Scream Queen Chapter 107

The three players listened to Zhu Yang’s proposal, and their faces were a little exciting, but they had to compromise.

The size of humans in this world is similar to the comparison between humans and chickens and ducks in reality. Four people get together at the same time or the goal is too big.

Of course, it’s okay not to enter the beast bag, just bring poultry or pets into the car, and of course they will be restricted or controlled. Is it possible to let them all be **** with a rope to prevent random running?

This is too dignified, so it’s better to get in and take a rest.

Zhu Yang also took some game consoles and tablet novels to pass the time, and snacks were also provided.

The three were flattered, Zhu Yang said: “500 points for one person!”

“A charge?” The three almost jumped up.

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: “Hey! Team formation is forbidden in this game, and we compare survival conditions as the evaluation criteria for customs clearance. Strictly speaking, we are still competitors. Just the money for this ticket, you saw it at the redemption window? ”

“Is it possible that I will bear these expenses alone? Isn’t it such a good thing?”

Also, this statement left the three of them speechless.

Five hundred points is not much for a midfielder, but if it is a small number, not everyone is as extravagant as Zhu Yang.

Just going to the city, it made them a little hesitant, but after thinking about it, they stretched their necks and got slaughtered.

Action in the wild is too dangerous. Any farmer who encounters them may catch them back and eat them, not to mention that they run out of their lives.

According to the infrastructure and technological level seen along the way, this place is at least equal to the real world, and the rabbits over there must have already called the police.

Zhu Yang received more than one thousand points, and only then satisfactorily concluded the PY transaction. Not to mention anything else, at least the cost of the things bought at the exchange window was recovered.

Sometimes she can be generous enough to give away points for nothing, and sometimes she will not eat anything like this. Whether she is generous or not depends on the conditions and mood at the time.

After reducing the three of them, Zhu Yang took out a set of clothes and put on the little yellow chicken in the toilet.

She collected this from the clothes rail of the rabbit family. The adults of them can only wear clothes of a few years old at most, and they are also very fat.

But the chicken can wear their older son, but the size of the chicken and the rabbit are a little different. In some places, it is too loose in some places, which makes the little yellow chicken very uncomfortable.

“Mom! It’s tight here.” The little yellow chicken tugged at the creak.

“Where? Let me take a look!” Zhu Yang hung its straps and looked at it, and saw that the creaking nest was too tight, so he simply tore a small piece underneath, which made it a lot easier.

After tearing it up, Zhu Yang froze and raised his head in shock: “You can talk, boy?”

After speaking, I realized that it was not the little yellow chicken who could speak, but the dungeon feature of this world, which temporarily eliminated the language barrier between their players and animals, although it was only one-way.

But being able to understand the language of the little yellow chicken is amazing. Although there is no obstacle to communication, it seems to understand the words of adults.

Its grandpa sings and it still praises it, and when Lu Datou teaches it fighting skills, how could it be possible for non-intelligent creatures to understand the essentials?

But suddenly hearing it speak like this, there is still a sense of excitement that my cub can finally make my mother.

Zhu Yang happily said: “Call again.”

“Mom! Mom! Mom, mom, mom!” The little yellow chicken was also very excited, flapping her wings and circled Zhu Yang.

The mother and son were silly and happy, the toilet door suddenly didn’t open, and a sheep in the uniform of the conductor walked in.

Seeing the little yellow chicken, he squatted down and cordially said: “My kid, the train is about to leave, where is your mother?”

The little yellow chicken came out of the spirit beast bag. He still didn’t understand the setting of this world. Hearing the other person’s question, he pointed at Zhu Yang excitedly: “Mom!”

The conductor looked at the skinny vegetable beast on the side, and he looked at the little yellow chicken with more sympathy.

It was the first time in his life that Zhu Yang had become an unhandled existence in the eyes of others, and he was immediately unhappy.

But it was not a good time to make trouble, so he pulled the little yellow chicken out of the toilet.

