Scream Queen Chapter 133

To be honest, Lu Xiuci is not familiar with this kind of place. It is enough to hand similar dealings directly to the lawyer or the people below. Even if you look at Lu Li that is not very worry-free, it is not a violation of discipline.

So as soon as Lu Xiu walked in, he saw the huge slogan on the wall [be lenient in confession, strict in resistance]

I saw the dejected “Happy Daddy” who was handcuffed to a chair again. This alone was not over. I wish my father was dishevelled, his upper body was naked, but to hide his shame, I didn’t know where I got a coat and wrapped it indiscriminately, and he was still wearing a pair of big pants.

Lu Xiuci has never seen him be so embarrassed since he met Father Zhu, especially there is a blond foreign girl next to him.

The girl is heavily makeup, revealing, and her hands are handcuffed to a chair, but her expression doesn’t matter much.

Lu Xiuci couldn’t understand the situation, he stepped back and got out of it, and closed the door, blocking the scene on the other side of the door.

This dog is more than a game to make such a haunted apartment-like place, but the game set up is like this, if the opening is a psychological tactic.

Well, it won. Lu Xiuci had too many possibilities, such as opening the door and seeing his “father-in-law” dying at home, such as being kidnapped to a desolate place, such as going bankrupt.

In this way, his imagination is still not rich enough.

Who knows his reaction makes the game a bit stunned, the game hastily-

[Player Lu Xiu resigns, please face your task. 】

Lu Xiu resigned: “You are sick, you can’t just rub a thing that looks like your uncle and play with you.”

“Does the person know? Tell me who is there?”

【You Yue——】

“Who are you talking about?” Lu Xiuci asked loudly.

The game is afraid to speak. The male player does not know that his behavior can be watched by the female player simultaneously.

On the one hand, it shows transparency and fairness in the deduction of points for each level, and on the other hand, there is only judgment on their every move, and the efficiency of the dismantling is higher.

But now, Zhu Yang can also see the scene here, and the game reacts abruptly. It presses its head here and says that the thing inside is ‘father-in-law’, but the account is on himself.

This was a reaction. Although this method is wicked, it also hurts the enemy eight hundred and one thousand.

For a while, I couldn’t help cursing Lu Xiu’s cunning words, so the game changed its words——

[The authenticity of the characters must be clear to every player. This is just a scenario test. Players are requested not to go online. 】

In other words, everyone in the game knows that it is impossible for the father-in-law to show up here and be arrested for whoring/prostitution. Are you clever?

The game thought that Lu Xiuci would still talk to it, but he didn’t expect him to say nothing at all as if he recognized it.

Then he reopened the door and went in.

Then, as soon as he showed his face, he was seen by “Father Zhu”: “Xiaolu, Xiaolu, you are finally here, here, here!”

Lu Xiu’s words seem to be more difficult to say. To be honest, Uncle Zhu has always been a person he admires for, making such a large family business from scratch.

He is also shrewd and capable, understands free and easy, and knows how to introspect and introspect, which is different from the average middle-aged man who has a lot of money and a lot of feathers at home.

The other party also values ​​the family, is dedicated to feelings, looks and temperament is all about the same age, and has a young mentality to talk to anyone.

Let’s not talk about it because he loves his girlfriend, even if he doesn’t associate with Zhu Yang, Zhu Dad himself appreciates him.

But what does the game do now? The face is still the same, but Shengsheng has made the elegant man into this greasy and wretched look.

Wouldn’t that thing be ready to respond to him for a long time? How could he look straight at his uncle when he went back?

The other party still caught the expression of life-saving straw, Lu Xiu’s resignation still did not rush.

After approaching, he asked: “What are you—?”

Uncle can’t say two words.

A trace of embarrassment flashed across the face of “Daddy Blessing” and said to him: “I don’t know. I will exchange English with international friends. Who knows that a group of people rushed in and handcuffed me here.”

As he said, he turned towards the surroundings and said, “Do you know that this is illegal?”

The policeman, who was looking at the information with the clipboard in his hand, knocked on the metal cabinet on the side and made a squeaking sound——

“Illegal? First look at where you are, and exchange English with international friends. Don’t you want to face it?”

“Daddy Blessing” became angry from embarrassment. It is estimated that Lu Xiu resigned a little bit hardly: “I won’t mess with you people, my bailer is here.”

The police ignored him and looked at Lu Xiu and said, “You are his bailer? What’s the relationship?”

