Scream Queen Chapter 123

Zhu Yang is so dazed, not to mention other players.

Everyone looked at the girl who walked out of the studio angrily, the expression on her face was comparable to seeing a ghost.

No, everyone has learned from the hands of ghosts, but I really saw a ghost, and I haven’t been so surprised.

Seeing someone, the girl complained dissatisfiedly: “Which **** put me in a sack and threw me in the tool room?”

“I didn’t react when I first woke up. I thought the game was in the trial phase. I was still in the body bag and didn’t dare to speak out without knowing the situation outside.”

“As a result, Nima lingered for a long time and finally tore the bag out, and everyone was here, what’s the matter?”

With so many players, all the games that everyone has experienced add up to more than a hundred games, and I really haven’t seen the dead and resurrected in place.

Seeing the other party’s joyful and jogging look, it was much easier than they were being harassed, and it was easier for them to escape the catastrophe for the rest of their lives.

A veritable lying win.

In this scenario, I have worked hard with Conan to solve the mystery and expose the true face of the suspect Xiao Hei. It didn’t take long for the spotlight to hit Xiao Hei, and he had not had time for the truthful dialogue to accuse the murder motive.

The result was okay, the corpse who had been lying down for two episodes stood up.

Zhu Yang is still holding a grasshopper in his hand, what can he do when he sees this?

I can only pass the grasshopper forward: “You haven’t eaten yet? Would you like something?”

The girl choked: “I asked why I was put in my pocket.”

Zhu Yang shrugged his shoulders, he was already back to blame: “Anyway, when we put you in, you were already dead, and the opening in your neck was bigger than your mouth.”

The girl covered her mouth and turned her gaze to Ji Zhuang, because she was still fighting with Ji Zhuang before she lost consciousness.

At this moment, simply holding his arm in fright, said: “Oh! What the **** is going on~~”

The last word stretched out, turning out endless shyness.

The eyes of everyone looking at Ji Zhuang were a little hard to say. If you said that you had an ambiguity with the female player at the beginning, how normal would it be?

In the real world, even ordinary players, and even getting married and married, are not rare, but after all, the game is under the pressure of death from the moment of entry until the end of the clearance.

And after the game, they don’t know anyone. If you have a little ambiguity in the game for a short time, just stay in a copy, don’t be too normal.

But it’s the same thing if you love me. Just now everyone vomited a wave of black mud under the high pressure of that **** show. Who doesn’t know who right now?

Compared with the happily fusion relationship between players in ordinary occasions, after tearing apart a certain layer of misin that is directly related to reality, everyone is a little embarrassed with each other.

This Ji Zhuang has revealed his secrets before. He is a homosexual, and his sister is just to conceal his sexuality.

It should be that the result of the reality is so tragic that he can’t simply untie the shackles in the game, but even worse.

Everyone knows this now? Fei Zhou, who was chosen as the murderer as soon as he came in, and the girl who died in the toilet before seeing the sideshow, didn’t know.

At the moment, watching the girl Chong Ji Zhuang act like a baby, everyone looks at their expressions a bit subtle.

Ji Zhuang knew that this kind of thing was originally his fault, even if the interaction between players does not need to be burdened, and he did not intend to take advantage of girls.

That’s all, he just took his arm out of the girl’s hand and confessed: “Sorry, sweet! I am gay. Although I have a very happy chat with you, but I—”

Before she finished speaking, the girl threw away her hand as if it had been infected with germs: “You didn’t talk about homosexuality earlier? Why do homosexuals talk to girls? Faults, perverts!”

Ji Zhuang: “…”

Fei Zhou’s face changed before he could understand the situation, and his expression was a bit ugly.

It seems that his actual experience should be similar to that of the ‘murderer’, and it also reveals that sexuality is contemptuous and rejected by everyone in reality and avoided.

And the girls who died before participating in the whole process, I am afraid that they have made mistakes.

Zhu Yang said impatiently: “That’s enough. Who of you will tell them specifically about what happened just now.”

He deliberately pointed to the girl’s side: “Let her know how she was the first to be killed.”

The girl was not angry when she heard the words, but was stopped by the player on the side before she spoke.

If it hadn’t been for Zhu Yang and the others, the group would have been wiped out at the moment, although Fei Zhou had also woke up after breaking the deadlock, and the girl had lived.

