Scream Queen Chapter 129

Zhu Yang motioned the players who were sitting on the ground embarrassed to stand up.

A few people had just been fighting, and they were almost exhausted. At this moment, they were quite exhausted and could not move a finger, and there were serious injuries.

Although the players are not so squeamish from life to death, but there is also Zhu Yang’s guarantee that everyone still has a glimmer of hope in their hearts.

Otherwise, according to this situation, oneself will make oneself in a mess. The other party hasn’t made a move, and he began to write a suicide note early in his heart, and then remember whether he has any regrets in this life, and that’s it.

At this moment, I saw Zhu Yang coming back. It turned out that the “Zhu Yang” just now was the thousand-faced ghost she had gotten from the show before, and the person in charge had nothing to do with her.

Even if you don’t know the cause and effect, but now you know that her strategizing has turned the situation around.

Suddenly, the waist didn’t hurt and the legs didn’t hurt. Although I broke one or two arms, I still felt that I could fight for 500 rounds.

In fact, everyone came together and felt the changes visible to the naked eye.

Not to mention that the exhausted energy and physical strength are rapidly recovering, and even the broken wrist and arm are beginning to grow.

This Nima really complied with Zhu Yang’s words just now–

When did a broken hand and a broken foot become a wound that can be cured by wiping saliva?

But Zhu Yang didn’t give them any time to sigh with emotion. Seeing that a few guys recovered under the rules, he immediately said: “Go to the front door and the back door to handle the two people separately. No one is allowed to go out. I dare to rush and kill directly.”

“Don’t worry, we are invincible here at the moment.”

Several players naturally had no doubts, and immediately divided the four out, all of whom were capable of large-scale destruction.

In case the circus people control the customers as a meat shield and break through.

It’s right to be careful, but they underestimated the role of rules.

Since the rules say that it is absolutely safe to be in the ‘home’, it will not only guarantee the immunity of ‘family members’ to attacks, but also maintain the structural integrity of the ‘home’.

Once a strongman or riot conditions appear in the ‘home’, there are naturally corresponding restrictions.

Zhu Yang snapped his fingers: “Grab them all!”

It stands to reason that the overall strength of the player headed by Zhu Yang is far lower than that of the circus.

Even if Zhu Yang’s personal strength is good, it is impossible to win the circus with so many people, let alone catch it alive.

But thanks to the rules, the absolute security of the ‘home’ must ensure the integrity of the home and not be destroyed.

So the guys from the circus saw that the situation was wrong and wanted to tear up the tent to escape, but found that the ordinary canvas tent was more difficult to destroy than the cast iron wall.

You can’t escape, and there are players attacking behind regardless of loss.

Their counterattack has no effect, but the opponent’s attack is real every time. In this situation, even the Novice Village can kill the full-level Demon King, as long as they give enough time to eat it down, right?

What’s more, the gap between the two sides is not so big.

Zhu Yang also yelled the clown: “Help if you don’t want to die.”

The clown just tried to persuade this guy and didn’t dare to betray the game.

However, although he is capable, he is not stupid and has a strong sense of crisis. Otherwise, they won’t be mixed for so long under the hands of the show.

He keenly felt that something was not right, not only Zhu Yang broke the absolute crushing situation of the circus, but she held the most important key in her hands.

Otherwise, it is impossible to explain how the current situation came about. Could the show help her? That’s a joke.

That also shows that the loopholes in the rules have been exploited by this guy.

The clown thought for a long time, and still took a bundle of rope from the side. His strength was not good, and the technique of binding people was good.

And as a show host, although he cannot be counted as a “family member”, the terms of the show period also apply to him, that is, staying at home can protect him from the evil circus.

Therefore, his spicy chicken was tied to several people.

It took a while to fully control the circus, but the audience present became motionless puppets.

Zhu Yang knew what was going on as soon as he turned his mind. It is estimated that the members of the circus who control the audience want to control them to attack the player, but all actions that are not conducive to the player in the rules are invalid.

Therefore, under the contradiction between the two orders of control and restriction, the customer becomes a doll.

After all, although these customers are puppets controlled by the circus, they are also residents of the small town. Strictly speaking, the control is still in the hands of the show.

