Scream Queen Chapter 121

Zhu Yang did not see the clock in the villa when they first came to the game world.

Therefore, the approximate time can only be judged based on the seemingly winter season and the weather outside.

In winter, when the sunset is about to set, people will subconsciously think that the time is around four or five in the afternoon.

This time is generally still working hours, even if there is a place to get off work early, it should still be on the way home.

So they came out of the villa and saw that the surrounding residents were quiet, and they didn’t think anything was wrong.

However, when I went out of the street, I found in the cafe that the actual time was already after 8pm. The town does not have a wealth of nightlife entertainment. The residents should have returned home early this time and started cooking.

At this time, the unusually quiet atmosphere near the villa area is unreasonable.

Although there is no approach to confirm, it is still easy to distinguish between the player’s keen senses if someone is at home and no one is at home.

It’s impossible for so many families to come back at night and they are silent, and there is no noisy family with children, right?

The best situation is that the area where the game arranges them to stay is an unfinished building area, and there are no other families around.

But this is the first possibility to be passed. Whether it is the maintenance of facilities, the distribution of greenery, and the use of bulletin boards, it shows that it is not an unmanned community.

Moreover, you can find more or less carefully managed bonsai flowers in front of every villa.

The surrounding area is peaceful, and there is no trace of being raged by the accident. But it was precisely this kind of silent silence that made the scalp numb when people came back to their senses.

Although I don’t know the reason, this sense of incongruity can well explain their current situation.

The content of the mission has not been announced, but the test of the game may have already begun.

Nine people rushed into the supermarket, perhaps the only supermarket in the town.

In order to meet most of the residents’ living needs, this supermarket is not small, and naturally there are plenty of materials.

Zhu Yang said loudly: “Two people are responsible for getting daily necessities and tools, two people are responsible for fresh vegetables, three people are responsible for water, and all the rest are for quick rice noodles, and as much as possible.”

Although they didn’t name them, the mid-level players still had a very high scheduling ability. They didn’t allocate them at all, so they rushed to the nearest shelf.

Zhu Yang is responsible for getting fast food. To be honest, her space is okay to empty the mall.

However, this dungeon has been weird everywhere since it came in, how could it be exposed prematurely?

Moreover, although the materials stored in her ring are enough for her to live for a long time, they are not used to pay for the negligence of all players.

Zhu Yang first grabbed a few red, white and blue plastic bags piled on the side of the shelf, and raised his hand to enter a dozen bags of rice, which filled a huge pocket.

Then it is to sweep high-calorie fast food, chocolate candy instant noodles first, and the instant noodles only choose small bags.

She said it was selective, but she didn’t stop at all in her actions. She had already made a judgment in her mind, pulling the big mouth of her pocket, swiping on the shelf, and emptied a shelf in less than three seconds.

The owner of the supermarket shook his mouth as he watched, “Oh, oh! You are–, I have to restock the goods tomorrow morning.”

“Boss, you are very interesting. When people do business, they see such a happy buyer, and they are so happy from ear to ear. You are reluctant to do a business, and you still think that customers buy too much.”

Zhu Yang kept moving his hands while he was talking, and in the blink of an eye he swept away several shelves.

The boss’s face changed when Zhu Yang said so, and he didn’t speak any more.

However, seeing the large pockets around Zhu Yang made me feel a little uncomfortable.

Turning around and muttering: “I won’t enter this stuff next time, can I move so much?”

Obviously, in addition to Zhu Yang, the other players also learned the same way, first found the largest and most convenient container in person, and then calmly and quickly purchased the most materials they were responsible for.

After 10 minutes, there were at least a few large pockets, and even the two who fetched water were even more brutal. They took a few ropes directly from the tool area and bundled up all the mineral water that can be seen in the supermarket.

The key is that the house can be moved, and the boss looks complicated when checking out.

Zhu Yang said: “I am rushing home to cook at night, when will you sweep this way?”

