Scream Queen Chapter 120

Because Lu Datou is not keen on taking pictures and has no image records in his hands, this is the first time Zhu Yang has seen Longlong in various senses.

She knew it would be a beautiful creature, Lu Datou painted her, it was the shape of a traditional oriental dragon, but the color was white.

The scales that Zhu Yang gave to the snake boss were metabolized and dropped by the dragon and dragon that Lu Datou put away. Looking at the few scales, you can know how beautiful the other party’s appearance is.

It’s not pale and cold white, with the luxurious texture of a gem, faintly with multicolored reflections, which makes people dazzling.

Combining the impression of scales with the imagination of dragons, Zhu Yang thought he had seven or eight guesses about the appearance of dragons.

But I didn’t expect that when I actually saw it, the other party was still beyond her imagination.

Considering practical reasons, it has been reduced when it is brought out.

Now its size is only a normal python, but it hasn’t deformed, just shrunk.

Although there is no way to see the majesty of the real body shape, but this size gives people a sense of exquisiteness.

Such a modern villa, because of its existence, seemed to be a little more immortal. This is just the effect of its appearance here in such a small posture.

The little dragon floated in the air, leaning in front of Zhu Yang, with a proud posture and agile shuttle, curiously flying around Zhu Yang twice.

It was still practising peacefully in the cave that the master had found for it. The master did not come back frequently, but fortunately, the dragon’s life span was long, and the time passed quickly between cultivating, which was not too sad.

However, he couldn’t follow his master and perform the combat duties of a mount anytime and anywhere, which made the dragon unavoidably lost.

It attributed this to the fact that it was young and not strong enough to fight alongside its master.

Unexpectedly, the host came back before the scheduled appointment and said that he would take it away and live with him in the future.

It used to be cheaper for him to come and go alone, but now it is different. There is a mistress in the family and he has adopted chicken cubs.

This made him think of trying the liveliness and warmth of the family in advance.

With this level of awareness, he suddenly reacted, leaving a young dragon alone to practice in the cave, indeed ignoring the inner feelings of the left-behind children.

In other words, the current situation is similar to that the parents have settled down, and the stable and harmonious family relationship will not change for a long time.

Therefore, left-behind children can also be taken care of nearby and enjoy family happiness.

Although Long Long was in a cloud of unfamiliar vocabulary and theory, he was clever and grasped the point at once.

It means that there is a mistress in the family, and then he officially upgrades from a pet to a son, and he has made a qualitative leap in his identity, right?

For the dragon, who is full of enthusiasm and admiration for the owner, the biggest wish in his life is to be recognized by the owner and be taken around to fight in all directions.

At this moment, he suddenly changed from a mount to the owner’s son, just as if he was hit by a golden filling pie. The whole dragon’s head was dizzy.

But it still remembers that everything now is a chain reaction after the hostess.

Oh, that’s not right! Master-Dad said, that’s mother.

It will be a family from now on.

As the core of this series of surprises, Zhu Yang’s favorability in Longlong’s heart burst out from the beginning.

Therefore, after meeting people, it pays great attention to its own manners, determined to be well-behaved, and establish a firm foothold at home as soon as possible, and absolutely cannot be pushed back.

So it completely ignored the dragon’s arrogance and reserved, and carefully circled the mistress twice, trying to show its most graceful posture.

Even Lu Xiuci doesn’t know it. He tried to find the best angle, but he secretly practiced it in the mirror many times.

Sure enough, Zhu Yang felt Longlong’s initiative to get close, and his heart blossomed, and he tried to touch his body.

The majestic dragon body was seen by the legendary beautiful creature, and Zhu Yang, who was obsessed with novelty, touched it from start to finish.

The majestic horns, the dashing long beard, and the exquisitely textured scales, every inch is superbly delicate.

Zhu Yang couldn’t put it down, rubbing his ears and smoothing his tail. Longlong has never been beaten up since his birth.

Of course, most people are not qualified to touch it, and the owner it wants to get close to is always in a hurry.