Several players brought Zhu Yang a big chair, and Zhu Yang sat down in front of him, with all the circus members in front of him.

Poor these guys, they tasted the sumptuous snacks that a player was energetic, and thought they were in hand, but he became a dish after he recovered.

The person in charge is no longer decent from the beginning, the top hat is knocked off, and the monocle is broken in Zhu Yang’s attack.

The true strength of this Miss Zhu is much stronger than that of a copy with only physical fighting technology. The ability is endless, making people hard to defend, and there are seemingly inexhaustible useful weapons and auxiliary gadgets.

Not to mention that their current attack power against players is ineffective, it is the heyday, it is estimated that the person in charge of the circus can really crush her in strength.

The person in charge looked at her, his face a little unwilling: “I don’t understand, when did Jin Chan escape?”

Zhu Yang kicked his head away: “If you are a prisoner, don’t think that you have the right to know everything. Unlike you, I have to play a monkey show on stage to do something. Things that seem so embarrassing have to be onlookers.”

A humiliation flashed across the person in charge, and it was obvious that this guy had always been decent and had never experienced such embarrassment.

Zhu Yang leaned forward: “Now, I ask, can you speak, understand?”

The person in charge suddenly smiled: “Although we are not tragic martyrs, you would be wrong to think that you can easily make things out of our mouths.”

“Of course you can use torture to torture us, but I advise you not to.”

“I don’t know how you did it. It must be a loophole in the rules. It’s really good. I’ve been to this town countless times, and it’s the first time that the ship capsized in the gutter.”

“But our circus is not a tool that belongs to here. It is not an existence that people of your level can kill at will. I think you can understand it with your cleverness?”

“Don’t make your own future path harder for the sake of temporary pleasure.”

After finishing speaking, the person in charge stared at Zhu Yang, not missing any reaction on her face. Seeing her eyes, she understood that she fully understood what she meant.

The person in charge breathed a sigh of relief. Talking to smart people is to save trouble. You don’t have to spread everything and you already know how to weigh the trade-offs.

But before he was relieved, he listened to the humanity: “How many words did he say? Has there been any number of people?”

“Go, give him a few dollars after saying a few words.”

Zhu Yang’s long legs curled up: “When I was joking?”


The person in charge was shocked, but some players had already stepped up, and according to Zhu Yang’s order, they hit him a few times.

It corresponds to the few words he just said, one knife is not more than one knife, but the wound of each knife is deeply visible.

It can be seen that the players feel the pain of being brushed by these guys and the pain of breaking their wrists just now. Their resentment towards the circus is even higher than expected.

The person in charge was sitting in a pool of blood. At this time, Zhu Yang slowly continued: “Why do you hide it? Why not speak openly?”

“You are nothing more than warning me that the circus is able to come and go freely from all worlds, and be deceived and deceived. It is nothing but a big boss behind it.

“If I manage you here, I’m setting up a terrible enemy for myself.”

If the strong person in charge is not the real master of the circus, then the one behind it is conceivable that Zhu Yang is the big tree and the mayfly.

People say that cooperation is based on the premise of equal conditions. This circus can be embarrassed with the show. Presumably, the strength of the big brother and the show is also in the middle.

Normal players, as long as there is a trace of thirst for survival, they will not offend such an enemy in one breath.

Because if people can form such a gang that travels through the world to make trouble, you can never guess what the other party has to easily locate you and destroy you.

But this set is really not a threat to Zhu Yang. She smiled and said: “Remember the question I asked you on the first day you came?”

“I asked if you came from a neighboring town, and you said yes, but this small broken town, the nearest place is a city, there is no such thing as a neighboring town at all.”

As soon as the person in charge changed his face, he listened to Zhu Yang and took his time: “There is no need to lie to this kind of meaningless question. Even if you lie with your shrewdness, it will not violate such an obvious basis for reality.

“So how did that non-existent neighboring town come from?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “The clues are often explored from these inadvertent details, and then just ask for proof.”

“In order to prove the nature of your circus, I reluctantly sacrificed a companion.”

Several players twitched their mouths, looking at the lion’s gnawed bones, and now they were kicked to the corners and scattered in the corner for two consecutive battles.

