Scream Queen Chapter 127

The clown is really scared here. If it wasn’t for his duty, it would be a death to leave his job without permission, otherwise he would have run away early.

That girl is not a good person!

Although it seems something is wrong to be said by the show and related personnel who committed crimes, it is indeed a crying accusation that directly expresses his helpless heart.

He was terribly scared and had to try to negotiate with the other party——

“Here, this player, please stop your violations.”

Zhu Yang glared at him, with an expression on his face that the six relatives did not recognize: “Huh? Violation? Then eating, can it be a violation?”

“Don’t say that you have broken the rules of the show, even if the king of heaven comes, I can’t stop people from eating.”

The clown choked, sweating violently, thinking quickly about how to deal with it, but before his clues came out, he just listened to him and said: “Or I’ll invite you out first.”

“A grain reserve in the provinces can’t recognize his situation, and he wants to be a mediator there.”

The clown hurriedly stepped back, hitting the studio wall, and when he stepped back far enough, he moved to the side desperately, wishing he could move out of the screen.

Everyone just looked at this guy playing treasures, but in the end, no matter what he did, at least half of his face appeared in the picture.

Zhu Yang grinned: “Oh~~, so this is your limit during the show?”

“The time for your lines must reach a certain proportion of your body.”

The clown looked up in horror, and saw the devil let out a terrifying laugh: “So even if his life is endangered, he dare not run away, right?”

“Your salary is not high for this bad show, but it requires employees to stick to their duties. It is a bit too harsh for your spicy chicken.”

“I’m really curious, what if, during your explanation time, you are forced to leave your job without permission?”

It’s not the kind of pediatrics that covers the TV with something. After all, if the player closes their eyes, it is still considered that the clown is out of their sight.

It’s true. When he was supposed to be a show host, he was stuck in a certain place and couldn’t convey instructions, and the rhythm of the show couldn’t proceed normally.

“It must be fun to see your expression.”

“Don’t don’t!” The clown yelled in fear. Compared to before, he still had a little more energy. At this moment, even his voice changed–

“Didn’t you say that you have already booked a job for me? I have to go for an interview tomorrow morning. If I can’t go, you will have nothing to believe. Isn’t that good?”

“Huh? Didn’t I just look at you unhappy?” Zhu Yang looked puzzled.

“Our family is from a serious business background. If you don’t engage in strong buying and selling, you are not happy. Can I still use a whip to whip you?”

“Will you! Who said I don’t want to?” The clown quickly said: “I like the circus the most. The clown belongs to the circus. Otherwise, what do you do when I dress like this? Just remind yourself not to forget your dreams.

He pointed at the people present awe-inspiringly: “I’m telling you that if anyone dares to stop me for an interview at the circus, he just can’t get along with me.”

Player: “…”

So your name is David, not your English name?

No, the point is not here at all, the point is that this guy cannot be unable to perform his duties due to any accident during the show.

They didn’t understand why Zhu Yang was holding on to this little detail before, but now they peeled the cocoon to let the clown expose himself.

There are a lot of things that can be involved in such a small detail.

On the surface, it was just that the show was cruel to the employees. Looking at the clown, not only he, but the players also have no doubt that Zhu Yang has the ability to truly imprison him, causing the show to fail.

Isn’t there a ready-made example in front of you? The owner of the supermarket can come out here out of thin air with more than two hundred catties.

On the premise that the other party can do it, the clown should truly reflect the established result.

They don’t know what Zhu Yang thought of, at least they now understand that the NPC in this town must stick to their duties at a certain time, for which the clown promised Zhu Yang at all costs.

Although he always scolded the show, and followed Zhu Yang to mock the other party’s scorn, but since people can do whatever they want in an independent town, maybe they can’t even come up with this backup plan, right?


They felt that they had faintly grasped a thread, but when they thought that Zhu Yang was going to continue digging, the other party stopped abruptly.

Shrugged, it was a acquiescence to the clown’s confession, and no longer entangled in this.

The clown heaved a sigh of relief visible to the naked eye, and there was still a panic on his face, looking at the slightest point of inattention to gloating at the player’s condition.