At this moment, she and the boss seemed to be upside-down, and people who were impatient with staying outside became her.

Several large wads of cash were thrown on the cash register: “Just a lot more, let’s go!”

The other players didn’t linger. When the boss realized that the group had already left the supermarket, where could it be stopped?

There are so many supplies on each person, but in fact it was less than 15 minutes before they came from the coffee shop.

But the moment I stepped out of the supermarket, the sky suddenly darkened, revealing the cold and dark darkness that a normal winter should have.

The players were taken aback for a moment: “It’s dark so fast? The color was deliberate just now, right?”

Is it really to confuse their perception of time and reduce their sense of urgency?

Zhu Yang said: “Don’t worry about this, let’s go back first.”

Her keenness is obvious to all, even if other players have other plans in their hearts, they will not refute it here.

So without stopping, everyone ran back to the villa along the same path.

The street lights in the villa area were all turned on, and the strange surrounding houses also showed lights from inside, and the movement of nearby residents could be faintly heard.

And it was less than half an hour before they went out and returned.

But at this time it was too late and it was not suitable to inquire, so several people went straight back home.

Just before entering the door, Zhu Yang suddenly noticed the house number of their villa.

I feel that the house number is a bit familiar. It is definitely not the impression she had subconsciously glanced at before going out, but she should have seen it elsewhere.

But she didn’t remember where it was.

After entering the door, everyone unloaded the supplies and put them in different categories.

The player’s physique is not a joke, and there are a lot of things brought back. There is no room for the huge kitchen.

A lot of things had to be stored in the living room. For a time, the charming country house suddenly became a hoarder’s den.

After busying for a while, everyone was hungry. Then began to boil water and cook rice.

One of the middle-aged female players took the initiative to cook, and the other had a virtuous temperament and looked like a housewife.

Such people are very common in reality, and there are a lot of them in supermarkets. But in the game it is very rare.

The last time Zhu Yang met such a player was in another game. And the screening criteria for that game is to kill people in reality.

The housewife is a role that can’t go too far no matter from all aspects.

But the one in front of him has already reached the mid-level field, and his temperament is still so unhurried, virtuous and gentle.

Where is the game? After so many games, Yi can maintain this quality, which is enough to show that the opponent is not easy.

So this is what Zhu Yang said before that the players this time, even if they are ordinary, are ordinary and unique, that’s what they mean.

The opponent moved quickly, and within half an hour, he had already made a meal for 9 people.

Because I will go to bed immediately after eating, I haven’t made it too rich, but it looks delicious.

Arrange the meal to greet everyone to come and have a meal. Most players are in the living room while the housewife is cooking.

On the one hand, analyzing and communicating, on the other hand, they are more familiar with each other.

After being on the table, it was discovered that one player was missing.

“Tiantian, she went to the bathroom.” One of the boys said, scratching his head a little embarrassingly.

They called so affectionate not long after they met, and it seemed that the two had a good conversation just now.

“Okay, everyone, let’s eat first, I will serve her food.” The housewife smiled.

Zhu Yang suddenly felt a strong sense of something wrong. It was the feeling that a problem that had just been placed by him suddenly broke through the surface.

She stood up suddenly and said to one of the female players next to her: “Follow me to the toilet.”

Everyone hadn’t reacted at first, but the next moment they were horrified–

No, no?

This is because the mission hasn’t even started, although the game often gives players a test before the mission starts.

But that was just a warm-up after all, as long as you pay a little attention, you can still avoid it.

Everyone is not a rookie anymore, and things are obviously wrong at this moment. If you are still careless and careless at this time, you would have died in the rookie field a long time ago.

So subconsciously, the players will not feel that under the premise of being so vigilant, the girl will suffer a big loss.

So when Zhu Yang was at the door of the bathroom, he knocked on the door for a long time and kicked away without any response.

When the corpse inside was exposed to everyone, everyone was unbelievable.

The mission has not been announced, and one player has died.