Brother, you died so miserably!

Looking at Zhu Yang’s expression of ‘Resistant’ in this way, it makes people a little bit sore.

She said: “In other words, I have already guessed what your circus is. Since I knew it, why would you start with a decision regardless of your so-called background, haven’t you thought about why?”

“As I said in the copy just now, you guy, looking shrewd, you actually don’t turn a lot with obvious logic.”

She said her face became gloomy and indifferent: “Of course you and the guy behind you are almost finished!”

The faces of the people in the circus changed drastically, although they didn’t think that the strength of these guys could shake their real backstage, but this woman was too evil.

Just now it was a desperate situation that seemed to have no possibility of turning over, but in the end it was the opponent who made a round, the face was still hurting, and everyone felt a little hairy.

What if, what if?

I thought that there would be some torture waiting for them next, but the woman suddenly smiled—

“However, even though you should be punished for speaking without authorization in disregard of my rules, I think you will take the initiative to confess without asking you about the final confirmation.

“It seems that this is not a big secret worth keeping desperately for you. Fortunately, I still wonder how to pry your mouth open tonight.”

Her words made people feel like they were stomping on the air, especially the person in charge.

He opened his eyes wide, pondered for a while, and then looked at her suddenly. It turned out that this guy didn’t expect to know too much detailed information from him.

The secrets of a circus may not be of interest to her. Since the other person behind them dares to violate the rules of the game, they naturally have a way to hide it. It is impossible to find out the source from his little character.

What she wants to make sure is that there is a definite existence behind the circus, confirming that their actions are artificially instructed, and not just a running evil group born in the game.

Other details, this guy doesn’t care at all.

It’s ridiculous that he himself actually used this as a bargaining chip and hinted to her in order to increase the bargaining chip.

The person in charge has an ugly face, and he has always been shrewd and feels unprecedented shame after realizing his stupidity.

Sure enough, the other party did not lie to him, and Zhu Yang’s expression was already the kind of winning ticket in the end.

She snapped her fingers, and the clown obediently brought her a cup of ice.

The dog said: “There is no freshly squeezed juice here, only this, you will just take it.”

Zhu Yang glanced at him and smiled: “It’s no wonder that you are so rubbish, and you can live for so long because of your character. You have a wink, yes, keep it going.”

The clown naturally nodded flatteringly, but to be honest, the circus level was temporarily solved by her, but it can only be regarded as breaking the game.

As long as she is still on the show, she will spare no effort to engage her, and I don’t know how she will break the game.

I heard Zhu Yang say to other players: “Here! This is how to solve the basic task.”

“You can’t get out of the game town on your own. You have tried this. But these foreign circuses can come and go freely, and they can go out as long as they follow them.”

“It’s just that you have to survive from them before you get into the circus and leave the convoy, but the method is simple, in fact, as long as you don’t go out tonight and escape their screening.”

“These guys can’t directly locate the players, they can only try it out in the performance. It will be clear if they blindly select the audience before then.”

At first, the players didn’t understand why she said this, but after hearing it, they realized that this is the way to clear the game mission.

Now that the circus has been arrested, it must be easier to drive them to take themselves out.

The method equivalent to the game clearance is not only found, but more than half of it has been carried out.

And they actually needed Zhu Yang to remind them to react.

There is obvious excitement on the faces of the players. The difficulty of this game is amazing. There is murderous intent everywhere. If there is not a rule that either the group will be destroyed or the person who died in the second game will come back to life.

Of the nine of them, Zhu Yang has never died, and all the others have explained it again.

However, before I was happy, I heard Zhu Yang say: “If you want to clear the customs immediately, you can now hold a circus member and drive you away.”

Find someone who is not that strong and can be easily controlled by a few players. No matter where he drives the car, as long as he leaves the town, even if the mission is completed, he can immediately return to the real world.

The players listened to her and understood what she meant.

Zhu Yang is probably not satisfied with the completion of the basic tasks. The other party is obviously going to die with the show, and the circus is also in her hunting range.

It’s just that everyone has heard what I said just now. There is a backstage behind the circus. It’s not that they can offend the small shrimps in the middle-level field. It’s better to escape from the circus.

