Scream Queen Chapter 116

As an activist, Zhu Yang’s actions are also fast.

The fat man was driven away yesterday, and now he is instructing animals to pull the man out of the trash can.

The interview with Boss Goose went smoothly, because Boss Snake had this intention, so it was almost a hit.

Zhu Yang sees the neatness there, and he won’t delay himself.

So when the fat man was pulled out of the trash can again, he was completely stupefied.

It was noon, although he was miserable. But such harsh conditions didn’t change the nature of his dead man.

This guy doesn’t know where to drop a mobile phone. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand English. In this world, the game will be translated automatically to your ears.

So this does not prevent him from watching videos, playing games and the like.

Even squatting in the trash can, I stay up until three or four o’clock every night before going to bed.

Usually the second day is almost noon, and the pizzeria opens at ten o’clock, which is the busiest time at noon.

He hides in there is no shortage of food at all, and the trash can is cleaned up by himself.

Separate it by blindfolding, and the **** next to it does not affect his independent activity space.

And here is a large garbage can, its size is not much smaller than the real-world garbage compartment, and the animals in this world do a good job of sorting garbage.

Ya got up at noon, stretched out her hand, and grabbed the pizza from the pizzeria from the outside, which was another full meal.

Excluding ordinary people who love cleanliness, they can’t stand it. If they really don’t pursue this piece of waste, it is actually very moisturizing.

So this dead fat man seems to have returned to his college days in recent days, playing games all day, and a bowl of instant noodles can be eaten after a meal.

Because Zhu Yang disregarded the feelings of his companions and refused to take him in, this guy suddenly felt that the world was cold and his feelings were cold and warm, and he felt that his fat and careful liver had been hit.

Never believe in the warmth of the world, when a few geese grabbed Zhu Yang in front of him.

This guy looked at Zhu Yang’s eyes, and there was a hint of arrogant arrogant self.

“Why, don’t you think you are still in the gang alone? At this time, you finally remember the reliability of your companion?”

“Tell you, it’s useless! It’s late! When you rejected me ruthlessly, we wouldn’t be able to.”

“I said, it’s not what you do. What does it mean to stay on the sidelines for everything, so that you can see each other in the future? If you are not allowed to play a dog game, you will punish me, and you don’t even have the superficial effort to give something to eat. do.”

“Next time it’s your turn to ask someone to help, who would be happy?”

The fat man looked at Zhu Yang sitting on the top with pride, she turned her head, frowned, and looked sad and intolerable.

I have to say that no matter how beautiful women look, they still look good when their eyebrows are frowned like this.

Although this fat man is obsessed with the second dimension and likes paper people, he is as beautiful as Zhu Yang, that is, there is no obstacle across the dimension wall.

Seeing that the other party was so uncomfortable, the fat man felt a little intolerable for a while, so he felt that the consciousness of meaning would hang her again, and then a little step was found, and both sides went down like this.

Before she could speak, she heard Zhu Yang let out a sigh of relief, as if she had endured to the limit.

At the goose thugs who brought him over, he cursed: “When you brought this guy back, you deliberately pulled him back from the stinking ditch with your legs upside down?”

“Can’t you smell this guy one by one? Deliberately, right? Those two nostrils on the mouth shell are for decoration?”

“Knowing that this fat guy is going to the snake boss to invite pets, you deliberately oppose the snake boss, right?”

He said that he patted his hands on the table and shook the shoulders of a few geese.

“I can understand your dissatisfaction with the boss of the opposing camp, but this is a gift from us, which is related to the face of our pheasant team.”

“If I were the boss of the snake, I would simply accept it, and then the Babashan chicken group would be struggling and sloppy on the table. The image of their entire organization would be low.”

“In this way, the young and Dangerous boy who has dreams and pursuits will first be excluded from joining the pheasant group. Without a source of fresh blood, what future does the organization have?”

The few geese even made a look of panic and anxiety.

Suddenly his body shape became straight, his voice was loud, and he made a neat line: “The boss has a foresight and is inclusive of all rivers. I am ashamed and ashamed of shortsightedness.”

