Scream Queen Chapter 111

Of course, it is impossible to kill it, otherwise the customs clearance evaluation of this world will be the same, and the benefits that Xiaoji may get here will be greatly reduced.

So Zhu Yang listened to Adam all the way and pulled his ears: “There is a place that suits you very well.”

“Where is it!”


Really, such a handsome guy stops there. With this persistent attitude, giving birth to a child with one mouth has become a unique and great cause.

The little girl who can’t stand the brainwashing can’t wait to ask him on the spot. The country’s worries about the birth rate of newborns in recent years can definitely be effectively solved.

As a local native, Adam naturally cannot understand the problems faced by other worlds, but he said in a serious way: “The fertility indicators of different species here are different.”

“Such as rabbits, mice, sheep, and chickens, ducks and geese, which have a short reproductive cycle, or give birth to more at one time, are subject to family planning restrictions.”

“But pandas, golden monkeys, saber-toothed tigers and the like encourage multiple births. There were still people who were worried about this a few days ago.”

“On the one hand, he is dissatisfied with being a citizen, but he is treated differently in terms of reproductive rights. On the other hand, he is dissatisfied with the occupation of his living space.”

There are many contradictions in the world of fusion of species, and the difference in skin color alone can pinch a lot of things.

Zhu Yang suddenly thought of one thing he asked before: “I heard that the mayor election is coming soon, have you followed the candidates?”

Adam nodded: “There are three candidates, one is the former Deputy Mayor of Panda, one is Councillor Goat, and the other is Mr. Tiger.”

“At present, the goat councillor has the highest voice, because the goat, rabbit, and rat with the largest number of animals and other citizens have basically voted for it.”

“Mr. Tiger is said to be a gang/gang behind, and how the other party will operate at that time is still unknown.”

“Because of the birth plan bill signed before, the deputy mayor of Panda has a bad reputation among the large number of breeding groups recently. It seems that he has no chance to go further.”

After he finished talking here, he listened to Zhu Yang saying: “First of all, sheep are definitely not good.”

“What?” Adam had a bad premonition.

I saw that Zhu Yang really didn’t make any jokes: “You can’t let the sheep be elected mayor. The other two candidates are to be determined. They have to get in touch with them to understand their political stance and accept new biological groups.”

“But the sheep is absolutely not good. It has to take the votes for the welfare of the group that it represents. Relying on the large number of superiors, the high-ranking guys will definitely try to keep their advantages, so this kind of group is the least likely to divide the living space. Of other species.”

Adam opened his mouth, and it took a long time to hear his own voice: “Say it as if you could manipulate the election.”

“Why can’t it?” Zhu Yang gave him a roll of eyes: “Why can’t the general election just start when I arrive?”

This kind of argument that the sun revolves around Lao Tzu made Adam really bewildered, but his instinct told him that the purpose of this guy might be more cruel.

It was almost noon after leaving the martial arts hall. Mrs. Wilson took them to the supermarket to buy food. During the period, she also answered a phone call from the police. It seems that the carving mother has already called the police.

However, in view of the witnesses at the time, Mrs. Wilson was indeed quarreling with the carving mother and did not pay attention to that side. The children and pets were also more than ten meters away from the carving son. The surveillance in the corridor showed that the little yellow chicken was still facing the carving son.

The two vegetable beasts were blocked by most of their body, but no one would put the vegetable beast into the scope of suspicion.

Four vegetable beasts were wanted before, but this was not enough to reverse the thinking inertia of the entire society.

With the other party’s previous convictions, the police called only to ask about the scene at the time, and did not call her to the police station.

The animal supermarket is very large and stylish, with a large number of goods. If there are not enough goods, it is a bit anti-human.

For example, boxes of freshly packed insects in the bird food section, such as the few frozen carcasses in the boutique meat section.

When visiting the fresh food area, both Adam and Zhu Yang felt psychological discomfort.

Fortunately, Xiao Ji was considerate of his mother, and took Mrs. Wilson to quickly finish shopping, and then left the supermarket.