But to ruin the entire circus–

To use a realistic analogy, there is a group of scammers who cheat people for money. If you are clever and not deceived, it is because the other party is not good enough to complain.

But if you and the other party fought the evidence and wiped out this liar gang in one fell swoop, then the boss behind the liar gang will not sit idly by. The so-called cutting off people’s wealth is like killing parents.

They understood what Zhu Yang meant, and they left immediately if they didn’t want to take this muddy water trip. If you stay, although it is very likely that the clearance rating is high, you have to watch out for revenge from the big guys afterwards.

Most of the remaining seven players (one of them was killed by a lion) chose to leave now. After all, they are not Zhu Yang. They have that benefit, and they have to ask themselves if they have that life to enjoy.

In the end, there were two young people left, but they had so much gambling enthusiasm, and looking at Zhu Yang, maybe she had already figured out what to do.

It is ashamed to say, but it is also true that they came here by holding people’s thighs.

Then the final judgment is not based on one’s own ability standards, but should focus on Zhu Yang.

The two remaining people felt that she was worth the risk.

Zhu Yang, who was going to leave, didn’t stop him, and Zhu Yang who was left was not much relieved. After all, this was not a test of accepting a younger brother.

After the five players left, the other two players ran over and said, “Boss, what should I do next?”

The other nodded quickly: “Yeah! Although we don’t have much manpower, don’t worry, you are what you say right now.”

These two guys have a lot of awareness and attitude to bet, and Zhu Yang can’t help but feel happy.

He said: “No, the result has already come out. You two have such courage, and you deserve to make a fortune today.”

The two looked at each other when they heard the words-

No, is it impossible?

However, the next second the facts tell them that it is possible.

When you feel that the road ahead is long and you have to work hard, follow the boss to tell you that your destination has arrived, and just sit back and enjoy the results.

Because they heard Zhu Yang said: “Game, I report the serious betrayal behavior of this show. The show has been in trouble with the circus, maliciously persecuting and even selling players.”

“Apply for the right to freeze the program immediately.”

The two players were stunned, the circus was stunned, and the clown was even more stunned.

I don’t understand what she is going crazy, I have never heard of the show and can report it.

No, the show can naturally be reported. This is literally nothing wrong. But the show in the game is a normal TV show?

Not suitable for children, can your parents write a letter to the radio and television to report?

Huh? It seems that there is nothing wrong with thinking about it this way. Although the secular rules do not restrict the program, what about the rules of the game?

It’s just that this show operation is something that no one had thought of before.

Everyone’s faces were dumbfounded, but the message that came in their minds in the next second almost dislocated their jaws.

Because they clearly heard the feedback from the game in their minds——

[The report has been accepted, and the program permissions are temporarily frozen. From now on, no offensive behavior will occur on the scene, and everyone will be on standby. 】

[Reporter please upload detailed evidence! 】

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

The scene was deadly silent, but the silence of the scene corresponds to the bombing shock in everyone’s brains. The game’s reaction was to throw an original/bullet/bullet. Now their brain flowers are in the shape of a mushroom cloud.

Is this Nima really accepting? Without any hesitation? When is the game a player’s personal feedback specialist?

In addition to the shock, the two remaining players suddenly felt unstoppable in their hearts.

Those guys just walked two steps earlier than them, and such a big advantage was gone.

Obviously Zhu Yang has been well prepared here, and she sighed: “Yes! I have to explain it from beginning to end.”

“Let me think about it. Let’s start with the circus. The announcement hasn’t come out yet.”

“In this game, there is a crisis step by step. In view of the lessons of the previous few games, it is obviously irrational to disperse the players, and although the arrival of the circus is obviously problematic, according to the inertia of the game, the danger is also the opportunity, so the players do not Maybe not all the staff will come here.”

“The show also took advantage of this mentality and made a time difference. At the beginning of the circus performance, the player was either caught by the show or was simply under control, and the player would not know if it made an announcement.”

“I have been prepared for this since other players entered the venue and told me that there was no announcement. However, if they leave the venue at the beginning, it will easily cause the show to be alert, so until the third audience interactive performance, the real me here is .”

