Scream Queen Chapter 117

There is no doubt about Zhu Yang’s ability, but it is really impossible to pretend to be a demon to a certain level in this world.

But if combined with Adam’s ability, it is absolutely unbelievably powerful.

Adam is on standby at any time, not that he can sit back and relax and leave everything to his younger brother if he rules everything in the pheasant group.

In fact, the work that can really allow these guys to do is just miscellaneous, and the things that would expose their true situation are all wrapped up in a layer of bluffing.

It can be seen that it is still very successful, at least Boss Goose and Boss Snake are afraid of Zhu Yang and the unknown behind her.

After receiving Zhu Yang’s instructions over there, he immediately started to act.

On the table of the base, there were many gadgets that Zhu Yang thought was useful to them.

These things have been re-assembled and designed under Justin’s hands, and they have become a must-have at home and a weapon for rebellion and trouble.

Hearing Adam’s words that the action had begun, everyone looked excited and full of hope.

The tone of the movement has been drawn up long ago. Sai Te said: “Adam is positioned first, Justin prepares the props, and the others are on standby at any time.”

“In the general election season, these guys will definitely be more cautious and low-key, so this is not a short-term job, and be prepared to get nothing for several days.”

Everyone nodded, compared with the bitterness of the previous hopelessness, this patience is almost negligible.

At the same time as the human beings started their actions, Zhu Yang had already reached the place where the little yellow chicken was taking classes.

Although the captain of the bodyguard tried to use the little yellow chicken to visit the vulture teacher yesterday, he ended up behind closed doors.

Generally black! Gang members are also forbidden to enter, but in the end the little yellow chicken is a child, and someone has to pick it up.

So Zhu Yang and the others were put in.

Teacher Vulture does not occupy a large area here, it is its private residence, not a school.

The style inside is antique, and everywhere is filled with the leisurely and open-mindedness of time.

There are not many animals here. According to the little yellow chicken, he and another chicken boy George are the only ones who regularly attend classes.

The other inner disciples have already learned more or less successfully, so they come back less frequently.

Except for Mr. Vulture and his family, there are only a few servants who care for the door and clean up the wall courtyard.

But Zhu Yang walked all the way and saw the two people serving tea and pouring water and sweeping the fallen leaves in the courtyard. He could also feel that each other’s steps were firm, light and flexible.

It can be seen that every animal here is a master.

The younger brother who sent Zhu Yang was originally the guardian of Goose Boss, and explained to Zhu Yang: “I heard that the people who work here were former disciples of Teacher Vulture.”

“And they are all big people who have been in the party, so we are joking in private, and guess whether the boss and the captain will come here after retirement.”

“As a result, I didn’t expect that the young master was also the apprentice of Teacher Vulture.” The other party said with emotion: “Teacher Vulture really has high morals.”

Zhu Yang was embarrassed, this vulture teacher had been suffering for eight lifetimes before accepting these unconscious apprentices.

According to them, the teacher not only has to teach them the skills, but also has to take care of the old people who have been messing around and find it boring.

It’s not that bullying the teacher.

But in this way, it can be understood that these guys, no matter how white or black, have been birds on birds.

Even if he retreats and has a serious relationship with his body, it is inevitable that there will be harassment without eyesight.

Teacher Vulture here is a rare and quiet place, and they are powerful in their own right, and their addition makes this place like an iron bucket.

Zhu Yang asked the two younger brothers to wait there, and walked out of the reception room to the martial arts field.

Compared with the military field on the Falcon Officer’s side, it is relatively quiet, so the voices from impermanence are particularly easy to identify.

Zhu Yang soon heard the voice of the little yellow chicken. The tone was milky and milky, but the momentum was firm and full of air, which showed that the martial arts practice was very active.

Zhu Yang walked over and looked in from the door. I saw that the little yellow chicken was under the guidance of the vulture teacher, his body shape changed rapidly, and he made frequent moves.

But its agility and invincible attacks were easily resolved by the Vulture Teacher.

