Scream Queen Chapter 128

Now the entire performance tent seems to be a demonized space.

The stage triumphantly displayed the horrible tragedy, and the audience cheered.

If you look at the reaction of the audience alone, you think that an amazing performance has just been completed here.

In fact, it is amazing enough, regardless of the fact that the target is a human being, the angle, strength, and accuracy of the opponent’s knife are perfect and unlimited.

How harsh is it? The position of the flying knife between the limbs is not bad when I look closely. The one on the forehead also takes the middle position, and the flying knife is inserted strictly and neatly, absolutely symmetrical.

The throwing knife bowed down to pay tribute to the audience’s cheers, but the expression on his face seemed disappointed.

Similar to a kid’s raffle to thank you for your patronage, other circus employees seem to understand his feelings well.

Even when he was off the court, he patted him on the shoulder for comfort.

The expression on the face of the child who died on the dart board even maintained the excitement and honor of participating.

Before the knife on his forehead was killed, his limbs had been pierced, but he seemed to feel no pain at all.

As the throwing knife left the field, the huge dart board was pushed down as a prop.

Zhu Yang looked over from the backstage and saw that the dart board was randomly placed in a corner. Because of the compact performance, everyone had work to do, and even no one paid attention to the corpse of the child above.

The irony is that the parents of the other person sitting on the stage didn’t mean to look for their children at all, and they didn’t feel anything wrong before they came back.

Even with the people around, call out for the next interactive show that will appear on stage.

The person in charge’s smile became more and more gloomy, looking at the audience on the surrounding stage under the spotlight, as if looking at the food in his own lunch box.

Thinking about the next one to eat there, but this consideration is actually just a casual order, just like the meat on the plate will not go outside for no reason.

No matter which bite you eat first, you will end up with the taste you want.

“It seems that everyone in the audience likes interactive programs, so who is willing to give it a try for the next fire show?”

Before the audience burst into enthusiasm, the person in charge made another gesture and said: “However, fire breathing shows are dangerous, please be cautious.”

How can this false prompt stop the crazy audience? If it were not for these guys to maintain the corresponding order while being fanatical, Zhu Yang had no doubt that these guys would break their heads in order to get on stage.

In the end, the person in charge chose a middle-aged man among the hands raised high.

Not to mention, Zhu Yang, the middle-aged man, had a bit of an impression that the residents near their villa could see him walking the dog every morning when he went out.

However, Zhu Yang glanced at the eight players again, with an expression of disappointment when he was desperately raising his hands for not being selected, and he was exhausted.

Forget it, it is estimated that the difficulty of this game is not what they can deal with now. The purpose of the Goubi game was to make her come to the second landlord who reached too long.

How can it be so easy for someone to be a second landlord? In a sense, these players also increased the difficulty of the game because of her involvement.

Although I disliked these guys for dragging their feet, it was not easy to let them go.

At this time, the middle-aged man took the stage under the guidance of the bunny girl, and the acrobat for the fire-breathing performance was already in place.

The other party is naked/exposed, with bronzed skin and knotted muscles. The whole body seems to be patted with oil. It looks a bit like a male model in a magazine without looking at his face. It looks very imposing under the stage lights.

He held a silver jug ​​in his hand and a torch in his hand. He took a sip of the liquid in the silver pot and sprayed it at the torch.

The skyrocketing flame illuminates the entire tent. If the height of the tent is not high enough, there is some worry that it will be burned by the flame.

The fire-breathing actor kept showing off his skills, even following his body circle, drawing a circle in the air with flames.

Even if Zhu Yang is a layman, he knows how rare it is to maintain such a long jet.

The audience applauded, and then the fire-breathing actor handed the silver pot to the middle-aged man.

“Like this, drink it in one breath, and then spray it out at the torch.”

It’s easy to say, for example, take a sip of water in your mouth and don’t swallow it down, and then spray it out when you get a reminder. Listening to it is easy.

The previous steps are okay, but don’t forget that even ordinary people who use a lighter to light a leaking natural gas stove may be burned, let alone put this flammable liquid in their mouths?

But the middle-aged man looked overjoyed and mumbled into his mouth after receiving the silver pot.

and many more! That guy didn’t hold it in his mouth at all, he was actually swallowing to store as much fuel as possible?