“No! It doesn’t matter.” Lu Xiu said blankly.

“Huh?” The police raised his head and said to Zhu Daddy: “You don’t cooperate with the co-authors, right? Then, detain first.”

“Happy Daddy” quickly said: “Xiaolu, Xiaolu, you can’t help but save me.”

“Look at today, everyone is ugly to make trouble, right? Do you have the heart to make Yang Yang sad for the festival? Why do I not look for you? Don’t you just know that you are like me, you’re a heart-to-heart substitute Are they thinking about it?”

Lu Xiu couldn’t complain, but he didn’t bother to tell a fake.

But if he doesn’t cooperate, it doesn’t mean that the game won’t mess up——

【Please choose whether to accept the commission of ‘father-in-law’. 】

【A: Accept, release the’father-in-law’ on bail and get 30 minutes of free time. 】

[B: No, stay here until the countdown on the wall ends. 】

When Lu Xiuci encountered this multiple-choice question, other players were similar.

That 30 minutes can just make up for the time wasted to buy gifts in the last game. Although the players know that the game must be uneasy and kind, there may be other tests after this game.

So these 30 minutes may be their last chance to buy gifts, if all players do not separate at the date.

The other men met with Valentine’s Day gifts in their hands, but they were empty-handed, so wait for the woman to go crazy.

Furthermore, although this level is a multiple-choice question, it actually forces you to choose A. If you choose B, the countdown on the wall ends, you will definitely be late.

I don’t know what the end is going to be when I’m late, that is to say, even if the previous four have already bought gifts in advance, the choice in this level does not have an advantage.

Everyone screamed at the game, but most people still had a choice in their hearts.

Lu Xiuci was silent for a while, still thinking of the urging voice in his mind——

[Player Lu Xiu resigns, please make a choice…]

He said it three times without stopping, and his tone seemed to be gloating.

Lu Xiuci sneered: “It’s said that children seldom play dimly. You never listen. You don’t care about your head and your tail. You always go around yourself. You count how many times you lifted a rock in front of me. Your own feet?”

The game was silent, and it didn’t take long for Lu Xiu to say: “I tried you when I first came in.”

“You don’t even dare to say that it’s my’father-in-law’, for fear of being memorized? Otherwise, you will hold back the opportunity that hurts me?”

“There is also this broken multiple-choice question. It looks like it is for the player to make a choice. In fact, the other road is blocked. The son-in-law protects the’father-in-law’. Who would see this incident have the greatest impact? Is it the’mother-in-law’ who is not present?”

“The female players are watching every move here, right?”

The game was stunned, so I knew that this **** was insidious, and I didn’t expect that this kind of proposition would give him a way out.

Now the words have been spread out, even if he chooses to bail the “father-in-law”, he can be forgiven?

Hey! But you have to know that it’s too naive to avoid the trap. After dealing with this guy for so long, you naturally know that he is a ghost.

I don’t know what’s next–

Before he started to feel complacent, he saw Lu Xiuci pull out his mobile phone, which was equipped in the game space.

Generally, most copies will be equipped with communication props, which players will take for granted over time.

But Lu Xiuci smiled at a certain place: “Although the props equipped in the game may not be useful, they are not meaningless.”

He flipped through the newsletter: “Well, there really is a’mother-in-law’ number. This is easier.”

Then Game and “Father Zhu” were frightened to see him dialing the number of “mother-in-law” and sold the “father-in-law” directly, so that they could bail him.

“Happy Father” screamed, but Lu Xiu resigned but ignored the counterfeit.

Said to the game: “In this way, it is considered as bail for the’father-in-law’, and there is no embarrassment to deceive a girlfriend, right?”

“…Huh!” The game was nothing, but he could only pass it reluctantly.

This one did not take long, the actual test lies in how to solve it.

After a while, all the male players disappeared from the’police station’ and returned to the gift town.

As soon as Fang met, everyone had a fair answer. Knowing that everyone had chosen A, the men were a little relieved.

Generally speaking, the probability of annihilation of more than 20 people is still small, right? So I stopped talking nonsense and started choosing gifts for 30 minutes.

It’s just that it’s smarter now, there’s something wrong with the product.

The first level of sitting up to it can be said to be a conspiracy, knowing that the game is delaying time, but it is difficult to refuse.

But the second level is so damning, and all the members have the same option, and everyone’s choice is the same, which is a good indication that things are wrong.

