Scream Queen Chapter 11

Zhu Yang picked up a pillow on the sofa and threw it over.

“Who asked you to come here? Didn’t you tell you to stay home and don’t run around?”

Zhu Weiyang did not retreat but moved forward, poking his lips and said: “I don’t know if you have committed such a big thing or else, let’s talk about those things? Shovel things clean first.”

He pointed at Xie Yi again: “Who is this man? The accomplice still needs to be sealed?”

Seeing this kid, Xie Yi really came from his sister in a certain line, but there was nothing wrong with him here, so he simply left.

Zhu Weixin also wanted to ask his sister if he wanted to stop people and intimidate him, but when he turned around, he saw that the long-haired corpse was missing on the TV.

He couldn’t help rubbing his eyes and pointing at the TV: “Where is the corpse here?”

Zhu Yang opened his hand and said, “What is a corpse? You’re stunned by the plane. My party just broke up, so you came to get bad luck. Have you had breakfast?”

“No, it was clearly on TV just now—”

Halfway through the conversation, she saw her sister staring at him with a look of suspicion that he was drinking, drinking, or fainting. Zhu Weixin closed his mouth and went to the TV to touch it without believing in evil.

But he didn’t touch anything except the smooth screen, and the shocking body seemed to be an illusion of him as soon as he entered.

Then he thought that so many people just went out, who could be so calm if there were really corpses, so he was a little shaken.

He leaped over and hugged his sister: “Sister, you shouldn’t get any dirty things, right? So the girl has been living alone for a long time, and I have enough yang. I will stay with you for a while to help you reconcile reconcile.”

Zhu Yang touched the firmer tendon on his arm. According to the stickiness of these two goods, he couldn’t tear it off for a while.

So he hung a waiting pendant behind his back, dragged it to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, and made breakfast for him.

Their home city is quite far away, and it takes several hours to fly by plane, plus the distance from the airport and boarding preparations.

This little stupid appeared here early in the morning, needless to say, he must have ran out in the middle of the night last night and started tossing.

Zhu Yang felt that he was getting in the way and felt a little distressed. When frying the poached eggs, Zhu Yang asked, “I haven’t eaten anything since last night?”

“Eat, there is an in-flight meal on the plane.”

“Is that stuff eaten by people?” Zhu Yang curled his lips, and then added a few pieces of bacon and sausage to the pot.

Zhu Weixinle broke: “Add more and more. I like to eat meat. Are there dumplings in the refrigerator? I just saw it. Cook some for me.”

Unlike most people who have a poor diet after rushing on the road, I wish Weixin Zhou will have a great appetite after being exhausted.

Zhu Yang also knew him, so he steamed all the frozen food prepared by his aunt. There were quite a few varieties. He also made soy milk and cut several kinds of fruits. It was a very rich table.

Zhu Weixin was rushed by his sister to take a bath and sleep after breakfast. He had his own room here, but he came in a hurry and didn’t clean it up, so he slipped into his sister’s bed sternly.

The mess after the party will naturally be cleaned up later. Zhu Yang brought a glass of juice and went to the balcony on the second floor.

Sit on the rattan chair, leaning on the mat and enjoying the morning sun.

Having been entangled by the female ghost for several days, although it seemed that her side had the upper hand during the whole process, the tight rhythm was not comfortable, and she didn’t feel relieved until now.

However, what Xie Yi said when he left was really interesting, but the guy didn’t say anything.

This makes Zhu Yang a little mind, but at the same time he feels absurd.

Strictly speaking, she is not related to the mysterious circle hidden in the world, nor does she meet the screening criteria.

The reason why things turned out to be like this is that Julina was dragged into the water by the bitch, and the idiot girl ghost who couldn’t figure out what she should do was clinging to her.

But Xie Yi said that this existence is not justified?

Only when I figured it out, there was a voice in Zhu Yang’s mind, or it could be said that it was a period of consciousness, as Zhu Lina said, he knew it naturally.

The main idea is to congratulate her on her victory in the trial. Now the player reserve Julina has officially transferred her selection quota. Once accepted, she will become an official player of the game.

This game has no specific name and no complicated rules. It will only regularly pull people to the virtual world to complete tasks.

Of course there are certain risks in the task, but at the same time it is accompanied by opportunities and rewards. Ask her if she accepts it.

Once accepted, the rewards of the trials will be honored at this time.

After Zhu Yang digested this consciousness, it took him a long time to come back to his senses, only to feel that he was going to die.

Is this really endless? Not to mention that the **** of Julina dared to shamelessly lead the disaster to her side.

She’s really looking at her after a broken game, right? Zhu Yang doesn’t believe that this thing is so easy to transfer places, who will go to the so-called game if he doesn’t go there for a good day?

The selection alone is a female ghost who can scare people to death. What will happen to the official competition?

The first premise of those players’ reserves is that they have survived a major accident or disease. That is to say, even if this game is beyond the scope of human understanding, it is impossible to plunder ordinary humans’ choices and freedom for no reason.

Zhu Yang will only accept it when he has a brain hole.

Just about to say no, the phone next to him rang first, and the caller ID was Xie Xiaomeng.

Zhu Yang was in a bad mood, and his voice became a little impatient when he connected to the phone: “Say!”

“Zhu Yang, Zhu Yang!” Xie Xiaomeng’s panic and crying voice came from over there, and she said incoherently: “Zhulina is dead, right in front of my eyes.”

