Scream Queen Chapter 113

Adam looked at the potion and was silent for a while. After making a decision, he slowly stretched out his hand, but there was no hesitation on his face.

Sett on the side stretched out his hand to stop him, and said, “I’m coming!”

Adam shook his head: “If it’s not for me, it doesn’t make sense.”

The bargaining chip of this gamble is not him, it is all human beings in this world. If the heavens are going to block their possibility, it would be better to just let the companions of the race be so ignorant.

Adam took the medicine in Zhu Yang’s hand, stuck the needle into his arm, and slowly pushed the blue medicine in.

Everyone watched him hold their breath, and even Zhu Yang dared to be so irresponsible for a few things, and they were a little bit worried.

Even though it was confirmed that the game gave them a chance, it definitely meant that the luck of this race had arrived, so everything that happened afterwards was a matter of course.

But after all, she had never seen anyone gaining abilities in this way, and she didn’t know how Adam would react in a while.

As a result, ten minutes passed, and the guy had no reaction except for a sneeze during the period.

“That’s it? It’s over?” Zhu Yang grabbed his arm and patted: “Give me some reaction, even if I cry and howl and struggle, let me stick to the domineering medicine?”

“Your reaction to push a shot of glucose really doesn’t give people the face of the drug.”

At this moment, Adam looked at Zhu Yang, and tears burst into his eyes, looking at her with a distressed look.

Looking at Zhu Yang, he felt a little hairy: “What, what’s wrong?”

Adam complained: “You actually already have a spouse.”

Zhu Yang laughed angrily and smoked him: “When is it? And thinking about playing treasures——”

Halfway through, she stopped. She had never said this to this guy. Although Xiao Ji had revealed the existence of “Dad”, this guy’s brain was very heavy and he never paid attention to it.

Just saw that Adam didn’t respond, she was wondering if Lu Datou was here, she should be able to see what happened in detail based on his experience.

Thinking of Lu Datou, there are some other associations, and the frequency of fluctuations between lovers is different.


Zhu Yang scolded in his heart [Adam is stupid, second man, there is a hole in his brain that can’t stop him, I want to fight once when I see him. 】

Sure enough, this guy was even more heartbroken: “Are you embarrassed to scold me?”

“Wow! So that’s what you think in your heart? It’s fun to play with my heart? I tell you, you lost me!”

Ok! I’m sure, this guy’s ability is telepathy for now.

Zhu Yang slapped the past again, slamming the two missing fans.

Then he ignored him and announced directly: “Well, I now understand the side effects of the drug.”

“It’s easy to brain damage, but fortunately, it’s still within control under normal circumstances, that is, you need to be careful when you are in love.”

“I’ll pass you a few G novels in a while. You can take a look first, summarize the main points, and avoid some discussions. It should be able to avoid most of the dog’s blood.”

Pointing to Adam again: “Don’t learn this guy.”

Adam approached dingy, afraid to make a joke.

Also, as soon as he gained the ability, he knew that Zhu Yang came from a different world, and that mankind was the ruler of that world, and he naturally had his own mature civilization.

When reading her thinking, this is not, that is, just follow her abhorrent place!

Everyone around him looked at him with contempt when he saw him making such a serious joke, which made Adam belier.

However, as he imagined, the heavy atmosphere was brought back.

Zhu Yang is a bit funny, this guy is the kind of rare second-force leader, he will never be handsome for three seconds.

She said to Adam: “Test it, you should be more than that.”

After all, it is the only person who was selected by the game, and it certainly won’t be that simple.

Adam closed his eyes when he heard the words and relaxed himself. After a few seconds, he suddenly opened and pointed in one direction–

“Here, seventy kilometers away, there is a vegetable beast farm with more than one hundred companions.”

“There is one in the trash can of the burger shop three blocks away, and there are two in the cage of the Hill barbecue restaurant…”

“No, there’s more.”

Adam’s tone became more and more urgent, Zhu Yang interrupted him quickly and pulled his consciousness back.

