Scream Queen Chapter 114

Everyone was nervously guarding the outside, but suddenly they found voices coming from inside.

The horror effect can be imagined. First of all, confidence in others’ defense is a heavy blow.

And just as it is impossible for people to distinguish male and female by the voices of chickens, ducks and geese, the goose boss and his bodyguards cannot tell from the sound that the voice actually belongs to a male vegetable beast.

And it was just a female vegetable beast who escaped, obviously not a person.

If they have more common sense of Caimon, and can figure this out, I am afraid it can be inferred in an instant that there is a considerable organization and evolutionary group of Caimon.

It is a pity that time does not allow them to become experts in vegetable beast research.

All the animals were shocked when they heard the sound that came out of the room suddenly as clear as their ears.

If you still maintain the perfect formation at the beginning, then when you are sure that the person has appeared, or even where, the position will be messed up.

The bodyguard inside immediately followed the sound to find, and the bodyguard outside also divided the corresponding part of the manpower to leave, tightening the encirclement of the goose boss, naturally means that the outer protection is inevitably loosened.

The size of the cockroach is said to be large, but that is for humans. For the species at this time, the size of the cockroach is normal.

There are even varieties of cockroaches that are bigger than this, and the bodyguards who came in by the sound subconsciously set their eyes on the vegetable beast, but it is easy to ignore the past for a cockroach.

Even if you see it, you don’t necessarily have the thought to trample it to death.

So people who came in for a while got nothing, and the room was big, which made everyone very vigilant.

The animals surrounding the goose boss are even more nervous, the vegetable beast can come in without knowing it, and for the same reason, it may suddenly appear next to the goose boss and attack.

So the captain of the bodyguard immediately ordered: “Use a camouflage gun, it must be hidden in the house.”

He said to the goose boss: “Boss, offended.”

Then he pulled out his hand! The gun fired several shots at the area around the Goose Boss in one breath, and there was indeed no one around to give up.

Goose boss! When the opponent fired the shot, his eyelids were not raised, which shows that it trusts the bodyguard captain.

The anti-counterfeiting equipment has been opened, and Zhu Yang also knows the principles of related equipment and weapons.

On the one hand, through a kind of sound wave stimulation, the animal’s brain can get rid of the current inertial impression, which also makes the fantasy acting on the brain have a fault, and professional people can perceive the sense of incongruity.

On the other hand, the coordination of the surrounding environment is broken through light pollution. No camouflage creature can react so quickly, and it is easy to be exposed.

And the biodetector is built into the instrument, and the target comes out.

Three-pronged approach, Zhu Yang couldn’t even fool the machine.

Obviously, even if you turn on the instrument, you still get nothing. This makes everyone feel heavier.

At this time, the voice came again——

“Boss Goose, I came here with great sincerity for this visit.”

“I express my deep appreciation for the scale, technology, and ambition of your organization. Since I left that night, I have been thinking about it.”

fart! It’s just like how long it has been since, that was last night, less than 24 hours from now.

The sound continued, and the bodyguards still did not see a single figure following the sound.

“To be honest, as a gangster, he is so enthusiastic about biotechnology and has made great contributions to the evolution of species, especially for my group of humans. It is like a kind of reinvention.”

“This kind of kindness is nothing in return, so I decided to take the pheasant group into my command and express my gratitude.”

“Relax, in history, there will definitely be a strong comparison between you.”

They are not politicians, so what do they want to leave behind forever? Everyone who heard this tickled.

This vegetable beast breathed so loudly that he thought he could rule the entire gang of them?

At this time, the searcher finally smashed open the hidden corner of the wash cabinet and found a cockroach from inside, and noticed that a small object was stuck on the back of the cockroach, and the color was also dark. If the eagle had good eyesight, it would be true. It is easy to be ignored.

The cockroach was immediately caught and placed at the table of the boss of the goose.

The goose boss saw the loudspeaker on the cockroach’s back, it was deeply incredible.

The level of science and technology behind the Pheasant Group is already at the forefront of the world, and naturally they have a deep understanding of electronic equipment.

This kind of loudspeaker that is not much bigger than rice grains and has complete performance is not available on the market.

