Scream Queen Chapter 131

Needless to say, their city is densely populated, especially at night, where are the busiest commercial districts not crowded?

This can be captured accurately, Zhu Yang has to doubt that her luck is still her brother, God sent her to accept her.

Seeing this guy was so angry that his fingers were shaking, Zhu Yang quickly pulled him down: “No, don’t get me wrong, we can explain.”

“What’s the explanation?” Zhu Weixin said angrily, pointing at Qianmenggui: “I’m blocking such a big living person here. Why do you want to make up?”

“Huh? I got it from playing the crane machine while shopping with Brother Lu?”

“Or did you get a prize from a temporary show?”

Zhu Yang was shocked when he heard this. Doesn’t this guy really have any truth radar? Because Mao wanted to hide a lot of things from him, this guy could guess the truth unconsciously.

Although this guy didn’t believe it, he had already told the truth.

Zhu Weixin knows more about his sister, she knows what she is thinking by looking at her eyes, and is even more furious: “What? I just casually say it, do you really plan to use it?”

“Let me tell you, with your attitude, do you deserve my trust?”

“Say! Who is this guy?”

The shopping guide ladies around were dumbfounded. It’s not that they didn’t look at listening to customers’ gossip, but this handsome guy was yelling too fiercely.

But why does it sound so wrong? If it hadn’t been for the little handsome guy who changed his clothes, he looked too much like him, and the couple of young handsome men and beautiful women would not have such a big child.

Otherwise, you really have to think about it.

But things are not right at the moment, let’s catch the rape, looks wrong. Grab the bastard, the age is wrong.

Gossip is the nature of human beings, and usually the routine can be tasted by listening to the beginning, but this time it is difficult to guess the routine.

If it weren’t for professionalism, the sisters in the shop would want to come and watch.

Zhu Weixin is heading up right now, no matter it is not enough, but Lu Li is sober-minded. Although this type of high-end specialty store does not have many customers, it is not good to be watched by people.

I want to make a phone call and let people close this place, but it will take a long time, and it is not a problem in other stores.

So I hurriedly pulled Zhu Weixin over: “Okay, I can’t stop you just behind me. I’m catching the traitor right now—cough cough! People are getting stolen goods, so I’m not afraid that they will deny you? Sorry, find a place to talk.”

He glanced at his elder brother and Sister Yang, both of them were very stunned, and they were obviously caught off guard by Zhu Weixin’s assault.

Maybe there is really a big secret inside, so Zhu Weixin saw someone who looked so much like him, could he not explode?

I didn’t go far, but there was a tea room upstairs. Several of them entered the private room, and the atmosphere was so silent that it itched their backs.

Who is Zhu Yang? An ancestral girlfriend who has an account boyfriend to pay and a pot boyfriend.

Seeing this, he winked at Lu Xiuci.

But Lu Xiu had given her countless backs in his life, and the experience of cleaning up the mess was able to capture her, but now she was really worried.

You said–

It’s just a change of looks, and it’s easy to fool around. This is almost a model of Zhu Weixin. He just wanted to recognize it, but Zhu Weixin refused.

Sure enough, he heard Zhu Weixin speak: “Don’t wink at Brother Lu, he still doesn’t want to get out of your body.”

“I’ll ask you first, where did this guy come from?” He pointed to Qianmiangui.

Qianmiangui shrank his neck and his eyes were watery, looking so pitiful.

Although it is happy to have a reputation in front of its master, it also knows how its own younger brother came, to a large extent thanks to the deep affection between the master and the younger brothers.

Just as the children adopted by the orphanage come to the house and are rejected by their own children, there is always a guilty conscience that can’t raise their head in front of the other party.

Especially indirectly accepting benefits from each other.

Seeing it was almost crying, Zhu Yang hurriedly hugged the person, patted his back and coaxed: “Oh oh! Don’t cry, don’t cry, this guy is just a bad temper, ignore him.”

Seeing that she didn’t want to explain to herself, Zhu Weixin comforted the kid tightly, not getting angry.

He stared at his sister incredulously, as if being deceived: “Is it time to coax him? Who is he! Is it so important?”

Zhu Yang glared at him: “You keep your voice down, don’t scare the children.”

Then simply said bachelor: “I picked him up by accident not long ago, and the kid was thirsty and hungry at the time! You said looking at him like this, can I just ignore it?”

