Scream Queen Chapter 110

Adam’s voice was not only shocked by himself, even Zhu Yang could not have expected it.

She slowly turned her head and looked at the exquisite and beautiful dress of the owner, without the cringiness of a human being in this world she had seen.

However, he always showed great courtesy and was as silly as the courtship of the owner, the peacock, so that when Zhu Yang looked at this beautiful face, his mind could only correspond to the essence of the courting gorilla.

Didn’t expect this guy to have evolved a sapient human?

Both of them stared with the same shock on their faces, and the air was stagnant for a while.

No, that’s not right! Zhu Yang reacted.

What this guy just said to her was human language that animals could not understand. If the corresponding evolution is not completed and human beings are at the bottom of the food chain, it is unlikely that a civilization will be born.

Language and writing have to be born in the corresponding situation, coupled with proliferation and transmission, it can be seen that it is not a great feat that can be accomplished by raising animals.

Therefore, if humans in this world really evolve wisdom and their due mimicry and hands-on abilities are developed, then it is also the animal language of this world that can be understood, and it should not be her “kind” who is completely from an unfamiliar world. of.

Zhu Yang thought of several possibilities in an instant, but before he had time to analyze and investigate, he saw Adam flying on her.

“Woo~~, you are suffering.”

Zhu Yang didn’t even think about raising his foot to block his face, and wanted to help this guy @花花公子, who was probably so stupid when he was young.

Seeing that the two pets were scratching, Mrs. Wilson quickly pulled them away: “Don’t fight! Don’t bully Adam.”

Then he took out his handkerchief and wiped Adam’s face: “Adam should stop estrus. With so many children, you will be surrounded and watched when you mate/mate in the street.”

After he finished, he sighed, “I’ll buy a pair of pants for Yang Yang when I go out.”

Adam: “…”

Zhu Yang: “…”

Nima might be embarrassed and whistling in this world at all times, and Zhu Yang felt that it was only a matter of time before he became perverted.

However, Mrs. Wilson’s interruption also made Adam realize that this is not the place to speak, so he settled down a bit, but his eyes still glanced back and forth at Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang ignored him and continued to discuss with Mrs. Wilson about visiting the retired Falcon Officer through the little yellow chicken.

Mrs. Wilson didn’t care much at first. From her point of view, the little yellow chicken didn’t know how long she would stay here.

Now its real situation is still unclear. After so many days, it is obviously unrealistic to send it to the opposite martial arts training class to endure hardships, and the child may just look at the opposite voice loud and energetic and curious.

Most of the children are three-point hot. If they can’t endure the hardship the first day they go, they will be embarrassed everywhere.

At this time, Xiao Ji was just a guest of their home, but if Xiao Ji really established abandoning status by then, he would not be able to return to his original family.

Then the relevant agencies will definitely arrange it into the orphanage, and then the Wilson family can bypass this step and directly adopt Xiao Ji back.

The son has grown into a hopeless villain. They have given up on that guy. After calmly discussing with them, the couple are also considering adopting a new child.

Both couples like Xiaoji very much. If there is a chance to adopt them then, it will be good. If you are really interested in martial arts, it will be something later.

Naturally, Zhu Yang could see what Mrs. Wilson meant, so he also grasped this psychology, and let Xiao Ji speak with a mouthful of cute milk, all kinds of cute hints.

While expressing that he has been involved in martial arts, he expressed curiosity about this aspect of the outside world, and implied that he was only interested in instructors.

Mrs. Wilson was surprised, but I heard that the education of wealthy people was very strange, but there was no doubt. Finally, unable to bear the entanglement of the little yellow chicken, she agreed to take it to visit the Falcon Officer.

After a lap, Adam looked at Zhu Yang’s expression and became more shocked: “I thought that the position in the owner’s house is unique. I didn’t expect you to operate more powerfully, so that the owner is obedient to you?”

Peacock really values ​​Adam, and it is not just a one-sided self-satisfaction devoted to pets. Knowing that he has a high IQ, he will also pay attention to his needs and opinions.

It can be said to be a winner in life-but here the winner of life is always a winner. All of a sudden, these brilliant words lost their soul.

