Scream Queen Chapter 109

The couple fell in love with Xiao Ji as soon as they saw it, and praised it as the most beautiful child they had ever seen.

Therefore, when Miss Zebra told them vaguely that the little yellow chicken might be abandoned, she felt more distressed.

On the way, Mrs. Wilson also bought the little chicken and children’s favorite chestnut rice to feed the lollipop, about the size of an electric light bulb, and took out the sugar paper and handed it to the little yellow chicken——

“Isn’t it, my little friend? My name is Amy Wilson. I am glad to meet you. This is a gift for you.”

The little yellow chicken glanced at Zhu Yang and took the lollipop with her consent and thanked Mrs. Wilson.

However, several adults saw that it got the sugar and didn’t eat it first, but instead fed it to the beast on the side.

Zhu Yang moved his son to be sensible. Generally, he would eat the things he handed over, and would open his mouth subconsciously.

I heard being stopped by Miss Zebra: “Hey! You eat it yourself, how dirty it is to eat with the vegetable beast.”

Although this vegetable beast looks delicate and beautiful, it is also fragrant, and looks cleaner than it.

But as we all know, it is a bad habit to eat with pets, especially children.

Mrs. Wilson quickly took out another lollipop and handed it to the vegetable beast, and the little yellow chicken ate it with confidence.

Miss Zebra explained like the Wilsons: “I know that having pets will cause you trouble, but this child seems to be very dependent on this vegetable beast. Today he stayed here for most of the day, and he didn’t run around and bite things. obedient.”

Mrs. Wilson quickly said: “It’s just a vegetable beast. Although there are not many pets, but the temperament is gentle. Our family used to raise children, and the cage is still there. It is impossible to lock it up.”

He touched the head of the little yellow chicken who was cleverly eating a lollipop: “This kid is upset now, of course he can’t take away the only thing he is familiar with.”

Miss Zebra was grateful again and again: “That will cause you trouble.”

Zhu Yang listened to the courtesy of the few people, and ate the chestnut lollipops.

Not to mention, the taste is not bad, it is similar to the peanut lollipop. The taste of chestnut rice is sweet and delicious, but she will definitely not finish eating such a big candy.

After the greeting, the Wilsons took them out of the police station and got into the parked car outside.

It was a small family car. It looked half old and not new, and the cost was not high. It was a typical transportation tool for ordinary families.

The Wilsons thought that the little yellow chicken would cry and cry, but they didn’t expect to be obedient and even shared the snacks in their bags with them.

Not asking where they are going, maybe making noise and wanting to go home or something, it makes the couple feel more distressed about the child’s sensible and cute child.

Wilson’s house is a bit far from the downtown area, and it took almost an hour to drive back from the police station.

However, it is precisely for this reason that their house is not a dense apartment house like the city center. It is a spacious single-floor two-story building with white houses and red tiles. The surrounding neighbors are all the same houses, not far away. There is a lawn park everywhere, which looks comfortable and livable.

After entering the door, the interior decoration layout is not luxurious, but warm and comfortable, full of life atmosphere, it can be seen that the couple are quite good at living.

It’s just that there are some large pieces of furniture, there are some traces of repairs on the walls, and the floor is a bit old, but it is neatly cleaned up and does not appear to be desolate.

The little yellow chicken doesn’t understand this. It can live in a cave, a mansion, and even a beast bag. As long as you follow your mother, you won’t pick anywhere.

Due to picking up the little yellow chicken, it was already later than usual to go home. Mrs. Wilson put the little yellow chicken on the sofa, turned on the TV and let it play first and cook by herself.

And Mr. Wilson changed his suit and went upstairs to make a bed for the little yellow chicken.

The beds and sofas of the birds are nest-shaped, and they look very comfortable. The little yellow chicken sits in the bean-green hen-coop sofa with a comfortable look.

Zhu Yang was considering going back to the real world to find a manufacturer to customize a set of this, after all, this style fits its physiological structure.

Mrs. Wilson is a very virtuous person and soon made dinner. In order to welcome the little yellow chicken, it took out the most abundant ingredients at home.

I can see that they like them very much, and the little yellow chickens like them very much, but when Mrs. Wilson took out a pet meal box and placed it in front of Zhu Yang, the expression on Zhu Yang’s face was empty.

She also eats the cooked chestnut rice, just as she is eating a multi-grain meal, and it can be mixed with salad. Anyway, this is what she eats daily.