This requires quite mature nanotechnology, and their pheasant group has never developed such a product.

How did the other party get here? Boss Goose suddenly thought of the other two groups, and he also had many doubts about Zhu Yang’s identity.

About to slap the cockroach to death, I heard a voice from the loudspeaker: “Don’t!”

“You will regret it if you hurt it.”

Although the goose boss didn’t believe in evil, he smiled coldly, and hammered down the cockroach with his big fan-like palm.

Unexpectedly, when the plump wing feathers touched the cockroach, there was a big gap suddenly missing.

Fortunately, there is a certain distance between the wings, otherwise it will be a piece of meat.

The goose boss was shocked, grabbed the cockroach fiercely, looked at its mouth, and saw the hideous fangs inside.

The amazing bite force and the ferocious speed are beyond the knowledge of insects.

Even the carnivorous ants cultivated illegally by them are not so efficient.

For a while, the goose boss couldn’t bear to kill the cockroach, so he took a photo to study it more thoroughly.

So the opponent said, “Take a glass cover and put it away first.”

The nasty voice on the back of the cockroach came again: “Oh? Are you still thinking about research at this time? I admire it. I was amazed by this curiosity and exploration.”

“I think those scientists should reflect on you when they face you.”

The goose boss sneered: “Pretend to be a **** and play a ghost.”

Then I heard the answer over there: “Don’t! It’s just that I’m too idle on the way to work, I want to chat with you, Boss Goose.”

As soon as the voice fell, there were several small explosions in the room.

All the bodyguards tensed their bodies and pointed their guns at every corner of the room.

□□ When will it be arranged?

Following the signs of the explosion, all the animals felt cold.

It turned out to be a monitor and a fixed anti-counterfeiting device was blown up.

When did the other party make the arrangements?

“Cockroach!” Goose boss suddenly reacted.

“That guy has a miniature loudspeaker, a miniature bomb! The bombs are naturally not a problem.” They looked at the cockroach in the glass cover intricately.

The guy jumped alive and frightened them with his mouth open.

Only then did the goose boss and his party realize what a convenient creature this is.

It’s just that what’s more terrifying behind this is the opponent’s manipulation technology.

How did the other party do it? Is it related to awakening superpowers? And even with superpowers to control insects, this kind of abnormal cockroach will not be available for a while.

The Elder Goose increasingly believes that she is definitely related to the other two groups.

So he sneered: “The Lion Group and the Snake want to bring me down with just one little vegetable beast. They think things too well.”

Zhu Yang was so happy that he misunderstood, and did not explain at all. As expected, he got feedback from Adam, and the formation here has changed again.

Seeing that the time was about to come, Zhu Yang just came out of the hiding place.

Swaggering all the way through the corridor, upstairs.

At the same time, because of speculation that Zhu Yang and the other two groups are black! The gang is connected, and the goose must guard against outside attacks.

So he opened the weapons arsenal and strengthened the defenses outside the manor.

This was in the middle of Zhu Yang’s arms. As soon as the weapon arsenal opened, a few special cockroaches got in.

They are equipped with invisible devices, which are gadgets, similar to the reflector devices in science fiction movies.

If you scan it carefully, it won’t stand up to scrutiny, so Zhu Yang’s own illusion is not as easy to use.

But in such a tight and high-speed environment, cockroaches with a small size are much easier to sneak in.

This thing also limits Zhu Yang’s purchase quantity, and can only be used on the blade, otherwise the cockroaches in the early stage will not have to hide like this.

The monitoring room was originally chaotic due to the explosion of all the cameras. The only ones still in operation at the moment are the unopened weapons depot and the research room where monitoring can be installed.

Some people rushed out to overhaul, while the rest paid attention to the surviving surveillance screen.

As a result, dozens of guys who went to the arsenal to get heavy weapons and trap equipment suddenly fainted.

The people in the monitoring room were shocked and immediately notified the command team with a walkie-talkie: “The weapon storehouse was attacked and everyone lost consciousness. It is assumed that the enemy is in the weapon storehouse.”

From the loudspeaker on the cockroach’s back, the goose boss and his party subconsciously felt that the vegetable beast was not close to them.

