Scream Queen Chapter 132

Zhu Yangfei’s tube was so angry that it was not a question of whether she could go or not.

To be honest, if she is really generous, she might not join in the fun.

Originally, Valentine’s Day was designed to be relaxed. On the other side of the game, there is program welfare distribution. The difficulty is reduced and there is no life threat. It is easy to win a gift package. Is she rare?

Is she the one who bad money and props? But she had never experienced anything like this since she was a child, and avoided her exclusion.

Who is this burying? She is the only one who does not give others a chance to join in the fun, not everyone joins in the fun without taking her, even if she does not go.

“Pretend to die?” Zhu Yang said: “You did this to me when you did something for you. Oh, I found out that you can. I have never been fooled like this in my life.”

“I’m thinking about how you are progressing in paying those guys a few days ago, so I worry about feeding the dog, right?”

“I have seen the bridge demolished across the river, and I didn’t expect that there will be another day before me. You are the first one to make me look at me like this.”

“Why? Pretending to be dead.” Zhu Yang laughed angrily: “Chengcheng! I haven’t asked anyone to speak up in my life. Can you make an exception as you are?”

“If you don’t speak today, you won’t talk anymore. Any rules for communication will be transformed into words for me. I don’t really want your farting sound in the hot spring.”

After this sentence, Zhu Weixin just opened the door.

Originally it was unhappy that the two of them went out alone for the festival, and wanted to remind her sister to come back early, but then saw that Lu Datou was suspected of being scolded?

He immediately improved his mood by more than five times, and he deliberately pretended to be ignorant and asked his sister: “What does the hot spring fart sound mean?”

“Bubbly mumble mutter chant!” Zhu Yang said.

Zhu Weixin looked at Lu Xiuci with disgust upon hearing this: “Then, Brother Lu, so you still snore? And how does this snore sound like a lazy cat basking in the sun?”

Lu Xiu’s words: “…”


Lu Xiuci squeezed his head, joined the Thousand Faces ghost who was probing behind his ass, and pushed back together: “The child is going back to watch TV.”

I sent my two younger brothers away, and I was afraid that she would really ignore it in the future.

This guy always speaks for words, he can’t do it with the cruel words that have never been let go, and absolutely can’t take her words as a momentary fool.

Knowing that things are falling down, the face is dull, and the game that I wanted to pretend to be dead has to speak: “Mumbling~~”

“Yo! Are you finally willing to open your mouth? You have to take the time to pay attention to my little shrimp, who has missed the notice. I am really flattered.”

“Mumbling~~” Although this guy utters single syllables, he can easily hear the emotions inside.

You can even imagine from the sound of Piaoqiao licking her face and acting coquettishly.

“Do you say that you owe it? I admire you if you can really keep it secret. With so many players around, you will lose your horse when people say that you have to scold yourself. Enough to eat, right?”

“Mumbling, hooting~~” The game became awkward.

“Oh, I just don’t want to eat dog food, so I kicked it and wanted to pick something? Okay, pick something and pick something up in front of me, who will give you the ability?”

“Oh~, meow–” The game is anxious.

“Do not target me and target Lu Datou? You really dare to say it in front of me! What is the difference between you making him unhappy during the festival and not making me happy?”


“Bah! Pretending to be a pitiful ass, I just heard it, do you plan to instruct him on a mission, do you want to get him out of another mission, or let him enter the Valentine’s Day special and give me a green hat? The ghost knows what you are thinking , Your dog is very bad.”

“Oh oh oh—”

“It’s done! You don’t need to be innocent by death, can I still wrong you?”

Lu Xiuci listened to him for a long time, although from beginning to end, it was his girlfriend’s style of painting a dog so hard to lift his head.

But why did he listen to flirting in front of him? This dog is panting like a cat than a game. How do they communicate without barriers?

When did his girlfriend establish such an incredible understanding with this dog?

Suddenly Lu Xiu resigned the alarm bell, and quickly pulled Zhu Yang over: “Okay, don’t pester this idiot, let’s enter the game.”