With a cane in his hand, Mr. Vulture felt like lifting a heavy weight in everything.

Zhu Yang glanced at the movement habits of the little yellow chicken, which had changed a lot from before.

Although from a human point of view, some movements can be awkward, but when applied to a little yellow chicken, it makes people feel so fit.

Zhu Yang dared to say that even if there were only a few days of teaching, even now the little yellow chicken and her left the world.

With the correction and structural guidance that the little yellow chicken has received so far, as long as it does not run off, let it slowly follow this train of thought, and it will become stronger in the future.

So Zhu Yang looked at the venue with a smile on his aunt, with a smile on his face.

At this moment, Master Vulture’s eyes suddenly turned.

Zhu Yang was taken aback, and walked out sly, without pretending to be a pet.

Because Master Vulture’s insightful eyes makes people feel that pretending to be stupid in front of it is the most embarrassing.

Master Vulture looked up and down Zhu Yang, and attacked her as soon as he lifted his crutches.

Zhu Yang threw a fist to resist, seeing a flash of appreciation in the opponent’s eyes. He also relieved that God had a fight with each other.

To be honest, Zhu Yang’s fighting skills are not top-notch, and his lack of experience is usually made up for by his strong ability and his extraordinary instant reaction power.

Mr. Vulture tried this out as soon as he shot it, so he was very patient in this guide.

While cutting Zhu Yang to the left and right awkwardly with a cane, he frequently avoided, and praised: “Yes, although I didn’t show my ability, I didn’t have any extra moves and I had a strong consciousness. I was a good seed.”

Zhu Yang is not radical here, holding an attitude of learning and seeking guidance, he even realized a lot after a battle.

That mysterious feeling was fleeting, Zhu Yang sat down quickly, grasped that point for analysis and replays, and suddenly benefited a lot.

When she opened her eyes, the little yellow chicken’s big face appeared in front of her.

Upon seeing this, he arched her neck with a furry head happily.

Zhu Yang hugged it and kissed the little forehead, stood up and bowed to Master Vulture.

“Thank you for your advice!” He carried an interpreter when he said this, and didn’t evade anything.

The vulture master didn’t react much, but the young chicken George beside him was so shocked that he could throw an egg in.

“Speaking, did the vegetable beast speak?”

Teacher Vulture touched its head and said to Zhu Yang: “Go back, remember to ask Xiao Ji to come to class on time tomorrow.”

Naturally, just before leaving, Master Vulture didn’t say why he was suddenly instructing, and Zhu Yang didn’t ask.

I always feel that in front of it, many words will appear redundant.

In the next few days, Zhu Yang was quite idle, but everyone else had their own tasks.

After dominating the pheasant group, although the convenience has been greatly increased, on the one hand it is also a kind of restraint for her.

For the sake of Adam and the others, it is not convenient for Zhu Yang to go to the base now, after all, he cannot bet on the black! Conscience and boldness to help.

But Adam can contact her mentally at any time, but it does not hinder the communication of things.

A few days later, some news came from the farm towns surrounding the Animal City.

[Farmers on the onion farm said that the IQ of the vegetable beasts they raise is equivalent to an 8-year-old child. 】

【Shock! The vegetable beast will even check the cash. 】

【anecdote! The vegetable beast actually spoke and read the text aloud. 】

[The rise of new species? Citizen’s reflection. 】

Suddenly, this kind of headline news that seemed to be grandstanding came from everywhere.

But the weirdness is weird. These headlines seem to be fabricated news at first glance, and they are all true without exception.

I also said before that the news media in this world is a bit boring. At that time, Zhu Yang and the others were killed and escaped from the farm, and they were rushed to broadcast within a few hours.

It was the same this time. Incidents where the vegetable beasts have evolved their intelligence quotient frequently occurred everywhere, and the proof videos uploaded on the Internet attracted the attention of the outside world.

The media naturally swarmed in and conducted detailed interviews with those families for evidence collection.

Then these behaviors were broadcasted truthfully on TV, and for a while, the word “caiju” was searched on the Internet, and what came out was the trend of eager discussion across the Internet.