At this moment, Zhu Yang’s eyes fell on the supermarket owner.

The owner of the supermarket didn’t have much contact with Zhu Yang, but the thrilling dialogue he was released in just a few minutes caused him to shrink his body.

More than two hundred catties per person, startled to wish to shrink himself into a baby.

Zhu Yang lifted his chin: “Why are you stunned? Killed, said, according to the daily average, put it in the refrigerator and freeze it.”

“No matter how cool the weather is, this meat can’t be guaranteed for a hundred days, right? It’s quick! It didn’t spread out much, so don’t waste it.”

“Oh, by the way, don’t throw away the released blood. Make a spicy blood tonight.”

Don’t say the boss, the players are also trembling.

It’s not that I am afraid of killing. How many people have never been ruthless all the way along the way?

It’s just that you can’t kill but nod, this Nima is for them to eat! Eat!

They thought it was just a threat of psychological warfare, but they couldn’t confirm Zhu Yang’s expression now.

She licked her lips: “I’m telling you, I have baked it, but now it is too long to waste a single bit.”

“Otherwise, it’s better to be grilled on skewers, the whole person is like roasting a whole lamb, pay attention to control the heat, turn the sides frequently, so that it will be tender on the outside and tender inside.”

“Distribute it to dozens of people. Everyone says it tastes better. Our conditions are better now than then. At least the seasoning is sufficient. Don’t worry, believe me! It’s a big deal to take two more pieces of **** and suppress the fishy. It’s about eating pork.”

Ok! Although it was a ghost that was roasted at the beginning, it was a human being during his lifetime. Of course, there is nothing wrong with this description.

The players confirmed that this guy really did it.

Whether you really did it or joking to scare people, not just by looking at the expression in your eyes, just by savoring the taste, it is a mysterious feeling.

The players shrank silently, suddenly wondering whether they should be afraid of the show or Zhu Yang.

They listened to soft feet, and the supermarket owner almost didn’t scare the urine out.

This guy was dangling a fat body in the supermarket all day long, but at this time he showed agility that didn’t match his size.

He rushed to the door in two steps and opened the door of the living room to escape.

At this time, it started to rain outside, and the rain was very dense, just the moment the show started. Obviously, what is the way to stop the player from going out.

The boss plunged into the rain, although the players said that the three views are broken, but the action is still unambiguous.

Knowing that he couldn’t let this guy run away, there was a quick-reaction male player who immediately chased him.

He was much faster than the boss, but the boss was unscathed in the rain, but he went out with raindrops on his body and started to corrode.

At this time, a huge force pulled him back, and then the door panel on the side of the living room suddenly flew out, directly hitting the boss and blocking his way.

In the next second, his calf was pierced by the rope shot out, and the whole person was violently pulled back.

“Ah–, ah–”

There were painful howls in the room one after another, the skin of the player who had just chased out was not seen by the rain, and the boss was holding his entire leg there in pain.

The boss’s momentum here is quite big. Generally speaking, human empathy will arouse some sympathy, and the more miserable it is. Although it may not make any substantial improvement to the situation, it is still possible to gain a small advantage.

At least see if you can make players other than the female devil a little bit unbearable.

But the boss turned around and saw that guy walked up to the player who was poured on by sulfuric acid rain——

“The respiratory tract has also been corroded. It is not a traumatic matter. Even if the rain is breathing water vapor, it will be choking. It is probably because of the unique possibility that we can cover it with props.”

As he said, he wiped the player’s neck: “Rather than suffering for a hundred days, let’s go to sleep for a while and wait for us to clear the level.”

The other players are in a heavy mood, but have no objection to her decision.

The previous player died, no matter how quickly and neatly he was conspired, even the one who had just been poisoned did not last long.

But now it is more tragic than ever, and everyone can’t bear it.

In other words, they would be more willing to die temporarily instead of being tortured for a hundred days.

Close the eyes of that player, and others understood from this lesson that this game was not cruel to Zhu Yang.

The reason why they still have leeway to think about it is that they are not hungry enough.

If you really stay stuck in the house for a hundred days, any bottom line will eventually be abandoned.

