Scream Queen Chapter 115

The bodyguards on the side were all taken aback. They thought that the new boss would be extra cautious after rescuing this vegetable beast.

After all, with her current career purpose and the group’s mentality that her family is still in a weak position, she shouldn’t be too harsh on her troubled companions.

Unexpectedly, within a few minutes of being raised, he would be driven away.

That is really telling them to throw them directly on the street, regardless of life or death!

And it’s also a special vegetable beast that has already been opened. Although the mixed is indeed too sad.

The same is evolution, depending on what kind of side the boss is, the biggest black will come and go! Gang organizations are like no one, and if they want to make trouble, they will take advantage of the situation.

As for the guy, who has IQ and ability, he hides in the trash can and makes a living by picking up pizza.

No wonder the boss disliked him, so the birds didn’t hesitate, they were grabbing the fat man, and throwing the man on the street amidst his struggle.

Fortunately, he threw it back into the trash can next to the original pizzeria.

Unlike being caught unwillingly when he came, within 24 hours, the fat man was reluctant to leave.

However, he was still ruthlessly abandoned by his companions, which allowed the fat man to seek balance in a game of scolding every day for the rest of the time.

But whether the game will be more carefully targeted, and whether it will be more unlucky in the future, this is a very good result.

Zhu Yang didn’t care about the fat man, and the other two players must be unlucky and not like this.

Therefore, the safety of the players on the same field should be temporarily safe.

She took a moment to look at the organization’s personnel distribution and power distribution and the scope of the industry involved.

He also had a certain understanding of the permanent staff in the manor.

Seeing that it was almost close to get off work, he left the manor and returned home alone.

This time I didn’t go to meet Adam first, but when he got home, Adam was already waiting under the window.

Zhu Yang picked him up and jumped back to the room. He saw that his ability was overused, and he was a little aggrieved, so he took out a pill and swallowed it.

After a while, Adam really got better, and his spirit was refreshed.

He excitedly talked to Zhu Yang about the result of this action: “I didn’t expect it to be so smooth. With the power of the Pheasant Group, it will be much easier to act and cover, and the following things will go smoothly.”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Yes, so now our biggest difficulty is ourselves.”

The number of humans that have evolved is too small, and only Adam’s first dozen companions can come in handy.

It takes a long time for other people to be educated. Even if their learning ability can be developed to the highest at this special time, it will take a long time.

Zhu Yang said to Adam: “There is also the Pheasant Group. Now they are temporarily controlled by threats and terror, but these two things have never been able to go far.”

“We still have to let them see the real benefits, so as to loosen and tightly lead them away.”

“What can we give them?” Adam said.

“How about the status of being detached from the other two groups?” Zhu Yang replied: “However, the other two groups can’t be destroyed. They are the three sides of checks and balances. We must not let this structure collapse. This will not benefit us.”

“However, give some sweetness at any time. In the time humans need to fight for, it is still necessary to put the opponent in a relative advantage.”

Speaking of Zhu Yang, he gave the things he brought back from the Pheasant Group to Adam: “You take it back and look at it, and then analyze it with Seth Justin. Then you still have to rely on the three of you.”

Analyze the power of the Goose boss thoroughly, calculate the general situation of the other two groups from it, and then dig out a road that belongs to humans only from the loopholes inside.

The time that Zhu Yang could stay here was too short, he could only set the stage for everything, and then Adam themselves.

However, Adam and Set’s abilities are all based on their own desires and wishes for the greatest effect they can play so far, that is to say, they were born to serve the cause of mankind.

So Zhu Yang unexpectedly had a kind of confidence in them.

It didn’t take long for the Peacock boy to come home from school, but today it is strange that it has all come back and the Wilsons have not yet come back.

Zhu Yang suddenly remembered that today the little yellow chicken was going to the police station to confirm that it was said to be the fake animal of its parent.

The Peacock boy had spare keys from Mrs. Wilson. Seeing that they hadn’t come back, he called them.

