Scream Queen Chapter 12

Zhu Yang was originally happily, but after receiving the news, his face collapsed immediately.

Zhu Weixin was shocked when he saw it, and thought he was recruiting her again: “Isn’t it enough money? Okay, I won’t buy these.”

As he said, he pushed the tried clothes back.

Zhu Yang recovered and rubbed his head. This guy is tall, but his hair is the same as hers, thin and soft, and feels like a little milk dog.

Zhu Yang’s mood was a little better: “Wrap it up and want it all.”

He said to Zhu Weixin again: “You gave me all the money before, how much is left now?”

Zhu Weixin took out his mobile phone: “Let me see, after buying the ticket, there are still two dollars in the prestige red envelope.”

Zhu Yang almost burst out laughing: “Then I didn’t ask you to even give me living expenses.”

He was busy opening an online account and returning the money squeezed from him before.

This kid is a big family. Since childhood, their brothers and sisters got the same amount of pocket money, new year’s money, red envelopes, and everything, and their parents didn’t care much.

Zhu Yang has a strong desire for shopping, opening the room and the closet are full of prodigal stuff, but Zhu Weixin does not have such a fancy expense as her.

So I unknowingly saved a lot of money, but the biggest function of this money is to provide for his sister to rob.

The siblings bought clothes and ate at a nearby western restaurant with a good reputation before returning home.

The next day Zhu Yang had class and had to go to school. He wanted to take his younger brother to school to show off among those bitches.

I can think of the so-called game start-up time in the afternoon, which took the time and let Zhu Weixin play at home.

Zhu Lina’s death has spread all over the school. According to the results of the on-site investigation, it is actually the driver’s full responsibility.

The truck driver ran through the red light and was investigated for drunk driving and fatigue driving. It is strange that there is no accident on the road.

Zhu Yang felt that the so-called horror of the game is here, and all the causal coincidences in this world can be drawn freely.

She bet that Julina would definitely not die if she didn’t transfer her quota. This invisible hand is a much more terrifying existence than a ghost.

Xie Xiaomeng did not come today. She witnessed the whole scene and was terrified.

The people in the Sisterhood at noon talked about it and inevitably sighed for a while. Although most of the girls here are **** and pretending, they are just plastic love.

However, a life is alive, and the night before yesterday, I had a party all night, saying that it would be gone if not, which inevitably makes people disappointed.

I’m afraid that only Zhu Yang has no sympathy for Julina’s death. To sympathize with her, first think about the **** game that I will start in less than an hour.

However, other people’s minds were also limited. After sighing with Zhu Lina, he immediately turned the topic to Zhu Yang’s legendary handsome brother, and kept trying to bring it out for fun.

The heartless energy is also breathtaking.

When it was almost two o’clock, Zhu Yang found a separate private place, which was the single bedroom of a member of the Sisterhood in the school.

She has classes all afternoon, so she won’t come back. Zhu Yang took up her room because she was a little sleepy and wanted to take a nap.

At two o’clock exactly, it really came, and some basic rules first appeared in my mind.

The first is the rules for the use of points. Points can be used to redeem money or purchase props, and most importantly, to upgrade physical fitness or abilities.

I said before that there are high risks and high returns. This is not an exaggeration.

Points can be exchanged for wealth in real life, and one point can be exchanged for 10,000 soft sister coins.

Rao Zhu Yang didn’t need to seek wealth from this high risk, and was taken aback. It was equivalent to her current net worth of 200 million.

Zhu Yang doesn’t know the rating and rewards of the general preparation players in the trials, but since Xie Yi said that she has generous rewards and can accumulate high raw capital, I think she is above the average level.

But if you have a few thousand points in one breath, that’s the rhythm of becoming a multimillionaire immediately.

But are things so good? Obviously no, no amount of money has to be spent.

If you want to survive the game, as an ordinary person, you still have to rely on props and ability upgrades to a large extent.

Don’t say anything else, you have to run faster when you encounter ghosts? But speed and strength, as well as other sensory upgrades, start at 100 points.

Needless to say, props and skills upgrades, and most of the props are one-time use, and they must be used repeatedly at sky-high prices. Skills are the capital for players to compete with ghosts and monsters, and the upgrade price is of course needless.

In other words, what you earn may never be as much as your expenses, so if you can make a fortune through this game, it is estimated that there is no one among the players.

In addition to skills, skills cannot be obtained through purchase. Only when the game has been evaluated and reached S grade can they have a chance to burst. Just like Zhu Yang’s female ghost mirror shuttle skills, points can only be used for upgrades.

And after each game pass, the skills will be upgraded according to the performance level.

In other words, as long as you continue to live, it will become stronger and stronger.

Before this game, it is true that there are no complicated rules. The only thing that needs to be observed to enter the game is that players must not attack each other.

After some understanding, the exchange interface before the game officially started came out.

Zhu Yang unceremoniously added 20 points to the three currently upgradeable physiques of strength, speed, and agility, and spent 6000 points in one breath.

