Scream Queen Chapter 108

This statement is so reasonable and well-founded, Zhu Yang didn’t know how to refute it for a while.

To be honest, the language of this world is not understood, her deterrence is at least 30% off, plus the weak position on the biological chain.

How big a challenge is it for her not to pretend to be like the wind?

Zhu Yang was already full of evil fire, and these three chickens were hit by the gun.

She lifted the knife in her hand, and a silver light flashed on the red rooster’s head, and in the next second there was a scream of pain.

I saw that the red comb on top of its head was cut off, and the little yellow chicken swiftly took it in his hand, dripping blood on the ground drop by drop.

“Ah–, what good things did you **** do?” the two roosters behind were horrified.

The red rooster also threw the little yellow chicken in his hand to the ground because of the pain, and the little yellow chicken adjusted its body shape and fell on the ground lightly.

The free red rooster stretched its wings to reach the vegetable beast on his shoulder, trying to pull it off and tear it into pieces.

“Lao Tzu’s handsome and majestic comb, I will kill you.”

The comb on the head of a rooster is a charming feature in this race. It is equivalent to a man’s chest muscles and abdominal muscles, both of which are the capital to show off.

How can we not go crazy after being cut off?

The opponent’s strength increased greatly under the violent rages, but it was just a street gangster, with limited skills.

Zhu Yang jumped around on it. The goal was so big that he couldn’t catch her in a daze.

The other two chickens came up to help when they saw the situation, and their wings were cut off just as they stretched out.

An adult rooster has rich feathers and a certain degree of malleability at the tip of the wings, otherwise a piece of meat will be cut off.

The three chickens were so tired that they couldn’t touch the vegetable beast.

“Damn, what’s the matter? Is the vegetable beast so fast?”

“Fool, this beast will hold a knife against our neck, what do you think it can’t do?”

“This afternoon the overwhelming news about the killing of the vegetable beast is this one?”

“No? The corn farm in Pumpkin Town is hundreds of kilometers away.”

“Whether it is or not, you must catch it. The goose boss has already offered a reward and is very interested in those vegetable beasts. If we bring one of them, we will definitely be appreciated.”

Zhu Yang originally wanted to wipe the three chickens with a knife, but after hearing this, he changed his mind.

It’s just that at this moment two police officers patrolling suddenly appeared at the entrance of the alley, shouting at the inside: “The three chickens inside, what are you doing?”

“Sorry, Tiaozi!” The three chickens were taken aback, but they didn’t expect the little cub and the vegetable beast to run faster than them.

The red rooster’s comb is still in the hands of the chicken. If you don’t take it back, you have to go to the hospital to graft an expensive artificial comb. It doesn’t have that money, and even the beast with its mouth can’t fly.

So the three chickens immediately chased up, and the patrolling police saw that things were different, and they quickly followed up, but the light became darker as the alley went inside, and the number of forks became more and more.

It’s suspicious that they only saw the three chickens gathered here, and didn’t notice the little yellow chickens, only when the gangsters got together to fight with drugs.

This animal city is prosperous and wealthy, but the darkness hidden behind it is also deep, the disparity between the rich and the poor, the social problems buried under the glamour, the soaring crime rate, and the industrial chain dominated by gangsters.

Street gangsters/drug fights can’t be caught in a day. As long as they don’t make trouble in the street, the police will not bother to dig into the bottom line.

So seeing them jumped far away, they didn’t choose to chase them anymore, but the three roosters were more obsessed with the rich kid and the vegetable beast.

Zhu Yang didn’t run too fast, so she dangled them and ran to remote places. She was not familiar with this city, but it was right to run to remote places.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for her to rush into an abandoned factory inside, but didn’t even want to rush in with the little yellow chicken.

The three roosters chased here and smiled triumphantly: “Idiot, running here, it turned out to be a vegetable beast, and his brain is only as big as a walnut.”

The three gangsters knew all about the corners of the city. They knew that in the past, in order to guard against theft, the doors and windows of this factory were all welded with alloy, and there was only one exit at the main gate.

In other words, the two guys are equivalent to running into the cage by themselves, just waiting for them to grab slowly.

