Scream Queen Chapter 106

Zhu Yang was stunned by his convenient ability: “Do you still have this ability?”

She rubbed the fat **** of the little yellow chicken and looked at Lu Datou and said, “If you didn’t say it earlier? Then we go out to play and still need to toss on the road?”

Lu Xiuci smiled: “In addition to the game, there are real encounters. In reality, it is better to use less ability.”

“Convenience is convenience, but once it has any impact on reality and the game’s regulation mechanism is running, I don’t know what will happen.”

Of course, Zhu Yang knows that the game has a major premise of not interfering with reality as much as possible. This does not allow players to have such a relaxed reality grouping and transfer information to each other, as well as specifically limiting the player’s ability to see the opponent’s stubbornness. .

The number of players is not small, the quality is uneven, and the three views of character and character are not unified. It is often easy for ordinary people to get power suddenly, and it is easy to cause trouble.

Aside from other things, let’s take the example of a gold-fishing player. The kind of people who possess the power that is extremely difficult for ordinary people can count on them to suppress their ambitions in reality?

Even if the game limits the player’s actual power limit, gold-fishing players often pull into the game through their accomplices. The group is naturally easier than ordinary people. There are a few more such people, and they can turn upside down everywhere.

But so far in reality, there have not been too shocking related events and legends. It is nothing more than that the game has made a sweeping approach to certain behaviors that are exposed to ordinary people and are too shocking.

Like big guys such as Xie Yi, all day long under the guise of a master, he takes on small jobs. People who believe in it are naturally rushing, but most people hear this reputation or subconsciously associate themselves with liars.

It’s nothing more than that this limit is within the scope of the game, which belongs to the category of ordinary people who have seen free heart proof.

But if you are too brazen and frequently perform behaviors that affect reality, the game will naturally take measures, and the cancellation of the number is still muted or the brain is disabled.

Of course, these are all metaphors. For example, Zhu Yang listened to Quhe and saw a player he personally saw, in reality, using his ability to engage competitors to profit for the family.

In principle, it’s okay to have a small fight, after all, one’s own ability can be regarded as born and desperate in the game, and is part of one’s own strength.

But the appetite is too big and it is too damaging, even if the law can’t grasp the handle and can’t punish you, the game can gank you.

That player was directly wiped out of the lucky value of the business category by the game. From then on, it is good for him not to intervene in the family’s business. Once he intervenes in the family’s business, he will be unlucky for various reasons.

It didn’t take long for the huge industry to fall into his hands, and he no longer dared to act unscrupulously in reality as a player.

Like Zhu Yang, who brought animals back to raise, it can be seen that the game is right for her, but she is also interested in it. It is convenient for everyone to not trouble the game.

Otherwise, with her current strength, as well as the random purchase of the baby, just pick it up and help her dad increase the fortune several times or ten times, it is really not a big problem.

Since the premise of the game is here, in reality, don’t rely too much on your ability. If you rely on it smoothly, there will always be troubles. When she entered the game, Zhu Weixin was hit by Zhu Weixin.

The nature of the dog game is different from another game. Players are not brutally locked in a self-contained space and live a dark life.

Together with your parents, relatives, friends and lovers, you can change your status quo within a limited range and make important people live better.

In a sense, among many games, dog games are really the gentlest, so smart people know how to do things.

Thinking of this, I don’t know if it was because of the game that was about to enter the game, Zhu Yang actually felt the other party exuding a sense of pride.

She was a little speechless, seeing that the time was approaching, she stuffed the little yellow chicken into the spirit beast bag and sat on the bed to get into the game.

After the redemption window opened, Zhu Yang knew that this time was not a supernatural world, and there were no supernatural props in the merchandise.

But there are not many other props, only a few are sparse.

One is a gift pack of compressed biscuits and solid water, which can last a week according to the instructions. The other is a pet tag, leather collar, a metal tag on the front, and a number on it.

The last one is a card, a bit like a one-time subway ticket.

