Scream Queen Chapter 124

Seeing Zhu Weixin walk in here, other players finally reacted.

“Oh! Go out, don’t come in.” Someone stopped immediately.

Regardless of how you read it in your heart, since the prompt is in front, you must always have doubts and explicitly said that you pretend to be a mature person to scam. How can you let the other party come in before confirming?

The male player who wanted to bring his wife and son in was also stopped: “Don’t rush to admit it, if the show is a ghost, you will die?”

Who knows what pit is waiting for them in front? The last game was so thrilling, it seemed that as long as some trigger conditions were met, and the opponent didn’t break the game before the opponent took action, it was over.

If you don’t mention it, is it the same way? It’s always right to be cautious. Who knows if the victims of the fraud gang in the announcement correspond to whether the players were cheated or murdered?

But Zhu Weixin ignored these guys, rolled his eyes, and walked to his sister on his own: “Who is this stupid?”

The player who stopped him choked, glanced at Zhu Weixin, and then at Zhu Yang, if this show can really restore the personality and behavioral reactions of the players related to the player.

As Zhu Yang’s younger brother, this kid is not surprising at all, and it can be seen that if there is a sister, there must be a younger brother.

At this moment, Zhu Yang had already sentenced to death for the **** show, but his attitude towards Zhu Weixin in front of him was good.

Even if she knew that this guy was fake, she couldn’t get angry with this face as long as he didn’t do anything destructive against this face for a while.

So he touched his dog’s head: “Hey! Don’t ask the bottom line, don’t talk if you can, try to avoid being beaten.”

“Oh!” Zhu Weixin gave her a blank look, but obediently shut up and chose not to ask anything.

This reaction, this look, this tacit understanding with her, let alone outsiders, Zhu Yang didn’t dare to say whether the real Zhu Weixin came over, would it be different from this guy.

At least so far.

Her reaction became the vane of the male player. The male player was struggling in confusion. Seeing that Zhu Yang had nothing to do with Zhu Weixin, he naturally gave up painful choices and thoughts.

It should be right to do it with Zhu Yang, not to mention this is his preferred choice.

The other players were anxious immediately: “Why don’t you listen? What if you let them in and meet the conditions?”

Just came to stop, and suddenly a familiar voice came to mind outside the door——

“Da Niu? Why are you here?”




“Xiao Zhuang?”

For a time, all players have more or less relatives appearing here, looking at the strange environment around them blankly.

The worst happened.

The so-called bystander is clear, you can still objectively examine other people’s relatives, but it is obviously not so easy when it is your turn.

This show is cunning, and the person Zhu Yang copied may be the most important person of each player, who is most worried about the existence of being implicated in the game.

Rao is because she prides herself on having a strong heart. The moment she saw Zhu Weixin was a torrential torrent, she was extremely shaken, let alone other people.

Just now he was pushing his brother Lao Niang and his son out, so I can’t say a word at this moment.


Yes, everyone is thinking that 80% of these people are fake, but in case, there is a 1% chance, I dare not take the risk.

It is true that the player does not say his heart has been tempered until now, but he will not make a fuss about anything.

But the tone of the game is much gentler than that of its rival game. The guidance for ordinary players is obvious. They are not allowed to attack each other, hate the exploitation of gold players, stand in the “justice” camp and act with a certain degree of scruples. And those who are kind to others are encouraged and favored somewhat.

And there is no independent development of the game space to separate the connection between the player and the reality, so that the game will not eventually become cold and cold.

So not to say that all players are true, good and beautiful, but at least they won’t be indifferent to the dangers of their loved ones.

But what about the ebony ten or so? At the gate, there was a mess, pestering their family members to ask about the situation, and questioning why he appeared here with so many strangers.

And otherwise, there is a speculation about the shady secrets in the house.

In short, the horror game where life is hanging by a thread has immediately become an ethical occasion of eight o’clock gear. It really makes a group of players rather harming each other with ghosts than facing the current situation.