However, I can think of it right now, and I still have the idea of ​​a follow-up in the game, and I don’t know that it is a real choice to play on the spot.

There are also those who are a little bit long-sighted, or more real, even if the ‘father-in-law’ is released on bail, it’s not so easy to fool through when completing the task.

What’s more, in reality, the father-in-law himself has a character that is difficult to say and wipes his ass. At this time, the game has aroused his true feelings, and he also warned a few words.

However, they don’t know that these are all related to the image of their girlfriend.

Lu Xiu resigned and they had 30 minutes more, so he was okay or continued to visit the town, what if he found a better gift? There are not too many gifts anyway.

He took the opportunity to ask Zhou Yao: “How did you do it?”

Zhou Yao said: “As soon as I opened the door, I saw a horrible old man who was arrested for a prostitute–”

“Ahem! Pay attention, the girls are watching.”

Zhou Yao was not stupid either. After contacting the speculation of Lu Xiu’s speech, he immediately reacted.

So he coughed twice and skipped the address and said: “I was shocked at the time, the old-uncle jumped up and called me son-in-law and asked me to bail him.”

“No matter how you look at the choices given by the game, I don’t have any good intentions. I wondered what you said before that our performance is related to the situation of the girls.”

“It’s okay to be released on bail, but I can’t do nothing. So I asked the old-uncle to sign a letter of guarantee that he could attack and retreat and defend.”

Lu Xiuci nodded. This kid is not so good at analysis, but a lot of things have a wild intuition, and often fall into the spot.

Zhu Yang admired this.

In terms of reasoning, his mind can turn much faster than Zhou Yao, and he has a big picture, but he is often one step behind this guy because he knows a lot of things too much.

Just like this time teaming up.

The men here continue to buy gifts, but the results of this field have been fed back to the women.

Let’s not talk about how insidious this topic is. Some male players do a good job and provoke their girlfriends.

Many girls are the type of **** horns for imaginary problems, so let’s not mention what happened to them.

When the results came out, everyone was dumbfounded. The same choice over there, the feedback scores are completely different.

Maid channel: “The same thing requires handling skills.”

“As a man, it’s not good to only think about solving his own troubles. If he has no interests, he chooses to let it go or even hide it. This is a manifestation of disrespect for his girlfriend.”

“Our game treats all female players as independent individuals. We hope that all female players will be tenacious and strong, regardless of their strength or heart. The farther they go in future tests, they will not agree with anyone who claims to conceal what you have the right to know. ”

“Not to mention being perfunctory.”

Also, from the moment a female game player passes the selection, she is not qualified to be the little princess in the ivory tower.

In fact, those who can get to this point are basically awakened, and because the game is about life and death, every choice made must come from the heart to have no regrets.

When everyone heard the words, they had no choice but to convince them, thinking that their idiot hadn’t played games yet.

The supervisor continued: “Then, this round is makeup. Next, we will create suitable makeup for you based on the performance of male players.”

Because Zhu Yang and Bai Youyou had guessed how much the game was going to do there, the relative response was very good under limited conditions, so the score naturally did not decrease.

There are several other female players because the male players have sincerely solved the problems, but they are not low.

Only some fools who are clever and don’t take the game as a counterfeit seriously, implicating their girlfriends, and deducting points all at once is a big deal.

The worst sisters directly deducted 30 points, and they looked pretty, but all of a sudden the appearance of seven points was turned into three points.

I don’t know what these maids are capable of. They don’t use your face as a color palette to make you ugly. The whole thing is natural and there is no trace of makeup.

It can be seen that the person is you, but it is as if the ugliness is rectified, it is a lot of ugliness out of thin air.

Several of those female players rolled their eyes on the spot and fainted unbearably.

But the evaluations were excellent, and there were a few female players who were originally ordinary-looking. They were glamorous, not the kind of soulless beauty.

The professionalism of these maids is so vicious, they immediately discovered and amplified their own beauty.

To be honest, many people have lived for so many years, and they haven’t found their suitable dressing direction.

Those female players excitedly said: “Quickly, I will take a picture and I will take care of it according to this image when I go out.”

Not to mention Zhu Yang and Bai Youyou, who are already beautiful. The whole set is not only the face, but also the nail tips.

Zhu Yang is also a pervert and suddenly took Fu Jiang out of the mirror.

