Scream Queen Chapter 122

The last time I saw this house number, it was less than three hours away.

It was on the bulletin board outside, the house where the tragedy happened in the wanted order.

Zhu Yang has a good memory, but he hasn’t reached the point of a human camera. This world has too many senses of disobedience, countless influx of information crazily needs to be dealt with, and it is normal to not remember for a while.

However, she noticed at this moment that the situation in the whole villa was like uncovering a cover in her eyes.

Many places where there were clouds and mountains and mists were immediately visible.

First of all, the first is the distribution of players, among the nine players, plus the girl who has died.

At first, Zhu Yang liked to use men and women to make large-scale divisions, but this time it shouldn’t be the case.

In the previous wanted order, in addition to vague and difficult to distinguish the information related to the prisoner, the other places were clearly explained.

Even the victim’s information and family relationships are described in detail by name.

The content of the case was that someone killed his whole family around dinner time.

It was a family gathering at that time. The victims included the suspect and his parents, a brother and a sister, as well as his father’s brother and sister-in-law and their two children, who were also a boy and a girl.

Adding the suspect himself, there are exactly nine people and two families.

I didn’t think about it at all before. Because who would have thought of the wanted order posted on the bulletin board not far from the gate, so close to the incident?

Looking at all their players now, there are exactly 9 people.

And to look more far-fetched, the 9 players are divided by age, exactly 4 middle-aged and 5 young people.

Among them, four middle-aged people are two men and two women, and five young people are three men and two women, basically the same age.

But according to this basic configuration, it can really match the roles of the family depicted in the wanted order.

This is interesting. At this moment, everyone’s attention is on the night show, but Zhu Yang feels as if he has faintly grasped the thread connecting all the pieces.

She thought about many things in her heart for a moment, but she didn’t show any expression on her face.

At this time, everyone helped Niu Hao over and checked the wound on his body.

Fortunately, although the locusts outside are ferocious, Niu Hao is not an ordinary person without protection.

Although the injuries on his body looked scary, they were all skin injuries. Although the combat effectiveness was not expected, it would not kill him.

Niu Hao did not lose consciousness, but even if the dense wound stayed on the surface, it did hurt.

His face was pale, with cold sweat on his forehead.

When everyone saw this, they brought the first-aid kit from the house, fed him a painkiller, and gave him a simple disinfection bandage.

All these things were done smoothly by the players, and Niu Hao settled down on the sofa within a few minutes of working together.

One of the male players, like Niu Hao, who is also middle-aged, patted him on the shoulder and said, “What are you doing against the secrets in reality? Anyway, no one knows anyone out of this copy. Why are you suffering so much now? What?”

Niu Hao smiled bitterly and didn’t take his words to heart.

It’s light, but let’s not say that it was originally a shadow in his heart. His wife jumped from the top floor in front of her. Since then, his personality has changed drastically. He doesn’t want to mention it on any occasion, naturally. Have a fluke for this inexplicable truth.

The second is to be the first to expose flaws in character, especially those that killed his wife and children. It is naturally difficult for players who want to win the trust of other players.

A little carelessness in the game may lead to death, how could he consciously and voluntarily put his situation in a marginalized situation.

However, this is not so much for Niu Hao, as it is said by the middle-aged male player to other players.

It means that if everyone really has any secrets in their hearts that are pointed out by the after show, now Niu Hao don’t carry it hard.

After all, a few more disabled, maybe the game hasn’t officially started, and their combat effectiveness has been cut by more than half.

If the game were a little shameless, wouldn’t they have to stare at what urgent tasks were suddenly announced at this time?

However, this kind of statement is not easy to say clearly on the premise that a player has already died.

First of all, the trust of this team is very weak, and even if they hold the same idea, it is difficult for anyone to speak out.

But obviously the words of male players still let most people listen. Of course, the persuasive power for him still came from Niu Hao’s tragic end.

The punishment item in the turntable is the lightest.

The clown on the side urged them as they watched their bandaging: “It seems that Mr. Niu Hao gave us an unsatisfactory opening.”

“I think everyone now understands the importance of open communication.”

“So the next truthful words, I hope everyone is as sincere as possible. Of course, I also hope that this is the last time the Big Adventure Wheel will appear.”

“Then look at the question of the next family member.”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows and confirmed that his thinking was at least in the general direction.

This broken show clearly has a way of knowing the deepest secrets in their hearts, is it possible that they are not family members at all?