The girl fell on the tiles in the bathroom, showing no signs of struggling. The cause of death was that her throat was cut from behind while washing her hands.

Simply neat.

Like other players, it is unbelievable that he was hit by a fatal attack at this time, and it was a fatal blow on the premise that he was not completely alert.

According to Lu Xiuci’s statement, Zhu Yang’s assessment of customs clearance last time was too high, and he might have to step into the difficult occasions in the intermediate field.

This is the height she reached under the premise of high scores all the way, and since ordinary players have come to this occasion, their experience and skills should not be underestimated.

Whether it’s luck, cleverness, carefulness or strength, it’s always the same.

However, such a player died, before the mission was released.

All players face and feel the super difficulty of this instance.

No one spoke for a while, and there was a suffocating silence in the air.

The boy who had just told the crowd about the girl’s whereabouts walked in, and reached out and closed her eyes that stared at him.

“Find something to converge.” Zhu Yang said.

The corpse is not easy to put here, after all, it is necessary to spend the night in this enclosed space.

Everyone didn’t waste any extra time and sighed. The death of the female player gave everyone more vigilance.

In the end, it was completely useless to free up a big plastic bag to wrap her body and put it in the family studio on the first floor.

After doing this, everyone has no intention of eating.

However, she still had to cushion her stomach, some female players died inexplicably, and no one dared to guarantee the safety of sleeping at night.

Just about to return to the dining table, the TV in the living room suddenly turned on by itself.

The players have a certain footsteps, watching the silhouettes that suddenly appear on the TV.

It was a circus clown with heavy makeup, with a very big head, a bit like the character in the clown’s soul.

The other party’s funny makeup looked gloomy and hideous, and he smiled when he opened his mouth.

“Hello everyone! I am your good friend David the Clown.”

“Huh? Haven’t the residents of this family eaten dinner yet? That’s not good.”

The other party made a gesture similar to the kindergarten aunt’s disapproval of the children’s behavior, but the clown’s unwarranted pretentiousness is annoying.

“Healthy work and rest habits are very important, so that you can enjoy the entertainment every night more leisurely.”

“So you who didn’t have dinner, you have to be punished today!” This guy pouted and pursed his lips, insisting on saying cute things with his hideous and hideous face.

It made the viewers feel serious discomfort from the heart, and then contacted the female player who had just died, and the players who had seen ghosts all the way felt their scalp numb at this strange situation.

It’s just that the players still know what it means to come first. Before the clown could speak, he immediately unplugged the TV.

Obviously it’s useless, the big face that makes people think of being smashed still occupies most of the screen triumphantly.

A male player punched the TV screen, and the thin LCD TV turned out to be stronger than a thick steel plate.

The male player with tying muscles punched it down, let alone smashing the TV, and even the screen inside did not flash. Obviously, it cannot be destroyed by force.

“Oh! I’m very happy that the family hosted tonight is so lively, so I’m starting to announce the punishment. Don’t worry, it’s just a small punishment.”

The clown was about to say something, but was interrupted again.

The person who came out this time was Zhu Yang. She raised her hand to the TV, “What’s the sound outside?”

Being interrupted twice made the clown a little displeased, and then grinned a malicious smile: “Outside, don’t worry, outside is just a measure to ensure that everyone can concentrate on enjoying the entertainment.”

The player ignored his nonsense and opened the curtains in the living room.

The scene printed on the glass surprised everyone.

Outside, I saw a dense cluster of locusts, squeezed close to each other on the window, I don’t know how many layers are surrounded, the moonlight outside can’t see through.

This picture makes the intensive phobia feel itchy at a glance.

Zhu Yang said immediately: “Go and plug the vents.”

When she shouted, someone ran into the kitchen immediately, and sure enough, dozens of them had flown in from the kitchen at this time, and they had flown in from various ventilation ducts.

The crowd swiftly took things to plug the pipes, and shot the dozens of flying in to death.