“Talk to yourself, if one day you pick up a girl who looks like your sister and watch her alone outside, will you be too hard to care about?”

Zhu Weixin choked, but she didn’t expect that she would beat him upside down, and waved his hand quickly: “You don’t have to get through.”

“I’m asking you who he is, why are you fooling others? Whether people run away from home or have an accident, there must be a source, right?”

“It’s the same thing that you help. You don’t know where the police station is open? You take it home without asking, and raise it even if you take it. You also go shopping with a family of three happily hiding from us. Who are you bluffing? ?”

Zhu Weixin pulled Qianmiangui out of his sister’s arms: “Stand up! Why are you crying? I haven’t the **** crying yet.”

After taking a few deep breaths, the sentence in his mind was finally spoken with difficulty.

He said in a difficult voice, “Is it the sin that our dad made some years ago?”

Zhu Yang and Zhu Weixin look alike, but Zhu Yang has some of the looks of Zhu Ma, and Zhu Weixin is completely like Zhu Da.

This kid took photos of him when he was in junior high school and compared it. People who deceived him would not be suspected. One can imagine how similar he is.

It’s just that he glanced at this kid’s crying buns, which are called hot eyes, and he didn’t even feel that way in junior high school.

“Is it because Dad can’t keep going there anymore, I beg you, in order to maintain the integrity of the family, you took this trouble and fooled mom together?”

When he said that, he was anxious: “Sister, how can you be like this? What did our mother do wrong to be kept like this? She has the right to know. There is no reason why Dad made a mistake and made her wronged.”

“You’re not such a whitewashing person.” Then he pulled a thousand-faced ghost again: “And you are still shopping with him happily, what do you think?”

Let’s not talk about wishing people to sit at home, the pot comes from the sky. Even Zhu Yang heard it, and for a moment there was an urge to follow this line of thought.

But this is not something that can be joked casually. One person who didn’t think they would lose his father, so Zhu Yang found out that he immediately denied this statement.

(Daddy Zhu, who reads the newspaper and drinks tea at home, does not know that he has escaped life and death, and thanks his daughter for not killing.)

Zhu Yang said: “Really not, do you think his hair and eyes look like people from our country?”

Zhu Weixin looked back, only to discover the slight difference between that kid and himself.

Lighter hair color is easy to explain, it can be said that it is young or dyed. But his eyes were cat-eye green.

Many foreigners with blond hair and blue eyes are not as pure as his eyes, without a trace of variegation, and they have just cried, like water droplets sliding over gems.

This pair of tricks, to zoom in on the screen, definitely set off a maternal love in the cinema.

No wonder his sister actually rebelled, Zhu Wei thought so bitterly.

Then Zhu Yang heard this stupid thing coming: “My dad dared to engage in foreign girls more than ten years ago? The courage is quite fat.”

Zhu Yang almost slapped the back of his neck, knowing that with this guy’s guessing, it is estimated that their father would be dead.

So he grabbed Zhu Weixin’s face: “Eh, I can’t understand you when I talk to you, right? I’ll beep myself, believe it or not?”

She attacked Qianmiangui, Qianmiangui ran over cleverly, and Zhu Yang pulled two hairs off his head.

Handed it to Zhu Weixin: “Here! Tell you that you don’t believe me. If you don’t believe me, I will appraise myself and see if others have anything to do with you.

Only after the identification is there are ghosts, Zhu Yang didn’t want to use countless lie after telling a lie, simply relying on no evidence to bachelor to the end.

Zhu Weixin got her hair. Seeing her indifferent look, she felt a little relaxed in her heart.

“That’s really not it?”

“I wish it were so I could replace you.” She threatened.

Then he led the Thousand Faces Ghost: “It’s okay, I’ll call you brother!”

“Brother!” Qianmiangui cried out cleverly, how soft and soft the voice was.

Zhu Weixin resisted the intimidation of the old sister and the pitiful showing of weakness with his own face, the corners of his mouth twitched, and his heart was all unwilling, but he just got angry for a while, and now he doesn’t dare to shake his face.

I had to pinch his nose and endure it first, but he would definitely verify the look in his sister’s eyes.

For a while, everyone was happy-Zhu Yang thought so anyway.