After all, the boss is not an innocent person, he is an accomplice in the game. With this level of reason, the survival instinct will continue to convince itself.

Several players stood up and grabbed the boss’s back collar–

“Let’s go, go to the toilet and wash him, after all, he was okay with the acid rain, we may not necessarily be OK.”

“Kill it first, so you don’t have to struggle.”

The supermarket owner was horrified and never dared to be clever again——

“Wait, wait! Don’t eat me, I don’t taste good.”

After speaking, a few players turned around and sneered: “It’s delicious? This is not a luxury issue that can be considered in this game.”

These guys are real!

The boss is deeply aware of his current situation, he is not a player in the game, he is dead.

So at this moment, he didn’t care about the show’s lust, and said quickly: “I have food.”

“Huh?” Zhu Yang waved his hand, and the others let go of the guy.

She sat on the solo sofa and leaned forward: “Let’s talk about it?”

“But if you just get a few candies or chocolates from your body to pass–”

The knife that she had just killed was flexibly turned and played in her hand. It looked thrilling, but she didn’t hurt herself.

The boss swallowed and said with difficulty: “I, I don’t open a supermarket! Actually, supermarkets can be opened anywhere.”

“I, I have a restocking system that can be restocked.”

Zhu Yang smiled: “Even if you can buy goods, isn’t it food poisoning right now? It makes no sense to come back?”

The boss was silent, his expression was a bit difficult, obviously there was something unspeakable.

Zhu Yang raised his hand: “Done!”

A pair has no time to bargain with him, and has no patience to wait for him to measure the entanglement in his mind before selectively confessing.

The boss had been frightened, and hurriedly said: “Don’t! The reason why today’s is poisonous is that when the order was ordered to purchase, he chose a targeted source of goods.”

Seeing Zhu Yang watched it over, the boss was heartbroken and said: “That’s right, there are some worlds. For various reasons, the residents there are very resistant to □□, the things they usually import are in the eyes of other world species. Very toxic.”

“Huh?” Rao Zhu Yang was inevitably surprised.

Although she guessed that the relationship between the boss and the supermarket might be considered in another way, she never thought that this guy’s purchase channel would actually lead to the outside world.

This is interesting.

She asked: “What is your purchase limit?”

The boss glanced at her, and it was not surprising that she asked: “It’s just ordinary daily necessities, and the unit price is capped.”

“Weapons or technological products are not good. Many times they can only be fresh and tasteless.”

Also, if you can freely resell the plane, this product will not be the most inconspicuous employee under a low force program.

The boss hurriedly said: “This time the purchase channel is a world that has experienced global toxic gas leakage. Because of pollution, everything has turned into highly toxic poison. The surviving humans have antibodies, but -”

Again, they don’t necessarily know what others can eat.

“Because I can only buy from one world at a time, all–” The boss rubbed his hands: “But don’t worry, there is a kind of expensive rice and vegetables in that world, which is deep underground and pollution-free soil, which is cultivated and produced at a high cost. What comes out is expensive.”

“I can’t buy much, but it’s barely enough for you to survive.”

All the players looked at him, and the boss could only take out a few bags of rice and some vegetables in the clown’s pitying eyes, indicating that there are still more after eating.

He understands the subtext of the clown, but what the **** is there to do? All are forced.

It would be bad luck to go against the will of the show, but not doing anything at this moment would be a death.

Besides, at this point, they can force their capital out, which means that the players are more skilled, and the rules set by the show must be followed by themselves.

Even if you are angry, you can’t be too angry, right?

When everyone saw that there was food in front of them, it would be best if they could not eat people, so they took the things and snorted to the boss and went to the kitchen.

First cook a pot of rice, feed the boss to test the poison, and then believe that these things are indeed edible.

However, the quantity is really small. Everyone gets the card weight every day. Except for the rice which has a small amount of fruits and vegetables, it is also a dish.

The housewife sighed when she was cutting vegetables: “Oh! How can you fix it if you don’t eat meat for a hundred days?”

In fact, I just complained that the game has never been a reasonable place.

But at this time, Zhu Yang said, “Meat? There is still meat.”

The boss started to shake again: “Don’t eat me, kill me and there will be no rice.”