But this clown always refers to them as his family, which has revealed some problems.

The second person’s name has appeared on TV–

[Mr. Tu Qiang, please tell me how is your first child? 】

Coincidentally, Tu Qiang is the middle-aged male player who just comforted Niu Hao.

He is about the same age as Niu Hao, he is still a few years older, and he has just taken the posture of a big brother to help others. Now he really looks ugly.

It’s as if some pain point was accurately poked by that question.

However, he was also simply, not like Niu Hao with the unspeakable knot of his own problems.

His face changed a few times, and finally he sighed and said bluntly: “My boss is gone, suicide, my fault.”

“At that time, he was mentally ill. My father did not unconditionally support him to solve him, so I thought about how to cure him, and how to prevent outsiders from looking at us with strange eyes, and sent him to a professional mental hospital. ”

“As a result, the child couldn’t stand the pressure, so–”

He said that he wiped his face, without the vigor of the player, and he looked like an ordinary bereaved father.

The players were not touched much after listening. The common phenomenon of their generation was particularly ashamed of mental illness.

Once children have mental problems, many of them cannot get correct guidance and effective help from their parents.

What’s more, the pressure usually comes from home.

It is inevitable to be embarrassed about this matter, but I can’t speak to comfort the other person.

Tu Qiang’s answer does not seem to violate the rules, indicating that the content is true.

Direct the question to the next player on the TV.

Zhu Yang glanced at the clown and saw a triumphant smile on his face, seemingly cheerful and happy.

It’s not that she was full of malice. For Tu Qiang, the pain of losing a child might indeed be a lumps in his heart.

But compared to Niu Hao, you can say things openly, and you have already felt more relieved in your heart.

Zhu Yang didn’t doubt the malice of this after-show, but he didn’t think about the second question so lightly.

She didn’t believe that this level was so easy, so she felt thoughtful when she saw the clown’s expression.

At this time the third person’s problem also came out.

[Ms. Ma Xia, how did your child die? 】

Another middle-aged person who lost a child? All players aim at each other.

Ma Xia is also one of the four middle-aged players, but not the one who cooks at night.

Although the two are about the same age, the middle-aged female player named Ma Xia looked more generous and generous, a bit like the Northeast sisters who were killing all around on the wine court.

The other party was somewhat prepared when he saw the problem, and none of them was a fool. Seeing the pissiness of the first two questions, he knew that it was the most unspeakable and private routine in his heart.

Her eyes were a little red, but she did not shed tears: “It wasn’t in a car accident.”

“I was supposed to pick him up after school, but at that time I was watching cards all day long. He went home alone and had an accident on the road.”

The three questions in a row have brought the atmosphere in the villa to a freezing point.

But what everyone thinks is that if all the members break the news at once, even though everyone is not pretty on the face, it would be considered equal in a certain sense anyway.

The biggest change was Niu Hao. Obviously, what the next two people said gave him some comfort.

He was not the only one here that killed his relatives.

Although it is a bit unkind to say that, when people are at the bottom, they will inevitably hope that someone will sink with them.

Three middle-aged players have already asked, only the housewives who cook for everyone are left.

But it was her turn next. Her problem was the reason for the failure of the marriage.

Everyone was a little surprised, because she was exactly like a working housewife, she did not expect to be a divorced.

This question seemed to offend the housewife’s self-esteem, the gentleness that she had maintained since entering the game was gone.

Everyone realized that if she didn’t smile, her stern face would be a bit scary.

“It’s nothing, the man is just cheating.”

The show had no objection to her answer, explaining that the reason was just that, and the first party at fault was indeed the man.

But the housewife seems to be very hard to let go of this incident, and she can’t see any nostalgia, but she obviously gives people a sharp sense of nervousness. l

[Mr. Hou Xin, who is the most sorry person in your life and why? 】

The show did not slow down because of her mood, and the middle-aged people here have already started to ask young players.

The male player named Hou Xin changed his face and said, “My cousin, the most sorry person in my life is my cousin.”

“Because he trusted me to tell me a secret, but I told others the secret. In the end, everyone knew about it. It was me who ruined his life.”

[Mr. Ji Zhuang, your question is the same as above. ] Another male player was named.

The boy named Ji Zhuang was the one who had a good chat with the dead girl before, and there seemed to be some ambiguity between the two.

It’s a pity that this little ambiguity hasn’t fermented yet, and the girl has her neck cut from behind.