This unfamiliar feeling of being pampered and loved made Long Long, who had little knowledge in this aspect, hummed comfortably, and soon couldn’t maintain his leisurely volley posture.

When I came back to my senses, I was already wrapped in the mistress, and most of my body was hugged and rolled around with her movements, really enjoying it.

Zhu Yang was very excited and said to Lu Datou: “So cute, I thought this kid would be a little colder?”

Lu Xiuci smiled and touched both, the excited Long Long’s body trembled a little.

“After all, it’s still young, and it’s normal to stick to people. But it doesn’t care much about people outside.”

Zhu Yang smiled and pulled the little yellow chicken out from behind, and said to Longlong: “Come on, this is what my mother prepared for you—”

The little yellow chicken also looked at Longlong with a look of admiration. It is said that his brother is so handsome! The prototype dog when he was younger than his uncle is more prestigious than the prototype sand sculpture when he was younger.

Sure enough, they are all one family, the difference is still huge.

It looked expectant and wanted to play with its majestic brother, so when his mother introduced it, she also looked at it with excitement.

As a result, before Zhu Yang finished speaking, he saw Longlong’s mouth open. It’s hard to imagine how his current size suddenly opened his mouth so big?

Although the little yellow chicken has been reduced, after all, there are two basketball players. But he was swallowed by it in one bite, and Zhu Yang didn’t react.

After swallowing it, it shyly rubbed Zhu Yang’s arm, and thanked Zhu Yang in a language that only Lu Xiuci could understand [Thank you mom, I like chicken the most. 】

Zhu Yang was stunned, and Lu Xiu was stunned.

After three full seconds, the two people hurriedly made it spit out the chicken—

“That’s your brother~~”

When the little yellow chicken was spit out, the feathers on its body were sticky.

It sat on the ground for a long while, the whole chicken was dumbfounded. Zhu Yang thought it was frightened, and quickly comforted it while wiping its feathers with a hot towel.

At this moment, Long Long knew that he was in trouble, and was too much to lift his head by Lu Xiu’s resignation.

“Chi!” But when the little yellow chicken suddenly made a hiccup sound, he recovered and cried suddenly.

“Just bully the chicken~~”

A pair of black beanie eyes, teardrops rolled down one by one, and the yellow feathered wings wiped and wiped.

Zhu Yang was so distressed, he took it into his arms and coaxed: “No, no, brother is joking with you.”

The little yellow chicken naturally didn’t believe it. He pointed to Longlong and said, “One-on-one, I want to challenge you.”

At the moment, Long Long was frustrated because he had messed up things for himself, and the most worried thing was being sent back.

The whole dragon head shrugged, and even the dragon’s whiskers fell down without energy.

It glanced at the little yellow chicken and said, “No, if you kill my father, you don’t want me.” 】

The little yellow chicken was so angry that smoke came out of his head. Don’t think he couldn’t understand it. This guy means you can poke him to death with a finger, right?

It suddenly rolled up its sleeves and was ready to do it on the spot, but saw that the guy suddenly leaned in front of it and sniffed, and then stopped doing it immediately.

Suddenly twisted his body into twists, and accused Lu Xiu of resigning [Why collect the flat-haired beasts of the Feng tribe? 】

Lu Xiuci was startled. He hadn’t seen anything unusual about the little yellow chicken before. It was only a mutant species in the tropical rain forest.

But dragons are different. In that world where dragons and phoenix have fought for so many years, dragon creatures have been born with a natural instinct to distinguish the smell of enemies.

Therefore, Lu Xiuci will not question Long Long’s judgment.

Seriously: “Really? You can check again.”

Longlong reluctantly leaned in front of the little yellow chicken and nodded firmly.

Lu Xiuci was strange: “It shouldn’t be, Xiao Ji’s appearance and basic talent have no signs at all.”

Zhu Yang pushed him, and Lu Xiu resigned to tell her what Longlong had said. Zhu Yang was also surprised.

She held the still awkward little yellow chicken in her arms and touched her whole body as if she knew it for the first time.