The three chickens chuckled and pushed open the iron door. In order to fear that the little boy and the vegetable beast would escape, they also locked the door with a huge iron chain.

I walked inside without a hassle, but before I even approached, I smelled a scent of roasted meat.

Animals in dungeons like them are naturally not so picky about food. Although rice insects are the best food for chickens, they are all very expensive foods. Most of the natural foods living in slums are omnivores.

Even rabbits eat meat. What’s more, they are already tired from running right now, and when they smell the smell of meat, they can’t help but feel hungry!

“Is there animals roasting meat inside?” the black rooster asked, turning his head.

Then the two chickens next to him didn’t answer it, but looked at the front, suddenly showing a terrified expression.

In that way, it was the same as witnessing a cruel dismemberment scene.

The **** smiled: “Hey! You two don’t do this—”

As his eyes shifted, the **** couldn’t laugh at the situation in front of him.

The little cub and the vegetable beast who had just escaped had already appeared in their sight, but their current appearance and panic were completely out of touch, as if they were waiting for them to come over.

This is not the point. The point is the vegetable beast. She holds a sprayer in one hand, which is used to remove hair from pork in the market, and holds a barbecue fork in the other hand.

A large piece of meat is skewered on the barbecue skewer, and she is slowly grilling the piece of meat with a spray, not hurriedly, to ensure that the piece of meat is evenly heated.

Under her careful cooking, the piece of meat became brown in color, juicy, and fragrance filled the room.

As if feeling the heat, the vegetable beast handed the spray to the little chicken on the side.

The little chicken cub received the spray and lit a pile of wooden blocks that I didn’t know when it was set up. There was a big pot hanging on it, and there was water in the pot.

The new pot body is obviously not the original thing in this abandoned factory.

But it didn’t matter. The vegetable beast didn’t know where to take out a few bottles and jars, and slowly seasoned the meat on the barbecue fork.

First salt, then chili powder, then pepper cumin.

They had already recognized the shape of that piece of meat, and it was the comb that the red rooster had previously cut off.

Looking at this scene, the three chickens were already terrified, their scalp exploded, and cold sweat.

Although there are many animals in horror movies that go to the jungle to explore, they encounter the theme of the semi-evolved beast tribe being hunted and killed.

But in reality, we can see that the bodies of intelligent creatures are cooked by vegetable beasts. No, this is still part of their bodies. This kind of thing is simply unheard of.

They are just small gangsters. I heard that the gangsters are extremely cruel to punish traitors, but when these things are treated as vegetable beasts, the horror effect will only be even worse.

The three chickens felt that their legs were soft, and at this moment the vegetable beast looked up and looked at them.

Then she took a bite of the meat and took a bite of the meat. The empty factory was very quiet. You could hear the sound when a needle fell. Naturally, the sound of her chewing was also obvious, as if it was in their ears.


The vegetable beast made another string of sounds, but this time the three chickens would not think that this was just a meaningless note. The look in the vegetable beast’s eyes was clearly cruel and sensible, just like facing the boss of a gang.

Sure enough, the little yellow chicken helped the translator and said: “Mom said that the chicken comb is a bit old, but it is too tender and not chewy. If you are ten years younger, it will definitely taste the best.”

“Wow–” The red rooster finally couldn’t help but vomit first, and part of its body was grilled as food in front of him, making his liver and gallbladder split.

The pain on the top of the head seemed to become clearer and clearer, and it was hard to ignore.

The other two didn’t get any better, and then the three chickens screamed in horror without knowing who they were, and then fled in horror like receiving a signal.

But they ran to the door, and they were greeted by the huge iron chain that they had just locked.

The three chickens panicked and tried to unlock, but only halfway through the solution, a huge black reflection appeared on the door, and their figures were included.

The three chickens turned around and looked at the chicken cubs and the vegetable beast who came with their backs on their backs. The vegetable beast was obviously smaller than their thighs, but its momentum was stronger than the “big men” they had seen so far.

“No, don’t come over.”  Three chickens huddled together and shivered: “Ah—”

The screams of the abandoned factory did not attract the attention of the outside world, because there was no one nearby.