This is naturally a good thing for Adam, and as time goes by, his ability becomes stronger and stronger.

It is not only displayed on the coverage of spiritual power, he can even wake up his companions with remote spiritual power.

This solved Zhu Yang’s doubts. She thought everyone had to face Adam to awaken. Wouldn’t everyone have to go to Adam again?

This is too inefficient

Choosing some good guys awakened their intelligence. With their strong learning ability and Adam’s spiritual guidance, they soon showed the IQ performance that made the animals look at them.

It’s the same as when humans discover that their own pigs are raised in captivity and suddenly do math problems. Even simple additions and subtractions are enough to make people drop their chin.

Of course there are certain risks here, but when Adam decides who to awaken, he slightly considers their surroundings.

And when the average person sees a pet possessing a sense of intelligence, the first reaction should be to show off novelty, as long as it is not too unintentional and cruel, it should not hurt the other party.

Therefore, there have been many incidents of vegetable beast awakening throughout the country, and the whole thing is going well.

More organizations on the Internet have called for not eating vegetable beasts, indicating that this is clearly an intelligent species that is about to evolve.

Regardless of whether it is out of ethics or human (animal) mercy, this new race should be protected.

And another voice is that this series of events are regarded as some kind of revelation and warning, and various arguments are analyzed. This will be a catastrophe for animals.

Of course, if the vegetable beasts fully awaken, what social status should they be placed in, and whether the animals are obliged to guide this brand new species that will occupy resources.

Regarding this topic, most of the ideas are still optimistic, and Zhu Yang and others have not contributed to it.

After all, it has already entered the age of civilization, and there is no country division in this world. In a sense, the environment is more peaceful than the real world.

Resources are not scarce, and there are still many uninhabited and developed continents in the world.

In the spirit of human (animal) Taoism, even if an intelligent species is still in its infancy, should it be brutally slaughtered because of the lack of resources?

Some weak animals naturally empathize with this. Their race lacked the advantage in the melee many years ago, and many races were almost destroyed.

Even in the eyes of theists, if they continue to treat vegetable beasts as food, it is against God’s choice.

In short, there are strange enough speeches, but the general direction is still harmonious. The few species discriminators who promote the **** invincibility theory are mostly scolded as fools.

After all, the world is not a species, and naturally it is impossible to share the same hatred, which is also human advantage.

The wind on the Internet is similar to Zhu Yang’s expectations, but in reality it is naturally not so good.

Although there are many volunteer organizations and animal protection organizations, they have spontaneously promoted the refusal to eat.

But precisely because of this, the price of the beast is in the dark! In the market, the speculation was extremely high.

Many supermarkets and restaurants have already taken off the shelves of Vegetable Animal Food, and most people still express the spirit of human (animal) Taoism along with mainstream voices.

However, the inferior nature of humans still exists in the animal world.

The more forbidden things, the more weird one has to taste, even if they don’t have much interest in vegetable beast meat.

And eating vegetable beasts at this time will be labeled as cruel and abnormal. But some animals just like to be curious.

However, under the influence of Adam’s spiritual search and the power of the pheasant group and the snake group, the black market for the trading of vegetable beasts has been destroyed in just one week.

Numerous vegetable beasts have been rescued, and some of them have even evolved to be wise. According to the seller, the buyer specifically requested it.

This kind of nature was uniformly cleaned up, not to mention, this kind of perverted behavior was naturally publicized for free.

The guy who secretly bought the vegetable beast was cast aside by the people around him.

The key is that you eat meat is okay, but you also want to be wise, and it’s creepy to stay with this kind of guy.

Although this method of fermentation is a bit extreme, it can guarantee the safety of as many humans as possible in Zhu Yang’s limited time.

After all, no matter how great Adam is, without the consciousness of the animals, they are still beyond the reach of such a human being.

During Adam’s continuous selective awakening of his companions, two more shocking news broke out in the city.

Of the three candidates for mayor, two of them broke major scandals.