In addition to mental crit, the things in the supermarket are actually really good. The species here are generally too large. Because the animals are strong and the labor force is sufficient, the quality is also exceptionally good.

The fruits and vegetables on the ordinary shelves are completely better than the quality imported fruits and vegetables in reality. The boutique area is really so called and I can’t bear to eat it.

Mrs. Wilson bought several kinds of fruits for Xiao Ji. The strawberries were as big as the palm of an adult, and it was a great pleasure to eat.

For lunch, Mrs. Wilson cooked hamburger meat and salad, cooked corn soup and baked a pizza as a staple food.

There are caterpillars that birds like on the pizza, and Zhu Yang and Adam are naturally grateful.

Regardless of other things, it was delicious, Zhu Yang cut a slice of bread as a staple food, and a meal was satisfying.

After lunch, Mrs. Wilson didn’t plan to go out in the afternoon, so she sat on the sofa knitting.

Zhu Yang asked the little yellow chicken to go up and help her pull the wool, but pretended to be sleepy, and asked the little yellow chicken to take her and Adam upstairs, in a posture of taking a nap.

Mrs. Wilson was naturally pleased that the pet would sleep quietly, although the two were not noisy.

But I didn’t know, Fang Zhuyang said to Adam: “Let’s go!”

“Where to go?” Adam was surprised.

“Don’t pretend to be stupid, go find your companion, we are short of manpower, time is limited, hurry up and be quick.”

For the sake of his family, Adam was not so wary of her, but he pointed to the balcony on the second floor: “You tell me how to get on?”

Mrs. Wilson was in the living room, and she had to pass by the main entrance. The only way to get out was to jump off the building.

But here is the animal world. The size of the chicken population is not huge, but the adult chicken is about three meters, and there are geese, peacocks, ostriches, cranes and the like that are larger than chickens.

Therefore, the general floor height of the house is about six meters, and the windows on the second floor are close to ten meters above the ground. There is nothing underneath to buffer them. Are the two humans jumping down in search of death?

Zhu Yang impatiently picked up Adam’s back collar, jumped onto the window sill and ran straight down there.

Adam almost freaked out and opened his mouth subconsciously, but he was covered by Zhu Yang before he screamed.

The two fell to the ground in an instant, Zhu Yang landed first, and then put Adam down. Without any shock to him, Adam swallowed the sound from his throat.

He forgot, this guy can kill people in the air, so it wouldn’t be a big deal to think about jumping off the building.

Adam couldn’t help but had to take her away along the cover of the surrounding bushes.

Both of them have collars around their necks and they are well dressed. They can be seen as domestic pets. Generally, animals will not provoke them when they see them. However, there are gangsters everywhere, so be careful.

Zhu Yang looked at him and said with a smile, “You come here every day?”

Adam shrugged: “How is it possible every day? It’s just that it’s true that they come often. They don’t have a pet card. They don’t have a pet owner who can let themselves be as they please. They can’t come out casually. Many things have to pass through me.”

Zhu Yang and Xiaohuangji are excluded first, they are essentially different. Adam was indeed extremely lucky to meet the Peacock Boy.

Vegetable beasts are not the mainstream pets in this world. They are not cute in the aesthetics of animals. Naturally, not many people raise them. Even if they have a good one, they may not be a good owner.

Like the Peacock Boy, he has an objective appreciation for the vegetable beast, and he regards Adam as a member of his own family. After he showed extraordinary intelligence, he never thought of using him for profit, and gave him a lot of freedom.

This is an unforgettable relationship, and other people naturally don’t fight for this luck. Instead of being limited by the animal owner and handing their situation to the other’s joy and anger, it is better to live in secret.

During the conversation, the two of them crossed two blocks and came to a sewer opening.

Adam said: “Jump!”

Zhu Yang slapped his head and shook his head: “I thought about it. It’s not bad for the two of us. Besides, it’s enough for you to contact them. I don’t have to see them. It just so happened that the strawberries on my plate are still I haven’t finished eating, it’s not good to waste, I’ll go back first.”