Adam has achieved a lot of autonomy within a limited range, but still dare not fully reveal the fact that he has successfully evolved.

He didn’t expect someone to be better than him. Not to mention the status with the owner, this guy completely controlled the owner’s behavior.

Although the other party is still just a child, she really does what she says, and she doesn’t conceal it in a roundabout way.

After he finished speaking, the little yellow chicken’s wings made his eyes look like a gold star: “How do you say it? This is my mother!”

Adam heard this, and after holding onto his figure, he opened his mouth and looked at Zhu Yang in horror. He grabbed her shoulder and shook and said, “Who, which rooster slept with you? Too abnormal.”

Can you kill him? Zhu Yang’s face was dark.

To be honest, she was very happy when she just learned that this guy is of the same kind, and now she realizes how happy this is? Obviously it is another big hurdle in the game.

Unexpectedly, the little yellow chicken also lost the chain at this time, and said with a proud look: “Of course only my dad can sleep with my mother. My dad is very powerful. A hot chicken like you crushes a hundred with one finger. .”

Such a cruel creature made Adam sway to hear, and Zhu Yang’s eyes were even more terrible, as if you were suffering.

Zhu Yang took advantage of Mrs. Wilson’s back to say goodbye to the kindergarten teacher, one person gave a gavel, two guys squatted on the ground, and soon a bag was raised on his forehead.

The martial arts training class was just across from the kindergarten, and Mrs. Wilson took them directly.

Because it is a neighborhood of the same kind, there is no need to wait, just enter the drill field inside.

Unlike the cubs who said they were practicing morning exercises, but the actual exercises were no different from those of the youngsters, the exercise field inside was a place where teenagers who already had a certain foundation practiced.

The ones here are not just being interested in playing tickets or being sent by adults to follow the trend to learn. They belong to students who have persisted for at least a few years and have qualified to become a direct disciple of the Falcon instructor.

The rehearsal is not easy to interrupt, but it is still okay to secretly look outside the door.

Zhu Yang saw a young chicken spread its wings and split it. A thick wooden board snapped and moved quickly, relying on the deliberately sharpened claws and wings that could barely fly at low altitude.

To be honest, this kind of venue in a state of leverage around, but in terms of the way of movement and the instant stability of the body, it is much more blessed than humans.

Not only are chicken teenagers, but other birds and animals have their own strengths. For example, ducks and geese use the rapid flexibility of their necks and the attack power of their beaks.

Although their beaks are not as sharp and penetrating as ordinary birds, their necks are long, and their ejection power and speed are amazing, especially for geese. The blow to the flesh under that blow can be compared with the special blunt weapon damage.

It is powerful, otherwise it is impossible that the gangster’s pheasant group leader is a goose, which shows the fighting talent of this race.

Zhu Yang’s assessment of the goose creature was a bit higher. When he was in his hometown, this guy was one of the three major lethal weapons in the countryside that was equal to the native dog.

Unexpectedly, in this world of animal evolution, there is still a lot of wind and water, no one has sharp claws, just walk the world with a mouth, amazing!

The base number of chickens, ducks and geese is relatively large, but other birds also play their respective strengths under the design of the falcon coach. They are fast, fly high, and have strong impact. It can be seen that the other party is really an expert in bird fighting. .

Although I don’t know what level he is in this world, Zhu Yang knows that at least Xiaoji still has room for development.

Coach Falcon is getting older, his eyebrows are a bit white, but he is still burly and full of energy, and there is a pressing force to stop there.

It held its arms and said to the students in full breath: “We don’t have sharp teeth, strong forelimbs, and our strength is not dominant. But never question the ability of the bird race because of these.”

“We have penetrating beaks, flexible wings that assist us, sharp claws, sea, land and air can be our battlefield, never underestimate our competitiveness…”

Zhu Yang looked at the other party full of energy, too! This is in line with the danger level of this world.

For ordinary people, the animals in this world are talented and huge, and they are several times superior to the real human beings.

Studying and upgrading this advantage is the basis for enhancing their respective survival capital in the context of so many species integration.