These three commodities seem to be irrelevant. At first I saw compressed biscuits and Shui Zhuyang and thought it was a jungle or a desert. Otherwise, it was an apocalyptic copy, but there was a ticket at the back, which seemed to be the place to go. It’s not like the collapse of civilization.

The compressed biscuits and solid water packs are okay, the price is relatively cheap, but the collars and tickets are staggeringly expensive.

Zhu Yang is a local tyrant and didn’t even want to buy it all. However, the more the props after the game, the more limited the role of urine, the average person would be really reluctant to bear it.

After all, it is not the first time that the game exchange window has gotten some inexplicable things to kill people. She hasn’t used up the mess of things she bought last time in the Fujiang dungeon.

After the exchange, Zhu Yang immediately felt the familiar feeling of always coming.

In the next second she felt herself appearing in a bumpy space, like a truck driving on a rural road.

Opening her eyes, as expected, she was sitting in a large truck with several other players around, but they were not the only ones in the truck.

In addition to the four players, there were more than a dozen people around, all of them dressed in simple white covers.

Yes, you can’t call clothes. It’s just a white cover. Everyone wears a collar around their neck with a numbered card.

The style is similar to the one in the game exchange window just now, but the material is much simpler and the color is different.

To use an analogy, what Zhu Yang just bought was like an identity card for a domestic pet, but now he is wearing a coded card from a farm.

Looking at the expressions of the people around, one by one, they were terrified and weak, and they were inferior to the prisoners who were about to be transported to the prison.

The carriage of this truck is also very large. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that they were not in the carriage at all, and the iron fence behind it was not because the model was too crude.

The place where they are is clearly a big iron cage, because besides them, there are some fertilizers, kitchen utensils, vegetables and other sundries on the car.

On this farm-rich car, as humans, they appeared here in such a situation, which really makes people unable to think of good things.

In addition, the four players, including Zhu Yang, all had their faces sinking, especially Zhu Yang, who was about to be blown up by the ghostly appearance of himself.

In the prison before, at any rate, the prison uniform was not bad, the size was also good, and it was quite fresh to wear. It was great for taking pictures of prisoners.

But what the **** are you wearing now? A dirty cover? Zhu Yang bet she smelled a strange smell on it.

Not dare to delve into what it was, she pushed away the two people who were close to her: “Stay away from me, it smells!”

A chubby player was pushed aside by her, and was about to get angry. Seeing that she was beautiful, she was able to endure it, but a female player who stood opposite poked her lips impatiently: “Smelly? You call yourself, right? ?”

This is still true, don’t dislike anyone.

At the same time, game missions began to be released.

This time it is still a simple survival task, requiring one month to survive in this world.

But in the intermediate field, where is the task simple? The simpler the task, the worse their situation.

Even last time in the deep-sea prison with limited abilities, there was still a text trap mission, which was a sinister intention.

Before a few people finished their thoughts, the car stopped and the door on the driver’s seat opened.

Players are also secretly guarded, even ready to attack at any time.

Being able to pull people as goods like this shows that it is not a good product. If the situation is not right, it is a natural response to start first to fight for the initiative.

With a “bang”, the driver’s door was roughly closed, and the “person” finally revealed the true face of Lushan.

Several players were a little confused the moment they saw it, where is this Nima? It is clearly a rabbit.

A rabbit that is three meters tall and three or four times the size of an average person.

Unlike the mutant rabbit that Zhu Yang encountered in the primitive jungle, this rabbit is no different from humans except for its appearance, expression, clothing, and behavior. It is obviously an intelligent creature.

It spit on the ground with a mouthful of smoke, and the people who looked at the cage were a little unhappy—

“Bah! I bought so many and didn’t do one for nothing. Old John is getting more and more stingy.” As he said, he knocked on the fence of the cage with the pipe in his hand. The pipe was as thick as a metal water pipe. ring.

The dozen or so non-player humans shuddered even more with fear.

But Zhu Yang’s attention was on the other side talking. The fat player who was just pushed away by Zhu Yang pointed to the other side and said: “I heard it right just now, did it speak?”