Sabre-toothed tiger was accused of murder, and the evidence was sufficient. The other party killed his former secretary and disguised himself as a car accident.

The reason is that the other party recently proposed to resign, but he has mastered the myriad privacy of Mr. Sabretooth Tiger after working for many years.

During this period, the negotiation broke down for other reasons, so Mr. Sabre-toothed Tiger simply did nothing and murdered his assistant.

The other goat congressman, the scandal that was exposed was the acceptance of bribes, and the detailed list of the amount was published on the Internet.

The successive scandals of the two candidates made citizens suddenly lose their confidence in the government.

At this time, all eyes were focused on the deputy mayor of Panda, and he was picky about his various behaviors with a magnifying glass.

It also made a comprehensive review of its achievements in previous years.

Then I discovered that although the Vice Mayor of Panda is easy to be scolded every time he does things, he now looks back and finds that every step is just right. He is not arrogant or impetuous, and he is a pragmatic pragmatist.

Suddenly, the prestige of the candidate who was the least promising candidate soared and won the position of mayor. This was something that the deputy mayor of Panda did not expect at first.

It’s just that the Mayor Panda is sitting in his office.

Opposite it are two vegetable beasts, looking at the other side with clear eyes and compelling momentum, they are obviously the vegetable beasts with wisdom already opened.

Not only that, but the spiritual enlightenment alone will not be so social in such a short period of time.

Mayor Panda knows that he is not only facing two smart species, but he feels more like encountering a difficult negotiator.

When the two sides looked at each other without saying a word, they had already started to clash in a sense.

It personally poured two cups of coffee to them, and smiled: “The city hall petitions countless animals every year, and I have personally received a lot of them, but I never thought that one day I would listen to the sound of the vegetable beast.”

Mayor Panda didn’t go around in circles: “If you have anything to convey to me, let’s say it!”

The other party must have come to ask for racial treatment. To be honest, a species has evolved to this point, and the change of biological status is also the general trend.

But this process is not a simple matter. They do not have the capital to join the ranks of intelligent species in one go.

On the other hand, fostering a species is not something that can be easily solved by a few words of human (animal) Taoism on the Internet.

The society needs to invest too much resources, and those in power will always consider these.

So Zhu Yang didn’t come to negotiate from the beginning today, she came to threaten.

The so-called snorting, how much you can eat depends on the mood of the person above. But it’s not the same as soft food and hard food. Although this analogy is a bit inappropriate, it’s still fair to Zhu Yang, who is about to rip away.

She raised her chin proudly and glanced at Mayor Panda.

“I think you have made a mistake. We are not here to petition. It is a means for the weak to place their last hope on others when they are desperate.”

“I’m here to express my anger. Not long ago I discovered that my compatriots are in the last place in this world.”

“This discovery made me angry and irritable for a long time and couldn’t bear the desire for destruction.”

As Zhu Yang lifted his hand, the whole room instantly turned into a world of ice and snow covered with cold.

This surprised Mayor Panda that even the fastest ice maker is not so efficient.

The ice and snow continued to spread to the body when it touched it, freezing half of its legs in an instant, but the next second, the ice and snow all disappeared, as if the ice and snow before it was an illusion.

But it hasn’t recovered its legs, telling it that the strange ability of this vegetable beast is far beyond imagination.

And this wasn’t over yet, I saw that vegetable beast pointed out the window again.

In the huge swimming pool outside the gate of the city hall, the water inside suddenly floated in the air like losing gravity.

Dozens of tons of water floated above the animals coming and going, but the strange thing is that all the animals seem to be unaware.

From this, it can be determined that she is currently using at least two abilities.

Zhu Yang put the water back again, but his sight did not come back from the window.

Mayor Panda followed her sight and saw a large tree with a diameter of more than one meter, disappearing at a rapid speed.

Starting from the roots, the big tree was bitten off, and then fell down because of gravity, but it was constantly gnawed away during the fall. The creepy speed quickly gnawed away the tree.