But if it fails to crack it, what will happen after everyone is destroyed? Looking at the triumphant smirk before the clown, I think there is no such good thing as now.

In other words, Zhu Yang is equivalent to saving everyone’s lives. Even without such great favor, the other party’s keenness and calmness are also one of their strong reliance on this customs clearance.

Naturally, I can’t be offended by this stupid lady.

Ignoring a group of people, Zhu Yang took some snacks and daily necessities from the supermarket and went back to the room.

Although there are daily necessities in the room, it is a bit similar to that in a hotel. It looks clean, but it feels like it has been used repeatedly. Zhu Yang is impossible to use.

As soon as he closed the door, Zhu Yang released the little yellow chicken and changed its size back to its original size.

Put a big pot of fried grasshoppers in front of it: “Eat!”

As soon as the little yellow chicken came out, it smelled this tangy scent, and plunged in with cheers.

Grasshoppers are one of the favorite foods of chickens, not to mention the fragrant fried ones.

When the little yellow chicken was born, the conditions were limited and he was given fresh fish and shrimp for a few days. After being taken out of the game by Zhu Yang, he began to eat cooked food.

Now the taste is infinitely close to humans, but the insects that most people dare not eat happen to be its favorite.

Zhu Yang touched his head distressedly: “Eat slowly, and besides, usually the body becomes smaller and can’t eat much.”

This is her mother-in-law filter, the little yellow chicken is nearly two meters away, and the food intake is naturally comparable to that of several adults.

But after shrinking in reality, the appetite is naturally less cruel, but this is quality conservation——

No, such a big creature can be made smaller, so talking about conservation of quality with the game is nonsense.

In short, it is impossible to be hungry. Otherwise, the dragon dragon body is bigger than a house, and it is true that ordinary people can’t afford it.

Thinking of Longlong, Zhu Yang asked the little yellow chicken: “Xiao Ji! When he came out, my brother didn’t get awkward, right?”

The little yellow chicken lifted his head from the basin, and the corners of his mouth were still covered with bread crumbs. Zhu Yang wiped it with a paper towel.

“It’s troublesome, count the gold coins in the nest and ignore me.”

The matter is also simple. Longlong knew that Zhu Yang was going to enter the game, and he also brought a little yellow chicken, so he naturally wanted to follow.

However, as a creature of the higher dungeon, it is also a legendary species. To be honest, Zhu Yang’s strength is not as good as his own at the moment, isn’t it because of the difficulty of bringing it in?

So at least until she enters the high-level field, it is impossible to treat the game as a parent-child tour group.

This is not a child’s pleasure, and the vicissitudes of having a second-born eldest make life difficult.

The child was so sullen all his life that he liked to count gold coins in the nest. He was so cute that Zhu Yang was helpless after hearing this.

After a while, the little yellow chicken killed a whole pot of fried grasshoppers and burped cheerfully.

Zhu Yang washed the oil on his face, and after washing himself, he rested with the cub.

During the period, I heard that people outside came back to the room one after another, and then it was a good night.

Because there were too many uncertain factors in this game, Zhu Yang did not expose the little yellow chicken in front of others, so he got up early in the morning and the little yellow chicken cleverly returned to the beast bag.

When Zhu Yang appeared in the living room with an empty basin, everyone was dumbfounded.

“Here, you have eaten it all? Alone?”

Zhu Yang licked his lips and said with a smile: “Just this bite, it’s really delicious.”

The taste is not based on the pot, but it is a large steel pot that does not contain water and can be used for hot pot.

Sure enough, the more beautiful girls are getting better these days, don’t be fooled by appearances, maybe they are bigger than you.

Even if you can’t get it out, you might be able to destroy the corpse after a meal.

The housewife immediately finished the game: “Hey! It’s really delicious. When I was young, I was in the countryside. When I harvested in autumn, the children liked to catch grasshoppers and roast them.”

Then I took a look at the breakfast on the table. The boys had a little bit more portion, while the girls had two slices of bacon, two simple pieces and a glass of milk, and two large plates of bread on the table.

I thought it was okay before, but now I ask Zhu Yang, “This, are you enough to eat? Do you want to do more?”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “No need, no, last night’s supper was a bit supportive, so eat less this morning, please help me cut some fruit.”

Everyone: “…”

After breakfast, because the game has not yet released a mission, but after the test yesterday, everyone was afraid to relax.