“Let’s wash him clean!”

You are a few geese holding the fat man back down, the fat man struggling desperately——

“Wait, you can tell me clearly, what is petition?”

“I don’t sell my own business, **** you, don’t be evil to me, I know that I am the most in line with animal aesthetics in this world, and sure enough, you have moved your mind.”

“Oh my god, even if the local pervert is met by me, my teammates are still not humans, games! Where are you going to die in games? I don’t want to talk so much.”

Boss Goose watched the younger brothers drag the fat man down, the gang’s drama was so good, and then he looked at Zhu Yang, and he really had something to do with the old university.

This is less than two days.

After the fat man was pushed down, Zhu Yang continued to read her information.

I have mentioned information about the three mayoral candidates.

Behind the saber-toothed tiger is the capital operation of the lion group, with strong competitiveness and strong personality. It can be seen that letting it go to the top will not be an ineffective middleman during the tenure.

Congressman Goat has been in politics for many years and has a wide network of contacts. He has a good reputation in politics, has many voters of similar mammals, and is very competitive.

In contrast between these two menacing forces, the deputy mayor of Panda looked much lower-key.

However, based on the data collected by Zhu Yang, the important achievements of the Vice Mayor of Panda during his tenure are analyzed one by one.

It can be seen that this is a leader with a very big picture. Even many bills will only cause dissatisfaction among the people in the short term.

But Zhu Yang does not belong to one of the native species here, and he will not live here for long, so he has no interest at all.

It’s easy to pick oneself out of the eyes of the problem, but it can be absolutely objective.

Boss Goose and their intelligence are similar to Zhu Yang’s conclusion.

Excluding personal likes and dislikes, it is true that the political ideas of pandas and mayors are more suitable for human development, even if relatively speaking, they are the most difficult to move.

The saber-toothed tiger and the goat, which are purely driven by the interest groups represented by their own side, are easier to negotiate in the early stage, but they are also more likely to go back and swing in the balance of interests.

While looking at the information, he discussed the next itinerary with Boss Goose. It didn’t take long for the fat man to be cleaned and brought up.

This guy is now the cleanest time Zhu Yang has seen since entering the game.

The identity assigned to the game at the beginning was embarrassed, and this guy was even more unlucky. When he was brought back, he was like a piece of pork belly that had been thrown in the trash for a week.

Dirty, smelly and greasy.

This will look okay on the contrary, fat to fat, the skin is still fair and delicate, and the facial features are also round, and you can see that people are the kind of fat people who are a little pleasing.

Looking at him like this, nodded, but the fat man grabbed his collar, and a drop of sad tears ran down his eyes.

The posture of a Zhenlie woman forced to be a prostitute.

He suddenly raised his head and yelled at Zhu Yang: “You are the one who got me, but you can’t get my heart.”

“Who cares about your heart? Let alone this is pure flesh! Isn’t the body traded? Here is a bit big, you may suffer, but bear with it, no matter how better than sleeping in a trash can, right?”

The fat man was so scared that his scalp almost burst: “Body, how big is it?”

Zhu Yang glanced at him maliciously, and then smiled suddenly, “It’s okay, every fat guy is a potential stock. And I think you are flexible and tolerant.”

“In general, you can pass the level with high scores if you get past it. When you come to the big guy, you will immediately reverse the situation, from the most basic survival difficulty to eating and drinking. The opportunity is this time. If you don’t go, I will go to Xiaofang. what!”

Xiao Fang is another female player. Actually Zhu Yang doesn’t know where she is.

The fat man wrinkled his face, as an intermediate player, he had some possessions. In reality, he is also a rich man.

Within two years of graduation, his classmates all envied him, the most unpopular fat house, for finding a way to make money so quickly, which was even better than the elites in their school.

There is no less enjoyment when you have money. To be honest, it is not very rare to enjoy situational treatment.

But when it comes to the evaluation of customs clearance, the accumulation of each of these games is the survival capital in the future. The opportunity is given to you. There is really no reason not to seize it.

So Fatty bit his teeth and stomped his feet, and finally betrayed his soul.