But the picture is returning to the inside of the factory. Three chickens have been hung upside down with their feet tied up. Not far from them is a pot of hot, bubbling water.

“Mom! The water is ready.” The little yellow chicken said.

Zhu Yang touched its head, and said earnestly: “Boy, you are already a mature kid, it’s time to take on the responsibility of a man.”

“Your brother Longlong will go home soon, and he will definitely be uneasy in a strange environment. Although you are a younger brother, shouldn’t you help your brother adapt well at this time and dispel your worries?”

The little yellow chicken looked like he was entrusted with a heavy responsibility, and a sense of responsibility and pride came to his heart. He nodded quickly and said: “Don’t worry, mother, I will take good care of my brother and promise not to bully him.”

amount! It is still a bit difficult for a chicken cub to bully a dragon from an advanced instance.

Forget it, this is not the point. Zhu Yang is pleased that the **** is sensible, and then said: “When you saw that you were upset when you first came home, how did your mother comfort you?”

“Eat delicious!” The little yellow chicken raised its wings.

“Yes! Your Longlong brother will be the same as you then, will shrink, and the outside will be changed appropriately. Rounding off is a snake. What does the snake like to eat?”

“Eat chicken!” The little yellow chicken raised its wings again.

“Okay, today Mom will hand you some chicken dishes. You will learn it hard and show it to Brother Longlong.”

Although the three roosters couldn’t understand Zhu Yang’s words, they could understand what the little yellow chicken said, and they could almost understand the general meaning after hearing half of it.

What’s more, the little boy was rehearsing Caimon’s words, and while nodding his head, he muttered: “Yeah! Hot water to pluck the hair, open the belly, chicken blood and chicken meat can be left with pickled peppers for stir-fry.

“Hmm! The chicken paws are too old to be braised. The one next to it is too thin to boil the soup and cook it for ten hours.”

“Hainan chicken, three cups of chicken, yellow braised chicken, spicy chicken, mother! The three of them can make a full chicken feast for a dozen tables.”

Zhu Yang nodded in relief and touched its dull hair: “Xiao Ji is really smart, okay, take the first step.”

The little yellow chicken rolled up his sleeves and walked towards the three chickens with the big pot of hot water.

The three roosters were scared to pee early, and now they don’t feel silly and stupid when looking at a few years old. On the contrary, the cruel thinking of such an older age is even more creepy.

The red rooster screamed in a distorted voice, “Are you crazy? You are a chicken, why do you help the vegetable beast eat the same kind?”

As soon as he finished saying this, he was smoked by the little yellow chicken: “Who is the same kind of lazy garbage as you?”

“I am my mother’s child, so naturally my mother is the same kind.”

“You’re so **** blind! Take a good look at yourself, can the vegetable beast lay an egg as big as you?”

The little yellow chicken looked at herself, and was immediately stunned. He turned to look at Zhu Yang and said with tears, “Mom! Am I really not your child?”

Seeing the divorce, the three chickens felt relieved, and when they worked harder, they felt a knife on their neck.

The vegetable beast smiled and said, “Oh, yes, I forgot the most critical step. You have to cut your neck and let the blood flow before you pull the hair.”

The three chickens huddled together desperately and shivered, not dare to say a word.

Although they couldn’t understand what the vegetable beast said, but the vegetable beast clearly understood their words.

Caimon took the knife, touched the head of the chicken, and smiled: “Of course you are mother’s child.”

“It’s just that the moment you followed your mother, you were disconnected from your native species. You may not understand it now, but you will become stronger in the future and your physical appearance will continue to change. Do you have to Question your mother?”

The little yellow chicken burst into tears when he heard the words. Although it did not understand very well, it knew that its appearance was only temporary, and it was definitely not these vagrant species.

So he asked Zhu Yang with a look of anticipation: “That means my mother was the same as me when I was young?”

“Uh! Uh! This, this one is still a little different, our people have always looked different, don’t you think your brother Longlong looks different?”

The little chicken is relieved, it will be better when you grow up consciously. Uncle Lu and Uncle often scold Goubi and Sand Sculpture at each other. They must have been dogs and carvings when they were young.