The mission that Goubi gave him before the game will definitely not be a special Valentine’s Day, and 80% of it may consume his time. For a good Valentine’s Day, he will extend it for a few months or even a year out of thin air. This is not a human task at all.

It would be better to take the initiative to enter the Valentine’s Day special and cover that game task. Although it was not so pleasant to enter the game during the holidays, but the two are together today.

Zhu Yang nodded, and really wanted to see the ghost of the Valentine’s Day special. The two agreed that Goubi Games was reluctant and could not refuse the player’s initiative.

He informed them that the time to enter the game was one hour later, just listening to the voice, it felt like talking with a slouched mouth.

The sports car that Lu Xiuci drove today came to pick up Zhu Yang. There was a large bouquet of roses in the car. He handed the flowers to Zhu Yang: “Don’t pay attention to that guy, no matter what happens today, let’s just enjoy Valentine’s Day.”

Zhu Yang took the flower and kissed him on tiptoe, which was the same in his heart. I put aside the episode just now and continued to devote myself to Valentine’s Day.

Lu Xiuci drove all the way to the outskirts, because dare time and speed, there was a young couple on the road seeing it.

The woman envied her boyfriend’s high-quality and handsome sports car Rose, and the man coaxed: “Don’t just look at other people’s clothes. It’s such a cold day, and you dare to drive a convertible sports car, and your nose will freeze.

All the way up the mountain, this year’s Spring Festival is a bit cold, the city is okay, but the mountains on the outskirts are snowy.

Lu Xiuci had prepared a mountain villa room long ago. The viewing side of the house is full of floor-to-ceiling glass, and you can see the snow scene of the entire mountain at a glance.

There is a resort hotel not far away, it is the peak season recently, suitable for skiing.

Originally, Lu Xiuci was planning to play with her. If there were not too many people, the villa would be a private ski resort.

But because of the challenges of the game, you have to move back first if you want to enjoy it.

It didn’t take long to enter the villa. The two went to the room. There was no exchange window to open this time.

Originally, the theme was not life-saving. This game clearly told all players. Although there are risks, this game will not endanger the lives of players.

In other words, you may suffer, but you don’t have to worry about your life. Otherwise, there won’t be so many men and women who are not couples who want to win Valentine’s Day gift packs.

Speaking of the last game, the pill she bought in the game was also useless. Later, Zhu Yang asked the game about the effect of the pill.

It was a life extension, and it was automatically used when he died in the game. At that time, Zhu Yang thought it was expensive, but now it is too cheap to come.

Three thousand points to continue a life, although the pass symbol has a similar effect, once the pass symbol is used, the reward is gone.

Especially for high-rated players like her, regardless of self-esteem, the benefits of a game’s gains are often not measurable by points.

And sometimes you may go to ninety-nine steps, and you just miss the goal. Besides, the next situation is getting harder and harder. The enemies in the dungeon may be so strong that you don’t even have the chance to use the pass.

After the weightlessness disappeared, the two opened their eyes and found that they came to a hall where people came and went.

The hall is very large, like a square, with indoor fountains inside.

The surroundings are luxuriously decorated, and on the floor are countless circles about two meters in diameter.

At a glance, Zhu Yang saw that there were at least thousands of people in the entire hall. This number shocked her–

“Does this game have so many players?”

There must be more players, but you have to understand that this number is only for couples.

There are few players in the game who can find the same kind in reality, let alone couples who are both players. How low is this probability.

Even though most of these thousands of people are in teams, you must know that in reality, people are in the midfield but there are not as many circles as their own players.

The probability that this is difficult to intersect in reality also explains the proportion of game players among ordinary people.

Quhe calculated that one out of 500,000 people would be a player. In other words, the total number of players across the country will not exceed four thousand.

Although there are players in other continents, the occasions are usually different for different races, that is, Zhu Yang has not teamed up with foreign players yet.

