Scream Queen Chapter 126

The same is for customs clearance. Everyone is thrown around by the show, and they cried and robbed the ground even if they tried.

Although that thing has grasped the weakness in the players’ hearts, it is also good at guiding in the heart, and it is very badly damaged.

But after the meeting, my stupidity was really enough, and I could really foresee how the dungeon’s clearance evaluation was down all the way to the end.

Because of the high difficulty and the poor average performance, the best ending is to keep the group from destroying. Others really dare not imagine that they can get rewards for props and skills.

But looking at people now, no matter what you say in the end, Zhu Yang is not losing in this wave.

Let’s not talk about the usefulness of the thousand-faced ghost. There is a prop that can perfectly transform into anyone. Just thinking about it will know how good it is.

To deceive and pretend, to get rid of the golden cicada’s shell, and even to copy combat power, the simplest benefits alone can list a large basket.

Needless to say the first two, when you encounter an extraordinary situation, if you use it well, it is a miraculous effect.

The fighting power of the thousand-faced ghost is comparable to that of the cloner. They have already felt that when they took down the cloned guys. Although the player’s ability cannot be copied, the fighting quality is proper.

The physique response of the clone, the combat ability, and the intermediate players who have undergone countless points blessings and transformations are in the middle.

This may be the case. Ninety-nine percent of all players are ordinary people before they become players, although they will naturally develop fighting skills interestingly after entering the game.

But first, not everyone has such good real resources, and second, not everyone can endure the suffering.

The game has been hard enough, and in reality there are still most of them. So generally speaking, ability is indeed the largest proportion of the strength of the average player.

It is the basis for the life-saving of ordinary players, and it is more important than the physical fitness blessed by evolution.

Otherwise, in the deep sea prison, the player would not be at a loss because of the restraint of a restraining collar.

Therefore, in the final analysis, a thousand-faced ghost that cannot replicate its capabilities, according to the general theory, is not strong in combat capabilities.

But if they dare to have such a naive idea, then they will be in vain to the midfield.

Yes, the general player’s strength composition is based on ability, but there are always people who are extremely powerful in reality, and their fighting ability has been strengthened to the extreme with the development of the body.

This kind of human ability is the icing on the cake for him.

Moreover, even if such a terrifying boss is rare among players, in the game world, some local NPCs really have the ability to chase down players with flesh and blood.

If there are a few such person templates in the database in Zhu Yang’s mind, they don’t need too many, one or two can be done, then for her at this stage, it is equivalent to one more word and will not betray. Player thugs.

Although a thousand-faced ghost has an upper limit of ability, such as a person who is too powerful, it cannot restore the opponent’s full physical strength, but at this stage, it is still completely sufficient.

After all, the physical fitness and responsiveness of the intermediate players, as well as the combat wisdom, are properly copied, and it is about to say that it is not enough. That is when Zhu Yang has a cross-domain gradient.


The more you think about this spirit creature, the more you can figure out the benefits of the other party, and the players are greedy for a while.

Taking this as a comparison, looking at the state of others’ harvests, and looking at yourself, you become more dejected.

Zhu Yang didn’t care about the frustration of a few guys, she was naturally happy when she had just got a good thing. They ignored everyone and went back to their rooms to sleep.

It’s almost midnight now. The others were also tired, the situation was broken at this time, and they returned to their rooms after a period of introspection.

Zhu Yangde’s honey looks good. She didn’t know how the bees were produced in such a short time. She didn’t expect it at first.

It’s just routinely finding fault for the clown, but I didn’t expect to actually get her a bucket back.

Zhu Yang put the little yellow chicken out and gave it some to eat. After all, it’s such a sweet and greasy thing, just taste it.

The little yellow chicken was still proud of it, so Zhu Yang took some rice **** from the space and dipped it with honey to feed it. Then he fed it to his fullness, and then took it to go to sleep.

During the period, Zhu Qiao asked: “Mom, where’s uncle? How can I go back to the room to sleep?”

Zhu Yang touched its soft fluff to coax it: “Uncle has to go home to accompany grandparents, not with us.”

“Oh!” The little yellow chicken was still a bit lost.

It can be seen that it is a bit boring to stay in the spirit beast bag all day long without anyone playing with it.