With a humiliating look: “I only have one request, can I not kiss me?”

Seeing Zhu Yang looking over with a strange look, the fat man Ai Ai said, “At least my first kiss, I have to leave it to my future girlfriend.”

Zhu Yang held back his laugh for a long time, and the people waved their hands to let the animal brothers cross down and make clothes.

Of course, pet clothes on the market can’t be put on the countertop, but Goose Boss has experienced and elegant craftsmen.

Even if it is a cross-species, if it is done in twos or twos, the fat man becomes more and more human-like.

The next day, Xiao Ji was sent away, and Zhu Yang set off with Boss Goose and Fatty to meet with Elder Snake at the place scheduled for him.

black! When helping the organization meet, it is natural to be careful and careful in everything. Under normal circumstances, which side of the site is not a good choice.

So today the two chose a high-end club in the city center. They didn’t touch either side. The boss here has a background, and he can’t do anything here.

When Zhu Yang went out, naturally a long team of bodyguards followed.

When he arrived at the clubhouse, the snake boss was already waiting there. As soon as Zhu Yang entered, he saw a huge snake coiled on a water sofa.

Because the opponent couldn’t see the length, but it was definitely the only giant python that Zhu Yang had seen in his life.

I imagined the snake boss on the way, but now I saw it far beyond Zhu Yang’s imagination.

Sure enough, in order to better adapt and survive, even snakes have evolved their forelimbs. If it weren’t for the change in other places, just looking at the front body, it really feels like seeing a subspecies of giant dragon.

What’s even more strange is that the group of amphibians headed by the snake boss has hair on their heads.

Although it looks like wearing a wig, there is always a feeling that the little animals in the family are being spoofed by bear children.

The snake boss immediately smiled when he saw the goose boss: “Isn’t this the goose boss who has everything to do? I asked you to have a drink before, and I didn’t have time to avoid it. I don’t believe it.”

“I didn’t expect you to be really busy. You have suffered a work injury, so you have time to rest.”

Elder Goose laughed and said, “Are you just slanderous? I told you to come to my house for a drink. You can open the treasures in the wine cellar. As a result, you treat my pheasant group as a dragon’s lair.”

“For such a big lake outside my manor, your snake brothers want to take a shower, and it’s not impossible to get it.”

It was not salty and not indifferent.

So Boss Snake’s eyes fell on Zhu Yang, and he looked at her for a while.

Finally, he sighed and exclaimed: “It’s really good, beautiful and spineless, and capable! I said, Boss Goose, where did you find this baby?”

“I think my own is already unparalleled, I didn’t expect it, I didn’t expect it, I actually lost a lot here.”

His words made Lao Zhu’s face a little ugly when he heard it. In fact, it was obvious yesterday.

But naturally he can’t sit still like this, he can’t lose the advantage of the snake boss.

Although Zhu Yang’s abilities are numerous and cunning, he is not without the cards, and may not have the power to protect himself.

He is here for the most special pet status and the benefits it brings.

But I heard the goose boss over there opening a respectful introduction, Zhu Yang said: “Boss snake, don’t be rude.”

“Formally introduce, this is the current boss of our pheasant group, human Zhu Yang!”

After listening to this sentence, Lao Zhu was completely deceived. Wait, he needs time to process the information in this sentence.

Old, boss? Didn’t he take refuge in top gangsters as pets, but directly become the boss who rules them?

How can I do it? how is this possible? The difficulty of the mission in this world is not for nothing.

There really is such a big gap, who is willing to succumb to the natives?

But as you understand the world, you will become more aware of the player’s powerlessness here.

The strength, speed, responsiveness, and talent skills of those animals are not comparable to ordinary players.

They need to measure against a farmer by strength alone. Specially trained gangsters are better than ordinary players in physical combat ability alone.

Even if you have the ability as a hole card, you still have some usefulness, but if you want to be an enemy of these people, you have to consider those weird styles and a wide range of restraint weapons.

Lao Zhu never thought that they could make a difference in this kind of world under the premise that a few of them could not work together.