It can be heard that his range of abilities is becoming wider and more sophisticated at this moment, and one day he will be able to search for all his companions.

But now they have limited manpower, and asking him to find it like this will only increase his burden and helpless pain.

Zhu Yang patted him on the shoulder and diverted his attention, “Can I only perceive humans? What about other animals?”

Adam was still a little lost, but he nodded: “If you are focused, you can tell the difference. If you only focus on one or two, you can know their thoughts.”

Speaking and pointing to a location not far above the base: “There are two repairers who are lazy. One is thinking about going to the bar after get off work for a drink, and the other wants to steal some accessories and equipment to sell.”

Professor X is correct. Although this ability is indeed the most suitable for human leadership, the wise and kind Professor X is too impressive.

With the same ability, why does this tease suddenly feel like a degraded style?

However, she is indeed very strong, and she deserves to be the chosen son of heaven. Zhu Yang got the ability early, and she has polished it all the way to today. She dare not say that any of her ability can surpass Adam.

She said to Adam: “Then you try again and disappear from our eyes.”

Thanks to the entertainment category where the world is not worse than reality, the movie is not without the imagination of superpowers in science fiction.

Adam knew what he meant, and if he could perceive the spirit of others, he would also try to manipulate it.

He concentrated his attention, and then everyone saw his figure fade away until it disappeared completely.

Zhu Yang touched the past, with her mental power as a player, he almost ignored the past.

It was that I had touched the real thing, but the information that was fed back to my brain was that my hand passed through the air in that place, and there was nothing there.

This is really the same as her principle of illusion.

Zhu Yang could still feel uncoordinated anyway. Set and Justin came over and touched the air like her, but they didn’t feel any abnormality at all.

The two of them were not as intuitive as Zhu Yang about the horror of this ability, with a surprised look on their faces: “Really it just disappeared?”

However, in the next second, Adam’s figure appeared, and their hands were on his arms.

The two were startled, because before that, they hadn’t felt the sensation of touching anything.

“This is really–” The crowd was incredible, and their expressions toward Adam became even more enthusiastic.

Adam himself was surprised, looking at his hands, and then, without waiting for Zhu Yang’s command, he aimed his gaze at the bass in the corner to the side.

His heart moved at will, and Beth flew steadily over immediately, using it more smoothly than the person Zhu Yang brought back.

Also, the power of mind can be classified as a kind of spiritual power.

Zhu Yang was quite excited, and then Set and Justin also asked for injections.

But relatively speaking, both the strength of the ability and the rarity are much more normal.

Like the person Zhu Yang brought back, even though they have evolved sapience, their control and understanding capabilities are naturally higher.

But it is only specifically manifested in control, which also requires development and training to find a precise position. Compared with Adam’s ability, it is simply a gap of two dimensions.

Zhu Yang did not find it strange. Adam is special. The game has already given clear instructions. If everyone is as strong as him, let alone let the rise of mankind take a place, it can completely overthrow the existing world and become a creature. The overlord of the chain.

The appearance of abilities is just to make up for the disadvantages brought about by physique. It seems that the copy of this world is not a cruel repertoire of the rise of one race and the end of several races.

After all, it is a world of great ethnic integration. Relatively speaking, as long as you have enough capital, the acceptance is relatively high.

After Zhu Yang left a few potions by himself, the others are all placed here. It is definitely not enough to evolve all human beings.

They can no longer count on the research conducted by the Goose boss. Human knowledge cannot decipher the true secret of this medicine for the time being, so the responsibility for capital gains can only fall on the shoulders of a few humans, who are opposite to the medicine.

It is certainly not possible for everyone to inject, especially those who have just been sent over that have just turned on their minds, and it is meaningless to use a hand/gun that has been loaded to a child indiscriminately.

Zhu Yang only stayed here for one month. How to select and use as a benchmark in the future is Adam’s business.

So she directly took out an empty space ring, put all the remaining potions in and gave it to him——

Seeing Adam hesitate, she said: “You know my position. Although you have similar empathy, you are always in a cold-eyed position.”

