Scream Queen Chapter 112

When Zhu Yang first heard of the saber-toothed creature, he asked Set to switch her pictures of the saber-toothed tiger living here.

Because there is no reality at all, this is a prehistoric creature. So even here, their numbers are very scarce.

However, the fighting power is at the top among animals, the style is strong, and the racial advantage is very obvious.

Out of Mu Qiang’s psychology, it is also very popular, just like the support of ignorant masses for politicians, except for the obvious interests.

For example, if the opponent is outside the same race, they usually choose the one that fits the eye.

Either friendly or secure, the saber-toothed tiger is the latter.

Zhu Yang also deliberately learned about species that have not succeeded in evolution. This kind of creature is definitely not in the scope, and even if there is, the physique of this one in front of it is different from the ordinary subspecies.

The biggest difference between an evolved species and its own subspecies is that the construction of limbs tends to be human.

Just like in an animal movie, there is no violation of wearing human clothes, but the proportions are rich in their own racial characteristics.

Another is the changes in the forelimbs. Even the main feathers of the bird’s wing tips have evolved to be thick, tough and flexible. They can be used as palms in daily life, not to mention cats that already have front paws.

The distinction between each finger of their front paws is more obvious, and the nails are carefully trimmed as extensions, which can basically be used for most high-precision work.

So even though this one is unclothed and looks like a wild beast in the jungle, it lacks the sensibility and decentness of intelligent creatures, but even if Zhu Yang doesn’t have much common sense, he can still be sure that this is an evolutionary species.

It went around itself a few steps, but when it moved, it tentatively approached her. Even if it lost its reason, its hunting nature was very cunning.

While Zhu Yang was alert to the other party to pounce at any time, he cast a ray of gaze and looked outside the cage.

There was no one in her sight, but on a glass-sealed stand a few meters high, a few shadows could be seen faintly.

It seems that the guy watching the game is there.

The saber-toothed tiger’s sharpness, at this moment, it noticed Zhu Yang’s distraction, and then rushed forward.

But he threw himself into the air, but because of his inertia, his head was placed on the edge of the iron cage. When he looked up dizzyly, the vegetable beast had jumped to the top of the cage and hung up.

This cage is more than six meters high, jumping so high on the ground and holding the top firmly, it has long surpassed the ethnic limit of the robe beast.

Several animals behind the glass of the viewing platform let out an exclamation, and then their faces were full of surprise.

One of them said: “Get her down, you can’t just hide.”

Then a needle-like electric current passed through the palm of his hand, so as not to energize a person to lose his combat effectiveness, but the sudden tingling made Zhu Yang subconsciously loose his hand and fell from the top of the cage.

It seems that the opponent is not satisfied with cats and mice, but to test the combat power of the frontal confrontation.

Seeing her fall, the saber-toothed tiger became a little angry because of the failure of the attack, and suddenly jumped like lightning.

With a big mouth full of sharp teeth, even the barbs on the tongue are shocking. Like Zhu Yang, a vegetable beast looking at fine skin and tender meat, I am afraid that it will be torn off by the barbs on its tongue. Piece of meat.

Seeing her falling from the air, she was about to fall into its mouth, but a magical scene happened in the next second.

She didn’t hide from the backlash, she actually stretched out her hand toward the saber-toothed tiger’s blood basin. Just when everyone thought her arm was going to be broken at all, the next moment she actually came to the saber-toothed tiger’s back.

Step on the opponent steadily.

This speed is too fast to keep up with the dynamic vision of people who do research all year round.

One of the white cranes in a white coat immediately said, “Go back and slow down five times. I want to know what happened.”

But the burly goose standing in the front in a black suit said: “I can see clearly.”

“She reached out and grabbed a saber tooth, and with that force she bounced onto the saber tooth tiger’s back.”

The animals were surprised: “Is this a vegetable beast? Everyone knows that the reaction speed of the vegetable beast is not strong, and it is not even superior to other subspecies.”

“That’s a saber-toothed tiger. What is its bite speed? With such a short distance and reaction space, she can actually do this?”