With the expectation of growing up, the little yellow chicken glared at the three chickens: “How dare you lie to me.”

Speaking of the color of the whole chicken turned into angry red, just about to pour a pot of hot water on it, the three chickens desperately shouted: “Don’t kill me, we are wrong, just don’t kill us, what I listen to you all.”

Zhu Yang was satisfied now, and motioned to the little yellow chicken to move the iron pot. The little yellow chicken seemed a little disappointed, but he still obediently threw the pot away and became his mother’s translator.

Zhu Yang didn’t let the three of them down, so he hung upside down and asked the guy at the bottom who knows the real face of the city best about the situation here.

And the so-called “Boss Goose” in their mouths who seems to be interested in the vegetable beast.

When I asked, I found out that this “male goose boss” is the big brother of one of the three big gangsters in this city, and the organization is known as the “Pheasant Group”.

Most of his younger brothers are birds, and there are two other organizations, one is a mammal led by the lion “Boss Leon”.

The remaining one is a reptile ruled by “Ms. Snake Ji”.

The three gangs ruled the city and divided up all the underground industries. The energy is huge, and they can even manipulate elections secretly. It can be said that they are the masters of the city.

“Master~~” Zhu Yang was interested now.

Not to mention, this chaotic place is actually a better opportunity for her. After all, if this place is too rigid, bright and lawful, she will not be easy to operate.

Although it is comfortable to spend a month in the luxurious presidential suite of the hotel with her cub in his arms, it obviously cannot satisfy her subjective desire to squeeze the value of this world.

Finally, after asking what he wanted to ask, Zhu Yang put the three guys down, asked them to take pictures with their ID cards, and left their phone numbers.

Threatening through the mouth of the little yellow chicken: “Your personal information is already in my hands. Don’t talk nonsense when you go back. Call you and get out.”

“If there is one thing that you dare not follow, we don’t mind going through the process that was not finished just now.”

The three roosters naturally nodded and said yes, seeing Zhu Yang nodded, and then ran out like a ghost chasing behind them.

Zhu Yang and Xiaohuangji also took the pot and left the abandoned factory. It was already late at this time.

But after a while tossing, and she patronized for news during dinner, she was a little bit hungry now.

Fortunately, the playground commercial street was at a busy time, Zhu Yang took the little yellow chicken to continue his original plan and went to the night market.

The food on the street is very delicious. The animals in this world are powerful, and each has species talents. The work efficiency is much higher than that of humans in the real world. Therefore, business is highly competitive. General commodities are made of solid materials. Manual clearance.

For example, they casually ate a bowl of noodles at a noodle restaurant opened by the Orangutan House. The noodles were so smooth that they sucked in. Zhu Yang had never eaten noodles with such a good taste.

Eat snacks along the way, ice cream in the shape of a variety of animal claws, cute desserts, and extremely delicious snacks.

Zhu Yang also saw a bamboo steamed bun that was sold at a stall.

What is a “bamboo steamed bun”? Zhu Yang and the little yellow chicken looked at their necks. Originally, pandas sell steamed buns. The water used for making noodles is made from bamboo leaf water that has been boiled with bamboo core sprouts. Bamboo slices.

The fragrance of bamboo penetrates completely into the buns, and the panda’s strength is strong and the dough is kneaded. The skin of the buns is fragrant and elastic, and the skin is thin and the filling is large. The thick gravy slowly tastes under one bite, but the fragrance of bamboo is very greasy. , People can’t stop eating big meat buns.

Zhu Yang bought several cages in one go, and enjoyed eating with the cubs.

However, this one is also dressed up in Tang costume, with a melon hat on his head. Apart from looking much more mature, it looks very much like the two rolling ghosts in a haunted house.

It made the chickens miss their little friends a little, if it weren’t for this billowing body size that was many times bigger than the reality.

All the way into the playground, the children’s facilities inside are very cute, but it is a pity that the little yellow chicken is not allowed to play thrilling items, plus many items are not allowed to bring pets up.

In the end, the mother and son could only play small games such as carousel, and the staff saw it as a chicken playing and watched it by the side to avoid accidents.