And everyone obviously pays a lot of attention to the surrounding details, after all, yesterday Zhu Yang connected all seemingly unintended clues from clues.

This is the key to their break.

On the contrary, Zhu Yang looked much more relaxed, and unceremoniously instructed the other players: “So, let’s go and explore the town separately this morning. I didn’t have time last night. No matter what the task is, I have to touch the ground first. Clear.”

Of course everyone has no opinion, but when I go out to see the vibrant greenery around the community, it still feels incredible.

Last night everyone saw the locust plague in the sky with their own eyes. The locusts passed through the border and sealed all the houses into dense insect houses. The surrounding flowers and trees were all gnawed away.

Now it has a brand new look, just like the scene recovery of an RPG game.

Wait, the game?

Zhu Yang’s inspiration flashed. Yesterday, what kind of **** to add to the fun show, isn’t it similar to forcing people to play games?

In essence, it is not much different from the dog game, but the dog game has certain protection policies for players.

Although the risks of the game are inevitable, the essence is to pursue fun and spur players to become stronger.

It can be seen from its various rules, specific preferences, and severe punishment measures for players.

But the show here is intriguing. With the attitude of the agent of the clown, there are also traps that deliberately conceal one after another, which deliberately lead the player to death.

It’s as if you’re trying to fight your will and finally play with people to death, the style reveals a perverted essence.

In addition, the game (program) has a small format, and the essence will not be discussed for the time being, but it is really incomparable with a dog game.

That’s why she dared to speak so loudly. In fact, the show only relied on the capital that is now revealed, such as the manipulation of natural disasters like locusts and the restoration of the scene, which is completely beyond the field of human power.

Most people don’t even think about confronting each other head-on, but Zhu Yang doesn’t.

What she thought was, as a game of Goubi, can she allow such a character similar to the second landlord to exist in her copy?

When his thoughts turned here, Zhu Yang seemed to feel a joyful atmosphere in his mind.

At the same time, the game mission was also issued——

[Escape from the game town! 】

The players hadn’t dispersed yet, but immediately felt a sense of steadiness when they heard the task.

“So it turned out to be a manipulator playing games? No wonder!”

“I don’t know how often the “show” is played. If it is once a night, let’s go now.”

This was unanimously agreed by everyone. This place is too evil and there are pits everywhere. If the task is to escape from here, then it is indeed possible to escape before the next game that may start at any time.

Unlike yesterday, when the community was empty, when I stopped outside the yard, I could see the surrounding families in the morning or going to work to school, or walking their dogs to buy vegetables.

“First of all, with so many of us, we have to find at least two cars.” The players discussed.

Zhu Yang took a passing dog-walking aunt with his hand: “Auntie, how did you sleep last night?”

The aunt smiled: “Well, have you eaten yet?”

“I’ve eaten.” Zhu Yang said: “Last night I heard a lot of bugs hit the window, and the noise didn’t stop. Didn’t you hear?”

“It’s winter, where are the bugs?”

“That’s it, you walk the dog and don’t bother you.”

Her reaction caused the player to temporarily stop the discussion. In view of her keenness, everyone asked: “What else did you find?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “It’s not a big discovery, but we may be the only players in the entire town to participate in the’show’.”

This guy is not surprised, on the contrary, it is obvious.

After the start of the “after show” last night, the clown threatened with inadequate supplies and contacted the previous supermarket owner to see how he was not willing to sell them.

There should be a fixed replenishment point. If Zhu Yang hadn’t made a purchase when he saw the situation was wrong, maybe they would have been forced to run out of ammunition and food when the locusts covered the sky.

Of course, the food requirements of the situation last night were not high, but the game missions were released. This is a ‘game town’.

There will be a second game after one game. There is definitely no way to replenish the material without breaking the game after the game starts.

So Zhu Yang’s judgment is correct.

Moreover, their players are all vividly aware of the thrilling experience of last night. If ordinary people in the small town are also accepting the ‘after-show’ at the same time, how could they still walk the dog so leisurely the next day?

Their mid-level players are not as bad as ordinary people. All these small town residents are likely to be NPCs that can be adjusted according to the needs of the ‘program’.

It is still a low-level NPC, which is different from the flesh and blood NPC characters encountered in each instance of the game.

They are the only players in this town!