The wife who doesn’t know who it is suddenly said, “Don’t talk here, okay? Let’s go in instead. Are the crowds of people standing here beautiful? Or is there something shameless in it that I can’t let me see?”

“No, no, hey, it’s wrong, I’m not sure if you are my wife.” A male player said.

Obviously, the game clearance experience did not exercise his emotional intelligence, and did not demonstrate his desire to survive matching his strength.

His wife’s eyes stood up immediately: “Oh~~, don’t you come here? I’m sneaky and want to take a bite back, right?”

All players have something similar to the bag. After all, parents and children are not necessarily better than wives.

Although maintaining a tacit understanding to temporarily stop people out of the door, the more you argue, the less you can tell the truth.

Can a show that knows only a little about them really make such a realistic and perfect copy? Therefore, quite a few people, the balance in their hearts has already tilted to the side where their relatives were pulled into the game by this show for no reason.

If it weren’t for Zhu Yang’s experience of inadvertently implicating her younger brother in, knowing that even games can’t implicate outsiders for no reason, it is estimated that her first step now is to confirm the authenticity of Zhu Weixin in front of her.

The door was still tangled up, and suddenly there was a buzzing sound from the horizon, the sound getting closer and closer.

Then suddenly I saw the sky like a dark cloud falling to the ground, covering the entire town, and even the street lights outside were surrounded by no light.

Although the visibility is low at night, players generally have good night vision capabilities, and they can confirm what that thing is from a distance.

“No, isn’t this trick?”

Yesterday was a grasshopper that obscured the sky, and today it is a bee. This Nima is not as good as yesterday.

How? Afraid that someone in the villa will eat up the grasshoppers for you afterwards?

However, everyone’s judgment is not slow. Referring to the aggressiveness of the locusts yesterday, these bees are obviously not if you don’t provoke them, they won’t provoke you.

Players can’t last long in this situation. Their family members are ordinary people, and I am afraid that these things will be over for a second or two.

I was still arguing at the door before, but no matter how much doubts I had in my heart, everyone’s reaction was the same now, pulling people in from the outside first, and then closing the door firmly.

Anyone who has a brain knows that this trick is that the **** show forced them to submit, but in case these are their family members who have been transmitted from reality, if they are outside, they will just watch them die.

According to the urination of this **** show, it is not impossible to do such a disgusting thing.

So know that it might be a trap, but you still have to obey it.

As soon as the door was closed, the player hit the wall with his hand: “Damn! It’s disgusting.”

“Heh! Disgusting? It hasn’t started yet.” Zhu Yang said leisurely with a glass of apple juice.

Sure enough, she just finished speaking, and the TV automatically turned on again. Last night, the big-headed clown refitted her makeup and put on clean new clothes. She swept away the embarrassment that Zhu Yang had beaten and called, and appeared full of vitality. On the TV.

“Hello! Dear members, I’m glad you can have dinner on time today.”

“Healthy living habits are the beginning of a good thing, right? Da Da! In order to reward obedient children, the program will send a family visit gift, you can enjoy the interaction with the program with your family, how about it? Is it very warm? ”

I don’t know if it’s an illusion. It’s different from yesterday’s appearance on the TV screen.

Today, the clown is much farther away from the screen. The TV screen showed that his whole body is more than enough. It can be seen that the person standing far away is probably afraid of being caught and beaten again.

Maybe it was because he thought he had taken precautions. This guy still didn’t change his mean and proud character, and said to the whole house of players who wanted to slash people and poke the lung tubes.

“What kind of visiting gift? There is no saying that ordinary people are involved? You guys get them back soon.”

“Hey~~, I’m just an ordinary host. I don’t have the right to change the scripts given above.” The clown looked innocent.

Then he happily said: “Then, today’s after show begins—”

Before I finished speaking, I saw Zhu Yang sitting on the solo sofa raising his glass: “Thank you for the supper last night. It was delicious.”

The smile on the clown’s face froze, and Zhu Yang said: “Oh, yes, it’s useless to shrink so far. As long as you are still on the screen, I can pull it out. Even if you only show half of your face.”

