Scream Queen Chapter 13

As soon as the man said this, the entire room suddenly stagnated, and the peaceful atmosphere of the last second disappeared.

After all, even teammates who want to spend the task together are just strangers without any basis for feelings and cooperation. How can there be trust?

Zhu Yang is a little aware of the fact that his reward is higher than the average, and he suspects that it is his reason.

Therefore, he preemptively struck down and said: “It’s not you!”

She looked at Li Li: “I entered the official arena for the first time just after the trials, and I can’t touch the recruits of the North, and you claim to have only experienced three games.”

“Then you are a little too clear about the rules and approaches here, how do you know that the difficulty is far beyond our average?”

Li Li choked. He was the oldest of the few. Seeing that this time they were all young and inexperienced newcomers, he wanted to dominate at the beginning.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, it seemed to be more wrong.

He coughed: “Although I have a low level of qualifications, but you are more than ten years old after all. The first two times were lucky. The players who cleared the level together have experienced players who have already spent several games.”

He also emphasized: “The prerequisite for cooperation is mutual trust. We have the same goals and are people with common interests. We should cooperate with each other to achieve a win-win situation.”

Zhu Yangxindao, the driver’s eldest brother, is estimated to have been brainwashed by the slogan of the working group, and his brain is not very flexible, he can’t know the key to the matter, and he wants to be the leader.

It’s just that she didn’t bother to poke others in such a place, so she asked along the way: “Then how did you increase the difficulty?”

Li Li also changed the topic along the way: “The difficulty of the novice field is not much harder than the trials. Most of the people who enter the game at the beginning are ordinary people. Even I have gone through several games, eliminating the cost of life-saving. The points on my body are only enough to add a few points to my various physical abilities.”

He smiled bitterly: “I used to work upside down day and night, and my physique was not good, but now I can almost compare to a fitness coach. But when confronted with ghosts, I can’t run two steps when I run away.”

“So you said, let the four of us deal with ghosts that exceed our number at once. Isn’t the difficulty increased?”

After speaking, he suddenly thought of something and asked Zhu Yang, “How many points did you get in the trials?”

“Huh? Two thousand points!” Zhu Yang didn’t even think about cutting it ten times.

Who knows that this number also made Li Li and Wang Bei take a breath: “God, then your evaluation is not above B grade?”

This is what interests Zhu Yang: “How do you say? What are the general evaluation criteria for customs clearance, do you know?”

Wang Bei said: “I was told by a senior in the previous game. Someone specifically summarized that the essence of these arenas is games. The more dramatic the game is completed, the higher the level of confrontation with ghosts and monsters, the higher the evaluation.”

To survive the game at least alive, the evaluation is E, and the reward is 500 points; to survive without injury, the evaluation is D grade and the reward is 1000 points.

However, if it can cause effective damage to the ghost, the evaluation will go to a higher level, C-level, rewards 1500 points; severely injured ghost is B-level, and 2000 rewards.

Killing ghosts is undoubtedly another step. There is no doubt about the A-level leave, and there are 8000 points.

“But if you can win all-round victory and kill ghosts with an overwhelming advantage, you will be the legendary S-class, but this situation is rare in the selection field.” Li Lidao.

“But suddenly I was scared to death when I knew that there was a ghost. It is not easy to be able to calmly figure out a way to survive. Those rare players who can complete the counter-kill to achieve the A-level achievement are higher than most people from the beginning. Many, like ordinary people, most of the evaluations are only in the D and E levels.”

After listening to Zhu Yang, the expression on his face drifted a little. According to them, the female ghost was miserable in her hands.

After being tortured by the spirit for several days before dying in unwillingness and pain, in other words, can we get a high enough evaluation if we meet this standard?

Several people worked through the rules, and it was already the evening meal, so they decided to order a few takeaways and talked.

Li Li unceremoniously called the young man Lu Xin and said, “Xiao Lu, go order some takeaways. By the way, ask the landlord for a takeaway call.”

Lu Xin didn’t say anything, so he did it happily, and packed a few dishes back.

When Zhu Yang saw that she liked to eat, he couldn’t help but wonder if it was a coincidence.

When everyone was eating, the topic came to this task again.

Although the mission was frantic, but at least it was revealed from the beginning, who died in this house, the game has passed the plot.

Li Lidao: “It doesn’t seem to be frenzied yet. The purpose of the game is probably to let us focus on resisting the night of death.”

The first is Miss Cui, a glamorous-looking woman who met on the first floor before. She will be harassed by the suitor who has harassed her for a long time in the night, and will be injured and killed by mistake while struggling.

Then there was Teacher Qiu who lived on the second floor. She would be divided and killed by her husband who had been violent for a long time that night. Her son who was in elementary school was also killed because her husband suspected that the son was not his own.

There is also a tenant who is a high school student who is going to school here. They haven’t seen anyone yet, but because of the long-term bullying on campus, the other party happened to be unbearable and hanged that night.

This is only the first stage, people murder. Then there is a second stage, ghost killing.