The results obtained surprised Zhu Yang, who actually said that the guy who seemed to be claiming was the parent of Xiaohuangji.

Because only some private information that the police station knows, that guy can respond well. If it hadn’t been for the little yellow chicken to deny it all the time, I’m afraid the chicken has been taken away by it now.

But this is the case, the adults are also a little swayed in the little yellow chicken’s awkwardness and suspicion.

After all, the age of the little yellow chicken is here.

Zhu Yang almost laughed when she heard the news, and she turned a black one just now! Gang, when he came back, he found that his cub was being abducted by chicken dealers.

So through the mouth of Adam, the peacock boy let it take them to the police station.

The Peacock boy took Adam’s opinion seriously. The police station was at least half an hour away by car. He hadn’t eaten when he got home, so he took them to the police station at Adam’s request.

Once at the police station, Miss Zebra was still working for the little yellow chicken.

In short, the meaning is to let them not be angry for the time being, so they can say what they have in their hearts first, so that they can make further judgments.

However, the little yellow chicken had just received Zhu Yang’s instructions on the phone, and did not take his attitude too absolute.

It’s still a child who is acting coquettishly and self-willedly, and now he looks awkward no matter how much he coaxes him.

The other pretender is also a big cock, and he is talking to the Wilsons at the moment.

With a look of apologies and gratitude, I kept expressing gratitude to the watchers: “It has been busy at home recently. I wanted to send it to me for a while, but I didn’t expect it to go wrong.”

“I have not been able to eat or sleep well these days. What can I do if the child is lost? If something happens outside, how can I explain it to my family?”

“Fortunately, I met kindhearted people. This kid is also smart and knows how to find the police.”

“Don’t worry, I will compensate for the board and lodging expenses these days.”

The Wilsons hurriedly waved their hands: “No need, no, it was a matter of taking care of it by the way.”

In fact, they are quite reluctant. It is of course a good thing for Xiao Ji’s family to find it, and it cannot be said that they hope that their family will not want it, and then it is their turn to adopt it.

However, the child is cute and cute. Although he only lived for three days, the couple really felt that the house was a lot more lively and warm.

Seeing that the little yellow chicken might be going home again, he felt a strong feeling of dismay.

Under the enthusiasm of each other, the complicated mood of the couple can be imagined.

After seeing the Peacock boy bringing the vegetable beasts over, Mrs. Wilson got up quickly: “Ah, why are you here?”

The Peacock Boy pointed at Zhu Yang: “Yang Yang is worried about seeing you not coming back.”

The Wilsons felt uncomfortable again. : “What a nice child, well-behaved children are well-behaved pets.”

When the little yellow chicken saw her come and pounce on her, everyone didn’t take it seriously. When children were upset, they liked to hold their pets or their beloved toys in search of security.

Zhu Yang looked at the animal that came to the collar, the guy seemed to feel her gaze, and reached out to touch her head.

“I heard that Xiao Ji has a pet, which is a vegetable beast. I didn’t expect to raise it so well, clean and beautiful.”

But before he touched her, he was pecked by the chick, and the other party screamed in pain for the sudden attack.

Then there was a trace of cruelty in his eyes, and he didn’t notice the others, but Zhu Yang could see clearly.

Excluding the option of dog blood routines arranged by the game, she has a spectrum in her mind.

So to the little yellow chicken: “Don’t be stunned, let’s go, let’s go home with it.”

The little yellow chicken is ignorant and can intuitively feel that this is a bad person, but he doesn’t know why his mother wants to go with him.

But for Zhu Yang’s words, Little Yellow Chicken never objected.

So he changed his awkwardness just now, and shouted sweetly at the big **** with a false collar: “Uncle, you are my uncle.”

When everyone saw that it finally let go, no matter how reluctant to give up, things can be regarded as progress, and finally with the cooperation of the little yellow chicken, the process is quickly completed.

