Scream Queen Chapter 125

The people in the cabinet died miserably, making the players present inevitably feel depressed.

It wasn’t how ugly the death was. Everyone lifted her out of the cabinet, but there were no obvious injuries on her body.

It should have been killed by a swift blow from something, but if there was a bit of struggle, it would not be possible for the outside players to react at all.

The cause of death cannot be detected temporarily from the body surface, so it should be the clone who killed it in a specific way.

It’s just that the players were born and died so many copies of the game, it is not that they have not seen the death of their companions, any case is more tragic than this.

There was even a female player’s throat cut in the toilet last time, which was more posture than it seemed.

But when it comes to the sense of desolation, this thing is incomparable before.

To say that this bad show is disgusting, really doesn’t wrong it at all.

Players die and ghosts are persecuted, the game is dangerous, and even the players calculate it, but let people die in the hands of the closest and most trusted family members in reality.

Although these family members are fake, when everyone tied up, they confirmed that those people are without force, just like ordinary people in reality.

The end is deadly disgusting and aggrieved.

Carrying the corpse out of the toilet, and placing the corpse in the hall, the ‘family’ who were bound with their hands and feet and gagged their mouths were shocked again when they saw the corpse.

This reaction has never been faked, not to mention that they have no need to pretend now that they have been exposed by hard evidence.

Zhu Yang sneered coldly: “Sure enough, in order to make the copy more fake, when this broken show copied them, they didn’t even implant the concept of being a fake in their minds.”

“Regardless of whether the copying is from our inner impression, or directly using reality as a reference template, at least these copyists believe in their hearts that they are themselves.”

This ubiquitous disgusting handwriting made the players feel bored.

Someone retorted: “Isn’t it possible? If they think they are genuine, how can they harm the player? And after killing the player, they become deceitful.”

Zhu Yang said: “No matter how acting is against the harmony, only true feelings leave no trace. As for killing, you only need to set an order for them and start it under certain conditions, such as when no one is alone.”

“I guess once they kill people, the nature of these clones will awaken and know their true mission, but in this way, the disguise will not be as seamless as in the beginning.”

Saying that she kicked a nearby ‘player’ in pajamas, this player was one of the two players who went upstairs to sleep with his family.

“I don’t know when Hou Xin, who ran out, will come back. It’s okay to comfort his family and take a break.” Zhu Yang stepped on the other party: “But even the pajamas were changed, and he made such a pair in less than an hour. The posture of sleepy eyes, before you are completely sure whether your family members are genuine?”

“How did you live so much until now?”

This made the players feel deeply convinced. Indeed, these fake family members made them very shaken. Whether it is the arrival of bees or the choice of voting to drive people out, they are absolutely unwilling.

That’s because no one dares to bet that one in 10,000 of the opponent is a real person, but protection is one thing, and guarding is another.

There is no contradiction between these two attitudes.

Although the players spread out, rested, soothed and soothed, cooking and eating, cooking and eating does not mean that they can give their backs to the ‘family’ without reservation.

Just now Zhu Yang slaughtered “Hou Xin” with a single knife and gave the players too much shock. The focus is mainly on this. If it is normal, a little bit, I will suspect that the two guys in pajamas are too big.

It’s just that Zhu Yang has already got the result when they catch the signs of suspicion.

Zhu Yang said again: “Let’s go, go up and see how the two hapless guys died.”

The group of people went upstairs again, opened the rooms of the two players separately, rummaged for a bit, and really pulled out a corpse from the bottom of the bed.

It is also unscathed in appearance, unstoppable, and capable of dying in the hands of an ‘ordinary person’.

Zhu Yang looked at the guy’s hapless sneer: “This little expression.”

Before the player died, he probably didn’t expect that he would be so helpless to fight back.

Although Zhu Yang was taunting the deceased, other players also suddenly felt hot. After all, everyone’s consciousness was half-hearted.