Ms. Cui, who is unwilling to succeed after death, will turn into a ghost to kill her murderer, chewing her tongue behind her for a long time, and harass her every day. Even the murderer can break into her room that night, and the landlord who opened the convenient door will also Miss Cui took her life.

And Teacher Qiu and her son did not let go of their husband and father.

By then the whole house will be destroyed and turned into ghosts, and then it will be the players’ turn.

Li Li suggested: “The game won’t let us come in so long in advance. Since so much time is given, we must find a solution.”

“Let’s split up tomorrow, and the two will go out to find out if there are any famous temples or priests here, and see if they can help us…”

“The other two took advantage of the tenant’s absence to get the landlord’s key to see if there were any useful clues and props in their room.”

“Especially the things that you loved or obsessed with in life, generally have some effect on ghosts.”

Several people agree that this method is generally applicable to most novice games. After all, the positive strength gap is too large, and there will definitely be auxiliary props.

When we talk, we will assign tomorrow’s team. Originally, everyone meant two teams of men and women.

But Lu Xin, who has been very silent since entering the game, said: “Both sides are looking for things. Girls’ attention is indispensable. It is best to choose an efficient team.”

Li Li realized that this kid was caring about Zhu Yang, and said, “Okay, it’s not tiring to work with men and women. Tomorrow you go outside, and Xiao Wang and I will stay in the house to explore.”

Zhu Yang glanced at Lu Xin and saw that he looked as usual, but did not speak.

Zhu Yang took the lead to finish the meal first, then opened the suitcase to see what the game distributed to them.

The identities of a few people are set as travelers who come here to relax, and the luggage contents are in line with their settings.

In Zhu Yang’s suitcase, there were several sets of clothes for washing and a pair of shoes. Of course, the quality and style made her chuckle.

In addition, there is a cosmetic bag, some toiletries, and a laptop.

Zhu Yang hurriedly turned on the computer, connected to the WiFi in the room, and tried the search engine, which was basically the same as the real world.

Zhu Yang had some doubts that this is the world in this world, but they were sent to other places.

But obviously not. She tried to log in to her social accounts, no matter whether it was domestic or foreign, it showed no such number.

When I was about to try more other functions, I heard a noise from the corridor outside.

When several people opened the door, the voice suddenly became louder. It turned out that it was the husband of Teacher Qiu on the second floor who was beating her again.

Before they met Teacher Qiu, they were still preparing to cook. It stands to reason that it should be time for the family to have dinner around the TV.

But this one did not end up having fun after a day of work and study.

A few people standing at the door can smell the strong smell of alcohol from Teacher Qiu’s husband. This is a man who looks at him in his thirties. He is not tall, short, fat or thin, and looks particularly mediocre.

But it was such a person who couldn’t be found in the crowd. At this moment, his eyes were red, and his expression was wicked and violent against his wife.

And Teacher Qiu’s original neat and clean hair was already messed up like a mad woman, and the neckline of his shirt was torn apart, tears in his eyes, desperately avoiding, but he did not cry.

Because her son is watching through the crack of the door.

The man was beating and cursing: “There is no money for two hundred mahjong. Buy paint and paintbrush. I think it is a subsidy for a wild man.”

“It would be nice if the kid sent him to study. Learn to draw, eat mine and live mine, and want to walk his father’s old way.”

All kinds of unbearable insults spread throughout the house, and the landlord downstairs seemed to have taken care of it and didn’t care.

Several players knew that this was a plot, and since people would eventually die, the family’s conflict must be a long-standing conflict.

These are all ghost reserve NPCs, so it’s better not to get involved.

Li Li was about to greet a few people to come in, when he saw Zhu Yang shut the laptop in his hand, and walked out on the wooden floor.

When he came directly to the man who was beating someone with prestige, he had a notebook cut his head in his pocket, leaving no hand at all.

This action was so fast that Li Li and the others did not react.

The man was slapped to the ground directly, his brain buzzed, and half of his face immediately became numb. He felt his teeth squeeze a bit, and he even spit out two teeth.

At this moment, he was more than half awake, and when he looked up, he saw a young woman looking at him condescendingly.

The look in his eyes is worse than looking at the maggots in the dungpit: “The two hundred mahjong money is for the wife, and the face is professed to support the family, bah!”

It was a real spit and hit the other party. The man was probably in the nest, and he might be frightened by the fierceness of the woman’s teeth being knocked out. He shrank, but he didn’t dare to refute.

Everyone just watched Zhu Yang cut the people neatly and neatly, and then walked back with long legs neatly and neatly.

Although Lu Xin was still expressionless, a smile flashed in his eyes.

However, Li Li reacted in a daze for a long time, and immediately closed the door and whispered: “What are you doing? Are you crazy? Those people will all become ghosts in seven days. You have to die and offend them and don’t harm others. ”

Zhu Yang threw the probably broken laptop on the bed at will.

He sneered: “It’s the same as not guilty and we won’t be killed. Since the results are the same, then don’t persuade you to be afraid of the hammer?”


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