Scream Queen Chapter 119

It is not difficult to find that girl. As a department flower, the other party’s presence in school is still very high.

After a little inquiries, you will know where she is in class now.

The three of them came to the classroom together. At this time, the classroom was in class. They didn’t say anything. They went in through the back door to find a seat in the bottom row.

There were a lot of people in this class, but I still found the other party without much effort.

The girl is sitting in the middle of the class, taking notes carefully.

Looking obliquely from the rear, you can see that the other party’s temperament is fresh and long hair is fluttering, the contours of the chin and face are good, and many boys look at her from time to time during class.

Zhu Yang looked for a while and confirmed that there was no suspicious trace on the other party.

It’s a bit unpleasant, because since the guy behind the shot can use tricks to make Yin Jun like a woman that he would never like before, then he can also make this school girl like himself.

But a few months have passed since Yin Jun was recruited, and there was nothing special about this girl.

Naturally, Zhu Yang would not have any expectations for that guy’s moral bottom line. Dios suddenly became rich, since he could do this kind of ill-fated thing. So for girls who have repeatedly rejected themselves, it is not bad that there is no malice that comes with the ability to breed in their hearts.

For so many months, I still have such patience.

There are only two possibilities Zhu Yang can think of. One is that the other party has succeeded, and the other is that the other party may indeed have a rather pure attachment to the goddess.

It’s just that the probability of the second item is very small in Zhu Yang’s view.

She was originally a thousand-year-old vixen in this area. A look at many details can infer a girl’s recent living standards and certain interpersonal status.

The girl’s clothing products are all ordinary girl brands. It is autumn, and the unit price of her coat is in the early 1,000s.

The value of the jacket and pants is slightly lower than that of the jacket, which shows that this is her usual real consumption level.

It’s not considered wealthy in the family, but it is definitely well-off, and from the dressing taste and the popularity of middle and high school in the school, it can be seen that the family is willing to spend money on the daughter.

In other words, it is basically possible to rule out a consumption concept that is too simple relative to family property.

There are a few things in her body that are extremely present.

The same is the watch worn on the wrist, the other is the bag next to the location, and finally the shoes on the feet.

The total value of these things is more than 100,000.

And these things are used more frequently than clothes, and the price-performance ratio is absolutely right as a gift.

And a girl who usually can’t reach this level of consumption, naturally hopes to get as many opportunities as possible within a limited range.

To sum it up with a harsh and realistic concept, that is, when there is no way to get everything, you can only make a cost-effective choice.

This is also in line with that fat man’s savings as a novice player.

Yin Jun wrote the Tao a few months ago, and when he inexplicably liked the hairdresser girl, it was less than a month before the fat man came to their dormitory to go crazy.

After the fat man survived a car accident, he entered the game’s screening criteria for players. Although the game time does not pass in reality, don’t forget that there is a trial.

Trials usually happen in reality.

That is to say, in such a short period of time, the fat man had at most the trials and the first official field before he became Yin Jun.

And the ability to burst in just these two games shows that the opponent’s luck in the early stage is quite good.

After all, when Zhu Yang was a pure rookie, he saw players who had experienced 3-6 games and had very few abilities.

Therefore, the other party will use part of the precious life-saving points for enjoyment in the early stage.

After all, with the exception of Zhu Yang, a very individual player with abundant original capital, the initial rewards plus a few stamina points are gone, and they are not enough.

But it is not always true that the other party got an S-level evaluation in the rookie period just like Zhu Yang.

If that’s the case, that guy has at least 200 million worth of real wealth. According to the other party’s sudden rich face, I am afraid it will be more ostentatious than it is now.

There is no such thing as a buckle or claim for gifts to the goddess.

In terms of skills, although the probability of exploding above s level is the highest, but on the premise of level a clearance evaluation, good character can also explode.

Excluding the major cost of skill points and stamina points, as well as the purchase of various props, some spare points must be retained.

Oh, right! The other party also improved his life for the first time, 5,000 points is 50 million.