Maybe you can’t stop scooping up a spoonful of bugs for her? Those insects are cabbage insects that grow up on vegetables and are nutritious and delicious for chickens.

It can be seen that the little yellow chicken is quite satisfied, not only satisfied with it, but also urged her to eat quickly.

In this way, Zhu Yang remembered that it had just been born and only learned to walk when it was in the jungle. It also pecked an ant from the ground and handed it to her from time to time, wanting to feed it to her.

Baby! Xiaoxin mother accepted it, but this stuff is really out of the scope of her recipe.

Mrs. Wilson saw this: “This vegetable beast has a bad appetite. Did you just arrive in a new environment and feel uneasy?”

Her husband said: “Maybe, I didn’t even smell it. Put the lunch box in front of it at night, and eat it when you are hungry.”

“Didn’t the Sams also raise a vegetable beast? Maybe it would be better to have fun with your companions.”

“Okay, but you will come back tomorrow by buying a pair of pet trousers. The vegetable beast of Sam’s is an adult, and he always hears that he wants to breed it. Don’t get our vegetable beast pregnant.”

Zhu Yang: “…”

I want to hit the wall everyday!

After dinner, Mr. Wilson went to wash the dishes, and Mrs. Wilson played with the little yellow chicken.

It can be seen that their family is not without children, because there are a lot of old toys that can be taken out by Mrs. Wilson, and they are all well preserved by Mrs. Wilson.

I just don’t know why, the living room doesn’t even have a photo of the whole family, only a photo of the couple.

Either the child died in order to avoid touching the scene, or the relationship between the parent and child was bad, combined with the wear and tear of many furniture in the home, and the restoration of the wall and floor, Zhu Yang preferred the second.

Mrs. Wilson is holding a drawing card to teach the little yellow chicken to read. The text in this world is simple, it is English, and there is no pressure on Zhu Yang.

But at this point, she was rather ashamed.

What did she do with the little yellow chicken all day long? Eating, drinking and playing, arrogant, but never considered going to school.

One point of fighting skills is easy, and it can be said that it is the talent of a mutant fighting race, and the cultural knowledge cannot keep up. It is her dereliction of duty as a mother.

She looked at the little yellow chicken and was pleased with its speed of recognizing words, and she had already arranged the course for the future.

The little yellow chicken was playing with Mrs. Wilson, and suddenly felt a cold on his back. There was a tragic illusion that some freedom was about to disappear. He touched his head, and his face was innocent and inexplicable.

Mrs. Wilson saw that the little yellow chicken learns quickly, and compared with ordinary children of this age, his words are clear and logical, so she asked if he had gone to school.

The little yellow chicken was about to shake his head, so he was secretly poked by Zhu Yang: “Well! Someone goes to school.”

However, it is a private tutor hired by the family.

Mrs. Wilson said to her husband: “Then why don’t we send it to the community kindergarten? There is no need to ask others during the day, and you can play with other children.”

Mr. Wilson hesitated. After all, he was not sure how long Xiao Ji would stay here, but after calling the kindergarten and asking about the short-term enrollment, he made a decision without worry.

At nine o’clock in the evening, the couple arranged for the little yellow chicken to go back to the room to sleep. Seeing that it was still obedient and well-behaved, they did not clamor to continue playing.

Mrs. Wilson couldn’t help but sighed: “Jack was so obedient before, why did he later–”

Before he finished speaking, Mr. Wilson patted it on the shoulder and stopped it: “Forget it, don’t think about it, it’s an incurable **** now, just treat it as if it had never been a child.”

It seems that the family situation is almost the same as Zhu Yang guessed.

The couple originally wanted to clean up the pet cage and let the vegetable beast live in it, but under the guarantee of various coquetry from the little yellow chicken, they also agreed to let Zhu Yang sleep with it in the bedroom.

Mr. Wilson also thoughtfully brought in the plate of food she hadn’t eaten and put it in the corner, fearing that she could not find anything to eat when she was hungry at night.

What can Zhu Yang do? When I didn’t eat it tomorrow, I guess the other party would consider taking her to the pet hospital, so I could only find the portion and put it away. For this reason, I directly used a space ring to store the garbage that is temporarily inconvenient for disposal.

After dinner, Zhu Yang was a little hungry, so he took out a piece of food from the space ring.

After eating, I took a shower and then came back to sleep. Fortunately, there is a bathroom in the bedroom.