The other player’s corpse throwing was more level. The clone opened the window and threw the corpse out of the window.

The outside is densely covered with seals, so that it would never be possible to find dead bodies in the villa.

The reason for this is that they did not find anything in the room. Zhu Yang ordered the window to be opened. One of the players had the wind power ability to temporarily blow away the bees nearby, and under the windowsill saw a human figure wrapped in bees.

Zhu Yang used a hooked rope to plunge into the corpse without gentleness, then drove away the bees from the corpse and pulled the person back to the room.

The three corpses were all placed in the living room at this moment, plus the corpse of Hou Xin who came back from the outside. In less than an hour and a half, four players were already dead.

The nine players were almost half gone all at once. The physique of these ‘family’ is comparable to ordinary people, which means that they cannot kill the players on their own strength.

But the player still died silently, which means that as long as they are alone, the other party must have the ability given by the program to kill the player, only to meet the condition of being alone.

If Hou Xin came back a few hours later, everyone would not have been waiting for him in the living room. They would definitely go back to each room in the end.

So can they defend against the unknown sneak attack? The ending of Tuan Mie seems to have just wiped the tip of everyone’s nose.

At this moment, Zhu Yang was sitting on the single sofa in the living room, still full of momentum with his long legs cocked, but the rest of the players felt like they could not lift their heads.

The whole living room was silent for several minutes before I heard her sneer—

“Why? Since I suspected that counterfeit goods could become our family, didn’t you think that the other party could also become us?”

“I still feel like I’m an intermediate player who has something to rely on. No matter what the situation, I still have the power to fight?”

The three corpses in the living room that hadn’t been completely cold were slaps alive, and they didn’t even send out the call for help.

The players buried their heads lower, unknowingly facing Zhu Yang, just like facing a stern boss when they were just working.

One of the players screamed: “In fact, I was guarding it, but I didn’t expect it to be so silent–”

“Heh! It’s like I’m picking up faults, do you want me to praise you for doing a good job, but the show is too cunning?”

Everyone’s faces are even hotter. This thing loses your own life if you neglect it. Who can be hard-headed, it’s not uncommon for you to beep at Zhu Yang?

If she hadn’t even been beeping, I guess everyone would have been cold by now.

Although she is not reconciled, as she said, as long as one person alive and other dead players can be resurrected in each round, then the biggest possibility now is that she brings such a group of people.

No matter how hard it is in my heart, but being saved by her twice, this is an unavoidable fact.

Zhu Yang saw a few guys looking downcast, and then put down the stick and took carrots and said: “But it’s all to blame for you, and it’s a bit harsh.”

“Although the prompts on the bulletin board are obvious, this rhythm is one step at a time, forcing people to rush.”

“Everyone’s heart is still not confused, so they started the voting mode, and forced the focus to the next step, leaving no room for sorting out.”

“Then the players won’t start the next round of voting if they don’t have it together. This trick is also poisonous. It seems that enough time is given to the whole situation to ferment, and the players are allowed to fight in order to protect their families. At the time, everyone thought so, right?”

Everyone nodded, really thinking that the reason why the game seems to be so “kind” to allow the next voting time to have such a big gap is because they want their players to have their own hearts and fights.

Zhu Yang snapped his fingers: “Isn’t this fooled? Of course, there is also a part of this purpose, but in fact it is to create a space for players and their ‘family’ to live alone.”

“The result of the voting was too tragic. Everyone saw Hou Xin’s wife and children being swept out with their own eyes, and they didn’t want their family members to encounter this in front of their eyes.”

“So as soon as the so-called rules for the players to gather before proceeding to the next vote came out, everyone knew that it had bad intentions, but subconsciously they would still breathe a sigh of relief, which also concealed its true purpose.”

After listening to her analysis, everyone suddenly became clear, and the fact that there were two breaks to the bottom of the game, the more they felt that she was very clear and reliable from start to finish.

The trick of the show was completely under her nose and there was nothing to hide.