But with such a calculation, the amount that can be freely controlled is actually not a lot, but it is enough to make a big money in front of the average girl.

Zhu Yang and Lu Xiuci looked at each other, and both of them had a heart for the fat man’s basic situation.

During this period of the game’s normal frequency of clearance, if he is not deliberately targeted by the game like Zhu Yang before, or if he has the consciousness early to actively pass the clearance to face the difficulties.

So at this time, the guy should only clear the second game, and the second game’s clearance evaluation should not be very high, so the other party has not envied others from the startling high profile recently.

One more thing, in order to catch this guy the night before, Lao Zhang pretended to be a beauty on WeChat and chatted with him.

On the premise of pursuing the goddess, the other party will not refuse other beauties. It can be seen that his relationship with the goddess has at least secretly developed to the point where he is not so dreaming.

Yin Jun saw that Zhu Yang was not in a hurry to contact the girl, and sat aside obediently.

After class was over, he was pushed forward by Zhu Yang, “Go, and arrange an appointment in the woods behind the playground.”

Zhu Yang meant to let Yin Jun take advantage of his beauty. After all, I don’t know where the fat guy is now. There is the phone number of the girl in the hairdressing salon. Even if the other party can’t guess that someone next to Yin Jun is a player, he still has to wonder if he has encountered it. The real master, keep a low profile.

She and Lu Datou are too conspicuous, and it is not so easy to directly contact the girls in front of so many people.

Who knows that Yin Jun misunderstood her meaning.

This guy mingled with Zhu Yang when he was a child, and in addition to Zhu Weixin, he looked at Zhu Yang’s bare-handed bear kid behind him.

Now that everyone has grown up, everyone is very gentle, but Zhu Yang’s order made him instantly return to his childhood.

At that time, the three of them were packed into the township kindergarten. When Zhu Yang was in the big class, he and Zhu Weixin were in the small class.

He was small when he was a child and was always bullied by a fat guy in his class.

When he was bullied, he ran to Zhu Yang and cried. Every time, Zhu Yang would say to him: “Go, and meet that guy in the woods after school.”

This time, he was wronged and Zhu Yang took the lead for him, and Yin Jun knew his situation in seconds.

Nodded to Zhu Yang fiercely: “Well! I’m going now.”

Zhu Yang also wondered why this guy asked him to make an appointment with such a sense of ceremony.

As a result, he saw him come to the girl who was putting his notes together, weighed his hands on the table in front of her, and looked at each other deeply.

As I said before, this guy, like Zhu Weixin, is a handsome guy with a sunny and healthy style.

Although in Zhu Yang’s eyes, he only forced the Husky, but the whole person was serious, it was still deceptive in appearance.

When the boy she chased was so aggressively blocked in front of her, the girl blushed immediately.

The voice is smaller than a mosquito: “Yin, Yin Jun? Is there anything wrong?”

Yin Junxie’s lips curled up and smiled, and my chin raised in the direction of the playground: “Let me talk!”

The girl’s heart was pounding. Because of Yin Jun’s sudden fall in love before, Zhao Gang suddenly speeded up the offensive and chased her, and was shocked by the other party’s generous handwriting.

I’ve made appointments with him from time to time, but it’s not the type I like, and the other party’s temperament is not good at talking. The sensitive and stingy Dios smell when talking is unappetizing.

A person is ugly and sloppy. Even if he pinches his nose for money, he can only dig out **** and rotten water from it.

While the girls were fishing for each other, they were also a little confused. What I like in my heart is Yin Jun’s positive and cheerful type.

But in view of the other party’s previous refusal, the girl calmed down and said insincerely, “What can we talk about? Don’t you have a girlfriend? Besides, I might have a boyfriend.”

Yin Jun sneered: “First of all, I have no girlfriend.”

He trembled with anger at the thought of this, especially for the inexplicable guy who worried his parents for so long, as well as the various barbecued pork remarks in between.