Naturally it is impossible to rely on weapons alone, and Zhu Yang is more eager to try the world’s truly top military value.

But when he looked back at Adam, he suddenly found that his expression was indescribable, and there was a complex feeling of powerlessness.

Before she had time to inquire, the Falcon instructor over there noticed Mrs. Wilson at the door, and ordered the students to practice and walked out.

“Isn’t this Mrs. Wilson?”

Mrs. Wilson smiled and said, “Hello, Officer Falcon, I am disturbing you.”

Mrs. Wilson is very familiar with Officer Falcon. After all, there is such a bad son in the family who fights and makes troubles in the street all day long. Two thieves are caught in three days, and there are countless crimes.

The former sheriff who lives in the same community has a lot of dealings with their homes, so they are naturally familiar.

Mrs. Wilson pushed the next Xiao Ji forward and smiled: “It is this kid who came out of kindergarten and saw the children outside. He became interested in martial arts and said that he had learned the basics at home. Come visit.”

Officer Falcon glanced at the little yellow chicken, and saw that the child stood upright and had a confident aura. His eyes were shining, especially energetic, and he felt good at a glance.

He stretched out his hand and squeezed the wings and bones of the little yellow chicken, and his face suddenly showed satisfaction: “Well! That’s right, it’s really solid.”

“Come in, let the disciple try you.”

Mrs. Wilson hurriedly said, “No no, Officer Falcon, we are just here today—”

Officer Falcon waved his impatiently big hand: “The martial arts bird, there is no one who flinches and hesitates to wait and see, that kind of guy is good for fun.”

“I think this child has bright and sharp eyes. Although his roots are still immature, he is several times more solid than his peers. He has a lighter figure and a good temperament. He must have entered the door.”

“Then don’t be jerky, whether it’s home learning or communication practice, it’s not by mouth, don’t waste time.”

After that, she carried the little yellow chicken in, but Mrs. Wilson didn’t react.

The former police officer had a cheerful personality, and Zhu Yang liked it, so he hid under the wings of Mrs. Wilson and pushed her inside.

Pets entering alone will definitely attract unnecessary attention, and she wants to wait and see but she does not want to be driven out.

Adam on the side also got into Mrs. Wilson’s other wing when he saw it. Mrs. Wilson couldn’t help but was pushed away like a nest.

As soon as Xiao Ji was brought in, he attracted the attention of the students. He was a little younger than the youngest child practicing outside. It is generally good to learn the correct posture, and naturally it is impossible to enter the inner hall.

But the Falcon instructor brought it in, which caused the students to stop practicing.

The Falcon instructor became angry: “If you practice yourself, you will be affected by a little movement. If you can’t do it without distraction, it’s no wonder that the practice has not improved.”

The students were overwhelmed by the training, and quickly became distracted.

The Falcon instructor shouted again: “George, come here.”

A young chicken came out of the flock of birds and looked at the appearance of a human child at the age of eleven or twelve. Unlike a little yellow chicken, it was already full of bright feathers. Although it was not as bright and dazzling as an adult rooster, it looked spirited and vigorous. , Looks very majestic.

George said: “Coach, are you looking for me?”

Falcon nodded, pointed at the little yellow chicken and said: “You try it, just take out three layers of strength.”

The chicken boy George glanced at the little yellow chicken and was taken aback: “This, this is not good!”

It’s a Kung Fu chicken, even if it’s only the age of junior high school, but this one is obviously a kindergarten, even if it takes a three-point effort, what is the difference between it and bullying children?

Officer Falcon said: “I know it in my heart. I will stop when the time is right. Just go ahead.”

“Okay!” The boy George reluctantly brought the little yellow chicken to a clearing.

Set up its posture and asked it specifically: “Are you ready?”

The little yellow chicken usually looks soft and cute, but the six relatives don’t recognize it when they fight, and even the uncle does not miss it.

And because of the cruel jungle, even though he lived with Zhu Yang in a civilized world, he was also taken by Zhu Yang against enemies, and they were all enemies of life and death.