I found the car shown on the ticket and got on the car. It was actually a first-class ticket.

The fox girl with a lordosis and back curl checked the ticket for the little yellow chicken and took it to the exclusive carriage.

The appearance of the little yellow chicken in this world is estimated to be equivalent to a human child of about five years old. After confirming that there is no parent to travel with, the train attendant took special care of it.

Their truncated first-class carriage has only four seats, with advanced and high-end facilities, large retractable reclining chairs, large-screen TVs in each position, and free snacks and fruit drinks.

It did a little bit to avoid the bumps in the road, which made Zhu Yang somehow satisfied.

However, she was satisfied that there were animals in the carriage. She was dissatisfied with the animals. A sow with a child called the conductor. She was dissatisfied with Zhu Yang, who was eating fruit, and said, “Why can first-class cabins bring poultry? These poultry are the easiest to spread diseases, what should we do if they infect our babies?”

The grapes in Zhu Yang’s hand fell at that time, and he looked up at the sow.

It seems that he is from a wealthy family, otherwise he would not be able to sit in the first-class carriage, and he was wearing a bright dress and a pearl necklace and earrings.

He was holding Piggy in a diaper in his arms, and his eyes were full of disgust and meanness.

Suddenly, Zhu Yang wanted to eat roast pork. The quality of the meat had to be that of a fine sow, with thin skin and tender meat. It was fat but not greasy in one bite, tender and juicy.

With this thought in my heart, the look in my eyes was a little scary.

The sow was arrogantly ignoring the conductor’s explanation and arguing wildly. As a result, the eyes of the vegetable beast were suddenly numb behind her back.

Just like being stared at by a poisonous snake, the child in his arms was scared and cried at the time, and he quickly coaxed the child, and felt that he was thinking too much.

That kind of lean vegetable beast can be pinched to death with one hand, without defensive claws and teeth, and no natural toxins, how could it be scared by the vegetable beast?

The sow became so angry that she heard the chicken kid say: “My mother said, this year of swine fever, you must never eat pork from unknown sources.”

“Have the two pigs over there pass the quarantine?”

Not to mention the sow, the two flight attendants were also taken aback. They didn’t expect a child to say such poisonous words.

The sow became angry on the spot: “Where is your parent? How dare you slander and insult me ​​like this, I want my lawyer to sue your parent.”

Zhu Yang was also a little stunned. He usually heard it squeaky, but he didn’t expect it to slip here.

The topic of pork was still what they had talked about at the dinner table two days ago. Unexpectedly, this **** actually remembered all of them, how much did they accidentally teach the children?

However, this violent temper, like her!

It was a child with limited mind. Zhu Yang was afraid that he would suffer, so he patted his belly and said, “Cry!”

The eyes of the little yellow chicken Black Doudou suddenly filled with mist, and then cried out with a ‘wow’, and his tender body shivered when he looked at the sow, so pitiful.

The sow didn’t expect the child to change every second. At this time, the flight attendant had already come in. In a society with a normal civilized order, the child always has a natural advantage.

The little yellow chicken was crying pitifully, and the flight attendant was busy comforting it as soon as he came, and the sow was still aggressive, so the balance naturally tilted to this side.

In the end, the flight attendant couldn’t stand the noise of the other person, and said to the sow: “Ma’am, the train does not prohibit pets, as long as you have a formal pet certificate, and the pet’s behavior affects other passengers, transfer to the special pet room on the train. Just pacify.”

“This kid’s pet has never left the seat or made noisy words since just now. It does not cause any trouble to the guests. Instead, other guests in the carriage complained that you were too loud and did not comfort the baby in time.”

The sow was furious: “Is that a pet? That’s obviously poultry. Where do you see the pet card on the neck? Without a pet card, you have not been vaccinated—”

Before I finished speaking, I saw that the vegetable beast didn’t know when, and there was a golden pet license collar on his neck, or the type A, which means that the vegetable beast enjoyed the highest standard of pet quarantine. Registration, DNA certification.

