hurriedly came up and pulled it up: “Sister, what are you doing? Don’t be afraid that Xiaoji accidentally swallowed it.”

Zhu Yang poked his forehead and stroked the chin of the little yellow chicken: “Are you so stupid to be my cub? That was for his brother, what does it know.”

Zhu Weixin also thought about it, such a fighting chicken that was crushed by a force value can no longer be inferred by common sense.

Moreover, this guy may have been exposed to his sister’s vices from the beginning of his birth. The whole life style is also very particular.

Never go to the ground for food, eat at the table, make a baby chair better than ordinary children to sit, and the skill of coquettish and deceitful feeding is at the level, and all the food is eaten at home.

But in the next second, Zhu Weixin tasted the point of his sister’s words: “What? I have to pick up a pet? What is it? Where did it come from?”

Zhu Yang said: “It’s a python, your brother Lu was raised abroad before, and he has developed a relationship.”

Zhu Weixin: “…, I knew it was him.”

Said that he took his sister’s arm and objected: “Sister, nothing else, raising snakes, do you want to scare our mother to death? Besides, can snakes live with chickens?”

He pointed to the pile of glitter in the finger socket: “And what kind of ghost are these? Never heard of snakes like glitter, don’t you say I should raise a dragon.”

Zhu Yang was shocked, looking back at her brother, he always felt that this guy had a strong instinct.

So he fooled and said: “Don’t worry, it’s very beautiful. Just look at it and you’ll adapt. It’s still a white snake. Doesn’t our mother like the legend of the white snake the most?”

“That must be Ye Gonghaolong’s kind of liking.” Zhu Weixin still wanted to say, but he had been kicked out.

Zhu Weixin was almost stunned, but felt that he had discovered another strange thing about Lu Datou, so he called Lu Li to find the fault.

As a result, the two brothers pinched each other, and finally forgot about the pet.

In the evening, Lu Xiu resigned and returned home, and Lu Li complained to him at the dinner table: “What do you think, brother? Who owns a strange pet compared with Sister Yang? Isn’t it a surprise that you haven’t been dumped by someone else’s girl, a boa constrictor? That’s weird. In the afternoon, that stinky boy Asin asked me to make trouble, and I was too much to raise my head.”

Lu Xiu’s speech knew that Zhu Yang’s interest must be too high-profile these past two days. The little white dragon looks good, but he has to put it down.

The best thing is to impress the surroundings with beauty first, and then explain about the adoption, unexpectedly Zhu Yang will say it out.

Before seeing the real thing, no matter how you explain it, sending snakes is a weird operation that can be achieved by focusing on lone students, right?

He was also very helpless, so he had to fool his brother and said, “Don’t I just want to find a company for Xiao Ji.”

Lu Li: “…”

So you find a snake for the chicken? Do you want to get up every morning to watch the snake swallow the chicken alive, or watch the Kung Fu chicken fight the bug?

Seeing that the atmosphere at the table has become more relaxed recently, the brothers’ estrangement has disappeared, and the younger one also knows that he is acting like a baby with the big complaint.

Hearing this, he joked with his sons and said: “Haha! The resignation is the same as when we gave birth to Ali.”

Lu Li: “…”

Dad, if you don’t know how to warm up, just keep joking. As a second child, I really want to cry.

Dad Lu thought he was very humorous and he was pretty in his heart, so he discussed work with Lu Xiuci.

In the past few days, Zhu Yang took the little chicken to buy and buy, because she missed her little friend, and he specially ordered a doll to accompany him in the image of two rolling brown sugar sapphires.

She was playing with the little yellow chicken in the toy room when she suddenly received a call from her older cousin.

I also said before that although my cousin and cousin are of the same generation as them, because of the age difference between the aunt and her mother, they are actually the same age as Daddy and Zhu.