“But then again, as a host, not being able to stand correctly is not a point in itself, right?”

The clown has a desire to die. He has received more than a group of players. How can he not hide behind the screen and watch those guys who are several times stronger than him be embarrassed by various problems?

Just this time, what kind of person is this!

The place can’t be found, and the clown gave up. He coughed and changed the subject abruptly: “So, today’s after show begins.”

“First of all, everyone confirms the family next to them, right? Then-everyone vote within ten minutes, choose a “family” to drive out of the house.”

Rao had been mentally prepared early, and everyone was shocked by this sinister subject and raised their heads suddenly.

The funny make-up of the clown on the TV, the exaggerated red corners of his mouth, and his gloating eyes, looked even more malicious at the moment.

“Hurry, what do you mean by driving out of the house?” A player asked: “You mean driving people outside? That outdoor full of bees?”

After dinner, everyone hasn’t drawn the curtains yet, so it can be seen right now. In just a few minutes, the whole villa was sealed again just like yesterday.

The hornet with big fingers of the child moved layer by layer on the outside of the glass, and it was another scene of death and terror.

Some players laughed with an ugly face: “Is that kidding? To vote is to be teleported back to reality, right?”

The clown sneered at his innocent and beautiful thoughts: “It’s okay for you to think this way, but what we want is only to let the ‘family’ with the most votes go out. Other things are not considered.”

This is simply–

The clown ignored the ugly expressions of everyone, and added: “The time limit is ten minutes. Please hurry up. The voting method is arbitrary, anonymous, open, and the method is not limited. Just look at the results.”

“But don’t think about throwing air tickets or throwing players foolishly to pass, then, let’s start!”

As soon as the clown finished shouting, a ten-minute countdown appeared on TV.

At this moment, the family members who just pulled in from the outside are not sitting on the hot buttocks, and they say that they want to drive them out?

The atmosphere in the whole villa is heavy and unusual, even fools know what the **** show is.

This guy wants to completely dismantle the player’s cooperation premise from the inside.

In fact, yesterday’s scene has already begun, how can someone who has no way of intersecting in reality, is forced to tell the secret of his lifelong heart, always has a knot in his heart? First of all, the atmosphere of cooperation is definitely not as good as in previous sessions.

But at that time, the focus of this **** show was that it could kill them all at once. It was really difficult. If it weren’t for Zhu Yang’s keenness and attacked at a critical time, they might be cold now.

Just like the game can adjust itself, this so-called program estimation is also intelligent, not a piece of code or rule data.

In fact, this is very beautiful. After all, the show is sinister and petty. In fact, it seems that the style is stronger than the game, just like a vicious and acrimonious person who always impresses the outside world.

If a single blow fails, the opponent has a certain understanding of the cooperation of the entire player team, so it simply plays this disgusting trick.

Vote to drive the family out? Any method?

Is there anything that can be concealed in such a large villa space? Even if it can, then at that moment, that is when the trust of the entire group completely collapses.

Then players don’t talk about cooperating together, it’s not bad if they don’t put a knife behind their backs.

Those family members who are still unable to tell the truth.

Everyone was standing or sitting around the sofa, and the family seemed to realize that something was wrong from the atmosphere of the crowd, but no one was messing around at this moment, they just sat quietly or looked at the villa curiously.

Zhu Weixin leaned in front of Zhu Yang: “Sister, what then?”

He pointed to the bee outside the window: “The escape game you participated in to protect your life? This is too realistic. There is no danger, right? I think everyone is quite nervous.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “It’s okay, haven’t you played the more exciting ones? Forget it, you almost hanged yourself before.”

Zhu Weixin looked blank: “Me? Hanged?”

Zhu Yang touched his dog’s head: “I remembered it wrong, it was me.”

“Sister, why are you smiling like this–” Zhu Weixin felt a little hairy.

It seems that this program has no more permissions.

Just now when those guys were making a noise outside, Zhu Yang tried a lot of Zhu Weixin’s things about the real world, but they were all right.