The flight attendant’s eyes on the sow were slanderous and contemptuous of an adult: “Ma’am, you have also seen that this kid has no violations of the rules. If you continue to mess around with this issue, according to the traffic law just introduced, We can ask you to get out of the car on grounds of endangering public order.”

“But this kid insulted me and slandered my race.” The sow said: “Its parents must be responsible for this.”

“Are there any witnesses?” the flight attendant said.

The other two passengers didn’t want to mix up at all, pretending not to hear, the sow turned her attention to the flight attendant who comforted her at the beginning.

It turned out that Miss Fox, the flight attendant, was feeding the chicken cub cake with a smile, and the chicken cub broke into a smile, and shouted a beautiful sister, making Miss Fox exultant.

Hearing the question, he said: “Is there? This lady has been talking just now, I didn’t even notice anyone else.”

The sow was very angry, but no one would testify to it, and no one would believe what a young child was doing to her, and could only swallow her anger.

On the contrary, she vented her grievances along the way on the flight attendant. She had to pour water and hot towels later, and she was so picky that she made Miss Fox half angry.

The animal farm is still far from the city, and this train has to pass through several towns on the way, and animals are on and off the train, so the delay is long.

According to the report, it took ten hours to reach the city.

It’s just that I didn’t expect the local news in this world to respond quickly, four or five hours after getting on the bus.

Zhu Yang was full of the meal delivered by the flight attendant and was sleeping with her baby on his pillow, when he heard an urgent news.

The peacock announcer on TV reported a terrifying attack by a vegetable beast that just happened on the’corn farm’.

“The victim, Walman Doug, a wolf dog, was attacked by a vegetable beast while the rabbit Martin’s family was staying. According to eyewitnesses, a vegetable beast about 170 cm in length attacked it with a knife. His head was decapitated, and six children at the scene were also attacked. Fortunately, no life is in danger.”

“Ten minutes after the murder, the vehicles of the two rabbits were robbed, and all of the rabbit Martin’s vegetable beasts disappeared. Is this appalling murder really led by the vegetable beast? Or is there something hidden behind it? Please stay tuned Animal news.”

When the news was reported, several wanted photos were also given, which were of Zhu Yang and the four of them. They were clear, but they were not positive.

It looks like it was taken from the camera of Martin Rabbit’s house. It seems that the countryside here is also quite advanced.

This news immediately aroused the interest of the passengers in the carriage. It was a concept that compared with reality, a chicken and a duck killed an adult and escaped.

On the one hand, the passengers felt unbelievable, but animal news is a formal official news, especially in serious cases such as homicides. No one would make fun of the dead.

So a social news suddenly became a fantasy, and people couldn’t help but talk about it. It is conceivable that today’s evening paper will be out of stock because of this news.

As the murderer, the wanted photo was posted less than three meters away from her, and the little yellow chicken looked at her mother worriedly.

But after seeing the mother after reading the news, she just shrugged, took out a hair tie and tied her hair into a beautiful ball head, then she slept with her pillow and closed her eyes again.

During the period, the lady flight attendant was holding hot milk and asked the passengers if she wanted it, she still faced the people with her face, took a cup from the tray and handed it to the cub.

Miss Fox was happy, and her furry paw touched Zhu Yang’s head, and said to the little chicken: “Oh! Your pet is so cute, so spiritual.”

Zhu Yang: “…”

Little yellow chicken: “…”

Even the sow who was not pleasing to their eyes only muttered: “There was news about the murder of the vegetable beast, dare you think this thing is cute?”

Did not match this vegetable beast with the four wanted ones.

After a satisfying sleep, the train finally entered the city and drove for another twenty minutes before stopping at the indoor central station.

Miss Fox came over to remind the passengers to get off, and saw Little Yellow Chicken alone and wanted to go with him and wait for his parents to pick him up.

The little yellow chicken waved his hand and said that he didn’t use it, and the other party took a small bag and filled it with some snacks.

