Scream Queen Chapter 130

The guy is also a melon skin. When he woke up and looked at the chaos on the scene, he asked, “I didn’t miss anything, did I?”

The remaining two players looked at him, their eyes full of words.

Although this guy is fighting each other and fighting desperately while lying down and sleeping all the way, but it is really easy to say that he is relaxed, but also feel hurt.

You said that other methods of death are okay, but the big deal is that one thing, even if it was a bit miserable to die in acid rain before.

But if you ask them to change, you are not happy to be eaten into the stomach by the lion alive?

You have to pursue a decent way to die, right? And what is the principle of this guy’s resurrection?

Of course, the whole body is recovered from the wound directly. There are only bones left. How did the flesh on his body come back?

If it grows again, it’s okay, but if it goes back to its original place, the thing will turn around in the belly of the lion.

Gee! Mai Tai.

So the two answered him: “No, it’s okay! You woke up at the right time, eh! Would you like to drink Coke?”

The man looked at them inexplicably: “Can you be a little alert for customs clearance? When are you still drinking Coke?”

Then he said to Zhu Yang: “Eh, what should we do next? Just give your instructions.”

After I finished speaking, I received a clearance prompt in my mind, showing that his clearance level was actually S-level.

That person was dumbfounded. Before, he was only Grade A. This is the highest evaluation he has ever received.

In ecstasy, I was even more confused: “You have all cleared the level? Haven’t we been out of town yet?”

“And this reward is too high? I’m a little embarrassed.” He scratched his head: “I’ll lie down for a while.”

But seeing the two guys patted him on the shoulder, Wen Sheng was relieved: “Don’t worry, your contribution is definitely indispensable.”

After listening to Zhu Yang’s thoughts on customs clearance, the two knew that the death of this guy was the part that finally determined the essence of the circus.

So he was pointed out by Zhu Yang to feed the lion, but seeing this guy looked at a loss, he probably didn’t know a lot about happier.

The evaluation of the three people who stayed was much higher than that of the one who left, which made them excited when they were right.

After greeted Zhu Yang in a hurry, he left the game world and slowly counted his rewards.

Zhu Yang waved his hand and let them go, but stepped out of the circus tent and looked at the town again.

Calculated by time, it should be night, but it is estimated that because the show was cleaned up and the entire copy was refreshed, the weather outside at this time returned to daytime.

When Zhu Yang went out, it was true that the sharp sense of peace and crisis was gone, replaced by the leisurely and freshness like rain and clear sky.

The fragrance of grass dew in the whole town seems to have become real, although the surrounding shops, factories, and schools may no longer be visited.

Not all the NPCs in the town are former players, especially children and the elderly. Most of them are just unconscious NPCs created by the show. These are only responsible for filling the capacity of the town. To put it bluntly, it is an advanced atmosphere setting.

Zhu Yang compared, this kind of NPC’s flexibility is much lower than that of the NPC that used to be a player, and it can’t handle too esoteric dialogue.

The player NPCs are different. Since the program puts them here, it naturally has the intention of the program.

Zhu Yang grabbed the coffee shop and asked, “Are you one of the places to be tested?”

The coffee shop brother has regained his memory and his saneness. Although he was emotionally unstable at the beginning, he was about to collapse, but the subsequent appeasement of the game gave them a place to stay in their hearts.

He replied Zhu Yang and said: “Well! If you enter the cafe on the first day, instead of just asking a sentence through the door, the relevant copy will open.”

“Other than that for factories, schools, and hospitals. It’s just that the number of you is very scattered. The only place where all the staff gather is the villa, so—”

Zhu Yang understood that it would be too wasteful for a small town to have only a family villa and a trial field, but it was because she didn’t spend much time elsewhere.

If the circus hadn’t come so quickly, these copies might have been triggered sooner or later.

At this time, the supermarket owner and the clown came out of the tent, and the supermarket owner looked depressed.

His brother has just been taken away by the game because he is a member of the circus. After all, the existence behind the circus is provoking the authority of the game. The game will definitely investigate related people.

He couldn’t help but worry about it, and wiped his face: “Shame! He has been dead for so long, and he didn’t even know that he was used as an illegal worker.”

“That’s not the case!” The clown said: “Since the show has obtained the legal qualifications to test players, then there is so little power to expand the manpower.”