At night, the mother and son slept soundly in a nest-shaped bed when they heard a rough kicking sound from downstairs, accompanied by a wave of cursing.

Zhu Yang and the others were awakened for the first time, but they didn’t move. Then, it didn’t take long for them to hear the Wilsons go downstairs and open the door in a hurry, and then there was a quarrel in the living room.

“Speak down, there are guests at home.”

“Guest? Who allowed you to move my room?”

“What’s your room? This house has no place for you. Let me go.” Mr. Wilson pointed to the people behind his son: “When will you not mix with these people, let me mention it again.”

The people behind were unhappy: “How do you say it, Mr. Wilson, thanks to our care for your son outside, this is a fateful friendship, and I am grateful as a parent.”

“That is, don’t say how much it means that when the benefactor is in difficulty, it is always obligatory to borrow some money, right?”

“We don’t want much. A few thousand dollars is enough. I heard that you just received your salary recently. You should be able to get this money?”

Mr. Wilson waited for his son, looking mad at him, even talking about his parents’ salary and payday, that this idiot had a brotherly obligatory posture.

Said to Wilson and his wife: “Don’t worry, it’s really not a mess this time. My friend had an accident and needed a surgery fee. A few thousand yuan is really not enough. I have to make up.”

Co-authors still feel that they are worthy of their parents without having to find them all burdens?

Mr. Wilson had no words to say to this hopeless idiot, and waved his hand out and said, “Go away! I have no money, you are looking for the wrong place.”

But since he came to the door, the other party couldn’t give up so easily, so he stretched out a hand to resist the door that was about to close.

Three chickens squeezed in: “Stop talking nonsense, you must take this money out today.”

“What are you doing? I called the police.” Mrs. Wilson said in surprise, but suddenly a knife was held against her neck.

“Hello!” Wilson’s child said dissatisfied.

The other two chickens smiled at it: “Don’t worry, it’s just a gesture, in order to prevent them from calling the police, it won’t really hurt your mother.”

Then he said to Mr. Wilson: “Do you want money or your wife’s life?”

Mr. Wilson was trembling with anger: “You–”

“You are really hopeless scumbags!” A tender voice came from the stairs.

The Wilsons wanted to turn their heads, but they only felt that they were dark, and then they lost consciousness.

Suddenly, the two fainted to the ground, and the three chickens saw the guy on the stairs clearly.

She was covered with soft yellow hair, without a trace of variegated color, she was spoiled at first glance, and a pet vegetable beast stood beside her.

Although the clothes are not as gorgeous as you saw before, you can confirm that it is the one before.

The tragic lesson is still vivid, and the three chickens suddenly shrunk into a pile in panic——

“You, why are you here?”

“Huh?” The little yellow chicken made a threatening expression: “What about you? No rules?”

The three chickens suddenly softened their legs and fell to their knees: “Brother Chicken!”

Zhu Yang threw something and closed the door, and then went downstairs with the little yellow chicken to temporarily lift the Wilsons to the sofa and set them up.

The two of them got her sleep needle, which is a kind of sleep aid gadget that can make people sleep so hard that they can’t wake up with thunder in their ears.

But after a nap, mental fatigue will be significantly relieved, and Zhu Yang occasionally secretly uses it for Zhu Dad who is too stressed at work.

After that, she sat on a single sofa, sitting with her legs crossed in the typical elder brother’s posture, standing next to her arrogant son, and three trembling little shrimps kneeling on the opposite side.

The red rooster’s comb was cut off by her, and there was a bandage on his head, and the brown rooster was the son of the Wilsons.

The chicken is only in those colors, so Zhu Yang didn’t think much about it. He didn’t expect the world to be so small.

Of course, this is also the inertia of the game. It seems that these three gangsters may still be the key figures in the plot.

Zhu Yang interrogated the three chickens under the interpreter of Little Chicken, “Do you still remember what I told you yesterday? I haven’t called out here yet. Who allowed you to show up in front of me?”

Is this the **** what they think? I had known that the two old immortals had picked up two ferocious Tyrannosaurus and returned, and they would not go home to ask for money.

But the brown rooster seemed to be extra stupid, shaking his body and replied, “But this is my house—”

“Huh? Your house? The fool who was kicked out of the house gave me a bit of a count. Your parents are pitiful enough to give birth to a piece of char siu. What do you mean by sticking it to your hand?”

“Before the char siu, let me follow the basic law of char siu, and let me know when I roll it?”