Zhu Yang glanced at him contemptuously: “Just your fat and idiot, am I tired of eating it for me?”

Then he took out a lot of fish, shrimp and raw meat out of thin air.

All players: “…”


The fish and shrimp were put in when she was storing seawater in the deep sea prison. Naturally, she would not pick fish and shrimp in the sea, right?

It was also used as a reserve food. Although the fish and shrimp died the moment they entered the spatial ring, the moment the state had been dying, it was still fresh.

But the meat is bought in bulk, like the exquisite snacks and fruits stored separately, she is not generous enough to take it out and enjoy it under any circumstances.

Once you encounter a problem, you can’t think about subsidizing yourself, right? But now it is related to the quality of life for the next 100 days, and it is not impossible to find out, anyway, the search has been searched out.

But the boss and the players don’t think so, everyone has an expression of doubting life.

So what are the human struggles they just experienced, and the end of their lives?

Especially the boss, who poured out such a big secret for himself, wanted to grab the knife in Zhu Yang’s hand and wipe his neck.

Nima didn’t lack food at all, but you were the one who pretended to be the most.

After eating in a daze, the clown saw that they were eating well, and the next process was a waste.

The fact that the show vomits blood and three rises can’t restore this fact, but fortunately, it will be holding back its big move tomorrow, but it will die now.

But Zhu Yang didn’t sit idle after eating, and he couldn’t waste a hundred days, right?

She asked her boss first: “How did you get that ability?”

The boss looked at a loss: “Yes, it has always been there.”

“Huh? It was not given by the show?”

The boss waved his hand: “No, no, I have to show everything, so why does it apply for me?”

At this time, Zhu Yang showed an unexplained smile: “Are you sure to hire you for the show?”

The boss did not hear her overtones, and the players were also at a loss.

But Zhu Yang knew that this was not so simple.

This **** show itself can’t spy on the outside world, even if it is a low-level copy world much lower than its own.

And its Ma Zi can buy from other worlds? This logic is obviously wrong, right?

And the show hasn’t been able to take the ride of the boss’s ability to learn something. Although the boss’s ability is not a combat element, it is not as useless as an auxiliary force.

To be able to see the composition of countless worlds through daily life, if this ability is placed on Quhe or Yuli’s analysis system, it is simply a BUG.

However, this broken program only puts the boss here to open a supermarket, which shows that it cannot squeeze the boss’s real utilization value.

Is it particularly interesting to think about it this way?

Zhu Yang suddenly thought of the little water ghost who had been collected in Toad/Mao Village. After he died in the game as a player, he was wiped out and spent several years ignorantly.

Maybe this boss still has a clown–

This is no wonder why the game has to deal with the show. If it is only for the players to try and be a second landlord in the world under their own jurisdiction, the game is probably not so stingy.

However, according to the current analysis, it is obvious that the game is too long to break the program, and it is not just a simple matter of game mood.

However, it needs to be further confirmed at this point. It is not a fluke to make this broken show. After all, this round can be regarded as a leapfrog challenge.

For such a long time, Zhu Yang had not been idle except to obtain the information he wanted from the boss and the clown.

She asked the players to sort out the studio, and practiced in retreat.

The little yellow chicken was also released. Since it was spotted by the show, she didn’t need to let the child wait for the beast bag.

The mother and son took advantage of this rare uninterrupted time to study physical skills, and the big head of the road and the teacher Vulture taught each other. At this moment, all they need to do is to master them.

After three months, there has been considerable progress.

Seeing that they worked so hard, other players also changed the layout of the living room and opened up an open space.

For a while, this round turned into a training camp, and when they left the customs, everyone actually became stronger in their own way.

Even the boss of more than two hundred catties, after three months of hard training, got rid of all the fat and became a muscular man.

This is something that is difficult to do in such a short time in reality, but if it is a player’s modified physique, it is not impossible.

The profile also further confirmed Zhu Yang’s guess.

I don’t know if it’s been a relationship for three months. The boss has recently started chatting with players and spat.

Feeling the tendon flesh that he has trained to show off: “I won’t gain weight anymore, otherwise I have to be used as a food reserve.”