When he stepped out, Adam grabbed his arm and his face was gloomy: “Is this place where you can come and leave? If you dare to take a step, don’t want to harvest my friendship.”

Zhu Yang breathed a sigh of relief: “Thank God, I thought you unilaterally thought the two of us were friends. Generally, I can’t beat others with such enthusiasm. It would be too hurt to say that I dislike you. It’s great to be able to develop like this.”

Turning around as he said, the thigh was hugged in the next second. Adam’s ability to interpret what is handsome is only three seconds.

To be honest, his deep face just now seemed to be a leader. As a result, he immediately cried with tears and nose and tears: “Don’t go, what should I do if you leave? You can’t abandon me.”

Two hamsters passed by at this time. The hamsters were small, smaller than human beings. Although the proportion is huge compared to the real world, the adult hamsters here are only half a human tall.

So if we say that we don’t have to be afraid when we encounter animals alone on the street, hamsters are one of them.

The two hamsters were office workers passing by in suits and ties. When they saw the posture of the two beasts, they exclaimed: “These days, even the beasts will break up, and the noise is so intense.”

“Oh! Work hard, don’t be dumped by your girlfriend.”

Zhu Yang: “…”

“Fine, I’ll go down, go down! Take your face away, dare to rub my tears and twist your neck down.”

Zhu Yang had never thought that one day she would go into the sewer in her life. When she jumped down, her face was full of disgust.

As a result, the environment below was not as humid as she thought, and the surrounding area was dry, as if it had been abandoned for a long time.

Adam smiled triumphantly: “Is this place okay? A new pipeline was planned for this area a few years ago, but it has been abandoned here. The new pipeline is completely separated from this side, even if it is overhauled, this side cannot be found.”

“For us, this is our underground city.”

Go inside with a flashlight. The reason why this pipe is abandoned is probably because of the complicated winding inside. Many places are easy to block and the cleaning cost is high, but it is an excellent place to hide.

After turning several complicated forks, Adam stopped in front of a concrete wall, and there was no problem from the outside, but Adam found a stone and knocked on it.

He played rhythmically, it seemed that it was an appointment signal, and it didn’t take a while that the concrete wall bulged out of it and moved to the side.

A small door wide for two people appeared in front of him, and the light shone from inside, and the originally quiet sewer immediately ran into music.

Adam said, “This kind of door is made by me using materials purchased online. I tried several materials to be absolutely concealed. In addition, I made the whole room soundproof for it, and it was too noisy inside and I couldn’t hear it outside. ”

Zhu Yang saw the entire human refuge in front of him.

The space inside is very large. It should be because Adam and the others have made a lot of widening on the original basis. In short, the hall alone has nearly two hundred square meters.

The decoration style in the hall is like steampunk. You can see mechanical parts and electrical wiring everywhere. There are also several large electrical appliances in the house. The most noticeable thing is that a man with glasses taps his fingers at several computers.

This style is quite exciting. The people seen in the lobby are exercising in twos and threes with large screws as dumbbells, some sitting on the sofa and chatting with happy water from the fat house, and some playing with machinery.

Seeing Adam coming in, everyone crowded around to say hello except for the one busy in front of the computer.

“Adam, why are you here today?”

“What’s going on outside?”

“Yo! Bring a new companion back?” Everyone turned to Zhu Yang and motioned to Adam to introduce them.

There are not many people here, and the entire hall adds up to less than 20 people. Of course, it is not excluded to rest in other rooms or go out.

After Zhu Yang came in, he saw many doors around the hall, which should be the rooms they dug out.

There is a ladder going up in a corner, but there is only a dense ceiling on it. It can be seen how often the iron ladder is used. It is absolutely impossible for decoration. There should be something on it. It is just to cover people’s eyes and eyes. , Otherwise the whole concealed design would be meaningless.

Adam greeted everyone. He was obviously the leader of the group. Although everyone talked to him in a close manner, there was an atmosphere of stars and moons since he came in. Everyone was surprised by him. Happy to come.