The little yellow chicken was broken, so he took it out of his bag, took out two small boxes and handed it to her, saying it was a gift prepared by her mother.

She also has a crew chief.

Miss Fox thought it was the little care of the parents. This is not uncommon. Some children have to travel alone. In order to thank the flight attendants for their care, they will prepare some small gifts.

Usually it is small biscuits, snacks or hometown specialty handicrafts. Miss Fox accepted it and thanked the little yellow chicken without seeing it.

After returning to the car and giving it the flight attendant’s share and opening her own box, Miss Fox suddenly let out an exclamation——


I saw two huge diamond stud earrings lying in the small box. The size of the diamond alone might not be able to buy them after ten years of work.

The flight attendant hurriedly opened his box, which contained a gemstone necklace, which was scary to look at.

The two animals looked at each other. What a family, how generous is a child?

That thing is equivalent to less than 100 points in Zhu Yang, and she is happy to buy her happiness in this unhappy world.

After getting off the train and avoiding the crowd, Zhu Yang and Xiao Huang Ji came to the mother and infant room next to the toilet and closed the door, which released the three players.

A few guys stayed bored in there, but when they came out, they all said something.

In this world where human beings are at the bottom of the ecological chain, it is indeed a bit uncomfortable for people to act alone in a dazed manner.

But just for a while, who can the game be trusted?

After the three players greeted Zhu Yang, they went out.

As a result, within two minutes, the three of them ran back in horror——

“How do you remind us that we are wanted?”

As soon as I went out, I saw the big screen outside playing the evening news. The important headline was naturally the murder of the vegetable beast, and then the photos of several people appeared on the billboards of the station.

As soon as the three of them went out and saw the surrounding area full of their photos, they were almost not scared to death.

This station is full of animals coming and going, and there are more varieties, including lions, tigers, leopards, and elephants, especially elephants. Will they live with one slap? Even the rabbit is so strong.

Zhu Yangzheng **** her hair again and washed her hands. Although the ball head was convenient, she felt that the dress now was more of a braid, so she knitted one for herself.

Hearing a few people startled, they were a little impatient: “Yeah, we are wanted, then what?”

The three of them were dumbfounded, and they were kind to her nonchalant attitude. They didn’t know how fat she was to dare to be indifferent under so many animals.

Zhu Yang knew what he was thinking by looking at the expressions of the three of them: “Give me a little bit of thought, can you tell who is who the dog of the same breed is?”

“For the same reason, who can tell what a few poultry looks like? Are you wearing a uniform from the farm? Do you have a serial number on your body? You just tie your hair and stand in front of the animals. The photo is numbered.”

“What about wanted? You can imagine that a farm has escaped dozens of chickens, and someone publishes a picture of the chicken and wants to get it back, so that you can understand our current situation.”

This kind of situation, this kind of situation-it’s no big deal.

As Zhu Yang said, the three of them immediately communicated with each other and breathed a sigh of relief. Scared to death.

But she is right, just like the real dog-seeking revelation, even if the dog is not recognized by someone who is not familiar with it, right? The distinguishing characteristics of human beings are actually much smaller than that of dogs.

Change into a pair, change a hairstyle, you can recognize the ghost, the big deal is that women cut their hair, and men shave their heads.

The fat man Le Dian said: “Oh, what do I have to worry about, hahaha! It’s worthwhile.”

Zhu Yang glanced at him: “Oh! I forgot to say that this situation applies to the three of us, because the heights of the three of us belong to the category of’obscure in the public’, but you–”

The three of them glanced critically at his 200 catties of meat, and the fat man’s characteristics suddenly became clear.

The fat man took a few steps back in amazement: “I, I, and I! Why do you have one heaven mode and two normal modes, but I am the **** mode? Unfair, I need to explain the game.”

After the howling, I heard the game actually respond to him——

[Dead fat man, full of flesh, trembling and unable to jump, the shame of the player is you, and you have to face me! 】

Fatty: “…”

When did he offend the game?

In any case, the three of them went out again, because the goal was too big to go together, so they went out in batches.