Unexpectedly, someone could do it. He looked at Zhu Yang with amazement.

However, as surprised as him, there is the snake boss.

Boss Snake looked at Boss Go and then at Zhu Yang. She stood in the leading position, and indeed the whole group of people was centered on her.

The snake boss hadn’t paid attention to this before, and even if he had paid attention, he wouldn’t think it had much significance.

I didn’t expect it to be so.

Suddenly, the eyes of Boss Goose looked a bit like looking at mentally retarded and lunatic.

“Boss Goose, I knew that you were studying things all day long, and your nagging mind was a bit abnormal.”

“But you’re serious? Choose a vegetable beast to be your successor? To be honest, you are an undercover agent sent by our snake group, right? Is it a task assigned to you by the previous snake boss?”

“Although I am quite happy, but the future of the Pheasant Group is really not going to happen?”

Let a vegetable beast be the heir, is this alive to throw the face of the whole organization kid on the ground?

The Goose boss said seriously: “You can’t understand the nobleness of human beings at all. Although you are not reconciled to say that, they are indeed the most dear darlings of the Creator.”

The snake boss waved his hand to it with an expression of unbearable expression. He asked a younger brother next to him and said: “Go, I will grab the site of their port immediately in two days. Anyway, this guy’s brain is also broken, so I don’t want to take action at this time. When will you stay?”

The little brother smiled awkwardly, but the goose boss was not angry.

Its reaction made the snake boss even more shocked.

Elder Avenue: “Okay, that’s the end of the nonsense. Asking you out today is mainly from the boss.”

This time let Zhu Yang take a step forward and look at the cold eyes of the snake boss.

Then he smiled suddenly: “There is no other meaning for this visit. First, I was heartbroken to see Boss Snake using fish eyes as treasures. Although it is not suitable, I also want to send Boss Snake a truly pleasing thing.”

Then he pushed the fat man forward, and a human trafficker’s sinister face said: “Look at this one. It is also a vegetable beast. Its skin is smooth and elastic, and its body is soft and can be hugged and rubbed. Look at the white teeth, with the bright eyes. , This naive and cute manner.”

“Compare it with the one next to you. It has yellow skin, muddy eyes, and loose muscles. It’s unsightly.”

“Knowing that the snake boss is a person of taste, I don’t mean anything else. You can choose how to choose. I just show you better.”

Zhu Yang’s words are translated and broadcasted in real time by the machine she wears.

The text of this world is in English, but animal pronunciation cannot be imitated by humans for a while, so Zhu Yang can’t understand even if he speaks English.

Because that is the language of another world.

But she didn’t think of a way. She took out a small voice input device from her own space. The thing could accurately convert voice into text, and then set them to transform and assemble the world’s electronic products.

The text is transformed into the language here and broadcast, and the English she speaks can be machine-translated into a form that animals can understand.

So even if the little yellow chicken and Adam are not there, she can smoothly communicate with the animals.

When the snake boss heard this, he raised his eyes and glanced at the fat man, and beckoned to him: “Huh? Another different vegetable beast? Hmm! It is really cute, looking white and tender.”

As for being fat, can this size be called fat in the eyes of large animals?

The fat man shuddered when he saw the size of the snake boss, and looked back at Zhu Yang miserably.

Zhu Yang stretched out his hands and motioned to him with his eyes——【I’m here, I closed my eyes and passed. 】

The fat man gritted his teeth and walked over with a face of helplessness forced by life, and a strong smile on his face.

Sure enough, the snake boss rolled his tail before he rolled the guy in front of him. He stretched out his paw and poked his belly. It was soft and easy to touch. He nodded with satisfaction: “This big baby is very cute.”

Lao Zhu couldn’t help it suddenly: “Wait! What do you mean?”

He said to Zhu Yang, “You actually did this trick, right? Team formation is forbidden in the game, don’t forget the rules.”

Zhu Yang replied with a blank face: “Team? Is there any? Fatty is his snake boss pet. I will be the leader of my pheasant team. We are in a hostile formation. Form a wool team?”