And now Zhu Yang sees no less than two thousand people, and they are not mixed with players from other continents. They are all nationals. This number is probably accounting for most of the players in the country, which is definitely a problem.

Lu Xiu replied to her after hearing the words: “How can the player’s screening venue be only in this world? If this is the case, the game cannot compete with other games in terms of base numbers.”

Also, how extensive is Xu Xiao’s game? Countless worlds with different cultural backgrounds, ancient and modern interstellar era.

The premise is only to kill people, let alone the style of most players selected based on this standard, people have a large base, the larger the base, the more capable people.

If there is a competitive relationship between the games, the total number of players is just so little. The dog is afraid that he can only lie flat and be a younger brother.

“Is the dungeon world also a screening field? But I can’t see it.” Zhu Yang said.

“No, parallel world.” Lu Xiu resigned.

Zhu Yang understood right away, too. To say that the younger generations are not counted, but Xu Xiao seems to be in the same era as them.

But in reality, there are no traces of other game players. Even if the game is confined in the game space, as long as there has been a cross between players, it is impossible to have no traces at all.

At that time, it showed that there were parallel worlds in their eras of the same background. I am afraid that there are still quite a few.

The screening goal of the Goubi game is the parallel world of the same era, while the screening goal of the other game is not limited by the era, and I don’t know how other game players sourced it.

Lu Xiuci also told her there is a rule that candidates for parallel worlds will not overlap. That is to say, if there is a person like Zhu Yang in other parallel worlds, then after she becomes a player, other Zhu Yang cannot become a player again.

This is also the reason why it is difficult for players to hug in reality. Sometimes even in the game, even if they have the opportunity to get back to the real world, they can also use the password.

For example, Zhu Yang and Bai Youyou were the same at first, but in fact they are not in the same world as you.

Low-level players and even the vast majority of intermediate players do not know this, and it is naturally difficult to establish a social circle.

So Lu Xiuci kept saying that she was favored by games, but he didn’t expect that the three children were all from the world.

Zhu Yang nodded, then the number of people here would be considered normal.

As the two of them were chatting, they heard someone calling her again.

When I looked back, I saw Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao running over. Bai Youyou happily said, “I knew you would participate. Yu Li also said that you don’t have to ask you.”

Zhu Yang saw that they were very happy, so he joked: “How do you think of teamwork?”

Zhou Yao said: “If there is an advantage, don’t take it away. We will discuss how to divide the spoils.”

After talking for a long time, a voice rang in the lobby, signaling every couple of players to enter a circle on the ground.

Zhu Yang and Lu Xiu Ciben stood in a circle, and Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao also stood in the circle next to them.

Soon the players in the lobby are all in place, but the game only arranges positions, but does not restrict movement.

Today it is of special nature. Although it is neatly arranged in the eye, most of the men and women are sticky. In short, the whole hall is filled with sour pink bubbles.

Bai Youyou pointed to a pair of lovers who were diagonally across from them, and turned his head to Zhu Yang and said, “Those two are pretending to be slimmer than real lovers. When we just came over, we heard that they did not reach a consensus on the distribution of prizes. .”

“Hasn’t the prize been announced yet?” Zhu Yang said.

“Puff!” Zhou Yao smiled: “I remembered a joke. A couple imagined that they had won 5 million, but they broke up because they didn’t reach a consensus on how to spend.”

The three of them laughed as soon as they heard it, and were happy that a partition appeared out of thin air between each couple, separating the two, and then a screen appeared in front of each couple.

[The first scene is to test the mutual understanding between lovers. 】

More than a dozen personal questions about Lu Datou appeared on Zhu Yang’s screen. Only close people could answer them. She must be the one on Lu Datou.

[The answer time is ten minutes, the error tolerance rate is 20%, and no whispering is allowed, and there is no cheating hint, otherwise, you will be punished and disqualified. 】

Zhu Yang shrugged. Although she was too spoiled for a love affair, few people could stand it, but it was not irrelevant to the road.