Rao is still very happy like this little yellow chicken. In reality, it is rarely taken out. Even if it is taken out, it has to be shrunk to the size of a normal chicken, and it is very inconvenient to put it in the purse, not to mention such a fair and square being taken. Go to the playground to play.

It can’t even go back home.

It was the first time I saw an amusement park in a haunted house. Because of the many relationships with the staff of the haunted house, it really made it understand the various fun of children playing outside.

But in the end it is the human world, and everyone around it takes it as a surprise, and my mother is too busy to accompany it.

There are animals everywhere here, and you can see a lot of chicks of the same age and size, which really makes the little yellow chicks experience the excitement of being taken into an amusement park by their parents for the first time.

Zhu Yang also followed it. He bought everything he wanted to eat or play, but from the outside, it looked like a baby chicken and he was playing wildly with his pet without fear at all, but it made the playground staff look at him with admiration. .

In the evening, I watched the float show and the fairy tale theater, and finally the grand fireworks. The little yellow chicken held a marshmallow shaped like a chicken’s head and left the playground with his mother’s hand.

This little chicken marshmallow is almost like the little chicken in Xiaoxiaole, very cute.

At this time, most of the storefronts on the street have closed, but there will be no shortage of 24-hour stores in the lively business district.

Zhu Yang passed by an electronics store and wanted to buy two phones. In general, dungeon games are generally equipped with mobile phones, but this time their players, as vegetable beasts, are alone, and naturally they don’t have it.

The mobile phone she used to take pictures of the three chickens just now was in her own storage space. Of course, it was useless here, and the phone card couldn’t be inserted.

After buying the mobile phones, they stored each other’s numbers, and then they took the happy little yellow chicken back to the hotel.

But when I returned to the hotel, I was a little dumbfounded. Although the little yellow chicken can be mixed in this world, it is also a black house.

To the effect, the previous ticket had no verification information, and Zhu Yang thought that the accommodation registration here was just as loose.

As a result, let alone staying in the presidential suite now, no room can be opened without a certificate.

Fortunately, they were rich. They gave a tip to the beautiful goat front desk lady. Together with the tears of the little yellow chicken, they succeeded in getting them to agree to borrow one night in the staff lounge next to the lobby and gave them a large bed. quilt.

Although the accommodation conditions were drastically plunged, Zhu Yang didn’t want to toss about it so late, and the security of this luxury hotel was much higher, so it would be enough.

After waking up the next day and using the disposable toiletries in the lounge, the mother and son went to the restaurant downstairs for dinner.

Animals in this world are generally larger than humans, but not all species are the same. There are still small animals, even smaller than humans.

As a service industry, the hotel must be equipped with everything, so Zhu Yang won’t be embarrassed about brushing with a toothbrush larger than her mouth.

After breakfast, Zhu Yang wondered whether he still had to get Xiaohuangji’s identity certificate, so after nine o’clock in the morning, when the police station went to work, Zhu Yang showed up at the police station door with Xiaoji.

So as soon as the animals at the police station went to work, they saw a four or five-year-old child holding a pet vegetable beast in his arms, crying pitifully at the door.

The female police officer, Miss Zebra, was so distressed that she hurriedly took Xiao Ji in, poured juice and snacks, and asked gently, “My kid, why are you crying here?”

The little yellow chicken has been taught by Zhu Yang a long time ago. Even if he needs to react on the spot, he can cheat directly due to language barriers.

This guy did a good job with Zhu Yang, and his personality was a bit similar to his uncle Zhu Weixin. He was well-behaved in front of Zhu Yang, and he played all kinds of faces outside.

Because of the imitation of Zhu Weixin, he was a scheming chicken at a young age.

When asked Miss Zebra, it choked and said: “I can’t find home~~”

Miss Zebra hurriedly asked in detail, and the little yellow chicken said the prepared routine.

First of all, this is the police station. You can definitely find the ride record of the little yellow chicken, so you can’t just fool around with a lost child.

So under Zhu Yang’s fabrication, the little yellow chicken came out alone at the arrangement of an adult, saying that someone was here to pick it up, but after one day passed, no one came.