The three chickens looked dumbfounded!

No, although it is clear from the context that the vegetable beast boss is scolding them, why is it barbecued pork?

Zhu Yang was impatiently entangled with the three guys: “Forget it, let the three of you out, the unfortunate one is also someone else, just do it!”

After speaking, a sack popped out in their hands, and the knife seemed to them to be bigger than a toothpick, but they had no doubt that this guy could kill them with the toothpick.

So he was so scared that his soul was scattered on the ground again and again.

Zhu Yang was about to speak when he suddenly saw a bag on their waist, and under the action, an outline appeared.

So Xiang Xiaoji winked, Xiaoji immediately went to grab the bags of the three guys.

These three guys were so desperate, but at this moment they wanted to resist desperately.

Zhu Yang smashed a chicken and a walnut. After three screams, Bao Quan was in Xiao Ji’s hands, and the three guys rolled on the ground with their heads in their hands.

Zhu Yang took the bags and opened them one by one, but he didn’t expect to have a major gain.

The first bag contained a batch of guns/guns. Those guns were oddly shaped, and they were not equipped with ordinary bullets. Instead, they were energy boxes that she could not recognize.

It seems that it should be a special purpose gun/gun, but she has no clues about its effectiveness, so she has to experiment.

The second bag is a neat pile of white powder, so carefully packed tightly, naturally it cannot be flour.

Zhu Yang opened the third bag again. Inside were bags of hay sheets, which looked like hemp, but the leaves were a bit different. Zhu Yang had seen that stuff.

He took out a bag and bumped it up, and asked the three guys: “What is this?”

“Cat, catnip!” the three of them said, clutching their swollen heads.

Zhu Yang frowned: “You are sick, aren’t you? The two bags of weapon poison/products in front are fine, so what are you doing with a big bag of hay?”

The three chickens said blankly: “This is also a poison/product. It was listed as a first-class contraband several decades ago, because it can cause hallucinations and abnormal behaviors to cats, but cats maintain public order. This is not only a poison/product but even a weapon.”

Zhu Yang: “…”

Well, she doesn’t have common sense anymore. According to her understanding, catnip is not addictive. Isn’t it different here? But the appeal of catnip to cats is true.

If you throw in the smoke made by this thing in a cat job, it will definitely cause confusion, and it makes sense to be banned.

Zhu Yang thought of the two clusters of catnip planted in his garden. If converted into this world, it would be the illegal cultivation of the original poisonous plants.

She drew a gun, pointed it at the three guys, and played with them for a while in their horrified eyes.

Then he asked, “Let’s talk about it, how did these come from.”

The three guys did not dare to play tricks in front of this refined vegetable beast, they could only explain one by one.

It turned out that after the three of them escaped from the abandoned factory building, they felt bad luck. After going to the familiar black clinic to bandage the wound, they didn’t have much money left on them.

It was night again, and I could only use the remaining money to buy a few cans of beer and dangle around outside.

It happened that I ran into a gangster at the entrance of an unmanned alley.

Originally, with the trio of talents, this kind of thing naturally didn’t dare to come out, but before they secretly escaped, there was a problem with the transaction.

It didn’t happen that the money the other party brought to the transaction was fake/banknotes. Both parties became angry and furious. As a result, the trading members both hung up. The only one who escaped was also seriously injured.

The few guys were so drunk and courageous at the moment, they went up to stun the injured animal and grabbed something from it and ran away.

After a night of excitement, my mind calmed down and I realized that even if these things are in their hands, once they dare to sell the stolen goods, they can be found by the black/gang who tracked down the lost goods.

And I was so flustered at the time that I didn’t know if the animal died in the end. Even if it was too dark to see their appearance, at least they knew their species.

It is really reluctant to give up the chance of getting a fortune, let alone being threatened by the vegetable beast before, and staying here is in danger of being found at any time.

The three chickens simply decided to take things far away and go to other cities to sell the stolen goods. As long as they are not too high-profile and ship slowly in batches, it is not easy to attract the attention of the above.

But the three guys were so poor that they didn’t even have the travel expenses to go to other places. They borrowed money to escape from the surrounding people and the goal was too big, so they hit their parents’ side with their ideas, and ran away immediately if they wanted some travel expenses.

Then I ran into the scary vegetable beast and the chicken cub.

Zhu Yang nodded. He glanced at the goods in his hand and knew that his opportunity had come.