The other party can send insects to detect in advance, and then destroy the monitoring equipment. He wants to be a meticulous person, and he is especially careful about his actions.

So when something happened in the weapon storeroom, everyone agreed that the vegetable beast was there.

After all, even if there is a cockroach, if he really has any props that can kill dozens of animals in one go, then they don’t need to sit here, because they can destroy their entire organization by direct rushing.

“Go to the armory, hurry up!” Goose Old Avenue.

The captain of the bodyguard nodded: “You guys stay with the boss to protect, and the others will follow me.”

Zhu Yang was now in a dark corner of the corner, and whispered to Adam over there, “Awesome! This can be done.”

There was a voice of Sett’s chagrin: “Don’t call him, now he has reached his limit.”

Everyone in the base looked at Adam, his eyes were bloodshot, his nosebleeds had already flowed for two rounds, and he wiped and wiped them.

His face was sweaty and his lips were pale.

Hearing what Seth said, they shook his head with a tired smile: “Compared to Yang Yang, who is alone in danger, I am nothing at all.”

“And this is our battle, we can’t always rely on her.”

Zhu Yang blew his whistle. The more critical this guy is, the more he can feel his reliability.

Of course, as the Goose boss thought, there are no props at all, and dozens of animals can be killed at once. If there are, she doesn’t mind a positive breakthrough.

The people in the arsenal were not attacked at all, but the environment of the arsenal was scanned by cockroaches rushing in.

Then, it was copied in a short period of time via Dorset’s Super Brain, and a fake surveillance video was forged.

Through the intrusion device carried by the cockroach, he deceived the opponent for a short time.

But as I said before, Scitech’s technology is not mature enough to fool the most cutting-edge team.

Even if he awakened his ability and reached the limit of ordinary technology in a short period of time, the gap in experience cannot be made up in such a short period of time.

So for that subtle flaw, it all depends on Adam’s hint.

When you go to Boss Goose and hear the news, the manpower scattered after hearing the news is also under high tension. Adam magnified their anxiety and anxiety and made them make an unsuitable choice.

But who is the boss of Goose? One of the masters of the underground world, what a firm will.

Even in an extraordinary situation, Adam wanted to shake the other’s spirit and tried to drill holes in it, and the burden was extremely heavy.

Maybe they can be so powerful that they can easily manipulate a person’s consciousness in the future, but now that they have less than 24 hours of awakening, it is already an amazing talent to be able to do this step.

The area of ​​the entire manor is too large, and the weapons depot is too far from here.

But before I arrived at the weapon storage, I saw a group of people running out carrying various heavy weapons.

The first bird who came to support immediately stopped them: “Wait! What are you doing?”

The animal that was stopped is inexplicable: “Don’t you inform the Lions and Snakes that it is likely to attack, so that you can be fully prepared?”

“No, I asked the **** why you are here? Didn’t you get killed in the arsenal?”

The animal took off his helmet and yelled: “It was killed in the arsenal. How useless is it to be killed with a house full of weapons?”

The bird had a bad premonition, and now it was even more cold and sweaty, holding the intercom and desperately shouting at the boss.

“Boss, you got fooled! These guys are fine, they haven’t been attacked at all. We got caught up in the tactics, and that guy must have rushed to your side.”

After talking for a long time, no one paid attention to it. It thought the signal was bad: “Boss! Boss, did you hear it.”

After a while, there was a gritted voice: “I have eyes, I can see!”

The animals here were surprised, not hearing it, but seeing it.

Does that mean–

The people who came out ran back quickly, but they guessed it was right.

At this time, there was already a vegetable beast beside the goose boss.

She didn’t have any weapons in her hand, but just standing here made the animals in the room sweat.

The animals aimed their guns at her, and the closest bodyguard captain was desperately assessing the distance and timing.

Make sure that the vegetable beast smiled lazily and spoke up——

“Don’t aim your weapon at me, it will make me very unhappy. I’m unhappy that the one who suffers is your last boss.”

The animals couldn’t understand her, but at this time, the cockroach was locked in the glass, but there was a simultaneous interpretation.

The goose boss realized that this vegetable beast had an accomplice.

He didn’t look back, but he was sure that the toilet could understand him.