The hand stretched out, and another male player on the side shot him down, waiting for him [Are you crazy? What to say? 】

Another female player stared at the fat man, unexpectedly the rabbit didn’t care about what they said, as if she didn’t understand the meaning of their language.

On the contrary, he said happily: “Oh~, these two have good spirits. Try to see if they can be bred.”

Then he opened the cage, fished out the fat man, and lifted his cover to look at his gender: “Well! Male, strong and energetic, not bad.”

Those people didn’t know what was going on, they didn’t even run out when the cage was opened, just like a beast that has been successfully domesticated.

But the players are different. Another male player bears the brunt, and he rushes out at the door that has already been opened, followed by the female player.

Then Zhu Yang, who acted neatly and simply, did not act rashly this time. He just looked at the plants, farmland, and houses in the distance, frowning more and more.

Sure enough, as soon as the male player got out of the cage, he was grabbed by the rabbit in the palm of his hand and put it back into the cage: “You can’t run around. They are all high-priced goods. I can count on you this year.”

Then the fat man was also thrown back, but he was “checked” by the rabbit just now, just like checking the gender of a cat and dog, the whole person was still in a trance.

But what shocked the player even more was the strength and speed of the rabbit. To be honest, although it was so big, the player didn’t take it too seriously at the beginning.

Players in the intermediate field, even if they are not known for their strength, their arm strength is calculated in tons, but the rabbit easily caught a male player like a chicken.

In other words, based on the average level of physique, players do not have the advantage here by pure strength.

Sure enough, the rabbit once again showed everyone its superiority. Such a large and thick iron cage was already heavy enough in itself, and it contained nearly twenty people.

It moved the cage and got out of the car. Although the process was a bit laborious, it could do it with a rabbit.

Even Zhu Yang didn’t dare to say that he was better than this rabbit in strength alone, which made the players more shocked.

The rabbit was busy alive, and two adult male rabbits came over and greeted him: “Hey! Martin, do you want to help?”

“Yes!” The rabbit called Martin greeted them quickly.

The cage is too big for Martin alone, and it is too heavy to move, but if two people later, the inside becomes relaxed.

The three rabbits unloaded the cage and moved it back to the warehouse while chatting with the sky. Several players were squeezed around by three smelly rabbits, and Zhu Yang was suffocated again.

But the rabbits here are obviously not simple, because when the two rabbits were helping, they took the opportunity to reach in, and one of them stole a thin person and stuffed it into his long-mouthed bib.

The thin man was weak and didn’t speak, so Martin Rabbit didn’t notice it for a while.

There was a claw who wanted to catch Zhu Yang at first, but because she was so flexible and fast, the other party had to change the target.

The fat man came back to his senses right now, and said to the three players: “Did that guy just say to breed me?”

Another female player patted him on the shoulder: “Oh! It’s shameful, but don’t count on being a beast——”

Before I finished speaking, I heard the fat man excitedly say: “That means I won’t be in danger for a short time, right? You can also make a girl. Why is this game so friendly to me?”

Female player: “…”

Is it too late to cut this fat pig now? Then Zhu Yang smiled coldly and said: “Yes, except for the female creatures whose mating/mating rights are not in their own hands, which female can see you?”

He said to the female player again: “The reality is too hopeless, and I don’t blame people for being excited at this time. In addition to the cross-species aesthetic, I guess he also knows what he is like. Don’t expose it, let him be more proud of it for a while.”

After hearing this, the female player just felt that this woman was hypocritical, but the impression was much better now.

Fatty: “…”

Are all the sisters so sharp these days? Also, those who are really soft generally can’t make this step.

The cage was put down during the conversation. It was a warehouse with various tools and agricultural and sideline products.

Rabbit Martin handed the two helping rabbits a cigarette and a carrot.

The two rabbits greeted him gnawing carrots, and then left with their pockets.

At this time, a female rabbit with an apron walked in: “Come back!”