The expressions on everyone’s faces are all trusting, for strangers, as long as they are brought by the other party, they can be accepted without reason.

Adam smiled and introduced Zhu Yang to everyone, emphasized her greatness, and introduced their division of labor to Zhu Yang.

“Our source of life is mainly from Dorset doing network tasks, as well as the sale of some electronic products modified by Justin.”

“Others will form a team to search for supplies at a nearby garbage dump at night. The basic source of modified parts is the garbage dump. There is a house on it. We use this address for delivery and delivery.”

“The homeowner lives in a foreign country and only comes back for one or two days a year. We open up the basement. There is a heavy lock when the basement enters the house. In order to prevent others from discovering it, we are very careful.”

“There are also pipes outside.” Adam pointed to a dozen monitoring screens on a wall: “We have all installed cameras. If someone enters by mistake, we will be able to spot it the first time.”

Zhu Yang guessed that they should have a temporary evacuation channel here, in Adam’s words of caution. But he didn’t mention it, and she naturally wouldn’t ask. After all, this was the last card to save life. If it wasn’t for absolute trust, it would be impossible to pour it out all at once.

However, the layout of this underground really made Zhu Yang a little admirable for this guy.

There are only so many of them. According to Adam, he only started awakening a few years ago, and the other people’s awakening was after being picked up by him.

In just a few years, he had to learn the cultural common sense of the world and various necessary scientific and technological knowledge, and he had to teach others to adapt to the world, and to divide labor according to different talents and talents.

To find such a perfect hiding place, to transform the concealment, to transport the tools in, and to teach people who go out to be aware of crisis response.

Even Zhu Yang had to pat his shoulder and said, “You really deserve to be called Adam.”

Excluding the funny thought of having children, it really means pulling a race by one’s own strength.

At first, other people just starved to death and came back to the streets secretly rescued by starving to death when he couldn’t bear to see the same kind of people at first, but they began to evolve soon, and Zhu Yang once again confirmed that this guy is the key to human evolution in this world.

However, Zhu Yang has a question: “You have learned the language of communicating with animals. You have not spoken to talk to them but you don’t want to be exposed. What about the language between humans?”

“Just like me, where did you learn it?”

No matter how smart he is, he can’t create a language in such a short time by himself? The language is exactly the same as in reality.

Adam thought for a while: “I don’t know exactly, I just remember that time, someone fed me a seed, and the chaos in my brain was pushed away as soon as I ate it.”

“A language and writing appeared in my mind. The strange thing is that the companions who later awakened were very unfamiliar with the universal language of this world and needed to learn to adapt. But they were born with that language, just like fish can swim instinctively. same.”

“I think that the one who gave me the seed must be the **** who sows the seed of wisdom for our race.”

It is different from Zhu Yang’s guess, but the context is similar.

Enabling the wisdom of a race, even if it uses Adam as a medium to pull in and spread slowly, it is still a bad move, even for advanced players.

That’s probably a game, but I don’t know what its purpose is.

After resolving this doubt, Zhu Yang went to the houseman named Sete.

Not to mention, the people here are worthy of being the first to come into contact with “Adam”. All of them are handsome and have their own characteristics. There are fewer than 20 people, and they actually cover several races.

Looking at the screen in front of Scitech’s eyes, Zhu Yang found that he was mainly doing game leveling, network tasks, and small stock trading. In short, he basically did everything that could make money online.

However, due to the short awakening and limited experience, even no matter how smart, some areas are not yet involved.

There are so many mouths to raise, and it is tiring to stare at the computer every day.

Zhu Yang looked at each other’s glasses: “Show me your glasses.”

Dorset also cooperated and took off the glasses. Zhu Yang frowned when he glanced at it.

It is estimated that this world does not have a framework suitable for humans, and it is impossible to accurately measure vision without professional instruments. Those equipment can not be picked up in the garbage dump and come back to repair it.

Therefore, Zhu Yang could see that the glasses were made according to the approximate values, and they were rough and not precise.

Zhu Yang directly smashed his glasses with one hand, and the click made a dozen people in the room startled.