Except for the enlarged version of the chicken, I really can’t find any other clues.

“No? Besides, that place is not like it.” She was referring to the rain forest where the little yellow chicken was born.

It’s just an exchange copy. There are other players in the game, and it’s impossible to pack too many good things in other games, so that players of other games take advantage.

Lu Xiuci touched the little yellow chicken: “I didn’t think it was so serious. It is possible that the player in that world took the phoenix pet and experienced the instance, and had a chance with Xiao Ji’s ancestor or himself.”

In other words, it is possible that which romantic phoenix messed up the relationship between birds outside and left a bloodline. After time evolution, this bloodline is diluted and diluted, and only the natural enemy dragon of the Feng clan can sense it. Awakening or not awakening is two different things.

There is another reason. It may simply be a little smell, such as when a little yellow chicken is in the nest. A phoenix hugged its nest.

Of course, this one sounds even more nonsense, but it’s not impossible.

If it is just such a situation, the little yellow chicken does not reach the game’s selection of species, and it is deliberately brought to the higher world.

And if you want to cultivate awakening if you run with the phoenix aura, the investment and return required because of the weak breath are also disproportionate.

Just like Lu Xiuci, waiting for the player to go to the advanced world, since there is a chance to see the real Phoenix.

In this way, a bird with a thin and useless blood is really tasteless, and it is not considered cheap for Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang touched the little yellow chicken, but he had no regrets about this result.

Is it possible that a baby who has been raised in the family for so long will suddenly become even more adorable when the species changes?

Besides, her son will definitely be better than Phoenix one day.

When interrupted by this topic, the two of them have forgotten that the children are still twisting it now?

As a result, he bowed his head and saw the dragon in Lu Datou’s arms and the little yellow chicken in Zhu Yang’s arms.

You hit me and I hit you.

Rather than being careful to please at first, this time. Long Long looks more like the naughty and lively children of this age should have.

Zhu Yang previously asked the big-headed dragons who passed by in terms of human age, how old is it now?

His answer was a teenager under 13 years old.

I have confirmed that the eyes are all people who use child labor.

In order to ease the relationship between the two little boys, Zhu Yang took them one by one to visit the new room.

She paid a lot of attention to this children’s room, and specifically opened up two rooms.

In addition to the carefully prepared chicken and dragon nests, there are all kinds of toy climbing frames.

Knowing that Longlong likes shiny things, Zhu Yang can’t wait to pile a gold mine in his den.

Sure enough, the surprise that Longlong saw was abnormal, and he flew into the nest happily.

There are also mini dolls made by Zhu Yang, her and Lu Datou.

Longlong grabbed each of his paws, and saw the little yellow chicken not far away, fearing that it would come over and grab it. He twisted his body into a roll and hid the baby tightly.

The little yellow chicken dismissed it and pulled it from its nest, and suddenly pulled out several pairs.

Show off to Longlong: “I picked the rest of you.”

Longlong immediately raised his head and looked at Zhu Yang, his eyes were a little red.

“I heard someone say that after having a second child, the boss’s life is not easy, is that the case? Mom!”

Who suffers from this? Zhu Yang suddenly felt a sense of guilt for his sins.

Hurriedly said: “Do, do, and let someone do ten sets immediately.”

As soon as he turned around, the little yellow chicken wanted to cry or not, and hurriedly calmed down: “All of them!”

At this moment, Zhu Yang has seen that the trouble of raising two children is not just that one plus one equals two.

But in the end they used the game to divert their attention.

He was still young, especially although Longlong was older than Xiaohuangji, but he hadn’t seen the colorful world outside.

It is a novelty to play with it. Zhu Yang brought back many discs from the animal world before.

Amphibians worship dragons and naturally many entertainment projects are derived.

Especially in movies, most of the heroic images created are dragons.

Not to mention, the cg technology in the world is better than reality, so the film effect is particularly realistic.