Martin waved his hand and said happily: “Look at the 20 vegetable beasts I grabbed. It’s just the Chinese New Year when they are raised.”

The female rabbit is slightly fatter than Martin. According to human aesthetics, she is a fat peasant woman with a fat face. She has a critical and mean look in her eyes and stared at the cage for a long time.

He slapped Martin and slapped Martin: “Idiot, you have been cheated. There are obviously only eighteen.”

“What? Impossible, I counted four times!” Martin covered his face and hurriedly counted on the cage.

Sure enough, there were only 18, and he gritted his teeth: “It must be the two guys just now.”

“Bob and Owen?” The female rabbit said: “I said they were sneaky when they left, you idiot, just call me, why do you need them to help?”

“Now they don’t know where they went. When they come back, they don’t know if they are still there.”

“You are really useless, nothing can be done.”

Rabbit Martin was scolded by his wife. Because the rabbit family has many children, he has no worries about unloading.

Their eldest son, who was also an adult rabbit, unloaded the goods and asked, “What about such a vegetable beast?”

Martin’s old man didn’t even think about it and said: “First put it in the yard to feed, and run more, all of them are not energetic.”

There are several rabbits more than one meter high, which seem to be infants, surrounded by female rabbits, entangled to eat vegetable meat.

The mother rabbit couldn’t bear the child’s entanglement, and finally agreed to stew one tonight.

The faces of several players changed when they heard it. They thought they had just been bought back and would have to raise them for a few days. There should be no life worry for the time being, but obviously the situation is not so leisurely.

Especially the fat guy, who just thought about being a stallion, now his whole person is almost in a corner.

Without him, this guy is very fat and conspicuous in a caged man. A few rascals have reached out and poked at him a little bit: “Mom, mom! Eat him, he has the most meat.”

“My meat is sour and not tasty.” The fat man screamed.

This brisk response made the female rabbit reluctant: “Forget it, this animal is so energetic and strong, keep the breeding.”

The two brains came back together surprisingly.

Catching the mother rabbit, opening the cage, and picking out a skinny-looking dumb guy, he insisted that it was dinner under the dissatisfaction of the children. Don’t eat any more.

He also instructed the older children to drive the vegetable beast into the yard.

There are more than 30 rabbits in this room, big and small, combined with the strength of Martin Rabbit, there are also several sons and daughters who are not much different from his physique. A few players really can’t guarantee that they will be able to kill in one fell swoop. escape.

So he was obediently kicked out of the warehouse and into the yard.

When I was just carried back by a few rabbits, my vision was blocked. Only then did I see the whole farm.

The land here is sparsely populated, and crops are planted everywhere. It may be because of the size of the residents. The crops are also large, not as large as the mutant species of the previous jungle, but they are also twice the size of the common real world.

Golden corn, thick and plump green peppers, bright red tomatoes, and leafy carrots and potatoes.

The fruits and flowers are also big, and the whole farm is a rich and fulfilling scene. If you want to come to such a place for a holiday, Zhu Yang may be really happy.

But now it is regarded as a domestic animal and a reserve animal, which makes people totally unhappy.

Except for the four players, the excitement surrounding them and their group was numb and cowardly. Only then did Zhu Yang think about it, as if they hadn’t heard these people say anything in the beginning.

Could they not speak at all?

Zhu Yang tried to poke a woman next to him: “Hey! Where are you from?”

The woman glanced at her blankly, obviously unable to understand the meaning of the language.

Several players were silent after watching them, and their hearts felt uncomfortable.

The other party is the same species as himself, but he doesn’t even have basic human thinking and language skills.

Also, human beings are originally social animals. If they were thrown into the forest from the very beginning to live with animals, they would be more animalistic than human.

In the same way, the people here are just like the chickens hatched uniformly on the production line, and from the rabbits they can’t understand human words, it can be seen that the reason why the players can understand animal language is also the game adjustment.

How can a domesticated species really understand its situation and react?

It’s like domestic chickens, ducks, geese and rabbits, but the position here is upside down.