It took another 5,000 points to upgrade the skills, which is more expensive, and only 5 points for this.

Zhu Yang also noticed a novice gift pack, which required 1,000 points, and contained two charms and a customs pass.

Each of the two talisman can withstand the fatal damage of a ghost, but the pass ticket is deadly. Once used, it can directly leave the game safely.

In other words, there is one more life-threatening guarantee. Of course, each player can only purchase it once, which is now.

Good deed, Zhu Yang had to buy this thing, and placed the order without hesitation.

In this way, Zhu Yang’s assets have shrunk by more than half, but is it a pity? Consumption blindly when the specific situation in the game is still unclear.

Of course, in the future, there may be more cost-effective use of points, but it is definitely not now. If you are not sure that your reward is far above the average, Zhu Yang will not hesitate to spend your points.

Exchange all the favorable conditions that one can arm.

After all, the first premise now is to survive, not to plan for the future.

All this last night, a sense of dizziness enveloped her.

When Zhu Yang came back to his senses, he appeared in an old villa, changed his outfit, and was still holding a trolley case in his hand.

And there are three people around her who are in the same situation as her, two men and one woman, plus her exactly four people, it should be all the players this time.

Zhu Yang looked back at a few people. One of them looked good, but the other looked at a boy in his twenties like her. When he saw her, there was a hint of shock and complexity in his eyes.

Although he quickly covered it, he did not escape Zhu Yang’s eyes. Could she be someone she knew?

Or is it the students of their school? Given that he is relatively well-known in circles at all stages, Zhu Yang did not go into further details.

At this time, a middle-aged man in his forties came over and said, “You are booking a short-term rental. I am the landlord and my surname is Xiao. You can call me Brother Xiao.”

The landlord smiled enthusiastically, but it always gave people a greasy smell, and his eyes were glaring on the two girls, especially when it fell on Zhu Yang, he wanted to stick to her face, which made people extremely unpleasant.

“Oh, they are all beauties. I said earlier that I would pick you up at the airport. By the way, the room is ready. It’s on the second floor. I’ll take you up.”

When everyone first arrived, they were naturally led away.

The landlord wanted to help Zhu Yang get the box, but he was taken a step faster. Zhu Yang looked back, but saw that it was the boy her age, and he became more certain that this person knew him.

The other two men saw that the boy was courteous, the other player was okay, and the landlord looked a little unhappy, but didn’t say anything.

When the group of people walked through the hall, they met a tenant on the first floor who was about to lock the door to go out. She was a charming-looking young girl with a plump body.

The landlord, who was still leading the way, flickered his eyes and scratched his chest twice before jokingly saying hello: “Xiao Cui, go out to pick up work again at night?”

He bit the words ‘take a job’ so hard that the girl ignored him at all, rolled her eyes and walked out in high heels.

The landlord also asked for suspicion, everyone left, and shouted from his back: “Make more money!”

All the way to the second floor, I ran into a woman dressed as a teacher carrying a plastic bag of ingredients.

Upon seeing this, the landlord said hello: “Ms. Qiu, are you going to cook?”

Teacher Qiu smiled and nodded, and did not speak much, but Zhu Yang saw some bruises in her eye sockets and corners of her mouth that had not yet disappeared. It should have been violence not long ago.

Less than ten minutes after entering this villa, the landlord and tenants I met showed distinct personalities. Unlike a game NPC, the whole house also gave people an unpleasant atmosphere of depression and conflict accumulation for no reason.

Finally, the landlord opened the door for them. There were two rooms, one for the lady and one for the man. After they settled down, the landlord went downstairs.

As soon as he left, several people gathered together. Since the game directly arranges them together, there is a high probability that they will assist in the clearance.

Otherwise, in a primary field, you must also guard against demons and monsters, as well as your teammates.

After introducing themselves to each other, in addition to Zhu Yang, the other three players are all players who have had one or two experiences, and they also have some experience.

The woman who lives in the same room with Zhu Yang is Wang Bei, twenty-five years old, in reality a white-collar worker.

The elder of the two men is Li Li, thirty-two years old, and in reality he is a taxi driver.

And the young boy who suspected that he knew Zhu Yang was called Lu Xin, and he was a student of their school. Zhu Yang didn’t need to ask him at all, and he said that he was surprised to see her here.

At the same time, the task of this game came down.

Seven days later in this villa, all tenants, including the landlord, died on the same night, and then all of them turned into ghosts.

By then the whole house will become a haunted house, and their task is to survive the night of the seventh night.

Zhu Yang is now so angry when he hears the number seven, and she realizes that the official game is not at the same level of difficulty than the trials. The ghosts that Nima has to deal with when they change the map become a group of ghosts.

Unexpectedly, just after digesting the task information, Li Li’s expression changed drastically, and he couldn’t stop exclaiming–

“Impossible, how can the difficulty of the novice task be so high?” As he said, he glanced at Zhu Yang and the three of them vigilantly: “Are any of you experienced players, so the game has increased the difficulty based on the average?”


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