Every time I think of it, there is an urge to pull the laces and hang them.

So at the moment, I am really bored with the words girlfriend.

Then he said: “Secondly, do you have a boyfriend, what does it have to do with what I do now?”

In the end, I got closer, and a full threat came out: “Come out, don’t expect me to maintain my demeanor.”

Who the **** can stand this? The male **** he had pursued ran to him and emphasized that he had no girlfriend, and desperately asked her out.

Not to mention that there is no boyfriend, even if there is, it makes people willing to abandon the desperate and follow him now.

As for Zhao Gang? I’ve long been forgotten.

Where can girls handle it? Blushing, he got up and nodded, and then went out of the classroom with Yin Jun.

When Yin Jun turned around, he made an OK gesture toward Zhu Yang.

And Zhu Yang sat in the position, although he was shocked by the fool’s second lack at first.

But now she was only surprised by this guy’s sultry posture.

A mere husky, is it natural to slap?

Although his original intention was completely wrong, the result was completely in line with expectations.

For a while, Zhu Yang was actually curious about this guy’s daily life on campus.

Not long after Yin Jun left, she and Lu Xiuli got up and went to the grove.

When I entered, I saw the girl and Yin Jun standing face to face, and then the girl looked at him expectantly.

“You, do you have anything to say?”

At this time, a female voice sounded from behind: “There is nothing I want to say, I just want to ask you something, so I asked you to come out for a story.”

The girl turned her head and saw Zhu Yang, her attention was first attracted by her beauty, and she immediately alarmed.

She turned her head and looked at Yin Jun in disbelief, her face flushed suddenly, and she said in shame: “You are too much.”

Yin Jun looked inexplicable: “No, although you are not responsible for this matter, it is also somewhat related to you.”

“And I heard that Zhao Gang has not been in contact with anyone at the school except you recently. As the sufferer of the matter, it’s not too much for you to ask his whereabouts?”

The girl’s face changed, her face was blue and white and she was embarrassed.

Although Yin Jun’s words were like Yunshan Mist, Zhao Gang said two words clearly from his mouth.

Recently, her relationship with Zhao Gang was ambiguous, so she said that she still carried expensive bags from others and wore accessories and shoes from others.

But at school, she was the one who denied the relationship between the two. This time, the person who didn’t want to know said it with confidence.

Suddenly there was a shame of being unmasked, so she said angrily: “How would I know about him? You found the wrong person.”

He said he was about to turn and leave.

An arm was suddenly crossed beside her, and she was blocked by the tree in front of her.

The girl looked up and looked at Zhu Yang: “What are you doing? You want to stop me from leaving?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Little sister, I think you made a mistake.”

“Although this guy has the wrong momentum.” She pointed to Yin Jun: “I have expressed the super fierce effect I want as a murderer, but please trust us.”

“We are really bad guys, the kind full of malice.”

“If you can’t answer my question within 20 seconds, you will bear the consequences.”

She said that her eyes swept over her bag and shoes unintentionally. For some reason, the girl suddenly felt that the bag in her hand and the shoes under her feet were a little hot.

Then I remembered that Yin Jun just said that she was so sure about where she knew Zhao Gang, and connected to recent events.

Could it be that Zhao Gang has provoked someone recently? His biggest change recently is that his shots have become lavish. Isn’t there a reason why these people are looking for him?

Thinking of this, the girl saw that the situation was wrong and deliberately separated from him.

I didn’t think of carrying Zhao Gang hard, but I was just a little bit ashamed under the sudden blow. At this moment, I felt that something was wrong and didn’t say anything.

Rolling his eyes, he still revealed Zhao Gang’s current address.

Zhu Yang knew that place was a high-end apartment building in the city center. The monthly rent for the smallest apartment is also three to five times the living expenses of ordinary college students.

Then Zhu Yang said to the girl again: “You give him a phone call and tell him to look for him in a while and let him wait at home.”