The third interactive performance was the one where the magician abused the selected beautiful audience alive, and then the player was selected, and the player was also swallowed by the lion.

“I secretly left the scene midway. In order to conceal my eyes and ears, I must not have time to explain, so I had to let the thousand-faced ghost inherit all my memories and thoughts until the moment I was copied.”

The disguised state of the thousand-faced ghost can be adjusted by the master’s will. It does not mean that the person who copies it will directly inherit the memory of the other person and treat himself as someone, that is too buggy.

For example, if an unfamiliar player, Zhu Yang asks Qianmiangui to copy the opponent, he can learn all the information about the opponent, which is obviously impossible.

If that’s the case, even if you can’t copy the enemy’s ability, you can understand the opponent’s strength composition, it would be too cheating.

Therefore, the copy of Qianmiangui has to come from the owner’s cognition. For example, the show can spy on the player’s everything in reality, but there is no way to know about the game experience, because there is no such authority.

Therefore, Zhu Weixin, which was copied by Qianmengui, has no memory of being in the game. The reason why it regards itself as Zhu Weixin is also the setting of the show to pursue the real acting skills that can deceive the player.

Under actual normal conditions, whoever the Thousand Faces Ghost replicates can only be superficially copied, and the identity of the cloned body can be clear, but it depends on the owner’s setting.

Zhu Yang was in a hurry at the time, and had to make Qianmiangui understand the situation and respond instantly, so naturally he could only make it think of himself as Zhu Yang.

It is better to understand without the fault of thinking. Zhu Yang believes that with his IQ, he can immediately find out what is wrong and react to it, and understand the task he taught it.

This not only saves the handover, but also perfectly escapes the shell in front of the cunning show. Doesn’t it erase the consciousness of Qianmengui as a copy and let it think it is the body to torture the player’s heart?

Zhu Yang also wanted to make it taste the result. Obviously all the players gathered in the circus tent to let the show think that the winning ticket was in their hands, and he didn’t find out from Qianmengui.

Zhu Yang continued: “I left the tent and rushed to the villa, and found that the announcement really came out, of course everyone knows the content now.”

“I don’t have the ability to bring everyone out of the performance studio, so I have to bring the house number over and make this tent our home!”

Now all behavior is stopped by the game, even if someone outside removes the door number, they are safe, so they don’t have to worry about speaking out.

She was clear and easy to understand, and the clues in front were easy to connect together. Everyone knew her idea of ​​breaking the game instantly, but the two players were puzzled–

“The house number? Why did the house number move over to the tent and become a home?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “Every house looks exactly the same. This is of course not surprising. It is a community, but have you noticed? Every morning after we break the game, as the environment is refreshed, the house numbers on the opposite side are different. same.”

“And the dog walker we met every day walked out of different houses on the first and third days.”

“I can’t say that the houses are different. He comes out of house 1063 every day, but that house is not in the same location, so the house is not the key. Where the house number is, which house belongs to him.”

“The game cannot be set to a dead end, and the show is the same. Since it dared to issue an announcement when the players entered the circus tent so late, it proved that its behavior did not cause the player to die. So this rule corresponds to the place. It’s here.”

The players suddenly realized that they just felt that they were searching for news and collecting clues all day long. They really didn’t notice as many details in front of their homes.

Zhu Yang naturally ignored the complex feelings of the two and continued: “This is just the process of cracking this game. Of course, breaking the game is just to ensure that I can live to collect evidence and report the show. So undercover in the circus is also essential. .”

“First of all, it has just been explained, starting from the circus to the small town, until the person in charge just admitted.”

“The other party is a large hunting gang of players that circulates in the game world. They are not ordinary evil. All targets are directed at the players. Of course, the clues of the players will not be given to them, so they can’t directly confirm them, so they have to interact Probing.”

“But when I say this, I don’t mean that the show is innocent. It is the control of the rules. It treats the circus as a test and looks innocent and impartial. In fact, it has long been with the person behind the circus. Make peace, hand over difficult players to the opponent to deal with, and even sell players to the opponent on a regular basis.”