And Zhu Weixin entered the game with her, but this “Zhu Weixin” didn’t know. If Zhu Weixin was really pulled into the game, then the moment he entered, the memory should be restored. That’s right.

In terms of level, this is the intermediate copy, and Zhu Weixin’s previous entry is the primary field in the primary field. The crushing of the dungeon level did not allow the ‘program’ that dominates the world to pry into other dungeons.

This is another key, which must be noted.

Zhu Yang is not in a hurry, even if it is hot, at least the second landlord has capital that the player can’t match, so she is very patient.

But no matter how patient she is, time is waiting for no one.

Soon ten minutes passed. During these ten minutes, the players didn’t do anything, and there was no discussion about voting.

This kind of passive inaction is not a solution, everyone knows, but who dares to speak first at the risk? The one that Baozhun spoke first was the first family member to be cast out.

“Ding Dong!” The time countdown reminder came, and the clown appeared on the TV screen.

Looking at the fruitless hall, he made an exaggerated sigh: “It’s a pity, the choice is clearly in your hands, but you have given up.”

“I have already said don’t take a fluke with the program mission. Since you didn’t vote, this round will be considered a waiver. Next, a player’s’family’ will be randomly selected. Please watch the big screen!

The players raised their heads in disbelief, but the clown on the screen has disappeared, replaced by the turntable of yesterday.

It’s just that the punishment item was written on the turntable yesterday, but now each grid of the turntable is written with the names of nine players.

The clown started, the turntable turned frantically, and the rhythm of the atmosphere sounded, a few seconds later: “Stop!”

The speed of the turntable slowed down, and the red pointer still circled the turntable due to inertia, getting slower and slower. Every time the player swiped his name, the player felt tight.

As the speed gets slower and slower, the hearts of the players corresponding to the names around the pointer are all squeezed, and those who pass by naturally breathe a sigh of relief, but when stepping into the range of the pointer, the whole heart hangs high.

To be honest, this moment was more tormented than last night. After all, at that time, except for Niu Hao, who was lucky at the beginning, he could choose to avoid it at a price.

Finally the pointer stopped on a name, and the clown announced excitedly: “Hou Xin, Mr. Hou Xin, congratulations.”

“Mom, Dabao!” Hou Xin was shocked, and quickly took his mother and son’s hands.

But it was too late, the door opened, and a huge suction sucked out his mother and his son who was less than five years old, just like Niu Hao last night.

But those who stood close to them were not affected by the suction.

It is impossible for Hou Xin to confirm that his mother and son in reality are impossible, but the possibility of contact with one point becomes three points.

When it comes to life and death, three points can already be equivalent to ten points.

Hou Xin rushed out without saying a word, no one else could stop him.

Only in places where everyone did not notice, Zhu Yang retracted his fingers, as if he had just flicked something out.

Those who originally planned to chase Hou Xin had to close the door first to prevent the bees from spreading in.

Seeing the eyes of everyone looking over, I could only say: “It’s okay if people have already ran out. Anyway, as long as one person is left to break the game, he can survive even if he is dead.”

This statement is appropriate for self-deception. Others agree without saying it, and then subconsciously cast their eyes on Zhu Yang.

An invisible pressure hit, Zhu Yang didn’t raise his eyebrows, but Zhu Weixin disdainfully said, “Although you don’t know how you came to this wonderful conclusion, people dare not chase it, but instead pass the pressure on. For my sister, you are great too.”

“It’s a matter of life and death for my sister.” Then he moved to Zhu Yang’s side: “Right? Sister!”

Zhu Yang was noncommittal, watching the clown on the TV and said: “What about the next round? Isn’t it yet to start?”

When everyone heard the words, they almost thought she was possessed by some demon, and she was the most peaceful from beginning to end.

Her brother appeared here and fell into a trap. He didn’t see her a little bit anxious. Well, it can also be said that she was calm and restrained and unmoved.

But even if she thinks that the person in front of her is fake, how can she help them make a decision?