In the end, the pot was swallowed, and the guy inevitably showed discomfort and pain, his nose and tears came out.

But what is creepy is that there is still a smile on his face, the same joyful and honorable smile on the face of the kid before.

The fire-breathing actor smiled: “Yes, that’s it, then, then, spray out to the torch.”

The torch was held in front of the middle-aged man, and he forced his uncomfortable spit on it.

However, the trend of the flame is not like the fire-breathing actor’s performance, which rushes straight into the sky. On the contrary, it was this blow that instantly ignited his whole person.

The middle-aged man suddenly turned into a fire man, waving and struggling in the center of the stage privately.

But this tragic scene was extremely wonderful in the eyes of the audience, and there was more applause from the audience than the professional performance of the fire-breathing actor.

The fire burned for several minutes, and as long as the fire burned, the audience slapped their palms desperately, accompanied by cheers that pierced their throats, as if tirelessly.

When the flames dissipated, there was only a ball of scorched black on the ground, and the fire-breathing actor, just like the throwing knife just now, could not hide the disappointment and stepped down.

The person in charge is much more patient than them, and two consecutive disappointments did not affect his good mood.

“Next, magic show.”

There was another round of looting for places, and Zhu Yang followed the animal trainer with his arms, his face was not visible, and he was obviously not lacking in patience.

A beautiful woman was selected. This time the magic is a common box magic on the market.

The performance includes piercing the sword, cutting, spinning, and finally opening the box. The beautiful women who have been tortured inside will come out intact.

This kind of magic actually doesn’t have much sense of mystery anymore. Generally, the beautiful audiences selected are nurseries, and the boxes and props have mechanisms.

For example, living body cutting, looking at cutting the box in half from the middle, but in fact the upper body and lower body are basically two people curled up in the box.

Just blindfold.

Only this time was obviously different. Before the beauty was locked in, the magician showed the authenticity of the box to everyone. It was an ordinary box.

Then the beauty only showed her head and calves, and she lay down on the shelf in a box.

The magician took out a sword, and also cut a piece of wood next to it to show its sharpness, and then slammed the sword into the box quickly.

The sword directly pierced the box, the body of the sword was completely submerged, and the tip of the sword was exposed from below.

Then a trickle of red blood overflowed from the tip of the sword. After seeing the red, the audience applauded without surprise.

As if encouraged by the applause, the magician became more vigorous, and continuously took out the sword, and the whole box was almost pierced into a sieve.

The blood on the ground also collected into a big pool, and the caring bunny girl even took a big tray to catch it early so as not to stain the carpet.

At this time, the beauty was already like golden paper because of excessive blood loss, but her face was still smiling.

The magician put away the sword and began to rotate the box. The box was divided into three sections. Each section was rotatable like a Rubik’s Cube, but the box was not moving in normal operations.

But Zhu Yang’s ears were good, and he heard the sound of bone dislocation in such a noisy sound.

The last is living cutting. At this time, the beauty is dead, but the magician has a huge chainsaw in his hand, cutting it into two sections directly along the middle of the box.

To be honest, this one was much bloodier than the previous two, but the audience in the audience was also much more excited.

The blood seems to stimulate their adrenaline, and the current atmosphere here is beyond the reach of any cult/cult.

The broken body of the beautiful woman was taken away, obviously the result was still not satisfactory.

“The next one is the animal training session. Does anyone want to interact with the cute animals?”

Zhu Yang looked back at the lion in the cage.

Ok! In fact, it is quite cute. I have seen a lion in the last world, and this thing is like a kitty.

Zhu Yang followed the animal trainer onto the stage. At this time, the person in charge pointed at the audience, with an expression of ‘distressed’ on his face as to whom to choose.

Zhu Yang suddenly approached him and said, “That area hasn’t been selected yet. How about choosing over there this time?”

The person in charge glanced back at her, and then followed the direction she pointed, where the eight players were.

Although there are a lot of people over there, eight of them are sitting together, the goal is big, and it is easy to pick one player.

The person in charge flashed his eyes, and the next second he pointed at one of the players.

After the player was spotted, he jumped up with joy, hugged the people around him before coming onto the stage, and he looked like an Oscar.