“If it is a serious player who has failed to pass the level, it is actually legal. It’s just that this thing is too greedy and does not give human rights. It only uses the player as an NPC and cooperates with the circus to pry the corner of the game.”

“Someone is serious about having a copy made by you. It is estimated that the loss rate of the game is too high because of the high rate of damage in this round, so I sent anti-virus software-no, the boss is here to clean up the worms.”

When the clown saw Zhu Yang looking at him halfway through the conversation, he immediately changed his mouth, and his desire to survive was also very strong.

Zhu Yang nodded: “You are clever, but after all, how did your spicy chicken appear in the middle court?”

She looked at the clown up and down several times: “Just your virtue, some players in the lower level are better than you, right?”

The clown is not happy: “Why are you burying people like that? Since the game has brought me to the mid-level field, there must be a reason for it. Anyway, I am alive.”

Zhu Yang nodded: “That’s right, after all, there are so many players, and no matter how fine the net is to screen, there will always be one or two missing fish. What can I say if luck is here?”

The clown was not ashamed but proud. He rubbed his hands and licked his face and asked, “Eh, sister! Since you are dispatched by the game, you must know something about it? How do you usually arrange the game like this?”

Zhu Yang was not stingy, and told him truthfully: “How to arrange? Is the formal entry of a large company the same as working in a black coal mine?”

“On the show, you are exhausted and unpaid and you have to bear the risk of your life. The salary and benefits that you should be given here are the same. The selection criteria are naturally different.”

“If you really have that self-motivated spirit, you can go back to review and prepare now. Examination training is definitely indispensable. The road you have to go in the future may be different from the current wild way, to change your gloating and detrimental virtues.”

The clown repeatedly said yes, thankfully ran back to Wen Shu, saying that he must make full preparations before the assessment.

Look at the coffee shop brother, the supermarket owner, and other NPCs who haven’t fully recovered from the mood, and then look at the clown who instantly locates himself and takes action.

Zhu Yang also had to say that it is not unreasonable that the spicy chicken can live better than him here.

After that, the game informed Zhu Yang that the beginning and the end of the show had been cleaned up, but the town will be born as a new copy later, or directly continue the previous mode, just shuffle the rights and Zhu Yang is not interested.

But the game seems to be a bit resentful for Zhu Yang for letting it learn how to scream, especially when it finishes learning how to scream on the forefoot, and when the show on the back foot is going to die in waves and pull the hatred to the extreme.

It feels that everything it has sacrificed through gritted teeth is superfluous.

Zhu Yang knew that a dog would be more naive than the game, and he was teasing it again, and almost teased it.

But I can’t ignore her, because it’s time to settle the reward now.

This time, Zhu Yang not only killed the show, but also pulled out a circus with game wool behind his back. The natural reward is the upper limit that the game can give.

First of all, the evaluation must be SSS-level. Zhu Yang, who has so many points and so on, is too lazy to count at this time. There are only things she can’t buy, and there is no money she can’t afford.

With such a high level of clearance evaluation, the blessing points it brings will naturally increase her abilities, and the gains in new abilities are not small.

First of all, the supermarket owner’s ability to buy planes starts with this ability. Zhu Yanggang was more greedy when he learned about it.

Although so far, it can only be used to buy daily necessities, it seems to only solve the worries of materials in any copy.

Strictly speaking, her space ring can also replace this function, but it is a little troublesome to replenish it in advance, but it can bring more things than this.

But Zhu Yang said before that this ability can spy on the social state of an unfamiliar world. The living materials of a world can actually feed back a lot of information, and this ability is upgradeable.

In other words, the range of purchases will only be wider in the future, and it is definitely a skill that will not be eliminated in the high field. On the contrary, the more powerful, the more you may gain here.

The second is the puppet seal of the person in charge of the circus. Only then did Zhu Yang know that this ability is called this.

Although Zhu Yang can also manipulate people through illusion, the essence is to interfere and guide hints, which is different from the reward mark of the person in charge who is directly used as a puppet to control.

Obtaining this ability can be regarded as complementing her own ability. After all, her ability can’t control humans remotely. Having this seal solves this problem.

Finally, there is another ability to manipulate insects out of thin air.

Although Zhu Yang herself has cockroaches, and the number of cockroaches has become stronger with her, it is still incomparable with the catastrophic control of the show like the end of the day.

So this ability seems to overlap with her own ability, but in fact it is a qualitative change in a leap.