It’s just that among the children of Zhu Yang’s generation at home, Zhu Yang has always been smart and thoughtful. When he was a child, he was the head of a child, and a group of little furry children listened to her at the gathering of relatives during the Chinese New Year.

It was during the youth rebellious period, at home, I dared to be stubborn and stubborn with my parents, but opened my mouth and closed my mouth and said ‘Sister Yang Yang said XXX’ and ‘Sister Yang Yang felt XXX’, and the children had prestige in their eyes.

Although this chaotic generation is called Lao Rang’s elders scolded.

The eldest cousin was also the mother of Yin Jun’s children’s shoes who had been to Zhu Yang’s house before and then went to Mianji to have a drink.

Their family lives on the other side of the city. Their eldest cousin is an engineer and cousin is the head nurse. Both of them are busy with work.

Yin Jun is the same age as Zhu Weixin, but with a simple temperament. Except for occasionally being silly, he doesn’t let the family worry about it. The family walks hard enough. Since the summer vacation, they haven’t seen him for a few months.

Usually, I don’t see each other. People in the prestigious family group often chat and fart. Seeing the phone call of his eldest cousin, Zhu Yang suddenly remembered that he hadn’t heard from him for a long time.

Zhu Yang got on the phone and finished the greeting. He asked, “Yang Yang, will you be back next week?”

Aunt Zhu’s birthday next week, it’s just that Zhu Yang will be out of town. Is there any reason to go back at home?

Busily said: “Yes, Asin and I are going back, my mother will see when the time comes, they are a bit busy lately.”

The eldest cousin was relieved and said: “That’s good, that’s good. I asked your brother on leave. I will go back two days in advance. Tell my sister-in-law what you want to eat.”

The eldest cousin has a dull personality, but the cousin is humorous and talkative. The two families are close, and there are mostly jokes between the conversations. Where can I call for such a small matter? Isn’t it usually decided after the family group is noisy?

So Zhu Yang said: “Sister-in-law, is there something wrong?”

The cousin choked over there, hesitated for a long time, and finally said it, her voice with unspeakable fatigue: “Not Junjun!”

To say that boys of this age, going to college is not the same as high school. Schools are not controlled everywhere, and there are not a few people who make trouble when they relax.

Don’t even say that so and so are always good children, obedient, unbelievable what they do, sometimes from the perspective of parents, you really don’t necessarily understand children.

It’s just that what the cousin said made Zhu Yang a little unbelievable. It was not complicated, it was just that the kid had made a girlfriend.

When college boys make girlfriends, parents are generally happy to see it happen. At first, cousin and cousin didn’t pay attention.

Even knowing that he was in love, he also gave an extra money for love each month, and asked his son not to withhold and buckle in front of his girlfriend. Boys should have the demeanor and responsibility.

Yin Jun was naturally happy to see his parents enlightened, and Le Diandian deliberately brought his girlfriend back for dinner, and then the problem came.

According to the cousin, the girl is not a good person at first glance, not about dressing or anything, but the whole person’s eyes are frivolous and evil.

The cousin is the head nurse, how many people have you dealt with in your life? Looking at people’s eyesight, the girl was uncomfortable with all kinds of scrutiny when she entered their house. She said hello to her elders, and her eyes rolled around.

Yes, if it can be said that they are too subjective here, it’s fine if they don’t talk about the rules at the table, but after the meal, the cousin washed the dishes and came back to the room and unexpectedly ran into the girl running into their bedroom.

Is this the first time I went to a boy’s house?

The cousin immediately looked bad, but didn’t embarrass the guests at her own home, so she asked if she wanted to go to Junjun’s room for a nap and walked to the wrong room, and handed her a ladder.

Whoever thinks that the other party is not embarrassed at all, when Da Lala goes out, he yells bored with Yin Jun, who is watching TV in the living room, and wants to go out to play.

Yin Jun didn’t know where his brain hurt when his parents hadn’t noticed. He didn’t feel that his parents who had worked so hard to prepare a good meal all morning and took a day off for a day off were offended.