This thing is the guy they eat.

But don’t wait to speak. It was seen that a bottle of eye drops appeared out of thin air in the guy’s hand and tossed it to Set: “Two drops on one side will give you a clear world.”

This is another game’s props. Although the skills and pedigree are very expensive, the physical improvement is the same as that of the dog than the game, but it is cheaper to repair the body.

Especially some players with congenital disabilities can heal their bodies after the first round and return to the game world. This kind of medicine for treating myopia is naturally cheaper, less than ten o’clock in a bottle.

Dorset dropped two drops of doubt into one eye, and then blinked twice, and immediately felt the world’s incongruity.

One eye is extremely clear, while the other is blurry.

His taciturn face suddenly turned into surprise, and he immediately cured the other eye, and then returned the remaining potion to Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “You use it, this one does not expire, it hurts your eyes depending on your work.”

Then he took out the big bag of weapons from the space, which he had handed over from the three chickens before, and threw them in front of the conversion table——

“You can use these to protect yourself, but don’t expose it for the time being. If you can, let’s study the weapon structure by the way.” Zhu Yang gave a thumbs up: “We humans have the best imitating ability in the world.”

Everyone was suddenly excited. Although they didn’t know where Adam found the person, they seemed to be amazing. Whether it was the potion of Set’s nearsightedness in an instant, or the method of making things out of thin air, this is technology far beyond the world, right?

In other words, do they have a clan that holds a hole card higher than the world level? This makes people who have been committed to the light and living on the ground seem to see a dazzling dawn.

Everyone excitedly went up and fiddled with their weapons. Justin opened them, and took things into their side like a baby: “Wait for me to study first.”

Because of Yi Lai’s generous donation, Zhu Yang instantly won the trust of everyone, but she also borrowed flowers to present the Buddha, and the only expense was a bottle of eye drops.

And for the dozen or so people she brought out, there were also places to settle. Since they would evolve next to Adam, then these people would not be a burden to think about how to put them.

Adam was still sighing last second: “Our number is still too small, and there is not enough manpower for anything we want.”

Suddenly, he found that there were more than a dozen people in the room, which scared him back.

Zhu Yang smiled with a bright sun: “As the savior of mankind, the veritable Long Aotian, how can he lose his little brother, come! Your little brother has been delivered, please sign for it.”

Adam looked at the more than a dozen people in the opposite direction. When these people saw him, they couldn’t look away. They seemed to be lost in thought, but their eyes became clearer.

It’s like a newborn baby, but still a little uneasy about the strange environment.

Zhu Yang did not expect the effect to be so immediate, but the next education work will be the big head. To be honest, she will stay here for a month. Can she wait for enough people to come in handy for a month?

Obviously it is impossible, even if the game regulates their learning ability, this time is too short, so the most important thing is only Adam and the dozen people who have the ability to survive.

Adam then woke up from the confusion: “No, how did you change them out?”

“I know the theory of space storage. Even if you have mastered the technology that is hundreds of years ahead, how can you cram life in without taking any measures?”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “Just treat this as my talent, just like lizards can be invisible and eagles can fly.”

Seeing Adam’s face of disbelief, she bachelor said: “What? Birds can go to the sky, go to the sky! How come I can kill a few people alive? Doesn’t it mean that human beings have no foundation? It must be that you have not found it yet. I found it anyway.”

Since the game gave Adam the seed of wisdom, it certainly means that they are competitive in this world.

It’s just that Adam hasn’t found it yet, or he hasn’t awakened.

Unexpectedly, Adam blushed after hearing her words: “Don’t, don’t say such vulgar words.”

Zhu Yang frowned, how could he be vulgar? Then I recalled the previous words.

Niubi — Niu —, tut! Another oolong with different common sense.

Zhu Yang recognized the people, determined the abilities and strengths of these people in the refuge, and thought about it in his heart.

Seeing that two or three hours had passed, Zhu Yang left a sum of money for fear of showing off if he didn’t go back.

Not a small sum, in addition to the extra living expenses of a dozen people, there is also a spare part that will be needed in the future.