The admiration accumulated over a period of time and the whole day could not restrain this dissatisfaction.

After all, with Zhu Yang’s intelligence and strength, no one subconsciously wants to stand alone.

But before they had time to reach a tacit understanding, the clown on the TV sent an echo: “No, no! According to the rules of the game, all players must be present during the voting period.”

“Now that Mr. Hou Xin is out, I have to let everyone wait patiently.”

The clown’s supplementary rule made everyone breathe a sigh of relief, at least to delay it for a while.

Zhu Yang said with a smile but not a smile: “That is to say, all the players gather in the living room to start the countdown to vote?”

“That’s it!” The clown nodded, and was a bit afraid of yin and yang towards Zhu Yang.

“Then what if we each go back to the room now?”

“No problem, but the rules are the same as in the previous one. The show is endless and the bees are not scattered. If you think your material can be consumed by twenty people for a lifetime, you can never gather in the living room.”

This is of course impossible. It seems that today’s project is also well prepared for a long-term battle, and even deliberately moved so many “rescuers” to consume their inventory.

Zhu Yang asked again: “What if a player dies?”

The clown said: “Don’t worry, this game requires the participation of players. Although Mr. Hou Xin who ran out will be attacked by bees, we will send people back to the villa after he loses consciousness.”

Also, losing consciousness also means failing to protect one’s family. Then the program takes over the player’s physical arrangement, and it does not destroy his rescue. You are not capable of it.

When Zhu Yang heard this, he smiled strangely: “No, not about him.”

“I mean, what if there is a murder in the villa?”

Everyone immediately understood what she meant. Players were not allowed to attack each other, but this rule did not apply after each show started.

After all, only if the game is broken, the dead players will be resurrected, so the murder between players can sometimes be seen as a means of clearance, and naturally it can’t be restricted.

It’s just that, who wants to hold the consciousness of death once in exchange for the possibility of breaking the game for the team, even under the premise of careful discussion, no one is willing to be happy, let alone the unclear form now?

The clown was choked by her question and immediately said in a hurry: “This is the same as the assumption that all the members were not gathered in the living room just now.”

“If a player is murdered and there are not enough people to vote, then the outside environment will not recover unless the game goes on, unless you want to die here.”

For some reason, everyone was relieved after hearing the explanation from the clown.

I don’t know why, from the very beginning of this game, they felt that Zhu Yang was dangerous, and the atmosphere of clearing the game was different from yesterday.

Maybe she didn’t care about it on the surface, but the younger brother was implicated or she was shaken? In short, the appearance of the great devil waking up maliciously and attacking indiscriminately.

This also made it possible for everyone to have a real family member, after all, even Zhu Yang believed it.

After the clown explained, he looked at Zhu Yang eagerly, and swallowed at the deep silence in her eyes.

It took a long time to see that the other party suddenly looked indifferent, shrugged and said: “Well, it’s a pity.”

What are you sorry for?

She did this to make everyone want to stay away from her, so in this atmosphere, some family members said that they wanted to go to the bathroom, and immediately took her to the bathroom and left the living room under the pretext.

One person started, and then some said that they had not eaten dinner, and some said that they were sleepy.

Seeing that Hou Xin hasn’t come back for so long, it is estimated that there are some props that can temporarily resist these bees, but Niu Hao can resist more than yesterday.

Someone suggested: “Why don’t you take a break first, because there is a lot of material, let’s separate first, think of a way to gather in the living room, anyway, the materials are enough for a while, think slowly.”

This was naturally approved by everyone. Everyone looked at Zhu Yang and did not object to her, so they cooked and went back to the house.

Zhu Yang also got up and stretched out, and took Zhu Weixin a handful of them: “Go, follow me back to the room.”

“Sure! You haven’t told me what is going on.”

But when he went back to the room, Zhu Yang didn’t give him a word. He just slapped his head and slapped Zhu Weixin’s mouth.

However, Zhu Yang took out the little yellow chicken in front of him, and did not shy away from the size of the little yellow chicken which was very different from the reality.