Fu Jiang finally came out to let the wind go. He opened his eyes and laughed when he saw a few ugly dogs chewing on strangely-growing hairy dogs——

“Hahaha…, why do such ugly monsters have the face to live in such a luxurious and beautiful house? Isn’t anyone who doesn’t live in the trash can drive them out?”

Some female players were suffocating, and suddenly heard a bit of a bitch, one of them scratched her face with a violent hand.

Fu Jiang screamed: “The ugly monsters dare to–, you can’t be jealous of my beauty.”

They were about to be beaten, and the maids pulled them away: “This lady belongs to the game NPC and has a special physique. In order to cause unnecessary trouble, please don’t go to war.”

He also quickly repaired Fu Jiang’s wounds, and cleaned the remaining blood from the female player’s nails, lest the other party went home and found a person growing up to grab a man from her.

Zhu Yang looked at the reaction of the maids, and there was a flash of interest in his eyes. These maids were very strong, especially the maid supervisor.

She suddenly said: “Are you all employees of the game?”

The head of the maid flashed her eyes and smiled at Zhu Yang: “I don’t have enough history to mention it.”

Then he urged Zhu Yang to take off his bathrobe, but he had to take care of his hands, feet and body.

Seeing that the other party deliberately avoided, Zhu Yang took off his bathrobe and revealed his perfect body.

Fu Jiang turned around and saw that Bitch was enjoying the beautifying, and even a piece of fingernail was so beautiful.

Suddenly she was mad with jealousy, but she was afraid of being cleaned up, and she didn’t dare to get angry at her.

He sat down on an empty seat and said, “I also want to make up. Why am I not qualified to be ugly?”

Zhu Yang said: “Yes! You can choose whatever is present.”

To the main channel again: “Her expenses count mine.”

Main channel: “You laughed, the things here are really not worth mentioning. If it is not for the rules, in fact, female players can use them as much as they want.”

Fu Jiang doesn’t involve Valentine’s Day projects. Strictly speaking, it’s just Zhu Yang’s props. It’s nothing to play with her.

Fu Jiang was almost bullied by Zhu Yang into a trembling M. Who knew that she was so talkative today, and she was flattered for a while.

But with this guy’s vanity, he ran into those clothes, shoes, and beautiful jewels for joy in no time.

After the ladies have cleaned up, thirty minutes have passed over there.

With more than half an hour left, the game will definitely continue to have problems.

Sure enough, all purchases were put away for the game, freeing up his hands to survive the next test.

[The game has always believed that Valentine’s Day should be serious and ceremonial, and should not be enjoyed by frivolous people. 】

[Looking at the people around you today, at least at this moment, you have to understand the weight of the other person in your heart. 】

When this was over, all the players appeared at the door of the hospital operating room.

Lu Xiuci just got rid of a feeling of weightlessness, and it felt like something was suddenly peeled from his consciousness, giving him a sense of fault.

But this kind of reaction is very common. Everyone who wakes up from sleep will feel this way. When the consciousness returns, he knows what he is doing.

Today is the day of Yangyang’s childbirth, but people have been pushing forward for a long time, but they have not given birth smoothly.

Suddenly, anxiety and anxiety swept through his body, he stood up and looked at himself in his glasses.

Nearly 30 years old, his temperament has become more mature, and he looks like a superior person who is used to giving orders.

In fact, the same is true. The university started to get in touch with family affairs, and is now at the helm of the family, and has everything at a young age.

His wife is also beautiful, and she is the love of her heart. At this time, her first child is about to be born, and her life is so good that she will never change the gods.

It’s just that he has an inexplicable sense of unreality, not to say that happiness is unreal, but that it is plain and unreal.

This makes anyone laugh if they hear this. How can a family helm who is calling for trouble in the entire southwestern region think life is dull?

However, this slight sense of incongruity didn’t make him think much, because all the concentration was in the operating room separated by a door.

Suddenly the door of the operating room was opened, and the doctor walked out and asked him in a serious tone to protect the big and small.

Lu Xiuci only finds it absurd, but he does not wait for him to sort out this violation and the situation full of logical loopholes.

There was a sudden tingling in his mind, the painful interference made him unable to think, and the surrounding environment began to twist.

Keep big and keep small! Keep big and keep small! Keep big and keep small…

Extreme hints make people unable to think at all, and can only answer instinctively——

“Do you still need to ask? Bao Da!” Lu Xiuci said painfully against his head.

The moment he answered, the tingling in his brain disappeared, his consciousness returned, and his memory returned.