On the outside, they are similar to themselves, but on the inside, they really don’t know how to treat this group of people.

The full picture of this world has not been revealed to the players, but there is no doubt that this is a world where humans are not at the top of the biological chain.

Don’t talk about the top, this is the end, because soon Zhu Yang and the others saw a lot of bears and children in the yard, chickens, ducks, dogs, rabbits, sheep and foxes really have everything.

A group of bear children made a fuss about looking at the newly-purchased vegetable beast, and they discovered that the size of the rabbit family is only medium here.

Dogs and foxes also have goats. They are bigger, and they are converted into bear children, who are estimated to be only five or six years old.

The female player looked at the surrounding animal hills and swallowed: “This, is it crazy animal city?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Don’t be funny, the creatures in Rabbit Nest Town are much cuter than this.”

At least they don’t eat people.

The fat man slapped his lips and said, “Are we grateful that the game has left us the last bit of face? At least as a two-legged beast, there is a sheet. According to the real setting, where does the poultry wear clothes?”

After I finished speaking, I felt a chill of murderous aura coming from the side. Turning around, I was almost shocked by Zhu Yang’s expression.

She looked at the fat man with a smile and said, “What did you say?”

The fat man shook his head quickly: “Sisters, it’s not me, I said games.”

Huh? Game! Zhu Yang thought gloomily in his heart, and then felt an atmosphere of guilty conscience.

Then in the next second, the player received a notice in his mind that the mission conditions were increased, saying that the players in this game are not allowed to form a team, and the accounting standard for the clearance evaluation depends on who has the best life under the premise of survival.

The other three players didn’t know why they suddenly added this one, but the fat man said: “How can I have the intuition that I suddenly lost a hundred million?”

And how did the sound of the game broadcast to him in my mind just now seemed to be gritted?

At this time, the mother rabbit brought out a big bucket of cooked potatoes, which seemed to be food for them.

Then a few people saw the female rabbit pouring a bucket of potatoes into a dirty trough and knocking at the trough.

Like a conditioned reflex, the dozen or so people rushed forward happily, lying on the side of the slot and began to gobble up.

The four Zhu Yang stood there ignorantly, feeling uncomfortable in his heart.

The key is that a group of bear children surrounded them, and when they saw four of them not eating, one by one was naive and said: “Why don’t they eat? Are they sick?”

A dog kid grabbed a handful of potatoes from the trough, took the fat man, and stuffed it into his mouth.

The fat man didn’t react for a while because he was too shocked, and his face was muddled by the mashed potatoes, which immediately made him sick enough.

He subconsciously counterattacked. The strength of an adult animal looks hard to shake in a player like him who is not known for his strength, but a child is relatively simple.

What’s more, in addition to power, these animals have primitive biological specialties, such as rabbits’ speed, but they have to talk about fighting skills.

Those who can get here can be said to have rich experience anyway.

The fat man grabbed the dog boy’s paws, clamped his legs flexibly, and then pressed down with inertia, and suddenly lifted the dog boy into the trough.

The surrounding bear children laughed, and the dog boy got angry when he pulled his head out of the trough, and rushed to kick the fat man.

The fat man hurriedly hid flexibly, raised his head and twisted his heart.

This game is not unreasonable for them to have a high level of danger. They looked at the stupid dog child just now, his face suddenly became cruel, grinning at him with sharp teeth, saliva dripping down his mouth, Exudes a stench.

In that way, it looked like a combination of a rabid dog and a cruel bear kid who randomly shredded dragonfly wings.

But what the other party is doing now is like a little animal that upsets itself and is about to kick to death.

It seems that even children here can’t be careless.

The dog boy rushed over with a low growl, so fast that the fat man was hiding a little reluctantly.

As far as the fat body is concerned, it is rare among intermediate players. The stronger the body, the better the metabolism. After the body is strengthened to a certain extent, most players actually look good in shape.

The fat on this fat man’s body is so firm/strong, his natural agility is somewhat limited, but even so, it is as fast as lightning in the eyes of ordinary people.