Set, who was in charge of the money, was also unambiguous, and took the card directly without speaking.

Under normal circumstances, the exchange of points for currency is cash, but you can also spend an additional ten points to exchange for other methods of ownership.

For example, savings, checks, online banking, etc., are still true and effective in the game world.

Otherwise, in some high-tech world, cashless society, is it possible to stare at the points?

Although this is not a cashless society, human beings cannot use paper money, so they enjoy this treatment first.

The dozen or so humans have to settle down. Clothes, food, daily necessities, and study materials are all expenses.

He rushed home with Adam and carried him into the house from the window sill. It was a coincidence that Mrs. Wilson opened the door soon and saw them awake, holding them one by one downstairs.

Still thinking of it, he said: “Oh! Look at my memory, I haven’t bought the pants yet, so how can I let you sleep in a room?”

Zhu Yang: “…”

At five o’clock in the afternoon, the Peacock boy came home from school and picked up Adam.

Not long after, Mr. Wilson also returned. At the dinner table, Mrs. Wilson discussed with him that the Falcon Officer would take the little yellow chicken to Mr. Vulture’s place tomorrow.

Mr. Wilson considered it for a while, then asked Xiaoji, and decided to respect his opinion.

“It’s current experience and situation, it’s good to learn something.” Mr. Wilson said: “The Falcon Officer said it makes sense. It needs correct guidance.”

That’s how it was decided.

In the evening, while the Wilsons were asleep, Zhu Yang went out the window again, but this time did not bring the little yellow chicken.

Little yellow chicken is very dissatisfied with this, but Zhu Yang may not be able to come back tonight, and tomorrow morning when the Wilson and his wife see that the child is lost, they must have their home blown up. Moreover, Zhu Yang does not want him to miss the visit of Mr.

Just a pet is much easier to handle. Zhu Yang took out a person from the bag of the beast and brought it back from the one she left behind yesterday.

Wash and put on her own clothes, and then weave her hair into her own look.

This girl is not very old, but she is almost as tall as Zhu Yang. I saw Adam yesterday and just awakened, but now she is still a child in her mind.

Zhu Yang named her Lili, and she was very excited during the whole bathing process, blowing her hair and braiding her hair, like a cat playing with a cat stick, so cute.

Lily and Zhu Yang look completely different, but they are also fair-skinned and beautiful girls with the same hair color. They are indistinguishable.

After finishing everything, Zhu Yang left with the eyes of the little yellow chicken. She jumped to the window and waved her mobile phone, indicating that she would contact it at any time.

Jumped downstairs, ran several blocks all the way, and finally stopped in an area.

If those three roosters were here, they would be surprised, because this is where they met the gangsters.

When Zhu Yang let the three guys go last night, he gave them the task and asked them to spread the word in their circles, saying that they were drinking and ran into a vegetable beast carrying a few large packages.

When they were robbed by these three guys on the first day on the street, Zhu Yang noticed that they had said that one of the gangsters, the goose boss of the bird group, seemed a little interested in the wanted beasts on the corn farm. , For this, it seems that these rascals are paying attention in their own territory.

Near the gang rush, a vegetable beast carrying a package and hurriedly left, it is easy to associate.

For this reason, the three guys can also extract the reasons why they appeared there late at night, the loss of weapons, and the goose boss’s inexplicable interest in vegetable beasts.

Zhu Yang himself appeared here, with a bag that night on his back.

Don’t catch this fish too easily, but the three guys should have been caught and suffered a little bit.

But Zhu Yang explained that only when they killed the beast and saw the vegetable beast, they had no chance of escape.

Ok! However, whether the black/gang would be so cruel that they would kill chickens like this is not what she cares about, anyway she doesn’t particularly care about the life and death of the three guys.

I believe that as long as they have a chance, they will not admit that they have robbed the bag.

Zhu Yang noticed the sound of footsteps approaching, about three, with light footsteps, in line with the characteristics of birds.

She didn’t look back, and walked forward pretendingly without knowing it. The backpack on her body was swaying, she held it tightly, as if she was more important.