Zhu Yang felt sorry for it, so he stuffed a lot of snacks in the next morning. All kinds of toy tablets were naturally prepared: “Play with it yourself. Mom will let you out when the time comes.”

Having eaten breakfast early in the morning, everyone plans to go out again to explore.

I have learned about the large-scale facilities and main places in the town, but it is naturally impossible to be comprehensive in just one day.

But to be honest, if every round of this broken game keeps everyone in the villa like this, then the key to clearance is estimated to have little to do with other places.

It’s just that they don’t have a clue about escaping from this game town.

So someone asked Zhu Yang: “Right, do you want to go to the border of the town with us? You might be able to tell the clues.”

When he mentioned everyone, he looked at Zhu Yang with hope.

Yes, this guy is so smart. What if the condition for escaping from the town is not how many games to break or find some key items, or what conditions are triggered, it is just to get rid of the border puzzle?

With her cleverness, she might really be able to see through the key all at once and escape with everyone.

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “It’s okay, I’m not in a hurry to go out.”

The player’s purpose is only to clear the level, but her purpose is to make the show uncomfortable. At this moment, the show takes the initiative to open the border to ask her to go out and she will not leave.

What’s more, after she received the Thousand Faces Ghosts, she used this show as a prop kit. How could she take advantage of it?

In short, this wave is definitely not a loss.

Other players looked at her sorely, probably thinking that this guy was crazy, but given that her brother was an ordinary person, there was no obstacle to killing.

Going back and forth, maybe people were terrific characters before they entered the game? This kind of strong thinking is incomprehensible to mortals who are led by the rhythm of the game.

Although the game can be roughly divided into elementary, intermediate, and advanced according to difficulty, each level has its own difficulty, but according to the overall nature, it is probably no problem to classify it like this.

For example, Zhu Yang’s current dungeon is several times more difficult than the initial intermediate dungeon, but it has not yet reached the standard of qualitative change.

What is qualitative change? That is the objective conclusion of the game.

As long as the elementary field experiences enough fields alive, even if the performance is not good enough, the total energy change will cause the qualification to enter the intermediate field.

But it is not so easy for the intermediate field to enter the advanced field.

The threshold of the advanced field is not something that can be achieved by time stacking. Most players will not be able to accumulate the basic strength to enter the advanced field in their lifetime.

Moreover, strength is only part of the screening.

The predecessors of the game have said that those who can enter the advanced field do not have one in ten players.

Remember, this ten non-existent one does not refer to all players, but senior players who have successfully established a foothold in the intermediate field and have a certain amount of capital strength experience.

The vast majority of players can only go around in the middle level for a lifetime, and then their physical condition drops to a certain level, and they are no longer suitable for the game. After luck, they are banished by the game and return to the lives of ordinary people.

However, the pension provided by the game does not worry about life in reality, and if you were still alive at that time, you would have accumulated a lot of belongings, which was a relatively good result.

More of it is accidentally capsized in the gutter one day and died in the game.

Therefore, the advanced field is an unattainable existence for many players, but all the high-level play comes all the way from the elementary level.

When ordinary players encounter this kind of person, they can actually find the clue very early.

That is, this person will go farther than them, of course if he is lucky to be alive forever.

These players have met so many teammates of all stripes, but Zhu Yang——

No one would question whether she could go to the senior field.

This guy is not even the same as ordinary people in terms of game clearance standards and awareness. Players can see that they are just ordinary people who are chased by the game and follow the crowd.

And this guy is really having fun. What she wants is benefits and stimulation, she doesn’t mind taking risks, and keeping a low profile for stability is not in her consideration.

When I went out, I first glanced at the bulletin board, and the content on it had changed.

It’s just not a new reminder announcement, but it means that the fraud gangs have all been arrested and brought to justice, telling the residents not to panic.

Some players curled their lips: “This is a lot of **** drama.”

“It is estimated that the new announcement will only appear in the afternoon. Come back to see it then, and prepare in advance.”

Zhu Yang’s focus is not here. If the wanted order from the first day appears clearly in the follow-up, it is because the information needed to be vague before, but not after the murderer was exposed.

So today’s follow-up broadcast, let Zhu Yang confirm that this bulletin board is not just an ordinary rule suggesting prop.