But here a dog boy chased him in a panic.

The surrounding animals, bears, and children naturally watched the excitement. Seeing that the fat man is gradually overdrawn, one of them is forced to bite his neck when he is pressed down by the dog.

At the peak of his hair, Zhu Yang showed a small knife in his hand, but before he could throw it out, he heard an angry roar from behind: “Abel, what are you doing?”

“If you dare to mouth, I will kick your ass.”

Only then did the dog boy stop his mouth, glared at the fat man who had survived the catastrophe, and took his little partner out of the yard in angrily.

The other bears and children also scattered under the chase of the mother rabbit.

The mother rabbit also taught her children: “Why let Abel bully the vegetable beast? Don’t you want new toys for the New Year?”

A few little rabbits said: “Abel is very fierce, fighting fiercely, and his father, every time he loses a fight, his father will help him bully it back.”

The mother rabbit cursed: “Doug shamelessly, also embarrassed to bully the children.”

He said to a few rabbits: “Mom goes to work in the fields, you have to watch the beasts at home, don’t let them run out of the yard and get lost.”

“it is good–”

Several players looked at each other and realized that this was a chance to escape.

The bears and children are gone, and the adults of the rabbit family are about to go out to work. There are few little rabbits in the yard.

It’s just that you have to look at the route first, and it’s better to grab a car.

The mother rabbit carried a **** and went out, and a few little rabbits also played with flip flops in the yard.

Zhu Yang observed the terrain, crossing the cornfield and there was a road, about seven or eight hundred meters away from the yard where they were, and she could escape instantly at her speed.


She looked back at the people who were napping in the yard after eating the potatoes. They might have eaten their stomachs. By now they were no longer so upset, and they were also very worried.

Zhu Yang felt that this was the biggest problem for her at the beginning of the game. She didn’t want to take it as a burden, not to mention that she couldn’t be sure that these were really her own kind.

But when she thought that one person would be cooked and served to the dinner table at night, she couldn’t really cross this hurdle.

But what about after rescue? Can these people survive independently? Whether there is a rescue organization for mankind in this world, before you know the whole picture of the world, it is difficult to do anything.

After struggling for a long time, Zhu Yang finally closed his eyes: “I’m going to the kitchen.”

The other three understood her meaning, they were a little silent, and after a long time they said: “You can think about it, there are so many people, and they don’t even understand the words.”

Biologically, although they are similar, they are already animals in nature.

Zhu Yang exhaled, “It doesn’t matter, I have to make myself happy anyway.”

Otherwise, when she ran out today, no matter how high the task was completed, she was always stabbed in her heart thinking about it.

After all, she was for someone who could do anything for her own pleasure, and leaving so embarrassed was really not in line with her style.

The three players are naturally not easy to stop her, this kind of thing is originally a dilemma, and most people can’t be strong.

The three of them took cover, and Zhu Yang quickly got into the kitchen, marveling at her speed. The three players were also amazed at her speed. The rabbits who were good at speed were actually unaware.

Zhu Yang touched into the kitchen and quickly found someone. Fortunately, he hadn’t killed him yet. He was being put in a small cage and was not fed. He only put a basin of clean water, which was supposed to clear his stomach.

Zhu Yang took out the zoom laser pointer and took a picture of the person, shrinking him to the size of a chicken.

He pulled it out and threw it into the beast bag. At first, the little yellow chicken thought that his mother had thrown snacks in, but only found that it was a person in his mouth. He spit out again, making the person shiver with fright.

Zhu Yang didn’t know what was in the spirit beast’s bag, but she came out of the kitchen, and the three players saw her empty-handed. It was inevitable that she was a little sad: “Where is the person? Has it been killed?”

When Zhu Yang was about to answer, he felt that the ground was shaking a little, and when he turned his head, he saw an adult dogman stomping forward aggressively.

This guy is four meters tall and much stronger than the rabbit Martin. The pestle here is like a big mountain.

A few rabbits in the yard shivered when they saw it. The dog that almost killed the fat man just got out from behind the adult and smiled maliciously at them: “Hey! I want you to look good today.”