Ji Zhuang’s answer surprised all the players. He said: “My brother, we have a relationship with each other. But after the incident was revealed, he was the only one facing the accusations and pressure.”

“In order to separate the relationship, I don’t let people around me look at me with monster eyes, and even take the initiative to find a girl to fall in love.”

“My brother never confessed to me until he died.”

His expression was a little cold and numb, and when he said this, he seemed to be talking about someone who had nothing to do with him.

But compared to the pretendingly shy heartbeat before, it now looks much more real.

At this point, the players have already played rounds, leaving aside the girl who died, and in the end Zhu Yang and the other boy did not ask.

[Mr. Fei Zhou, who is the person you hate most? 】

“My family.” The boy who was asked did not hesitate, as if he had no burden on this question.

With such a short 4-word answer, he didn’t add anything. The broken program was skipped.

Finally, the question comes to Zhu Yang——

[Miss Zhu Yang, who have you let the ruin? 】


A full minute passed, Zhu Yang did not answer.

The clown was scared to death, but still shivered: “Please answer the questions for this family member. The answering time is not unlimited. If you do not answer at the end of the countdown, you will be punished.”

Seeing the time elapsed every second, Zhu Yang still frowned and said nothing.

The players were a little anxious for her, and some of them had calmed down and persuaded her: “What’s not easy to say? Let’s talk! Everyone is like this anyway.”

“Yeah, this game really doesn’t do human affairs. It’s a special poker game. It won’t work if you want to come here or not.”

With such comfort, everyone guessed in their hearts what was hard to say about her problem.

To ruin people? That’s right, this girl is pretty, just too pretty, and seeing her behave aggressively, I’m afraid the same is true in reality.

Everyone speculated differently, but when they saw her looking up, she still stubbornly shook her head and refused to answer.

She makes everyone a little anxious, is it possible that she still wants to keep a secret under the risk of a missing arm and a broken leg?

Not to mention the disadvantages of this matter for the player team. Everyone vomits as much as they should. The appearance of such a high-ranking abruptly does have a taste that makes everyone uncomfortable.

I still want to persuade, so I listened to Zhu Yang said: “Too many, I don’t know which one you are referring to. Can you give me some hints?”

too much?

Wait, what does it mean to do too much? You just didn’t have a guilty conscience in your heart just now, but because you made too many sins, you can’t remember it?

The sudden change in the style of painting made everyone a little confused.

The clown said anxiously: “It’s impossible to go through a blunder, and all the family members have already shared their secrets. Do you want to evade it cunningly?”

Speaking, the cheeks were pursed and the gangster stared at Zhu Yang, who slapped him against the wall with a backhand.

“Speak as you speak, what kind of emoji?”

Talking and rubbing his eyes, it looks like it is too spicy.

The clown got up from the ground and didn’t dare to approach her at all, but his duty must be fulfilled.

So standing a few meters away loudly said: “Please answer the question, otherwise you will start to enter the big adventure project.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand impatiently: “I have said it and asked you to remind me again. There is nothing I dare to recognize. You fools suddenly asked me to choose from dozens of options. Where do I know which answer is? What do you need?”

“How many, dozens?” Some players exclaimed.

What does this guy do? Professional Internet sunspots? It’s the kind of collecting money to make people.

“In reality, there are direct and indirect, as far as I can remember, there are about a dozen. There are more in the game, and the species is not limited to people.”

Far from it, just the Goat Councillor and Mr. Sabre-toothed Tiger from the previous world, one by one, from the highly competitive mayoral candidates, the glamorous, high-profile politicians are reduced to prisoners for everyone.

Isn’t her handwriting ruining the family?

At the beginning, she had a relationship with the game Pseudo Sadako. At that time, she asked Lin Qian to hack each other in campus forums, motivating students to despise and mock all kinds of online violence.

Even now, the post is often worshipped by the top.

The false Sadako is dead, and he has to be mocked and whip the corpse. Is it miserable?

This is just a small role with a sense of presence in her hands, so this broken show is really interesting.

She grinned harshly at the clown: “So, you don’t know how much privateness we have? I thought you were all clear about the handles in our hands. It turned out to be only one or two targeted items.”

The clown took two steps back because of her words and hit the wall behind him, his pupils also dilated in horror.

Is this the point? No, that’s not right, her expression–

The clown noticed that it seemed to see the mouse hiding in the shade showing the same expression, condescending and contemptuous, but it was a win.