Other players regard this as basic information, but for Zhu Yang, this is the final confirmation.

She understood what the dog than the game really wanted her to do.

For one, while she doubted that Goubi Games would tolerate the existence of another ‘game’ in her copy, the guy released the mission.

For fear that the hint is not obvious enough.

Furthermore, it is confirmed that they are the only players in this town, what does that mean?

For example, when they enter the examination room as candidates, your invigilator in your district actually writes out the examination papers for the candidates, and looks like they would all fail the exam.

When the official existence is dead?

With the stinginess of a dog than a game, if this can be tolerated, she directly wrote the name upside down.

However, it is possible that this situation is also a part of the test for players, and all dog games cannot be cleaned up based on preferences.

Then, at this time, someone needs to find loopholes for it, so that it has a reason to get rid of the guys who dare to be the second landlord on its territory and make the difference.

Just like the first game of the intermediate field, Goubi games hinted that she helped it clean up gold players.

Although the pinch was fierce at the beginning, I have to say that Zhu Yang and Goubi games have always had an incredible tacit understanding.

It’s the type of good partner who kills and arrogates.

But Zhu Yang was abnormal right now, she suddenly smiled and said in her heart: “Oh~~”

“This time it’s not against players, no matter how people are the masters of a copy world, it’s not easy to deal with~”

Dog game: “…”

Suddenly, there was a sense of sourness that Sa Huan hit the wall, and a game of trust. As a result, it closed its eyes and fell back, but this guy didn’t catch it.

Then Zhu Yang said again: “I like to **** cats a bit lately, but unfortunately there are chickens and snakes at home. It is not convenient to raise other pets, but I really want to hear cats barking~~”

“I really want to hear it, especially the milky cat screaming and snoring after screaming, so cute~~”

Dog game: “…”

After finishing speaking in his heart, Zhu Yang didn’t move anymore, just a smile on his face, so he waited in time.

When other players discussed how to steal the car and looked back at her, they were startled by the smug smile on her face.

But Zhu Yang ignored it.

The confrontation lasted for at least two minutes, and finally there was a voice in my mind——

“Gulong, meow~~~”

Zhu Yang——

“Hahaha… It turned out not to be a dog-to-play game, but a cat-to-play game~”

This is the end of the sentence, and there seems to be a feeling of cat explosion in my mind. Zhu Yang will accept it when he sees it.

“Okay! Take this pheasant game proudly, plate it!”

Humph! The dog is only satisfied with the game, but I think it is too shameful. After getting the guarantee, life and death will no longer bubble.

At this time the player had already obtained two cars, urging Zhu Yang to come up and feel like leaving the town.

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “You go first, I still have something to do.”

Since she is not an unreliable guy, she said so for sure, so everyone asked why.

Zhu Yang also simply said, “You have also seen the terrible things of this town. Although the mission is to escape, I think it should be impossible to leave just like this.”

The difficulty of the game cannot be so low, at least some conditions must be triggered to make it possible, but it is logically correct.

But things that haven’t been tried can never be concluded like this. It’s not that everyone can’t think of it, but it’s impossible not to go without a road.

Zhu Yang said: “Of course you can also try it first, but I still have something to do, so I won’t follow it.”

She actually hopes that the players can go directly out of the town, so that she is convenient for her alone, but it is impossible to think about it.

Everyone couldn’t speculate on her thoughts, but when she saw her insistence, they knew that people like her couldn’t persuade them, so they had to drive away first to see if they could go.

“I looked at the map and it was only 30 kilometers away from the town. If there were no accidents on the road, it would only take an hour to get out.”

“Counting the possible dangers, half a day should be enough. If you don’t see us coming back at two o’clock in the afternoon, how about you just get a car and get out by yourself?”

Two hours before dark, according to Zhu Yang’s strength, it should be enough.

If the town can really get out.

Zhu Yang naturally agreed, although she would not leave even if she could.

Watching the two cars leave, Zhu Yang slowly swayed to the town street.

Looking over during the day, there is no sense of disobedience in the town, work, work, and school.

Although there is no prosperous city, it is better to get close to each other and the pace of life is slow.

The architectural style here is good. There are no tall buildings in the town. Except for a few low-rise buildings beside the school, hospital and factory, the others are all single-family buildings.

People have good living conditions, unlike the narrow and crowded houses in big cities.