“I won’t let the things here, the people here haunt me for too long. Once I leave, some of the psychological baggage here will be washed away, and I won’t let it hinder my path.”

“I know that as soon as you wake up, you are in a civilized, stable and peaceful world, and you recognize the rights of citizens. Under this influence, you naturally don’t feel that you have the right to manipulate the destiny of others and have the rights to give others.”

“But you still don’t know? Actually, when you get the seed of wisdom that awakens the wisdom of your race, your existence is more than just a human leader.”

The function assigned to him by the game is already somewhat close to that of the gods, so what path the humans in this world will ultimately go to is something that their gods should decide.

Adam heard the words and clenched the ring tightly, and for a moment there was a breathless weight in his heart. .

But on the contrary, this kind of load-bearing forward is much better for him than there was no way to go before.

Zhu Yang handed the experimental data he brought back to Set and Justin and let them study it slowly, but before that, he had to hurry up to destroy related experimental data elsewhere.

Although the research room has been destroyed by her, there are still backups in other places. Now that he has Adam’s ability, things are a lot easier.

The secret of human trump card is naturally only in human hands.

In addition, several rescue operations were planned tonight, at least to bring back similar people nearby.

Zhu Yang talked about the training direction of the abilities developed by the people who had been injected with the medicine.

However, it is obviously reluctant to be of great use.

Just such a day passed, the Peacock boy and the Wilson couple were going home soon, Zhu Yang and Adam also hurried away.

Mrs. Wilson got off work first, and brought the little yellow chicken back home. After opening the door, the little yellow chicken saw that her mother had come back, and leaped forward happily.

Mrs. Wilson saw the two beasts sitting on the floor cleverly playing, smiling and taking out a pair of pants from her bag.

Caught Zhu Yang: “Come on! Finally remember to buy the pants back, see if you like it?”

Zhu Yang glanced at it. It was a pair of shorts. The workmanship was rough. Of course, you can’t ask for too much pet clothes.

But she was totally unqualified here, so she threw the pants aside in disgust.

Mrs. Wilson originally wanted to put it on for her by herself, but was picked up by the little yellow chicken and looked like it was wrapped around me.

Only then left a few children to play on it, and went downstairs to cook.

Zhu Yang touched Xiaoji’s chin with lingering fears: “Oh! We cubs are getting more and more sensible.”

“How about seeing Teacher Vulture today?”

The little yellow chicken obediently said: “The teacher likes me and brother George. Today I corrected a lot of my fighting habits. Let me go tomorrow.”

Zhu Yangle said: “So soon? Come! Give me a gesture to show my mother.”

The little yellow chicken stood up, stretched out its wings and assumed a posture: “For example, during an impact, the vulture teacher said that our birds have fragile wing tips, which are different from animals with palms. This should be avoided in order to achieve the greatest impact with the least loss. .”

“There is also the vulture teacher who judged that I was definitely a mammal, and it was a kind of particularly slender limbs, and the torso occupies less than half of the body length. My tricks are very suitable for this structure, but not very suitable for birds.”

After speaking, Zhu Yang made slow gestures in the small room, mainly to show those corrective actions.

This made Zhu Yang a little astonished, and couldn’t help but admire: “Wow! This is really–”

“It’s amazing.”

Just listening to the report of the little yellow chicken, the martial arts master of the vulture teacher beat her, it seems that the little yellow chicken’s chance is really here.

She touched the head of the little yellow chicken: “Okay, then you go every day and follow Master Vulture to learn your skills and strive to become stronger as soon as possible.”

The little yellow chicken nodded solemnly: “Yeah! I will.”

Before Mr. Wilson came back, the Peacock boy came home from school and came to pick Adam away.

Before taking it, the little yellow chicken invited him to send Adam to play tomorrow as Zhu Yang ordered.

Mrs. Wilson saw that the two pets were cute and well-behaved at home, not to mention breaking things, even going to the toilet, clean, and happy that the two pets at home were waiting for them to come home.