I don’t know the address of my home, and I don’t know where I live.

And there is no way to prove the ID or contact the adult, plus the parents stuffed so much money in the bag.

All signs point to an idea–

“This child’s parents may be remarrying, and neither family can tolerate the child, so they tricked people out and abandoned it. It’s so pitiful.”

Zhu Yang heard the policewomen and colleagues whispering gossip not far away.

“Looking at this child’s well-dressed and well-educated, surely there is money in the family and commits sins. Is such a rich person unable to accommodate a child?”

“It’s not a matter of money. We don’t understand how rich people do it, but it’s certain that their parents are divorced long ago.”

“Yes, this child lives with his mother, and occasionally goes back to his father’s house to play. It may have affected the quality of his mother’s remarriage. The new wife on his side resents it again?”

“Tsk tusk! Can’t be so wicked, book a ticket to trick the kid out. I have checked the kid’s ride record just now. The car got on near the corn farm, but there are no rich people nearby, so I drove it specially. Throw it so far away.”

“Give such a big bag of money to such a small child, do you think you can make a little bit of compensation? It is simply lucky that the child has not been murdered.”

“Oh! What kind of parents, it’s a black heart.”

Zhu Yang: “…”

At this time, the cheetah police officer came over, blasted away the gossip animals, and said to Miss Zebra: “Check the owner’s information registration through the pet tag of this vegetable beast, and it shows that it is anonymous.”

“How come?” Miss Zebra was surprised: “How can the A-level pet tag not register the owner’s information?”

“It’s still possible.” Officer Cheetah said.

Miss Zebra immediately reacted, covering her mouth and said, “God! Is it possible for such a family to abandon the child?”

“If this is the case, then we don’t need to check it. Anyway, we can’t find it.”

Naturally, this is not really impossible to find out, but even if it is found, it is useless. Can you force others to do a paternity test for such prominent people?

But the procedure still has to go, register the information, take pictures, describe the characteristics, and post the missing person notice.

Miss Zebra asked gently: “My kid, what is your name?”

Little yellow chicken said: “My name is Xiao Ji!”

“Oh! Not a nickname, but a big name, do you know your big name?”

The little yellow chicken looked at Zhu Yang blankly. Zhu Yang had a guilty conscience that he had never thought of as a parent. It was indeed time to make a name for Xiao Ji.

Miss Zebra waited for the little yellow chicken to answer, but the little yellow chicken was waiting for his mother to answer.

Zhu Yang thought for a while, when they first met, this guy was still just a big white eggshell.

Wish the shell is definitely not good, but shell has another pronunciation qiao (four tones), so let’s make a homophone.

I wish Alice! I just like this guy when he grows up with a big feathered tail that is upright and majestic.

The more I think about it, the more satisfied he is, Zhu Yang said: “Blessings, blessings, and tails.”

After listening to the little yellow chicken, the eyes of the two black beans were shining as if they were shining, and they hugged their mother with happiness.

Mommy kept screaming.

Miss Zebra and Officer Cheetah looked at them, and they thought they knew another reason for abandonment. The child was obviously a bit abnormal.

She was actually called Caimon’s mother, and she was still teary, so happy now.

Finally, Miss Zebra registered the information, but during this time she still had to place the child, so she comforted the little yellow chicken not to run around and contacted the foster family.

Officer Cheetah was also called by his colleagues to work on other cases.

Zhu Yang followed his body shape, reduced his presence in the police station and shook a circle, and then came to a conclusion.

The world is really worse than she thought.

The power of these animals is huge, but Zhu Yang feels that he is still barely able to deal with it. As long as he does not directly confront the large number of well-trained large animals, he should not be unable to protect himself.

What’s more, she has all kinds of abilities. If she doesn’t play Yin directly, she can always make a way out even if she encounters an accident.

But she sneaked into the office of the crime team to watch the chief rhino give meetings to elite police officers such as cheetahs, tigers, lions, falcons, and vipers.

Discussing several recent murders and restoring the killing process of the victims on the spot really made Zhu Yang feel that he had underestimated the world before.