Lu Li was limped by his sister when he saw this idiot. He only felt that his cleverness against himself seemed to be teasing him.

It was a great advantage, but I didn’t ask anything, and I suffocated my stomach. Are you almost 20 years old and still as stupid as being cheated by the boss for new year money when you were a child? It’s the first time to be such a stupid brother.

I despised it in my heart, and when I turned around I saw his brother smiling at him.

Lu Li’s expression was suddenly empty, what does this guy mean? Do you think he will be as good as a fool like Asin in this situation?

He’s not like this, he’s not so stupid— right?

The crisis was temporarily lifted, Zhu Yang was very relieved, but then again, it would be good to let the Qianmengui cross the road.

It’s always inconvenient to hide, hide, and tect, so a look makes him pass, and Lu Xiuci understands that it is time for the child to make a formal story.

It was a bit late for being so troubled by Zhu Weixin, and it was time for many specialty stores to close.

Naturally, the previous arrangement was to directly place Thousand Faces in a private villa, but now it is not appropriate.

Zhu Yang simply confided and took the people home directly.

On the one hand, there are no more details, and on the other hand, it just happens to be in Zhu Weixin’s heart. Don’t look at him at the moment, but this guy is a ghost, it is better to put it in front of him.

The thousand-faced ghost was naturally happy when he heard this. If it weren’t for the limited space in the car, Zhu Weixin watched the kid dance.

He couldn’t help but stab him: “So happy? People who don’t know think you recognize your ancestor.”

Thousand-faced ghosts can look at him pitifully, and they can squeeze out the water while blinking.

Zhu Weixin wiped his face: “Okay, don’t look at me like that, don’t you say you can do it?”

Finally complained: “Tsk! How come you look like Xiaoji.”

Although the Thousand Faces Ghost does not have the cute fluffy killer of small animals, it has only its own means.

He took out two candies from his pocket and spread them in front of Zhu Weixin: “Brother! Eat candies.”

Zhu Weixin looked at his face. Where did Nima’s narcissistic look in the mirror every day get angry?

Lu Li next to him also ran on him: “Brother! Eat candy, my brother invites you.”

Zhu Weixin took the candy in Qianmiangui’s hand and split a piece: “Come on, brother! You eat candy too, after eating this one, you are my brother.”

The road is bigger than him: “…”

Zhu Yang touched Qianmiangui’s head and watched his three brothers enjoying themselves, his aunt could not help smiling.

As the car drove home, Zhu Weixin opened the door quickly and rushed into the house to put away all the kitchen knives.

He even took his mother’s knife while sitting on the sofa watching TV and was cutting fruit.

I wish my mother hey: “This kid, why are you stealing my knife? I haven’t finished cutting it yet.”

Zhu Weixin solemnly said to his mother: “Mom, no matter what you see for a while, don’t get excited.”

“You have to believe that my dad is not sorry for you. If you have something to say, listen to us slowly.”

Mother Zhu looked at him and was silent for a full 30 seconds, and then her voice was angry: “The surname Zhu, let your son cover up for you?”

I wish my father watched the news well, and was so scared that he almost fell under the sofa. After carrying Zhu Weixin, he wanted to smoke him. Seeing his wife staring next to him, he raised his hands and dare not put it down.

I had to curse: “I smashed your ancestor’s grave in my last life. You stinky boy came to me in this life to collect debts. If you have anything to say, straighten my tongue.”

Zhu Weixin squeezed his neck and said, “It’s useless for you to be hard-headed with me. After a while, you can be hard-headed when you see someone, and I really admire you.”

Got it! This sincerely did not run away.

This is yelling, Zhu Yang and the others have already entered. Looking at Zhu Weixin, he said, “Why do you run so fast alone?”

At this time, Zhu Dazhu and Zhuma had already seen the thousand-faced ghost next to Zhu Yang, but it was different from what Zhu Weixin thought. His mother did not cut his father twice before talking.

On the contrary, both of them were shocked, watching Qianmiangui suddenly a sad and sad atmosphere lingering around them.

The two quickly walked over and carefully touched the Qianmengui, and when they met his entity, their faces were incredible.

Zhu Dad’s eyes are a little red, and Zhu’s mother has already shed tears.

“Child, how old are you?” Zhu Dad asked hardly.

Qianmiangui looked at Zhu Yang blankly, and obediently answered the character she had given: “Fifteen years old!”