Although the fat man looked in the worst situation, he actually took out a collar from his pocket, which was Zhu Yang who had fooled other people’s pet tags on the train before.

The props given in the game are only for their own purposes, especially the ones that are inexplicable. Even if you don’t have the conditions to buy them, you still have to choose two, they will always be useful.

At this moment, he hangs up the pet card, at least in the public, it will be much safer if you are careful, after all, pets with a license will generally not provoke others.

However, the other two players didn’t buy the collar, they bought the compressed biscuits and the ticket, but they couldn’t use the ticket alone. The little yellow chicken can only use it. Zhu Yang knocked 500 points again, but bought the wrong thing.

After parting ways, Zhu Yang and Xiao Huangji left the station and took a taxi to the central business district of the city.

As Zhu Yang expected, the level of science and technology in this world should be the same as reality, and due to the diversity of citizens’ species and size differences, the architectural style is also particularly distinctive.

Anyway, after watching Zhu Yang, he knew that the dog game was plagiarizing Zootopia again. It was also partitioned according to the animals’ habits. The city simulated various climates, deserts, tropical rainforests, glaciers, and everything else.

I just don’t know if there are Judy Rabbit and Nick Fox here.

But thinking about the size of the rabbits on the corn farm and the size of Miss Fox, there is no hope.

However, this distinctive and beautiful architectural style is indeed eye-opening.

Zhu Yang and Xiao Huang Ji got out of the car and went directly to a high-end clothing store, where they changed their clothes for Xiao Huang Ji.

Take off the plaid shirt and overalls full of farm flavor, put on fashionable and exquisite children’s clothing, and the little yellow chicken has followed Zhu Yang’s arrogance since she was born, and a noble chicken kid came out in front of others.

It’s just that the little yellow chicken is used to running with bare buttocks, and is really uncomfortable with wearing clothes, but in order to be a good mother who can make a fool of people, just bear it.

Zhu Yang had changed the beautiful clothes in her own space in the bathroom of the previous station.

In this way, when she and Xiao Huang Ji walked into the most upscale hotel in the city center, they looked like children from a wealthy family and brought their pets out to eat.

Although it is surprising that such a small child travels alone, the dress code is formal and the tips are generous. There is no reason not to serve it.

It’s just that the waiter specially ordered the pets when they watched it ordering food, and let the pets serve the table, so I had to lament the waywardness of the children of the rich.

The restaurant here will choose the amount of dishes according to the species, and the price is also linked to this.

The food culture is not much different from the real world, but Zhu Yang’s focus is not here.

There are only a few fixed set menus on the train, which are not very informative, but the restaurants serving many species are different.

Zhu Yang took a closer look at the menu. There was actually pork, beef and mutton on it, except for more expensive vegetable meat, which was almost the same as in reality.

In the seat next to Zhu Yang, she saw a leopard’s steak come up with her own eyes. The frightening thing was that the guests at the next table were two buffaloes.

Zhu Yang whispered a few words beside the little yellow chicken, and then the little yellow chicken called the waiter over.

With some milky voice, said: “My mother said that we must pay attention to the source of ingredients when eating out. Can you introduce me to your meat?”

The waiter was a bunny girl. He was taken aback by the little yellow chicken’s question: “Do you want to eat meat? We only imported a kind of chestnut rice, which is full and sweet, and there are ecologically farmed caterpillars, without a trace of pesticides— —”

The little yellow chicken was a little angry, and said with a puffed face: “Can’t I eat meat?”

Not really, it’s just that although animals have evolved, they have maintained their racial habits and talents.

Natural eating habits have also been inherited, and there is a customary rule in society, that is, try not to eat the uncivilized similar species in front of others.

The waiter had no choice but to introduce the chicken. Zhu Yang listened, and the breeding method was similar to the actual breeding method. From the other party’s promotional photos, it was true that the species of the farm were chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep that she was familiar with.