“Stop talking, continue to look down, whether the experiment is successful, it depends on the specifics now.”

So there was a feverish silence in the viewing platform.

The saber-toothed tiger found that there was something on its back, and immediately struggled. It is different from the general mammals when they encounter such a dilemma. The fighting style of cats is much more cunning and smart.

Once it rolled on the spot, Zhu Yang had to jump off it, but one person and one tiger returned to the initial confrontation state.

At this time, the look in the Saber-toothed tiger’s eyes was obviously more alert than at first.

Zhu Yang glanced at the steel bars that were deformed by its impact behind him. Animals in this world are generally strong. In order to restrict them, special metals are naturally used.

When Zhu Yang just hung the top of the cage, he quietly broke it off, in order to assess the opponent’s strength before he had direct physical contact.

The special alloy with thick arms made it difficult for her to break it, even if she was hanging in the air with no effort, she could not exert her full strength.

But she can also intuitively feel the horrible power of the other party. In this violent state, she may suffer a loss if she is hard-headed.

And when there are animals watching the battle, she can’t reveal any of her abilities, after all, she has to keep her hole cards and escape.

In other words, she had to take down the tiger by hand-to-hand combat.

A gleam of excitement flashed in Zhu Yang’s eyes. It just so happened that this was the first time she had encountered an opportunity to let go of a fight and thoroughly test the effectiveness of her physical evolution so far.

Without the thought of waiting and watching, Zhu Yang did not retreat but moved forward. Between the two species with great disparity, the weak one fearlessly suppressed by the instinct of the creature, and the active and brave attack method made the animals in the viewing platform exclaim again.

“This aggressiveness, has she restrained her instinctive fear of powerful creatures?”

“It’s not an irrational madness. Looking at her eyes, she is very clear and confident. She firmly believes that she will win.”

“Gosh! This is amazing.”

Sophisticated instruments record everything in the field, and every movement can be analyzed on the data.

Zhu Yang evaded the grip of the saber-toothed tiger, and the missed attack directly drew three terrifying cracks on the solid concrete floor.

However, Zhu Yang didn’t wait for it to retract completely, and took advantage of the moment of the ground buffer, adjusting his figure in the air, climbing directly on the opponent’s paw net, and then suddenly retreated when the other paw swung over to attack him. Got out.

Taking advantage of the gap supported by its single limb, kicked on its forelimb, hearing only the crisp sound of its bones.

The saber-toothed tiger howled in pain and became more and more violent. Zhu Yang didn’t dare to fight hard, and quickly pulled away.

Feeling the numbness of the soles of her feet, she has a new understanding of the power of the saber-toothed tiger. She can bend a thick steel plate with one foot.

But it only caused the tiger’s bones to crack, and the shape was not distorted, and his feet felt sore.

It can be seen that if you don’t deliberately choose the vulnerabilities, the opponent in this battle can be bothered by her physique.

Zhu Yang was happy to be able to fight with all his strength, but did not intend to consume too much energy here.

So while the saber-toothed tiger was in pain, attacks followed one after another.

She kicked directly towards the opponent’s face, and the saber-toothed tiger was taken aback, but the intrepid hunting instinct would prevent it from being devastated by injuries.

Adjust the center of gravity in an instant, spread the pressure to the uninjured hind limbs, lift up the big paws like a fan, and wave at Zhu Yang.

Its forelimbs were thicker than Zhu Yang’s whole body, and the muscles on it were knotted, and its speed was swift, and it was about to shoot the little beast head-on.

Suddenly, she was missing in the air, and then she felt something more on her chest.

It turned out that her attack was just a pretense, taking advantage of the gap in her chest when she shot it, she slammed down and changed the way forward.

The saber-toothed tiger also reacted quickly, fearing that this guy would give himself a heartfelt heart. Although this little vegetable beast is small and does not have sharp teeth and claws, its agility and strength cannot be underestimated.

Under these disadvantages, it can kick its forelimbs to lose its combat effectiveness, and the saber-toothed tiger is completely afraid of hardening it.

When he only waved his palm, the mouse rushed to the ground again, and the saber-toothed tiger was not relieved by her attack.