Her strength has improved a lot out of thin air. According to her estimation, if one or two abilities complete a similar degree of qualitative change, she can go to the advanced field.

After all, the qualification to enter the high-level field is second, and more importantly, it has the destructive power that the intermediate field can’t accommodate.

Zhu Yang was very satisfied with the harvest this time, and also gained an extra thousand-faced ghost, which was a big harvest after one game.

She counted it up and out of the game contentedly.

As soon as he went back to the room, he released the little yellow chicken and photographed it to a suitable size.

I don’t know if the growth of the little yellow chicken binds her level. For so long before, it was still covered with fluff, but when it came out, it had grown a lot of feathers.

Especially the wings and tail, although they are still a little immature, they have grown a lot in an instant.

Zhu Yang hurriedly hugged it: “Let me see, this abrupt, does it hurt?”

Xiao Ji rubbed her and said, “It doesn’t hurt, it’s suddenly up.”

Zhu Yang took a closer look and found that the feathers were still very tender, not abrupt when combined with the yellow fluff, but the color was much darker than the fluff.

It’s the eye-catching golden red color, which makes Xiao Ji look like platinum blonde hair with highlights, how to say, it looks quite fashionable.

Zhu Yang put his sunglasses on his eyes and boasted, “Yo! Isn’t this the most fashionable chicken in the universe?”

The little yellow chicken was so proud that he cocked his tail on the bed and taught his mother how to dress.

The two were having a good time, they felt a line of sight coming from the door. Looking back, it turned out that Longlong didn’t know when he opened the door and appeared there.

Seeing the appearance of the two, a hint of grievance flashed through the red eyes, he snorted heavily and closed the door with his tail.

To die, it is said in the show that I only stayed for three or four days, but don’t forget, one of the hurdles is to sink in for a hundred days.

Zhu Yang has a good memory, and forgot that before entering the game, Longlong was still unhappy because she didn’t bring it. At this moment, she and Xiao Ji are still next door so happy when they come back, can’t let the little guy not Feel better?

Zhu Yang got out of bed quickly, took Xiao Ji and opened the door to the children’s room.

When I turned on the light, I saw that Longlong had returned to his nest. As Xiao Ji said, he was counting coins right now.

It has a flexible tail tip, rolls up a coin and put it aside, still chanting words: “One, two, three…”

Seeing that Zhu Yang and Xiaoji came in, he ignored him, Zhu Yang said: “Dragon! You still count? Didn’t you see that your mother said it? Come back in a few seconds, didn’t you lie?”

Hearing this, Long Long turned around, turned his back to her, and continued to count: “Four, five, seven…”

Just counting here, the little yellow chicken said: “You have a few six.”

“You want to take care of it!” Long Long said angrily, where could it not count? It’s simply that my mind is not on this.

Turning his face back to the person, but not scoring all the attention and observing his mother’s reaction, it can be seen that Tsundere has reached the extreme.

Zhu Yang was happy, and he rolled his body around him. It was night, and the family was asleep, and the dragon became a dragon and looked lovely.

Zhu Yang touched his horns and twisted his beards, followed the dragon scales and slapped his body, coaxing: “How many gold coins are there? How much do you need for that stuff? Mom will give you how much you want. Mother and grandparents, uncles, uncles and uncles’ heads are printed on it. How about you sleep on your pillow every day?”

Long Long hummed comfortably, and he was still dissatisfied: “Huh! I am not a kid who can coax only a few new year’s money, Long Long is almost a grown-up dragon.”

Yeah! Any kid who wants to have such a large basket of gold coins for New Year’s Eve is unhappy.

Zhu Yang said again: “You didn’t forget you when I was on the mission, and I brought you honey.”

Then he took out the bucket of honey: “Come on, taste it!”

Longlong was only a little satisfied. Although in the world where it was born, this kind of ordinary honey was not good at all, but he had not forgotten that his mind was the most important thing.

It opened its mouth and took the spoon that Zhu Yang had fed, and was fed spoon by spoon.

Zhu Yang fed it, occasionally a spoonful of little yellow chicken, and it didn’t take long for a small bucket of honey to go half and half.

Zhu Yang put the lid on: “You can’t eat it, it’s not good to eat too sweet at night, come brush your teeth!”

The child had basically coaxed him when he came here, and the little yellow chicken suddenly said: “Honey is not enough to eat, but grasshoppers are delicious.”

“Mom! When do you still eat grasshoppers? One pot at a time.”