This dog must be the Doug that the mother rabbit just mentioned. He is not ashamed to care about children when he grows up as a ‘human’.

When I walked to a few rabbits, I grabbed one of them by the ear and picked it up: “Where are your parents?”

“Next, go down to work.” The rabbit shivered.

“Working? But I heard that my son was bullied.”

“He did it first. It wants to kill the vegetable beast, but it needs to be raised for money.”

“Huh? Raise?” Doug threw away the rabbit: “Bull my son and want to make money from the beast?”

Then he turned his head and said to his son: “Which one just bullied you? Go up and kill you.”

The dog boy excitedly pointed to the fat man and said, “It’s this one, I remember it, it’s the fattest.”

Fatty: “…”

Seeing the dog boy rushing over to himself, the fat man prepared a precautionary posture. Now the most important thing to watch out for is the parent. The rabbit Martin’s power is already above the average of their players. The size of this dog is really not optimistic. .

Zhu Yang and the three of them also looked at the father and son vigilantly. Zhu Yang didn’t take the children seriously, but instead focused on the parents. To be honest, she should have no problem facing this guy with the help of her ability, but she liked the real Through a sturdy adult animal, make a concrete assessment of the most creatures in this world.

At this time, a person stood up swayingly, one of the people who was full and was basking in the sun. He was dizzy and wanted to find a shade, but he bumped into Doug’s leg.

Without even thinking about it, Doug kicked the opponent away with one kick. It happened so suddenly that even Zhu Yang was staring at its exposed arm to evaluate where to start, but he didn’t react.

After the person landed, he spit out a mouthful of blood, silent.

These people are already weaker than ordinary people, so naturally they cannot stand the blow of the weird animals here.

Zhu Yang’s four people were all dumbfounded. They never expected that there were so many of them, but they were just like this–

I still haven’t changed my mind, I’m still too self-righteous. I know that I treat these guys intellectually. I’m just a bunch of chicks. If you are upset, you can step on it to vent your anger.

But the arrogance of being a human will always subconsciously avoid some possibilities, but people just kick it.

The faces of a few people turned dark, and the rabbits cried distressed when they saw a vegetable beast died, but Doug laughed triumphantly there.

To his son: “Wait? See if you have not, the one who bullied you must come back like this.”

The dog boy admired: “I see, Dad!”

After saying that he was about to re-focus on the fat vegetable beast that embarrassed him, and the next second, the dog boy who had not had time to look away was full of panic.

Because it saw its father laugh, his expression suddenly freezes, and then the whole head fell off his body, and a neat cut appeared on his neck.

The blood fountain shot out, and at the same time there was the figure of a vegetable beast.

She was holding a long knife in her hand and her expression was cold: “If you are bullied, you will be bullied back, eh! I have been taught.”

The three players stared at her in a daze, using abilities is nothing more than physical fitness and knife-handling skills can make that kind of scary creature invincible?

However, before it was too late, several children in the yard had already screamed.

Zhu Yang winked, the three immediately dispersed and knocked out the children, and then under Zhu Yang’s order they collected suitable clothes from the yard and quickly changed them on.

Taking advantage of this time, Zhu Yang shrank all the people in the yard and threw them into the spirit beast bag. The three of them realized that she had such a convenient ability. Then, these people would only have the placement problem difficult to solve.

In order not to attract the attention of others with the screams just now, several people moved quickly and packed everything up and ran out of the cornfield in less than five minutes.

I just saw a car outside. The two rabbits behind the car were eating barbecue with beer. The hearts of the few people were cold. They were relieved after a closer look. Fortunately, they were not human flesh.

Zhu Yang attacked the two people from behind and stunned them. Then they found the car keys from their pockets. When they got into the car, they found that they had been stolen. The two were actually **** and thrown in the dirty back seat, probably not for eating. It was to sell it for money.

As usual, he put people into the bag of spirit beasts. After a few people got on the car, Zhu Yang stepped on the accelerator and rushed out.