Originally, Zhu Yang was a little guilty about the use of this mandatory certificate, but now it is almost gone.

The idiot who doesn’t want to talk, the bumps are right.

The guy came up and thanked Zhu Yang: “You said something for me, right? Sure enough, there is an insider who is good.”

“Let me tell you, I have liked circus since I was a kid, but unfortunately, no circus came to our town to perform. When I grow up, the circus has declined and there is not much time. This is the first time I have appreciated such a wonderful experience.”

“Thank you for helping me realize my childhood dream.”

“Hmm! Saying that you have no regrets in your life.” Zhu Yang Liangliang said.

That guy actually seemed to agree with him, even knowing that he can’t be blamed, and he choked Zhu Yang too much.

At this time the lion has been released, and the trainer handed the whip to Zhu Yang, and said to her: “Didn’t you say that you want to become a normal person earlier? Now the opportunity is here.”

“You will host this scene!”

what? Zhu Yang was surprised and looked back at the animal trainer.

Seeing this guy’s face was a posture of caring for the newcomer, but that kind of smile looked unkind.

Zhu Yang was silent for a while and took the whip. These guys have seen her affinity for animals before, right?

Of course she would not be naive. She felt that only she could see through the essence of other animal tame, but others could not see through her own, so she had been prepared for exposure long ago.

It’s just that the whip is handed over to her at this time, and according to the previous procedure, is it inappropriate?

Is it to force her to kill others? To be honest, this temptation didn’t make much sense to her, and she was not too concerned about the bottom line when necessary.

But she does want to see how the interrupted rhythm will react to these people and the audience, and what impact will it have on the entire circus performance.

So Zhu Yang took the whip and rushed to the ground, like a queen, and said to the player: “First of all, stretch out your hand and say hello to our lion.”

The lion kept his mouth salivating and looked at the player who was elected to the stage, eager to have a full meal, while the player looked at the lion with the petting expression of the big cat, without any sense of crisis.

Zhu Yang controlled her mind and wanted to start first, but something unexpected happened.

The player stretched out his hand, and suddenly the lion pounced on him, snapped his neck in one bite, and then gobbled it up.

The sound of raw meat tearing and bones bouncing apart makes people feel chilling when they hear it.

Zhu Yang, who was standing on the side, fell into a slight daze, as if he fell down and got up again.

Not only have to face the sudden shame, but also desperately get rid of self-doubt, not let this useless mood occupy the thinking space in the brain, and quickly understand the current situation.

Her ability disappeared. If it weren’t for this, a lion wouldn’t be out of her control.

In the afternoon, when the animal trainer was taming the animal, she tried to **** control of the animal, and the result was that her mental power was above the opponent’s ability.

In other words, when the two control animals at the same time, it is obvious that Zhu Yang will win, but now it has hit her in the face.

The lion ate very quickly. Amidst the enthusiastic cheers of the audience, and even the loud applause of seven players, the player who had chosen to be on stage had been eaten halfway before he knew it.

Zhu Yang stood in the center of the stage, under the spotlight with the lion, in an unprecedented embarrassment.

She hooked her finger, not only the ability of mind control, but also other abilities, all disappeared.

She hadn’t noticed for so long, and she couldn’t even remember when she disappeared. There must be an opportunity.

Is it the way to enter the tent to start the show? Probably not. She tried to use her ability until the first audience participated in the performance.

It was when the audience was in a weird state, she tried some measures to see if she could wake up the other party.

At that time, one of the audience was manipulated with spirit, so that he regained his consciousness for a moment.

But when Zhu Yang took back control, he regained his fanaticism.

Controlling people is not the same as controlling animals. It requires a high level of distraction, and it is under the premise of control and snatching.

Everyone in the circus is a master, naturally it is impossible for her to use most of her mind to wake up the NPC, which is useless and even puts herself in a dangerous situation.

But let’s not mention this first, that is to say, she was still good in the throwing knife link, but now she has lost the ability.

That means it can’t be the Tao from the beginning, and the player’s ability is only the game has the right to shield and recover, even if they have props, it is impossible to limit her several different abilities.

Thinking of this, Zhu Yang lowered his head and glanced at his fingers, the above was empty.

In an instant, she understood.