The mayor of Panda suddenly thought of carnivorous ants that had long been banned, but carnivorous ants do not have such strong vitality and swallowing ability.

And they are only interested in meat, not biting trees.

Mayor Panda looked at Zhu Yang in amazement, but saw her smile: “Don’t think that I am demonstrating, in fact, this is only a small part of the ability of the ethnic group like me.”

“For example, I can also operate one thing at the same time.”

She said that she waited in full time, and within two minutes a secretary rushed in.

“Mayor, it’s no good, the city hall is surrounded?”

Mayor Panda was shocked: “Is it an organization or terror! A terrorist attack?”

The secretary said: “Neither, just ordinary citizens, looking at this side dumbfoundedly, and they are still gathering here, asking them to drive them, but there is no response, it is terrible!”

Mayor Panda looked like Zhu Yang, and smiled when he saw his lips curled up and said, “If I can, I can let these animals attack at any time.”

This is of course impossible. Just gathering people over has already exhausted Adam to death.

But it did not prevent her from pretending: “But I am a pacifist, knowing that fighting is not good for my people.”

“The world is good, with advanced civilization, rich resources, and compatible species. If it were not for such a big environment, we would not consider trying peaceful methods first.”

“After all, fist is the truth, but it is best to avoid unnecessary consumption.”

Zhu Yang leaned on his desk with both hands, and looked at Mayor Panda seriously: “Speaking of all this, I just want to tell you that humans are not equal to animals without capital.”

“Even if they are still in their infancy, don’t forget, there will always be higher-dimensional similar people behind them.”

“Human–?” The Mayor Panda’s expression was complicated, and many things only need to be passed through in his head to understand the meaning behind them.

Its ruling philosophy is to balance stability and long-term, and the same is true for the pace of development.

After Zhu Yang and the others left, Mayor Panda immediately activated the official energy.

A detailed investigation was conducted on related matters.

Knowing that the opponent has gathered the two big blacks of the pheasant group and the snake group! Help, these rebellious and profit-seeking guys don’t have so many concerns, and they must be controlled by more powerful iron and blood methods.

Before that, there was no news from the outside world, which meant that at least 60% of the other party’s words were credible.

And the beginning of all events! Point, according to Mayor Panda’s analysis, can be traced back to the murder at the corn farm.

This surveillance video was pulled over, and the animal analysis expert and Zhu Yang’s face were compared in detail.

How detailed is it? Almost comparable to fingerprint comparison. Confirmed that the mastermind of the murder was her, and a detailed analysis of the incident at that time.

In the video, she did see that the same kind was accidentally killed, and then went to kill the animals. In her mental journey, she was more in line with the anger and irritability of the higher-dimensional species who first arrived in this world towards the bottom of the biological chain of their kind.

The city hall is closely analyzing the vegetable beast, and measuring the value of the difference over and over again.

After all, every step we take now is related to the decision to establish a major bill.

At the same time, Zhu Yang and Ya are of course desperately adding chips to mankind.

Adam kept waking up his companions, except for a small number of groups that were really not suitable for waking up at this time. At this time, the number of human beings awakened was already huge.

Through the unified instructions in Adam’s brain and the powerful learning ability, many animals that have raised vegetable beasts will suddenly hear their own vegetable beasts imitating themselves.

In the beginning, everyone was enthusiastic about sharing online, but this has become a common phenomenon since then.

Most animals have adapted and begun to accept the fact that a new species has really evolved into intelligent creatures.

Many people start to raise vegetable beasts as pets. The greatest joy is to teach them to read and write, and to show off the results online.

At this time, Caimon has been excluded from the scope of recipes by default, but it is not within the scope of equal treatment.

A bit similar to humans and rare high-end pets.

At this time, the martial arts school of the Falcon instructor and the surrounding kindergarten and elementary schools publicly stated that they accepted human students.

Oh, human beings are the new clan name of the vegetable beast, but everyone hasn’t adapted to it for a while.

At the same time, many jobs have also recruited human workers.

In the beginning, animals who only smelled business opportunities wanted to use humans to sensationalize, but unexpectedly their mathematics was very good.