Unexpectedly, just these three short words made Zhu’s mother unable to help but choke her birth——

“The same, the same!”

On the contrary, Zhu Yang, who was full of excuses, looked at a loss with nowhere to start.

Seeing that there is a story in this section, Zhu Yang said: “Then don’t stand at the door, go in and talk.”

Zhu Daddy pressed his eyes and nodded: “Yes, don’t scare the children.”

With that said, the couple was holding Qianmiangui tightly and not letting go, making Qianmiangui look towards Zhu Yang again and again.

Then they knew something they had never known before.

It turned out that when Zhu Weixin was four years old, I wish my father and mother had another child in his arms, but at the time their career had just started, the two were very busy all day long.

I wish my mother a strong personality, and she was still busy in the eighth month of pregnancy. As a result, the child went out to work accidentally.

At that time, the child was almost full-term. It is said that the child of seven or eight months can feed even a C-section, but it is gone.

He was a formed boy, and he would be this age if he was alive.

Since then, Zhu’s mother’s character has reduced a lot. At this moment, there is a child who looks like her own child and is still old enough to evoke the painful sadness.

Even Zhu Yang didn’t know this.

Zhu Yang was really a little confused, let alone such a coincidence, she twitched her mouth: “Dad, Mom! This is a living person.”

I wish my mother wiped her tears: “Hi! Of course I know, but I feel it, no matter where the child comes, it is always fate to be able to appear in front of us.”

“Even after giving birth, remember to come back and see Mom and Dad.” He cried again.

Zhu Weixin continued: “Mom! Do you think this kid’s first reaction was not my dad cheating?”

He was slapped in the back of the head by Zhu Dad just after speaking, this ancestor came to kill him.

I wish my mother a smile: “Why? I still believe your dad. Like the last time someone came to the company to make trouble with his stomach, I didn’t believe him. I was angry that he didn’t handle things well.”

“Why don’t I believe him? Why don’t I just be widowed and divide the inheritance. I can’t get anything from my child.”

Not to mention Zhu Daddy, Zhu Yang and Zhu Weixin both shrank their necks.

Lu Xiuci and Lu Li were even more astounded, and they understood where the black belly of the siblings came from.

But I still set up the person with a thousand-faced ghost to say it again, saying that it was the family conflict on the Wanwan side, and when I came here, when I was in a panic, I accidentally met Zhu Yang and was picked up.

The ancestry is set as a mixed-race. Asking Qianmiangui for family information makes him look like he has nothing to do with the family, and does not want to go home or mention it.

Within two days, Lu Xiu’s resignation arranged everything. No matter where he was investigated, Zhu Qian was a real social person and even had his own life experience.

And if necessary, his “relatives” can also be found in Wanwan. There is no loophole in the facts of how to turn against each other with his family.

And after the indirect contact, the indifference to the wandering children over there also made Zhu Da Zhu Ma angry.

So I made the decision and raised it as a child of my own family. I decided how long I wanted to live and whether I would go back to adulthood.

If not allowed by the law, they would have been eager for adoption.

So far, the status of the Thousand Faces Ghost in the Zhu family is even more real. Everyone is very happy, but Zhu Weixin feels that his status seems to have fallen again.

There used to be a family of four, and the family status was his sister and his mother side by side> him> his father.

Later, his sister and her mother were tied together> Xiaoji, Longlong> him> his father.

It’s good now, and another Zhu Qian is in front of him. He could comfort himself in the middle of the pyramid before, but now he is forced to the bottom, and the whole family still has his father underneath.

Just a little bit better than his dad, something worthy of pride?

Zhu Weixin felt uneasy, so he sincerely looked for something, and put his legs on the table: “That, Qianer! Cut me some fruit.”

When he finished speaking, he was slapped by his mother: “Being a big brother, I am ashamed to chop up and donate it to those in need.”

However, Zhu Qian cut a plate of fruit neatly, peeled the seeds, picked the toothpicks, and inserted them. He was really able to serve the slacker into a waste.

“Brother, eat fruit.” A well-behaved look with a bright smile.

Thousand-faced ghost never dreamed of being a brother without saying that he could still cross the open road and have an official status. Which spirit creature has his good fortune? There is still a dragon at home, and his parents have made him feel warmer than ever before.