“What is the last boss? I am curious about this statement.”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Because the next boss is pointed at someone with a gun.”

The animals in the room were naturally indignant when they heard this. Even if the vegetable beasts made them feel threatened frequently this time, how could the creatures at the top of the biological chain succumb to the subspecies?

Other animals can say so without shame, it is completely insulting when they are treated by the vegetable beast.

Zhu Yang naturally knew what these guys were thinking, and he understood the position as a pig running over to become a human president.

She opened the mouth and said: “Are you desperately calculating the timing, loopholes, and winning percentage of shots in your mind?”

“Let’s see, the one who stays with Boss Goose for personal protection must be the elites among the elites, with abundant weapons and rich combat experience. Even Boss Goose himself should be a master of martial arts.”

Zhu Yang glanced at the muscles that could not be concealed under the black suit of the goose boss, without doubting the strength of the opponent.

“A vegetable beast, even if it has to be good fortune, possess intelligence, and possess extraordinary ability, perhaps it has evolved superpowers, but under the premise that it is surrounded by so many animals and the coerced animals themselves have the ability to resist, the key is that she is still stupid I didn’t even aim a weapon at it, I just stood here stupidly.”

“If you cooperate properly, it is not that there is no chance to take her down in reverse.”

If you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, even if you heard more information from the new researcher, Boss Goose and the people around him could not believe it.

This time, the vegetable beast has not only learned human language and quite common sense of survival.

I said that his escape before can also be said to be wisdom and instinct. Then he invaded this manor from it, and the game set, one after another, can show that it is not only smart.

This vegetable beast is obviously very social and has precise psychological control of animals, which is completely beyond the reach of a recently awakened species.

At this time, she heard her chuckle: “It’s useless, if you guard me outside the encirclement, there are still enough manpower, maybe there is a chance to comeback.”

“But now, I’m standing here, no matter how unexpectedly you think, like—”

As she spoke, she pulled her hand to the side, less than two meters in size, and pulled the 4 meters tall goose boss over.

It was light, and the angle seemed tricky, and then when the Goose boss received a hint that he was preparing to counter the sneak attack, he bent his knees and bumped.

I just heard the sour clicking sound, and the solid sound of bullets hitting the flesh.

Looking up, all the attacks were blocked by the boss, whether it was a surprise attack or the resistance of the boss himself.

One of its huge wings was broken and deformed, and it was pulled to its side, with several bullet holes on its thigh.

But thanks to the huge size of the goose boss, it can almost compare to the average mammal.

But that’s the case, the trickle of blood flowing down from it dyed its white feathers red, and it looked miserable.

As if he had eyes behind his back, Zhu Yang waved his hand and thrust a knife! Into the wrist of the bodyguard captain.

A small remote control came out of his hand.

One hand pushed the goose boss to the ground, ignoring the other side’s fracture and gunshot injuries.

He chose a clean feather from him and sat directly on it, treating him as a giant sofa.

Boss Goose wanted to throw her off by turning over. He had never experienced such a shame in his entire life.

However, a knife stuck directly into his thigh.

I saw the guy condescendingly and said, “Give me a little bit of stability. If I feel any movement of my chair, I saw its legs.”

She pointed to the captain of the bodyguard and hooked her finger at him: “Bring my baby here.”

The captain of the bodyguard didn’t react for a while, and then noticed that her gaze fell on the glass cover for the cockroach.

Seeing that the boss was trapped, he could only endure the pain temporarily and handed her the glass jar.

Zhu Yang took the jar and smashed it directly on the ground. After the cockroach got out of trouble, he quickly crawled to her side.

Boss Goose stretched out his finger to touch her smooth back, and let it sit beside him.

The people who had just gone out have gradually come back, there are more and more people outside, and a few thoughts in the house are becoming more and more active.

Zhu Yang smiled sarcastically: “All the preparations I made in the early stage were to break through the strict guards without paying any price.”

“One of the necessary links is the monitor.”

Everyone doesn’t know why the topic is here. The goose boss can surpass the eagle, and the raptors such as vultures will become the boss of the pheasant group, and the prestige must be extremely high.