Girls instinctively feel that things are not right, and do not want to get involved, so they deliberately refuse

As a result, before speaking, a wad of money appeared in front of him.

The girl said to her with a faint smile, “This is a small favor, is it simple?”

“Don’t say that the guy didn’t have time to pursue you afterwards, just because there is a question, you are a few minutes behind us, and you kill yourself and come and find someone but can’t find someone?”

It’s better to make up an excuse for what you want recently. They are all playing this set. Is it possible that this kind of little lies won’t come back?

The girl’s eyes flashed, and finally reached out to take the money and took out the phone.

Zhao Gang hasn’t been to school recently, and he has been playing games, and he has derailed from ordinary people’s life all his life.

Academic qualifications are no longer meaningful, and there are not many players like him who choose to drunk life from the beginning.

After all, most people are not so passionate about studying and working, but for survival.

Now that there is another irresistible way of survival, there is no need to worry about the other side.

It’s just that unlike players who generally regard the game as a scourge, Zhao Gang is mostly happy to be a player.

Of course, there is a **** luck starting to get a good evaluation, start! The point is much higher than most players, the reason for the reward far exceeds his expectations.

Of course scary is still scary, and danger is real.

The reason the early players struggled is nothing more than low clearance evaluation, low rewards, and few basic life-saving items and physical bonus points left.

Don’t mention enjoyment, for a long time it was purely unclear suffering.

Fatty tasted the sweetness at first. Before entering the game, he was a humble fat mansion everywhere.

The people around him look down on him, and the girls won’t pay attention to him at all.

But after becoming a player, everything is done.

The former classmates only kneeled and licked him, and the goddess could easily hook him. Even the beautiful campus goddess, who let him squeeze round and squash, became a stupid fool.

Zhao Gang was very proud of the feeling that the world was in control for a long time.

It wasn’t until the hair salon girl who had invited him to call him the night before when he was under the Gu.

It was said that Yin Jun was beaten by his family when he returned to his hometown, and the family directly threw her out without mercy.

At first, the fat man only thought it was Yin Jun’s parent who was strong.

It’s just that he was able to get such a high level of clearance evaluation from the very beginning. Shit luck is part of it, and timidity and cautiousness must also be part of the reason.

So he decided to be more careful these two days and didn’t have to go out to play, so he stayed at home and waited for Yin Jun to come back for a few days after class, and then asked the people in the school if he was abnormal.

It’s just that he would never think that his bottom has been figured out almost 90%, and the efficiency is so fast.

After receiving the call from the goddess, he was still thinking that it was inconvenient to go out for two days and let her come to accompany him.

How can you imagine the treatment of a goddess as an accompaniment to a stinky Dios house in the past?

Waiting for someone at home, I heard the doorbell ring.

When Zhao Gang came to open the door, he did not hear the doorbell subconsciously confirming from the cat’s eye, this is where he regrets the most.

After opening the door, the first thing that caught your eye was a beautiful girl, who was so amazing, much more beautiful than his goddess.

Zhao Gang was a little confused. Although he didn’t know it, he was flattered, but he saw Yin Jun in the next second.

His face changed, and he wanted to close the door quickly, but the girl held the door.

Then he pushed the security door like another thick wall, standing still.

Zhao Gang was shocked. He had added a lot to his physique. He was now as strong as three strong men, and his inertial advantage was also on his side when the door was closed.

But he looked so weak in front of the opponent’s slender arm.

Zhu Yang shook his hand and pushed the guy directly across the goalkeeper to the ground.

The next thing is not suitable for Yin Jun to be present, so Zhu Yang said to him before going in: “Watch the wind outside.”

Yes, it was a forcible invasion, but Yin Jun, as the person involved, wanted to confront this guy himself.

However, he glanced at Lu Xiu’s resignation, I really couldn’t say to let Brother Lu hold the door for him, so I stood at the door with his head shrugged.

Zhu Yang entered the living room and took a look, the fat man didn’t feel wronged.

The rent is a luxurious apartment, and the monthly rent is less than 20,000.