Even though my brother is picky about him on the face, he must be taken with him if he has delicious and fun things. The essence is a creature that serves humans. Naturally, he can’t wait for the whole family to do the work of his own. Fang does not show that its treatment is well-deserved.

Zhu Weixin touched its head and lay down lazily. Not to mention, it would be nice to have a younger brother.

He now understands what life his elder sister has had when he called his younger brother since she was a child, a fairy life~~

Zhu Ma screwed him again, and said with a smile: “You are still embarrassed, and see if Xiao Qianduo is sensible.”

“It’s a tradition for our younger brother to serve elders and sisters, so leave it alone.” Zhu Weixin said

“Yeah! I like to serve my sister and brother.” Qianmiangui is more plausible than him.

I wish mother: “…”

After this incident, it is the Chinese New Year. With so many family members added to the family this year, it is naturally more lively than in previous years.

Since the last dungeon spent several months, Zhu Yang didn’t rush into the game in a short time, and planned to talk about it during the New Year.

However, Lu Xiuci received the notice of the game a year ago, and the mastermind of the circus forces was found out by it and forced into a higher world.

The hunt begins!

High-level players have to be cut into novices if they exist or not die. As for the forces under its hands that wander around the dungeon world to hunt players, they also dispatched tasks for players to encircle and suppress.

Things went well, but Lu Xiu resigned and told Zhu Yang afterwards that he had some guesses about the origin of that existence.

And seriously said to her: “If what I think is true, then the game has a clear plan for your road, but I don’t know if this is a good thing.”

But when Zhu Yang wanted to ask carefully, Lu Xiu couldn’t say more.

Got it! Even the corner information of this kind of matter is not within the scope of her authority to know.

Lu Xiuci said again: “But I have encountered players from other games. Your group of games represents a rivalry. I can’t think of the possibility that the game will not let you participate. Your progress should belong to the upstream during the same period. There will be another interspersed during the transition of the advanced field. You are ready for this.”

Zhu Yang was very happy: “Is it possible to meet the previous person? Can I go to another game to buy another?”

Lu Xiuci smiled helplessly: “How can there be such a good thing, if I am another game, I will definitely blacklist you.”

“And there are more than these two games. You may meet other gamers, and even if you are lucky or the previous game, your acquaintances may not be alive.”

The game over there is much crueler than the game than the dog. The dog is more than the game and so many players die, let alone over there.

Zhu Yang’s strong ability has always been to lead teammates. She has a very low mortality rate on the occasion, but her situation is absolutely not representative of the average.

Let’s not talk about it, let’s just say that this time, the small town player NPC and the circus members are only the eyes of the two forces, and they are shocking hundreds of people.

Zhu Yang was somewhat disappointed when he heard this. To be honest, she was quite optimistic about Xu Xiao and Xiao Shizi.

However, according to their cleverness, Zhu Yang feels that it is unlikely that they will become cannon fodder before they become strong, and overall they are quite optimistic.

He waved his hand: “Well, anyway, you can always know at the end.”

After that, everyone began to concentrate on the New Year’s day. This year, I wish my family a happy celebration, and a few young people are also very interested in the New Year’s arrangement.

The two brothers from the Lu family went to Europe to stay with their mother for a few days ago, and only rushed back two days before New Year’s Eve.

Bringing the gifts from my aunt over there to Zhu Yang, I can see that they were prepared carefully. Not only Zhu Yangyou, but I wish my father, mother, Weixin and even Qianyou.

Coupled with the fact that the two brothers personally went to the interesting market there to buy some, the table of gifts they brought back almost couldn’t be piled up, and even Xiaoji and Longlong did not fall.

On New Year’s Eve, both sides celebrated the New Year at home, but after the New Year’s Eve dinner, they opened a video on both sides. Zhu Yang and the others were making dumplings and chatting with Lu Xiuci.

The two brothers had been honestly keeping their years old, and were eager to see their family making dumplings, so the people on both sides directed them through the screen.

Lu Xiu’s resignation is okay. There is a girlfriend who has learned to cook early. Although southerners don’t know how to make dumpling wrappers, they will be proficient in trying a few more.

It was Lu Li, who lived abroad with her mother since she was a child, and had never learned to cook at all. She was embarrassed just by making noodles, and Zhu Weixin and the others laughed so fast.