It is different from the animals that have evolved to walk on two feet, use their claws, grow plants, make crafts, and even engage in scientific research in the civilized world.

Combining the words of the waiter and the summary of some information, Zhu Yang understands that those animals that have not evolved intelligence are like the relationship between humans and monkeys compared to animals that dominate the world.

In general dining etiquette, not eating pork in front of pigs and eating beef in front of cows is even the respect between species.

Otherwise, only humans and fish are provided as meat. I am afraid that it will not be enough. The human growth cycle is notoriously slow.

Even with the use of ripening methods, it is far inferior to other species, so human meat is expensive, difficult to breed, and there are not many.

It’s no wonder that the two rabbits have to steal people for a favor. The rural crops are rich, but the rabbits regard the income of raising people as the biggest income.

After learning about some of the social rules that have become customary, Zhu Yang was not very happy.

The problem now is that the relationship between the dozen people in her spirit beast bag and her can be referenced in this world, that is, the major species and the subspecies that they have not evolved.

Animals in this world chose to abandon their own undeveloped species, but she was rarely in a dilemma.

Seeing that his mother had a bad appetite, the little yellow chicken rubbed her face with her fluffy wings, cut a steak from her plate and fed it to her mouth: “Mom! Eat!”

Zhu Yang opened his mouth and swallowed the steak, touched the head of the little yellow chicken, and chose to take one step at a time.

At the checkout, the little yellow chicken still took cash from the bag, but fortunately, the points can still be exchanged for currency.

But a three-year-old kid walking in the night market holding gold bricks must be extremely eye-catching.

I don’t know when they were spotted. In short, Zhu Yang realized that they were being followed when he reacted.

She was still thinking about how to get rid of the people behind, but unexpectedly the other party was more courageous than she thought.

The three animals stopped directly in front of the little yellow chicken, and grabbed the chicken by its back collar.

The little yellow chicken struggled naturally: “Who are you? I don’t know you.”

The passers-by around looked over, and the three animals waved their hands: “The children in the family are awkward and run away from home. I’m bothered.”

Passers-by no longer pay attention to this end. It is not that they are indifferent, but that these three animals are three adult roosters.

He was more than three meters tall, with shiny feathers, but the chickens had a greedy expression on their faces. Two of them had missing a corner in their combs, which was obviously a fight.

The little yellow chicken is very strong, agile, and has a martial arts foundation, but in the end, it is a young and weak bones. Three such big adult chickens, Zhu Yang, are afraid that it will make a good or bad.

He winked at it, signaled it to give up struggling, but turned to a nearby alley, where everyone was easy to do things.

The little yellow chicken was obedient and stopped struggling. The red rooster patted it on the head: “The little **** can’t finish knowing each other so long?”

“Oh! There is also a vegetable beast. Take it together. This thing is quite expensive recently.”

A brown rooster grabbed her and looked at her clothes carefully: “Tsk! Big brother, this kid has money in the house. Look at the grade A for pet cards, even pet clothes are so good, this workmanship , This fabric, tsk tsk, for pets, it’s really a chicken that doesn’t live as well as a vegetable beast.

“Okay, I bought the meat in a while, and the clothes were stripped off and sold online. There should be animals like this pet clothing.”

I thought they would ignore their Zhu Yang: “…”

The three chickens carried the little yellow chicken and Zhu Yang to an unmanned alley, threw down one person and one chicken, and pulled through the little yellow chicken’s backpack.

As soon as Fang opened it, he was driven crazy by the piles of cash inside–

“Boss, I have made a fortune. It’s almost 100,000 in there, right? In addition, the vegetable beast can also be bought at a good price, enough for us to be cool for a few months.”

The red rooster slapped it on its head: “You can’t open your eyes with this little money? This kid can carry so much with him. There must be more money in the family. Let’s tie it, hehe—”

The other two can understand. Usually they only confuse a little money on the street, but the bad guys are often like this. If all is not bad enough, there is no specific opportunity in front of them.

The **** asked: “This kid has money in his family. What if we catch our three brothers?”