Every household has a balcony garden where you can grow your favorite flowers and plants and drink tea in the yard.

The restaurant and shop outside are also spacious and beautifully decorated. I didn’t have time to get a glimpse of it last night.

Now it seems that this place is really beautiful like a game setting.

After all, unless you invest a lot of energy and money to take care of it, it’s impossible for a small town to be so clean and beautiful, and it’s so neat and tidy.

However, she was quite appetite of Zhu Yang, so she entered the only clothing store in the town and started shopping.

The clothes here are not of any brand, but the shop owner, a beautiful woman in her early thirties, designed her own style.

During the conversation, Zhu Yangguan made a lot of words, but the caliber was the same as the aunt asked before.

There are no traces of lying, but I really feel that my town is quiet and peaceful.

After buying clothes, I went to the shoe store and went to the coffee shop for coffee and dessert. I chatted with the owner of the shoe store and the coffee shop brother who gave them the way yesterday.

Still nothing. It seems that so far only the supermarket owner is a special NPC, or not an NPC at all, maybe it is a role like a clown.

When Zhu Yang checked out, he suddenly remembered something, and asked the little brother of the coffee shop: “By the way, do you close after eight every night?”

“Sometimes I suddenly want dessert at night, I’m afraid that sometimes you are already closed.”

The little brother smiled and said, “There is no way. There are not many people in the town. Usually it closes at 8 o’clock at the latest. Sometimes it will be earlier to see the weather.”

“Oh? Is that so? Where do you live? If you drop by, can you occasionally ask you to bring me some dessert and coffee by the way after get off work?”

“Of course, I live on XX Road.”

“Really? That’s great, just on the way.” Zhu Yang said happily.

A hint of playfulness flashed in his eyes. The little brother closed the door yesterday but locked the coffee shop from inside. She just turned around from behind when she was shopping and noticed the structure of these townhouses.

According to scientific design, there should be a back door behind the townhouse used to open a store. Whether it is staff handing over or handling garbage leftovers, or purchasing and unloading goods, the front door is unsightly.

The environment here is so clean and abnormal that it is impossible not to notice this.

However, these houses do not have back doors and other passages, let alone the so-called ‘going home’ to other places after closing the door from the store.

Of course, this is just a small bug of the game, and has no substantial effect. Even knowing that this is a game, there is only the utility of complaints.

However, Zhu Yang decided to help Goubi Games for this ‘show’, but took this as an opportunity to think of an entry point.

Out of the coffee shop, Zhu Yang went to the supermarket.

The supermarket owner was very impressed with her. Seeing Zhu Yang’s eyes swept in, he quickly said: “Don’t think it’s the same as yesterday! I just bought the goods, and you have robbed you of everything. What else are others buying?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “It’s really fast for you to purchase goods. It’s only early in the morning. The delivery in the city will not be talked about all morning, you–”

She glanced at the neat shelves. Last night they were looting the goods, so she didn’t have much scruples. The storefront was messed up and some shelves even fell down.

Even if the goods arrive early in the morning, they have to be sorted and put on the shelves, it is not something that one person can handle so quickly.

Zhu Yang smiled and said: “How convenient is it for you to open a store. You want to place an order and sort it with one click. If it is so convenient to open a store in the world, how many employees do large supermarkets have to hire?”

As soon as the boss’s face changed, he saw Zhu Yang turned around and left the store, and didn’t plan to buy anything.

He just turned his back to him and waved his hand: “Say hello to the clown for me, saying that the grasshopper he exploded is good.”

He ignored the boss’s reaction and left the store.

It seems to be right, but there are only two miscellaneous fishes directly affiliated with the ‘program’. Their role is always limited, and what I must know is also limited.

Zhu Yang was wondering how to bring out the more important presence in this ‘show’, but two cars suddenly stopped beside her.

Zhu Yang didn’t have to look back to know that it was the players who had come back.

“can not go out?”

“I can’t get out, I’ve been in circles for the whole morning, no matter how I go around, I will eventually return to town.” The players said in a bad mood.

Although I was prepared, it was uncomfortable in the end.

One of the players said: “Tsk! I have never seen such a high-level ghost hit a wall, but my ability is specifically for this, but I was still bypassed.”

It is taken for granted that the energy of this ‘program’ is at least a crushing level for their players.

There is no way to get rid of its limitations just by personal ability. But the other party also has to follow certain rules, so you still have to come from this idea anyway.