At this time the player has been eaten up by the lion, and the remaining bones are actually quite complete.

The trainer walked up and lifted the bones up to show them in the audience. The expression on his face was completely different from the previous ones.

It was as if the satisfaction of a full meal, and it was as if the person who had been suffering from a long drought had just drunk the nectar refreshingly, and looked soothing.

Not only him, but even the bunny girl next to the person in charge, and all the circus members that can be seen in her sight, all look like this.

It seems like that! Zhu Yang confirmed in his heart.

When those people came out of this invigorating mood, the look in Zhu Yang’s eyes became more and more ill-intentioned. This time it was undisguised.

It should have been changed to the next link, but the trainer did not leave. Instead, the person in charge stepped forward——

“Next, please enjoy, the lion duel!”

“Because this performance is too dangerous, although I understand the enthusiasm of the audience, I regret that I can’t let everyone participate in it.”

“However, this beautiful lady, you can try it on your behalf. Please applaud.”

Two spotlights hit the center of the stage, one on the lion and the other on Zhu Yang.

I don’t know if Zhu Yang’s appearance is good or the show is exciting enough, the audience still burst out with hard work.

There was no surprise on Zhu Yang’s face, but he looked back at the person in charge, raised his eyebrows and said: “I haven’t heard of this impromptu performance?”

The person in charge grinned in the dark: “Don’t be nervous, aren’t you very dissatisfied with arranging your chores?”

“If Miss Zhu is so arrogant and capable, she will definitely not be willing to be a deputy. In fact, your image as a deputy is really a waste.”

“So after everyone has discussed it, now I will provide you with a formal examination. As long as you succeed, how about you officially become a circus trainer?”

Zhu Yang pointed to the previous animal trainer: “What about him?”

The trainer said: “Me? Don’t worry about this. We are expanding, and we will not only be the only one parade in the circus in the future.”

Zhu Yang nodded: “Yes, I think your current position is indeed a bit saturated, and many types of work overlap, and they are not bad in ability. It is indeed time to expand.”

Her calmness actually made the person in charge and the animal trainer look a little heavy, and then the person in charge smiled again: “Oh! It’s really an honor for the circus to meet a smart person like you, so let’s start taking the exam, I I look forward to your official joining.”

“Even I am very optimistic that you may become the leader of the branch in the future.”

Zhu Yang said, “Don’t look at me like this. I’m very popular everywhere. My little brother and classmates have never been missing in this life, so I have a high standard of understanding.”

After finishing speaking, I glanced at everyone present: “Just because you are also worthy to lead me?”

The person in charge has passed so many places, who hasn’t seen him? The arrogance on the mouth has gone, but-

He smiled and retreated from the animal trainer. At this time, the lion had no restrictions, and he could not help but rushed over.

Zhu Yang hurried to the side to hide, but the corner of the skirt was cut by the lion.

There was a moment of astonishment in her heart. Even if she was not capable, physical skills were not compromised. To say that it was not necessarily for people who went to the circus, but with Yishishi, with her strength and speed, she would never fail. Windy.

It’s just that this lion is indeed amazingly fast, with incredible strength, quick response and high hunting wisdom.

Compared with the animal masters of the last world, Zhu Yang naturally didn’t believe that a guy who was easily controlled by her in the afternoon could suddenly be so powerful.

But after thinking about it, you will know the cause and effect. The biggest difference between it and the previous one is that it eats a player.

It seems that the benefits of players for these guys are immediate. Although they may not always maintain this state, the effect of chicken blood is definitely there.

Zhu Yang avoided a few rounds of attacks, with a few more scars on his body, which was a rare sight.

At the same time, David, the clown, who was staying backstage with a few clowns, also watched the scene on stage, feeling a little mixed.

He just said this circus is not easy to mess with, right? Can understand that guy’s cleverness and so unscrupulous courage.

Even in the show, after a few rounds of confrontation, it is indeed difficult to kill her if she follows conventional means.

After all, no matter how strong the program is, since you have chosen to become a level in this world, you have to abide by the rules.

But this does not prevent the show from killing people with a knife. No matter how strong the guy is, can he be better than dozens of masters on this show?

Look, now she is exhausted just by a lion.

Zhu Yang had the experience of fighting large beasts. Although she had no abilities, she didn’t have any weapons in hand, which made her suffer.