So stupidly, he followed his girlfriend out, leaving parents looking at each other blankly.

This is not over. When my cousin cleaned up at night, I found that I had lost more than 5,000 yuan.

In order to avoid wronging others, my cousin asked my cousin specially, what did my cousin get when he didn’t go out all day?

In the evening Yin Jun came back and caught him and asked: “Did you take the money from your mother’s bag?”

Yin Jun’s family is also considered a well-off family. They didn’t wish them wealth, but children of the same age would never envy others.

Besides, he didn’t spend much money except for playing games with small krypton. Not to mention that his parents gave him sufficient living expenses. Recently, he was still working, that is, his relatives and elders since childhood, especially I wish my father and mother like him, the new year’s money is not small. A sum of money.

Recently I have a girlfriend, and I often care about him. The expenses have suddenly increased, but his private bank is abundant, and he is not at the point of breaking his muscles, let alone taking the money from his mother’s bag secretly.

He said at a loss: “No, why don’t you have any money? I have, I’ll transfer it to you.”

Got it! This kid is not so pitiful yet, he can basically solve the case.

What can I say about this? The cousin is also a headache when the son has a girlfriend, he has bad behavior.

I had a bad impression of the girl in my heart, but I didn’t rush to say it for the time being.

But it was just such a coincidence. Not long after, my cousin met the girl in the hospital where she worked, and the other party actually came to have an abortion.

At that time, his cousin was so scared that he called and scolded his son. Yin Jun was scolded to death. In the end, he explained inexplicably that he had not tried to fight back at all, and complained that his mother must have been wrong.

The cousin’s face immediately sank, and went back to adjust the file, okay! This is not the first time, there has been a history of abortion before.

To talk about character and personality, it is still considered the subjective view of their older generations. Stealing things without evidence is not considered rigid.

But now that it’s all here, my cousin finally couldn’t persuade herself to let the child do everything.

When he returned home that night, he ordered Yin Jun to break up with the other party and patted the evidence in front of him.

The first thing the cousin wanted to do was to do it by herself, and how to comfort the child if her self-esteem was hurt in front of adults.

The result is good, think too much! The next thing was as muddled as the eight o’clock stall that my cousin disdained.

The reality of this guy was unbelievable, until the real information was compelling to believe, he immediately forced the young man to become a sage of retribution.

I want to live and insist on being with each other, such as ‘love a person, love all her past’ or ‘I believe I can warm her nowhere to rest’.

I almost heard my cousin vomiting, and at one time wondered who my son was replaced by an intelligent robot, or the original kind that carried tens of thousands of dog blood and romance.

If you are really bohemian in the past, you have been with you for months and are still messing around, rushing to make a spare tire and still pay for your own travel expenses?

The series of family battles that broke out for this were vigorous, but the cousin and the others were ashamed and did not tell their relatives, so there has been no news of them in the family group recently, and everyone thought the two were busy.

On Yin Jun’s side, just like the girl who confessed to death, the old lady was so angry that she wanted to hang herself, and she was also committed to making her family recognize their brain damage.

The cousin almost cried when she talked to Zhu Yang at the end: “Yang Yang, sister-in-law, there is no way. Junjun has listened to you since he was a child, and he even listened to you about what clothes you want to wear. This time his grandma’s birthday, then The **** still wants to bring people back, so I dare not tell him the details of the girl that sucks, for fear that it will be a good or bad idea.”

“I didn’t have the face to tell others. At first I thought that girl was their classmate, but I didn’t expect that she was not even a student, she was a hair salon **** Double X Road.”

Zhu Yang on Double X Road knew that it was a famous red light street in this city, and there was a small hair salon in the foot-washing city below that street.

Of course, it’s definitely not a place for serious massage or hairdo. You can see the narrow facade inside through the glass. There are only one or two chairs. The tools for hair making are sparse, but the sofa curtains are full of gaudy pink.