Or it is a rule in itself, and a rule that the program must also follow the routine.

Otherwise, look for the chicken thief on the show, the so-called fraud gang was arrested and brought to justice, the truth is not that she got it into her hands.

Zhu Yang didn’t believe that the idiot was so magnanimous, and the matter of vomiting blood could be put on the bulletin board to tease himself.

There is a high probability that this has to be done.

A smile appeared at the corner of Zhu Yang’s mouth, which was another good key.

After reading the bulletin board, everyone dispersed, Zhu Yang was still alone.

She went to the coffee shop again and had some dessert. Today’s apple pie was good, and she emphatically praised her little brother’s craftsmanship.

And asked him: “I happen to be short of a pastry chef in my family. Are you interested in hopping?”

It is estimated that the little brother in the cafe has been sent to us for so long as an NPC, and all he encountered are players in a hurry, even if he is calm and confident, he has never received such an olive branch.

I was a little at a loss for a while, and it took a long time to refuse: “No, no need.”

Zhu Yang didn’t force it, and shrugged: “Really? It’s a pity, I thought you wouldn’t even want to refuse it directly.”

Did he refuse? The little brother of the coffee shop hearted——

Wait, the point is not thinking about it, right? Is it weird that he refused until after thinking about it?

For a while, the expression on the face of the little brother in the coffee shop appeared blank, but then it was replaced by a formatted smile.

Zhu Yang looked calmly in his eyes.

Then the little brother in the coffee shop told her: “By the way, there was a circus in the town early this morning and it was setting up a performance tent. The children in the town have all passed by. Would you like to join in the fun?”

The instructions specially given by the NPC are naturally valuable, and Zhu Yang happily goes there.

Sure enough, as soon as she arrived at the scene, not only she, but other players who had planned to go to other places to explore also came.

I wanted to come across an NPC in the middle of the road or in the town and gave a message.

Several people gathered together again: “Is the next one outdoors? Is the circus related?”

If this thing has nothing to do with the copy, the head is cut off and kicked.

A circus appeared inexplicably. They wanted this town to be so easy to get in and out. They went in such a big circle yesterday?

Zhu Yang looked at the several tents that had been built, all of them were colorful and childlike.

Employees in circus uniforms are busy coming and going, erecting, unloading, and placing props and animals.

Many children and leisurely people in the town are here to watch the excitement. Although it is busy, the circus cannot send guests out. On the contrary, it will give everyone a good impression, so that when the performance really starts, everyone can convince the family. People come together.

So a few clowns or acrobats performed some tricks on the surrounding children, and gave them balloons and candies in the form of interactive games, which amused the children.

The onlookers naturally explained their questions patiently.

Zhu Yang came to a person who seemed to be in charge and asked, “Are you from a neighboring town?”

Her words made the players look at each other, because the map shows that the nearest city here is a city, and there is no such thing as a neighboring town.

The person in charge replied: “Yes, we are doing a tour.”

The players were startled, but immediately thought that this circus appeared out of nowhere. These NPCs are probably just program settings. This kind of casual answer is not indicative.

After all, the clones last night thought they were their family members. It is not impossible for these guys to think they came from the so-called “neighbor town” or simply lie.

Zhu Yang laughed: “That’s a lot of work. By the way, do you still recruit actors for the circus?”

“Huh?” The person in charge was a little surprised: “What do you mean–”

“That’s it. My friend is a clown. Both his appearance and acrobatics skills are good, and he has a sense of entertainment. He even worked part-time as a radio host.”

“And I am also an animal trainer. I just quit my job some time ago. After seeing you, I feel that I still prefer to travel the world and bring joy to the audience, so I want to return to my job, I don’t know you–”

The person in charge pushed the single-sided glasses. He was wearing an elegant deacon uniform and a tall top hat, standing gracefully, speaking calmly, and even looking at it would not make people feel uncomfortable.

He glanced at Zhu Yang up and down: “Huh? You really look good.”

“Let’s not mention the ability to train animals. At least the personal image is extremely dominant. I have no reason to reject your proposal.”

“Well, it’s really busy today. We have to set up the venue overnight. Tomorrow morning you can bring your friends over for an interview. It happens that we are rehearsing the hot venue during the day. Can you think that?”