She saw her figure sliding forward along the impact of inertia, and underneath was its entire defenseless abdomen.

Realizing that it was too late at the same time as being fooled, the sharp pain from the saber-toothed tiger made the saber-toothed tiger’s eyes burst out, his body shrank, and his entire body’s hairs exploded like a hedgehog.

The whole tiger froze into a sculpture, and it took a long time to slowly fall to the ground, rolling his eyes and spitting.

The animals on the viewing platform also subconsciously covered their pants, and it took a long time to react.

“Cai, is the fighting style of vegetable beasts so insidious?”

“Yes, this saber-toothed tiger is so far, a test body with invincible individual combat capability. It is actually planted on it.”

“Idiot, she is obviously an interesting trap. Not only is the fighting ability, this vegetable beast has evolved considerable wisdom.”

“It’s obvious. Otherwise, how did they escape the wanted and come to the city? They are still groping for the common sense of the civilized world. Otherwise, they won’t be able to steal things without knowing the value.”

“The other three, step up their search.” The amazing performance of a vegetable beast made them look forward to all the vegetable beasts’ data.

After the saber-toothed tiger passed out of a coma, the hole in the ground opened again, and the elevator board carried it down.

But at the same time, a lifting board appeared on Zhu Yang’s side. She did not act rashly, wanting to see where it would be transmitted next.

A few seconds later, she appeared in a room full of transparent glass, opposite to countless glass rooms of different sizes, which were full of different species.

Birds, mammals, reptiles, and even Zhu Yang saw another human in the next room.

He was an adult male, but his appearance was a bit strange. Zhu Yang observed him carefully, his appearance was not as cringe and ignorant as he saw on the farm.

Sitting on the ground, the whole person is agile and vigilant, which is much better than the ‘vegetable beast’. But it is obviously impossible to put him and Adam who have evolved successfully into one category.

Because this person’s ‘smartness’ is not so much the evolution of reason, it is more animalistic, and the whole body exudes the meaning that he may attack others mania at any time.

But this is not the point. The point is that in his glass room, from time to time, objects fly out of thin air and bump into the wall.

Immediately, the other party seemed to feel Zhu Yang’s gaze, and he turned his head back and stared, his eyes were full of blood, and a metal water glass also slammed on the glass facing Zhu Yang at this angle.

Well, it is almost 80% certain that the movement of those things is controlled by that person, so he responded accordingly with his intention to attack, but it was restricted by the glass.

But the other party didn’t seem to be able to control his own abilities, so he was so disorganized.

On the one hand, Zhu Yang was shocked by the fact that there were no more than a hundred people in this world, but he could actually see people with the ability to think of power.

On the one hand, I was ecstatic. Perhaps the biggest problem so far has been solved.

Feeling an animal coming in, Zhu Yang retracted his gaze, pretending to be dazed and vigilant, interpreting the situation that he already possesses a certain amount of intelligence but cannot understand the current situation.

The few animals that came in made Zhu Yang feel the sense of sight in the Deep Sea Prison scene.

A goose in a black suit and a cigar, followed by a few animals in white coats.

No, are biological experiments so popular these days? The two worlds are not doing business properly.

It’s better to explain the prison a little bit. How are you a gangster? Is it your job to look so far? Can’t sell weapons, smuggle drugs/products, and fight for territory?

Obviously it couldn’t. A group of animals came in and looked at Zhu Yang first.

Zhu Yang hurriedly made a vigilant posture. A few did not speak, but instead turned their eyes to the person in the room next to Zhu Yang——

“I really didn’t expect that this kind of drug developed, although the combat power of other animals increased greatly after injection, the mental power was not enough to resist the drug, and all of them lost their sanity. On the contrary, the small and weak vegetable beasts can actually resist it, and generate incredible results. Ability.”

“It’s just that the progress of this control ability is still too slow.” A group of animals pointed at the person next to Zhu Yang.

One of the white coat birds said: “It should be the injection ratio. Although it is also obviously aggressive, it is because it is an uncivilized species. If you choose the smartest among its races, you should start with a small dose first. It may stabilize after a certain degree of intellectual development.”