Lao Zhu didn’t listen to her sophistry: “The game! It’s the game, I want to complain, this guy seriously violated the rules.”

The game played dead and ignored him.

Old Zhu gritted his teeth and said: “Okay, then I will find Xiao Fang and propose to team up with her. Anyway, you don’t care about the game, right?”

As a result, the words were finished, and a rush of electricity passed through his body, causing Lao Zhu to feel severe pain.

[Warning, players must not openly provoke the rules of the game. 】

Lao Zhu opened his eyes wide in disbelief, and saw Zhu Yang’s mocking eyes again.

The meaning conveyed in it couldn’t be clearer. It is normal to drill the game loopholes, but such a big violation of the rules still shouts, what do you think?

Lao Zhu became angry from embarrassment: “If there is a kind, compare it with me to see who is the fish.”

When Zhu Yang saw that this guy had been taken into the ditch, a smile flashed across his eyes.

“Are you more sober, what’s my identity? The boss of the pheasant group, what is your identity? Just a pet of the snake group, challenging you with me. This is a moon landing.”

Said and pointed to the fat man: “Your competitor is there.”

Said that the boss rubbed the fat man’s soft belly for a while, and said with satisfaction: “Oh? Do the two babies want to compete?”

“Well, I just want to see the selection criteria for the new boss of the Pheasant Group.”

The new boss of the pheasant group said something ironic, but Zhu Yang didn’t move.

Lao Zhu was almost out of anger by the combination of the game and Zhu Yang, but when he saw that the fat man had walked over, he knew that he had no choice.

The fat man was fainted by the snake’s tail, and he was pitying himself for betraying his soul.

Seeing Lao Zhu, he immediately spread his anger on him: “I heard that you shamelessly developed yourself. Not to mention pulling your companions, you stumbled on your back. Bah! Shameless.”

“I don’t want to think about who brought us out of Corntown.”

Old Zhu grinned his neck: “It was a fair deal for us. She brought us out. We also gave money. No one owes anyone. Besides, when the game is not allowed to form a team, everyone is not a companion.”

“Oh, so you just deal with her with peace of mind, right? Just like you, the situation of the same kind is so difficult, you still think about infighting. In a special age, your **** kind is a traitor.”

The words were not too speculative, and there was no need to talk nonsense, and the two began to fight.

In terms of physical fitness and fighting skills, Lao Zhu must have a slight advantage.

And his abilities are also easy to use, one is a card, which can draw a corresponding boost from the card.

Weapons or soldiers are available, but the disadvantage is that they lack high-injury tactics, but this is enough for a fat man to drink a pot.

Fatty’s physique originally belonged to the middle and lower reaches of the players of the same level, and he was caught off guard for a while. Among the various card tricks of the old pig, he was initially ashamed and suffered a lot of losses.

Seeing this, Lao Zhu became more and more courageous. He seized one of Fatty’s flaws and used his other ability.

He got close and grabbed the fat man’s neck, and two poisonous needles grew out of thin air between his fingers.

He still paid attention to the dose of poison, and did not intend to kill the fat man. After all, killing the player easily increases the difficulty of the next game.

Seeing that the fat man foamed at his mouth, he could not stand firmly and was about to fall. Lao Zhu withdrew his hand and turned to look at Zhu Yang with a victorious gesture.

“You sent him to fight me in the ring? Just rely on this waste in the trash can?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Huh? You seem to be quite clear about everyone’s movements?”

“Then the question is, a person with such a bad physique, a flat mind, and such a horrible waste that can be mixed with survival tasks alone, why did he get this far?”

Old Zhu was startled, and then he felt a gust of wind coming from behind. As soon as he wanted to turn his head, he was slapped on his head by a huge force, and he flew out, hitting two walls continuously before stopping.

He was almost directly injured and unconscious, barely staying awake, but his brain was still dizzy, swollen and painful.

Looking up hard, he saw the fat man who was dying just now, standing opposite him alive and well.

I don’t know if it is his illusion, the other party seems to have lost a lot.

Zhu Yang blew his whistle: “Is this the stronger the abuse?”