Zhu Yang nodded and smiled: “Of course this couldn’t be better.”

Her dialogue naturally fell into the player’s ears, and when she came back, everyone’s expressions were still tender.

One of them asked her with a corner of his mouth: “You, the clown you are talking about, shouldn’t it be–?”

Zhu Yang said in a benevolent tone: “I am doing it for his good.”

“Look, what’s the future of following such a low-breaking show? Everyone has become mean and acrimonious.”

“Isn’t it because he is still obedient? He is blowing grasshoppers and cutting honey for me, and he is fairly diligent and quick, showing him a clear path.”

“Think about it being disrespectful to me the first day, alas! I’m really a good person who repays grievances with virtue.”

Everyone was blown up by her shameless narcissism. Did the show know that you rob its employees after robbing its props?

Does the clown know that he has been scheduled to do a good job?

“Eh, that’s not right, they are not—” A player almost blurted out, and Zhu Yang came over with an eye knife, and the second half of the sentence was cut off.

But everyone knows what he meant. Isn’t this circus arranged for the show? Bringing the clown over is not just a left hand for a right hand.

The key was that Zhu Yang had to apply for an animal trainer, and everyone immediately realized that she wanted to do something.

Then he asked in a clever way: “Eh! Each of us has a certain ability or two, should we apply for it?”

Although I don’t know what she wants to do!

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “No, I will notify you directly of what you need to do.”

He didn’t mean to talk to them thoroughly, but everyone didn’t dare to have many opinions.

To be honest, Zhu Yang hasn’t seen a circus in reality. The relative quality in China is generally average, but he has seen a real star circus in foreign countries.

In Zhu Yang’s view, the quality of this circus that suddenly went to the small town was not worse than that of the star circus.

Although I haven’t seen the performance yet, many times I can see some doorways just by looking at the props, costumes and facilities.

In Zhu Yang’s view, the circus members who come and go here are well-dressed, meticulously dressed, and good in props. They should be calm when treating visitors who watch the excitement, let alone making children happy, it is based on Zhu Yang’s standards and words Humorous, any person can perform well in details.

Even the performing animals are full of beautiful coats, and they are full of energy. They don’t have the shoddy feeling of the circus that usually circulates in the township.

Just look at the equipment is indeed the top configuration.

Zhu Yang went around here again, and when he passed the snake-render, the obedient snakes who were originally on the snake-render desperately backed away.

The snake handler was a young brother, and he gave Zhu Yang a surprised look.

“They are very afraid of you.” The little brother was upright, then sniffed the tip of his nose, then his face changed: “You have a strong breath.”

The players who followed thought that it was Zhu Yang’s arrogance that even animals could feel, but she knew what was going on.

It should be the breath that sticks to Longlong after a long time.

Long Long just came home not long ago. Although he played with Xiao Ji every day, he was still very upset at first, like pestering her or Lu Datou.

These snakes may just feel its breath, right?

Seeing that it scared others, Zhu Yang and the others didn’t stay longer, and noted a few key points to leave here.

After a while, the morning passed, and a few people went to the supermarket to buy some fresh food——

There is a lot of inventory at home, but I didn’t take much of the fresh food that was not easy to preserve when I purchased it. With so many people, the cloners ate a lot yesterday, so naturally it was not enough.

When I went back, I saw that the bulletin board had been updated. They thought the content would be related to the circus, but it turned out not.

But I think about it, everyone in the circus has said that it will open tomorrow night. Wouldn’t it be a waste not to let people perform? It should be that time when something happens.

But during this period, the show doesn’t seem to make them relax for a night.

The above announcement says that there have been many food poisoning incidents today, and the source of the poison is unknown. Please be careful with your diet.

“Can’t the routine be new?”

Driven by Zhu Yang, other players also despise the show for all sorts of petty.

“I’m afraid it’s not that I forgot how much we have in our villa—”

Before he finished speaking, he ran back quickly with a sense of intelligence.

Sure enough, as soon as I entered the kitchen, I saw that everything was emptied. The kitchen was all exploded before, and all the stuff crowded in the corner of the living room was gone.

“Fuck! Is it so shameless?”