Can you hear this? In the end, he still ate snacks while carrying it.

It suddenly looked back at the little yellow chicken, seeing that this guy was so smooth and smooth with such a short effort, and even his feathers had grown out, showing that he had a good time outside with his mother.

Suddenly I felt how unpleasant to look at it, in that case——

Disk it!

That was the truth. When Zhu Yang lifted Longlong off the little yellow chicken, the little yellow chicken was dizzy and stared at gold stars.

Not to mention, it’s really rounded a lot.

The little yellow chicken is not a vegetarian either. Although the current combat power is only as good as being beaten by his brother, his momentum cannot be defeated. When he comes back, he can peck his tail and pull his beard.

The two children just writhe on the ground regardless of their moves.

After a while, Zhu Yang’s comfort was in vain, although the grasshopper forgot to give him the help of Longlong, but somehow he gained the ability.

She conjured up a bag of grasshoppers out of thin air, then secretly went to the kitchen and opened fire to blow them up.

The two children were ordered not to move by Zhu Yang, obediently squatting on the stove and drooling at the grasshoppers that were constantly being fried in the pot.

“Don’t steal it, it’s still hot right now.”

When it was finally fried and ready to eat, there was another person in front of the stove.

Zhu Weixin squatted over there, his head was level with the two children, and he was looking at the pot with greedy expression.

Zhu Yang: “…This wakes you up?”

The grasshopper is fragrant, but her house is so big, how far is the kitchen from the bedroom?

Zhu Weixin said: “I am going downstairs to drink some water. You will not call me anything that is delicious.”

He squeezed in again: “Sister! Where did you find it? There are grasshoppers this season?”

Zhu Yang said: “If you shop online, just open your mouth when you eat it. Why do you care about so much?”

Naturally, Zhu Weixin didn’t care. He was cheated by his sister to eat a lot when he was a kid. With Zhu Yang in his family, he never worried about children not taking medicine.

As long as you take it from her hand, you can swallow everything in your mouth.

“When was the last time I ate this? It has been more than ten years, right?” Zhu Yang said happily, “We were still living in the country at that time. Grandpa grabbed a net bag and came back to us to bake it when he went to pick up wheat ears. eat.”

“As a result, we hooked up our greedy insects. The next day we stole the lighter and went to the field to catch it. We used a few skewers to skew a few of them and started to grill the hay. We almost burned the haystack.”

When Zhu Yang heard it, he also sneered. When she was a child, she did a lot of silly things with her brother, and now she can’t remember it.

Turning back the three guys looked impatiently, Zhu Yang felt soft in his heart.

All the grasshoppers controlled the oil and divided them into several portions, sprinkled with a little salt. As for other cumin powder, pepper powder or cheese sauce, ketchup, you need to add it yourself.

It’s okay for Zhu Weixin and Zhu Yang, after all, it’s only when the supper is fried again.

The two little guys were born, they are very talented for eating this piece, and they only cleaned one pot together.

Had it not been for Zhu Yang and Zhu Weixin to stop them, it is estimated that they would have to work again for the ownership of the last grasshopper.

Zhu Weixin wiped Longlong’s mouth. At this moment, it had changed back to the form of a snake. After eating, he would just lazily paralyze him in his arms when he was hugged by his uncle, and enjoyed it.

After being waited on by my uncle, they washed their faces and brushed their teeth. The two were put back in their nests. They were told not to fight. They watched their heads close together little by little until they fell asleep.

It’s just that Zhu Weixin suddenly thought of something and told his sister: “How do I feel that Qiao’er looked at me recently?”

“Especially when you see huskies on TV, you have to look back at me and smile happily, just like its uncle, me and huskies.”

Zhu Yang almost burst out laughing, still considering that if this guy was making noise in the middle of the night, she would not want to go to sleep before holding it back.

She patted Zhu Weixin on the shoulder: “Come on, I’ll show you a clear road. As for you, when A Li comes over, you can put some carved documentaries, which makes it much easier to keep it.”

Zhu Weixin was skeptical, and Lu Xiu resigned and Lu Li came over the next day.

He hugged Xiao Ji and asked Luli to play games together, saying that the guy watching TV would probably just roll his eyes and scold him for being bored.

As a result, before cutting the game, he deliberately made the appearance of cutting the wrong channel. Sure enough, Xiaoji looked at the sculpture inside, patted his wings with excitement, glanced at the sculpture on the TV, and then at Lu Li, with a look of wonder.

