Scream Queen Chapter 118

Since the fat guy was picked up by Zhu Yang from the trash can, after he was washed and sent to the snake boss, with his cute (?) appearance, lovely pet size, and special physique, he fits the snake very well. Boss eye margin.

And because Zhu Yang gave Longlin this great gift, he immediately drove away the dry and tasteless, old and frail old Zhu, and wholeheartedly pampered the fat man.

After the fat man gave up on himself twice, it is estimated that the standard of being abused by the game has dropped again and again. He has been kept as a pet for so long, and he is actually a happy scene.

Now I saw Lao Zhu who was in the same situation as her at the beginning, and immediately said unkindly: “Oh! Isn’t this Lao Zhu?”

“Where have you made a fortune recently? You say you can fight at your age. Like us, you can get by at a young age.”

“Looking at you, I must have learned a lot recently. It’s not bad. What a precious experience and wealth? Or do you have a vision. In the long run, you really shouldn’t just focus on the evaluation and points in front of you. People, think far.”

“Hey! It’s like us. I only know that I have wine and are drunk now. It’s hard to grasp the current situation!”

Lao Zhu wanted to look at him in his eyes.

What age? He was less than 30 years old, and he was five years older than this fat guy. When everyone introduced himself, one was that he was indeed the oldest, and the other was to get him away, so everyone called him Lao Zhu.

At this moment, the fat man said this deliberately, which was a mockery of his desolate and old time.

Lao Zhu sneered: “Bah! Don’t you just rely on a woman to take the lead? Even you deserve to be called a man? The man’s face is so embarrassing for you.”

What kind of person is Fatty? He owes his mouth to something that the game is aimed at. Except for Zhu Yang, a god-level player who tears the world, most people are still worthy.

Hearing what Lao Zhu said, he shook his palm triumphantly. Today, he is said to have been specially designed by the Snake Boss, and he has the luxury of a rich, fat man like a dog.

The diamond watch that flashes blindly on the wrist is particularly surprising.

“Oh! We are not at the level of old Zhu. It was delicious and delicious at first. The start was a good start. On the same track, if we ran over, then you were in a sports car.”

“But you just don’t want to win without a fight. We have to roll up our sleeves after getting out of the car.”

“You can rest assured, although you have lost now, in our eyes, it is also a glorious defeat.”

Lao Zhu only felt a smell of sweetness coming from his throat. If it weren’t for the first iron rule of the game, he would really grab his sleeves and have a fight with this guy.

Anyway, he already knew what he was capable of, and it was absolutely impossible to lose this time.

It’s just that he glanced at Zhu Yang, full of complexity.

After being thrown out by the snake boss, he seemed to have absorbed the fat man’s bad luck, no matter how bad he was.

Even he pretended to turn on the spiritual beast to seek the help of the human organization was rejected.

Later, when he saw Zhu Yang on TV, what else did he not understand? This guy already eats black and white, and the human organization has become the leader.

What is his bad luck? Obviously, it was this guy who frequently made trouble to stop him in order to prevent him from turning over and making trouble.

But he didn’t know that this guy had only been here for a few days and discovered that human beings had awakened tissues?

Anyone with long eyes can see the great opportunity and merit of this. He would have to know this long ago, and his brain would be gnawed by a pig before he could deal with Zhu Yang.

As for the entire race, even if the four of them are all divided together, the evaluation rewards they will receive must be terribly high. Why is there such a calculation?

Lao Zhu was so angry that he couldn’t say fat, and he didn’t dare to challenge Zhu Yang.

So I can only turn the venerable by myself, find a step and say: “That’s not necessarily my bottom. Xiao Fang hasn’t moved during this time, right?”

Xiao Fang didn’t know why the relationship between Fatty and Lao Zhu was so stiff at first, but after listening to them, after thinking about it, he tasted the taste.

Although the fat man has a stance of being a villain, looking at the aura of him and Zhu Yang’s disdain for Lao Zhu, we know that Lao Zhu is not paying attention to what happened in the middle.

This time, seeing him squeeze himself as a soft persimmon, he naturally felt unhappy.

Lips curled: “I don’t have the patience for you, but I still have to worry about eating and drinking, but it makes you bother.”