Obviously Zhu Yang’s psychological shadow on him is not small.

The clown saw him mixing with the players, his eyes twitching.

But for such a long time, he seems to have forgotten one thing. So that after the broadcast was over, he wanted to slip.

Zhu Yang snatched it out from the TV: “What are you running! Didn’t you say that you have to go to an interview with me at the circus? I thought you were looking through the autumn water during this time, so didn’t you?”

“No! I’m not too excited, do you want to go back and change clothes to make a good impression on the circus?”

“I think this is good.” Zhu Yang seemed to smile.

The clown suddenly felt like a concubine, and Zhu Yang went out with his neck around.

I took a look at the announcement first, and sure enough, the content above has changed. It is about through the joint collaboration of everyone that I have survived the difficult period. Now all food is back to normal, please rest assured to eat.

Of the three people who had only survived, the first two heard the words of the one who had been poured to death by sulfuric acid, thinking that they had spent a hundred days lacking food and clothing and even having to eat people.

In fact, it seems that they are better to die once they die, provided that the body is not eaten.

But I didn’t say any words of comfort. I saw the leftovers on the table. They were leftovers from the last meal. There were vegetables and meat. There was also a muscular man who was said to be the owner of the supermarket of more than two hundred catties walking from the villa. Get out.

This Nima seemed to be particularly stupid when they died.

Zhu Yang brought the clown to the circus, and the person in charge received her yesterday.

Seeing her and the clown she brought, the guy also checked the animal and opened the clown’s mouth to look at the mouth.

“Yeah! Yes, I like the look in his jealous eyes.” The person in charge pushed his glasses: “Evil and mean, with a strong sense of contrast, it is the fresh blood pursued by our circus.”

“Passed!” the other party immediately clapped.

Zhu Yang was not happy anymore: “What’s the matter? He’s such a spicy chicken? I haven’t gotten the exemption qualification.”

The person in charge laughed: “It is true that his image is too distinctive. When the advantages on one side reach the extreme, other shortcomings can naturally be ignored.”

No one asked him his opinion, but the clown who has been arranged: “…”

It’s really nothing to be proud of, why should I like him? Is this putting him on the fire?

The question is, should he quit?

The person in charge said to Zhu Yang: “You said that you are an animal trainer, but an animal trainer is a very dangerous profession. The animals in our circus are very awkward, and I dare not let you take over before you are familiar.”

“Well, can you go to other positions to help temporarily?”

“Huh? This is not in line with my expectations.” Zhu Yang dissatisfied: “What I want is a stage where I can show myself immediately, but you let me be a miscellaneous soldier, although you can understand your pursuit of performance quality. , But I didn’t even try to arrange it like this?”

However, the person in charge had no choice but to take her to the animal training tent first.

The clown naturally became a temporary horse, and secretly stepped forward and said to her: “I said, don’t watch him talk now. This circus is very scary. Compared with it, the indoor entertainment shows are simply pediatrics. ”

“It’s too late to leave now, really.”

Zhu Yang looked at him with a smile and said: “Huh? Give the player this kind of hint, are you afraid that the show will trouble you?”

Clown thought, didn’t I want to get away? The circus is different from their trash fish.

No matter how good Zhu Yang is, he still has to look at the scale of the circus. With this number, this group of people with unique skills is not that easy.

I entered the tent while talking, and the animals had been released, as they were seen from the cage far away yesterday, with bright hair and full of energy.

But the eyes were indeed wild and untamable. It didn’t even look like a domesticated animal at all, but like a beast encountered in a dangerous jungle.

These animals are not training either. There are only one or two people in the tent watching to prevent them from going out, and these beasts are spinning around here.

Seeing the person in charge and Zhu Yang coming in, the eyes of the animals looked like they were picking that piece of meat.

The clown’s heart was furry, ready to run away at any time.

Responsible: “You two, please don’t leave me. These animals are very dangerous—”

Before he finished speaking, he saw Zhu Yang walking straight towards a lion, and he didn’t see what she did or what she said.

The palm of her hand was spread up, and the lion approached, just full of hostility, and then cleverly stretched out her paw and placed it on her palm, like a house cat.