According to their local customs, they did not leave relatives on the first day of the new year. Zhu Yang and the others returned to their hometown to give incense to their grandparents’ ancestors. It was only in the second year of the middle school that the New Year greetings began, and everything was the same as before.

Most of them, their family relatives, gather at the aunt’s house every year, because the two villages are close, and it is convenient to get together when they come back to the grave on the first day of the new year.

The second aunt usually comes here at this time of the year, after all, the aunt and the second aunt are still going to each other.

In the past, their family and Zhu Yang’s family fell out, and Zhu Yang was strong. They dared to take advantage of the opportunity to be a monster, and Zhu Yang dared to beat them out. These years, they have also been rules.

And that dissatisfaction with you swallowing your stomach and going home no matter how you chew your tongue, anyway, if you dare to be shameless, you won’t give you a face.

This year, when the family returned to their hometown, they naturally brought Zhu Qian with them.

Zhu Qianna’s appearance was shocked when he brought home to his family, but Lu said in the future that they really have their own identity, and cousins ​​and cousins ​​who are about the same age as Zhu Dad also know what happened back then.

Knowing that they had a sustenance for that year, I felt sorry for them and then ignored it.

There are not many smart people in the world, and there are many who are not smart before they are forced to be smart.

When they come back from their hometown, I wish them daddy. They are not just leisurely, business partners still have to socialize during the New Year.

Even Zhu Yang was arrested and attended two banquets. Many wives inquired about her, but after knowing that she had a boyfriend and that she was from the road family, she didn’t realize that her son had a chance to compete.

On the eighth day of the eighth day, I wish my father had a meal. Zhu Yang and the others went out during the day to watch a movie and play for a while. The third sister and brother returned home with leftover popcorn. They actually saw the second aunt’s eldest son and eldest daughter-in-law. Here comes.

When I approached, I heard that they were inciting Zhuma: “You can have a snack, the little uncle said that if you are destined to look like you, do you believe it?”

“How did this coincidence happen to your family? Are you okay? You believe this kind of nonsense.”

“You don’t take it seriously, so you have to think about it for your cousins, but don’t be dumbfounded when you come up with a wild seed in their hands when you divide the property.”

Zhu Yang and Zhu Weixin looked at each other, and a moment of silence flashed in their eyes.

To say that this family was cleaned up by Zhu’s mother when they were young, I really thought that their pig’s brain could think of things that Zhu’s mother could not think of?

The eyes are low and the taste is ugly. After Zhu’s mother has cleaned it up, there is no help, and the life is in a mess.

This should be a normal person, and after so many years, he should know that no matter how many other people’s families have, it has nothing to do with him, right?

They didn’t, Zhu Yang had noticed that Zhu Qian’s eyes were wrong when he returned to his hometown before.

To be honest, the eldest cousin and the others don’t seem to have any doubts in their hearts, but they know what to help, and what can not be mixed.

I wish my mother such a great personality. Today’s scenery is not only based on the conscience of Zhu Dad, but also the skill and skill of people themselves, and there will be no shortage of temperament for the whole life.

Since she brought the child back, it means that she recognizes the child in her own heart, so it is not an outsider’s responsibility to take care of the child.

Let’s take a look at other people’s family. The three sisters and brothers have such a good relationship.

The cousins ​​and cousins ​​of the second aunt’s family are not, as if the family lacks the heart and only they are awake. If there are more ‘illegitimate children’, they are worried about being awake at night as if they are sharing their property.

Zhu Yang and Zhu Weixin shrugged, and were too lazy to pay attention to the family. Seeing Zhu Qian blankly looking at them, they dragged him upstairs: “Regardless of them, they will be kicked out within five minutes at most.”

It wasn’t that long before they went upstairs and they heard Zhu’s mother downstairs scolding: “Do you still know that I am your aunt?”

“I’m in a daze when my parents are teaching me, lack of heart? You two have not been beaten for many years, right? You fart in front of your mother.”

“Why don’t I call Lao Zhu back and ask him how to make his will as you want? You stretched out your hand on the table, right?”

Then there was a period of ping-pong-pong. To say that Zhu’s mother would be less than five years older than them, but there was a seniority there, and I didn’t make sense when I was beaten up.

The two were thrown out, and they heard Zhu’s mother curse from below: “Where’s Xiaotao, your parents are gone, don’t follow.”