The players’ confidence was immediately boosted, and someone asked, “Then, how do you confirm that these are counterfeit goods and can become players?”

Zhu Yang stepped on the coat of “Hou Xin” on the tip of her toe. She checked his coat under the name of checking his injuries, just to confirm.

In fact, she is not sure that a clone can become a player. After all, she hasn’t opened the eyes of the sky. How can she know everything?

It’s just that once the person who leaves the line of sight, what is coming back again, this has to be guarded.

So Hou Xin flicked a marble into his pocket while chasing someone out.

She doesn’t know how this **** show pretends to be a human being. It may be copied out of thin air, and it may be changed by copying people. She can’t guarantee whether the show will still be copied if she just throws away something else.

However, if Zhu Weixin had experienced a low-level experience and couldn’t be copied, he thought that the permission to come to this show was not enough to copy game-related abilities and props, so Zhu Yang chose the cockroach.

Sure enough, he took out a black marble from the pocket of the returned “Hou Xin”, but the marble couldn’t turn into a cockroach.

That’s what Zhu Yang confirmed.

And when she went back to the room with Zhu Weixin alone, she took out the little yellow chicken, first to avoid two people alone, and secondly, knowing that little yellow chicken likes to stick to her uncle, just to restrain him and let her observe. As expected, there are not two people in the room. , There is nothing unusual over there.

Of course, it is impossible to tell the players that even though they have to be called, they must be prepared to be enemies at any time in this program. The ability is to be exposed as little as possible.

Randomly pulled a reason to fool the past, such as the show can not tolerate her continuing to build prestige here to incite willfulness.

At this time, the clown appeared on the screen at the right time, saw the scene in front of him, and said in an exaggerated tone: “Oh, are the people gathered? You can start voting again.”

The player pointed to the three corpses on the ground incredibly: “How many people are dead and still vote for your mother?”

At this moment, everyone is not polite to the related people of this show. They are disgusted enough all the way, and they shoot at the clown: “Besides these fakes, who cares if they die?”

However, the clown was not embarrassed to be dismantled at all, and spread his hands: “Oh, I just hosted in accordance with the rules of the show. Are you happy to let your family members die? This is not my concern.”

Then continue to add the rules: “That’s the case. The voters of this round of shows, we only recognize faces. After all, we don’t know about the relationship entanglements between you on the show. Everyone is unfamiliar. Why don’t you look at the faces? ”

In other words, whether it is a copy of the human disguise or not, as long as the player’s face is pressed against it.

Players know that the rules are set by them, and do not argue.

Pointing to the ‘Hou Xin’ who was nailed to the ground by her and said: “Even if the other three counterfeit goods can replace the vacancy of the dead, this one is dead, right? So the players are not gathered.”

When he finished speaking, he saw the clown grinning a weird smile.

The door of the villa opened again, and another “Hou Xin” appeared at the door. The moment he stepped in, the countdown on the TV opened at the same time.

“That’s true, Hou Xin has two’family members’.” Zhu Yang said, “I’m afraid this is also the reason why they randomly selected their home at the beginning of the show, right?”

The word ‘random’ was bitten very hard, and the clown heard that he looked up at the sky and did not quibble with her. This was indeed a backstop for the show just in case.

The players are now much more relaxed than before: “Regardless of the broken show, just pick one person and throw it out, or just throw out all the clones.”

After saying this, the clown did not show any signs of disappointment, but was pleasantly surprised: “Oh, are you? Everyone is really bold, so let’s start, hehehe…”

Sometimes people are like this, the other party assumes a posture of hob meat, and the fact that he has already confirmed on his side has to go back to his heart to confirm it.

The guy smiled badly, as if they threw out all the clones at this moment, and they would regret it in the end.

The players looked at each other and looked at the family members on the ground. They looked at themselves with horrified and unbelievable eyes, as if they were suddenly betrayed by their relatives.