Zhu Yang looked back and looked at the person in charge: “I just said I am a professional, right?”

I don’t know if it’s the angle. The clown felt that the person in charge’s eyes became a bit scary at that moment, but the expression on his face was incredibly joyful.

Compared with others, he was still too happy and angry, and the clown shook his head.

The person in charge has already boasted: “It’s incredible. Our animals are very repellent to strangers. It’s me who is not good. I actually doubt an excellent animal trainer.”

“Well, you guys participate in our afternoon training, and wait until the evening to perform as a deputy.”

After reaching a consensus, the person in charge took the two to the big tent for the performance.

After a day’s construction, this place has become a luxurious and bright indoor stage. The space of the tent is huge, almost the same as a small gymnasium.

The high-altitude spotlights, steel wires, colorful ribbons decorated with atmosphere, and the red carpet stage are all brand new and luxurious.

Zhu Yang suddenly asked the person in charge: “I just asked the ticket price for people outside. Even if the occupancy rate is 100% at this price, it is difficult to guarantee benefits, right?”

In fact, this is just a polite statement. The circus is all excellent. According to these people, the tour places are small towns with limited scale.

Not to mention the counting of votes to maintain the expenses of the circus, it is not bad to lose the pants.

The person in charge smiled and said: “Of course the reward we get is more than just money. Don’t you think the smile on the audience’s face is the most important? The meaning of the existence of the circus…”

Zhu Yang was dragged to talk about her dreams for a long time, but with so many words, she only believed the first sentence.

You get more than money in return, right?

If it weren’t for Zhu Yang’s suggestion to follow the training rhythm, he couldn’t get out.

At this time the clown caught up again: “I said, there is nothing to do with me, right? Wouldn’t you really want me to perform at night? My acrobatics are actually average.”

“Will you let me go? I don’t pretend to be a clown anymore. In fact, I am not obsessed with clowns at all. I just watched the clown’s soul and felt that I could make the most of my big head to create a sense of terror. of.”

“Can I remove my makeup when I go back?”

Zhu Yang directly threw the clown into the pile of clowns in the circus: “This guy is not a good tool, everyone teach him.”

The clowns were happy, and immediately agreed as if they had new toys.

It didn’t take long for the clown to be polished by the competition. He wanted to resist, but he was already covered in a big man and couldn’t afford it.

Zhu Yang watched the training process in the circus, and saw that these people weren’t very careful, which was very different from the so-called dream persistence of the person in charge.

But what corresponds to their laziness is proficiency and superb skills.

Whether it’s magic, acrobatics, or animal training, they are all top quality.

Zhu Yang even saw a tightrope walker chatting and farting with someone underground. He didn’t keep his balance, but he was steady.

She quietly released a cockroach and climbed up to bite off the other’s rope. The person was still bragging with others for a second.

As soon as the wire broke, he subconsciously reached out and grabbed the wire, followed the inertia to swing twice in the air, and then fell to the ground beautifully without any facilities.

Objectively speaking, Zhu Yang could do it himself, but if he could do better than this person, that would not be enough.

It seems that it is not without reason that the clown is so afraid of the circus.

At least by looking at people, you know that there are hidden dragons and crouching tigers, but I don’t know what kind of relationship they have with the show.

Subordination or cooperation, this is not known.

It’s just that Zhu Yang has a hunch that perhaps the key clue to kill the show is in this circus.

After getting used to it, the person in charge of costumes and props gave Zhu Yang a set of performance clothes.

Zhu Yang was not very satisfied, and the size was not very suitable, so he thought that in the previous world, the Peacock Boy had given her a few dresses.

Its aesthetics are a bit exaggerated, especially for dresses. Generally, it is a little inappropriate to wear on smaller occasions, but the stage is more suitable for this type.

The person in charge saw that she had cleaned up the image well, and the peacock-style long skirt was not in harmony with the circus, so he also approved.

Then Zhu Yang was arranged to take the seat of the animal trainer’s deputy. The animal trainer was also lazy, but the animals listened to him very much.

However, this obedient method is not a trust relationship established by cooperating with animals for a long time. Zhu Yang sees it clearly, and it is similar to a trick.