“What is bought with money, why is it emptied when it is emptied?”

“It’s okay.” Compared to Zhu Yang, who paid the money, he didn’t react much.

“After all, there is a scene refresh every day. It can act on this rule. For example, if the villa is completely restored, the material will be cleared.”

It really made sense to say that. Everyone had to scold the show for being scornful, but this is not the point. The key is to act quickly.

I couldn’t take care of lunch. Everyone hurried to the supermarket. Fortunately, the supermarket was still open at the moment.

The boss didn’t feel impatient after seeing them now, watching the players rush in for a snap purchase, but didn’t say anything, the whole process was quiet.

It was too quiet, and I couldn’t see anyone at the checkout.

“What about people?” the player asked.

“Don’t worry, put the money here. Could it be that he never comes back, and we have to wait for him until the evening?” Zhu Yang said and paid out.

When other players saw this, they hurriedly stopped: “Hey! Last time I was in a hurry, so why did I make you pay now?”

They are all experienced players. No one will feel bad for this little money. Although Zhu Yang has loose hands, they have to be sensible.

So anyone exchanged points for the common currency here, put the money on the counter and settled the account.

When I got home, I started boiling water and cooking rice.

“If you say food poisoning, it means that everything in the supermarket is not safe, right?”

“Although I have robbed so many things and come back, we still have to see which ones can be eaten.”

“Try packaged food first.”

I wanted to eat something fresh, so I can only deal with it first.

I opened a new bag of rice and cooked the cooked dishes. The taste can not be said how bad. Compared with the Jedi copy that lacks food and a biscuit for two days, this is already a happy life.

However, there is no freshness in the dishes and I always feel greasy.

Everyone thought this was careful enough, but everyone underestimated the shamelessness of the show.

Having a good breakfast, many people have no appetite compared to the food at noon.

There are only two male players because they are usually not picky and hungry, so they start picking up when the meal comes.

The other players were dying, they had already wiped out half of the bowl in an instant, but half of the time they had eaten it, they suddenly foamed at the mouth and died!

Nima, it’s dead! There should be a ‘again’.

Other players spit out what was in their mouths when they saw it, and immediately induced vomiting if they swallowed it again. Fortunately, they started to eat. After spitting out and gargle, there was nothing unusual.

Seeing that the dinner plate in front of Zhu Yang didn’t move, she was slowly playing with her mobile phone there by herself, with an expression of no surprise at the embarrassment on the table.

Someone asked, “You, you knew it a long time ago?”

Zhu Yang raised his eyes from the screen of the phone, and his gaze divided them: “Huh? Isn’t it all poisoned? What a pity.”

Hey! ! ! What does this guy say?

It suddenly occurred to her that she had said before that it was a pity that as long as one person did not die, the others would be resurrected. This meant that they would be dead, and she would better break the situation by herself, right?

I heard Zhu Yang sneered and said: “Everyone said that the poison/source is unknown, and you dare to directly enter it like this. How many deaths can save your old lady, right?”

Players can’t hold their heads up, no, this way is different.

No matter how desperately needed to survive, the game won’t give up any way out. This kind of packaged food is even a trick.

Oh, by the way, now the dungeon is in charge of the show, indeed the purpose of the game is to make them stronger, the purpose of the show is purely to make them die.

Thinking that there are rules and restrictions and cannot give a dead end, the opponent will not dare to be too naive to start, but this is also based on the inertial thinking of the game.

This is actually the reaction of most people, and they are already careful enough.

Then Zhu Yang continued to curse: “Now I know that I can make excuses for myself, right? Just reincarnate from starvation? Wouldn’t you find someone to try the poison first?”

Who can you try?

The thought in my heart came out, and the TV automatically turned on again——

“Hello! I am everyone’s good friend, David the Clown-you, how do you look at me with this look?”

The clown was forced by the player’s eyes at the beginning of his first appearance, which made him have the urge to run away.

After seeing him, all the players were downcast and completely convinced, no blame for being scolded!

Indeed, even if the people in the town are NPCs who can’t test poison, can this clown be? Why don’t they be more careful?

Several people looked at the two corpses lying on the table: “Oh~~, dead in vain.”

The clown was always uncomfortable by the atmosphere, and said unhappy: “Hello! Have you noticed me?”