Seeing the rest of the players irritated, the clown over there was still urging: “Three minutes have passed, don’t you want to throw it? Neither throw or choose, then it will be randomly selected.”

A player punched the floor, and the floor tiles suddenly added a crack.

He suddenly realized: “This **** is on purpose.”

Before the clones trigger the condition of being alone, they themselves think that they are genuine. It is not impossible for the player to throw out the ‘family’ with such a mood to death, but this is itself a torture.

When I return to reality, facing the real family, I can’t help but think of this scene. This is a knot in my heart. Whether it affects the long-term road or not, it is not a good thing after all.

Besides, the clown’s attitude made everyone more uncertain. Why is he so gloating? Are there other problems that they did not expect?

This thought, unexpectedly several minutes passed.

At this time, Zhu Yang stood up with two chuckles: “The next three abuses!”

“Huh?” The clown was proud of the downturn in the living room.

What if these people have already solved the puzzle? This game is originally a psychological warfare, as long as they care about their family members very much, they will be hesitated to move forward.

Even if this game is already powerless, it is necessary to maximize the influence and sequelae.

When he heard Zhu Yang’s words, the triumph on the clown’s face was too late to be put away, with the fear and surprise of her, his expression was funny.

Zhu Yang said: “Oh! I didn’t tell you, after all, you are not even the third abuser, you are just a mischievous fish.”


Okay, just listen, how can you beat her? Can’t win again.

Zhu Yang cut off the rope that bound Zhu Weixin and handed him the knife. Under the incredible expressions of horror from other players, he watched as she told her brother: “Go, kill the person who was tied up.”

Does this person know what he is talking about? Since the clone of her brother hasn’t attacked her yet, does that mean there is no awakening?

Think in your heart that you are Zhu Weixin, right? As a relative, how could she let the brother of ordinary people kill?

However, what shocked them even more was the young man, who just untied the rope and looked at his sister aggrievedly. After listening to her the next second, he actually picked up the knife and walked towards the ‘family’.

Everyone didn’t have time to react, and the clones were wiped on their necks one by one. I can’t believe this is a cruel hand that a non-player can make instantly.

No, the average player can’t be so cruel, right?

“Zhu Yang, you–” The others had complex expressions, doubting whether her brother was a serial murderer in reality, and then felt a little awkward about his’family’ being killed in front of them.

Although this act decisively saves their choice.

However, he saw Zhu Yang put his arms around his brother’s neck, held him in his arms, and looked up at the TV.

Although the line of sight fell on the clown with a big mouth, it seemed to look at the existence behind him through him.

Because of the death of the “family”, the countdown to this round has stopped, and there seems to be a dark emotion in Zhu Yang’s eyes.

Suddenly she sneered and said: “As you can see, if he and my real brother had the same thinking, thoughts, and physique before the clone was awakened, then he should have understood the situation in my heart now.”

“My brother, it’s not an idiot who has so many strange things in front of his eyes, and has not shy away from discussing clues in front of him, yet can’t guess the truth.”

‘Zhu Weixin’ half-kneeled on the ground, shrank into her arms, looked up at her for a long time, eyes red.

“So if I didn’t—in the bedroom just now, I would kill you?”

Zhu Yang touched his head: “You can’t kill me.”

“Liar!” He said: “I’ve seen the number of ways those guys did it. The last time they are better than me, the family who followed them are just ordinary people, but why do they still die if they are guarded? ?”

“That means death is unavoidable once the conditions are met. As long as you are not stronger than the’program’ rules, you cannot avoid it.”

He said, tears flowed down: “So I almost killed you?”

Regardless of whether this ‘Zhu Weixin’ once met the conditions, he would remember his mission to kill Zhu Yang. After he awakened, the feeling that was copied from the true Zhu Weixin disappeared instantly.

But at the moment his tears and pain are real.

Zhu Yang’s eyes were deep, and he slid down his head, with soft hair running through her palms, which is why she would never let this show off anyway.