Old Zhu choked, knowing that it caused the anger of the crowd, so he didn’t say much.

This is when the game begins to broadcast the clearance evaluation and rewards.

I don’t know if this is a special occasion or what’s going on. Generally, the rewards for clearance are those players know themselves, and there are few public announcements.

The game came to this hand, for some people, it was a public sentence.

Then Lao Zhu heard his name.

【Zhu ××, clearance evaluation is A-level, 5000 points are rewarded, various functions are improved by 5 points, no skill rewards. 】

Strictly speaking, the customs clearance evaluation is not bad. Not only is it not bad, it should be said to be very good.

After all, not everyone has the ability, and the obsessive-compulsive disorder of the field clearance must also be s-level bottoming.

The average player’s clearance evaluation is generally between B and D, so A level is usually a very satisfactory result.

Lao Zhu raised his eyebrows and glanced at the fat man, dumbfounded, right? Brother is unlucky and still does not delay doing the task.

The fat man was also quite surprised, but he could figure it out right away, this guy is so good at camping, he would not fail to understand the current general trend.

There are so many human beings all over the world who need help, and the player’s abilities, even if they have collected bits and pieces in such a long period of time, can also get a good evaluation.

Old Zhu was still proud, even though his heart was not as good as Zhu Yang, but compared to the one who was missing, the other was only black recently! It should not be bad for those who eat, drink and have fun.

But the next second he was dumbfounded–

【Fang ×, clearance evaluation is s-level, bonus points are 20,000 points, various functions are improved by 15 points, and a skill book is awarded. 】

[Fatty, S-level clearance evaluation, 20,000 points rewards, 15 points for various functions, and a skill book. 】

“Why?” Old Zhu called out immediately.

He pointed to Xiao Fang and Fatty and said: “Whatever you do, you have such a high evaluation. Even if Xiao Fang, I haven’t seen anyone and we won’t make an evaluation.”

“You fat fat guy, you’re in the dark all day long! Helping to eat, drink and have fun, without any help to promote the cause of human beings, based on this literal game task, how can it be so highly rated?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Who said that eating, drinking, and having fun is not helpful to the cause of mankind?”

“The fat guys are different from you. Going into the black! After helping, I cherish this hard-won opportunity. Not only did I serve the snake boss with all my heart, but also relied on pillow wind to get a lot of welfare for mankind.”

“For example, the factories and supermarkets that were the first to hire human employees are under the banner of Snake Boss. Although they are just a few small jobs, they are an indispensable big step for the promotion of the entire human cause.”

The fat man looked at Lao Zhu triumphantly. He didn’t speak yet. The guy said, “Bah, shameless. Are you a meat seller?”

Fatty has been doing very well with Snake Boss recently, from the bleakness at the beginning to the fragrance in the end.

I have to say that getting along with the snake boss is quite pleasant. The guy got the dragon scales from Zhu Yang, and naturally his interest in the vegetable beast itself was diverted.

Knowing that Zhu Yang was going to do something big, he just kept the fat man as a pet, and rubbed him as a fat orange cat for half an hour except for work. The other food and drink treatments are top notch.

Seeing that Lao Zhu’s eyes were red, and his huge diamond watch was revealed again: “It’s no way, who made us such a tender and juicy bite of meat?”

These words also bluffed other species with aesthetic differences. Zhu Yang and Xiaofang immediately felt greasy after hearing these words.

Lao Zhu pointed to Xiao Fang and said, “What about you, what did you do?”

Xiao Fang shrugged: “Just let a family adopt it, and then help nearby humans from time to time, and found that some of them are actually wise, teach them to read and speak, and some basic mathematics, and teach them as much as possible. Survival skills.”

Xiao Fang had been invisible throughout the mission, very low-key, but it was precisely because of the easily overlooked reason that her state was relatively stable.

Don’t rush to help others as much as you can. Over time, the result will change from quantitative to qualitative.

Lao Zhu is going crazy, looking up at Zhu Yang incredulously

If these two guys are like this, then she–

[Zhu Yang, pass the customs evaluation SSS level, reward 50,000 points, improve various functions by 30 points, and obtain two skill books. 】

Fatty and Xiao Fang looked at Zhu Yang dumbfounded. Although they had faintly expected them, they still felt incredible when they heard them.