Normally, I don’t mean to say anything else, but I like a person and never turn a blind eye to his affairs. In my mind, his information is definitely processed first, so she actually knows the trivial things that she doesn’t pay attention to.

She knows all his preferences, habits, and loves.

Not to mention Lu Xiu’s resignation, not to mention the associations for so many years, even if he broke up for three years, it was a real idiot for three years, Zhu Yang probably did not know her.

The ten-minute answer time didn’t take long for the two of them. They clicked and turned in at the same time.

Just after clicking, a voice suddenly appeared next to him: “Please verify and confirm with two players, because the correct answer is based on the player’s true thoughts.”

“For example, who is the most favorite person in question XX, couples may fill in their own names as the answer with confidence, but it may not be correct in fact.”

“Ex-girlfriend, Bai Yueguang, and the unattainable goddess may have an inner status above you. Don’t be too confident about your lover’s identity—”

Zhu Yang, Lu Xiu replied: “…Is it really begging today?”

Dogbi Gaming silently closed his mouth, reluctantly accepted the answer, even the speed of loading was slow.

Does this thing mean that the internet speed is stuck? That’s pretty cute.

The barrier in the middle is cancelled, and the screens on both sides are also close, and you can see each other’s questions and answers respectively.

No matter how reluctant the dog is than the game, he has to load the final result. Lu Xiu’s remarks were all correct and unexpected, but he saw Zhu Yang’s answer.

There was a surprise on his face: “So you all know it.”

Zhu Yang cocked his tail: “Are you particularly flattered?”

After a while, the two got stuck together.


How did it feel to be an assist?

At this time, the ten-minute answering time is over, and the other couples don’t have the time to spend the time, and the correct answer is displayed in an instant.

Most of the fake couples who formed a temporary team didn’t score 80 points. The talents scolded the game as cunning. Since you have notified the single dogs, don’t set up cards here?

But it’s okay. After all, it’s either that the couple doesn’t understand or don’t understand, or if there is no tacit understanding, there is no.

But some real couples did not pass the level, it will be fun now——

“You can get the wrong answer on my mother’s birthday.”

“What the **** did you think of that guy, co-I am your spare tire?”

“Do you have a lot of points saved with me?”

“You **** have a Hong Kong foot, you keep hiding it from me.”

“Oh, you haven’t forgotten your first love? Have a good time! I will give way to my mother.”

For a time, the whole hall was in a mess, and there were even fights.

Zhu Yang confirmed when this question came out, where is the dog than the game and kindly give Valentine’s Day benefits?

It’s just rushing to break up a pair.

Suddenly she thought of Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao, it is estimated that they had made up their minds for nothing.

As a result, when I looked back, I found that the correct rate of the two people was over 80%?

Zhu Yang was surprised: “When did you two become one?”

But it’s not right. The two cities are thousands of miles apart, and even if they confirm their relationship, they can’t reach this level of understanding.

Bai Youyou said: “Yu Li said that since I participated as a couple, the basic skills still need to be done, so I compiled the necessary information between the lovers overnight and let us exchange answers.”

This is because Zhu Yang was originally a true lover because he and Lu Xiu’s resignation, this kind of premise does not need to be considered. But Yu Li is really smarter.

Zhou Yao smiled and said: “He originally wanted to team up with Yo-Yo, but it took a lot of time to sort out the information. When we invited, we agreed.”

As a result, finishing the day is cheaper for both of them.

It is estimated that Yu Li’s call to Zhu Yang today is also a hint that she may be free here, and try to meet Zhu Yang’s expectations.

Although she knows that she has a boyfriend, Zhu Yang told them some time ago that there was a cleanup mission recently. Many high-level players were called up and they were also asked to prepare accordingly, in case there is a small ending like a circus. Work, you can do it when you encounter it, and there will be no less rewards for troublesome game handling.

At this time, the circle under the feet of the unqualified couples suddenly turned into a hole. Whether it was disappointing or blaming each other, they were caught off guard.