The Wilsons also suggested that they go to the house to pack things up and have a dinner.

The big **** is a little impatient, but if his attitude changes too much, he will be suspicious. This hasn’t been out of the police station yet.

Just about to bite the bullet and promise, the little yellow chicken waved his wings: “No, uncle has everything at home, I will come back to see you in a few days.”

The Wilsons were naturally happy when they heard this, and stopped insisting. They drove with Peacock Boy and Adam, and Xiao Ji and they were separated.

The big rooster took the little yellow chicken into the car, and gradually drove out of the city.

Zhu Yang glanced in this direction, it was actually the way back to the corn farm.

The big **** was also calm, and there was nothing unusual along the way. Although he was driving in front of him, he would chat with the little yellow chicken from time to time, occasionally hesitating cold and asking warmth.

For an outsider, who would suspect that this guy is hiding evil intentions?

This guy is not just a gangster who just saw the chicken hunting notice outside and came over and abducted a child.

It has superb acting skills and good temperament. The registration just now proved that the other party has a particularly decent job, which is why he did not arouse suspicion.

Because who would believe that an executive from a big company would come to cheat a child? There is the police station, and the authenticity of this information can be checked at once.

Under Zhu Yang’s gesture, the little yellow chicken said: “Uncle! My mother wants to talk to you, and what I say next is to convey.”

The **** was taken aback, and his hand holding the steering wheel almost slipped. Through the rearview mirror, it confirmed that only the little yellow chicken and the vegetable beast were in the back seat.

For a while, he didn’t expect the opponent to attack so aggressively.

Zhu Yang’s reaction was amused when he saw it. The guy was pretending to be a good one at the police station, and he was exposed when he suddenly got into trouble.

The little yellow chicken mentioned only his mother, but any animal with common sense would not subconsciously think of a vegetable beast.

But he was surprised, but it was not a little yellow chicken. Who is his mother? where? Instead, he looked at himself subconsciously, surprised at her actions.

Then the little yellow chicken’s mouth heard what Zhu Yang told him to say: “Turn around! Drive in the direction of **** Manor.”

The big **** breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the words, but did not do as she said.

But the opponent also immediately showed his strength.

When it saw that vegetable beast moved, it would subconsciously pull out its hand! Gun threat, handy! Before the gun left the holster, the vegetable beast in the back seat suddenly appeared in the co-pilot.

It can’t even see how she came here, and this speed comparison makes it unstoppable! The gun is such a simple movement, so slow and clumsy.

The big **** shed cold sweat, and immediately said: “Misunderstanding, it is all misunderstanding.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “I noticed that when I said about **** Manor, you were relieved, didn’t you? You thought I guessed wrong and you will be calculated? Anyway, if you fail, you can put the blame on the pheasant group. In the future, if I want to seek revenge, I will naturally entangle with a big gangster.”

“Haha! You are wrong, I just asked you to send me back to my territory. As for where you are from, I already know how to come.”

“Bring me a sentence back, saying that I hate this kind of harsh competition. I am disappointed, so the consequences are serious.”

Although the big **** didn’t know the meaning of these words, it sank in her heart when she looked at her determined tone and extremely confident attitude.

Then he was forced to turn around and drive towards the manor of the pheasant group.

At the destination about an hour later, the atmosphere in the car has been heavy.

No, this may be limited to its one-sidedness, because the vegetable beast and the little yellow chicken who are back in the back seat can have fun.

When his car was stopped at the entrance of the manor, Big Cock wondered if this guy was designed to send him to death.

As a result, the back seat window rolled down, and the bodyguards guarding the entrance of the manor were taken aback.

Then he immediately lined up to welcome him, and had already notified the people inside. The big **** drove in all the way, and the hostile force’s grand reception made it more uneasy.

Even the three groups of gatherings, their boss probably didn’t get so much attention.

Until someone came to open the door and welcomed them out of the car respectfully, Big Cock thought he would be here today.