In this regard, his life is much better than the average rookie.

Zhao Gang stood up from the ground at this time, watching Zhu Yang’s face pale, and he had a vague guess in his heart——

“What are you doing? You are breaking into a private house. I can call the police if you don’t go out again.”

After speaking, he was kicked to the ground: “Did you let you talk? A pig mouth turned up and down whose eyes?”

If it was just the inertia of the force that was just pushed down, then it is now a real beating.

Zhu Yang did not keep her hands on the premise of ensuring that she would not endanger her life. New players have just started, and there are upper limits for physical blessings. Where can she hold her power?

The fat man only felt a piercing pain coming from him, clutching his calf and bowing his body into dried shrimps. It was hard to imagine how he did it with such a fat figure.

Zhu Yang glanced around again with his eyes, and sneered: “This environment is ok, quiet in the noisy, and luxurious equipment.”

Glancing at the coffee table: “Even the ashtray is from Hermes.”

It’s a pity that all the cigarette butts inside are about to explode, and the coffee table is full of snack pockets, takeout boxes and cigarette ash.

This fat man is just a pig. To say that the fat man I met in the game before was also a dead fat house with a lazy appearance, and even went out of the trash can when he was the most poor.

But when conditions permit, people will still tidy up and pay attention to it. This is really a golden nest that can live in a pigsty.

There was an unpleasant smell in the room, the smell of smoke mixed with the smell of sweat, feet, and an indescribable weird smell.

It’s also fortunate that the girl has such a strong respiratory tract to come in and out naturally.

It was the first time that Zhu Yang came to find a place where he didn’t even sit.

So he kicked the fat man again with anger, and kicked the fat man who had just eased his pain until his facial features were wrinkled, just like a half-slaughtered pig.

“It’s all because of your sluggishness that made me have to appear in the pigpen. Why the **** are you so amazing?”

“Who are you anyway?” Zhao Gang endured the pain.

Zhu Yang sneered: “I thought you were very clear. If you push according to time, you have passed at least two games anyway. Don’t you know that you are not the only player?”

“Do you really think you are the chosen Long Aotian? Step on the bottom line of the game to kill the Quartet in reality, you are quite capable.”

Zhao Gang had some luck at the beginning, but his face turned pale when he was pointed out so directly.

He didn’t expect that if he wanted to retaliate a little bit, he would pull out other players, and he also looked like an old player who was more experienced than him.

He quickly defended: “I didn’t mean it, I just taught him a little lesson, it’s not like this for a lifetime, after a while, he will be relieved, and he will know that he doesn’t need to pretend to be forced.”

After he finished speaking, he kicked again: “Lesson? It’s up to you? Who do you deserve to teach?”

“You can’t pretend to have a good-looking face. Is it possible that the whole world has to admire your fatty toad! Fuck skin?”

“Why are you so awesome? You deserve to be a noble player. It’s different from ordinary people. If I want to, the whole world has to change my aesthetics, right?”

“When you are so awesome, do you make a big difference when other players introduce themselves to each other by name.”

“You would say good players, I am your father, right?”

As he said, he kicked him again: “This is a **** line that I can only say. How old are you?”

Zhu Yang lowered his head and saw that although this guy was trembling, there was a flash of humiliation in his eyes.

Zhu Yang suddenly felt boring. It would be a waste to talk to such a person.

This kind of guy is extremely inferior and extremely conceited after he has developed suddenly. He can only see other people’s attitudes towards himself in his eyelids all day long, and he also cares about these things.

Thoughts only hide in your own narrow space. What is the point of discussing the length of the well with a frog?

Zhu Yang sneered: “What? Are you wondering in your heart, how can you bear with the past, and will not forget to report today’s shame in the future?”

“Haha! Don’t worry, there won’t be this chance.”

Zhao Gang’s expression flashed with horror when he heard this: “What do you want to do?”

“Players can’t hurt each other, have you forgotten?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Are you worthy of breaking a taboo for you such a sluggard?”