Before it caused a commotion, several huge screens appeared around the hall.

The players who fell fell directly into a room similar to a large classroom, with a pot of dog food in front of everyone——

The classroom broadcast sounded: “Non-lovers are not worthy to participate in the game special. Players who have failed the test, please dry the dog food in front of you, and then quit the game.”

My day

All players have the heart to kill, and co-authoring is the one who gets **** by the game, right?

It’s not that the lover can’t participate in your fucking, but don’t tell everyone, you hinted that you would team up to buy the gift package, but what happened to them?

Also let you eat dog food, Nima is too bullying.

The explanation given by the game is that qualified players are not temporary team relationships, but people will not be negligent because of the nature of this game, and they still actively prepare.

This is too much correctness in the face of the game. Half a bucket of water wants to come in and take advantage of it. Not to mention eating dog food, it is the game’s soft-hearted for not letting you eat.

There are also people who don’t want to eat, but they won’t be able to return to the real world if they don’t eat. They are so hungry that they can eat everything. Everyone struggles and can only do it.

Not to mention, the taste is not that unpalatable, it is a little better than the real dog food, except for a bit dry.

The little brother who gave this reference was given a strange look by everyone.

This punishment made the remaining players’ skins tightened a bit. Although the punishment is not heavy, for some people, it is better to chop twice.

I also recalled that the benefits of the game are not easy to take. There is no life threatening, but I was wrong when I came to vacation.

Then the next second, the scenery in front of all players changed, and the hall in front of them was no longer luxurious and orderly.

The female player appeared in a room that every woman dreamed of.

Elegant and exquisite furniture, soft carpets, romantic tulle, countless dresses, shoes and cosmetics, dozens of maids in uniforms bend over to pay tribute to them.

The huge room only accommodates twenty or thirty ladies. Other female players should be treated the same, but appear in different rooms.

At the gesture of the maids, the female players sat in front of the makeup mirror——

At this time the rules of the second level began.

[The second session is to test the importance that couples attach to agreements. 】

Male and female players prepare for each other, and the game will send both parties to the date place when they are young.

Female players are responsible for dressing up, but not by themselves. The makeup is based on the performance of the male player on the other end.

For example, if your lover is indomitable for you, and does not deduct any points during the two-hour preparation period, then the maid will do her best to dress you in the most beautiful state.

But every time the lover’s performance is deducted, the quality of makeup on the female player’s side drops a bit.

If the score is low to a certain level, believe in the game, even if you are a fairy, it has a way to turn you into a flower.

At this point, Zhu Yangxin, she had seen Goubi Games for the supermarket owner and his twin brother as a real PS, not to mention turning into a flower, that is, turning into **** is not technically difficult for it.

Suddenly the female players in their room whispered to each other–

“What should I do? My family just doesn’t have a sense of time. When he didn’t live together before, he could be half an hour late for his appointment. I wondered why I didn’t dump him.”

“Don’t worry, the game shouldn’t be so unreliable, right?”

“My family has a sense of time, but the game must have obstacles?”

At this time, several screens appeared in the room, and the male players corresponding to the female players present also came into their sight.

Two rules of dating when they were young were also announced, but their performance is related to the makeup of female players, and their every move is in the eyes of female players.

Lu Xiuci and Zhou Yao stood together. They are now in a small town, surrounded by flowers, and you can see many delicate shops around just on the screen.

The game’s instructions to male players are only for them to prepare gifts for their lovers during the two-hour period.

At this time, there is plenty of goods, and the surrounding products are exquisite. If you choose a little bit, you should be able to find something you like. If you buy a bunch of flowers, girls will definitely be happy.

With the mentality that being grouped together is also fate, the male players around also reminded each other: “Try not to buy clothes, lipsticks, shoes, etc., and don’t trust your own eyes too much, and listen to the opinions of shopping guides.”