So he drew out a wad of money and threw it in front of the three chickens: “Idiots, I still consciously won’t be exposed. At such a late hour, the nearby cameras can always screen out a group of suspicious candidates.”

“Even if you come back from the secret road after you get the goods, as long as you act, you won’t be tricked.”

The three guys first looked at the money on the ground with their eyes shining. At this moment, they heard the words translated by the little chicken cubs, and they suddenly broke out in cold sweat.

These little gangsters have a high survival wisdom. After the benefits are in vain, they naturally touch the dark road, avoid the camera, and even go into the sewer to hide their trace.

But as she said, it was too late at the time. It was already seven or eight when they were taken out of the vegetable beast, and they were bandaging their wounds and drinking and walking.

Even if there are people coming and going on the street during the day, it is already midnight, and only a few people pass by? You will know who it is after screening.

This is the premise that the last person died. If the guy who was seriously injured and beaten a brick by them did not die, the screening range would be even smaller, and they could even be locked directly.

Zhu Yang saw that the scared feathers of the three guys had faded, and he smiled: “If you are lucky, if you want to keep your dog-chicken’s life, just listen to me.”

“The money on the ground is the activity fund. Come here and listen to what I arrange for you to do.”

The three guys hurriedly stepped forward, and the three-meter-high giant chicken said to Zhu Yang who was less than two meters high: “Boss vegetable beast, we listen to what you say.”

Zhu Yang looked disgusted, this kind of guy is not qualified as her little brother, but the identity is convenient, and the timing is coincidental, but it can be used.

So Zhu Yang arranged a series of moves like this. Although the three guys looked blank, she didn’t mean to explain.

After saying that, let the three of them keep it in mind, and repeat it again, then they drove them away——

“Oh right! I won’t mention it in advance this time. I told you before about the basic law of barbecued pork, remember?”

“Remember, remember!” The three chickens pecked at rice and wiped their sleeves on the dirty floor before they were allowed to pee out of the house.

But as soon as I went out, looking at the wad of money in his hand, I became happy again.

Zhu Yang put the three bags away and kept them for later use, and moved the Wilsons back to the bedroom, before returning to the room to continue sleeping.

Early the next morning, the Wilsons woke up, feeling refreshed, and hadn’t slept so comfortably in a long time.

But suddenly I remembered the terrible thing that my son had come back with a pig friend and a dog friend to ask for money last night, but I don’t know what happened later, and I woke up in the bedroom well.

As long as they had a very real dream, the couple went downstairs and saw that there were no traces in the living room, so they no longer wanted to throw it aside.

Mrs. Wilson came to get Xiao Ji to get up after making breakfast, but she saw the door open from the inside without knocking.

Child Zhu Qiao had washed his face, dressed and cleaned up, and even changed his clothes with the pet robe animal and walked out of it.

Mrs. Wilson covered her mouth and smiled: “Xiao Ji is so diligent, she doesn’t sleep on the bed, she also cleans up the pets, so good.”

The little yellow chicken replied with a sunny face: “Mom said to go to bed early and get up early to be a good, clean baby.”

Mrs. Wilson praised it with a smile on her face, and her heart became more distressed-this child, she didn’t know she was abandoned by her mother at this moment.

It’s so good that it hurts.

Breakfast is not as brutal as last night, just plain bread, bacon sausage, and salad.

Zhu Yang can also eat, but the tableware must not be used by a pet.

She took the little yellow chicken’s backpack as a cover, took a plate and a soup bowl from it, and said it was her exclusive tableware.

Mrs. Wilson touched its head: “Xiao Ji really likes pets. He brought pet clothes and utensils when he came out. Why didn’t you take them out last night?”

Will it work after taking it out last night?

Zhu Yang had served his breakfast, and thought of another question, and hurriedly motioned to Xiao Ji to help her ask: “What kind of meat is this bacon and sausage? It’s not vegetable meat, right?”

The Wilsons glanced at each other and laughed: “Why? Vegetable meat is so expensive. Why? Does Xiaoji want to eat vegetable meat?”

The little yellow chicken shook his head in horror: “No, no, I don’t eat it. My family can’t eat vegetable meat, absolutely not.”

“Oh~~, it turns out that you have religious beliefs in your family.” The couple nodded: “That’s fine. Never buy vegetables or meat.”

Zhu Yang breathed a sigh of relief and started to eat breakfast, but don’t let her half eat and find that it was human meat sausage, then Nima would have fun.