Peacock boy is naturally happy to stay with his pet and his beautiful ‘little girlfriend’.

I was still hoping that it might not be long before it could become the “Grandpa” of the vegetable beast, so naturally it would be happy.

While happy, he said: “It happens that I have been inspired these days. I will go back to make a dress for Yang Yang tonight. It must look good.”

Zhu Yang glanced at Adam’s clothes. Although the aesthetic of the reasonable Peacock Boy was too gorgeous, it was not gaudy. From Adam, he was still very talented.

So Zhu Yang is looking forward to its clothes.

When Mr. Wilson came back in the evening, he told Mrs. Wilson something at the table.

That is, the police station called him today, saying that several animals called him, indicating that the little yellow chicken was a lost child from their home.

So I have to find a time to go to the police station to claim it tomorrow.

Zhu Yang, who was eating on the small bench, was taken aback. In this world, there are guys pretending to lead chickens?

However, it is set that the little yellow chicken is lost, and knows nothing about the location of his home, and can not be restricted to deny it, only to go for a cutscene tomorrow.

In the evening, Zhu Yang was afraid that the little yellow chicken would encounter a difficult animal tomorrow, so he specially taught it some precautions.

Make sure it has all been remembered, and Zhu Yang went to sleep in peace.

Early the next morning, the Peacock boy brought Adam and the clothes he made. Zhu Yang fell in love with the gorgeous dark blue dress. After wearing it, he was just like the Peacock Princess.

She even turned a few times and made a dancing gesture, which excites the Peacock boy with expression.

Taking out the camera and aiming at her is Ka Ka Ka’s crazy shot: “Oh my God! It’s so amazing, it’s a natural model. I really should show those animals who are good-looking with feathers and don’t focus on improving expressiveness. A vegetable beast.”

“I really don’t want to go to school if I can. Now I have inspiration in my mind again.”

When the Peacock boy finished speaking, he was taken out by Mr. Wilson, and he still had to go to school.

What about the student’s job?

As soon as a house of birds left, Adam cheeked up and came up again: “I’m telling you, I really like peacocks.”

“Because I consciously grew up with Owen (the peacock boy) from the beginning, it is like family to me, so regardless of aesthetics or inner preference, I think the peacock is the most beautiful among birds.”

Zhu Yang thought for a while and patted his shoulder comfortingly: “Come on! I don’t discriminate against cross-species love.”

Then he said: “It’s normal to say that cross-species love is normal in this world? I don’t believe in so many species, there is no cross-species marriage.”

“You work hard. When humanity is recognized by the world, it is the day you propose to the Peacock Boy. Not to mention, it is not bad in terms of political significance.”

Adam opened her hand expressionlessly: “You deliberately, right?”

After speaking, he looked at her shyly and said, “I mean, you wear a peacock gown and hit my heart again. Can’t you consider changing your spouse?”

Zhu Yang grabbed his ears: “I think your awakening mental power is really wasted. You should awaken your super reproductive ability.”

“It depends on who is pregnant. That is how you can prosper a race.”

Adam was ashamed of being bullied, and after half an hour passed, the two stopped committing two crimes and turned out of the house again.

If Zhu Yang stayed with Boss Goose, she would go back, but the black/gang would never think that the so-called return would be the next day.

Probably no one except her dared not take the heavily guarded gang headquarters so seriously.

In fact, Zhu Yang didn’t expect the timing to come so soon, but Adam’s awakening immediately made her even more powerful.

There is a condition to hit the opponent by surprise.

He still came to the base first, and after one night, Adam’s abilities covered a wider range.

Based on Zhu Yang’s description, he immediately found the location of the Goose’s base camp.

However, he had just awakened, and he didn’t have the ability to manipulate creatures from hundreds of miles away. The most clearly felt human spirit fluctuations.

He said to Zhu Yang: “Where are a few human beings, they should have captured them again.”

Of course, two such precious beasts were lost yesterday, but the research thinking has become clearer, and those guys can’t wait.