Longlong watched the disc for an afternoon. Although he kept complaining about the fact that dragons are not like this, his eyes were dazzlingly attracted by the content of the movie.

Seeing the emergence, shook his head and waited to rush to the sky to try the plot in the movie.

Even the little yellow chicken was pecking its tail without paying attention.

Zhu Yang is here to accompany the children, and Lu Xiu’s dinner is naturally prepared.

With such a girlfriend as Zhu Yang, considering that he has to deal with her sudden whims at any time, there are few skills that he can’t.

When Longlong came to the table, he was flattered to find that he could actually eat the food prepared by his father himself.

Plated in front of his plate, looking at the dishes inside, he was reluctant to take it for a long time.

Zhu Yang smiled and cut a steak for it “Ah–”

With bright eyes, Long Long was about to open his mouth to pick it up. A yellow hairy head stretched out beside him, and he took the steak back in one bite.

Longlong stared at the little yellow chicken, wishing to swallow this guy again.

It seems that these two children are not getting on.

But Zhu Yang didn’t care about it, how familiar is this picture? Zhu Weixin and Lu Li were even better than them at first.

Isn’t it just a moment of hooking shoulders and backing up to stay silly all day?

Sure enough, how about Zhu Yang getting up in the middle of the night and going to the children’s room to see how they sleep?

When I saw the two children huddled in a nest, it was obvious that they had a fight before going to bed.

Finally, I was tired, one dangling the tail of the other, and the other stepping on the back of this one, and fell asleep with a snore.

After living in the villa for several days, teaching Longlong to adapt to this era, and after learning a lot of common sense, he decided to officially take Longlong back at the weekend while everyone was at home.

Of course, you can’t put away all the horns and claws in this image.

The other outlines had to be changed a little too, in short, it turned into a beautiful white red-eyed python.

He also told him that, except in front of his parents, he must not use flying when walking. If he is caught, he cannot stay with them.

These words scared Longlong enough, because of its particularity, the action instinct of such a legendary creature is unique.

Many things that are taken for granted will need to be hidden. For it, I am afraid that I have missed something.

In contrast, the little yellow chicken has much less trouble. And having lived at home for so long, I naturally know how to do it.

So in the last two days, Zhu Yang and Lu Datou have always seen Longlong courting his younger brother, and the little yellow chicken has been smitten.

Even taking this opportunity to blackmail Longlong’s desserts, seeing the two adults are angry and funny.

But when I went home, like the last time I adopted a little yellow chicken, I still encountered a little troublesome episode.

Last time it was her father who was not allowed to raise it, this time it was her mother.

I wish my mother had a relaxing weekend. The girl told her that she would bring a new pet back.

She was looking forward to it, after all, Xiao Ji’s cuteness is obvious to all, and she is still guessing whether she intends to raise a dog or a cat or some other exotic animal this time?

In the end, who talked about her bringing a boa constrictor back?

Objectively speaking, the snake is really beautiful. I wish my mother who is so afraid of snakes has to admit that at first glance, she was dazzled by the beauty.

But no matter how beautiful it is, it is also a snake. The word alone makes her scalp numb.

I wish my father had a curious look of joy and he leaned forward: “Oh! White snake, this was auspicious in the past, and every house is prosperous in every house.”

“Okay, okay—” Halfway through the conversation, seeing his wife’s face, he immediately turned a corner: “What a shit, why are you bringing this stuff back? Want to scare your mother? Take it away quickly Take it away and raise yourself outside.”

Zhu Yang picked up Longlong and pointed its head at Zhuma.

With such red eyes, Longlong looked at Zhu Ma blankly, as if the left-behind children were about to be abandoned again.

The key is that the expression is too spiritual, don’t talk about snakes, just like this is a child in front of me.

Zhu’s mother’s original firm attitude suddenly couldn’t stand it, and the more she confronted it, the more inexplicable guilt.

Zhu Weixin was also surprised. He knew that Lu Datou was going to send his sister snake to this two-dimensional act.

I still wondered whether his sister would be angry that day and cut the guy off so that they would have long eyes.