Two or three girls in **** dresses sit on the sofa and play with their mobile phones. They hang salon cards, but anyone who has an eye for business knows what they are doing.

The cousin said at the end: “When you see him, help my sister-in-law to persuade him, ah!”

Zhu Yang comforted his cousin for a long time, then hung up the phone and called Zhu Weixin over to ask about Yin Jun.

Zhu Weixin looked blank: “Xiao Junzi? I haven’t played with me recently, and I asked him to drive in the dark, saying that he was going to be with his girlfriend.”

To say that after he met the wine tray, he still acted like a baby with her for several days, complaining with a sigh about the sinister world.

But ordinary people who have been fooled should be a little wary, right? And to be honest, Yin Jun was originally handsome, and the girls who chased him were definitely not too few, and they weren’t the fat house Dios who ignored him. It was really suspicious.

Even the children of his own family can’t leave it alone, so Zhu Yang asked someone to find out more.

So the time came the day before my aunt’s birthday.

Because it’s not a big birthday, and I haven’t thought about a big deal, but the aunt lives in a rural area, and it’s not a city where the neighbors are indifferent.

So when Zhu Yang went back, a temporary stove had been built on the dam, and the chefs who came back and the women in the village were already busy.

The last time Zhu Yang ate the farm banquet in the big fire was in Toad/Mao Village. Zhu Weixin hadn’t tasted it for two years.

The brothers and sisters were very excited. Seeing Zhu Weixin, the second cousin hurriedly said, “Hey! You are back, just in time, go to the mountain to pick some green peppers and come back. There were too many things when I was shopping, and I missed the purchase. I need to make cold dishes. Use it.”

“Good!” Zhu Weixin took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves, and put a small basket on the road and ran away: “Go, go up the mountain with brother.”

It’s not that Lu Li has never been to the countryside. He has his own vacation farm abroad, but it is obviously different from this down-to-earth enthusiasm.

Zhu Weixin also smoothed a handful of peanuts and divided him in half. This is a snack made to be the first dish tomorrow.

Two pots of peanuts with the size of a washbasin were put on the table, and there were fried crispy meat and prawns.

The tangy scent of the hot pot boiling oil just came out of the oven, making Lu Li, who was used to eating delicious delicacies, a bit of index finger moved for a while.

But he was embarrassed to come, and ordered some shrimp and crispy meat on the table, and motioned to Zhu Weixin and said: “Take some that, take some that.”

Zhu Weixin picked up a taro leaf, picked up some snacks on the table and put them in the basket, and rushed up the mountain with Lu Li.

Zhu Yang took Lu Datou into the house. Although he didn’t formally show up in front of his family, he was basically accompanied by Zhu Yang wherever he went, and most of his relatives knew him.

Seeing him coming, he also greeted him with a smile. After Lu Xiuci responded one by one, he was called by the aunt to accompany the chat.

After the greeting, the cousin pulled Zhu Yang over, holding on to a life-saving posture.

But before I could speak, I saw two people upstairs and downstairs.

As he went downstairs, he was still pulling: “What’s the matter?”

“This is what you said is fun? When someone has never seen it before, it is noisy with the doors and windows closed, and the room you live in is not allowed to choose. I don’t want me to tell you that I’m not rare. Let’s go.”

Yin Jun explained again and again: “No! No, that room really can’t let you live in. It’s not a guest room. It’s my sister Yangyang’s room. She doesn’t like others to disturb her things.”

“What’s so great? I’ll just leave it here. If I don’t let me live, I won’t be able to live. Let go, and I will go back to the city.”

“Junjun!” his cousin yelled angrily: “What are you doing? A house doesn’t know how to say hello?”

Yin Jun just looked over and saw that the adults at home were all here, and smiled and greeted everyone: “Second Uncle and Aunt, are you back? Sister Yang Yang! Are you here too, Brother Lu?”