Another person shook his head: “But it might be difficult to evolve to the level of intelligent creatures. That is something that only the Creator can do.”

The goose boss said impatiently: “Well, put away your arguments, I don’t need such a new species, as long as I can obey the orders obediently under training, it’s enough for me.”

“That one!” It pointed to the person next to Zhu Yang: “If the progress is too slow, you can use extreme methods appropriately and rely on physical stimulation to let him remember what to do so that he won’t be punished.”

This is naturally similar to a circus training animals to perform close performances, which is very cruel.

The white coat on the side said: “Simple commands are fine, but this ability is too wasteful just to listen to simple commands.”

The goose boss was a little irritable: “So what can I do? Who said these vegetable beasts are low-level creatures that even evolution can’t do.”

He smiled and looked at Zhu Yang: “But there is hope now, right? This one is obviously special.”

“I stole the potion before and escaped that bastard. When he caught it, he said that the potion in his hand had been injected into the animal immediately. With such good luck, it happened to be injected into the only animal with tolerance.”

“It happened to pass near the corn village in its original escape route, so it was right.”

“Maybe the abilities that this vegetable beast evolved are basic speed, power, and intelligence. As long as you study her DNA, you can modify the formula of the potion, and you will definitely be able to create a superpower army of ours.”

Several white coats looked at Zhu Yang, and the expressions on their faces relaxed. When the experiment was in a dilemma, her appearance was a glimmer of dawn.

At this moment, Zhu Yang is a series of causes and consequences. This group of people wants to build an invincible army through the ‘human’ body experiment.

However, all animal species are intolerant to drugs. After the injection, let alone gaining superpowers, they will go crazy and become an aggressive psychosis.

But only humans can adapt to this drug. Before they discovered this, a researcher stole a sample and ran away, using the drug randomly before being caught——

Of course, this clue may be arranged by the game, just to rationalize the existence of the four players. As for whether or not the injection is made, it is not known. Anyway, looking at the other side’s appearance, I am convinced.

Then the laboratory also discovered the tolerance of the cabbage beast by accident, and the experimental progress was greatly advanced.

But the good times are not long. Although the vegetable beast can develop abilities, because it has not evolved, the manipulation of the abilities is also unacceptable, not to mention the completion of complex commands, which are used by them. This is like a gold mine. But there is nowhere to start digging.

At this time, the news published a murder case, and several vegetable beasts actually conspired to kill the residents of the farm and fled with their companions.

This news must have immediately attracted the attention of the pheasant group goose boss, and perhaps the police report videos have been thoroughly studied by them.

Knowing that being able to make this chain of actions is not simply a brutal madness or evolutionary ability that can be done, the goose was ecstatic, and immediately issued an order to search for the four vegetable beasts everywhere.

In the battle with the saber-toothed tiger just now, these guys have confirmed that Zhu Yang is infinitely close to intelligent creatures, and maybe he can understand civilized society with a little training.

Her characteristics, coupled with the effectiveness of the potion, and the development of the ability army, are all in sight.

The Elder Goose took off the cigar from his mouth and looked at Zhu Yang greedily: “Put it on the number, don’t lose it. God knows this thing looks the same.”

“First draw some blood and do a physical examination. I will see the next experimental protocol before tomorrow night.”

“Yes!” The members of the research team are also eager to try.

Only then did Zhu Yang have time to sweep the surrounding animals, most of them, like the saber-toothed tiger, are intelligent species with successful evolution.

There are mammals and birds, and subspecies are full of them, but they are still quiet in the laboratory.

Zhu Yang immediately realized that the vent here might be able to inject tranquilizers at any time. It didn’t take long to think about it, and felt a burst of mist coming out of the vent, which should be the atomized medicine.

Zhu Yang was busy holding his breath. After integrating the abilities of the fish scale monster, her breath-holding ability was very powerful.

After a while, he learned the way of other animals and fell to the ground with a sleepy appearance.

The other party was also vigilant in handling affairs, and that was it. After waiting for several minutes, he opened the glass door and sent two big men (eagles) to push her out.