After all, as a bird, playing in other camps is itself a bit intolerable.

Unexpectedly, the vegetable beast did what it said, so he really let it go, only to explain that it will immediately convey what it said.

Zhu Yang and Xiaohuangji were greeted in, and when they learned that they did not have dinner, they immediately ordered the kitchen to prepare.

At this time, the injuries of the Goose boss and the bodyguard captain had been dealt with, and they came to accompany them.

During this period, Adam finally couldn’t help sending her a message.

He was telepathic and naturally knew what the rooster was, but he didn’t know why Zhu Yang wanted to go with it.

Zhu Yang always has his own sense of measure, but this does not prevent him from worrying, so he finally asked it all at once.

Zhu Yang sat at the table and replied to him [This afternoon, do you know that the newly caught vegetable beast from the pheasant group has a connection with me? 】

Adam answered [I know! At that time, I wanted him to take it back, but you threw him out without saying anything. 】

Zhu Yang laughed and told him [He is one of my companions, but for some reason, although our goals are the same, there is a certain competitive relationship. 】

[He is unlucky for his own mouth, but the unlucky just started for a while, and it will be fine after a while. 】

The game pays attention to fairness, even no matter how bad the fat guy is, it won’t be too much. After all, as a player, Fatty is not exceptional.

Adam’s expression drifted when he heard it over there. Isn’t that bad luck? They all live in the trash can.

He has a natural pity for his kind.

But he quickly grasped the point of this sentence.

【You said he is one of your companions, does that mean there are others? This fat guy is miserable, but others are not necessarily so, right? 】

Connect with this matter, plus there is a competitive relationship.

Healthy competition means that everyone stimulates each other and makes progress together. But some people always like to choose a more relaxed method, get rid of competitors, and they will stand out.

Adam was surprised: “Is your partner who shot this time?”

Zhu Yang expressed his affirmation [Although powerful guys can obtain records about Xiao Ji and use information that has not been released to the outside world to pretend. 】

[But it is still exposed in subtle places. Even the Pheasant Group, except for the headquarters, no one knows that their organization is occupied. 】

[That guy is not surprised that the vegetable beast has intelligence. It is excluded that other organizations besides the pheasant group do this kind of experiment, and it is also possible that the progress is exactly the same. The greatest probability is that they have seen it. 】

It seems that among the other three players, not everyone is as unlucky as Fatty, and she is not the only one who climbed to the top in a short time.

Unfortunately, as soon as the other party has some capital, he starts to think about how to ensure that he always maintains the advantage. Of course, this is understandable. Everyone is a competition.

The available wrists are too low-level. Obviously, the world is full of opportunities for meritorious service, but a pair of eyes only knows to stare at the competition.

Adam immediately said [Do you want me to find this guy? I happened to be able to track the guy who had just left, and when I was in the police station, I remembered his mental fluctuations. 】

Zhu Yang replied that he [don’t need to stare at it, this guy is cautious, he is also afraid of being tracked to find his nest, so he will probably not go back directly, but find a safe place to call. 】

[I have hidden the communicator in it, and I know when there is movement. 】

When Adam saw that she had a count, he didn’t ask more.

At this time, the goose boss came over, and they were taken aback when they saw the little yellow chicken.

Looked carefully up and down, and even touched its roots.

“Yes, okay! As soon as I came in, I saw that its eyes were firm, there was essence in it, and the vitality of the whole body had first appeared, and I knew that it was a very talented child.”

“Sure enough, as I expected! My child, where do you learn from?”

The little yellow chicken looked at her mother, and then replied, “Teacher Vulture.”

Hearing this son-goose boss was stunned, then there was a trace of complexity flashing across his face with the captain of the bodyguard.

“Really? No wonder it’s no wonder that it’s an old man’s age, so it’s natural to be able to teach it personally.”

It seems that these two birds and the vulture teacher are quite related.