But finally let her seize the opportunity and jump up to the top of the lion, taking advantage of its missed attack, too late to correct the gap in the figure, grabbing its neck, and breaking it back.

There was a cracking sound of broken bones, and the lion and Zhu Yang fell from the air together. Zhu Yang sat on the lion steadily, but the lion fell soft to the ground, his heavy body lifeless.

Zhu Yang stood up, and the unidentified audience broke into enthusiastic applause.

She even stretched her arms under the spotlight, as if enjoying the grand occasion.

At this moment, she seemed to be the ruler of the world, and she was happy to accept any behavior that could satisfy her vanity.

If it weren’t for this guy just before the start, even the circus people thought she really wanted to join and took the exam seriously, taking it as an honor.

With all the lights on, Zhu Yang raised his eyes and looked at the person in charge: “This is the test question? If it is just that, I will question the level of your circus.”

The person in charge was not angry, but happily said: “I am very pleased to have such a strong newcomer.”

“But you are not the only one being tested today. Since you are so motivated, let you be the interviewer for this round.”

As soon as the voice fell, seven figures fell in front of Zhu Yang, who weren’t the remaining players?

Looking at the expressions of several people, Zhu Yang was excited about being named as a circus candidate.

It was similar to the reaction of the second force who had just interacted with the lion on stage. It was not that he didn’t know Zhu Yang, and the consciousness that everyone was an accomplice still remained in his mind.

But the logic is twists and turns, and the connection with the circus is crazy.

These guys said excitedly: “Zhu Yang, you have to help us, what an honor it is to join the circus, can’t you just join the circus and ignore everyone, right?”

“Don’t be too serious for a while.”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: “What if I’m serious?”

“If I were to take out the posture of preventing you from entering the group even if I kill you?”

Everyone’s complexion immediately became unsightly as soon as this was said, and then all of them looked like the passionate protagonists of the young man.

There was a blazing flame in his eyes: “Well! We are indeed wrong to let you cheat, but it is our dream to join the circus, even if you step on your body.”

Hey! Frequent.

Zhu Yang was speechless, and the person in charge said: “Then, in order to save time, let’s go together! As long as you can pass the test of Miss Zhu, you will have a chance to become a member of the circus.”


As soon as the voice fell, the players took action one after another, and they didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with beating one by seven.

Zhu Yang knew that this level was not easy, after all, she had no ability, but the abilities of these guys were still there.

Sure enough, the first player opened his mouth as a gust of wind swept through, and Zhu Yang had already prepared for their position.

Relying on their physical fitness and physical skills, they surpassed these guys. Before they reflected it, they pulled a short distance, grabbed the knife in the hand of a player, and chopped it off against the wrist of the player using wind.

“Ah—-” The player uttered a scream, but it was different from the person who had just died on stage with a happy face.

Without him, Zhu Yang chopped up his wrist with the entry chapter. Sure enough, his palm fell, and the chapter could no longer control the player, and the player regained his sanity.

If possible, she didn’t want to use such a tragic method, but those chapters seem to be unable to be removed by conventional means. At least the hapless one who was drawn to feed the lion last time, she tried to erase it when she was talking with the other party. The stamp on the back of his hand.

Obviously it won’t work.

The circus is relying on this seal to turn all the audience into the puppets. I have to say that this ability is convenient.

Although most people will not let people stamp themselves for no reason, especially players, they are very wary of similar behaviors, but this kind of legitimate reason is a good cover.

Seeing that the guy with the broken wrist was still screaming, Zhu Yang kicked him up: “Call a fart, just a broken hand, won’t it grow back after wiping a little saliva? Get up to work.”

The regained player is called Guijiao, but it is easy to understand the current situation when he sees the scene in front of him. It is obvious that everyone else is controlled, otherwise he will attack Zhu Yang if he is crazy.

But this guy’s words are really owed. Although the player does not die in the game, he will have to go back to the real world.

Even this game, because of its peculiarities, can come back even if it dies halfway through.

But the wrist is broken, it hurts! This guy also said cold words.

He blew away the people around him, and took the time to say to Zhu Yang: “You speak lightly, why don’t you keep rubbing your wrist to try to see if it will grow?”