“The evidence is that, except for the person in charge, all members of the circus are players abducted from various mission worlds.”

Zhu Yang pointed to the bones of the underground player: “The players who died in the circus show will become the source of the growth of this interest group. I don’t know how they recruit members, but since they keep saying they want to accept me as a new member. , But he looked like he was going to kill me.”

“I’m afraid that the prerequisite for becoming a member of the circus is death, which means that these members may be the afterlife of the player. They are killed in life to strengthen an existence, and their souls are also bound to become one of them and do evil after death.”

It’s just that these people are not all ghosts, so I don’t know how the big guys behind the circus did it, but the big guys definitely have many methods. Zhu Yang only needs to confirm the result.

Just to confirm these, Zhu Yang took the initiative to expose the player’s position to the person in charge, and sacrificed a player to enter the lion’s mouth.

After Zhu Yang finished speaking, feedback from the game sounded in everyone’s brains——

[The show just made a defense. All the player Zhu Yang’s inferences are based on guesswork. The only thing that can be determined is that the circus is going to do evil and hunting players. It does not prove that the show and the circus are in trouble. 】

[At this point, the other party stated that it also thinks that the circus is just a test method for game dispatch, and after comparing the players’ strengths with the circus, the rules set equal conditions for absolute safety as long as they stay in the house, and there is no violation. . 】

The players’ faces changed when they heard the words, and it was true. Saying so much can only mean that the circus and the game are robbing players. Now it has been exposed that the existence of the benefits behind the game cleaning is one thing.

But there is absolutely no evidence to say so on the show. Can’t they just be blamed for their losses? Although the show is indeed disgusting.

Zhu Yang sneered, and stretched out two fingers: “One, my old lady never tears it unsurely. Second, when I tore it, I lie flat, so the posture of death may look better.”

She pointed to a bunch of people **** in the center: “Bring that, yes, the fire-breathing one.”

The fire-breathing acrobat also interacted with the audience on stage before, which was just to make the audience burn to death.

The opponent is a tall, dark-skinned bald head with scars on his face, muscles tied up, and a very strong body.

Zhu Yang said: “Don’t you think he is familiar?”

The player and the clown looked around, then looked at Zhu Yang blankly.

No, don’t you think? Where is such a wild man in the town?

Zhu Yang said: “You imagine this guy has a few shades of white, then grows shit-like beard hair, and more than a hundred kilograms of fat. This should always be seen?”

The three of them looked back, and studied according to the ideas provided by Zhu Yang. The first thing that reacted was the clown, and the two players were not too slow. After all, they just spent a hundred days out of the villa with each other—

“He, he is—” The three pointed to the fire-breathing actor who could lay eggs in his mouth.

Zhu Yang sneered: “Otherwise, why should you kidnap the boss back, making spare grains to scare him into providing food is of course only one of the purposes.”

“That guy didn’t want to be slaughtered as a fat pig, so he learned from his lesson to lose weight. When he loses weight successfully, it will prove my guess.”

Zhu Yang pointed to the fire-breathing actor: “At that time, I was familiar with the other party in the circus. As a result, the bulletin board task came out at noon and everyone went to the supermarket to buy them. The boss shook in front of me. Their iris color was very special. The probability of seeing exactly the same between two people was too small. So at that time I became suspicious and tied him up.”

“I didn’t expect to lose weight, it was really carved out of a mold, but the temperament is different, the other party is too dark.”

Speaking of this, a person suddenly flew into the air somewhere in the auditorium. It was the owner of the supermarket. He was still under control, his eyes a little dull.

After being picked up by the game and placed next to the fire-breathing actor, he removed his hair and beard out of thin air, then adjusted the color of the fire-breathing actor to the color number of the supermarket owner, and removed the scar on his face.

The end is plastic surgery on the spot, real PS, and there are no traces and side effects.

After simple finishing, the similarity between the two people was as high as 99%, and the game immediately found the information of the two people in the player profile. They were indeed twin brothers.

Zhu Yang said: “I guess that the boss’s ability is indeed necessary for the show, and his twin brother was captured by the circus and became a member of the group, but the qualification to become a member is a deceased player. Up.”