Seeing that he was seriously injured, everyone was a little anxious.

The power change of gangs is often accompanied by turmoil and the prying eyes of other organizations. A wide range of people are implicated, especially their guards stationed in their headquarters, and they may even face exchange of blood.

Therefore, neither righteousness nor benefit, they don’t want the goose boss to die here suddenly.

But in the face of the enemy, it is obvious that we cannot blindly be weak.

As a result, more and more animals gathered around the room one after another.

Put on a posture that is completely unthreatening, and show off all your weaknesses.

The bodyguard captain said: “If there is something we can talk about, let go of the boss, otherwise you will be blown up by countless weapons on standby outside if you can’t get out of this room—”

Before he finished speaking, he stabbed again, and the bodyguard captain quickly avoided, but he heard a flutter.

Looking down, he clearly avoided the knife and plunged into his body.

It looked up incredibly: “Sensual interference?”

Just listen to the beast answering it: “I don’t like others threatening me, and I don’t like others interrupting me. If you do this next time, the knife will pierce your eyes.”

The captain of the bodyguard looked ugly, and he had lingering fears. He thought that this guy appeared by their side unconsciously, and that he had evolved advanced camouflage skills.

Didn’t expect it to be sensory interference? Is this a skill that animals have? Obviously only a few plants can do it.

Thinking of this, not only him, but even the boss of Goose, who was sitting underneath Zhu Yang, sank.

This ability can’t be cracked without affecting it.

Then it seemed like a bad memory: “Where did I just say it? Oh, yes! Camera.”

“Give you a hint, so many cameras, how did I make them scrapped at the same time in an instant?”

“I can let them be scrapped at the same time, what method did you use? And can these methods be used again?”

After speaking, he smiled strangely: “Guess well, the answer is right in front of you. If you make a mistake, it will bring fatal consequences.”

“After all, the opportunity has been given to you.”

Her movements are cunning, it seems that there is one eye that can see the movements of all of them, a little bit of movement, even in the blind corner of her sight can be detected by her.

Then shamelessly use the goose boss as a shield, her own speed and attack rate are also amazing, so many weapons surround her, since there will be no way to take her for a while.

After sinking into a blind spot, the animals couldn’t help thinking according to her words.

Most of the people are at a loss, but the goose boss and the captain of the bodyguards quickly passed the situation since her raid.

This guy has remotely controlled associates, and she can know everyone’s movements here at any time.

The camera has been blown up, it is impossible to hack into their surveillance system to learn, and although the surveillance system has a wide viewing angle, you can’t achieve such a detailed and comprehensive view.

Then their eyes suddenly fell on the cockroach.

Yes, with this thing, as long as you have a miniature camera attached to your body, you can monitor every corner in all directions.

So the question is, how did so many cockroaches gather? Where were they before?

Then they suddenly thought of Zhu Yang’s so-called reminder.

The camera was blown up by these people, but these cockroaches were **** and blown up! Bomb, I can come back alive.

First of all, this makes people fall into a blind corner of thinking, absolutely unexpected.

Then the head of the goose and the captain of the bodyguard remembered a more terrifying key, which is the terrible biting ability of these cockroaches.

Thinking of this, they quickly shouted: “Don’t act rashly!”

However, it was late, and there were two animals among them, holding mental shock wave weapons in their hands.

Thinking of doing nothing at all, even if it affects the boss, it is better to rest for two days than to lose blood here.

So at the moment when I was about to pull the trigger, I just wanted to suddenly burst out a huge pillar of blood and directly cast the face of the person next to me.

The two corpses fell slowly, because of their huge stature, they made no small movements.

The surrounding animals took a step backwards in shock, no one could see how the two guys died.

But the tragic situation and the treacherous and unknown techniques made all the animals feel cold.

It turns out that the coerced is not only the boss, they are not necessarily safe.

Zhu Yang saw that the two dead guys happened to be eagles.

I was immediately happy: “Oh! It just so happened that I only said yesterday that I would eat eagle meat. Today the stone is arranged.”

The fear of the animals, she was not looking at a vegetable beast, but at a devil climbing up in the abyss.

Some are a little weaker, this will have almost collapsed, his face pale and cold sweat.