The silly husky smiles, but the appearance is okay, but well—

Zhu Yang and Lu Datou looked at each other. Some things were hidden from ordinary people, but they couldn’t be hidden from the players.

Zhu Yang patted her cousin’s hand to signal her not to be angry.

He hooked Yin Jun again: “Come here, come here!”

Yin Jun chased her from a young age, and came here with one move, leaning against the dog’s head and said: “What’s the matter? Sister Yang Yang!”

Zhu Yang smiled: “You just took this lady to my room?”

Maybe it’s because the prestige is too heavy, Yin Jun’s face flashed with guilty conscience, and he said in a guilty way, “No! Just take a look, don’t worry, if the guest room is enough, it must not be able to occupy your room.”

The girl after hearing his words became unhappy, and was about to threaten him with leaving, when she saw Zhu Yang smile happily.

As if hearing some funny joke, she touched Yin Jun’s dog’s head: “Oh! I haven’t seen you in a few months, you kid, you have a good sense of humor.”

“A pheasant also deserves to occupy my room. It makes sense, as if you insist I will agree.”

The girls and Yin Jun’s faces changed, and the girl screamed: “What are you talking about?”

Zhu Yang didn’t even look at her, and the smile on his face narrowed, and said to Yin Jun: “This chicken just entered my room and stepped on a few floors and touched those things. You can go up and give me the same thing. Change it, wipe it, don’t delay my sleep at night, okay?”

Yin Jun was afraid that she would be angry when she was young, and when she saw the smile on her face, her heart chuckles, and after hearing her words, she immediately started looking for a rag.

However, after a while, he didn’t know what kind of breath was instigating him, making him more and more courageous.

Looking up at Zhu Yang, he blamed: “Sister Yang Yang, I think you are different from your parents. I didn’t expect you to be so unreasonable. Can you not look at her with prejudice?”

“I know what you are thinking, but no one has made a mistake, I have identified her in my life. If you drive her away, I will—”

Before he finished speaking, Zhu Yang snapped his fingers and recruited a person from outside, the driver who drove them back.

Zhu Yang pointed to the girl and said, “Throw it out and just throw it on the national road. Remember not to use my car. I like that car. I don’t want to ride it anymore.”

“Hey, what are you doing?” The girl struggling to back up quickly, was picked up by the driver, and regardless of the outside eyes, she went straight to the outside of the village.

Yin Jun looked at Zhu Yang incredulously: “Sister Yang Yang, you–”

The cousin immediately scolded him: “Shut up, don’t blame her or me today. You didn’t stop your son. Instead, let her a young daughter be a bad person. I should get you out as soon as I arrive.”

Zhu Yang patted his cousin on the shoulder: “Don’t! Junjun is a good boy. He is just a fool at the moment. The child must teach him well, don’t be aggressive.”

She has just been so strong, but now everyone is confused. However, the parents of my children are all good, or the idea that they must be broken by outsiders is not difficult to understand.

Seeing that Zhu Yang had her own thoughts, the cousin had to let their peers communicate on their own, and the simple person had already been driven away, so let her slowly persuade her.

Zhu Yang waved to Yin Jun again and said with a smile: “Don’t be angry with me, come, come, come to sister.”

Yin Jun approached him with an expression that you would not end up without explaining to me.

But when he came over, the form turned sharply, Zhu Yang grabbed the other’s hair, banging on the table several times.

The relatives in the scared living room jumped up and saw Zhu Yang tugging back to each other’s head: “Oh! It’s pretty stubborn, let’s do it twice.”

Then came another bang! Then everyone actually saw a small point on Yin Jun’s forehead, like a thorn, very small, if they weren’t going to stop and hit someone, they wouldn’t notice it.

Zhu Yang grabbed the small thorn quickly and slammed it. The tip of the thorn was less than one centimeter above the tip. He did not expect to pull out a thorn that was several centimeters long from Yin Jun’s brain.