And the fingers are flexible, and the efficiency is much higher than that of other animals to do fine work or collect money and settle accounts.

Suddenly, some jobs were opened to humans one after another, and corresponding human interest maintenance organizations came into being.

Recently, when animals go out for consumption, they can often see such scenery.

In front of the cashier of the supermarket, the group of animals lined up by the vegetable beast is much higher than the other groups.

Caimon is not very quick to speak, so he likes to talk to customers, his attitude is enthusiastic, and the checkout speed is fast and accurate.

Many people come here admiringly, just to queue up and ask Caimon to check out the account for himself.

Those who were going to the restaurant saw the toilet fingers flexibly holding custom-sized knives, and the ingredients were flexibly flipped under his hands. The plasticity was much stronger than in the hands of animals.

There are also auto repair shops. Because of their short stature and flexible fingers, repair work is particularly convenient.

The repair shop has received rave reviews recently.

As well as in various positions, animals have discovered that humans are not a waste race purely in need of assistance.

They have strong learning ability, flexible hands, and a hardworking nature.

They can support themselves and use their labor to contribute to society.

A species knows that it is recognized by its own efforts when it can start, what a noble quality is this?

For a while, this new species of humans was well received by ordinary animals.

The beasts who first went to work and went to school have become stars on the Internet.

Of course, Zhu Yang and the others used their limited manpower, wishing to split one person into three.

Hardness and softness are the kingly way, even the goose boss and the snake boss who are sitting on the sidelines have to sigh that this guy is so beautiful.

In fact, it is also because Zhu Yang himself belongs to the ruling class of species, so he can precisely control the psychology of these species.

In the peaceful era, the most mainstream, politically correct view is to look at one’s biological status modestly and cautiously, and not to cruelly exploit the environment and other species.

Soon the task time limit is coming, and through the efforts of all parties, the temporary plan is finally released. The social status of the monster, the support plan, and the allocation of resources are not mentioned for the time being.

The farms of the vegetable beasts, whether private or corporate, have all announced their demolition.

These humans will be concentrated in several training camps, and the government will assign teachers to teach them. Humans who already have a certain degree of viability can apply for certain subsidies from the government in the first year of participating in the work.

For those who previously existed as pets, they can choose to leave or continue boarding at their own will.

Of course, such families can no longer treat humans as pets.

This bill is not perfect. It can be said that it is just the beginning, just a slogan. It must be a long process for orderly and standardized implementation.

However, the Peacock boy’s family was the first to register with the city hall, remove Adam from his pet status, and then re-enter the household registration as his family.

At that time, Zhu Yang was taking a leisurely stroll and was taking the little yellow chicken back to see the Wilsons.

The moment the Peacock boy heard that Adam could talk, he was crazy about it. According to Adam himself, the guy dragged himself into the room and talked about it all night, as if he could not finish talking. Where is the Peacock boy usually Cold look?

Let’s talk about the main point. [Our Adam is smarter than other humans. Others are still learning words. It’s good to be able to go to work. Adam’s family has long been going online to make money in stocks. Out of the ordinary. 】

Without these digressions, human organizations came into being, and Adam is naturally the leader here.

The identity of the external packaging is also a bridge to communicate with high-dimensional humans. That is, the agent in this world.

One month is too short, but in terms of work intensity, Zhu Yang has been the busiest in history.

Even before deliberately tossing in the haunted house game, she was alive and smart, but here is a real day wishing to have 72 hours.

Zhu Yang made a request for the game. When they complete the task and leave the world, she will let her choose the method.

This requirement is not excessive, anyway, the game is over at that time, and opening a small door is not unfair to other players.

On the last day, Mayor Panda held a press conference on the lawn outside the city hall.

It was officially announced that human beings, as quasi-citizens, began to gradually integrate into society.

“I am honored to witness the awakening, growth and expansion of a new species during my tenure.”

“It is true that mankind is now in its infancy and needs the help of all animals, but the value of mankind is obvious.”