In the end, I didn’t expect this snake to be so beautiful. When you look at it, you won’t bring in the inherent impression of snakes and slippery. On the contrary, there is an urge to get close after being surprised.

Moreover, he felt that although this snake was beautiful, it unexpectedly gave people a majestic feeling. As a boy, he had a good feeling at first sight.

He tried to reach out and touched: “It’s not cold? Mom, can you try it?”

I wish my mother is in a complicated mood at the moment. After hearing her son’s words, she still waved her hand and said: “Forget it, you can raise it if you want, but you can’t let it run around, you can only stay in the pet room.”

“It’s absolutely impossible for me to touch a snake anyway.”

A week later, Zhu Yang and the others got up in the morning and found that Zhu’s mother was dressed up as a noble lady and wore a beautiful white shawl.

I met the two sisters and brothers: “Just get up? Go eat, I will go out to play cards today.”

The two nodded in a daze, and suddenly Zhu Yang felt excited: “Wait! What do you wear on your shoulders?”

Zhu Ma said proudly: “Isn’t it our family Longlong?”

Although Zhu Ma never understood why the snake was named Longlong.

She excitedly said to Zhu Yang: “Mrs. Li recently raised a white mink, and she put it on her shoulders to show off, boasting of her family’s intelligence.”

“I’ll show her what a top white shawl is, right?”

Longlong pulled out a flower on Zhu’s mother’s shoulder and amused Zhu’s mother: “Oh, there are so many tricks, let them see it later, we don’t wear the same every day.”

Don’t even touch it if you say it?

Two times in a row, Zhu Yang has basically ignored the choice of his parents. I believe that if there is a chance, they may be like themselves now, and they will feel as beautiful as the cockroaches.

In any case, after a while, Long Long was completely integrated into the home.

At this time, it has been more than a month since Zhu Yang’s last game.

During this period, I met with Xie Yi and Yu Li Zhou Yao once or twice.

Bai Youyou is far away. Zhu Yang hasn’t been back to school recently, so he can only contact him by telephone.

After the Fu Jiang dungeon, the three of them also entered three to five games.

Frequent entry into the game faces difficulties and the rewards are not small.

Although not every clearance evaluation is top-notch, there is also a degree of difficulty that is too great to be able to fly through at low altitude.

But the experience and intelligence obtained in the game are all nutrients for growth.

The three of them are obviously much older than before in the exchange of the game. Zhu Yang has a feeling of witnessing the diamonds being polished and polished more and more brightly.

Of course, the three have also revealed new skills, although they are not considered highly experienced among intermediate players. But the strength is definitely in the upper reaches.

Zhu Yang was very pleased. After Longlong’s affairs were settled, he also consciously freed up his energy to welcome the next game full of energy.

So a few days later, she took the initiative to submit an application for customs clearance.

It was still time to go to bed at night, Zhu Yang went back to the room and locked the door, but this time he didn’t give way to waiting beside him.

The redemption window of the game opened, and I found that the redeemable goods were so few this time, there was only one thing.

It’s a pill, only this one, nothing else.

However, such a small red capsule is actually worth 3000 points.

There is no function prompt on it. According to the urine of the game, the lone pill is stuck there.

There is really a subtext: “Buy, buy now! 50% may be worth the money, half may be slaughtered, but you buy it!”

What a beating!

The redemption window has always been this way, take the copy of the previous animal world as an example.

Except for Zhu Yang, who bought everything, most players still spend their money on the blade.

So the other three players all bought dry tickets or collars.

At first glance from the exchange window, the ticket is indeed more likely to be used than the collar, but the result?

Need is indeed need, and it can quickly get rid of their current bad situation.

But how do they use the ticket as a vegetable beast? If it is not for the little yellow chicken, then the thing is bought for nothing.

In fact, Lao Zhu and Xiaofang did buy them for nothing, and they were beaten by Zhu Yang by 500 points.

Anyway, the fat man who bought the collar had the best betting luck if it hadn’t been targeted by the game at first.