The thing was still moving, with an ominous black air on it, Zhu Yang threw the thing on the ground and smashed it with one foot.

Seeing such a long thing piercing from her son’s head, my cousin almost passed out on the spot.

The tears came down immediately, and he hurriedly helped Yin Jun who was dizzy: “Junjun, are you all right? Junjun?”

Looking back at Zhu Yang again: “Yang Yang, what’s the matter?”

Zhu Yang moved his foot away, picked up the fleshy thorn on the ground and handed it to his big cousin: “This is the culprit of this guy’s recent brain disability.”

At this moment, Yin Jun’s brain was a little dizzy when Zhu Yang hit, and he opened his eyes and saw his mother crying.

Startled: “Mom, what’s wrong with you? My dad is messing around behind you? Mom, don’t you scare me?”

The eldest cousin was looking solemn, he slapped his hand when he heard the words, but then thought that this guy had just pulled out such a thing in his mind, and he gritted his teeth and stopped abruptly.

Zhu Yang hugged his arms and said, “Don’t you cry, my son, whom I have raised for almost 20 years, suddenly got a hole in his brain and I cry.”

Yin Jun looked at Zhu Yang and saw his sister Yang Yang smiled at him.

The memory returned in an instant, and the experience of the past few months passed in a flash, and finally stayed at the moment he couldn’t help but the girl opened the room of Sister Yang Yang.

Yin Jun opened his mouth wide in horror, and ran upstairs immediately: “Sister Yang Yang, I will clean up the room for you.”

Zhu Yang grabbed her neck, and Yin Jun immediately shivered and burst into tears: “I, I don’t know what’s going on. I just like her at first sight, just let me give her my life. , I knew it was wrong, and a lot of things were vaguely wrong, but I couldn’t calmly think about it at all. As soon as I stroked my mind, it was all messed up, and everything became her again.

“But I don’t like this type of girl at all. After the wine tray, I didn’t even think about finding a girlfriend.”

“Wine tray?” The big cousin said loudly, and was slapped aside by his cousin: “When is it all, what are you doing?”

Then asked Yin Jun: “Jun Jun, then, what about you now?”

Yin Jun looked at his mother, tears flowed down immediately, his eyes were full of guilt: “Mom, I’m sorry, you are still looking for me under the ladder if you are so dissatisfied, if it’s not really shameful, you wouldn’t say Me, I still treat you like that.”

The cousin couldn’t stop crying when he saw that he finally returned to normal.

Fortunately, the people in the living room are all relatives of the dearest relatives. The second cousin also said, “Why is that handsome guy pretending to be evil? I’ll just say that I haven’t seen it for half a year. How can I do such a shameful thing? .”

The second cousin said: “Didn’t Yang Yang get that stuff out? Does Yang Yang know?”

Auntie also hugged Yin Jun and patted him on the back in fear. This guy felt ashamed when he came to the head.

He sniffed and asked, “By the way, Ah Xin didn’t come, right? Don’t let him know, he has to laugh at me forever.”

After speaking, Zhu Weixin walked in with a basket of green pepper and Lu Li: “It’s late! I know all about it.”

“I ran into Lao Zhang when I first came back, and I asked him what he said.”

Lao Zhang was the driver responsible for throwing the girl out, and Yin Jun’s entire face was emptied immediately, in a posture of unlovable man.

But the most important thing now is what the spur is, and the relatives in the family are very curious about Zhu Yang’s hand.

Zhu Yang took out Master Xie Yixie’s name and praised it so and so, and polished up the incident that his college classmates bumped into something dirty, saying that he had received help from his cousin and felt that things were different. I consulted the master, and checked it a little bit, and got the result.

The cousin repeatedly recites the Buddha, and said to Zhu Yang: “It’s expensive to find a master? How much? The sister-in-law will come back to you, and Junjun, do you want to look again?”