Obviously they are holding the most sophisticated weapons in the world.

At this moment, I heard the devil sneer.

Zhenxin is more than twice as short as anyone in the room, but the look in the eyes is high and stunned.

As if she was a higher creature, all the beasts present were ruled.

She opened the mouth and said, “Shao the fuck, put me a face of a tall ruler.”

As he said, the head of the rushing goose was cut off, and then he grabbed its flat mouth and knocked it on itself.

“When we ruled the world, you were still picking up blue waves in the water and digging in the fields.”

“Do you do biochemical experiments? I heard that your history is only a few hundred years, right? Sure enough, no matter what species it is, the world starts to cry every two days.”

“Do you know where the last guy who did these moves was?”

The information she exposed again is a bit big, is it possible that there really is a society dominated by vegetable beasts?

And it seems that this kind of biochemical experiment is not the first time she has encountered this kind of biochemical experiment. Boss Goose thought that when she was bragging, but for the destruction of the data, the processing of the samples, and the protection of his body data when he escaped yesterday.

It is difficult to convince myself that this has not gone through such a thing.

Without thinking about them in depth, the other party’s conversation turned around: “But in terms of the results, it has always been for our human sake. I can show you a way out.”

Then she took out a pistol, pointed it at Boss Goose’s head, and stretched out her feet at the same time.

“Surrender or die!”

The goose boss’s face was gloomy, but he couldn’t help being amazed at the front and back of this vegetable beast.

Now that things are clear, it has nothing to do with the other two organizations, so all the tools, routes, abilities, and planning are controlled by this guy.

It is speculated that she has companions, but this number is absolutely impossible to be too many, and his and her companions’ individual combat ability is far lower than hers.

If there were more people of her level, there would be no need for such conspiracies.

A trace of envy flashed in the eyes of the Goose boss, this is the evolutionary path that creatures should cross the barrier and reach. Instead of just staying where it is now.

It’s just a pity, the choice made by God turned out to be the vegetable beast race.

Zhu Yang noticed the vacillation of the goose boss, and added another fire: “Think slowly, but think carefully, because this is not just your choice for a bird.”

“Your choice determines where your subordinates will go.”

Boss Goose was shocked, with this guy’s clear purpose and cruel heart.

If it doesn’t agree, she will kill all the animals in the manor before leaving in order to end the trouble.

At that time, the pheasant group leader and elite and most of the high-ranking cadres died, and they were bound to be annexed by the other two groups.

There is division of power in the White Road, power measurement, and the underworld.

Without the pheasant group, the birds are bound to suffer in the future.

Boss Goose was silent for a while and asked, “What is your purpose? What do you want to get through the Pheasant Group?”

Zhu Yang didn’t have any reservations this time, and actually said: “I want human beings to be equal and legal citizens.”

This is indeed a very convincing reason. Who would be willing to exist as a second-class citizen or even food for intelligent creatures?

Even if they have other ambitions, they will not have that scale and ability for a while.

In a world where resources have been allocated, no one in the upper ranks will easily separate what is in their hands.

It is not because of the scarcity of resources that the world is vast, and all the animal citizens on record are only tens of millions.

Moreover, most ethnic groups have sufficient labor and food is always available.

But just as the panda was the deputy mayor before restricting family planning for certain races, what is needed is balance.

But at the same time, this is a world where countless species merge, and the acceptance among species is quite high.

It seems that this vegetable beast understands very well, so she uses the method of drawing salary directly from the bottom of the pot, then she said that she has experienced the world ruled by the vegetable beast, which is completely convincing.

Elder Avenue: “Humans! Is this your new race name?”

“I don’t want to surrender to the vegetable beast as food, if it is a wise and powerful human.”

Saying that it bent its long neck and dropped a kiss on the back of Zhu Yang’s instep, symbolizing surrender.

Zhu Yang was very satisfied with this. No matter what the other party had in mind, as long as the boss, the Goose boss, expressed his opinion, the next thing would be much easier.

She smiled: “Well, you deserve to be the boss of the group.”

“But with regard to the trust value, I said that the suspect doesn’t need to use people, I am afraid that people with IQ will think it is a joke.”