From the beginning, I understood what I was going to do to become stronger, so the number of attacks was fierce and precise, and they were all murderous. The starting point and consciousness were much crueler than ordinary martial arts teenagers.

So once switched to the combat mode, those eyes were immediately sharp, and there was a penetrating power that did not belong to children, but belonged to the cruel jungle life and death battle.


The chicken boy George was taken aback for a moment, and was surprised by its sudden aura, but he recovered, the little yellow chicken had already taken the lead in attacking, and he didn’t mean to be polite.

Because the mother said to do her best, it will attack with the consciousness to kill the other party.

Zhu Yang was not afraid of the blood splattering on the spot, as the Falcon officer was watching. She didn’t let Xiaoji do her best to show off.

To be honest, Officer Falcon’s joy was the reason for her decision. Since the other party was unambiguous, she didn’t need to hide it.

Although Xiao Ji is young, even if it is placed in this training ground, it should be considered to be the upper class. Lu Datou not only cultivates and polishes it, but also uses some external force methods to make up for its age disadvantage and lack of tenderness. Elixir from other worlds.

In this way, Xiaoji can not waste this long period of infancy, but in order to avoid the growth of seedlings and affect its original possibility, artificial means are also limited, generally it is to consolidate its physical endurance.

But this also allows the little yellow chicken to let go of his hands and feet, and use its extraordinary ability to imitate and learn to the extreme.

Although there is a proverb called “caiji pecking each other”, all chicken feathers. But the two baby chickens in front of them fought with a vigorous vigor and a force.

The little yellow chicken shot swift and violent, so that the chicken boy George and the Falcon officer were surprised. At first, the chicken boy suffered a lot.

But after all, he has rich experience and quickly adjusted his state. With the addition of the little yellow chicken as a chicken, the attack and defense allocation of wings, claws, and beaks in battle is not completely scientific.

This also means that it has redundant actions, and it is good to fight against humans. After all, humans are also in this attack mode, but when fighting against similar types, it is a bit of self-defense to attack each other.

The chicken boy George also caught its weakness of inexperience and uneven distribution of combat power, but on the one hand, he had to be careful of Xiao Ji’s strength that was completely inconsistent with his appearance and the sharpness of the attack that left no way out.

Not to mention that the instructor used 30% of the force at the beginning. After a few losses, it carefully mobilizes its energy to the maximum. It is not an ordinary instruction and discussion. On the contrary, it will die soon after encountering natural enemies. stretch.

This dangerous way of fighting immediately attracted the attention of other students. Although they were scolded by the instructor, they still couldn’t help but focus on this side.

Later, they simply stepped back and surrounded the little yellow chickens in a circle, giving them more fighting space, and watching their thrilling fighting methods.

There were bleeding wounds on George’s body, and the kid was similar, but the instructor didn’t stop it. Although he frowned, his eyes were full of light that dug into rare stones.

In the end, he was defeated by the little yellow chicken with a subtle weakness. It was not that the other party was weaker than the little yellow chicken, but in the final attack, the little yellow chicken was able to fight the other side with the risk of losing both sides.

In the real moment, it is like two cars hitting the accelerator pedal to the bottom. One car is not moved when it is about to hit, but the other car finally chooses to turn the steering wheel.

Everyone present was sweating long ago. This is a usual drill, it’s like a real desperate struggle.

George is the most proud disciple of the Falcon instructor. Among them, the strength is also high, but this guy usually looks good, and it is easy to get excited when he really fights.

This is also the reason why the Falcon instructor has to explain how far it is to retract each time, but he did not expect that there are animals more wild than it.

The other party is still a kid who doesn’t seem to be of elementary school age. What a terrifying talent is this?

The atmosphere in the martial arts venue was stagnant, but suddenly a sudden applause was heard.

Officer Falcon agreed with the test: “It’s wonderful, but there are too many loopholes.”

It points to the little yellow chicken: “Who taught you? If you don’t design a suitable fighting method for you, but let you develop the habit of hurting the enemy by one thousand and eight hundred, this is not advisable, and it is good to be enlightened. , But I don’t think it should be built on the premise of hurting myself.”