“Because there will be a wonderful circus tomorrow, so today’s after show starts early. Are you surprised? Are you surprised?”

Just after speaking, I saw Zhu Yang come over with a grin: “Oh, that’s okay, get off work early today and settle with your stingy boss. I will take you to the circus tomorrow.”

“I’ll find a new job for you. You don’t even need to change your personal settings. I have seen the clowns over there. Their heads are not as big as you, and their recognition is not as high as you. You will definitely be popular once you go.”

“How is it, are you surprised? Are you surprised?”

The clown followed the chicken who was stepped on his neck, shaking his fingers and pointing at Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang even smiled and looked at him kindly: “Huh? What’s wrong? Are you happy and speechless?”

“Yeah!” The clown knew that his arm couldn’t twist his thigh, and said: “I thank you!”

Boss, when do you kill this bitch, I don’t want to be angry with this splint.

Fortunately, Zhu Yang stopped entanglement, and the clown suffocated his stomach and announced today’s rules.

Obviously they were out to make trouble, but they looked weak, pitiful and helpless, more desolate than the two dead bodies on the dining table.

“As you can see, basically all food is inedible now, except for bottled water, all infected by unknown sources of toxins, which is really heartbreaking.”

He made an exaggerated posture, and suddenly said: “But it doesn’t matter, everyone can take the task from the TV screen, and the program will distribute the corresponding food to everyone according to the completion of the task.”

“If you want to be full, just take more tasks!”

Some players sneered: “Can you starve to death in just one day?”

The clown just said that he would go to the circus tomorrow. In other words, it is impossible for the show to trap them for too long, otherwise there would be no arrangements.

The clown said as expected: “Tsk tut! When people are hungry, time is always more difficult.”

“The hard time is always very long, sometimes only one minute has passed, it feels like an hour has passed.”

Everyone’s complexion changed, and they understood his hint. They stayed in the villa for a day, and the time outside did flow normally, but it wasn’t necessarily inside the villa.

At least their senses will be stretched, and the so-called time of day is meaningless. I am afraid that if the rules are not limited, the program will make them feel that it is possible for a lifetime.

Zhu Yang’s eyes flashed, and this ability was similar to her feeling that she had grown old after a long time when Fu Jiang was locked in the illusion.

But she was not strong enough, so she could only do so under the premise that Fu Jiang’s mood was shaken and confused.

This **** show is much better than her, Zhu Yang has no doubt that it can let players truly experience the feeling of time being stretched.

Seeing that everyone understood, the clown applauded with a relieved expression: “Yes, the time here and the outside are 1:100, which means you have to stay here for a hundred days.”

“Of course, the task provided by our program is indeed free to take over or not, but can any of you survive a hundred days without eating?”

The clown laughed and gloated. Didn’t he rely on sufficient supplies before? It depends on what kind of confidence you have at this level.

The players’ eyebrows became anxious–

The player’s physique has been strengthened. Although the survival limit is not comparable to that of ordinary people, it is after all not bigu to become an immortal. One hundred days, this is definitely beyond their limit.

Sure enough, the show couldn’t wait to make trouble.

The clown said in an exaggerated tone: “Actually, in this villa, it is not completely without food.”

“As far as we know, there is a creature weighing two hundred catties. The meat is tender and the taste is fat. Although the species is a bit single, it can definitely help you survive a period of time.”

“Then, the first task is to find this grain reserve.”

The clown held out a finger: “On the way to find, we will give a reminder every two hours until we find it out.”

“Hint one, this food reserve is in the hands of a female player.”

Zhu Yang laughed. Whenever she thought that the show had angered her to the limit, it could continue to refresh her own perception.

Regarding the disgusting point, Zhu Yang felt that this show was rarely rivaled by her.

But she has already taken that thing as death, does she need to be angry with a dead person?

At this point, the players have listened to the clown’s prompt and have already discussed: “Two hundred catties of animals? Female players?”

When everyone said that they looked at Zhu Yang, the players were not stupid.

The day before yesterday, Zhu Yang brought such a big pot of grasshoppers after eating, and moved all kinds of snacks to the room. She had a good appetite before.

Now that the show is broken, it is naturally reminiscent. It turns out that I have a pet.