But before that, Zhu Yang let out a cockroach with a night vision camera on his body.

The screen can be connected to his mobile phone, and the scene of giving back to her is shocking.

Seeing from the outside, their villa is already a dense worm house, and other places are similar. The locusts crossed the border, and the green community just now was gnawed into despair.

This is not the worst. Except for the densely sealed locusts of every house, the sky is also covered by the sky.

“Ah—-” Suddenly a player cried out painfully.

Several people turned their heads and found that a player was stung with a big hole in his hand when he was hitting a locust with his bare hands.

It seems that the aggressiveness of these things should not be underestimated. Of course, there is nothing to do individually, but ants often kill elephants.

Zhu Yang saw the same amount of sunlight from the outside, even she did not dare to rush outside without authorization.

After all, in density and quantity, consumption can kill you.

When everyone came out of the kitchen, the clown on the TV grinned.

“Well, this measure is a pleasant surprise, right? The cute baby locusts are also working hard to support everyone?”

“Lovely baby locust, let your mother ass!” When everyone turned their heads, they saw Zhu Yang retort the other party with an angry expression.

Everyone was a little surprised, but they could understand the current situation. There was also a clown who was responsible for mental pollution and forced him. It was a girl. How could he bear it after hearing the cuteness of locusts?

Girls are afraid of bugs. It’s not bad if you don’t vomit.

Then Zhu Yang said: “It’s obviously the cutest baby cockroach.”

“You locusts? The sparsely gnawed things are simply unsightly. Are you deliberately trying to kill OCD? My **** wants them to go back and gnaw again now, not to gnaw clean and not to push forward.”

“Compared with the cleanliness of cockroaches, your locusts are like children with runny noses that leak around eating, without any manners and tutoring.”

“That’s how you dare to be cute?” As she said, she looked at the other person’s face, her eyes mocking and critical: “Yes, looking at you is like not looking in the mirror very much, and I can’t force myself to count.”

When the clown heard the words, the smile on his face disappeared, replaced by annoyance into anger.

“You just fart, what a wonderful species is a locust? It dances all over the sky, endlessly, and it makes people smell it wherever it passes. What kind of thing is a cockroach? It’s worse than the smelly mouse in the gutter, how to match it with noble Compared to locusts?”

Zhu Yang casually stroked his hair: “I dare to eat locusts, do you dare to eat cockroaches?”

“Roasted grasshoppers, fried grasshoppers, fried grasshoppers.” Said she licked her lips: “I’m hungry.”

The clown blushed all over, feeling inexplicably that he had lost.

The players were a little confused and didn’t know the meaning of arguing about this. What’s more, arguing about which locust or cockroach is more cute is always a heavy topic.

They firmly believe that Zhu Yang is to divert this guy’s attention and delay time.

Unfortunately, it failed. The next second the guy smiled and said: “Do you want to delay time? It’s useless.”

“The locust babies will not disappear before the aftershow ends. You’d better cooperate obediently before the supplies are exhausted, unless of course you want to be hungry–”

Before I finished speaking, I saw Zhu Yang pointing at the various materials in the living room that couldn’t fit in the kitchen.

Just seeing this in my eyes is enough for several people to survive for months.

The clown’s face became stiff, and Zhu Yang grinned sarcastically: “I didn’t understand what you meant just now. You seem to be worried that we will starve to death?”

If the clown is silent for half a minute, this is to say: “I apply to cut off your gas and electricity supply.”

“Oh! It turns out that these things can’t be cut off directly.” Zhu Yang made a suddenly realized expression.

Under the eyes of the clown, he smiled badly and said: “It seems that your organizer is quite humane. You know that compulsion also requires a certain degree of flexibility, so it will not cut off all the sources of power.”

Then the expression on his face turned to mockery: “I am unfamiliar with the place where I am born. I was thinking that I can’t cook without water and electricity. It’s uncomfortable to eat dry food.”