So, the things in the redemption window can definitely be used in the game world, but whether you trigger that situation or whether you are qualified to use it is uncertain.

Therefore, if a pill with 3000 points can be determined to buy, it is estimated that there will not be much.

After all, the a-level clearance evaluation only rewards 5000 points, which is more than half, and this clearance may not be able to earn so much.

But Zhu Yang never looked at the price when he scanned the goods. He exchanged them simply and neatly, and then a sense of weightlessness came. The next second he opened his eyes, Zhu Yang saw himself appearing in a house.

The layout of the house is a bit similar to an American country house, very warm, the area of ​​the entire living room is not small, and you can see the wooden steps when you look back. Although not new, it is well maintained.

Fire is still burning in the fireplace, and the whole environment feels comfortable and non-aggressive.

This is not the most luxurious scene they see when they enter the game world, but it is one of the few that makes people feel comfortable.

Even the heavy vigilance of entering the game at the beginning has been diluted a lot, which is rare for players.

Looking around again, there were 9 players this time, more than the previous one.

Although the number of players does not directly equate to the difficulty of the game, it can already explain to a large extent.

Confirming that the entire living room is full of players and there are no other NPCs, everyone starts to introduce themselves.

“Are there nine of us in this event? Are there any other rooms?” a player suddenly asked after the introduction.

Others only find it inexplicable. Players are all entering the game at the same time. How can they run into the room with such open eyes?

But Zhu Yang inexplicably understood what this person meant. She guessed that this person might have only experienced a confrontation match.

Knowing that the iron law of not harming each other between players and players is flexibly changed according to the game arrangement.

Perhaps because of the inherent impression that I have just suffered, I am extra vigilant about this.

Seeing that everyone looked at him at a loss, the player stopped talking.

The nine players in this game have strong personal styles.

There are absolutely no two people like them, even if they are ordinary, they are ordinary and unique.

In addition, she has five men and four women, and the ratio of men to women is fairly balanced.

After getting to know each other, they began to look at the surrounding environment.

First explored the villa, there are 9 rooms in total. One is not much, one is not much.

Each room has its own bathroom, and the bed and bed are clean and can be used directly.

There is a certain amount of inventory in the refrigerator, but not much. It looks like a week’s worth of a family of three.

The whole house is full of life, as if a family had just finished breakfast in the morning and left the house after finishing packing, each going to work and school.

It’s just that all the 9 rooms are full of life.

But the players didn’t think much about it, and subconsciously thought that this was the place to stay for them in this game.

The villa has a total of 3 floors, a basement, a living room, dining room and kitchen on the first floor, and a studio. The area is not small.

There is no extra space on the second floor except for nine rooms.

In addition to this, there is also an attic, which contains some old appliances, sundries and tools.

The care was okay, and the spider web was covered with dust as soon as the door was opened.

After reading indoors, it is outdoors. When you walk out of the yard, there are also many villas of the same type nearby, all with the same appearance and not very densely spaced.

There is a tree-lined path. It is evening at this time and the street lights are already on, but they are not very bright.

Zhu Yang found a bulletin board with some things on it. There was a wanted warrant. In the ink-printed photo, the suspect’s face was blurred, and it was even difficult to tell whether it was a man or a woman for a while.

The charge stated was that the suspect killed his family during the family meal. These handwritings are relatively clear.

But when it was the suspect’s personal information and appearance characteristics, those handwritings could not be distinguished as if they were stained with water.

“Who made this deliberately?” A player rubbed the words on it, and gave up after he could not see clearly.

After all, this thing is posted around the game environment, and it is another homicide. According to the game’s urine nature, 90% of it may be related to the task, at least there is a certain overlap.

In addition to the wanted notice, there were some trivial notices from residents, and finally Zhu Yang found a map under the layers of coverage.

It shows that this is a small town, more than a hundred kilometers away from the nearest city, and there are not many residents, but looking at the distribution above, it can be considered that the sparrow has small internal organs.