Zhu Yang was also a little frightened. She didn’t take Xiao Ji to fight many times. In fact, with her current ability, Xiao Ji could help temporarily.

It is usually not obvious, but she did not expect that it made her realize the hidden danger in the child’s fighting consciousness.

As humans, they couldn’t teach Xiao Ji the most suitable combat system, but they definitely did not regard it as a consumable combat item.

Because she did not hesitate to fight with each other with a single word, Zhu Yang was moved, but he was also heavy in his heart, although he knew that the child’s birth determined its nature and was different from these animals in the civilized age.

But when Officer Falcon said that, she still felt guilty.

Officer Falcon didn’t dwell on this for too long: “I wish you little boy, right? You come to see me tomorrow, and I will take you to visit someone.”

“My mentor, Mr. Vulture, what you need is not only to rectify the fighting habits that are not suitable for you, but also to cultivate your heart. It is an old man with high morals and must know how to polish it.”

Mrs. Wilson was frightened by the scene of the two children fighting and seeing blood. At this moment, he said: “No, no, forget it, we won’t learn, Officer Falcon.”

Officer Falcon said: “Mrs. Wilson, the child’s eyes are eager to become stronger with every feather all over his body. I will know its movements when I see it. It is the only genius I have seen in my life, and I should be born here. All the way.”

“I know your worries, but instead of putting it outside and using your power indiscriminately, it’s better to guide it right from the start.”

Mrs. Wilson was also anxious. On the one hand, Xiao Ji was just a child who was staying in their house, and they had no right to make so many decisions. On the other hand, the depravity of his son when he grew up made him deeply understand what the Falcon Officer said.

If this ability is not guided, you will be tempted by bad guys in the future, or if the fight is not serious or serious, it is easy to cause disaster.

When I was shaken, I could only tell Officer Falcon to go back to discuss with her husband at night.

Officer Falcon didn’t press too hard. He pulled his lover George up, patted his shoulder and said: “Don’t be frustrated, you performed well today. You can calmly deal with such a dangerous fighting rhythm and carefully observe the opponent’s weakness. , Although you lost in the life-and-death fight, you won the battle.”

“Teacher is proud of you. Come with me to Mr. Vulture tomorrow.”

The chicken boy George immediately brightened his eyes, and his whole body was full of excitement. If he hadn’t been urged to bandage his wounds, he would have forgotten this.

Xiao Ji also hung up the color and went to the infirmary together. Where did Xuewu get beaten? The establishment of a martial arts school with a professional infirmary is the foundation of the school.

The little yellow chicken asked for praise in front of Zhu Yang, and Zhu Yang scratched his chin without damaging his enthusiasm.

“Well done, mother is proud of you! But if you are injured, mother will feel distressed and uncomfortable, so you will become stronger, and don’t get hurt in the future.”

“叽!” The little yellow chicken clung to her spoiledly, and Zhu Yang knew that it couldn’t understand it for a while, so he could only start with the only way out of it becoming stronger.

When bandaging, Adam looked at her complicatedly and sighed: “I was wrong. I thought you used any method to brainwash it while it was young. It turns out that it was really raised by you.”

It’s incredible how a vegetable animal raises a large animal, but the fact is right in front of you. This chicken is not a breeding relationship with her at all, it seems that all the motives for survival are centered on her.

It seems that she is the master of its world. From the standpoint of the vegetable beast, it seems to have evolved to the top of the creature, as if their race’s dreams have been reflected in reality, it is really an example that makes people sigh.

Zhu Yang shrugged: “I hope it can live for itself when it grows up.”

Asked Adam again: “You seem to be unhappy when you come in, why?”

Adam didn’t speak, Zhu Yang saw in his eyes, and sighed in his heart. The so-called ignorance, the happier.

Those’humans’ who have been treated as food for a lifetime do not have to go through this trouble.

Adam looked heartless and amused before, but as an evolutionary successful human, he has spontaneously learned and understood the world’s culture, history, science and technology, wisdom of life, and the ecological status of his own race.

His heart is far more melancholy than he shows. He is affected by his thoughts but is powerless in reality. I am afraid he will be tortured forever by this pain, right?