“It’s like this now, okay! What we have is time consuming.”

He raised his hand and greeted everyone: “It’s dinner.”

Everyone reacted, and then pointed to the clown on the TV.

Means to really let this guy go?

Zhu Yang dismissed it: “You turn on the TV when you are eating at home, and generally don’t care much about the content on the TV, right?”

“I want this guy to sing a song for fun.” Then asked the clown: “Hey, can you sing?”

“Let’s talk about feeling good about yourself first. If it doesn’t sound good, I’ll beat you to death.”

The clown was trembling with anger and his shoulders trembled for a long time. He raised his head and grinned gloomily.

He looked at Zhu Yang, his eyes full of acrimony and viciousness, as if a narrow-minded villain was offended where he minded the most.

“Hey! Beat me? Try it, you mean bastard! It’s decided, the first show is you—”

Before he finished speaking, the clown let out a tight scream.

The feeling that the cry was separated from the TV suddenly became very real.

When he recovered, the clown who was still on the TV had appeared in the living room.

His upper body has landed, his toes are still hanging on the TV screen, he looks like he has been pulled out of the TV.

No, he was really pulled out of the TV alive, they all saw it just now.

Zhu Yang stretched out his hand and walked directly into the TV, then grabbed someone from it.

“Here, this thing can still be caught?”

Nor can it be blamed for their lack of knowledge. It is true that the people in the game have all kinds of abilities, and it is impossible to predict everything with exhaustion of imagination.

They are all modern people living in the information age, knowing that the people on TV are not really on TV, how do you get this stuff out?

Compared to them, the clown was of course more shocked, he couldn’t understand why he appeared here.

I heard a gloomy female voice above my head: “Then I will try. This is the first time I have heard of such a strange request, so I naturally have to fully satisfy it.”

The clown can interact with them in real time, plus the TV cannot be destroyed.

It must be either in a mirrored world or synchronized conversations over the Internet.

The ability to penetrate the lens and the ability to shuttle through the network from back to back can both pull this guy out.

This guy himself is not strong, Zhu Yang hit him with a punch: “Who is a **** now?”

There was a painful blow, and the clown who was still pointing through the screen on the TV just now looked so miserable.

The makeup on the face was washed out because of the painful cold sweat, white! The powder was mixed, and the heavy oil paint faded into a red and blue palette.

He screamed in sorrow, but his voice was rough and unpleasant, because he was so domineering before, which really made people feel uncomfortable.

Zhu Yang slapped the person to death, usually grabbing his hair and lifting it up: “It’s just to see you look funny, barely cute and happy, I will spare your life.”

“Who is whose side show now?”

“I, I’m a sideshow.”

As soon as the clown finished speaking, Zhu Yang smiled and loosened his hair: “That’s right, clowns are a profession that brings joy to people. In this outfit, you should have professional ethics, understand?”

“Go, bring some kitchen knives in the kitchen, and you will juggle when we eat.”

“Not rap?” The clown looked up.

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “Why? Don’t show some programs?”


Until the dinner table, everyone began to eat, and from time to time glanced at the juggling clown below Zhu Yang, who was picky and picky. Finally, there was still a real sense of wonder in my heart.

I have cleared the customs so many times, and I have never seen such a drastic change in painting style.

One of the players couldn’t help but yelled Zhu Yang and said, “This, is this really good?”

“What if this is the mission content of the game?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “The task hasn’t been announced yet. It doesn’t make sense for anyone to jump out and let Lao Tzu take the exam. I have to sit down and take the exam.”

As he spoke, he looked down at the clown again: “What’s more, it’s still such a bunch of rubbish.”

“Furthermore, even if the game allows us to participate in these so-called sideshows, this guy is at best a proctor.”

“He doesn’t have the final say in scoring the question, so it will not prevent me from beating him.”

When everyone heard it, they felt that something was wrong, but they couldn’t find the direction to refute.

After eating, the scared clown only expected Ai Ai and said, “So what, can we start the show now?”