“In addition, there is a huge difference in appearance between the two, so when the show and the circus divided the spoils, they didn’t think so much, did they?”

However, a pair of twin brothers, one is working here, and the other is a member of the suspicious circus that has been in your town for a long time.

Even people may die in the same scene. The difference is that dying in the hands of the circus has the opportunity to become a member of a careerist to drive, while dying in the hands of your show will be deployed as an NPC or employee as you wish.

But according to your own needs, you are so meticulous, and you don’t know, who are you bluffing?

Although Zhu Yang couldn’t see the show’s reaction, he could feel that the evidence came out, and the atmosphere in the tent became suddenly tense.

She still didn’t let the other party go, and pointed to the person in charge: “This guy, when he was restrained by me, he wanted to threaten me with the idea of ​​overwhelming others. It must be possible that similar cheap acts are not the first thing for him. Use it once?”

“Since they didn’t deliberately conceal it, your show sits by watching people harvesting players on their own territory, without knowing it, and using game resources to fill other pockets.”

“Do you know how many points, items, and skills are spent training a player to the intermediate level?”

What this says is that players must become stronger on their own. These things are justified, but the rewards are things that the game will actually give out.

Zhu Yang said that the dog is better than the game when it listens to it. In fact, it is not a court and requires a three-secret trial to ensure that there is no wrongdoing.

As long as Zhu Yang gave it this little evidence, it was enough. In fact, the show was forced by Zhu Yang this time to be full of flaws and it was enough to clean it up in the game.

Just listen to Zhu Yang’s final decision: “You are governed by the game, but you let others take advantage of the game more than once or twice, admitting that you opened the back door or admitting that you are blind?”

I looked at the twins of the supermarket owner and the fire-breathing actor in the stands again: “Obviously you are still not blind, at least you have a good look when you make a profit.”

As soon as the words were finished, feedback from the game came in my mind——

[After verification, the content reported by the player Zhu Yang is true and the report is established. The program seriously harms the interests of the game, and the plot is serious, which constitutes an act of rebellion. The program permission is abolished and the program content is cleared. Players please wait a moment. 】

Then everyone heard a scream coming from their brains, even if they had seen so many ghosts, they had also seen countless human tragedies.

But none of these screams came to despair and pain, as if they were being burned by the fire of hell, and the separation was not like humans can make.

The person in charge turned pale with a cold sweat on his head. Zhu Yang smiled and said to him: “It’s a pity, I’m going to hide in Tibet, the guy who trembles every day is not me, it’s your boss!”

This is natural, not to mention the game’s inexplicable positive reaction to her, obviously this guy came with a mission, even if the one in their circus can escape the lock of the game with vast magical powers.

I didn’t dare to trouble this woman. Once my hand reached here, wouldn’t it happen to crash under the nose of the game? The game may not be found.

Once the show died, all its permissions were cancelled, and even if the tent was not out, the atmosphere of the whole town could be felt to change.

Many people in the audience suddenly woke up, especially the supermarket owner, who looked at the fire-breathing man next to him and exclaimed: “Brother!”

Even the NPCs or employees whose memories were erased, such as the clown and the cafe brother, have taken back their own memories.

It’s just that they are dead and can’t return to the real world, but according to the practice of water ghosts, the part with work experience will be absorbed by the game.

It can be regarded as a formal job from a local worker, and the reaction of the whole room after regaining consciousness for a while, or crying or laughing, or madness or depression, seems to be chaotic here.

All the members of the circus were taken away by the game. The person in charge might still be useful here, but the other members were all NPCs during their lives, and they didn’t know what the game was arranged for.

It’s just that as soon as those people disappeared, Zhu Yang knew why they were obviously dead but acted physically.

As all the members were taken in by the game, a pile of waiting puppets fell on the ground. It seems that the souls of those toys are boarded here and detained.

Before these puppets were fake and real, no one could see the difference between them and real people, but they had to ask the way and the big head could not see the way.

Just thinking about this, a person suddenly stood up on the ground.

The two players were excited about making a lot of money, and saw the lion bitten to death before resurrecting.

right! This guy made a lot of contributions, he was swallowed up.

Although lying down wins, lying down is not easy.


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