SSS level, that’s a legendary clearance evaluation, which is hard to find. This is not something that a strong player can do. The right time and place are just as important as people.

It is said that in the entire game, there are not many games that have completed this level of evaluation.

But I heard a tut: “This time I didn’t have much luck. 3S only revealed two skills, which is a loss!”

Wait, this sentence is too informative. How did this guy know that 3S burst two skills too little? Could it be possible that she has already accomplished similar achievements before, and you have already reborn and regenerated once?

The Fatty was so shocked that they couldn’t close their mouths from ear to ear, but Lao Zhu had already been blown out of sight, fainted, and was first sent out of the game.

Zhu Yang also greeted Fatty and the others and left the game.

I just vomited, but I vomited halfway through it. After realizing what the abilities I got, I closed my mouth and rested on the irony of the dog’s stinginess.

The two abilities she got, one was the motivation of thinking, which was the ability that the fellow she rescued from Boss Goose before was developed by drugs.

This ability is extremely convenient and easy to use. If it is properly controlled, whether it is used for large-scale combat or as a meticulous and concealed auxiliary method. It’s hard to guard against.

The other is a variant version of Adam’s ability.

Adam’s ability is too strong, it belongs to the whole weaker race’s hole card, so this opening is more against the sky.

But it is naturally impossible to reward the player intact, it would be too ignorant of the ability of the intermediate field and the advanced field to divide the level.

That’s right, Adam’s ability should appear in the advanced field.

Therefore, the variant version that Zhu Yang obtained was not so much a new ability, but rather that Adam’s ability was compatible with the part of his original ability.

For example, his mind manipulation is blessed on illusion and manipulation of animals.

As a result, Zhu Yang’s illusion skills have been upgraded to a higher level, and the ability to control cockroaches is not as single as before. It can be controlled remotely like Adam, and can also try to give orders to other creatures.

But the qualitative change at this point is hard to come by. After all, just looking at the blessing of points, this step cannot be achieved.

And the previous new ability, thought motivation, also fits in with Adam’s ability, so once it has been obtained, it is equivalent to a free mutation enhancement.

In this way, the harvest is still very rich.

Out of the game, Lu Datou sat on the side of the bed and looked at her: “How is it?”

Zhu Yang compared three fingers: “Fortunately, I took Xiaoji this time. It was really not easy for a while.”

Lu Xiuci knew that the game world that Zhu Yang experienced this time was really a rare and comprehensive place in the mid-level court, and couldn’t help but wonder if this dog game was thinking about how to please her?

But when Xiao Ji was taken out of the bag, Lu Xiuci could see its progress at a glance.

Zhu Yang touched its head: “Come on! Show your father a hand.”

The little yellow chicken has been shrunk to the size of two basketballs, and tossing around in the room is not too difficult to stretch out.

After listening to her mother, she cleverly gestured on the bed. The main thing is to let his dad show him the correction of actions, the new moves he learned, and the main points summarized by the vulture teacher for him.

Lu Xiuci watched carefully, and occasionally asked the little yellow chicken to stop and re-demonstrate a few points he cared about.

Although the fighting skills of human beings are different from those of animals, many things are perfect at a certain level.

After Lu Xiuci’s detailed analysis, he touched Xiaohuangji’s head: “Sure enough, there is a specialization in surgery, okay! I know how to adjust your homework in the future.”

The little yellow chicken rubbed his hand, and told him excitedly about interesting things that happened in the mission world.

After that game, the automatic translation convenience brought by the game world is naturally gone.

In the real world, Zhu Yang couldn’t understand Xiao Huangji’s prediction.

But this is not so difficult for her. It can use the principle of simple voice-to-text conversion and use the electronic products of the two worlds to synthesize translators to speak freely in front of the animals. Naturally, it can also build a little yellow chicken with the same idea.

No, it should be several. There must always be a spare.

The thing has been continuously improved by Justin, and the appearance has been particularly light and portable.

When Zhu Yang was in the animal world, he used the translator as a hairpin earring necklace and it was no problem.

At this moment, the little yellow chicken, a small apron necklace made into a small leather ring, is hung around her neck and turned on and off by voice. You don’t have to worry about being heard by people other than Zhu Yang and Lu Xiu who can speak.