The most eye-catching building is a machinery factory. It seems that most of the residents of the town should work here.

A group of players walked out of the street, Zhu Yang looked up at the time in the cafe.

It was actually much later than she thought. She originally thought that the weather here had entered winter and the fireplace was still lit in the room, so the day should be very short.

Generally speaking, the weather is almost dark at five or six in the afternoon, and it should be around four or five in winter in this evening weather.

However, the time displayed in the coffee shop turned out to be eight o’clock in the evening. Generally, it should be completely dark at this time in summer, but this is not the case here.

Looking along Zhu Yang’s line of sight, everyone realized this too—

“No? It’s past eight o’clock? No wonder the surroundings are so quiet.”

There are not many people in the small town, and naturally there is no nightlife culture. Generally, after work, they usually go home early to be with their family.

The center took out his mobile phone to adjust the time. At this time, an employee of the coffee shop came to the door, turned over the business sign, and then closed the door neatly.

Zhu Yang suddenly stopped him: “Brother, where is the nearest supermarket?”

She is not very good at memorizing maps.

The coffee shop brother pointed to the opposite side: “You go through the alley and turn around and you are there. The location is directly opposite to our shop. There are two houses in between.”

Zhu Yang thanked him, and quickly set off to run over there. Although other players didn’t know why she was so urgent, they followed.

Sure enough, as soon as Zhu Yang arrived, the owner of the supermarket was about to close.

Zhu Yang held down the glass door: “Wait, buy something.”

The boss said displeased: “It’s closed, it’s closed, I won’t sell it today, I will hurry up tomorrow.”

Zhu Yang said: “The family is waiting for the rice to be cooked, the boss can be accommodating, let’s not linger, just ten minutes.”

The players didn’t know why she said the situation was so miserable, and guessed if he had just returned from the extreme living environment, so he developed a hoarding addiction.

If the house is free to enter and exit, there is generally no need to spend energy hoarding supplies, after all, carrying and storing is a burden.

However, the players didn’t pierce her, and there was still a need for accommodation among the companions.

But the boss has his own temper in business, and he waved his hand: “Why did you go early? If you want someone to come when you choose, should I pick you up? I will pick one person for ten minutes. How late will I go home? Think of a way to deal with it yourself, hurry up tomorrow.”

As the only supermarket in town, we are not afraid of customers not coming to our door.

The boss closed the door on his own, but saw the man smile sweetly: “Boss, I understand that you are back from work and want to go home with your family.”

“Why don’t you sell me more if you want this?”

“Yo? Why?” the boss said.

“Look, you don’t sell it to me now. When you leave, I smashed your glass and robbed it. The police patrolling at night will tell you to come over if they see it, right?”

“I’m back home, why bother to run again?”

The boss pointed at her, his fingers trembling. Seeing that she was always smiling, there was no joking on her face.

By the way: “I can call the police.”

“Report it, let the police come to deal with the dispute and talk for less than half an hour, then I will squat a little bit more slowly, and it will be fine for an hour.”

“Boss, it’s only 10 minutes. Is it really uncomfortable?”

The boss had no choice but to open the door again unlucky: “It’s only 10 minutes, no more than a second.”

“Yes, thank you for Le!”

Then Zhu Yang moved his hand backward: “All come in and move things.”

Although the players who have gone to the intermediate field, they all understand what an extraordinary period means.

But are they in the situation now? And seeing her posture, she was still trying to empty the store.

Seeing a few people ditching, Zhu Yang shouted: “Moji a tortoise? Just came out of the nearby villa. Have you seen the light turned on?”

“On the street, except for a few specific places, are there any popularity?”

“Fat, when you come out for a spring trip?”

Everyone changed their faces, and finally remembered what was going on with the sense of incongruity in their hearts.

When they came out, they thought it was about four o’clock in the afternoon, and that time was still working time. Naturally, no one in the house was surprised.

But later I checked the time on the street, and it was normal that no one on the street was so late.

But forgot the one just now.

Thinking of this, everyone rushed into the supermarket.


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