“We have discovered dozens of high-precision jobs, and humans are far more efficient than any animals.”

“Moreover, a small number of humans have evolved special abilities, which are of great help to the resistance to threats, the development of resources, and the inspiration for research.”

“I look forward to the value that humans can provide to the world. Now I officially announce that human citizenship is recognized.”

“From then on, they have an equal relationship with animals. Any arrest, abuse, trafficking, and murder of humans will be punished in accordance with the animal criminal law.”

After the Mayor Panda finished speaking, there was thunderous applause below.

This is the end of the matter, and it is a matter of course. But not everyone accepts new species with an optimistic attitude.

Just a brown bear posing as a reporter stood up. Shouted: “I object!”

It was not just a verbal protest, but the other party suddenly took out a bag from his body and didn’t know how to bring it in.

It asked the mayor of Panda loudly: “A low-level animal who can say a few words and calculate two bills is worthy of being on an equal footing with the animals?”

“The country has to invest countless resources in training, but forgets that many of its own social problems have not been resolved.”

“These guys!” It pointed to Zhu Yang, who was standing next to the panda market on the stage: “If you have little strength, you can’t even hold a hoe. You can’t rely on physical work. It will only grab easy job opportunities. Why are all good things? All on them?”

Panda was about to speak, and Zhu Yang had already jumped onto the podium.

She ignored the brown bear and spoke to the live camera: “Okay! The value of mankind has just been explained by the mayor of Panda. If you don’t understand yet, you can go to the official website with detailed explanations.”

“Although human beings have little power, all the advantages of work that eliminate this are listed. Welcome everyone to understand humans better.”

After he finished speaking, he waved his hand at a distance of at least twenty or thirty meters. A chill instantly froze the brown bear’s right hand.

With fried! medicine! The bag and its arms were frozen all day long and could not move.

Whether it was live or before watching live TV, all the animals were taken aback by this sudden situation, more than the brown bear just took out and exploded! medicine! The package is still ignorant.

At least, it’s not the first time everyone has seen a terrorist attack, but the one just now was obviously a superpower, right?

Zhu Yang said loudly: “Next, I will tell you the reason why the second human being should receive the corresponding biological treatment.”

She stretched out her hand and pointed to the sky. Recently, a huge black hole suddenly burst in the sky.

On the black hole, there are densely packed spaceships and giant battleships.

All the animals thought they had turned the science fiction channel by mistake, but the TV screen was indistinguishable from the background of the city hall and the mayor of panda.

Shocked, panicked, prayed, as if the battle was about to begin overnight, the peaceful life was invaded, and the world was about to be destroyed.

Although there has been an alien theory for a long time, the crowd of warships driving nearby is absolutely frightening to faint.

The human being standing on the podium said: “Humans are a peace-loving race, but it does not mean that we are powerless to resist.”

“Remember, in another dimension, mankind will always have the most solid backing.”

After speaking, she shot a beam of light from the air, and the beam hit Zhu Yang directly, and then her figure slowly rose out of gravity.

Until I returned to the huge battleship cabin, the black hole in the sky was closed, and it was still blue sky and white clouds.

But all animals feel that the sky at this moment looks so mysterious.

After pretending to be forced to leave, although time is limited, she has given everything she can think of and can be given to Adam.

With the tiger’s skin leaving this trip, at least the human situation will be much better.

Of course, whether these animals are afraid of the power of outer space and step up development to face threats from outer space is out of Zhu Yang’s consideration.

It would be better to say that this is just right. If you turn your eyes away, the pressure on natural humans to survive will be much less.

Those spaceships and battleships were not specially arranged by the game to drive over, so it is impossible for the players to act so aggressively.

But it’s not fake. It was when a fleet in the interstellar world jumped in the wormhole, it happened to stop and repair, which was borrowed by the game.

At this moment, all four players appeared in the same room at the same time.

After all, the rewards have not yet started to be distributed.

The fat man looked at Lao Zhu, saw that this guy was embarrassed and smiled maliciously.


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