The little yellow chicken was very happy to see “Uncle”, and with a “ji” he pressed Zhu Weixin onto the court with his plump body and rubbed it for a while.

This action has to be changed to its actual body shape, that is, arching in his uncle’s arms and acting like a baby, but the current real body shape, Zhu Weixin’s side looks a bit miserable.

Zhu Yang Huanle: “It’s not all fun, at least this picture is not common.”

After speaking, he lay down on the side of the bed, admiring Zhu Weixin’s struggle under the little yellow chicken.

She went back to the room and there was nothing wrong. Hou Xin couldn’t stay outside all night anyway, and even Zhu Yang couldn’t guarantee that he could survive this number of bees for one night.

But if she doesn’t leave, she won’t be able to do certain things.

Sure enough, about an hour later, someone came to her room and knocked on the door, saying, “Hou Xin has been sent back.”

Zhu Yang got up, put away the little yellow chicken and went downstairs with Zhu Weixin.

Not all the players downstairs showed up. Two of them were already asleep. The others had dinner and chatted in the living room. They didn’t call everyone, and it happened that there was no countdown to vote.

As soon as I came down, I saw Hou Xin being sent back to the center of the living room. This guy was now devoid of humanity.

His head was swollen larger than Dou, and the exposed areas were full of swollen glutinous rice balls, which made his scalp numb.

The family members of several families were drinking tea and watching TV in the living room. Suddenly, this person appeared in this way and frightened the family members.

Fortunately, his injury disappeared at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. It can be seen that the program requires players to vote, and it will not allow players to spend aimlessly on injury recovery.

When Zhu Yang approached, the swelling on this guy’s body was already a little smaller, but he was still embarrassed.

Zhu Yang stepped forward and turned over him, and said to the player next to him: “Go and get some painkillers.”

The player didn’t doubt he was there, and immediately got up and went to the kitchen.

However, Zhu Yang took off Hou Xin’s coat and threw it aside, raising his sleeves to see how his body was recovering.

After the confirmation, the pain reliever there was also brought over, but Zhu Yang did not pick it up.

Instead, he said to the players around: “Go and call everyone down.”

Someone disagreed and said: “Now? As soon as you come over, you have to count down to vote, right? Where can I discuss things? Or have you already thought of a solution?”

“Don’t worry, it won’t count down.”

“Why not?” The players were puzzled.

Then he saw a knife appeared in Zhu Yang’s hand, chopped it on Hou Xin’s chest, nailing him to the ground.


There was deathly silence in the air. When everyone saw Zhu Yang raising his head, they grinned and said, “Isn’t there no such thing as a gathering of players?”

“Ah—-” A family member suddenly screamed, not knowing whose wife it was, Zhu Yang didn’t remember either.

The faces of all players are the expressions of being struck by lightning.

This guy really did. She really did it. She didn’t discuss it with anyone. No matter how good she was, she didn’t disregard others’ lives and opinions so much.

For a while everyone was angry: “Hey—”

“If you let you call, just call.” Zhu Yang said impatiently.

Her face was suddenly cold, and she was clearly on her knees and half-length shorter than everyone else, but she looked up at them, and it felt like they were the one kneeling on the ground.

Just listen to her sneer and say: “A group of idiots who are led by the nose, instead of letting the idiot show lead, isn’t it better to be led by me? Anyway, we are still in the same camp.”

“Really, too stupid to watch.”

For a while, everyone dared to be angry and did not dare to speak, only Shu Tian, ​​that is, the girl who was killed yesterday only heard from others, and did not really see Zhu Yang’s power.

At this time, he retorted dissatisfiedly: “Why are you talking like that, yes! Yesterday you broke the game, we all show your love, but you treat us like dogs?”

“It’s not that you are clearing the customs alone. Are you all busy during the day without making any contributions? Knowing that you are great and not letting you work is enough to respect you? What else?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Do you know what the most troublesome rule of this game is for me?”

Everyone was at a loss.