“So in the future, you will act in groups of two, yours and mine. Is that okay?”

The goose boss was surprised, there are already so many evolved vegetable beasts? This all broke his judgment just now.

The next second I saw her wave a hand.

Then I saw a cockroach appearing on the shoulders of all animals. They suddenly curled up, and then hid in the rich feathers of the birds, with no clue from the outside.

But every animal knows that they have a timing on their backs, and they are all controlled by that guy.

In fact, cockroaches turned into marbles are not so useful, and the moment they hid into the feathers, they were taken back by Zhu Yang.

But in the eyes of animals, this is the mysterious and mysterious super power, and this is just a cover for Adam’s ability in the world.

I believe that in a few days, Adam will definitely be able to control the biological movements of the entire city.

Only then did Zhu Yang get off the goose boss and let the medical team come over to bandage him and the bodyguard captain.

Then she pointed at someone casually: “You, go to the research room and bring out the person who was caught yesterday.”

These newly arrested people don’t know if there are any, because her escape and the progress of the laboratory suffer.

It must be taken back to Adam. It is too dangerous to only awaken the power without awakening the spiritual intelligence.

As a result, Zhu Yang never expected that it was the player who was brought up.

It was the fat guy who was targeted by the game.

The fat man had a look of bad luck, like a concubine, then raised his head, suddenly saw Zhu Yang sitting in the boss chair in front of him.

Immediately ran over crying: “My mother-in-law, you are still the most righteous, and came to rescue me specially.”

“No need to say anything. From now on, you will be my relatives, I will be my boss, I will be yours, and I will be a younger brother.”

Zhu Yang lifted his foot and kicked him: “Farewell, I don’t have such a useless brother.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are not having a good life. After all, the world is like this, but you were arrested. In such a big city, you can’t even hide for a month.”

“Hey! I think it’s necessary to ask about the game, are the ultimate players eligible for bribery these days? How did you get in here?”

The fat man burst into tears, he was wronged like Zhu Yang and cried: “Sister! I was targeted by the game.”

“Really, my buddy, don’t say how powerful it is, it’s always enough to hide, right? But no matter where I hide, I won’t be discovered by mistakes, and the ones who find me are not good people-good animals.”

“Those who want to eat me, want to sell me, and those who like to abuse small animals are all perverted!”

“Just these black suits, I slept in the trash can this morning. Suddenly a group of animals grabbed me. The key is that my body shape is very easy to recognize, and I kept pushing me to say Get out of your whereabouts!”

“I’m **** straight, I don’t know English at all. You **** give me a tablet, I can’t tell you.”

“Huh? It means that if you will, you will sell the three of us again?” Zhu Yang smiled.

The fat man choked: “Where can I? Don’t tell me.”

She changed the subject with a flattering smile again: “Speaking of sister, what’s the matter with you now? They picked it up as a pet and developed? Ouch, it’s good to be beautiful.”

Zhu Yang didn’t answer him, but suddenly a little brother came over and said to her: “Boss, the animals are already gathered. You can get to know them first and get a preliminary understanding of each department and function.”

When the fat man heard it, his mind turned three times.

Then his legs weakened in the next second, knelt on the ground, crying and crying: “Dog game, you **** unfair, your **** eccentric to the armpit!”

why? Why was he chased by dogs, grabbed by cats, pecked by birds, and almost let the raptor catch him and stew it.

In the trash can outside the pizzeria, I live by eating leftover pizza.

It’s not that he never thought of stealing. Since he came into this world, he’s just like hitting an evil, everything that is good for him. There are twists and turns in the perineum.

Pitifully, he was arrested in the laboratory within 5 days. He thought the game was so difficult.

Unexpectedly, it was a player who was already black! Help the boss’s position.

Listen clearly, not black! The pet that helps the boss is black! Help the boss.

I knew that their models were different. Is this a comparison that deliberately kept people from living?

Howling home, but unambiguous when he hugs his thigh.

He rushed over: “Boss, please take it!”

Zhu Yang flipped through a piece of information and said lazily: “The game can stipulate that teams cannot be formed. I want to help you too, but we can’t break the rules.”

So he snapped his fingers: “Throw it out!”


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