Occasionally an animal farmer carrying a **** glanced at the car’s speeding by on the road, and said blankly to the person next to him: “Did a vegetable beast drive just now?”

The person next to him laughed and dazzled: “The vegetable beast is driving? Hahaha…, are you fooled by the online video?”

At this time, I heard a scream from the courtyard of Martin’s house not far from the road.

The surrounding animals gathered and saw that Doug, the most promiscuous but fierce fighting man in the village, had his head cut off by Qi Gen, and several children in the yard fainted to the ground.

A murder case kicked off, and the rabbit Martin family came back and immediately called the police.

It’s just that a few children woke up dizzy and heard their mother say: “Are you the police? There was a murder in my house, and animals sneaked into my yard, killed Doug, knocked out the children, and stole it. More than a dozen vegetable beasts, yes, thieves kill people.”

Speaking of this, I felt that my sleeve was pulled, and the mother rabbit lowered her head. She saw the little rabbit in horror and said, “No, it’s not an animal, it’s the vegetable beast, it’s the vegetable beast that killed Doug.”

The surrounding animals felt that the children were frightened and stupefied when they heard it, but when the children woke up one by one, all the people realized the strangeness of the matter.

At this time, Zhu Yang had already drove to the railway station dozens of kilometers away.

Looking at the map of the station, they knew that this car could go directly to the city.

The countryside must not be able to stay. By substituting yourself into the ownerless chickens and ducks, you can know how you are in front of the farmers.

“But it’s not always better to go to town? Just grab it from a restaurant, we are just a steaming dish.”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “After all, can’t you form a team in this game? You ask for more blessings.”

The female player sneered and said: “Cut! Are you the same?”

Zhu Yang said: “Of course I am different, I have a thigh hug.”

Then she picked out a chicken out of thin air-not the kind of chicken that took out a female gangster who was bigger than you, but a real little yellow chicken.

Even though the little yellow chicken was a chicken, it was almost two meters tall, and it didn’t seem to be incompatible with this world at first glance.

Zhu Yang handed the one-time ticket to the little yellow chicken and patted his belly: “Boy, it’s up to you whether mom can eat and drink spicy food these days.”

“叽!” The little yellow chicken patted his chest, as if the opportunity for performance had finally come.

Zhu Yang glanced at the three of them and smiled: “Goodbye then!”

As a result, he turned around and was hugged tightly by the thighs of the three people——

“Boss, please bring it!”

“Not much demand, at least take us to the city?”

“I am applying for a pet quota for your cub, please take me away.”

It’s a few hundred kilometers away from the city. It’s dangerous for them to just walk there. They just drove. What if they encounter a toll gate in the middle? No matter how you look at it, Zhu Yang is the safest here.

Zhu Yang smiled and took out a bigger and smaller pen: “It’s not bad for the sake of breaking through the level at the same time. It’s just that the goal of the three is too big, do you mind making it smaller?”

The author has something to say:    tweet my friend Yu Li’s article, which I have been chasing every day.

“Is it swollen to wear a rich and abandoned woman? 》

Copywriter: The firm Lu woke up and wore a book. She became a wealthy wife. She was the N number female partner used to set off the heroine.

Her life assistant ran up in a panic and shouted: “My wife is not good, I heard that your husband is going to get a divorce. You signed a prenuptial agreement before getting married, and the alimony is only a few hundred million!”

The former ordinary citizen firm was overjoyed: I sign, I will sign immediately! Whoever stops me today is just having trouble with someone with me!

assistant Manager:……

This word reached Lin Heng’s ears:…something seems to be wrong.

A few days later, Lin Heng went to entertaining parties and entered the wrong room. He saw his beautiful wife spending time in the club. The young model in the club was stuffing banknotes into the waist of a half-naked macho, not having too much fun.

President Lin at work:…………

Lin Heng: …something is really wrong.

Very good, you succeeded in getting my attention! !

Reading guide-involving a small number of American entertainment dramas, not knowing it will not affect reading.


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