The cold anesthetic penetrates into the body, baby—Bah!

In short, Zhu Yang rarely refused, allowing the other party to draw blood, scan, MRI, and various examinations.

Perhaps because of her current rarity, the level of inspection alone is not rude.

She wants to know what her body is like in this world, and whether the dog is a bit blinder than the game in order to set the magic change.

The results of the tests came out one by one. At first, several other parties were hesitant, but after the blood test and DNA test came out, they finally confirmed.

Then he looked at Zhu Yang incredulously: “How is this possible? There is no response from injection of medicine at all.”

[email protected]#%……#%(”

After I finished speaking, I heard the vegetable beast’s mouth making a sound. Unlike ordinary citizens, these researchers could hear that it was not a meaningless monosyllable, but a regular and unique pronunciation.

In other words, is this a mature language?

Before she had time to be shocked, the rope tied to her broke, and the researcher who was standing closest was dragged by her, and she broke off a steel pipe on the hospital bed and aimed it at its neck.

The bodyguard on the side quickly took out a gun and pointed it at her, but her figure was too advantageous at this time.

Hidden tightly behind the researcher, completely unable to aim at her.

Zhu Yang glanced at the guns of the two bodyguards. They were not bad, they were just ordinary guns.

But at this time the research lunatics on the opposite side were ecstatic: “Look, she knows how to use hostage threats. This is not something that can be explained by combat wisdom.”

“I’m actually fortunate to be able to see a species evolving into a wise mind, God!”

“Okay, don’t sigh, just notify someone to help.”

The two bodyguards picked up the walkie-talkie and were about to call someone, and they saw the vegetable beast slamming the steel bars over. They couldn’t dodge, and both were knocked to the ground.

The place where the steel pipe was thrown was tricky and ran straight into their faces, so the two eagles couldn’t stand up for a while.

Then he saw the rookie grabbing a data-recording tablet on the test bench, and quickly inputting something on it with one hand.

Then point the screen at them: “The person named Nima, when your father died?”

When the researchers saw it, they became even more enthusiastic: “She has learned to write, my God! She has evolved on her own without injection of medicine, and we can actually witness the evolution of a species.”

Zhu Yang never had expectations for the scientific lunatic, and he grabbed an anesthesia needle from the plate next to him and injected it into the kidnapped guy.

No matter what she did, the guys were shocked: “Ah! She knows the effect of injections.”

“Ah! She knows computers.”

“Ah! She can actually copy files.”

“Wait! You can’t take these materials away.”

For the confidentiality of the experiment, there is no monitoring in the laboratory, so they are very careful with the test subjects, but unexpectedly, something other than cognition has happened.

Zhu Yang kicked the birds next to him, and warned them with a tablet while copying the files: “Dare to one more word, break your beak.”

Then he typed: “The alarm is hidden in the sleeve. Believe it or not, you haven’t pressed it yet. I will let all of you guys fall to the ground.”

This is the trouble of language barriers. The text in this world is English, but there is no immediate illiteracy.

However, because of the different structures of animals and humans, the common language has different pronunciations. Indigenous people like Adam can imitate through long-term ears and eyes and eventually learn to speak.

But how many days have Zhu Yang been here? Naturally it is not so fast.

After this threat, the group of guys was quite honest, and when Zhu Yang copied all the information down, his eyes were directed at the large cipher cabinet on the side.

Obviously there is frozen medicine inside.

She caught one of the researchers headed by the group, and regardless of the other’s struggle, pointed its iris at the scanner, but still needed to enter a password.

Zhu Yang copied the steel pipe he picked up from the bodyguard who kicked the stun and pointed it at its neck: “Enter the password!”

Unexpectedly, the researcher didn’t hesitate, and immediately entered a long series of codes. As soon as the door was opened, there were rows of frozen medicine inside.

Zhu Yang instructed several researchers to pick up all the medicine storage boxes for her, and several fellows followed suit in silence.

After installing two large boxes, Zhu Yang knocked over a few birds one by one, destroyed his inspection tape and samples, and left the research room with the boxes on his back.