Although Zhu Yang took away all the medicines placed there, the eggs could not be placed in a basket, and there were definitely a small amount of survivors elsewhere.

Adam concentrated his mental power there, and after a moment he said helplessly: “No, it does not outline the whole picture of the building, only some places can be inferred from the division of biology.”

He bit his teeth and his eyes suddenly said harshly: “Let’s go! Take me closer. If you are within ten kilometers, you can definitely investigate more clearly, and even lock the goose boss.”

Zhu Yang said: “No, you can’t take the risk with your own body for the time being. Of course, the potions that those guys developed were possible.”

They don’t necessarily know the existence of Adam, but in another way, they will guess that Zhu Yang injected medicine.

She obviously showed everything that a smart creature possesses, and the control of abilities will definitely not be the same as other vegetable beasts.

So for precaution, those guys will definitely lay a net around their base camp.

In addition to perception, Adam’s other abilities, such as operating mental feedback, have a small control range, which makes it easy to roll over.

Although those guys are guarding against her, there is nothing wrong with this idea.

Zhu Yang said: “Don’t worry, it’s not impossible.”

Speaking, Zhu Yang took out a lot of marbles, and those marbles turned into cockroaches the size of eggs.

Zhu Yang pulled out one by one, and it didn’t take long for him to pull out hundreds of giants.

Then he took out several rolls of special tape, a box of micro/explosion/bomb, and several micro cameras.

To the others: “Go ahead, I will be busy for a while today.”

Explained to everyone: “This kind of camera, don’t look at it, only has a big fingernail, but the angle is quite wide and the picture is clear.”

“There are also bombs/bombs, these are very powerful.” After all, they are too powerful, and another game won’t sell her too much.

In terms of destructive power, it is slightly larger than a cockroach bite. In reality, many similar substitutes can be found, but they are only small, each of which is about the size of a shirt button.

“In terms of destructive power, as long as it does not hurt the vital points, the destructive power is not enough to kill an animal.”

“But it is convenient to blow up some equipment, such as cameras and the like, such as some key points of fixed weapons.”

Then he picked up the tape: “This thing has front and back sides. The front side sticks to the cockroach, but when the back side completely touches something, the front side will fall off automatically.”

In other words, the cockroach can transport it, and when it is installed somewhere, just stick it on, so there is no need to worry about the cockroach being unable to get out.

After speaking, clap his hands: “Let’s start making crafts.”

Adam picked up one of the cockroaches and exclaimed: “I can feel their powerful mental fluctuations, much stronger than ordinary insects, and can even receive orders.”

“There are also black/gang carnivorous ants, but they are driven by the stimulus commands of food or special smells. This is completely different.”

Zhu Yang said this of course. To put it bluntly, these cockroaches evolved through spiritual forces, and they were originally species derived from the premise of following orders.

The otaku counseled, he also counseled when he changed a ghost, and he was reluctant to come forward on his own, so a cockroach was born for him to drive.

Zhu Yang temporarily handed the control of the cockroaches to Adam, so things would be much easier.

For the cockroaches, Zhu Yang’s command is naturally the highest priority, but she has a weakness, that is, the cockroaches can’t control precisely when they leave a certain range.

For example, in a certain space, such as in the deep-sea prison at the time, she could precisely manipulate the cockroaches to climb onto everyone’s necks to stand by, and all of them when she gave orders.

But once you are far away, you can only trigger it simply, such as dividing a few cockroaches to protect others.

Then the cockroach will hit the person who needs to be attacked in the form of marbles before launching an attack.

Elder Goose’s base camp is nearly a hundred kilometers away, and she naturally cannot control it precisely.

But Adam can, enough to show that his ability is terrible.

Nearly twenty people did manual work for almost an hour before they stuck everything on the cockroach’s back.

However, so many cockroaches have to go nearly a hundred kilometers away, and they don’t know how long they will crawl on their short legs.

So Zhu Yang took out the phone and handed it to Adam, asked him to call a nearby pizzeria, order hundreds of pizzas, and ask them to be delivered to a school in the neighborhood of the Old Manor.