The material of the apron is a special material with extremely strong flexibility, so there is no need to worry about the problem of enlargement and reduction of the thickness.

They lay on the bed, put the little yellow chicken in the middle, listening to its milky speech.

It was fine at the beginning, the atmosphere was warm and warm, but the bald little yellow chicken made the temperature of the whole room drop to freezing point with a word.

It said: “Adam is so fun. Every time he comes over, he brings delicious food and tells me stories. Mrs. Wilson likes him so much, saying that he wants to breed him.”

“Dad, when will you breed? I asked my mother and she wouldn’t tell me.”

Zhu Yang didn’t even have time to cover this little bastard’s mouth, and the black history in the customs clearance mission was suddenly shaken out.

The key is shame, shame you know?

“Matching! Mating?” Lu Xiuci turned to look at her with a black face.

Then he got up and grabbed the little yellow chicken: “Baby, you are a mature babe. It’s time to go to bed by yourself. Dad will send you back first.”

Then the little yellow chicken was stuffed from the closet back to his own room with a dazed expression.

When eating breakfast the next morning, Zhu Yang saw Zhu Weixin and the others sleepy-eyed in the living room on the first floor.

The three guys didn’t seem to sleep well last night, and the worst Yin Jun still had dark circles under his eyes.

Of course, he suffered a big change yesterday. After a few months of mental disability, he suddenly became sober. The guilt of his parents and family made him cry very much. At this moment, he really couldn’t see.

After seeing it, the auntie quickly fetched him ice cubes from the refrigerator: “Come on, Junjun, put it on, it’s poor.”

But it was strange that the other two guys also looked black right now.

Zhu Yang ate the sweet and glutinous sweet potato porridge made by her aunt herself, and laughed at them and said, “Why? Did you cry with a headache when you went back to the room three times last night?”

“Did you see Junjun doing this, you also realize that you don’t usually make people worry, and feel guilty?”

Zhu Weixin and Lu Li’s teeth are itchy, are you ashamed to say?

Who the **** knows that your fairies fight for so long at night? Can you pay attention to the impact if you live outside?

At first, the bed bounced (the little yellow chicken gestured), but it took a long time to stop. I thought it was almost the end, right? After half an hour’s rest, they were fighting together again.

Three young boys of the same age who squeezed a room flushed with embarrassment.

Especially at this moment Zhu Yang was talking coldly, and the other Lu Xiuci drank porridge with a happy mood, making them want to hit people even more.

Zhu Weixin glared at Zhu Yang and shouted, “Auntie, give me some ice cubes.”

“I’ll do it too.” Lu Li swayed like a wandering soul.

With energy, he was put on the table for dinner.

Today’s breakfast is simple, sweet potato porridge cooked with homemade sweet potatoes and this year’s new rice.

I fried a large plate of Chinese cabbage. The cabbage was chopped in the field by the big cousin in the morning with a kitchen knife.

Home-grown cabbage is sweet and crunchy, and the leaves are thicker and softer than those bought from supermarkets in the city. The tasteless cabbage is almost heavenly and underground.

You can eat two large bowls just by sautéing cabbage and porridge.

My sister-in-law also fried a few small dishes, minced meat and cowpeas, and the pork that was killed only yesterday was fried together with the cowpeas in the old jar of pickled vegetables.

It’s a refreshing meal.

I cut two pieces of boiled sausage and fried bacon with cauliflower. It’s all smoked with earthwork, the taste is wonderful, and the aftertaste is endless.

Boil a few more salted duck eggs and cut them into slices. The yellow eggs are golden and oily.

With just these few dishes, the whole family ate a large pot of porridge, which was the kind of iron pot with huge capacity in the countryside.

However, the driver came back after eating.

After asking the driver to throw the pheasant out yesterday, the others did not come back.

Auntie was still talking when she arranged the room at night, but she was fooled by the central government who arranged to go to the hotel in the town.

But these words also coaxed the old man. In fact, everyone knew what they were told to do.

When I saw the driver came back, my second cousin took the aunt and walked into the house.