They did not continue this topic either, but asked Zhu Yang: “I think you are interested in this election. Do you have any thoughts in your heart?”

Zhu Yang Yile, this goose boss is transparent, but now he asks so for fear that the world will not be chaotic.

They didn’t move much behind this election, but the Lions team invested a lot.

Originally it was engaged in its biochemical research and the Lions group manipulated its political power. Even if the Lions group eventually won the election and wanted to use their power to suppress them, they would not be ashamed.

But now the research is destroyed by Zhu Yang. They lose a hole card, and they have to cut off the advantage of others.

Regardless of his mind, Zhu Yang, on this point, temporarily their goals are the same.

But Zhu Yang suddenly said something irrelevant.

“Compared to the lion group, I now want to give the snake group a gift first.”

Boss Goose, they were surprised, and they couldn’t keep up with her behavior.

But I didn’t know that the communicator in Zhu Yang’s ear sent feedback.

The big **** finally found a safe area, took down a public phone, and dialed a number.

Let me explain all the things I have just experienced.

I knew that this task could not be simple, so the big **** sent out to perform is already a member of the organization with a high level.

Rao was like that, and the result was shocking over there.

“You said that the vegetable beast went to the pheasant group? And all the pheasant group members treated them as guests?”

I thought it was just for a tricky animal, but once things got involved in the dark of competition! Help organization, then the nature is completely different.

The person who received the call hurriedly said: “You wait, I will call the boss.”

The big **** waited anxiously, and after a long time, he heard a lazy voice from there.

“Entered the pheasant group? I didn’t expect the goose boss to be like me, a cross-species discerning talent.”

“Tell me what’s going on?”

This is the voice of the snake boss.

The big **** immediately said seriously: “Others are not very clear, just look at the clues now.”

“This little chicken and Caimon stayed at the hotel for one night four days ago, and went to the police for help the next day. After registering the information, they were arranged to enter an ordinary host family.”

“On the second day of boarding, the little chicken was praised by the Falcon police officer who worked in the martial arts school after he retired, and he has been in the door of the Vulture teacher since yesterday.”

After listening to it there, after thinking about it, he said, “Teacher Vulture is the mentor of Elder Goose. When Elder Goose and his younger brother joined the gang, they were publicly expelled from the gang. Everyone knows this history.

“To say that if the Goose boss just wants to ease the relationship between the teacher and the apprentice, and please the younger brother, although the logic makes sense, the time is not right.”

Where can I have less than two days of effort, so generous? Although Mr. Vulture has received few apprentices in recent years, it is not that she is not instructing people at all.

“There must be other reasons, and I expect it may not be simple.”

The **** didn’t know how to answer, but he heard the snake boss say something on the other side of the phone that he was obviously not talking to.

“What’s going on? Little baby! The current situation is far from being as simple as doing a small favor. If we are not careful, we will face the pheasant team for this inexplicable reason.”

There was a furious voice over there, the rooster couldn’t understand it, but it knew that it was the vegetable beast talking.

It can’t understand it, but some people can understand it, such as Zhu Yang, who listens to its movements.

There are a total of four players, and the fat guys who are unlucky are discharged, and the rest happens to be a man and a woman.

Then once she heard the sound, she could determine the goal.

There was clearly a male voice over there, who was quite agitated and said: “How is it possible, isn’t it that I have been staying with the host family for these two days? Where does the time come from to run these?”

He has seen Zhu Yang’s abilities. There is another unexpected baby.

Although he may have the greatest advantage now, but only a few days have passed? As long as that guy is there, he can’t be sure that he can always be at the forefront.

Even if they are doing the same thing, when there is a comparison, the customs clearance evaluation will be adjusted.

If the gap between him and the three is bigger, he will naturally get higher evaluation.

In the same way, if a few people have achieved similar achievements, it is conceivable that no matter how superior the performance is, it will become a big hit.

He was upset in his heart, and he was about to face the suspicion of the snake boss. Before he knew how to answer, he heard a voice that made him creepy.