“After we got out of your house, we both took a taxi. She got off at home and waved to me outside. Then, she crossed the road and suddenly stood in the middle of the road for a while, really , Just for a while.”

“When she recovered and thought that she had just walked two steps, she was hit by a large truck that hadn’t stopped the car. The ground was full of blood, I didn’t dare to look over, I didn’t dare to– ooh~”

Zhu Yang’s whole body is like falling into the ice cellar, her throat is so dry that she hurts: “How long ago?”

“Just now, less than five minutes ago, Zhu Yang, did you say that the female ghost was not dead? She asked us for her life? Zhulina, I, you, we can’t run away?”

At this time, it was almost the moment when she received the consciousness fragment, which means that the second after Zhu Lina transferred her place, she was hit and killed by a car.

The life that was once regained by escape was taken back in a blink of an eye.

Zhu Yang calmed down Xie Xiaomeng hastily, let her go home first, hung up the phone and was silent for a while, then suddenly smashed the phone out.

At this time, the options in my mind began to urge again-

[Whether to choose to become an official player! 】

[Whether to choose to become an official player! 】

[Whether to choose to become an official player! 】

The farther behind, the urging meaning becomes more obvious, with a sharp and anxious meaning, which makes people upset.

And this is obviously a consciousness, even without his own timbre, Zhu Yang felt a sinister threat for no reason.

If she refused, she would die immediately like Julina?

[Can I transfer the quota to others? Zhu Yang asked this in his heart.

The response I got was no. There were no people around who met the transfer conditions. As for what the conditions were, no answer was given.

Zhu Yang even had the heart to blow up the house for a while.

No, when Zhu Lina refused, she stood on the main road and was hit by a truck and died. Then she was sitting in her own home? Will a meteorite suddenly fall and kill her?

It’s not surprising that she was killed alone, and her stupid brother was still asleep in the room. Even if Zhu Yang had a hostile heart, he did not dare to take risks.

The alveolar was almost crumbling, and finally chose to agree.

The reward for killing the female ghost immediately came out.

[Task evaluation is S grade, earn 20,000 points, explode the skill book of Sadako (pseudo), and get some abilities of Sadako (pseudo). 】

Zhu Yang’s mouth twitched. This is a really good game, and he knows that his ghost is a fake.

However, the reward for possessing the female ghost skill is also surprising. Although the specific standard of the game is not clear, don’t look at the female ghost being played around by her.

But having some ghost skills means that in the future there will be more or less the capital to resist these supernatural things.

For example, Xie Yi, Zhu Yang guessed that he must also have some power from the game, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to control the female ghost calmly.

But how are the points used?

Zhu Yang still wanted to ponder, but there was no response in her mind. She wondered if this thing would have to wait for the next start before she can continue to explore it?

After selling himself, Zhu Yang still felt uncomfortable in his heart, and for a while he lost the thought of relaxing in the sun.

When I went downstairs to see that the mess in the living room was almost cleaned up, Zhu Yang was about to pour a glass of water.

But when she passed the TV, she was so awkward that she tried to stretch her hand to the TV screen——

What happened immediately was shocking, but it was quite as expected by Zhu Yang.

Her hand directly penetrated the TV screen!

There was an aunt in the house coming and going to clean, she hurriedly pulled out her hand and ran upstairs to hide in her bathroom.

Trying to do this with the mirror again, she can actually touch the other end of the mirror, and she can even touch herself in the mirror.

Zhu Yang was curious for a while, a little excited, but at the same time he felt this ability–a bit disgusting.

Maybe she has been harassed by a female ghost for a long time. The moment she touched herself in the mirror, she was afraid that herself in the mirror would become blue-faced and fangs again.

But when she tried on the wall, she no longer had this kind of penetrating power, which proved Zhu Yang’s guess.

Isn’t the place she can reach in is the passage to the inner world? Things like mirrors are pretty wicked.

Until noon, Zhu Weixin woke up, and Zhu Yang stopped exploring and pondering his skills.

The two of them ate lunch made by their aunt, and Zhu Yang began to push his brother back.

She is now on a major event, and she is really uncertain when she will die. She is panicked, and she is afraid of implicating him by keeping her brother in front of her.

Zhu Weixin didn’t do it. The others have already arrived. How could he be sent away?

After several smokes in the afternoon, I didn’t drive anyone away, and rolled his sister: “I have no clothes to wear. If you don’t want me to sleep in your pajamas tonight, let’s go buy clothes after dinner.”

Zhu Yang twisted his face: “I want to take you out and throw you into the bridge hole.”

But in the end, I thought it would be fine for him to play here for a while, anyway, the university is about to be off.

What’s more, she has just passed the trials, and she always has to give people time to breathe. It is estimated that the next round will be a while.

So he nodded, changed beautiful clothes and put on makeup in the afternoon, carried his bag and led his brother out to go shopping.

The two siblings are three years apart, and they have looked good since they were young. They are each other’s capital to show off.

When she was in elementary school, she liked to take people to show off in front of her classmates from time to time, and Zhu Weixin also liked to show off her sister in front of kindergarten children.

The two were flying outside, when suddenly Zhu Yang received a message in his mind.

[The game will start at 14:00 tomorrow afternoon, and you will be drawn into the game space at that time. Please be concealed and stay alone in a private space. 】

Zhu Yang: “…”



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