They didn’t think that there was anything wrong with Zhu Yang’s concealment. Each player has his own life-saving cards. Even if it is a cooperative relationship, when it is not necessary, there is no rule to confess. Of course, this is understandable.

It’s just that the show wants them to force Zhu Yang to hand over their pets to them by running out of food? This Nima is too yin damaged.

The players immediately expressed their stance: “Don’t worry, isn’t it just a few days of hungry? The living people are still suffocating the urine? It’s really impossible. We can always break the game by drinking water.”

Everyone nodded their heads, just thinking that this broken program was crazy. On the one hand, it was a show that was unkind to them, and on the other it was a powerful player who took them to fly.

Do you really think they are a bunch of ignorant rashers? Yesterday, it was because the family members were caring about it. In fact, it really gave them room to calmly consider. Everyone knows how to weigh and choose.

The clown grinned maliciously when the clown saw that the group was very united and advancing and retreating together.

Do these guys know the concept of a hundred days? What do people do when they are extremely hungry? He didn’t wait to lose his mind, and he was not in a hurry to say anything at this time.

And you can resist hunger? There is also a way to make you fall apart.

For example, when you are extremely hungry, you can come in from outside the window. For example, when you are lack of physical strength, you can release the danger, and you don’t need to kill them. That’s irregular.

But as long as they feel the thrill of the step-by-step crisis, they understand that they must maintain their physical strength. At that time, they have been driven to the extreme by hunger, and there is such a valid reason.

This fundamentally unequal group, reluctantly condensed by Zhu Yang’s strength and intelligence, is the time when it truly falls apart and is irreversible.

So they are not in a hurry.

However, the show party was not in a hurry, but Zhu Yang made a touched look: “I really, I still disliked you so much before, and I didn’t know what to say to you, but you chose to stand up for me, which really made me wonder what to say. .”

It is rare for everyone to see that Zhu Yang is so polite, and for a while, he feels flattered.

Zhu Yang said with great righteousness: “You are so righteous, I can’t just care about my own mood and let everyone fall into trouble.”

“This is indeed an unprecedented crisis. Even I can’t survive a hundred days. A little accident may lead to the destruction of the group. Then it is not so light and easy to die.”

“For this reason, I decided to take out the two hundred catties of grain reserves. I only hope that when everyone eats, they can recite his goodness and not forget his sacrifice in vain.”

Everyone was so moved that their eyes were red, and everyone was unmoved. Even the clown looked at Zhu Yang with a dazed expression.

Well, this **** would not have been faked for so long, right? Who is this Virgin in front of you?

He froze for a moment, and felt that it was necessary to speak: “Yes, isn’t it? I didn’t expect Miss Zhu Yang to be so generous, which is really touching.”

“Okay! Then now I have Miss Zhu Yang to show her–”

Before the three words Little Yellow Chicken came out, he saw a big fat man of two hundred catties suddenly appear in front of everyone.

The man was about 180 tall, he was huge, his body was trembling with fat, less than two hundred catties, which was exactly the same as what a clown described.

But Nima, this **** owner of the supermarket!

The players looked at the supermarket owner with a dumbfounded expression, who was even more dumbfounded than them.

He was very proud of watching the players snapped up at the time, thinking that no matter how much he bought, he couldn’t eat, and gave him the money for nothing. When the announcement came out in the whole town, only bottled water was non-toxic.

As a result, his eyes suddenly turned black and he was stuffed into an unknown space. As soon as he entered, he saw a big yellow chicken playing and playing.

“No wonder you were not there when you checked out, so you were here.” Some players said.

Zhu Yang pointed to the boss and said happily to everyone: “Don’t worry, it’s just like eating grasshoppers, as long as you cross the hurdle in your heart, it’s nothing.”

“When we have reached this point, there shouldn’t be any kind of mercy, right? More than two hundred catties, barely enough to survive a hundred days.”

“It’s not enough, isn’t there still him?” Zhu Yang pointed to the clown on the TV.

The clown retreated again and again in fright, and tripped directly over the wire.

“Two together, nothing is enough.”

All players: “…”

Understand, this is a ruthless person.

The author has something to say:   itch: eat chicken, do you also deserve it?

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