“Oh mom, today is a good day for you. This is too plain, right? Didn’t I bring you several sets of clothes back yesterday? Hurry up, let’s change to the red one.”

The aunt murmured: “Don’t you say that this body is okay last night?” But she followed the second cousin and them into the bedroom.

As soon as they entered, the eldest cousin and the eldest cousin immediately asked, “Lao Zhang, have you found anything?”

Lao Zhang looked at Zhu Yang and nodded, “Yesterday I threw that lady on the road outside.”

“I threw it far, then no one around you has no car, she can only call for help.”

“She was driven out from here. If you want to find someone, you must find someone related. I dangled her from a distance and followed her back to the city secretly after she finished the phone call.”

“But the people over there don’t seem to want to show up. The lady didn’t mean to look for him. She should have been comforted. I had to find a way to get her mobile phone and get the number from the call log above.”

If you are extra cautious, have a strong criminal IQ, and have a certain realistic background. Even if you get a mobile phone number, the clue may be broken here.

But then again, such a big battle against an ordinary young man like Yin Jun, even if the people behind him currently have a certain ability.

So most of it is similar to the poor and the rich. Just looking at the technique, it reveals the shamelessness of a small family. It should not be long ago that he was still a stinky Dios with nothing.

Sure enough, after he got the call, Zhang called to check the information under the name of the wrong courier data login.

The other party is not too pig-headed, knowing that the pheasant girl is stunned and he is wary.

But just like that, Lao Zhang changed WeChat to the portrait of a beautiful woman, and chose to add friends in the middle of the night.

The guy over there was fooled right away, and after chatting for a long time, Zhang calmly put out the whole set.

Old Zhang said, “I belong to the same school as Xiaojun, and the major is the same.”

Then he said a name, and asked Yin Jun: “Do you know this person? Are there any holidays in private?”

Yin Jun thought for a long time, but couldn’t match this name with everyone he knew.

His father and his mother were a little eager to let him think about it, but in the end, he still didn’t remember.

Yin Jun shook his head: “I have no impression. Besides, I really didn’t offend anyone.”

“According to Lao Zhang, how long did the school start? I used to adapt to the new school all day long, and I signed up for a club. I spent the rest of the time playing pesticides with Asin. There weren’t many people in the school, except for the bedroom.”

Having said that, he suddenly screamed: “I think of one thing in the bedroom.”

“Not long after school started, two weeks at most. One day, a fat man with glasses came to my dorm and went drunk and crazy.”

“It was said that I snatched his goddess and that he was admitted to our school to chase the goddess. As a result, a few days after school started, the girl publicly threatened to chase me.”

However, Zhu Yang and the others knew that, because the love enthusiasm was hit by the wine tray, the stupid child Yin Jun finally gave birth to a bud of interest in the opposite sex, and was so mercilessly hit.

So at one time I felt that it was boring to fall in love, and returned to the embrace of the king. All day long and Zhu Weixin formed a group to have fun.

At that time, there were more girls chasing him, and the cool and sunny young guy was always a scarce resource. But since he doesn’t plan to fall in love for the time being, these suitors are just the same symbol.

I really didn’t expect to cause this innocent disaster.

Yin Jun continued: “Then my popularity in the dormitory is still very good. The guy who came in to make trouble was kicked out by our brothers.”

“It’s said that the guy was still making trouble after he went out. He ran out of school in the middle of the night and was hit by a car. Fortunately, he didn’t suffer any injuries, so this was nothing.”

Huh? It’s interesting to have a car accident without suffering any injuries, and then have the weird ability to give people guts.

Before Zhu Yang thought he was a real world and other folk masters, now it seems that he has complied with that sentence.

Once you are in a circle, things you have never heard of before will slowly gather together.

She just said why the other party has such abilities, why bother to get around such a big circle and engage in such a disgusting way to get an ordinary college boy.

The eldest cousin did not hear of anything shameless committed when they were young.

Now I finally understand that one of the iron rules of the game is not to use too much ability to interfere with reality.

Sometimes it’s okay to use your ability to make things easier for yourself. It’s better to have causality with yourself. If someone is bullied and beat them back, don’t retaliate excessively. This is within the allowed range and will not be deliberately targeted by the game.

Although Yin Jun does not owe him anything strictly speaking, people naturally don’t think so.