Lu Li was so confused by its reaction, he touched its head: “What, what’s wrong?”

Xiao Ji was told not to speak casually in front of people other than his parents, but he wanted to express his meaning, so he pointed at him while pointing at the TV.

Zhu Weixin laughed, and the whole person fell on the sofa: “Don’t understand? Your sand sculpture name is even certified by Xiaoji.”

Lu Li immediately exploded: “Cooperating with you, this dog is better than deliberately letting me drill? Did you teach Xiaoji together?”

Said and hugged Xiaoji: “Go, go back to live with me, wait for your uncle here sooner or later to be raised.”

Zhu Weixin hurriedly stopped: “Eh, you want to be beautiful, but you think it depends on whether our family is happy to go back with you.”

“Why don’t you like it? I’m his uncle, right?” Lu Li still snatched Longlong from the passing Lu Xiucai: “There is also Longlong.”

Longlong also likes Lu Li very much. Lu Li and Lu Xiuci look alike, just like Xiao Ji saw Zhu Weixin’s relationship with Zhu Yang immediately. It also felt intimate when he saw Lu Li.

The two were arguing, and the TV suddenly began to broadcast dog food ads, and several huskies appeared in it.

Xiao Ji was happy, and pointed at the TV with another hand desperately at Zhu Weixin.

Zhu Weixin’s smug smile stiffened: “…”

“Hahahahaha…” Lu Li laughed loudly: “What is this called? This is called retribution.”

While they were at home, Zhu Yang and Lu Xiu took the children for granted and left the house alone.

This time, Zhu Yang, strictly speaking, spent more than three months in the game, although it was not as miserable as the previous year.

But that’s too tight, so avoiding the little ghosts at home, came to the two people’s villa and enjoyed it very much.

cough! In short, the tricks are quite rich.

I don’t know how long it took before Zhu Yang licked his lips, touched the beautiful body with strong muscles and perfect lines, and talked to him about the game with a satisfied expression.

Lu Xiuci frowned when he heard this: “That guy actually entrusted you with such a dangerous task?”

Seeing her upset, he hurriedly said: “I am not questioning your ability, this matter is more involved than you think.”

“Oh? How to say?”

Then Lu Xiuci told her that just last night, many of their senior players received wanted orders from the game.

The goal is a dangerous existence that circulates in the game world. No one knows how it was born. It is just that the opponent can continue to exploit the loopholes in the game and absorb the benefits of the game like a parasite. Naturally, it is not easy to deal with.

“There is a problem with that thing. The game issued a wanted order, but it concealed it and did not specify the specific information. The estimated source is also the key. At least the game does not want players to touch it.”

“A show is nothing. Anyway, such a loser is probably a high-level player who is recruited by the game after losing. Even if he is unwilling to be distorted, he still has to be limited by the game.”

“But the thing that can’t see the head is different. We have to be careful when confronting it. If it wants to find you, it’s far easier than you think.”

Zhu Yang naturally understands this. Her arrogance is one thing, but she never underestimates the existence of the game.


“The game must have thought of this too. I always feel that it allows me to come into contact with this. What is the deep meaning of it, but no matter how I ask it, it pretends to be dead. It seems that I have not involved that piece of authority.

After hearing the words, Lu Xiu pondered for a long time, and then looked up after a long time: “It makes you take every step you take, and this can be seen in the novice field.”

“It’s just that this time I can’t predict where the end point it sets for you.” As he said, his eyes became worried: “I’m afraid it’s farther than I thought.”

Zhu Yang was thoughtful, but couldn’t think of a reason at this moment, so she pulled Lu Xiu away and said, “Tell me, what are you going to do? For this wanted warrant.”

Lu Xiu resigned: “I notified Xie Yi and Qu He, we took this task.”

When he was speaking, his eyes were serious and hard, and since he knew that she might be stared at by such a dangerous existence, he had to pull it out and wipe it out anyway.

He can accept the risk of normal customs clearance, but this is not the risk she should face now.

Even if the game side had let her do the work, she had to guarantee that she would not be retaliated against, but Lu Xiu’s resignation would not only pin her hopes on the game.

Let’s put it this way, now, if he takes advantage of the game to take advantage of the wrong way, carefully plan with his strength and contacts and the power resources he manages in the game, he will only do better than the so-called circus.