She noticed when the fat man was chased and beaten. Although the attack on him was really painful, it seemed to be absorbed by a kind of energy fluctuation.

It seems that the fat man’s ability is to absorb attacks. Any attack that works should be able to transform him into a stronger motivation. The stronger he gets, the thinner he gets. In the end he will double the absorbed energy in his own form.

Although the weaknesses are not small, as long as you pay attention to a few points, it is a very strong ability.

The fat man walked up to Lao Zhu and stepped on his head: “Look down on the fat man, don’t you? Trash, right? You’re a **** **** among intermediate players, you’re awesome.”

He just kicked Lao Zhu without mercy, and the sound of Master Snake’s applause sounded in the room.

Every time, there is only one animal.

The snake boss didn’t know the nature of ability, but this did not prevent him from marveling.

“Is it like our snakes, good at storing energy, waiting to burst when needed?”

Fatty wants to come back to it, you snakes are pure overeating.

Then Boss Snake said again: “I wish Boss is right. Although the person of the little baby is also very interesting, I prefer the performance of the big baby.”


The fat man’s scalp numb for a while, he heard Zhu Yang say: “You are satisfied, come to the animal! Throw this guy out.”

The snake boss stopped her: “I didn’t say that if you have a new one, you will replace the old one.”

Zhu Yang smiled but smiled: “With me, you don’t think you want it all?”

The snake boss also laughed: “Of course, children make choices.”

It looked at Zhu Yang with a clear provocation in his eyes, and did not take this vegetable beast into his heart at first.

And Zhu Yang looked at it for a while, but suddenly changed the subject and said: “It’s been so long, but I haven’t reached the point yet.”

“You said!”

Zhu Yang sat down on the sofa next to him. Boss Goose was the deputy sitting next to him, and he personally brought her a cocktail in his hand.

After Zhu Yang tasted it, he expressed his appreciation for the taste of the wine slightly, and then he spoke slowly.

“Recently it was the general election season. I heard that the Lions have offered a not-low price to win the support of the Snakes.”

Why choose the snake group instead of the pheasant group? It is not who has a better relationship with which family, but the snake group is the territory of amphibians, and they live on both land and water.

Regardless of the distribution of resources on the land or the crossover of business, the Lion Group and the Pheasant Group are in direct competition, grabbing resources in an open fire.

Relatively speaking, the Snake Group does not have such a large share of interests on land, and cooperation with them is the best choice.

And the water transportation operated by the snake group, as well as the underwater shopping mall, gamble! Fields and entertainment venues are not easily accessible by the two organizations.

So many times the snake group does sit firmly on the Diaoyutai.

The snake boss heard Zhu Yang’s words and glanced at the goose boss: “You are well informed.”

However, there is no need to spy on them, as you can imagine that the Lions will draw them.

“What’s your opinion about this boss?” Snake Old Avenue: “Speaking of which, although I am impatient to pay attention to those passionate mammals, the conditions put forward by the lion boss are also attractive.”

“It’s actually willing to give up, the poison at the west pier of the city! The product factory, this sincerity really scared me.”

The snake boss meant it very clearly. To persuade it not to join forces with that side, it is not about relying on a little vegetable beast to touch its mouth and give it a more attractive bargaining chip.

Although this trick is suspected of being an empty glove white wolf, the other party can’t let him play, but the snake boss wants to see how ridiculous the current pheasant group can be?

But I heard the vegetable beast boss say nonchalantly: “Oh, you said the manufacturing in the west of the city! The poison factory? Then your deal may be broken.”

“Why?” The snake boss looked up at her.

“Because I have blown it up.”

After finishing talking, younger brothers came in from both sides and whispered to their respective bosses.

Not to mention the snake boss, even the goose boss was surprised.

Then turn on the TV in the room. At this time, the news has come out.

“At 10:45 this morning, a vicious explosion occurred at Chengxi Wharf. The site of the explosion was a pharmaceutical factory. Fortunately, the fire did not spread, and casualties are being counted at the scene.”

The snake boss looked back at the goose boss in disbelief, and saw that Guozhen looked totally unconscious and had no show-making elements, and finally cast his eyes carefully on Zhu Yang.