Zhu Yang smiled and said: “Naturally, this ghost thing is out, how it got on it, is it accidental or man-made? Why is it planted on the woman? These can’t be passed around in a silly way.”

“There is no reason to guard against thieves in a thousand days, right?”

The family’s complexion darkened. The cousin’s family are ordinary people, and they have no conflicts of interest with others, and they are all easy to get along with. Naturally, there is no feud. Who is so evil and vicious to harm them?

The big cousin said, “Why did you let the girl go just now? Just call the police–”

“The police can’t control here.” Zhu Yang said: “And if you don’t let her go, how can you catch the people behind?”

Zhu Yang comforted a house humanely: “Don’t worry, Lao Zhang knows what to do.”

Wasn’t it as simple as pushing people away? None of the family has experienced this kind of battle, although they are two rounds older than Zhu Yang, but this matter is really the backbone of her decision.

Zhu Yang drove the people away in order not to affect Auntie’s birthday tomorrow. People in their eighties are already in good health, but they are still a year or less.

I didn’t have to disturb the old man’s happiness for these sordid guys.

Yin Jun was hit hard by his turmoil over the past few months, and went upstairs to help Zhu Yang clean up the room and divert his attention.

Zhu Weixin has played with him since he was a child, and he didn’t see his lifeless idiot, so he took him to the mountains to play after cleaning the house.

After playing several pesticides together, I forgot everything. When I came back from dinner, I was three happy children with intellectual disabilities.

At dinner in the evening, Zhu Yang received a notice from the game.

She had anticipated this a long time ago. In reality, when encountering such an unexpected event, a game must be added, which is also a customary rule.

Just like Lin Qian’s radio before, and after going back to her hometown to have a mate, she had to participate in the game before reaching the original frequency.

It’s just that she didn’t expect to be so anxious this time.

When she returned to the room in the evening, she told Datou Lu about this: “Tsk! I didn’t bring Xiao Ji here.”

Lu Datou said: “If you don’t bring it, don’t bring it. It’s still small now, so I missed one or two games–”

Zhu Yang was silent for a while: “No, let’s take it. It was originally a resident of the game world, and no one knows where its opportunities are.”

Just like the family visit in the previous event, is it actually necessary to bring it? Is it unnecessary to abuse the dish? However, the result is that it has acquired an ability, so probability is really inaccurate.

What if this field is its opportunity?

Lu Xiuci also nodded, holding Zhu Yang and preparing to take out the skateboard hand.

The skateboard was bought from another game. The fastest speed can reach 600 per hour, which is faster than a sports car, but it is very difficult to control.

It’s just that Zhu Yang is fine now, but because she messes up her hair, she doesn’t normally use it.

Lu Xiu said with a smile: “Do you want to be an urban legend? It depends on me.”

Then he opened the closet door in the room, then reached out and took it inside, and then pulled out a yellow furry creature from it.

When the little yellow chicken was pulled out, the whole chicken was dumbfounded. The next second he saw that it was his parents, and he immediately smashed over.

Zhu Yang caught the chicken, but was curious about Lu Datou’s hand: “What’s this ability?”

The author has something to say:   Tweet Jiyou’s article: “Every time in reincarnation is at the scene of the murder”-Ruo Qi

Copywriting: The more I know the secrets of this world, she should be regarded as an NPC in a decryption game. It will format and reincarnate every seven days. It is a pity that she has its own virus 🙂


Player 1: “White Rose” was stuck in the district server for a month, but was actually broken by a newcomer named Yue Mao?

Player 2: “Escape from the orphanage” is also stuck in our district service for a month! The one who broke the game is still Yue Mi!

Player 3: I suspect that Yue Miao is GM’s trumpet, and Gao Wan’s team game “Terror Live” with newcomers was also solved by him! ! !


Yue Miao: Taking the first place in the player makes me happy 🙂

Su Shuang happy suspense text~


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