Although the game is omnipotent, there are tens of thousands of game worlds. It is impossible to keep an eye on every world at any time. Even if you prefer Zhu Yang, it is impossible to watch her at any time.

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: “Dog is a good match for the game. Let me eat the show first, and you will pick up the thread that I picked.”

How can several top players be dispatched if it is just wanted? Lu Xiu probably didn’t even bother to pay attention to this new year.

Zhu Yang didn’t pretend to be hypocritical, and said to him: “I thank you for me and Xie Yiquhe, and said that I have written down the favor this time.”

Xie Yi and Qu He didn’t mind investing in Zhu Yang. If they said that they knew her from the beginning to give Lu Xiu face, they would know that they could play together.

Zhu Yang will certainly catch up with them and walk with them no matter how they look at it. Besides, Lu Xiu’s resignation has never lost anyone by asking someone for help. It is a good deal.

After confirming the itinerary, we just waited for the game to force the existence to a certain world, and this matter was ignored.

Zhu Yang thought of a thousand-faced ghost again, and suddenly offered a treasure: “Come on! I’ll show you something good.”

When he said that, he took out the human skin book and released the Qianmiangui. It is said that the Qianmiangui has done a lot in this customs clearance, and also suffered a lot. Zhu Yang is not good at home to say that it is here. It can be rewarded outside.

However, she was wicked right now, and directly copied the Thousand Faces Ghost into Lu Datou, and did not retain the consciousness of it as a copy.

In other words, it now thinks that it is the deity.

Then Lu Xiuci saw him on the bed, and he would hug his girlfriend without saying a word.

At this moment, when Lu Xiu resigned, it suddenly occurred to him that the last time he was involved in the game and performed a year-long mission, Zhu Yang said with his heart at that time——

“If there is a transformation, isn’t it a cheating?”

His whole body suddenly exploded, and when he grabbed the guy, he punched him in the face, and looked at Zhu Yang incredibly at the same time—

“You haven’t used this, right?”

As the “Lu Xiu Ci”, Qianmiangui was enjoying the warmth of the two-person world. He slapped his head and saw a guy who looked exactly the same as himself, with a posture of a green hat.

I was also angry for a while: “Heh! Where did the **** pretend to be in front of me.”

He fought back as he said–

However, the Thousand Faces Ghost now has the heart of a big boss, without the strength of a big boss, so it is naturally rubbed on the ground by Lu Xiuci.

Seeing that he was playing off, Zhu Yang immediately pulled the two away and turned the Qianmengui into Zhu Weixin again, restoring the self-cognition of its copy.

The thousand-faced ghost cried as soon as he came to his senses: “Yes, bully~~”

Zhu Yang hurriedly coaxed it: “My fault, I owe my hand, I am joking.”

He desperately recruited the big head: “Come here to apologize!”

Maybe the Qianmiangui appeared in front of her in the image of Zhu Weixin for the first time, and also had the emotion that she had brought before she would rather commit suicide than hurt her.

Although this product can be changed by anyone, and the body is also a little black, Zhu Yang subconsciously regarded it as an extra brother.

The attitude of the owner is the most important influence on the self-positioning of spirit creatures, so it is sticky and likes acting like a baby following Zhu Yang.

It’s like having another child in the house.

After Lu Xiuci was pressed to apologize, he looked at Qianmengui carefully, and had to say something to step down because of his gaffe.

He coughed: “Well! It’s really useful at this stage.”

The Thousand Faces Ghost is in Zhu Weixin’s state. Although he knows he is a copy, the memory and consciousness he should have are not much different from his body.

Hearing the words, he sneered and said: “Oh~, my position of Pu Liu, where I can get your Lu Ge Fa’s eyes, I can beat you in my own face. I dare not be or not.

Lu Xiu’s words: “…”

Just, I feel that the world is even more unfriendly to him. Obviously, Zhu Weixin came to collect debts.

He was sore, and said to Zhu Yang: “Don’t be like Ah Xin, what should I do if I misunderstand? Adjust it.”

“Success!” Zhu Yang’s thoughts turned, and the outside of Qianmiangui began to change with her vision.

The bottom line is still Zhu Weixin, but he is a few years younger out of thin air. He looks like a junior high school student, with some baby fat on his face, and a slight change in hair color and eye color.

Zhu Yang watched with joy and touched its head: “From now on, you will be called Zhu Qian, and you will be my youngest brother.”