Seeing Zhu Zhu Yang glanced over, he immediately cried and said with a sorrowful face: “You can’t not participate. If you don’t complete the task, the locusts outside will never disappear. You have enough food to last for a long time, but can you last for a lifetime?”

In Zhu Yang’s heart, Yemeni Erqing, with this spicy chicken, it is impossible to control the dense locusts.

What was the nature of this copy world, she was not sure. But what is certain is that this guy is just a small character standing in front of the stage, similar to customer service.

He can’t control anything, and maybe the only freedom is to make some operational adjustments in the so-called after show.

That’s why it’s so stupid and low.

Zhu Yang didn’t bother to look at him at a glance. He slowly finished the fruit and wiped his hands. Then he said, “Let’s listen.”

The clown hurriedly said: “The main purpose of this time is to establish communication and maintain the harmonious relationship between family members.”

“You know, a happy family can never do without mutual understanding, so the theme of tonight is sharing secrets.”

It sounds normal, but anyone with a long mind will know that this so-called theme hides malice.

However, the situation of the players is different. First of all, they are not family members. There are still unspeakable secrets between family members, let alone between strange players?

Although so far, everyone is in a natural alliance relationship, but the task has not yet come down. What if it is a competitive confrontation relationship?

There was still a player’s corpse lying in the studio, and Zhu Yang did not rule out the possibility that the player was a murderer.

Furthermore, the so-called family communication and secret exchange are used to cover the sky with the threat of locusts. Obviously, you can’t just stop talking about your own likes and dislikes.

The uncertain companionship is too late to beware, and the details are revealed in advance. This copy is really full of maliciousness anytime and anywhere.

The clown looked at Zhu Yang cautiously and saw that she didn’t say anything good or bad.

Hastily said: “Okay, now it’s the truth, please look at the screen for questions.”

“Of course, you can’t lie in principle. If you lie, hehehe!”

Before he finished laughing, Zhu Yang raised his hand and drew it again.

The clown pursed his lips and dared not smile anymore.

On the TV, a person’s name appeared, and under the name was a secret that he was asked to share.

[Niu Hao: Please tell me what happened in the summer of 2014. 】

Niu Hao is a male player among the players this time. He is in his 30s and 40s. He also looks like an ordinary person walking in the crowd.

But Zhu Yang said before that even if the players are ordinary and ordinary, they have their own characteristics.

This player named Niu Hao has one special feature, that is, he seems to be suffering from female phobia.

Zhu Yang is so beautiful, how can I not make people look at me when I entered the game? When most players introduce themselves, male players are also generally attentive.

And this Niu Hao, but he didn’t dare to look at the female player at all, let alone shake hands. If other female players talk to him, I will subconsciously step back.

This caused the female players to squirm a bit, but they were still fine.

However, this seemingly serious female phobia can go all the way to the present.

It’s not that people with flawed personality have no way to survive in the game, on the contrary, in fact, players with higher levels are in a sense of strangeness in all aspects.

But in the game world, it is inevitable to cooperate with players and deal with ghosts.

The matter of life and death is not the time to pick men and women, and the problem that this guy has not cured after reaching the intermediate level is still on the surface that is easy to understand.

Does it make your heart feel awkward at a glance?

Sure enough, Niu Hao’s expression changed as soon as he saw the problem.

But compared to gossip, the point that players care about is not here.

It has been almost five years since 14 years, and Niu Hao should not be a player at that time.

Seeing Niu Hao’s expression is indeed caught by the TV problem, which means that this game world can actually understand the secrets of their real world?

This is what really makes people feel creepy, even worse than the overwhelming locusts outside.

“Mr. Niu Hao, please answer the question and talk about what happened in the summer of 2014?”

Niu Hao’s face changed and changed, and then finally he said: “I, my wife passed away that year, and there were unborn children walking with her.”