This guy is younger than Zhu Weixin and the others, but he is much heavier than them.

At this time, Xiao Ji had finished dressing, and he and the chicken boy George were in the infirmary to summarize and recall the previous test, but quickly established a relationship.

George felt that it was surprisingly young at a young age, and Xiao Ji also met his closest class for the first time, and he was quite intimate.

When I left the duty room, I had arranged to meet tomorrow at Mr. Vulture’s house without authorization, and Mrs. Wilson couldn’t stop it.

When I left the infirmary and was about to leave the martial arts hall, I saw a female sculpture standing at the door of an office cursing.

From the other side of the corridor, she could hear her sharp cursing, to the effect that her child was expelled from the martial arts gym. This is to find an explanation.

The administrative parrot in the office said: “Your child, as an infield disciple, has repeatedly bullied ordinary students. We have investigated. Many children have been blackmailed and beaten by it in the name of guidance. It was personally expelled by the Falcon principal.”

“Mrs. Diao, I advise you to go back. Principal Falcon is not so easy to talk. It didn’t call the police because your child was young.”

The mother vulture cursed: “Call the police, don’t think that it was a policeman before it could abuse its private power. Does it have evidence? Without me, I can also accuse them of collectively framing and bullying my children.”

“My child is very good at practicing. You can’t ruin his future like this. He will become a policeman in the future.”

“That can’t be helped. Our elementary school is small and cannot tolerate your genius. Please find another place.”

“Nonsense, this is the best bird martial arts school in the city. The founder, Mr. Vulture, will choose outstanding disciples to teach personally every year. The students taught by it are brilliant in related industries. Do you think you have accepted anyone? The good of the family, deliberately squeezing out the competition from my children and helping other kids? Who is it? Is it George the chicken? Or Rocky the goose?”

Miss Parrot couldn’t tell her clearly, but the other party’s child stood outside bored, his expression increasingly impatient.

At this time, Zhu Yang passed through here, and Zhu Yang walked to the outermost side. Because of the large number of people, he was very close to the carving cub.

That guy also had a personality that was hated by dogs. A vegetable beast passed by and didn’t provoke it. This guy frowned impatiently and kicked Zhu Yang with his leg up.

It’s the same as a bear kid kicking a puppy.

Even the little yellow chicken who was standing next to Zhu Yang coquettishly didn’t react. Once God’s mother was gone, Mrs. Wilson was even more scared and screamed. Adam stared at it as if triggering some memory. Only carved.

The quickest response was the little yellow chicken. It rushed forward, trying to catch Zhu Yang.

It’s not that Zhu Yang didn’t react, but Mrs. Wilson was watching her interacting with Xiao Ji with a smile. She was too good to say, right?

The little yellow chicken rushed over and just blocked the sight of the people behind. She adjusted her lower body shape in the air, and leaned forward with her feet on the ground. After the backlash of the relationship disappeared, she stopped intact.

The silly eagle also touched her a little, and the force had been removed long ago, but she had flew out by herself. As soon as Xiao Ji ran closer, she fell on it, pretending that the vegetable beast should have the endurance.

Mrs. Wilson and Adam didn’t know what to do, and when they saw her, they reported it and took a closer look. Fortunately, it wasn’t a big deal, but it was irritated by the usual temperament.

Throwing Zhu Yang into Xiaoji’s arms, signaling them to just stand here and stay away, then aggressively walked over to talk to the carving mother——

“Your child is too much. Did my pet provoke him? Just kick it up and you immediately follow me to the hospital. If something happens to the pet, don’t worry about it.”

The carving mother said nonchalantly: “It must be your pet’s problem. I have to see if my son has been bitten. If he is bitten, you will be responsible.”

It doesn’t matter if you talk about other pets. Saying that the vegetable beast bites a person is like saying that a rabbit bites a person.

Mrs. Wilson was half-dead with anger. The two women quarreled together. Miss Parrot came out to mediate, and there was a noise in the corridor.

Adam came to Zhu Yang, took her hand to look carefully, and confirmed her eyes and face, and finally wanted to lift her to have a look, but Zhu Yang opened it.