No wonder, if you have this skill, it’s no wonder Goose actually gave up the position of the boss.

Looking at the injury on Boss Goose’s arm again, it seemed that it was indeed naive as it thought before.

So many signs have actually been shown, and even the superpower of the vegetable beast is before his eyes, he just doesn’t want to admit it until it is a very small thing.

But forgot that if the unthinkable has happened, why do you think so with certainty that the ability of the other party is still within your imagination?

Boss Snake looked a little ugly: “This is really generous, and I am flattered, so it is! Don’t care about the loss of the poor lion boss, what do you think?”

Zhu Yang poured a glass of wine and pushed it from the table to the snake boss.

The snake boss glanced at the glass of wine, picked it up and drank it.

Zhu Yang smiled, this is the satisfying atmosphere of the conversation.

“Then I will speak straightforwardly. I hope that the snake group can support my political stance in the coming time.”

The snake boss knew that the pheasant group did not intend to mix in the election, even if it was to mix, it would at best be a hindrance to the lion group.

But listening to her now, it’s what a manipulator said.

Snake boss laughed: “Oh? This time?”

“I’m only participating now, don’t you think it’s too late?”

Zhu Yang said, “That’s why you need the support of your boss.”

“You know, in an urgent situation, you can only consider efficiency when doing things, and there is no way to filter them.”

“The three organizations stand on top of each other to maintain peace in the underground world. It is not a good thing for ordinary animals to have turmoil on either side.”

“So I ask the snake boss to think carefully about this question. After all, if there are too uncontrollable forces to swing around, in order to pull out the troubles, it is normal to adopt conventional methods, right?”

Boss Snake’s face was a bit ugly, but he recovered his calm in the next second.

“Just relying on threats can only guarantee inaction at best, but there is no way to make others do things.”

Zhu Yang smiled: “I am naturally not the kind of brazen person.”

So she took out a few scales from her pocket and put them in front of the snake boss——

“I heard that your snake team has firm beliefs, claiming to be descendants of Shenlong, and has been committed to summoning Shenlong.”

“Then presumably this can still enter the eyes of your law.”

Boss Snake glanced at Zhu Yang suspiciously and saw her confident.

Only then did the faith and suspicion pull those scales over.

Those are a few white scales, but they are not pure white, so there are faintly colorful colors under the light, which are particularly beautiful.

Moreover, the scales are large, each of which is the size of an adult’s palm. It’s good to see it from a distance. When it is close, you can feel its extraordinary with the naked eye, exuding certain power fluctuations that make them want to submit.

The more the snake boss looked, the more frightened his heart became. Finally, the expression on his face turned into amazement. He finally licked the scales with his tongue and finally confirmed.

He raised his eyes and looked at Zhu Yang anxiously: “This is–”

“Yes, this is the dragon scale.”

This thing was given to him by Lu Datou. His game backpack has been expanded a long time ago, and it is much easier to use than the space ring. He doesn’t know how many things he has installed.

After deciding to bring Xiaolong over, he gave Zhu Yang a few scales, saying that the child was afraid of having a baby and had a dragon’s breath on his body, which would facilitate Longlong’s integration into the family as soon as possible.

Zhu Yang kept playing, but she didn’t expect it to be used here. She knew about the snake group last night.

A group of guys in the snake group were shocked and overwhelmed and said, “Is this enough chips? Whether it is used for sacrificial summons, the meaning of faith or research is unique.”

“If you are not satisfied, you can just give it to Boss Goose, don’t you see that his eyes are very greedy? It fits the strengths of the Pheasant Group of the High Research Laboratory.”

Boss Snake raised his head to see Boss Goose’s expression, and immediately pressed the scales in his hands.

By two o’clock in the afternoon, Zhu Yang, full of food and drink, came out of the clubhouse.

She said goodbye to Boss Goose and told them to go back first, to pick up the little yellow chicken by herself.

After driving away in a car with two younger brothers, everyone’s sight disappeared, and then he took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Adam.

【it has started! 】


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