“According to your theory, don’t you think that being obsessed with an insatiable pheasant can help you understand and change your personality defects?”

“Presumably you are happy to accept this method.”

“You are now a multi-millionaire anyway, and you can’t be too light-headed, just how much appetite can an unseen hair salon girl and college student have?”

“Don’t worry, there are opportunities everywhere in the game. Only when there is pressure, there is motivation. According to your progress, I am very optimistic about you.”

After speaking, a doorbell rang outside, and when the door was opened, a mature and gorgeous girl appeared outside.

Around 30, she has a charming temperament, a good figure, and is full of famous brands.

As soon as she entered the room, she frowned and said to Zhu Yang: “Hello, the one who called before—”

Zhu Yang raised his hand to indicate that she needn’t say much.

Pointing to Zhao Gang: “This classmate Zhao, don’t look at him like this, he is not to be seen as a man, in fact he is a multi-millionaire.”

“And every three months, there will be at least a minimum income of 5 million yuan, until he dies, how many people can be squeezed out is your ability.”

When the woman heard it, she suddenly felt that the sloppy fat man in front of her was pleasing to her eyes, and he smiled and hooked the other’s arm.

Zhao Gang knew that the other party had no good intentions, and everyone said it directly, but he was still broken by the girl’s style.

He has only recently become rich, with limited knowledge, and his expenses cannot be compared to those of a real rich.

During this period, they opened meat, but they were all young girls and cheap and vulgar hair salon girls.

Where have you seen this top-notch seduce style? I was still thinking that someone would send it up for fun. He is on guard, what can happen?

In fact, women are not small, they are the kind of top public relations specially trained.

These women make tens of millions of dollars in their moves at every turn, and they are a little careless when they are called by Lao Zhang.

Their time is precious, where are the poor college students allocated? He also owed Lao Zhang a favor, and the other party said that the nobleman wanted to help, so I ran this trip.

She is accustomed to observing words and behaviors. She naturally knows that the other party is true, and she immediately understands that she is afraid that she has encountered a rare job.

If someone wants to coax a Dios who has never seen the world, that really coaxes you to bankruptcy without having to take care of the house.

Zhu Yang saw that the two had a close-fitting posture, and suddenly smiled with satisfaction.

She said to the woman: “You are a guest. It is always bad for the woman to be unprepared for the first time the man is divided.”

“Well, if you ask him for a small gift, you can forgive him.”

Zhao Gang was startled. He didn’t expect this person to be so straightforward. He was defensive in his heart. How could he be willing?

But I felt that my arm was rubbed twice, the touch was soft and boneless, and there seemed to be a gust of fragrant wind between rubbing.

I don’t know what perfume the girl chooses. In short, it itches my heart. The smell of smoke in the whole room is so big that I can’t ignore the fragrance.

Zhao Gang can’t be too stingy either, it’s not this guy’s excitement, it just needs to leave a good impression on other women, right? What if someone doesn’t come next time?

I was about to speak for a while and take her out for a meal to buy a bag.

Then Zhu Yang said: “There are no objections, right? That’s OK, Zhao Gang, you will send Maserati to this lady as a meeting gift.”

Not to mention Zhao Gang, even the woman was taken aback.

Even billionaires, they wouldn’t ask for a luxury car, right?

The woman thinks that it is enough for the little girl to lead him in front of people. Next is her professional ability. What messes up now?

Just about to say a few words, beautifully round this embarrassment back. He saw the fat man’s eyes trance.

After a while, he looked at her and said: “Okay, I will send Maserati.”

If the PR lady weren’t professionally trained, she couldn’t help but open her mouth at this moment.

It didn’t count, this guy wandered into a room, took a duffel bag out of it, and opened it to see that there were piles of money inside.

“1.8 million here, are you looking enough?”

Women have never seen so much money, but it has never been so easy, and the impact of cash makes people feel unreal.

She squatted: “Enough, isn’t it?”