Xiao Tao is the child of his cousin’s family, a little older than Zhu Yang, because the two had children earlier, and they gave birth before they got married.

When the words were finished, the door of the children’s room slammed open, and a man in a panic fell out of it, with a few coins scattered around him.

Zhu Weixin got angry first, and picked him up: “What are you doing in my children’s room?”

Who knows that the guy is like seeing a savior: “Uncle Cousin, Cousin, save me, there are two monsters, cannibals.”

“You’re a monster.” Zhu Weixin knew that Xiaoji was great, but it didn’t prevent him from being partial.

This guy has long eyes and knows why he is going in. Before, I heard Yin Jun gossip that he was involved in gambling, and it is said that he had borrowed more than 100,000 yuan for playing cards.

I even called Yin Jun, a college student who had borrowed money, and now he started stealing things. It was really hopeless.

Zhu Weixin cleaned up this guy, and found out the gold coins on his body.

The guy was still struggling at the time: “You use gold coins to shop chicken coops and snake nests. I pick one or two of them like this.”

Zhu Weixin smiled: “I don’t want to talk about laying chicken coops and snake nests, it’s my pleasure to press them into gold leaf and use them as toilet paper. It’s your shit.”

Seeing that guy left with hatred in his eyes, Zhu Weixin already felt that the family was hopeless.

However, if you get pornographic/gambling/drugs, you really have to be careful to be worried about, so he said to Zhu’s mother: “Strengthen the security, this guy has broken roots, I am afraid that something will happen.”

I wish my mother’s experience will only be deeper than him. He felt relieved to hear that he knew it in his heart: “Yes, you go cut some fruits and see how Xiaoqian is, let him not think too much.”

“No! That kid knows good and bad.” Zhu Weixin said.

I wish my mother laughed, and she became an angel to call her brother, he was like a brother.

Zhu Yang went into the children’s room. Originally, the three siblings went out to watch movies without them. The two children were still awkward.

The guy hit the muzzle, entered the door and saw a snake counting gold coins, he couldn’t walk. There was so much gold, and probably not so many gold points.

As soon as I wanted to get it, Xiaoji and Longlong joined hands to cut a starry sky. People still pay attention and pay attention, otherwise, let alone Longlong, he will die if Xiaoji comes over with a wing.

Zhu Yang seized this opportunity to praise and praise the two children, slapped and slapped, as if they were looking after the house and working hard.

I flicked the two young children so far that they had forgotten about watching the movie. After a while, I didn’t remember that I was still stunned and acted like a baby behind my mother and uncle.

Except for this episode, the whole Spring Festival is still very happy.

Soon after the Spring Festival, it’s not Valentine’s Day. According to the past, Lu Xiuci’s routine operation is to arrange a whole day of surprise and romance. It cannot be the same as last year. The well-prepared gifts are full of the room, and you have to make sure that everything is in her heart.

In fact, Lu Xiu was also preparing for his resignation, but that morning, he had just arrived at Zhu Yang’s house to pick her up when he heard the game clearance announcement.

Lu Xiu’s words: “…”

Understood, this idiot’s intention to pry him at the corner has been settled, and he can start to kill the game.

Zhu Yang just came out, and received a call from Yu Li.

He said: “Sister Yang, are you attending the Valentine’s Day special today?”

Zhu Yang was at a loss: “What Valentine’s Day special?”

Yu Li is even more weird than her: “Don’t you know? There are also many lovers among the players. Suddenly there is such an event on Valentine’s Day this year. All the players have notified that they can participate if they are lovers.”

“We analyzed that this kind of activity has low risks and high rewards. Many men and women who are not lovers in reality have formed teams. Zhou Yao and Bai Youyou have formed.”

“Could it be that you didn’t receive the notification?”

After Zhu Yang and Yu Li finished the call, they felt like a dog.

Of course, there is still a problem with the Japanese dog. He called Xie Yi and they confirmed it.

Sure enough, even the second single who was single received it–

“I have received it, but I won’t go. The players participating this time are limited to couples and no level limit. The prizes given are definitely to please the woman. That is to say, I have to pretend to give the rewards to the women. Child, I am stupid.”

Lu Xiuci hung up the phone and glanced at Zhu Yang.

[The dog is beaten out of the game! 】


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