When he passed the human room, he opened the glass door to let him come out. This guy came out and wanted to attack Zhu Yang, but Zhu Yang was stabbed with a needle.

She didn’t use any abilities or exposed space to store props during the whole process. Even when he took that person away, they still carried him away.

Two big boxes and a strong man, how did Zhu Yang, two years ago, ever think that he would have such a reckless day?

When the door was opened, the bodyguard at the door was instantly resolved, and the next lot was full of surveillance.

But Zhu Yang remembered the route that those people took when they brought her in, and used this to infer the house where she was in the battle at the beginning. By moving the position down parallel, he can roughly infer where she is in the manor.

Coupled with the layout of the entire laboratory, the location of the ventilation ducts and the focus of the equipment-

Zhu Yang kicked the wall on the left without hesitation, and at the same time the alarm sounded, and the hands on it began to move.

This time it was a bit more troublesome than the prison time. After all, the place could use abilities and props at will, but now it is not a time for violence.

Because she has to come back, the next time she has to reserve enough cards.

Fortunately, it is not a deep ocean with nowhere to escape. After the wall collapsed, a sealed cement was revealed.

But Zhu Yang was not disappointed, but continued to lift his leg and kick it over, only to see a narrow passage inside.

Zhu Yang got in, knocked down several walls, and finally saw the drainage pipe.

Running out of the pipeline, Zhu Yang guessed that the people above should also find her escape route.

But she didn’t care, even at this time, there seemed to be no trace of surveillance at all, and she still maintained a posture of not using her ability.

The guys were anxious when they watched her copy the data at first, but later the medication was refreshed, and Zhu Yang could only guess one reason.

That is, if she took the potion and injected it to more vegetable beasts, it was just right for them.

Because she doesn’t understand the truth of her evolution, it would be great if she could solve this secret by herself.

Although there is no surveillance around, but there are many things brought out in the laboratory, and it may not be possible to reveal whereabouts.

After running for a few minutes, she was sure that she should have run out of the manor house at her speed, and felt the light faintly shining from above.

Then Zhu Yang jumped up and kicked the upper manhole cover and came out of the underground pipe.

It is still very close to the manor, and there is a huge lake not far away. The visibility of the lake is very low, it is the kind of gloomy and cold green.

An animal had found her, but Zhu Yang sneered, and then didn’t even want to jump in with two huge boxes and a person taller than himself.

When she hit the water, she dived deep until she couldn’t see herself on the lake, and the bottom of the lake was completely dark in the eyes of the creatures on the land.

At this time, Zhu Yang threw the person and the box into the spirit beast bag and the space ring respectively, and his body was lightly smashed for more than ten feet, and it took no two seconds to cross the entire huge lake.

He escaped from the search range in an instant, and disappeared into the forest in the distance.

In the main control room, Ben was only doing hunting so that she could escape with difficulty, but the birds who were monitoring them anyway were dumbfounded when they saw the signal that the other party had suddenly disappeared after entering the lake.

Some animals murmured incrediblely: “Impossible, it is impossible for fish to swim so fast.”

“Did you see it? She was tens of meters in the distance and brought so much burden, my God! What kind of species is this, is it really so unique?”

Boss Goose stood in front of the screen with a gloomy face, and suddenly went to the laboratory and handed it a tablet by the bodyguards carried by several unconscious researchers.

“It seems that the vegetable beast left.”

Boss Goose took it and wrote a sentence in black and bold—


When Zhu Yang got out of the water, he tore off his clothes and put them on dry.

She can be sure that she is not under surveillance, but the other person and the potion box are not necessarily.

The space ring can isolate the signal, but naturally you can’t just take it to see Adam. If you take out something, it will expose their hiding place.

She picked up all the boxes of potions individually and threw them into the space, and the boxes were abandoned on the spot. And that person’s clothes and collar were all torn to pieces by her and thrown away.

I never dreamed that I would pick up another man’s clothes when I had a boyfriend, but it’s easier to accept that it’s still an orangutan.

After finishing this, Zhu Yang hasn’t relaxed her vigilance. If his monitoring position is a WeChat robot directly injected into the body, then no matter how she picks up clothes, it will be useless.