She was feeling abnormal, but other players looked at Zhu Weixin in shock.

Generally speaking, do ordinary people possess such powerful qualities? It’s just that they have been here for so long, coupled with luck and cooperation with their teammates.

Zhu Yang didn’t break and explain a lot of problems. They were still in the cloud, but this kid broke the key at a glance.

The other family members are shrewd and savage in reality. At this moment, they encountered such a series of weird, bee besieged city, murder show, corpse and fight, and **** by relatives, so scared to think.

Even after listening to them, the cause and effect can not be connected, and it is also unacceptable in the heart. It is completely out of the situation. In fact, this is also a normal reaction of ordinary people.

Only this kid, who was copied halfway, was even clearer than their players at the moment, and he had clearly figured out the matter.

Not only is he smart and calm, he doesn’t even hesitate to kill. If this kid becomes a player, he must be a genius player again?

They looked at the siblings bizarrely, were they so enchanting when they turned out to be ordinary people?

Zhu Weixin wiped his eyes, picked up the knife that had just killed someone from the ground, and pointed it at his neck: “Rather than being the minion of a **** show, I would rather die as your brother.”

Just about to wipe his neck, Zhu Yang grabbed his hand.

She grinned: “Don’t die, I have the final say on this thing.”

Then she seemed to think of something, feeling a lot more relaxed, and smiled at the TV show: “Oh, yes, I was interrupted by this guy, I forgot that I was halfway through.”

She rubbed Zhu Weixin’s head again: “What did you just say? Oh, you are the next third.”

Seeing the clown’s open mouth expression, she frowned: “Get away, don’t block the camera.”

The clown hurriedly shrank to the corner of the screen, leaving a large blank space, as if Zhu Yang was staring directly at something——

“Don’t get me wrong, I said that you are indiscriminate, and it’s not that you are screaming at you with anger.”

“After all, it shows that I was really irritated, but I was helpless with you. I had no choice but to speak quickly and win with a trace of spiritual victory. This is a very sad thing, not to mention that if you really scold you, the wording is fundamental. Not enough to see.”

She patted Zhu Weixin’s back again and again, like coaxing a sleeping baby, with a gentle expression and inattentive speech.

But in this gentle tone, what was said is another matter.

“After a truly objective analysis and evaluation, I have confirmed that you are an inexperienced idiot. This is an evaluation based on facts, haha! No offense, but this is a fact that you cannot change by yourself.”

“Some beings can reach the sky with their wrists, ignoring the barriers of the world, freely traveling through time and space and omnipotent, and it is not without reason that you can only shrink in one of the many worlds under the hands of such a big man.”

“For example, if the game is about a wealthy giant who owns countless properties, enters and exits countless tenants every day, and has a prosperous business. You are the poor Dios who rented one of the small single rooms and rented out the single rooms for the second time. ”

“You think you are manipulating my life and death right now, playing with us between applause, right?”

Zhu Yang smiled, with undisguised irony on his face: “No, no, this is not the case.”

“You can see your ambitions. Those who think you are geniuses are actually just **** ideas in the eyes of others. But your so-called show, based on your deflation and hard work for a hundred years, can hardly be elegant. .”

“If other people’s games are at the golden eight o’clock level, you can’t even squeeze in programs that give up ratings. You can only spend your own pockets and live in a shabby town to entertain yourself.”

“The evidence is that going to the high-level field can be more unscrupulous. With your strength, there should be no problem, but you are willing to stay here and abide by certain rules. Are you treating yourself as a god? Or say—”

Her voice stretched: “Or is there something in the high-level field that makes you have to choose to shrink? Or where did the competitor completely defeat and escape?”

As soon as these words came out, although there was still no change in the room, inexplicably, the players rushed to the assembly to a suffocating pressure.

It was as if facing a master of crushing level, the opponent was pouring out with a malicious aura.