The director of the rhino pointed at the photo on the projection screen: “The chameleon Gabriel was killed in the jungle. The color was distorted before death, and it was extremely painful. There were no injuries on the body. The autopsy showed serious damage to the internal organs.”

“It is speculated that it was killed by a camouflage capture gun. This gun is an animal nemesis with camouflage talent. Even hallucinogenic creatures can be accurately captured within a certain range.”

“The next victim, the polar bear Albert in Glacier Town, this guy was killed near his home, and the nearby buildings melted in large areas. However, the nearby residents did not hear a huge movement, it seems that it took a second. As long as the thawing device is placed at a certain distance, the ice layer will melt instantly and it is difficult to freeze.”

“There is another, Pony, the elephant on holiday by the sea. This guy is the worst, being gnawed out of the sand and turned into a skeleton.”

“What? Ants? Carnivorous ants? Isn’t this kind of banned breeding a long time ago?”

The office was shocked to discuss, and was not optimistic about the murder of the gang members. From the crime method, it was possible to infer the control weapons possessed. It was simply arrogant——

“The mayoral election is approaching. I don’t know what these guys want to do—who?”

Chief Rhino was halfway through, and looked at the door vigilantly, only to see a vegetable beast looking up at him with blinking eyes.

The director frowned: “Who brought the pet in?”

Officer Cheetah said immediately: “It’s a lost child, its pet.”

Then he got up and sent Zhu Yang out: “Go! Go outside and play.”

Zhu Yang didn’t linger, and rushed out, but his face was already ugly.

In fact, just being inside was because the inner fluctuation was too great, and he didn’t pay attention to the convergence of the good breath, and was noticed by the sharp and old Rhino Chief.

In any case, this copy really seems to have been specially prepared for her. Of course, this is not the first time, but this time, everybody has thought of ways to restrain her.

Naturally, Zhu Yang is not afraid to meet the challenge, but from the case just now, she knows her abilities now that she has three mechanical coping methods.

She also thought about getting into the gang to achieve her goal. Now it seems that if she kicks the gym rashly, she might die with no bones left.

Also, there are so many species that dominate the world, and they must have experienced a cruel history of fighting. Animals are talented in various ways. It is only natural to invent weapons to restrain the enemy in war.

Although it seems to be a time of peace, it is just like human reality is still evolving weapons.

Corresponding to the strange talents of animals, and the cruel environment far beyond the adaptability of human beings, various powerful weapons have emerged.

Zhu Yang’s arrogance and negligence of abusing food for several consecutive games suddenly stopped at this moment, realizing that he was still a little floating.

Of course, floating is her normal state, there is no gravity to prevent people like her from going to the sky, but because this gutter capsizes, it is ugly.

Zhu Yang went back to the little yellow chicken and saw that he was waiting for him obediently, peeling a candy and stuffing his mouth to reward him.

Miss Zebra came over, saw this scene, smiled: “This vegetable beast is really smart.”

Thinking of the wanted order issued yesterday, I couldn’t help muttering and complaining: “I don’t know what to think, but a few vegetable beasts are wanted. Don’t these things look the same? Where can I catch them?”

Seeing the little yellow chicken looking at her, Miss Zebra felt embarrassed in front of the child and touched her head and said, “Little Zhu Qiao, here is a host family for you. You will live there before you find your parents. is it good?”

Although most of its parents can’t be found, but for fear that it will be upset and crying, she still calmed down: “Don’t worry, the Wilsons are very gentle people, and they like children very much. You will have a very happy stay in their home .”

This is a normal process. It must be confirmed to be abandoned and then re-arranged to complete the corresponding documents. For this reason, it can only be sent to someone else’s home temporarily.

Zhu Yang’s initial idea was to live freely outside, but now he feels that it is more convenient to have a layer of social relations as a cover.

So he signaled that the little yellow chicken agreed to the police station’s arrangement, and after waiting at the police station for a few hours, he finally waited for the Wilsons who came after get off work.

It seems that Miss Zebra’s arrangement is very appropriate, because the Wilsons are actually a pair of **** and hen.

He looks like he’s in his forties, a middle-class family, and he has a stable job.

Not bad, Zhu Yang nodded.


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