After speaking, Zhu Yang’s hand was caught by a player.

Then a black air spread from her wrist, and corpses began to appear on the back of her hand, and it soon spread to her forearm.

The player sneered: “This is my ability. As long as the corpse poison is not released before the body is poured, you will be a corpse.”

Zhu Yang smiled coldly and didn’t care at all. Then the player who broke her wrist saw her lift up the knife and cut off his arm without hesitation.

“Here! Don’t you just stop and try it?”

Okay, you are a pure man, compared to the one who just screamed, I am a younger brother-the broken wrist player said.

Zhu Yang lost an arm, and still did not reduce her bravery, which made people wonder if she had nine lives. That’s why it is so reckless.

She said to the broken wrist players: “Chop their wrists. That chapter is the key to controlling them. If we destroy one of our companions, there will be one more companion.”

The broken wrist player followed her instructions, but his mood sank to the bottom.

He is not blind, Zhu Yang has not used his abilities until now, and her strength has been greatly reduced. Even so, her powerful fighting skills and physical fitness are still far beyond the players.

Just relying on physical combat, he was able to see a saw in the encirclement and suppression of several players using abilities for a while, and did not quickly prevail.

Although it is difficult for him to break a wrist here, his ability is still easy to use, offensive and defensive are good, it seems that as long as he wins one or two companions, they can take advantage.

But it’s not the case. The real enemy, the circus gang, is still looking at them with arms in interest. There is no loss at all. Their players have already fought to the death.

Moreover, Zhu Yang, the strongest, had been seriously injured, and he had to abandon his hand if he wanted to wake up his companion, and his combat effectiveness would also be compromised after wake up.

When the fight on their side is over, it will be easy for the circus to catch them.

At this time, Zhu Yang retreated to him, as if he could see through his mind, and said to him: “Don’t be discouraged, our task now is to delay time.”

“There will always be a turning point next, trust me.”

It is also Zhu Yang’s unmissable performance in so many games, and he has built absolute confidence in the players’ hearts.

Hearing what she said, the player who had broken her wrist thought she had made arrangements early, and working with a goal would naturally be more effective than a hopeless effort.

For a time, the two of them worked together and unexpectedly awakened two more players.

At the same time, outside the bright and lively circus.

It has been several hours since the circus performance has started. The sky is completely dark outside. The night view is not good tonight. The dark clouds are closed, and the moon and stars are invisible.

Almost everyone in the town came to the circus, so the figure that shuttled through the night looked extremely thin.

However, she has a chic attitude and agile speed, and is not affected by the atmosphere.

Walked across the street and stepped into the community, returned to the villa, and came to the bulletin board.

Sure enough, the new announcement has come out——

[Recently, a trafficker group disguised as a circus to commit crimes, reminding residents not to go out, stay at home at night, the home is absolutely safe. 】

The home is absolutely safe! It seems that the circus is really strong, even if all the players together are estimated to be beaten by others.

Otherwise, it is impossible to guarantee this in the rules, and the absolute safety of the home means that the player is not able to fight outside.


It’s a pity that it’s too late. People have already entered the circus. The announcement was only updated in the middle of the night. The time difference is so bad that the chicken thieves can’t describe the other party’s scorn.

The man stopped paying attention to the announcement, but came to the villa, with the flashlight in his hand shining on the door, and did not mean to go in.

She suddenly jumped up and took off the house number hanging on it. After the house number was taken off, the villa with a warm atmosphere suddenly became dilapidated although there was no one inside.

The whole is like a spooky haunted house, looking lifeless.

But the man ignored it and abandoned the villa with the number plate, and walked back along the path.

She didn’t rush or slow down, and didn’t blindly pursue speed and ignore her defenses, but it was obvious that some existences were probably overwhelmed and didn’t notice her.

Back to the circus performance tent, she hung the doorplate above the door, and then opened the door that no one had handles and walked in.

I saw the scene on the stage right away, and the battle was over.

Zhu Yang was really tough. He was completely at a disadvantage and was not annihilated by the player’s siege. Instead, he liberated the player rationally step by step, and finally won the battle.

But this victory was also a terrible victory. One arm was gone, and his body was all wounded. He supported the ground with a knife, and ignored the beautiful long skirt. He sat directly on the ground tired.