“Those things, one size is wrong and the color is wrong. If you buy it, it is better not to buy it. You have to be scolded.”

Everyone agreed in unison. Just as they were about to separate, they heard a notice from the game——

[Players present have the opportunity to sit for up to half an hour, and the time spent is deducted from the preparation time, which players need. 】

The male players are crazy, Gundam, the romance of men!

This Valentine’s Day special, to be honest, Lu Xiu resigned because he wanted to cover the tasks given by the dog than the game, so that it would not come to participate in the Valentine’s Day spoiler, except for his presence, there are really no high-level players.

After all, what kind of gift package is this? Many late players in the mid-level field also look down on it.

Most of them are middle and low-level fields, and the world’s technological level is limited. Even if they can do what ordinary people can’t, the Gundam is still a legendary item.

At a time, 90% of men raised their hands up: “I, I, I!!!”

Like a group of huskies grabbing food.

Among them, Zhou Yao’s reaction was the most intense. This guy was originally eager for high-tech weapons in terms of ability and interest.

So Lu Xiuci turned his head and saw this guy’s face flushed with excitement.

He grabbed Zhou Yao by the neck and carried him back: “Don’t join in the fun, concentrate on choosing gifts.”

Zhou Yao’s calm attitude towards him is unbelievable: “Gundam! Damn Gundam, why don’t you react? That’s Gundam.”

“You forgot that you still have a girlfriend waiting.” Although it’s a team, you can’t forget your obligation.

“Where is the girlfriend up to fun?” Zhou Yaozheng said.

I don’t know that this is the trap of the dog game, but is it more than half an hour? There is still an hour and a half to come back.

Lu Xiuci naturally understood Gundam’s charm to men. He sighed: “When you get to the high-level field, there will be opportunities to sit. You can sit once a week. The most important thing is to prepare.”

“Do you think the game will benefit in vain? Just sacrifice a quarter of the preparation time. The remaining time is still not too tight. This can be touched. When is it so generous?”

“Our actions here will definitely have an impact on the girls. The impact is still unclear. If we try to make them suffer for a while–”

Zhou Yao thought about Bai Youyou’s nine-yin white bone claws from Edman alloy, shaking all over.

It can be seen that other players have disappeared in batches, and it can be seen that they have been teleported into the Gundam cockpit.

He turned his head and cried step by step and was pulled away by Lu Xiuci.

After all the players disappeared, he finally shouted to the sky during the mission: “Bai Youyou! You owe me–”

Originally, Bai Youyou was angry at this guy’s stupid performance and complained to Zhu Yang: “If you knew you should team up with Yu Li, Yu Li would definitely not be so stupid.”

In the end, I saw his heart-piercing cry, and felt a little guilty. Everyone knew that this guy liked these.

At the same time, according to the choice of her lover, the score of the female player is also out.

The two dozen male players corresponding to their room, except for Lu Xiuci and Zhou Yao, there were two male players who didn’t know anything about it, and the others were all killed.

Choosing to open the Gundam and wasting half an hour of preparation time, the corresponding female players deducted 10 points respectively——

The leading maid smiled and said: “Okay, let’s start doing hair. Players who have no demerit points will get their most suitable and elaborate work.”

As for the deducted points-

Zhu Yang and the others saw with their own eyes a female player’s black and beautiful hair being cut by a click, and the female player cried on the spot——

“Gao Zhide, I’m so impressed, my old lady smashed your hand-built wall when I went out.”

In addition, the ones that were scorched into curly teddyes, those that were drifted into the non-mainstream of the country, and those that were cut into dog gnaw, in short, the price of men touching the gunwas all on female players.

Before, everyone felt that they were dressing up in the room, and the male players were tired outside. How about now! It turns out that they are the pitiful little kidnapped.

The treatment depends on outside performance.

Among them, the few of the four who didn’t get the shot, the other two were mediocre in appearance because of their age.

It does not count that Zhou Yao came back without a life.