But I’m afraid that I can’t help myself by doing too much trouble. Therefore, he was full of malice to make the great young man who had robbed his goddess infatuated with the hopeless inferior woman.

In theory, the love between men and women can’t be said to have suffered any loss, nor did it actually cause physical harm to Yin. He can also avoid the responsibility of the game to the greatest extent.

But as far as a family is concerned, this will be disgusting and disgusting. It can be seen that the other party’s wrists are filthy.

The eldest cousin and the eldest cousin naturally don’t understand this, only knowing that Lao Zhang finds out this information and adds Yin Jun’s words to make it clear.

The eldest cousin patted her hand on the table and said angrily: “Too wicked, what is this doing to cut off children and grandchildren? No, I will go find him and turn him to the police station.”

Zhu Yang laughed, and stopped his cousin and said: “What did you say when you turned to the police station? Say that our child has been subjected to sorcery and is infatuated with the hair salon girl?”

“Believe it or not you will be sent out by the police first?”

Big cousin and big cousin look ugly, does he have no evidence for this thing?

If they hadn’t seen Yang Yang pulling out a granulation from his son’s head, who would have thought that his son had something as long as a finger in his head?

If it’s a nail or something that pierces so deeply, it’s the rhythm of a dead person, and now they think of it, they still have lingering fears.

Zhu Yang comforted them: “Don’t worry, I have already contacted Master Xie.”

“Anyway, people can’t run, so what’s the rush? It doesn’t affect the good life of the aunt.”

Seeing that she is confident, although I wish I could beat that person personally, you can rest assured Zhu Yang’s arrangement.

Then the matter was temporarily put aside, and the people who had had breakfast in the village came to help.

Relatives from Ten Miles and Eight Towns also showed up one after another, and the entire spacious compound plus the dam outside became lively.

The children grabbed candy peanuts from the table, and chased and slapped them with fresh snacks from the adults.

The adults walked in and talked around each other to pray to the aunt.

Outside the stove, there were constant fireworks, and various kinds of dishes were being cooked one after another, and the tangy smell drifted from here to the road outside.

The passing vehicles couldn’t help being hooked by the authentic fragrance, and they wanted to stop and catch a meal.

It was the second aunt’s family who came here when they were about to eat, and they didn’t see any gifts. They just occupied the table in such a big way and didn’t regard themselves as guests.

The second aunt was talking to the auntie in the room, and Zhu Yang and Zhu Weixin went in and greeted her.

They didn’t feel any ill feeling towards the second aunt, but the old lady’s ears were soft for her life, and she suffered from it.

He is several years younger than the aunt, and looking at the spirit head is completely inferior. If it weren’t for the aunt’s support, I wish my mother would open one eye and close another.

Her children don’t know what else to do to her.

But those who didn’t care about it were also taken care of by Zhu Daddy and Zhuma. Zhu Yang was also known for his domineering and domineering since childhood, so don’t want to use her elder relatives to suppress her.

So time didn’t make any unsightly things, so he wiped his mouth after eating a meal and left.

Zhu Yang just pretended not to see the group of people, and had a delicious meal of authentic peasant noodles.

Since everyone has to go to work the next day, after dinner in the evening, those who return have to go back again.

To go back tomorrow morning to find trouble, Yin Jun followed Zhu Yang and the others back home.

Zhu Yang persuaded his cousin and sister-in-law not to be present at the scene. After all, the game was involved. If it were not for Yin Jun, the client could not ignore it, they would not take him to play.

When Yin Jun came to Zhu Yang’s house, he saw two basketball-sized birds rushing over and they didn’t know what species they were. They looked like little chickens that hadn’t grown up.

Suddenly he awed Zhu Weixin and the others: “Fuck, awesome! Where did you get such a strong brother?”

Zhu Weixin hugged his nephew: “Oh! Why is it sinking after two days of absence?”

But it does not prevent him from showing off to Yin Jun triumphantly: “Yes, it’s your chicken brother, your hot chicken body, my little Chi can stab you to death with a single wing.”

Yin Jun was not convinced, and rolled up his sleeves and said, “Does that look down on people? I also have a black belt in Taekwondo.”