Other players, both light and heavy, broke their hands without exception, and two even died directly.

In short, the whole stage was splattered and embarrassed.

The person in charge clapped and came out from the side: “Bravo! The candidates really contributed a wonderful performance to us.”

The room full of applause screamed, not to mention the audience, even the members of the circus clapped.

But their eyes are not simply admiration and wonder, but greed to see a wonderful food.

When the line of sight fell on Zhu Yang again, some people even wanted to rush out regardless of the decency and the report of the person in charge.

It’s just that I took my steps, and I was stopped by the people next to me. The circus process still had to go.

The person in charge came to Zhu Yang: “Miss Zhu, the other candidates have to go through the next round of screening, but I now announce that you have officially obtained the qualification to join the circus.”

“Let us celebrate this moment! Then I will baptize you.”

Zhu Yang heaved a sigh of relief and looked up at the person in charge with a weird smile: “23 minutes.”

“What?” the person in charge asked with a flash of glasses.

“From the time I was pushed out to fight the Lions until now, 23 minutes have passed.”

“In these 23 minutes, I didn’t use any abilities. Even if I was injured and severed, I didn’t make an exception. Of course, you can understand that I understand that the ultimate enemy is you, so I have to keep a little bit before facing you. Hole cards.”

“But this is futile for you, members of the circus. It’s hard to say anything else. Your strength must be above my heyday. I know this very well.”

“Since I know this, why should I insist on retaining this unsurprisingly winning player?”

After listening to her, the person in charge seemed thoughtful. The people behind him were already ready to move, but his expression suddenly changed.

Then I saw Zhu Yang’s remaining arm lifted up and pointed in a certain direction.

That direction is the path leading to the tent door, and the person in charge looked over.

At the entrance, another intact Zhu Yang appeared there, walking calmly.

If the face looks exactly the same, it can be said to be twins, but the clothes she wears are exactly the same as the one in front of her.

It was the peacock dress, gorgeous and dazzling, making her radiant.

When she stepped onto the stage, the people around her were silent for a while, just looking at her curiously, vigilantly, or suspiciously.

I saw that she pulled Zhu Yang up on the ground, took a deep look at her, and the smile on her face became more permeating when she glanced over the wound on her body.

She said: “I know that with my cleverness, I can understand the situation even without any hint.”

“Good job!”

After saying this, the seriously injured ‘Zhu Yang’ began to deform, his bright and dazzling appearance became dark and full, and finally turned into a dark human form.

“Thousand-faced ghost?” The players exclaimed.

Then this game was connected. It is no wonder that Zhu Yang didn’t use abilities when she died, no matter where she didn’t want to use them, it was a thousand-faced ghost who couldn’t replicate abilities at all.

No wonder ‘Zhu Yang’ told them to postpone the time. The real body had already been deployed outside.

Understanding this makes all the players spirited up, but Zhu Yang said to the thousand-faced ghost who was tired of acting like a baby next to her: “Don’t worry, you have suffered multiple injuries. I will let these guys return ten times.”

“Next, take a good rest.”

Speaking of this, he took out the human leather book and collected the Qianmengui back.

But at this moment, the person in charge raised his crutches from behind her and hit Zhu Yang’s head with a swift blow.

The attack was like a thunderstorm, and it was impossible to guard against, let alone Zhu Yang’s back, even face to face, it is estimated that he might not be able to take this move.

When the players saw this, they exclaimed, but the next second they discovered that a barrier appeared on Zhu Yang, directly bounced off the attack of the person in charge.

The person in charge even retreated several steps by the resilience, and then looked up at Zhu Yang incredulously.

Zhu Yang sneered: “The judgment of a thousand-faced ghost is my own judgment. Since I know that it is not your opponent, but dare to appear here, haven’t I thought about why?”

When she turned her wrist, a knife appeared in her hand, and then a knife was thrust into the animal trainer aside.

The trainer was directly stabbed through the chest, and fell down with an expression of disbelief.

Then she listened to her: “Because this is now our “house”, and according to the rules of this game, we are absolutely safe in the “house”.”

She threw the blood from the knife to the ground, and then pointed the tip of the knife at the person in charge: “But you, it’s not necessarily the case.”


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