It hurts, but this spirit made Adam breathe a sigh of relief: “It’s fine if it’s all right, it’s fine if it’s all right.”

Saying his expression fell into a sorrow, he looked at Zhu Yang: “Didn’t you ask me why I am not happy to be here?”

“Look, that’s the reason! The species here are either physically strong, or talented, or they are numerous, and have a strong ability to reproduce.”

“In contrast, our vegetable beasts do not have any advantages. The established social form will not accept an incompetent race to share resources, and there are very few evolutionary companions.”

“Even an ordinary animal child can easily be kicked to death when we see us upset everywhere. We started too late. The world has already clearly divided the labor. We have no force, weapons, resources, and even the selection of evolutionary companions cannot be fair, my The road is far away and there is no hope.”

Adam closed his eyes in pain: “This is our vegetable beast. If I am destined to be like this, why give me hope? Let me know how to think?”

“Not a vegetable beast!”

Adam heard a voice saying so, he opened his eyes, as if there was a mist inside, looked at Zhu Yang with a dazed expression.

He looked at her face, there was no hatred and pain for his own race at all, and under the “giants” around her that were generally multiples of her height, the small figure actually had the arrogance of watching all beings.

It seems that no matter how stubborn the social system is, it can’t change her confidence that she is the best species in her heart.

She stared at herself, and said: “We are not called vegetable beasts. Our race is called’human.’ Remember these two words. It should stand at the top in any world. It is great.”

“Huge body? Sharp claws? Sharp teeth? We never rely on this to rule the world.”

“What does it matter if you start late? The biological chain is never static. Why can the dispersed and captive race continue to evolve? When others are stagnating, we are making rapid progress. Doesn’t this show who is unique? ”

She slapped a hand on Adam’s shoulder: “Fortune is on your side, so when you met me, what is so desperate? Which race has an easy evolutionary path?”

As she said, she raised her head and glanced at the silly eagle who was ten meters away from them, impatiently listening to the quarrel.

“Bear children can kick us to death with one kick? Isn’t it just for resistance?”

The corner of her mouth twitched, revealing a wicked and sly smile that the six relatives did not recognize, and then raised her hand with a wave, as if something was stripped from the air.

In the next second, the young silly eagle spattered blood all over, and fell to the ground with a cry.

In particular, its legs were seriously injured, and the hamstrings visible to the naked eye were picked off. It seems that you don’t think about martial arts.

The carving mother was arguing and screamed: “Son, my God–, son, what’s wrong with you?”

Where suddenly fell into chaos, the mother carved the silly statue and looked around. There was no one but Mrs. Wilson’s family, and she screamed: “It’s you, you killed my son.”

Mrs. Wilson was not stupid either, she immediately took a step back when she saw it: “Come on, I’m right under your nose. The children are so far away. It’s none of our business. You should go to the hospital first.”

Turning around, she picked up the little yellow chicken and the two vegetable beasts and ran away. The carving mother didn’t want her to run but couldn’t let her son go. Mrs. Wilson successfully left the martial arts gym.

Adam looked at Zhu Yang in shock. He didn’t know how this guy made the move, but he was sure it was her. It’s better to say that from the beginning of their conversation, everything about her shocked him, and now it seems to have seen something hope.

Zhu Yang smiled at him: “Look, isn’t there a solution?”

“Well! Although it doesn’t apply to you for the time being, don’t worry, I will definitely find your way of survival, trust me.”

From Adam’s wording, she has determined that he is not the only human being evolved successfully here, and he may even have a corresponding organization.

Then it truly complies with the meaning of Adam in the Bible. This guy is the hope of mankind in this world. If you want to start from this side, you can’t get around him anyway.

So she has to show her absolute strength to make him believe and see hope in her.

She succeeded, because the next second, Adam’s eyes suddenly brightened.

He excitedly said: “I know, the task of species rise is up to us. When we go back, we will start having children. Our offspring will definitely inherit my intelligence and your toughness, and we can definitely prosper the entire race through our reproduction. ”

Zhu Yang: “…”

Forget it, let’s kill him! Labor and management did not do this task.


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