Everyone’s hairs were bursting and their scalp numb, but Zhu Yang still sat there calmly, even the frequency of his brother Shun’s head did not change.

In other words, the smile on her face was even more brilliant by three points: “Oh! Just a casual guess, it seems that at least a part of the tail was poked.”

“Oh, by the way, do you know why I haven’t been shaken by the authenticity of’family’ from beginning to end? It’s shameful to say that because of an accident, I have implicated my brother into the game.”

“However, you don’t even know this. It can be seen that if your authority is out of this world, no one will even buy it in the low-level field!”

“Insufficient authority, limited fun, narrow structure, and shabby resources. The most ridiculous thing is that there is no reward for clearing the game with you. You tell me there is even the slightest merit in your broken program?”

Zhu Yang slashed a certain existing heart here, and the clown naturally felt that something was wrong before the players. He shivered and looked in a certain direction, wishing to get out of the TV to sew the guy’s mouth.

But no, he is just a spicy chicken who fights the five scums. Now he can’t walk, and he can’t stop without stopping. The urinary sensation caught in the middle is filled with a lot of bubbles.

As if hearing his prayer, Zhu Yang finally ended.

She sighed: “Just leave it alone. I can’t bear anything without reward. I have never done anything for nothing in my life.”

“Since you don’t want to post, I will take it myself!”

He said and looked down at “Zhu Weixin”: “Are you willing to follow me?”

Zhu Weixin rubbed her palm and said coquettishly: “What do you think?”

Zhu Yang clapped his hands: “Okay, then you are mine.”

Zhu Weixin said: “But I—”

He understands that if he is a copyist, the control will always be in the hands of the show. This can not be determined by Zhu Yang’s attitude, even if it is his current attitude, it is also because of the setting of the show.

So this proposal was impossible from the beginning.

But before he could put it forward, he saw Zhu Yang pull out a book. The texture of the book was actually human skin. As a supernatural prop creature, he could feel it at once.

Zhu Yang smiled: “This is the first time I have used its contract skills.”

It is the Human Skin Book that was originally obtained from Wu Yue. The Human Skin Book can manipulate nearby ghosts through blood, at the cost of backlashing blood providers after the ghosts act.

The most awesome thing about this book is that it can override the original contract and ignore the level.

In the Toad/Mao village before, the ghost brides used this book to get rid of the control of the ghost and bodhisattva, so that they could personally slash the toad.

But in addition to this, this book can also sign a subordination contract on the premise of the ghost’s willingness. Zhu Yang has never used it before, because there is no need for this step to have received enough brothers.

She asked “Zhu Weixin” to cut her finger and place it in the middle of a white page.

When his blood soaked into the pages of the book, ‘Zhu Weixin’’s face suddenly changed, turning into a black figure of an invisible human figure, a bit like Xiao Hei in Conan.

Immediately he was sucked into the page of the book, and then a spell and a brief introduction about his species appeared on that page-

[Thousand-faced ghost, disguise, intercept the target’s inner impression and change it into the same person in the memory, the combat strength is equivalent to the body, and there is an upper limit. 】

“Oh!” Zhu Yang shook the book contemptuously: “I thought it was a spiritual puppet, but it was such a useful spiritual creature.”

After the thousand-faced ghost was absorbed in, the other “family members” and the few pretending to be players also shrivelled and disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye. Although this thing can be divided into many parts for use, the human skin book signed a contract. The overbearing one has taken over the entire existence of the’Thousand Faced Ghost’.

Take a chestnut, it’s like people only put a finger on it, but it brutally drags the whole person in through the finger.

The clown looked at Zhu Yang dumbfounded, and pointed her whole arm shaking: “You, you–”

There seemed to be a sound of vomiting blood around, it was not the player or the clown anyway.