She can understand it. It is said that it is Zoo City, but it can be linked to the animation and the universe. I don’t know what Spider-Man and Iron Man feel when they see a group of birds doing crazy human experiments.

Zhu Yang took out a signal shielding collar from the space, and another game was produced, which must be a boutique.

Can handle it temporarily!

After doing everything and making sure that no trace was left, Zhu Yang quickly left the forest, spared the original road, and avoided all the cameras, and then sneaked back home.

It was early morning when he got home, and the little yellow chicken was taken by the Wilsons to the Falcon Officer. It must have already set off to visit the Vulture teacher.

It’s just that Adam was sent here by the Peacock Boy again. As soon as Zhu Yang turned the window and went in, he saw Adam feeding Lily biscuits.

Teaching her to talk while feeding——

“Come, learn from me! Cookies, biscuits-dry!”

“Biscuit!” Lily learned while eating.

Zhu Yang blew his whistle: “How fast to learn!”

Adam turned his head and breathed a sigh of relief: “When I asked Xiaoji in the morning, I learned that you were out in the middle of the night. Do you want to scare people to death?”

Zhu Yang said: “If you have something, go to the base and speak quickly.”

Speaking of that, Lily slammed the bewildered face back into the spirit beast bag, and the two went through the window again and sneaked to the secret base.

As soon as he entered, Zhu Yang released the experimenter from the spirit beast bag. He didn’t expect that he was already awake, and he pulled Lily’s hair for a while.

It seems that the effect of the tranquilizer has not completely dissipated, and he is not so aggressive right now.

Lily cried and tugged her braids and ran away. Zhu Yang quickly held his head and directed his gaze to Adam.

It was the immediate effect again. Ching Ming reason gradually appeared in his eyes, compared to the batch of vegetable beasts left by Zhu Yang yesterday.

As soon as he can be trained in the laboratory, he will have a higher starting point than them. He can at least understand some simple commands.

At Zhu Yang’s gesture, Adam said to him: “Bring me that cup.”

Humanity in the base: “He just evolved. Where can I understand?”

As a result, what happened in the next scene made them dumbfounded. Not only did he understand it, but he also executed it in a different way.

When he stretched out his hand, the water glass five meters away slowly flew over, shaking in the middle, and even spilled a lot of water, but finally reached his hand.

Then he handed the water to Adam. Unlike when he faced Zhu Yang, his eyes were full of admiration and closeness.

Adam turned out to have the same shock on his face as his friends: “This, how, is really incredible.”

He looked at Zhu Yang: “This is also ability?”

Zhu Yang nodded and smiled: “I know the foundation of mankind.”

“In terms of strength and physique, we belong to the downstream. In terms of quantity, our reproduction cycle is too long. In terms of history, we failed to grasp a lifeline before carve up the world’s resources.”

“Fortunately, in this world of great integration of species, as long as there is a certain bargaining chip, it is not impossible to accept a new race.”

She was still thinking about whether to inquire about undeveloped uninhabited islands or new continents, but that was only a last resort. Now that the technology is highly developed, hiding somewhere is not a long-term solution.

And there are similar species being kept in captivity here, then it is not considered as being any biological status, and will always be regarded as such species or.

But it’s different now.

She patted Adam on the shoulder: “Your evolutionary ability, plus the superpowers that are enough to protect yourself, the world will definitely have a place for humans.”

Of course, only relying on the evolution of potions can not be compared with players such as her who strengthened again and again, and listening to those bastards, the ability to awaken seems to be random.

But just like this, it has already added a bargaining chip to mankind.

The evolution of human beings is force majeure, although it may have been the result of those scientists’ foolish death.

But maybe this is why the game gives Adam the seed of wisdom, because it is inevitable sooner or later.

Therefore, she does not doubt the applicability of the medicine, but dividing resources out of thin air is naturally a risky blood path.

Zhu Yang took out a syringe and handed it to Adam, “His ability comes from this.”

“But this is a big bet, it may be accompanied by countless risks and hidden dangers, you choose!”


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