Really, Lu Xiu was speechless and wanted to smash the wall——

“Seriously? You can do such a stupid thing?”

The game is also a bachelor, and ignores him at all. Knowing that this guy has many hearts and minds, even if he temporarily erases his memory as a player, his IQ is not low.

If you give him space to react, or even give him room to think, he will always find that something is wrong, and there will be clues in an instant.

As long as you don’t let him think at all, you can get an instinctive answer.

[Tsk! ] The game is a bit disappointed.

Lu Xiu’s words: “…”

“What are you geeing? Uneasy and kind, right? I thank you for the assist.”

When the game froze, the female player, as expected, heard Zhu Yang’s move: “Doobi-no, the game, I always thought you were not winking when you were looking for the difference, and Valentine’s Day was also full of malice.”

“It turned out to be a misunderstanding of your good intentions. In order to refine the sincerity of the big head for me, you really tried your best. I am so touched.”


Why do you want to sit down and cry suddenly?

Lu Xiuci is both disturbing and obstructing, but the others are not so particular.

This is because most men lack common sense at all, and not everyone can suddenly feel the sense of violation.

So the choice is-

In short, in the female player’s lounge, even those who have been selected as the masters are not embarrassed to be too happy.

Although, different lives stand at different heights and consider differently. Really let them have a complete memory and consciousness choices may be different.

But this being abandoned is still chilling.

Maid channel: “The result of this game determines the quality of the players’ clothing.”

The ones chosen by the lovers without hesitation will be carefully matched, and the longer the entanglement, the quality will come next.

Then on the side of keeping small, naturally the longer the entanglement, the better-if you are relatively given up without hesitation.

The batch with the most dress-up effect and excellent performance from beginning to end, headed by Zhu Yang and Bai Youyou, is naturally radiant and charming.

They did not step on the thunder in one of the three games. Although the other hairstyles were not good in the first game, the performance in the next two games was not bad.

Although everything is not exquisite, the additions and subtractions of all parties are also considered flaws.

But the hair, makeup, and clothes are not enough. After all, there are not many men who are stupid.

When the time is up, the men take out the gifts stored in the game and are sent to the date place.

It’s a park square. The poor performer was shocked when he saw his girlfriend——

“Oh, I’m going, are you bombed or how?”

“How do I feel that you are-different today?” The desire to survive made them dare not say how ugly their faces were out of thin air.

“Hahahaha…, what the **** are you wearing? A red peony shirt and green peony pants, and lost the game? Which idiot matched you?”

“You fool!” The female players gritted their teeth.

Roll up your sleeves and fight with the stupid guy——

“You **** sit high, sit on your mother’s high, you’re so cool that 30 minutes is my old lady’s hair to pay the bill, if you don’t turn you into a mangy dog ​​today, my old lady can’t swallow this breath.”

“Prostitution/prostitution bail, right? Keep it from me? Do you have to cover each other with my dad in the future?”

“Misunderstanding? Fake? You said that what the **** did you do yourself? You just scolded my dad to let him write a letter of guarantee. Just bail is over? So it’s not a problem in your heart.”

If the first two things are still broken, then the third game will be the result. Most of the female players in the most ugly clothes took off their jackets on the spot.

Just smash the ugly clothes on the ground, and shouted at the game: “Game, I abstain, have a meeting with your mother, and I will break up/divorce when I go back.”

“I didn’t know that even if my fate was handed over to someone else, he would pass the customs together with his mother, but luckily in the front, I didn’t give you the opportunity to stab the knife in the back.”

“When I think of walking with someone like you all the way, my old lady gets cold behind her back.”

“Fuck off! We’re over, have you heard? It’s over.”

The couple who broke up in this scene went to nearly half again, to the point where it was not just the last question that was more than heartbroken.

The first two of them are enough for most girls to re-examine the relationship, but they are still a little calm, feeling that they have already come here, and it is a pity to give up halfway, and gritted their teeth.

Sure enough, the couple who had expressed their intention to break up had a hole in the ground and fell into it. It is hard to say that it was the result of the dog food and the game.

A few are still enjoying the special Valentine’s Day, such as Zhu Yang.

Lu Xiuci looked at her different appearances, with undisguised love and appreciation in her eyes.

The gift and flowers in her hand were handed to her: “Today is so beautiful.”

Zhu Yang took the flower, dialed the full and bright petals, and looked at him with unstoppable affection in his eyes.

“I’m so stupid, I almost lost you because of my boring guilty conscience and self-esteem.”