The school is also ten kilometers away from the manor, but it will pass through a mountain-ring road, which is only two kilometers straight from the manor.

The pizzeria was reluctant to send it to such a far place at first, but as long as the tip was large enough and the freight was promised, the money was directly credited to the in-store account, and it quickly compromised.

And Adam explained that it must be delivered before noon. At this time, it was less than two hours before noon, and the pizza shop chose the most efficient motorcycle team without worrying about traffic jams.

Zhu Yang and Adam went out and replaced two boxes of pizza with cockroaches when the pizza shop’s employees were loading the goods.

Because the school is a large mammal school, the pizza box is very large, but two boxes are enough to hold hundreds of cockroaches.

Not to mention how happy the school students were when they received free pizza from strange animals at noon. When the convoy passed the mountain road, the cockroaches received Adam’s instructions to bite open the cartons and get out of the car.

In order to avoid exposure, they immediately dispersed, and then quickly sneaked in from all sides and corners of the mansion along the grass forest.

Then the interior of the entire Goose boss’s base camp was gradually unlocked in front of the base’s computer screen.

After Scitech injected the medicine yesterday, the ability he developed was also brain-related, with so many screens and so many perspectives.

He was stunned while watching and drawing on a computer in front of him. When the cockroaches were scattered throughout the house, he also drew the architectural drawing of the entire manor.

Justin walked over, cut the plane of each floor, and began to analyze: “I have drawn the monitoring location based on the security ideas here. There may be omissions. You can ask the active cockroaches to look around again.”

“Measures have been taken for the ventilation ducts in the monitoring room. The cockroaches are too big to crawl in safely. In the end, I suspected that the weapons depot were in these two places.”

Justin used a pen to point to two places in the manor: “There are no flaws in these two places, and no flies can fly in. It can’t be a research room. It can only be a place to store important items, such as drugs and money. There is no need for such a large space.”

Then there are only weapons left, and they are still large weapons with special effects.

This goose boss really has a heart to dominate the world, and is simply the most ambitious goose she has ever seen.

In the past, the geese in the countryside and her all gave me introspection.

She said: “The goose boss is engaged in biochemical research, and the lion boss manipulates the election. What did the snake boss do? Otherwise, their reptile group can’t keep up with the rhythm.”

This question is a bit difficult for them, after all, before this, it was not easy for them to hide underground to survive.

“Well, the cockroaches are basically in place.” Adam closed his eyes and said: “The position of the goose boss has been determined.”

Zhu Yang grinned: “That’s good!”

Putting on the mini walkie-talkie, Zhu Yang left the base. She didn’t need to take a car. At that time, the 600-kilometer skateboard finally came in handy.

In less than ten minutes, I arrived at the Old Goose Manor, and as soon as I plunged into a certain area, I felt the surveillance line of sight.

Zhu Yang raised her head. It turned out to be a drone patrolling nearby. She hooked the drone, then raised her hand with two shots and exploded the machine.

After confirming her arrival and general location, it was obvious that the gongs were bulging nearby.

Even all the punks around here are wearing them on the street, as if looking for something.

With the power of the Goose boss in this area, it is not difficult to really carry out a carpet search.

However, Zhu Yang’s speed is fast. Even if the rest of the road is not convenient for skateboarding, she still runs at an amazing speed for a straight distance.

The speed of searching can’t keep up with her advancing speed, but the opponent has countless high-altitude eyes and ears.

The subtle movements that she started all the way can help confirm the position of the other person, such as a bird that started up in the woods.

Zhu Yang slowed down when he was about to approach the manor through the forest, using his toes to know that there was another trap waiting for her.

She disappeared suddenly in the water, and the other party would probably explain it with the instinct of a creature. In short, concealing her figure by illusion would have little effect on these guys who have special equipment and can be controlled remotely.

For other abilities, Zhu Yang is less capable of mass destruction. Using a loudspeaker is a good way, but outside the wilderness, the distance is not too close, and it is not a perfect solution.