Boss Snake was outside when he answered the phone, so the voice was easily spread throughout the room.

The voice said: “Heh! I am still flattered by such a big hand, drawing such a big battle.”

“It turned out to be Old Zhu!”

The male player other than Fatty was named Zhu.

When Lao Zhu heard this voice, his cold hair suddenly stood up, his pupils contracted, and cold sweat was already oozing out on his forehead.

The big **** on the other side was also panicked, talking on the phone well, and suddenly a voice came from himself.

It hurriedly searched everywhere, and finally found a communicator not much bigger than a grain of rice in a hidden place under its armpit.

It was the one that was tied to the cockroach and invaded the goose boss’s room, which is convenient for eavesdropping and conversation.

But what about finding out now? The other party’s purpose has been achieved.

The big **** is holding a bug, and it is not thrown or thrown.

There was another speaking voice over there: “I didn’t expect that as a companion, Lao Zhu, you will not forget us when you develop. It really moved me.”

Lao Zhu smiled hard: “Yes, yes! This is not to see how you are doing, do you need help?”

Zhu Yang chuckled: “You are righteous enough, since you are so righteous, I can’t hide it when I have an advantage.”

“Let’s do it! As a thank you, I will give you a big gift now.”

Lao Zhu knew that the two of them were completely torn apart, and if possible, he really didn’t want to face Zhu Yang head-on.

But at this point, I thought that those were useless, so I smiled coldly: “Well, I’m waiting.”

What if she climbs into the pheasant group? Behind him is a group of snakes, and it can only be said that the two are on the same starting line.

As long as he holds this hole card in his hand, the snake boss will definitely not sit idly by.

Only then did he think of this, and he saw a little brother with a tablet coming to find the snake boss, saying that it was a video invitation from the goose boss.

The snake boss took the tablet lazily and clicked to accept it.

I saw the figure of Goose on the screen over there.

The opponent seems to be a little bad now, and there is a cast on his arm.

The snake boss immediately smiled: “I was fine when I saw you the other day. Where did this fall?”

He asked, but he was surprised, when did this guy suffer such a serious injury? Was it the turmoil within their organization or was it a sneak attack?

The key is that the two groups don’t even know, and the boss of the goose, I actually dared to show my own decline.

Elder Avenue: “I heard that you raised a vegetable beast, I want to see it.”

Although Boss Snake couldn’t understand the language of the vegetable beast, when he saw its reaction just now, he knew that it was placed by the other party.

Since it has been exposed, there is no need to hide it, so it just rolled its tail and rolled the vegetable beast to the screen.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, a vegetable beast suddenly appeared on the opposite screen. The other side jumped out of the goose boss and stood in front of a conference-specific tablet the size of an ordinary computer screen in the real world.

Then he smiled at this side, and then he stretched out his hand, as if to stick out of the screen.

After a second they knew that it was not like it, that hand really protruded from the screen.

The speed is so fast, when Lao Zhu was too late to react, he grabbed his hair and slammed **** the table in front of him.

Zhu Yang didn’t save much power this time, but because the table in front of him had a limited density and the player’s head was not so hard.

So the table broke at the sound, but Lao Zhu didn’t please, and a big bag suddenly appeared on his head, and the whole person was dizzy.

Watching that hand stretched back, the guy on the other side of the screen said with a condescending alms: “This is a gift in return, no thanks!”

If it weren’t for the gold player, and the other side’s approach also left a thread, the purpose is to send them away is not to kill them all.

Zhu Yangzhen didn’t mind twisting his head off directly.

Boss Goose then stared at the old Snake Avenue who was so startled, “It’s okay, see you next time!”

The video unilaterally cut off without waiting for it to answer.

It took a long time for the snake boss to react, and said in amazement: “This is really–”

Then he glanced at Lao Zhu: “Little baby, compared to you, that vegetable beast seems to be more powerful!”