Impossible, only the last step is left. He won, and this arrogant guy can be dealt with soon.

The players were a little thoughtful when they heard Zhu Yang’s words, but the focus was on rejoicing.

It is uncomfortable to be seen through the unspeakable secrets in my heart, but it is more of a panic from how the other party learned.

If this after show can accurately explore their hearts, what will happen next? No matter what strategy you think of, the opponent can see through it with a glance.

Then they play a fart.

Now being called by Zhu Yang, this show is not omnipotent. At least under Zhu Yang’s temptation, it showed its stiffness.

This gives all players a little peace of mind.

What followed was another admiration for Zhu Yang. She was unpredictable in her unruly behavior, but she was extremely sensitive and careful.

When they were thrown around by this broken program, they had already figured out a way to find the flaw.

No matter what people feel in their hearts, Zhu Yang ignored them at this time.

She just looked at the clown and urged him to make a prompt.

“Hey! Hurry up, which one do you want to know?”

“Generally speaking, the subjective consciousness of this kind of problem is still very important? Unfortunately, I don’t feel that I have done something wrong. I need to confess to whom I have no guilt.”

“In this way, under the premise that there are many options, how do you ask me to answer? Just let me say all of them. For a while, I may not be able to guarantee that there are no omissions.”

“If I don’t cooperate because of my memory, then I would be wronged.”

Zhu Yang approached step by step, the clown’s legs were shaking.

In particular, I have never heard of this topic of public punishment. The parties have no burden. The opposite is that you have not targeted you.

“Didn’t you say it before? The most important thing for families to communicate with each other is to have sincerity. My sincerity is already obvious. You said, what do you want to know?”

The clown was sweating profusely, and this guy had completely taken the initiative unknowingly.

The countdown on the TV passed by one minute after another. Seeing that the responsibility was now in his hands, he had to make a reminder.

“Yes, just destroy the engagement scene and ruin the person.”

After he finished speaking, Zhu Yang showed a suddenly realized expression: “Oh~, it turned out to be that time, I almost forgot if I didn’t mention it.”

She turned around and said to the players: “Well, I was just a sophomore at the time, and I was a follower-no, my girlfriend is going to get engaged.”

“It’s arranged at home. The engagement partner is in good condition, and my girlfriend also called. At first, everyone was happy for her.”

“Unexpectedly, one week before the engagement, I found out that the other party was a frequent visitor to a **** bar, and I had a little boyfriend I had been dating for several years.”

“Check it again, okay! Both men and dogs have already met their parents. Both parents have compromised. The only requirement is that they must get married and have a child. Even if they leave in the future, there are legitimate excuses to stop the outside world. ”

“Then the little fairy raised up by a thousand spoils and pets in my girlfriend’s family, did you give you a fake marriage to raise a womb?”

“My best friend was also half angry, and then everyone started to **** him.”

She shrugged her shoulders and looked nonchalant.

In fact, I really don’t care. The man and his parents are stinky in the whole city. Her sorority girlfriends have never let go of that one.

If there is some news in their family that they want to deceive the marriage, it must be disturbed.

It is said that last year, I went to find a girl out of town. She concealed everything that she was about to start marrying. As a result, my girlfriend didn’t know where to make the call.

He posted the good things that the guy had done before, and saw what was going to happen again.

Zhu Yang respects any sexual orientation, but if he sacrifices the life of others to his own choice, then those who do not complain will be cruel.

Zhu Yang said nothing about her affairs, but her attention was all on the players, and she carefully observed each other’s expressions.

Sure enough, most of them were moved.

In this way, the determination in my heart has changed from 6 points to 9 points.

Who knows that after she answered, the clown suddenly laughed wildly, triumphantly confident of winning.

He stared at Zhu Yang with a vicious expression in his eyes: “Thank you for your cooperation. The introduction of the Aftermarket program tonight is finished, please enjoy it.”

“Wait! If it’s over, why haven’t the locusts disappeared?” a player quickly asked.

The clown nodded his chin, revealing an innocent and confused expression like a little girl: “Yes, why hasn’t it disappeared? Because the game is not over yet, idiot hahahahaha…”

Zhu Yang glanced over, and the guy’s laughter stopped abruptly.

The clown was a little annoyed, and desperately told himself that this guy couldn’t make waves anymore, and the matter was a foregone conclusion.

But he can leave here, and it’s better to appreciate this guy’s tragic situation behind the screen.