Zhu Yang smiled: “You’re welcome, I was rewarded for this customs clearance at that time, and you have also heard that they are willing to do so, otherwise I can’t sign it. The signing of the contract for this book is absolutely in accordance with my wishes. ”

Seeing that the clown was still silly, he said with dissatisfaction: “Why? I only received the same as you after two games. It is already considered a discount.”

“That’s it. I will consciously prepare the reward for each next game.” She said, her eyes were sharp: “Otherwise I will have to ask for it myself.”

Please be paralyzed! Poor show is all capable, as she said.

Since he is in the mid-level field, he has the strength to crush the mid-level field, and he refuses to move into the high-level field, so his actions are limited by the rules.

Players cannot be harmed during the non-program period, even in the program, the rules must be followed, and no dead ends without the probability of clearance must not be designed.

Originally, he was so angry that the **** made a mouthful of anger, and he was also robbed of a useful item.

Why can’t it think of setting the rules for replicas to think they are ontology before certain conditions? Because of this, the Qianmiangui regarded herself as her younger brother, and of course he was fooled by the finger.

The show was counted for nothing. I did not expect that after digging so many pits, the deepest one buried himself.

But what use is there now? The disappearance of all the copies means that the ‘fraud gang’ is completely destroyed. This round is broken!

The seal outside the window disappeared, and the TV was about to turn off, but Zhu Yang suddenly stopped the clown: “Wait!”

The clown is now scared of being cleaned up by her, plus the shock just now, I really don’t want to pay attention to her anymore.

But I dare not. This guy has so many weird abilities. Although he is not better than the boss, it is absolutely no problem to clean up himself. He can’t apply for a transfer. He has to tremble and say: “Huh! Are you okay?”

All players: “…”

These crickets are totally two attitudes towards Zhu Yang and them, all kinds of acrimonious and malicious mockery towards them, and a shivering chicken to Zhu Yang Nanima.

Zhu Yang asked him: “Of course something is going on, don’t you wink? Get me some honey before the bees are over.”

Got it! This is a goose plucking hair, even the insects are not let go. It is no longer a problem to see her eating grasshoppers and taking honey.

The clown responded quickly and ran out with the basin in the kitchen.

Not to mention, those bees really produced a lot of honey during the siege of them, but the clown’s hands and feet were swift, and soon he packed a big pot back.

By the way, he also brought back Hou Xin who died outside.

After Hou Xin returned, several dead players were resurrected at the same time, looking at the companions in front of them, one by one was downcast.

Even though they didn’t participate in the breaking process, but after all, they knew they were fooled if they were careful.

Zhu Yang asked: “How did you die?”

Everyone was also curious about how ordinary human clones would kill them, so they listened to a few guys unlucky: “Don’t blame us, as long as the conditions are met, it is too easy for the clone to kill us.”

“Just call our name, and say give me your life, and then there will be three seconds before we can move.”

Three seconds is enough to kill a person. Especially for ghosts.

However, when Zhu Yang and “Zhu Weixin” went back to the room alone, they first took out the little yellow chicken and did not meet the conditions, and secondly, even if the little yellow chicken was not a human being.

Then it will not sit back and watch “Zhu Weixin” hurt its mother, so compared to other players, it doesn’t have the kind of thrill of escape.

The four resurrected players complained that the game was too difficult and the **** show was too vicious and tricky.

Especially Shu Tian, ​​she was the one who died on the first day yesterday, and she is still there today, even if she can be resurrected after breaking the game, but is this tolerable?

Several people complained endlessly, all kinds of dissatisfaction with this **** show and the difficulty of the heart are lingering.

One of them said: “This Nima clearly wants to kill us all here, right?”

“Who can stand it twice more? Will the rewards for customs clearance be proportional to the crime we suffer?”

One of the five people who survived twitched his lips: “I don’t know about others, Zhu Yang will definitely not suffer anyway.”

“Why?” The four were at a loss.

“Because she just snatched a spirit creature from the show as a reward.”

If you don’t give it, I will take it myself.

The four turned their heads and looked at Zhu Yang in disbelief.


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