Old Zhu’s heart suddenly alarmed, he can get the blue eyes of the snake boss, it is nothing more than giving up his life, relying on the player’s characteristics to win the snake boss a different look.

But he always knew that among the four players, Zhu Yang was the most special one.

No matter where it stops, it is an eye-catching existence, even across species.

At this time, Lao Zhu regretted a bit, but after seeing the snake boss, he didn’t say anything, so he had to suppress the anxiety in his heart and think about the way out.

My head was dizzy, my brain hurts when I thought of a problem, and I hurried back to the room.

After he left, the snake boss recruited the assistant next to him and said, “Make an appointment for me with the goose boss and the lion boss. Everyone seems to be very busy lately, and take me to play together.”

On the other hand, Boss Goose saw Zhu Yang’s hand, and he thought of the tablet he first found in his life yesterday, and he knew how he sneaked in unconsciously.

It seems that the ability she showed yesterday is just the tip of the iceberg of her ability.

This is the quality of the ruler of the higher dimension?

For a moment, the goose boss was a little in awe, these people still had a certain amount of empathy for the unwieldy vegetable beast in this world.

I hope they will integrate into the ruling biological class of this world as equal citizens.

Boss Goose didn’t care about it before, but now the balance in his heart has a tendency.

Even if you can’t make too much concession in dividing the interests of the new species, but now that you know that people have countless higher-dimensional kins, at least it is best not to treat them as a food class.

After dinner, Zhu Yang took the little yellow chicken to sleep.

Now it has something to do with the gang, and it’s not good to live in Mrs. Wilson’s house.

Staying for two or three days can be regarded as an unrelated host family. After staying for a long time, some people have time to do it.

They can’t cause trouble to ordinary people now.

Xiao Ji is also well-behaved, and doesn’t ask why she suddenly moved. In fact, Zhu Yang is in it and doesn’t care much.

The next day, when Zhu Yang was hesitant to send the little yellow chicken to the teacher’s place, the captain of the bodyguard drove over and said that he would send the little yellow chicken to school.

Zhu Yang remembered that these two were the students of Teacher Vulture, didn’t he want to go back to see the teacher for this reason?

But she was also not naive, gave the little yellow chicken something, and watched it go out with confidence.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long to receive a call from the little yellow chicken, saying that it was the uncle bodyguard who sent it to Mr. Vulture before stepping into the main entrance and was blocked from entering.

It’s useless to say or to say, and it’s been asked by the vulture teacher for a long time.

When I saw it, I let it go after asking three questions, and complained that I would never let them send it out again.

Zhu Yang smiled and listened to the phone, then listened to the goose boss sighed: “The teacher said that he would never see us again, that guy just didn’t give up.”

In this way, regardless of the grievances of the three of their masters and apprentices, they presented the information they received: “Then, let’s start working.”

Boss Goose felt a while, and his heart came.

Listen to this clear explanation: “First of all, the three candidates for the mayor, I want to know all their information.”

“Address, preferences, interpersonal relationships, political inclination, capital operation behind the scenes.”

Boss Goose nodded: “This is easy, I’ll give it to you in a while.”

Although it did not involve the general election, it is impossible for them to know about matters directly related to their interests.

Zhu Yang continued: “The Lion Group is ambitious. What does Snake Foot mean for this election?”

“It’s impossible for you two organizations to watch each other take power? You still have a reason here, what about it?”

“The Lions team has been fighting for their cooperation, but the snake boss has an ambiguous attitude. It doesn’t matter when it comes to the juncture, it will not reveal its true ideas.

Zhu Yang nodded: “Okay, then make an appointment with the snake boss for me.”

The goose boss was taken aback: “But you only beaten his pet yesterday.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “It’s just that kind of waste. The reason it’s rare is because I haven’t seen a better one.”

That guy was impatient for a good life. The fat guy was hiding in the trash can and eating pizza. He wanted to get rid of that hapless fortune.


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