“After a game is broken, the dead guy will come back to life.” Zhu Yang got up: “In yesterday’s game, those who did fight were caught off guard. If they were not careful, they would easily overlook the important points. Everyone worked together to get through. Not to mention it.”

“Today’s game, are you serious? All such stupid tricks were done, and the team was almost half destroyed in one breath.” She pointed to the TV: “The prompt is so obvious, that thing is a little bit obscure, you are actually talking about it. Don’t say step in, tease me, right?”

“Such a stupid teammate, as long as I don’t die, he has to come back to life one by one and drag him back, but let me go.

She said this horribly, but no matter how stupid people felt that there was a big situation on her side, they could only suppress their temper and act as she said for the time being.

Zhu Yang, once his emotions become sharp, the whole person will become extremely mean, and if she is dissatisfied, a mouth of venom will spray the surrounding grass.

In the first two similar situations in the game, one was when Zhu Weixin was implicated in the game. She was all wrong at the time.

The second time was the first game of the Intermediate Field. He was full of joy and made an appointment with Datou Lu to enter the game. As a result, he opened his eyes and did not see his irritability and loss. At that time, the players and NPCs on the yacht were spraying dogs.

This **** show used Zhu Weixin’s face to stimulate her, Zhu Yang was not showing up on her face, and her heart was extremely unhappy. Seeing that her teammates couldn’t keep up with the rhythm and couldn’t kick her at all, she was naturally no longer polite.

In fact, her temper has become much better after more than a year of gaming experience, but her nature is impossible to change in this life.

The soldiers called down the people who were already asleep, Zhu Yang glanced, and the two families who had fallen asleep were really big-hearted. One pair had already washed up, put on pajamas, and looked sleepy.

It was strange to Zhu Yang’s sudden call: “Is there anything wrong?”

“Yes!” Zhu Yang said, and then suddenly grabbed their hair with one hand, and hit them with both hands, causing them to be dizzy.

When the people around saw him, they immediately stopped and said, “Hey! You asked people to come down to be your punching bag?”

“You are a fairy, you don’t know if you change it. Those who have left your sight with your family alone are all tied up.”

Everyone was angry at her right now, but they were not vague after hearing her words. On the one hand, she was too sure, and on the other hand, she took the lead in offending people. Even if they were mistaken, at least they knew who they could vote for in the next round of voting.

Zhu Yang didn’t care about the careful thinking of these guys. In fact, this bad show is stupid, but disgusting people really have a way. With it, it is difficult for the whole team to maintain a friendly and cooperative relationship from start to finish.

Zhu Yang simply gave up normal prestige management, chose a more extreme method, and stood directly from the perspective of a commander.

She subdued two in her hand, and another one who had been to the toilet with her family was also subdued by other players.

After the three were tied up, Zhu Yang told the others: “Tie up your own family members.”

“Why?” A male player’s wife immediately jumped up.

Zhu Yang turned the knife in his hand: “Indeed, it is too much trouble to tie it up, but it is more convenient to kill it.”

Let’s bundle it!

Don’t look at the previous breakdown by the family’s condition, but being able to get here does not lack the courage to act decisively. If Zhu Yang asked them to kill his family members, he would definitely not do it, but if they were tied up, honestly speaking, they would be ordinary family members. Physique, in this world, it really makes no difference whether it is tied or not.

Everyone, including Zhu Weixin, was tied up. At this time, five players remained free, including Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yangchong raised their chins: “Let’s go, go to the bathroom first.”

The toilets on the first floor are not small, they are cleaned, and incense is lit in them. Entering the door is a washbasin with a novel design.

Below the sink is a large cabinet over one meter in length, with paper towels and hand sanitizer piled in it.

Zhu Yang looked around for a while, and then first opened the wash cabinet. With good luck, he won the prize.

In the spacious wash cabinet in between, the body of a female player was curled up inside.

This female player came to the toilet with her mother.

However, what is even more amazing is that there is a person in the living room holding the face of this female player, who is being tied up, that is, one of the three players who are restrained.

Now, what else does the players do not understand?


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