Suddenly, a strong wind came from behind, not a bullet, Zhu Yang hurriedly hid next to him, without thinking of getting into his arms.

A net wrapped around her body, catching the net gun, Zhu Yang struggled, and then an electric current came, and she softened and fell completely.

Two eagles in black suits walked out of the dark and carried the net bags on their bodies.

“It’s not that hard to grasp, why do you let us be careful when the upper ear raises the face?” one of them said.

“I can’t stand this kind of vegetable beast when I flap my wings. Why is it necessary to use a catching net for a big move? This thing can be used to catch an elephant.”

“It doesn’t hurt to be careful, doesn’t the boss suspect that this is the murderous vegetable beast? I didn’t expect that in less than three days, he rushed to the city and robbed him, right?”

“Let’s pull it down!” At the beginning, he questioned the impatiently: “Just a vegetable beast. Luckily, he picked up a knife and killed a farmer with only brute force.

“Okay, don’t complain.” The third bird said: “Notify the closing team of other groups, let’s take it back soon.”

“The goods have been found-no, there are only poisons/products here, what about weapons?”

The other two looked solemnly: “Aren’t there four wanted vegetable beasts? It might be divided.”

He patted Zhu Yang’s head as he said, “Sure enough, a beast is a beast. If you don’t use the most useful weapons, you just keep these.”

“I’m afraid I don’t know how to use it, right? Hahaha, it’s so poisonous/After tasting it, I am ecstatic.”

“Let the remaining people continue to search the neighborhood to see if they can find the three.”

Accompanied by the instructions and ridicule issued by the mission, Zhu Yang was thrown into the trunk. When the bird accelerator stepped on the front, the car drove out of this area.

Zhu Yang in the trunk opened his eyes and touched his head——

She wants to eat eagle meat, absolutely.

After waiting for half an hour, the car stopped.

Zhu Yang didn’t carry out the trunk again. From the guy’s back, he opened his eyes, and from the upside-down world, he could see that this was a suburban manor.

It covers a large area, and there are private forests and lakes, so you can’t see the whole picture at a glance.

It is heavily guarded, with birds carrying weapons standing guard at various gates, and those weapons are not ordinary guns/arms, but they are powerful defensive weapons optimized after rich gang fights.

Zhu Yang learned about the special weapons of this world from Justin yesterday. He is a fan of weapons. Even if there is no channel to touch these things, he can count the types.

In addition to conventional weapons, Zhu Yang emphatically remembered the most threatening to him, and he had already simulated countermeasures in his heart.

Not to mention that it can be completely dealt with, but it will not be dumbfounded when encountered.

This time, it was really helpless to sneak into this place alone, and there was not much time to make trouble.

Entering that huge mansion, the decoration inside is full of luxurious and heavy texture, very black/hand/party style.

Entering here, the three birds stopped talking, and the atmosphere suddenly became tense and serious.

Zhu Yang thought he would see Boss Goose soon, no matter how bad he was, he would still be a small boss. After all, the base camp of this scale was definitely not for low-level cadres.

But what was unexpected was a golden pheasant coming over and instructing them to resist themselves into a certain room.

The room was very big, all around it was dark, with a huge iron cage in the middle.

No matter how huge it is, that iron cage alone is more than enough for a large animal to live in.

But the iron cage is so huge, the iron fence is so thin that she can’t get out, obviously preventing her from escaping.

Zhu Yang was still wondering why he would kill a chicken with a sledgehammer, and then he knew what the other party had made.

A huge square hole suddenly appeared on the ground, the sound of the lift started, and a saber-toothed tiger slowly came up from below.

After standing still, the bottom and the floor were tightly connected, with no trace.

The size of the saber-toothed tiger is the largest among the animals Zhu Yang has seen so far, except for the elephant. It can be seen from the limbs and shape that it is an evolutionary animal.

But the opponent was now full of red eyes, looking like a beast with only hunting instincts, ticking his saliva and looking at Zhu Yang in an attacking posture.


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