He gave everyone a funny gift: “Then, all the clues have been given, I hope everyone can tide over the difficulties.”

That’s what I said, but the expressions on his face were all menacing for them to die.

The clown was about to turn around and leave, and was suddenly stopped by Zhu Yang——

“Why are you in a hurry? I want to eat fried grasshoppers, who will do me work after you leave?”

The clown turned around incredibly and saw her grinning: “After all, other people have an equal relationship with me, so it’s not a problem.”

“Although the squat on your side is buried, you can only pinch your nose when no one uses it.”

The clown cursed: “Eat? You still want to save your life.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “I said you are stupid. The cultivation of a idiot is to listen to what smart people say, don’t force it, you understand?”

“I think your so-called program company is really unavailable. Either it has a pitiful scale, or it won’t even recruit you as an idiot.”

Seeing the clown turned into anger, Zhu Yang ignored him. Instead, I turned around and asked a few players: “Don’t you find what we call the truth, do they have a logical commonality?”

The players looked at each other, not tasting what she meant.

Those problems are in reality, not to mention the probability, but they are all possible things. They really didn’t find anything in common.

Zhu Yang signaled several players to change their positions.

“Niu Hao, Sister Yang (housewife) and Hou Xin are standing with me.”

“Tu Qiang, Ma Xia, Ji Zhuang, Fei Zhou, and the dead girls, count as a group.”

The players listened to her and divided into two groups according to her statement, standing on the left and right of the dining table.

Zhu Yang said: “Niu Hao’s derailment caused his wife to be unable to think about–”

Seeing Niu Hao opening his mouth to speak, Zhu Yang raised his hand: “Don’t refute, fools can see it.”

Niu Hao’s punishment was white.

“Sister Yang is cheating on her husband. If you leave out the results of both of you, will it be like a couple?”

Everyone looked at her blankly, not understanding how he forcibly screwed the two men together.

Zhu Yang said: “Don’t doubt, you are acting as a husband and wife relationship in this house.”

At this time, a keen player has reacted: “You mean the wanted order outside?”

The family relationship depicted above and the number of people are so similar to them and their players.

“You mean this house is that—”

Zhu Yang nodded, affirming his statement.

“Then go on to sort out. First of all, I have to make sure of one thing, Tu Qiang, you said that your child has a mental illness and you were sent to the hospital. If I guess right, that illness is gay?

Tu Qiang nodded.

Zhu Yang looked at Hou Xin again: “You said you told your cousin’s secret, which led to his ruin. The secret is that your cousin is gay, right?”

Not to mention that Ji Zhuang is not related to his brother and is also gay.

Zhu Yangzai went through **** fraudulent marriages, and the main theme of the entire family revolves around this one key point.

“Look, now the question can be chained directly.”

Everyone suddenly realized what she said, and vaguely saw the context of the matter, but it was still in the mist.

Zhu Yang didn’t sell the pass, and went straight to: “Look, who is sorry for the whole family?”

“My cousin stabbed out the secret of being gay, and external pressure swarmed. The mother took care of herself playing cards and playing, and didn’t care about the child. My father thought it was a mental illness and threw him to the mental hospital.”

“In order to protect the younger brother who is a lover, he took all the pressure alone, but the younger brother betrayed him and found a girlfriend to try to return to a normal life. He looked on his hand coldly.”

“He who has been betrayed by relatives may be picked up by a gift one day when the family is reunited, but there is no family warmth at the dinner table, only endless scolding and betrayal.”

“Uncle and aunt’s marriage is also a perfect match. The cousin (Zhu Yang) may have helped her classmates at the dinner table and lied to the marriage. Gay is proud, showing off and alluding to herself with her eyes.”

“But it doesn’t matter, he came prepared, the evidence is that his sister (dead female player) has died in the toilet, and she has done something unforgivable.”

“Then after eating, their identities are in place, and then—”

As Zhu Yang said, he picked up the knife on the table and slammed Fei Zhou suddenly, that is, who was the person who hated the most? He answered that the boy from his family threw it.

She didn’t make a move. There was absolutely no temptation to make a move, and she directly nailed the boy’s hand to the table.

He let out a scream and was about to fight back, and at this time Zhu Yang had already come behind him, kicked him on the knee, and the boy knelt on the ground.

Then Zhu Yang grabbed his head and slammed it against the table, with a sharpened iron knife across his neck.

“So, you are the player chosen as the murderer, right?”

When the players saw that she shot so quickly, they still had some doubts, but suddenly there was an impression in their minds.