Zhu Yang threw the trophies, clothes and shoes onto the car, and got on the car himself: “Let’s go, go back first.”

Everyone can’t, and they can only return to the villa first.

When I passed the bulletin board, I saw a new bulletin on it again. The content of the bulletin was to remind residents to guard against fraud.

He also cited cases, saying that recent criminal groups pretended to be acquaintances to commit crimes, defrauding, kidnapping and even murder, reminding residents to keep their eyes open and beware of being fooled.

Given that the source of clues about the incident last night was the notice on the bulletin board, no one would dare to ignore the information given above.

“Fraud?” Some players said: “I thought it was all in survival mode or puzzle solving mode.”

Players can live to the present, not to mention that they are all very careful, at least they cannot be easily fooled.

So everyone couldn’t figure out what the opening was.

It was Fei Zhou, because everyone told him about the break.

Although it was not his fault that he was possessed as soon as he entered the game, he became a murderer without knowing it, and was secretly vomited out by ‘possession’, which shows his mood at the moment.

He revealed the advertisements that had been overlaid on the bulletin board today, and the wanted warrant that was covered yesterday was revealed.

Just now everyone was anxious to try to see if they could leave the town without coming here to learn more about it. Sure enough, this will look at this wanted order again, which is very different from yesterday.

Just like when Zhu Yang broke the game, everyone’s thoughts were automatically filled in. The vague portraits and personal information of yesterday are now displayed impressively.

Fei Zhou is correct.

Fei Zhou was angry when he saw this thing: “I am not a murderer who kills the whole family.”

The expression was a bit irritated, as if a dangerous thought that had been occasionally picked up, was unbearably exposed to the sun.

Everyone ignored him, remembering today’s announcement and went back in a team.

After lunch, since I can’t leave the town, the previous arrangement is put on the agenda.

In the afternoon, the eight players were divided into four groups, and they went to factories, schools, and hospitals to learn about some basic configuration information. The remaining two people went around the town to learn about the actual situation here.

After all, the map can’t be trusted, and Zhu Yang didn’t go out in the afternoon, and told everyone that he wanted to calm down and think about something.

The players don’t think she is really lazy. In fact, if she is distributed according to the contribution, she does not need to run errands at all.

I’m not a newcomer anymore, and I won’t be naively entangled in superficial kung fu, after all, at this time, basically the player’s aptitude can already be seen.

Those are steady and steady, which are amazing, and which are one step.

Like Zhu Yang, if you add a bit of luck, you will be able to enter the advanced stage in the future, and how far you can go, but it is definitely faster than them.

This is self-knowledge, everyone still has it.

Zhu Yang held the little yellow chicken in the room all afternoon. The little yellow chicken was also sensible. Knowing that her mother was thinking about things and not bothering her to play with, she sat next to her and looked at her innocently.

When you are hungry, you can eat snacks by yourself, but it slaps your lips. It is still delicious from the grasshopper last night.

Everyone came back when it was getting dark, and they all learned something–

“The factory is a pharmaceutical factory, and it’s quite large. It’s no wonder that the family of employees can form a small town, but on the surface, those medicines need to be produced in such an isolated environment?”

“We suspect that there is a problem inside, but there is no gain in sneaking in, but we drew the topographic map and see if there is any need afterwards.”

“The number of students in the school is quite large, ranging from elementary school to high school. The teaching buildings are a bit dense, so no abnormalities have been found for the time being.”

“The hospital didn’t find anything. There are not many patients, but the medical equipment is advanced, and there are some that are not necessary at all.”

“What is unnecessary?” Zhu Yang asked.

“That’s right, this is just a small town hospital, right? But I actually found an advanced myopia treatment instrument in it. There are tens of millions of them.”

This is true, but I don’t know if the irrationality of this kind of infrastructure is whether it is a bug in the design of the ‘program’ or something else.

Gee! It’s just that it’s not good to be half-hearted. A lot of information can’t be judged based on common sense.

It’s really personal achievements that are set off by peers. In comparison, the slot point of the dog game is so insignificant.

“I didn’t praise you, I’m proud of it!”

Zhu Yang cursed while the feeling of pride in his mind had not spread.

Suddenly, something seemed to become awkward.

After integrating the information, the housewife got up and went to cook. Some players were embarrassed to want to help and she persuaded her to leave.