The red rooster chuckled, his face was sullen: “Who told you to pay back the kidnapping? At that time, find a deep mountain to sell this chicken cock, it will be an income, otherwise–”

The two chickens understood what it meant. Although they hadn’t killed anyone yet, the bright interests were in front of them. The first was tens of thousands, and the greed flooded the scruples and the last bit of conscience.

The three of them were able to discuss, and they heard the chicken **** speak–

“How much ransom are you going to ask my mother?” Zhu Yang taught it, but in fact it doesn’t know what the ransom means.

But a few roosters couldn’t understand Zhu Yang’s words, and the voice was not loud, and they only thought that the beast was scared.

Hearing the little yellow chicken’s question, he was amused, and said unkindly: “How about ten million? Can you get it out of your family? Boy! Don’t tell me, I will kill you now.”

The average child is too scared to think and listen to what he says, but this chicken doesn’t care.

He even made an insulted expression on his face: “Ten million? Xiaoji is worth ten million? At such a low price, you not only insult me, but also my parents.”

“Huh? This chicken boy was born with a brain problem? I’m afraid it’s not a stupid?” The **** said with a smile: “Yes, how come you are not stupid to bring so much cash out, so it’s cheaper.”

“So much?” The little yellow chicken looked at them with a look that he had never seen the world before: “This little money, I will go to the night market with my mother for a while, and then go to the hotel to open the presidential suite for a week. Order room service, have a supper in the evening, tip the waiter, and it’s almost the same.”

“The money spent in less than a few hours? What is’so much’? What you said is 10 million, which is less than one hundred times this point. I want to estimate a hundred times the amount of pocket money. You are crazy for my worth, right?”

This local tyrant playing with diamonds as marbles deeply stimulated the hearts of the three roosters, and the brown rooster lifted its wings to draw it.

But it was stopped by the big red rooster, it caught the point of the chicken cock’s words——

“Go to the night market with your mother? Where is your mother?”

The little yellow chicken pointed at Zhu Yang proudly. When the three chickens looked over, they saw that the vegetable beast was holding his arm and finger little by little and was a little impatient, because he was sure she would not run away, and did not care about her.

At first glance at this moment, I don’t know why, but I feel that this vegetable beast has a special aura.

Of course, the three chickens regarded this as the urinary **** of the pets of the wealthy family with spoiled nostrils.

Pointing at Zhu Yang, he laughed loudly: “Have you heard, this chicken kid calls a vegetable beast Mom?”

“Hahaha! This is not a bad brain, is it the stupid son of the landlord?”

“Come on, son, grandpa, listen.”

The little yellow chicken said: “My grandpa is a private entrepreneur worth billions of dollars, not your kind of crooked beak.”

The three chickens were surprised: “Brother, did you hear that? Billions, we can definitely offer a higher price, 100 million-no, how about 300 million?”

The red rooster also had red eyes with excitement. He lifted the little yellow chicken by its collar and lifted it up: “Little boy, where do you live?”

The little yellow chicken said: “I never walk when I go out. I always take a car. How can I know where my home is?”

“Haha! OK, you’ll remember it in a moment.”

When the red rooster was about to pump it, he felt something on his shoulder. Looking back, it was the underground vegetable beast who didn’t know when it jumped on its shoulder.

And it was all cold sweat now, because as it turned back, a sharp knife in the hand of the vegetable beast was in front of its eyes, only one centimeter away from its eyeballs.

The other two chickens didn’t react, they were shouting and rushing forward when they heard the vegetable beast talking.


The three chickens naturally did not understand, but the chicken cubs carried by the red roosters translated the meaning to them——

My mother said, “You dare to bully my **** in front of me, you are so brave.”

The little yellow chicken said with happy pink bubbles on his face, but the three chickens were taken aback when they heard the words.

“Why do our chickens have the courage?”

The author has something to say:    It’s been a long time since I robbed the nutrient solution (take out the knife), do you understand? (beat)


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