Cousin and cousin have always liked Zhu Yang and Zhu Weixin, and in the area of ​​education, they try to get closer to them as much as possible.

Ever since Zhu Weixin knew that his fighting power was not as good as a chicken, what he liked most was this face-slapping scene.

So he didn’t persuade him to react, and soon handsome and Xiaohuangji face to face.

Zhu Yang’s house has a large room, which is full of fitness equipment and a large space for exercise. It used to be convenient for fitness and dance exercises at home.

Now Zhu Yang basically spends more than three hours training every day.

However, only doing warm-ups at home, and relatively static analysis and summary, can not let go of hands and feet, so you still have to run to the private practice room built by the road outside.

Otherwise, I wish my mother would open the door someday and see my daughter holding a dozen kilograms of barbell in one hand while turning a pencil.

A minute later, Yin Jun sat in the corner with a dazed expression, and Zhu Weixin comforted him by walking along his back–

“It’s okay, man! It’s always the first time, isn’t it because your time is faster? What a big deal.”

Yin Jun’s shoulders sank again.

Zhu Yang knocked on Zhu Weixin funny: “Don’t bully him.”

Said and picked up the little yellow chicken: “Oh, by the way, our little Ji has a big name, Zhu Qiao! Okay?”

This has broken this Zhu Weixin. He hugged the little yellow chicken’s soft body and called its name, and the nephew and his uncle were in a group of joy.

Yin Jun looked at it for a while and felt that it didn’t take long for his eyes to turn aside the depression of being taught by Brother Chicken to be a man, and joined the rooster army.

The next day is Monday, Yin Jun and Zhu Weixin both have classes. In the morning, Lu Xiu resigned and drove over to pick them up. After sending Zhu Weixin to his school, they started to join Yin Jun and the three came to the boys’ dormitory. under.

It’s still early, just in time for the students who live on campus to buy breakfast.

Lu Xiuci and Yin Jun went up to find someone, but Zhu Yang waited downstairs in the boys’ dormitory alone.

The boys who come and go are either going out with sleepy eyes and messy hairs, or dangling large bags of soy milk and fried dough buns Hanamaki, and one person is responsible for feeding a few pigs in the dormitory.

Suddenly, I ran into such a big beauty waiting here downstairs.

Suddenly the whole boys’ dormitory blew up, and the man who returned to the dormitory immediately picked up a mop to wake up and still lay down a few pigs on the bed: “Sleep, you are paralyzed, and when you get up to see the beauty, it’s downstairs, with pants on There is no such shop in this village.”

Countless heads popped up on the balcony for a while, and the courageous even whistled downstairs.

But when he started his head, someone slapped his head.

The guy turned his head and saw Yin Jun staring at him: “Blow your sister, that’s my sister.”

“You’re a **** again, why are beautiful women related to you?”

Yin Jun ignored the group of pigs: “Who, our dormitory next door or the next door, the one who ran our dormitory mad before, where is he?”

“You said Zhao Gang, he seems to have moved out.” The boy said, “Wait I’ll ask you.”

Then followed the road and stopped a person: “Hey Dongzi, where did Zhao Gang in your dormitory go?”

The boy called Dongzi said, “I moved out early. That guy didn’t know where he made his fortune. He didn’t have any formal deductions before. He borrowed money everywhere. At that time, he started to charge him. ”

“Money can’t be spent, and I often buy famous brands for his goddess. The people who used to lent him money saw that he was rich. If he paid the money, the money was paid back, but it was lost. Damn it is a villain. ”

“Then do you know where he moved?”

“I don’t know, he doesn’t talk to us a lot at the moment, probably because he is afraid of borrowing money from him? Who do you think everyone is like him?”

“Then who knows?” Yin Jun asked.

“Should he know the goddess?” The boy thought for a while: “I heard that he rented a luxury apartment and invited people to play every day, but he was only ignored once ten times.”

“What’s the girl’s name?” Yin Jun asked again.

“Fuck me, can’t you? Can someone chase you after you? School flower!”

Then took another look at the guy’s sister downstairs, tusk! Yes, it’s no wonder that the vision is high.

After getting the girl’s information, Yin Jun went downstairs.

“It just so happens that she will have a class in a while. Let’s go find her.”


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