The thousand-faced ghost rushed to the sky unhappily. I don’t know if it was the effect of the change in appearance. It was much more lively and more active than before. When he was happy, he danced in the house.

“I am the younger brother, I am the younger brother, and my name is Zhu Qian.”

Seeing him jump up and quickly tear down the roof, Lu Xiuci pulled him down: “Yes, yes, you are a younger brother. Be safe!”

Qianmiangui’s face flushed with excitement, and the last master was both mean and sinister. It was a posture for everyone to dig out and squeeze them out and throw them aside.

The current master not only cherishes that it can act like a baby with her, but can even exist in the name of a younger brother. This is the highest of any spirit-recognizing master creature, and it is the supreme glory. How can it be unhappy?

Zhu Yang was a little embarrassed by its reaction. To be honest, after experiencing so many games, many times the ghosts are simply ashamed of humans.

Just a little bit of goodness can make them feel the Five Nei, before she escaped from the shell and left behind the ghost to delay time.

It also did not hesitate to work so hard, making itself embarrassed and suffering.

Zhu Yang was very moved and touched its head and said: “Go, take you out to eat delicious food.”

Thousand-faced ghosts have countless experiences in pretending to be an adult, and it is naturally impossible not to taste the taste of food.

But its preferences usually continue the preferences of the copied person, so it is uncertain.

When Zhu Yang heard it, he thought about it, erased the memory of Zhu Weixin in his mind, and let it exist in the self-consciousness.

Although the appearance is a scaled version of Zhu Weixin, the consciousness is not affected by anyone at this moment.

Seeing his puzzled expression, Zhu Yang smiled and said, “From today, this will be the body image of you walking in the world.”

“I don’t know what I actually like, it doesn’t matter, we can start common sense from the beginning.”

“With more time, you can get to know the world from your own perspective.”

With tears in his eyes, Qianmiangui nodded his head hard: “Hmm!”

Zhu Yang took it and came to the pedestrian street, the food street over there, the most authentic food in the city.

She took a thousand-faced ghost to eat from start to finish, and she was also at a loss for the ghosts’ talents, and if she changed her person, her stomach would blow up for you.

It was already night after eating a lap, but the bustling night in the business district was not affected. It was better to say that there were more people at this time.

Zhu Yang patted Qianmiangui’s belly. It was still flat. She tutted and was surprised: “Where did you go?”

The handsome boy-looking Thousand-faced Ghost smiled shyly and leaned into her arms to act like a baby.

Followed by Lu Xiu who paid for the bill, “…”

Obviously, I decided not to consider having children in recent years because I wanted more than the world of two people. Why is there still a sense of vicissitudes of more and more children at home?

After eating, Zhu Yang regained his desire for shopping, so he dragged Qianmiangui into the row of brand stores.

I bought a lot of things for him in one breath, and he was shopping, trying on clothes in a brand store.

Zhu Weixin suddenly appeared at the door of the store and saw her walking in angrily. At this time, Qianmiangui happened to try on a dress and came out of the fitting room.

That handsome, delicate and childish look, so cute, the shopping guide took a look at Zhu Weixin, who had just arrived, and Zhu Qian, who came out again.

He laughed and boasted: “Oh! Your third siblings look so good, not to mention beautiful, they are all so alike.”

“Especially the two younger brothers, if they are younger and a few years older, and said that the twins are believed by someone, your parents would be so happy.”

However, this flattery was shot on a horse’s hoof, Zhu Weixin stared at Zhu Qian, as if to stare him through.

After listening to the shopping guide, he immediately exploded: “Who is his brother? Why didn’t I know I had such a brother?”

The angry look shocked the shopping guide, and Lu Li still followed behind and said to her: “I have tried everything just now, please wrap it up and settle the bill, sorry, don’t care if he is in a bad mood.”

Such a high-performance shopping guide naturally doesn’t mind. Besides, there are handsome guys to appease, but I don’t know where I said something wrong.

After Zhu WeChat stared at Qianmengui, he stared at Zhu Yang and Lu Xiu’s speech: “I just received a WeChat from my classmate, saying that I met my brother in the pedestrian street.”

“I also scolded people for being stupid, but I was the one who sent the photos.”

If it’s just someone who looks like him, the point is that his sister is also in the picture.

Zhu Weixin pointed at them with an expression of falling sky: “You are worthy of me?”


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