Zhu Yang simply didn’t do two things, took out a tablet from the space, let Adam try to concentrate on manipulating a person and look at the internal network password here.

Adam has been very hard to manipulate so many cockroaches, but in this crazy digging, his ability is getting stronger and stronger.

Regardless of the nosebleed, he focused his spirit on an animal a hundred miles away, and manipulated it to look at his mobile phone subconsciously.

Then it hinted that it had forgotten the password, and the animal recalled the password through inertia, and gave it back to Adam.

After all, it is the territory of the gang that is engaged in scientific research. It is not so easy to decipher it because of the two self-taught talents of Set and Justin.

After connecting to the other party’s internal network, Zhu Yang took a deep breath. To be honest, she hadn’t used this ability from back to back.

I always feel that the crawling line makes people feel a bit chilly, and I will subconsciously think of Pseudo Sadako, and I have fallen into the screen like her, and suddenly I feel like I am going back more and more.

I can’t take care of it at this moment, after all, I dare not care about it.

She got into the tablet screen and disappeared in one breath. After dozens of seconds, the tablet’s screen was automatically locked into black because no one was operating.

The drone, which had already inferred the location from her speed, rushed over, and the nearest gang members also arrived with special weapons.

I used the thermal sensor to search around and found nothing, as if the whole vegetable beast suddenly disappeared out of thin air.

According to the electronic signal detectors, they noticed that there was a flat board on the leaves. The flat board had been connected to the internal network, but nothing else.

At the same time, in an empty room in the manor, the Internet TV on the wall suddenly turned on automatically.

After a few seconds of activation, the screen became brighter, and the screen suddenly appeared to be protruding out of thin air, and then one hand went through the barrier and crawled out directly.

Zhu Yang looked up at the vanity mirror opposite, eh! Very good. When riding a skateboard, I am afraid that my hairstyle will be messy and I will tie my hair tightly so that my hair will not crawl out of it.

Otherwise, she would be more like Sadako.

Following the feedback from the cockroach’s camera, Zhu Yang determined her footing according to the coordinates reported to her by Saite.

She immediately received Set’s voice in her ears: “Go straight out from here, and the upper floor is where the Goose is.”

Zhu Yang said: “Presumably all the bodyguards with guns and live ammunition around it?”

Adam said: “Yes, there are at least forty animals in and around the room, and a fly can’t fly in.”

“Even the cockroaches I dare not let them get too close, otherwise they must be exposed.”

After all, the size of the cockroach is too big, and it is too unusual to have so many at the same time. The space for such a large house is relatively large, but it is not easy to sneak past the goose boss who is on full alert.

“What to do?” Justin said: “Do you want to blow up the camera at this time?”

“Not yet time!” Zhu Yang said, and then asked Dorset: “Boss Goose is upstairs, right?”


“Okay!” She walked into the bathroom of the room, the water pipes were at least connected.

The water pipes here are several times larger than in reality, enough for cockroaches to pass through.

She took out a mini amplifier. It wasn’t the awesome amplifier that Xiao Ji Dance won back for her. It was just a bit more ordinary. The size of a fingernail attached to her body was equivalent to a microphone, and there was no need to connect to a speaker.

Then he wrapped the cockroach carefully in an ice ball, still in the toilet, closed his eyes and tried to manipulate the flow of the water.

During the period, he almost took the wrong position, but fortunately, the cockroach had a position, which allowed Set to correct it in time.

The hockey puck came to the bathroom of the goose boss’s room and surfaced. Under an order from Adam, the cockroach cracked the outer hockey puck with two bites.

Some crawled out of it tremblingly.

Then Zhu Yang dialed Adam’s phone, and the loudspeaker was connected to her mobile phone.

She typed to inform Adam, and read as she said.

At this time, everyone in Boss Goose’s room was waiting, and for a guy who created countless incredible things, even if it was a vegetable beast, they couldn’t ignore it.

Then I heard a huge sound from this room——

“Good afternoon, Goose! As agreed, I’m back.”


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