The wanted order on the bulletin board outside, when I saw it before, was still vague and incomplete, and no one could tell who the other party was.

But at this moment, the blurry photo in their minds suddenly became clear, and the face on it was an impressive face.

Random and fuzzy age names and physical characteristics all correspond to Fei Zhou’s information.

Everyone was surprised: “This—”

“Yes, that thing is talking about our upcoming case.”

“This guy said that he was asking questions sincerely.” Zhu Yang pointed to the clown: “It is actually through these questions that we are seated in the seat.”

“It can be regarded as a ritual. Once things are completed, we can progress towards the established results. As a result, we were destroyed by the regiment and Fei Zhou was wanted.”

“This guy said that the more detailed the truth, the better, but he didn’t get to the bottom. He just didn’t want us to use the keyword homosexuality to make logical connections.”

Of course, the actual experience of the players is definitely different from the family background of the homicide.

After all, it is not a real family, nor is it really surrounding this matter. It may not be easy to gather so many similar experiences.

If it weren’t for the house number reminder at the beginning, and the family relationship check in the wanted order, most people would not think about it at all.

I am afraid that after the after show, he will relax his vigilance. Who knows that the murderer is ready, even if Zhu Yang dare to say that he is actually not afraid of this male player selected as the murderer, but what if this is a causal connection?

Other players thought of this, and suddenly squeezed out a cold sweat.

Zhu Yang looked at the already inhuman clown and smiled grimly at him: “Did you come here by yourself or should I invite you?”

If possible, the clown would want to walk over on his knees, provided that he could not be beaten.

But this society has already cracked the game, and he is not eligible to refuse.

Before the clown was crying, Zhu Yang didn’t even ask, he took the initiative to confess: “You can just kill him. He is only an occupied NPC, and the data can be cleared.”

When he finished speaking, he saw Zhu Yang stabbed the opponent’s body with a knife, and the boy died without a struggle.

The players looked shocked, and they didn’t even have time to persuade them.

Did she just shoot? What if this is not the case? If it is not a special rule, hurting other players, you will suffer the same result.

If she makes a mistake in her judgment, then she who kills the player will have to die.

But obviously Zhu Yang’s face did not linger with the lingering heart of the ghost gate, his face was as relaxed as if he had just chopped a piece of barbecued pork.

She drew out the knife, and sure enough, a black air overflowed from the boy’s wound, just as if the possessed dirt ran out.

They have experienced so many ghosts, and this is the first time they have seen such intangible, conceptual things that are far more difficult to deal with than entities.

Zhu Yang quickly took out a high-level exorcism talisman and pressed it on the wound.

The black energy was immediately absorbed, but the entire high-level talisman was also lost after the inhalation.

In the past, this kind of talisman could directly kill a ghost that was not weak, but at this moment, it was scrapped at a little bit of something that didn’t know whether it was the main body or a strand of soul.

After all the black energy came out of the boy’s body, the knife hole that the boy had been stabbed by Zhu Yang healed instantly, and then he woke up leisurely.

He stood up and looked at everyone, with a dazed expression: “Just, first introduce yourself?”

Co-authored this guy when he just entered the game, but this also means that when they just entered the game, they just started the way of this villa.

I wanted to ask how he killed the girl, but now it seems that I can’t ask.

Zhu Yang turned his head and said to the clown who tried to reduce his presence: “What did you just explain to you? Do you have to draw a whip to know how to move?”

The clown looked blank, seeing Zhu Yang pointing out the window impatiently.

As the real situation is solved, this hurdle is considered to have passed, and the locusts are slowly dissipating.

So many do not know where they are flying from, and do not know where to fly back.

However, visible to the naked eye, the coverings on the windows are several layers thinner.

Damn it! Is this guy really going to eat?

“Take a bigger pocket and go out to pack it, and explode more.”

The clown hurriedly drew a plastic bag and went out. Although this guy was capable of junk, he was not attacked by locusts.

After a while, he grabbed a big bag and came in, under the guidance of the bewilderment of the players and the call of Zhu Yang.

Dip those grasshoppers with egg liquid, wrap them in breadcrumbs, and fry them in a frying pan until golden and crisp.

There was a big pot full, and the children next door were crying.

No, even the dead are awake.

Zhu Yang, who was about to feed the little yellow chicken with the basin, watched the dead girl who had been moved into the studio and walked out of it.

Rao is also a little dazed.


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