After dinner, Mr. Wilson went to work, but Mrs. Wilson was off today and took Xiao Ji and Zhu Yang out for a walk.

And feel like going to the kindergarten nearby.

The residents here are generally bird animals, and one of the characteristics of bird animals is that they like to gather crowds to gossip.

A person like Mrs. Wilson who seemed so kind, took Xiaoji out for a walk along the way, but also encountered an animal several tens of meters away, and then the parents said a few words.

Some children from the Peacock family were discovered by scouts to become models. The children from the Baihe family won the first place in the calligraphy competition last time, and the children from the Jinji family entered a famous private high school.

In addition, Mrs. Parrots cheated on eight parrots. Her husband was panicked with green head. The eagle’s domestic violence wife is now getting divorced. The Bobcats are still submitting applications for admission but they were rejected by the community management.

With so many birds, it’s not easy to break even when children fight and are scratched by their kittens, right? I don’t know why I have to live here.

After gossiping all the way, I saw a peacock walking arrogantly with his chin raised.

This peacock is really beautiful, with bright feathers all over it, like a shining gem in the morning sun.

The crest on his head is stylish and beautiful, and the clothes he wears just set off its beautiful peacock feathers, just like a natural expensive dress.

Mrs. Duck, who was chatting with Mrs. Wilson, tweeted, “God really appreciate the food.”

Generally, as long as the peacock doesn’t look too ugly, even if you don’t learn and know nothing, you can support yourself by going to work with a dancer, let alone other opportunities.

The stars of bird animals are mostly peacocks and cranes and parrots, and other birds are too low in competitiveness in the face of these guys.

Especially the peacock who lives near them, the whole family is beautiful, the parents work decent, and the daughter has just been discovered.

I met this one now, his youngest son, who is in high school, but I don’t know why he hasn’t gone to school yet, instead he is walking here with his pet.

Suddenly, the peacock’s gaze fell to this side, standing and thinking for a while, then came towards them.

To Mrs. Wilson: “Is this your pet? It’s so beautiful.”

Mrs. Wilson glanced at Zhu Yang and smiled and said, “Didn’t my family report to a volunteer family before? Yesterday there was a child in the police station who needed to stay overnight. This is Xiaoji. This is Xiaoji’s pet.” It touched Xiaoji. Ji head: “Little Ji, call brother!”

“Brother Peacock!” said the little yellow chicken obediently.

The peacock nodded arrogantly: “You are very tasteful, unlike other idiots, you know how clever the vegetable beast is, and you also raise it so carefully.”

The peacock’s gaze swept across Zhu Yang’s body, with surprise and appreciation: “The guys around me think that the vegetable beast is dull and dull, and it has no feathers and fluff, and is the most tasteless pet.”

“They know a fart! Vegetable beasts are the pets with the highest IQ, second only to primates. I think they can evolve into an existence equivalent to ours in just one step, and their body lines are beautiful. I see them and there will be a steady stream of inspiration.”

“Ah, of course not every one is like this. So far, the only one who can be my muse is my Adam. You are only the second one.”

Said it squatted down, approached Zhu Yang, his eyes glowed: “Oh look at this beautiful curve, elegant and powerful lines, my God, this skin is really perfect, pearls are more like it. Looks too lifeless.”

“And this clothes. Does your family also design clothes specifically for Caimon? It’s not a cheap item in the pet market, and it fully respects the body structure and aesthetic understanding of Caimon.”

“Gosh, this tailoring, this workmanship. Which master is this? Can you tell me?”

Zhu Yang looked at the peacock with an expression on his face, reaching out his hand to touch him, in order to survive and adapt to more work.

The wings and feathers of birds have evolved into thick, soft and flexible postures, and they can also be trimmed freely. Although the weight-bearing capacity is not as good as the natural physical body, it can perfectly adapt to daily life.

If it wasn’t for this guy who was not of the same species as himself, and he was beautiful and had a real feeling of rainbow fart, Zhu Yang would definitely kill this guy’s peacock head.

However, I didn’t expect to see such a far-sighted guy in an animal boy, but his words made my heart move, as if thinking of something.

However, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Duck laughed embarrassedly: “Xiao Ji has lost his home with his family. It doesn’t know this either.”

The son of the Peacock family is beautiful and talented. He is a design major and has won many generals.

But he is naturally arrogant and somewhat neurotic. He usually doesn’t bother to talk to people, but once interested, he doesn’t care about the left and right to talk, especially for the vegetable beast, and thinks that those who can’t appreciate the vegetable beast are stupid.