Everyone was shocked, and they didn’t expect the other party to have such a tragic experience. It is true that an accident happened when the wife was pregnant, and it was a double blow to a husband.

But since he had a wife, why did he avoid women?

At this time everyone heard a harsh music coming from the TV, very noisy.

I heard the clown let out a sharp laugh again: “Mr. Niu Hao, sharing secrets with family members is sincere. Blurring the focus is not a commendable act.

Then the clown jumped up and danced an exaggerated dance trail in front of the TV screen: “You lie! You lie! You lie! You lie…”

The repeating of this repeater almost broke Niu Hao.

He covered his ears and sweated profusely: “I didn’t, I didn’t lie, no–”

The clown’s voice stopped abruptly, leaning close to his ear and said maliciously: “Then why not talk about the cause of your wife’s death?”

Niu Hao’s face turned pale: “She, she is suffering from depression and can’t think about it for a while.”

To be honest, when this answer came out, other players were a little bit suspicious of how this guy got to the midfield.

This is so obvious. According to the clown’s aggressiveness and his ineffective retort, he is almost clearly telling everyone that the main reason why his wife suffers from depression is him.

Unexpectedly, the clown didn’t force him anymore, but he covered his mouth and laughed triumphantly.

Zhu Yang kicked it, and the guy kicked away from the TV.

“Give you a face, right? It will start to reappear in less than three minutes?”

The clown crawled back in a jealous manner, a sullen flicker flashed in his eyes, and then he showed pride again.

It’s just that these all changed instantly when he lowered his head, and when he raised his head, there was no abnormal color.

He stood up and asked Niu Hao seriously: “Mr. Niu Hao, is this your final answer? Are you sure?”

Niu Hao nodded desperately as if he was amnesty.

The clown was about to laugh again, but in a blink of an eye he saw Zhu Yang hold back again alive.

“Now reveal the answer, the answer is-wrong!”

“Mr. Liu Hao hides the causes and consequences. It is a foul behavior. Fouling is the same as lying, so he must be punished.”

The clown exaggeratedly pointed back, and a turntable appeared on the TV screen.

“The punishment is to randomly execute the big adventure announced by the turntable.”

Everyone looked at the contents of the turntable, their expressions changed.

The items in there are scary even for their players. Who would list the broken arm as a big risk penalty item?

But at the same time, everyone is also very curious about how this thing is executed.

Obviously, this clown is a spicy chicken. It’s good to hide behind the TV screen. After being pulled out by Zhu Yang’s name, no one player will look at such a trash.

It is definitely impossible to rely on him to enforce it, then——

“Next, we turn the turntable and let me stop.”

It was the colorful turntable that began to spin frantically, and exciting sound effects came from the TV.


The turntable stopped slowly, and the last pink pointer pointed to one of the grids.

What’s inside: Go outside for five minutes.

outdoor? That outdoor with locusts?

Before he had time to be surprised, a force suddenly swept Niu Hao out, like a gust of wind, opened the door and threw him outside.

The moment the door opened, no locust flew in, which shows that the mysterious force’s strict respect for the TV rules.

Then there was a burst of noise outside, the movement was not small, it should be Niu Hao resisting the attack of the locusts.

Although his performance just didn’t meet the quality of an intermediate player at all, he still lasted a long time outside.

Zhu Yang calculated the time, it was about 4 minutes before he finally couldn’t hold it, and screams began to be heard outside.

It seems that this 5-minute time is also tailored according to the player’s strength.

If it were her, she would definitely not only last so long, then it wouldn’t hurt to get this kind of punishment.

The game has not yet released a mission, and it is not clear whether this TV show represents a game.

Don’t know where does its knowledge of players come from?

At the end of the five-minute period, Niu Hao was involved in mysterious force again.

At this time, there is no good meat on his body, the whole person is bloody.

Not long after the opening, nine players died and one was seriously injured.

But at this moment, something flashed in Zhu Yang’s mind.

She finally remembered where she had seen the house number of this villa.


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