“I’m just fine. Someone is in the kitchen and I feel in the way. It’s okay, don’t mind.”

I ate Hunan cuisine for dinner, and the housewife is from Hunan. The dishes are naturally made authentic.

In addition, everyone ran away all afternoon and was very hungry, so after dinner, there was no **** left on the plate.

The housewife was very happy: “Oh, is there enough to eat? If it’s not enough, I will cook two dishes.”

Everyone hurriedly held her down: “Enough is enough! Just right.”

The housewife stopped being polite and got up again to cut fruits for everyone.

At this time the doorbell rang suddenly, everyone looked at the door, and one of the male players got up.

Hold the door handle, but it doesn’t just open like that. There is no cat’s eye in this door, so he asked: “Who?”

An old woman’s voice came from outside: “Your mother!”

The male player suddenly became furious: “Your mother! Get out of here, fool.”

There was silence outside for a while, and then there was a screaming curse, the whole community could hear that–

“Little Bunny has hardened your wings for two days, right? Don’t you dare to be with your old mother, who are you willing to serve you? The turtle grandson and old mother will bring your baby to you, don’t take it.”

The male player’s face changed, and he looked back at the players, and said in amazement: “Really, it’s my mother.”

The players dismissed it: “You’re afraid that you didn’t wake up, but here is the game.”

The male player anxiously said: “No, really, I didn’t react at first, but this voice, this curse tone is my mother.”

“In order to prevent my family from worrying, my wife also divorced, and the young child gave it to my mother. The house I bought for her was not far from where I lived. She often came to see me.”

Players of this level will not be short of money for ordinary purchase of properties and houses. Indeed, many players cannot easily switch between the game and reality because of their unstable mentality. They will choose to keep their family away.

Therefore, it is absolutely possible to take the children to their parents and give money to them and not treat them badly.

The male player finally couldn’t help but open the door, he actually realized in his heart that this might be the trap of the ‘show’.

Everyone’s mind also flashed through what they saw on the bulletin board before, and the scam group would pretend to be a mature person.

But after opening the door, the male player saw a figure he was familiar with. It was his own mother, who would never admit it wrong.

Regardless of appearance or demeanor, speaking voice and standing habits are exactly the same.

He was incredible: “Mom?”

When other players saw him like this, they had a bad feeling for a while.

However, what people didn’t expect was that Zhu Yang was the first to come next.

When the two mothers and sons were still standing at the door, a nice teenage voice came from behind——

“Will you be troublesome? I’m looking for my sister.”

Zhu Yang looked up, looked out, and Zhu Weixin’s face appeared at the door.

She rushed to the forehead with all her blood. The last time she was so angry, Zhu Weixin was still implicated in the game.

This could not be Zhu Weixin, she knew very well.

But the guy who was a few steps away from her seemed so familiar and real. Because of her understanding of Zhu Weixin, at least she couldn’t tell the difference between him and the real Zhu Weixin.

At this time, the male player who opened the door first couldn’t help holding his mother, crying anxiously: “Mom, why are you here? Why are you? Shouldn’t.”

His’mother’ slapped him: “You are still scolding my old lady, Xiaobao misses you, I will take him over to see you.”

The male player looked back in horror, and saw a little boy coming out behind his’mother’. He glanced at him timidly, with admiration and surprise in his eyes: “Dad!”

As if the picture that he most wanted to see appeared before his eyes, the male player suddenly almost collapsed.

Desperately trying to convince myself that this is a fake, family members can’t be here, is there no game hint?

But what if? Is this an NPC that the “show” can copy? Last night, Zhu Yang was called broken. This ‘program’ didn’t know all of their information at all. The evidence was that Zhu Yang had done something, it couldn’t screen it, only the relevant one.

Could this kind of game with insufficient information be such a perfect copy of his family?

What if, in the real world, when his mother took the child to see him, he was sent over?

What he thought of, other players also thought of it, and everyone was terrified.

They all have family, love, or friends that they value. This ‘show’ is obviously not a good thing. It has no bottom line than games. What if?

At this moment, Zhu Weixin had already walked in and looked at his sister with a sigh of relief: “Sister, why are you here? Who are they?”

“Haha!” Zhu Yang smiled, and did not rush to answer him.

But only Goubi Game knows that this ‘show’ is already cold, it’s done!


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