Sure enough, the peacock named Owen was extremely disappointed when he heard the words, but the next second he regained his spirits: “So, Mrs. Wilson, I have something to do at my house today. I wanted to take Adam to the pet shop for a day. I didn’t expect your house. There are such beautiful vegetable beasts.”

“Can you take care of Adam for a day? Just to get in touch with your female beasts. I think they are the most beautiful I have ever seen. If they can be bred, they will be good.”

Mrs. Wilson hesitated when she heard it, but Peacock had already made a unilateral decision, and she couldn’t refuse.

She could only comfort herself by buying a pair of pet pants for Xiao Ji’s vegetable beast after a while.

Zhu Yang continued to be speechless, only then did he see a person coming out from behind the peacock.

Because of its tall stature and gorgeous fluffy feathers, the peacock has never seen a person behind it.

Rao Zhu Yang has seen countless beautiful men and handsome men around him, and he has to feel that this pet human looks good.

Slender and sturdy figure, black and smooth hair like a black jade tied into a high ponytail, a pair of lazy peach eyes, and he wears clothes designed by peacocks.

Seeing that he was less than twenty years old, his eyes were a little confused as if he hadn’t woken up yet, but from the outside, he couldn’t tell that he was a human being in this world. On the contrary, he looked like a bright star in reality.

The peacock dragged Adam in front of him: “Adam, today you are playing with this little vegetable beast, and you must behave well. My Owen’s pet must also be good for women.”

Adam didn’t even shake it, but after seeing Zhu Yang, his face was shocked, and he became sober a lot, and enthusiastically moved towards him.

Owen greeted him and was about to leave, but he was blasted away with a perfunctory wave of his hand.

Mrs. Wilson covered her mouth and smiled: “Xiao Ji’s pet is really welcome.”

After so much effort, I saw that Adam was picking flowers and giving snacks. Are pets so smart these days?

But Zhu Yang had a cold face, and he didn’t even have a sense of superiority that was picked up by a handsome guy. What is the difference between Nima and a monkey teasing you?

Monkeys are better, they can be viewed as animals, and this one with a handsome face, as long as you think that the other person has the same brain as an orangutan, you have a feeling of beating your chest with the violent nature of the heavens.

Her indifference was like pots of cold water, finally extinguishing Adam’s enthusiasm.

Mrs. Wilson saw that she was unable to show her affection, and she was always pushed aside by Xiaoji, so frustrated that the ponytail was out of energy, lamenting that Owen always praised her pets for being smart and looking too spiritual.

The little yellow chicken still doesn’t understand what courtship is, nor does it understand that a green light has just been wiped on his father’s head. Whether it falls down depends entirely on his mother’s mood.

I just thought this guy was here to grab his mother’s attention, so naturally he was not happy.

After walking, Mrs. Wilson brought Xiao Ji and two vegetable beasts to the kindergarten, which was already beginning to class.

Because it is a community kindergarten, most of the children in it are birds.

A parrot teacher received them. After a round of tours inside, Mrs. Wilson was quite satisfied with the environment here.

Just about to decide to borrow here, Zhu Yang heard a burst of training shouts from the playground not far away.

She looked back and saw a group of bird children practicing in the playground wearing exercise clothes. To be honest, the movements were jerky and the strength was immature. Of course, they were not comparable to the little yellow chickens.

But Lu Datou and she taught the little yellow chickens, even if they do their best, the leap of species will naturally limit their development of the real talent of the little yellow chickens.

On the other hand, these young children’s exercises, although good and bad movements are uneven, but after Zhu Yang’s careful taste, it turns out that for the little yellow chicken, it is relatively more scientific than what they taught.

So Zhu Yang understood that the opportunities for the little yellow chicken in this world were really everywhere, and naturally he couldn’t give up understanding this opportunity.

She hastily poked the little yellow chicken in the belly, and said to it: “Quickly, ask Mrs. Wilson what those are, and look very interested.”

The little yellow chicken immediately did it, and Mrs. Wilson smiled and replied: “This is a martial arts training school for children. The teacher is a retired chicken detective. He is very good at beating bad people. Why is Xiaoji interested?”

Zhu Yang hurriedly made it nod, at least first see the chicken detective’s ability.

Only after the implementation, when I turned around, I saw Adam looking at himself in shock–

“You, have you evolved successfully?”


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