Just like she used illusion and mental manipulation to make the lion listen to her, it should also be an ability or talent.

It was getting late outside at this time, and the whole town knew about the existence of the circus because of two consecutive days of publicity.

The residents of small towns who lack new things naturally bring their families with them.

By the afternoon, people had already gathered outside. The children took the distributed balloons and bought the candy marshmallow ice cream sold by the circus to chase and play.

The ticket sellers at the gate are very busy, but because of the limited number of people, the people who bought the tickets will put a special stamp on the back of their hands.

At night performance time, you can enter the venue with this sign.

As the performance was about to begin, Zhu Yang saw the players come in.

They rushed to the front, grabbed her, a little uneasy: “There is no new announcement on the bulletin board.”

“I don’t know if the time is not up or the circus is not within the scope of the announcement.”

After listening, Zhu Yang did not speak, and motioned them to sit down and enjoy the circus. He glanced at the stamp in their hand, and left the audience area and returned to the backstage.

When it was seven o’clock, the person in charge stood in the center of the stage with the spotlight shining on him.

It was the tuxedo with a monocle and a top hat, but in the space of so many people, it looked a little gloomy for no reason.

He grinned: “Ladies and gentlemen, good evening, thank you for coming…”

The person in charge has humorous words and a well-controlled atmosphere, which quickly focused the audience’s attention on the stage.

All the processes are okay, whether it is clown juggling, fire show, singing and dancing, animal training, tightrope walking, the audience applauded again and again, obviously they are very satisfied with the high-level performance.

The people on the stage swept away from the laziness during the afternoon rehearsal, and the smiles on their full-spirited faces were also warm and infectious. Even Zhu Yang followed the beast trainer who was his deputy when he came on stage as if he suddenly changed individuals.

It’s just that when she looked at it, why did she feel that this excitement and positivity had nothing to do with professionalism at all? On the contrary, it’s like having a big meal about to eat, or expecting to get a fresh toy.

The longer he stayed inside, the heavier Zhu Yang felt of disharmony, as if he had broken into a space that was out of place.

She thought it was just the case on the stage, but she swept down the stage during other shows and saw eight players sitting together.

It stands to reason that now that the announcement has not come out, the situation is unknown, and those who were still anxious when they first came here are now fully focused on the performance.

Isn’t the performance wonderful? wonderful! But for the well-informed players, as for the fact that they are so devoted to the situation in their hearts? Or everyone!

I’m afraid I’m not saying that there is a problem here.

Sure enough, the timing of confirmation did not make Zhu Yang wait for long. After the show went through a round, it was the audience interaction link.

A flying knife held a flying knife in his hand and invited the audience to come on stage as a target. However, many spectators raised their hands to apply for such a dangerous event.

Throwing knife hand randomly ordered a child who came with his parents. When his parents saw that their child had been selected, they were flattered and let the child out.

The beautiful bunny girl went up and led the child, who was about the age of elementary school, and was firmly tied to the target plate after he came on stage.

The target plate can still rotate, but it is almost the same as what Zhu Yang had prepared when he opened the haunted house and performed knife skills for the mirror girl’s son.

When ready, the bunny girl turned the target plate, and the throwing knife pointed the throwing knife at the target.

In the afternoon, Zhu Yang had seen this flying knife rehearsal. He could throw accurately without looking at the target disc. The speed of the turntable was fast. Based on Zhu Yang’s speculation on his accuracy, although it looked thrilling, it was actually very good for the flying knife. Hand is a piece of cake.

However, the next second, the throwing knife shot out and pierced the target plate, unable to avoid the child.

The child’s arm was completely pierced and nailed him to the target plate.

The blood soon soaked out, but this major mistake did not stop the flying knife hand, instead, a few flying knives flew past in one go.

Accurately hit the child’s limbs and forehead, and then the target was stopped by the bunny girl.

Turning to the side of the audience, there is no dead end to show the results of the throwing knife.

“Okay—” The audience applauded thunderously, including the children’s parents, who applauded the performance on stage in a stunning manner.

Zhu Yang glanced at the players, and those guys reacted exactly like the audience.


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