Although it will not be a good configuration.

Zhu Yang smiled and took the money, put it next to the girl, and said to Zhao Gang: “How do you let the lady move so much money? Let’s keep it in the bank with them for a while.”

After saying this, Zhao Gang seemed to wake up suddenly, and then looked at the big bag of money in the pig’s hand, an incredible horror flashed across his face.

“No, it’s impossible, how can you…”

Then quickly turned his back and spread his hands, and two Gu worms appeared from the palm of his hand.

He had a limited number of Gu logarithms, and he divided a group to retaliate against Yin Jun. He still needs to use it in the game, so he has to plan carefully.

Just now he had an incredible behavior, to make him doubt his ability, was it backlashed?

But the gu worm appeared for a while, but nothing was abnormal.

Zhao Gang was unbelievable, but unexpectedly, in an instant, one hand grabbed a gu worm in his hand and inserted it with lightning speed! Into his forehead.

When the gu worm did not enter the human body, it was just two slender dry branches, but once it entered the human body, it came alive.

Zhao Gang was shocked, and at this time another Gu was also inserted! In the head of a PR woman whose attention is all on money.

This thing is painless, at most you will suddenly feel a swelling of your brain, but most people will have such problems from time to time, so unless there are very guarded players and task NPCs in the game world, no one will doubt it in the real world.

“The principle is still very simple.” Zhu Yang sneered coldly: “Next, you will fulfill your duty of living spare tire walking wallet.”

“You, I’m a player. You can’t do that.” He quickly wanted to go to the kitchen to find the knife gu worm.

Zhu Yang smiled and said: “It’s the player. It’s a pity that you first touched on the cause and effect. Naturally, my slight revenge is within the allowed range.”

It’s just that Zhao Gang has already ran into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and was about to breathe a sigh of relief, but he only felt confused.

Then after a while, he forgot what he was doing in the kitchen, and he was baffled with the knife.

Then I went out of the living room and saw the PR lady, I couldn’t help but want to give her the best.

He stepped forward and said diligently: “Let’s go, let’s save the money first? It’s just time to have another meal in the evening.”

The PR girl was crazy, her face still had a faint expression: “Oh, I don’t need to eat, I have to go to work tonight.”

Just before the lady left, she told her that she didn’t have to please the fat pig, and this guy would definitely ask for it.

Although the PR lady was a little unbelievable, but seeing her asking for more than 1 million, this guy stupidly proposed it, so naturally he didn’t mind taking some time to test it.

It is foreseeable that in the days to come, Zhao Gang will be unable to move in the exploitation of a shrewd woman with a huge appetite.

After the matter was over, he took Yin Jun outside with him. Yin Jun saw the fat man’s final posture thoughtfully.

He didn’t lose his memory, remembering what he was like when he licked the dog inexplicably.

So Sister Yang Yang is still treating her by her own way?

After solving the troubles of the children at home, Zhu Yang relaxed.

After this incident, I also confessed to my cousin and sister-in-law, don’t hide any questions in the future, and ask if something is wrong.

The cousin’s cousin naturally nodded again and again, and saw a worm out of his son’s head with his own eyes, and would not be lucky to see anything weird in the future.

After working on this matter, looking at the time that was almost the same, he urged Lu Datou to pick up Longlong back.

Lu Xiuci also had this intention, so he chose a sunny day.

A family of three came to their private villa, for which Zhu Yang even dressed up the little yellow chicken.

After returning from the animal world, the little yellow chicken adapted to wear clothes and stopped running around naked.

I wish my family look quite fresh, and I wish my mother specially made small clothes for it.

Today, this body was customized by its grandmother, and it was very excited to hear that he came out to pick up his elder brother and lacked little friends in the real world.

When the time is up, Lu Xiuci enters the game world, and then comes out of the game world in two seconds.

He didn’t use the spirit beast bag, and didn’t know what skills he used, so he brought the dragon back directly, but considering the room problem was a reduced version.


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