Lu Xiuci is such a handsome guy. Under such temptation, he can still think about dating. He looks back at Zhu Yang’s originally beautiful long hair, which is now even more treated like silk. Silky and charming.

This is all harm, not to mention this strong contrast? You idiot, no one is handsome, but no one is considerate, even if you are not considerate of you, it’s **** smart.

The voices of teeth grinding in the room one after another, Bai Youyou leaned in and asked Zhu Yang in a low voice: “Sister, isn’t the game a matter of breaking up a couple?”

Zhu Yang said, “I guess the dog is irritated than I don’t know where? The female cat who is chasing it ignores it or what–”

Before I finished speaking, I heard a grunt of dissatisfaction in my mind.

All right, don’t mess with you. It is a basic moral not to abuse dogs on Valentine’s Day.

Half an hour has passed since the ladies finished their hair.

Those guys who had gone to sit on the Gundam were also sent back to the town with a look of beauty.

The female players looked at their dog’s chewing hair, and then looked at the smug expressions of their idiots on the screen. They really wanted to pull people out of the screen and divide them into pieces.

Maid channel: “Although some players have unsatisfactory hairstyles, don’t worry, the hairstyle is just the first step.”

“If your lover does well next, trust us, even if your haircut is a shit, we can make you beautiful enough to ignore this shortcoming.”

Yes, it is still convincing to dare to say such things in the game.

On the other hand, when the male players came out, Lu Xiuci and Zhou Yao had already chosen gifts.

Originally two hours didn’t need to be so tight, but Lu Xiuci said that the game would not be so kind and the next move would be so gentle, so it’s best to do it well within this time.

Even if they give people free choice in the future, they will have a big deal to go around to see if there are any surprises that have slipped through the net.

Sure enough, the male players who are still enjoying themselves are still exchanging experiences, and Zhou Yao’s eyes are dripping with blood.

But three minutes later, when the male players were about to start shopping, the game issued an announcement.

[Dating is usually accompanied by accidents. Sometimes even if you have plenty of time and preparation, you can’t stand the accident. 】

[And today, just when you choose a gift and prepare to go out——]

“Wait! We haven’t chosen a gift yet? Didn’t it mean two hours?”

But the game did not give everyone time to entangle, and the male players left the town in the next second and appeared in an apartment.

The apartment is more in line with the usual style of the game, dilapidated and gloomy, with water vapor bursts, and even the clearance records of most people present have such a similar.

Lu Xiu resigned from the players who chose gifts and flowers, because the things would affect their actions, they were temporarily collected by the game and returned to them when the date was up.

Lu Xiuci’s storage function is not necessary, but the other players are relieved.

[You have chosen a gift and are about to go out, but you receive a call from your father-in-law. He seems to need your help for something. 】

[Please choose the corresponding room and see what the father-in-law has ordered. 】

After hearing this request, all the players felt that the game was sick, so let’s not talk about the logic of going to the father-in-law’s house at this time.

Who should take care of you with such an obvious trap? After all, the father-in-law is not his father, let alone the ‘father-in-law’ who doesn’t know anything in the game.

But obviously this question is not a multiple-choice question, there is no door to go out in the stairwell, and even the blocked exit shows the countdown.

No more, no less is exactly one and a half hours.

A male player said: “Then wait, we are not forced to go in anyway.”

“How is it possible?” Zhou Yao said, he didn’t have the temptation to go high or he had a clear mind: “You can sit up high—”

He gritted his teeth and said: “It took half an hour to sit up, and it was noisy for a few minutes after coming out. Not to mention that the passage may not be opened after the countdown.”

“Even if it is, you will be nearly five minutes behind the date. I don’t know how tolerant your girlfriends are for being a few minutes late, but the game must have its own criteria.”

Everyone realized that the game had cheated on time and had to find the corresponding door for a while, and then pushed the door into the house.

Lu Xiuci also found his own fan. As soon as he opened the door, he had imagined countless scenes in his heart.

I didn’t expect this kind of problem in the dog game.


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