“If it wasn’t for the game to make us meet again, I would never know what I missed.”

Lu Xiuci hugged her emotionally: “No, even if you didn’t enter the game, I originally planned to find you when it stabilized.”

“However, I still have to thank the game.” Lu Xiuci said suddenly badly.

“Hmm! Thanks for the game.”

After Zhu Yang finished speaking, he heard the voice of vomiting blood from the long-lost game.

But she didn’t think much about being immersed in romance.

But Bai Youyou took over Zhou Yao’s flower and said with embarrassment: “Well, it’s quite embarrassing. I didn’t expect you to choose me. Obviously there is nothing wrong with the two of us.”

Zhou Yao scratched his head: “No, I knew that my wife was giving birth in it. When my wife’s name was Bai Youyou, I was shocked.”

“I can’t think about it, marry my brother.”

To be honest, Bai Youyou is a metaphor for the dudes in his eyes, usually a little white flower is pretty and cute.

But the path she walked was fierce and bloody. Compared with Sister Yang’s delicate and keen attack style, Bai Youyou was more rude and brutal, with primitive impact.

Coupled with her appearance, the contrast is indescribable.

Zhou Yao said: “But no matter who it is, there is no one who makes a person die to have a child.”

This question is based entirely on Zhou Yao’s conscience, but there are also many men who have normal three views. In fact, the third level is strictly speaking, the number of people who have not passed the first two levels is less than the previous two levels.

It makes the abandoned female players even more chilling.

Bai Youyou took the gray and gave him a glance: “If you work with me, you will be so miserable that you will be like you.”

“I want to see who I am, and I can deceive it no matter what. If I don’t lie to you, you are not treated as humans at all.”

Zhou Yao: “…”

There are now a few hundred people left in the entire park, less than one-fifth of the original number.

It doesn’t take long for the lovers to stay warm, the game will be time to eat, and we will prepare exquisite food for everyone and let everyone set off to the restaurant.

As for the location of the restaurant, there is navigation on the phone, just follow along.

Zhu Yang looked at Bai Youyou’s route, but it was not consistent with them, so the two sides said hello and separated.

The map shows that it is less than three kilometers away from the destination, and it takes more than half an hour to hike.

Zhu Yang and Lu Xiuci held the flowers slimy and went to the destination slowly around the beautiful road.

She said to him: “If it weren’t for the dog food to get out of the game, I really want to leave now.”

“Why?” Lu Xiu was surprised.

“Because I can’t wait to enjoy you.”

Lu Xiuci blushed, and the corners of his mouth could not be concealed: “Cough! The game is also really, making people so embarrassed.”


This time the sound of vomiting blood was real, and even Zhu Yang was surprised: “What are you doing? Compliment you.”

As a result, the words were finished, the whole person was empty, and fell into the river in the next second.

Zhu Yang: “… Goubi, your uncle.”

The game definitely used space teleportation, otherwise she just happened to be in Lu’s arms, but now she saw him far away on the shore.

Before he could jump into the river, Zhu Yang felt that someone was struggling in the water not far away.

She looked back, and although she hadn’t seen a real person, and only met a few times during the video call, she could still recognize it.

That is her aunt, Lu Datou’s mother.

Do you still play this trick game?

And even if it is known to be a game test, it is also a chop that many girls cannot get around.

Who do you save first when I fell into the water with your mother?

Really, this is the ultimate proposition. Choosing a mother is the rhythm of breaking up. Choosing a girlfriend will also question whether you can abandon your mother, and will you abandon me for others in the future.

In short, it is an endless loop.

Although this is an NPC and not a real mother, Zhu Yang dare to bet that it would be too naive to think so. Some players are waiting for you in the game.

She didn’t even think about it. Seeing that the road head was about to come down, she waved her hand to stop him, and then she swam to the aunt’s side and rescued him.

As soon as he landed ashore, the other party disappeared, and the water on Zhu Yang’s body also disappeared. The makeup of the whole person was still exquisite and radiant, just like an illusion just then.

Two people: “…”

Lu Xiu snorted, “Is that guy ever ending?”

On the contrary, Zhu Yang let him calm down: “This level is not for male players, but for female players.”


Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows: “Those who can reach this level are still not divided. Male players have their own bright spots.”

“It’s impossible to just test the sincerity of male players. Female players just sit back and enjoy their achievements? Respect and consideration are mutual.”

Said painfully wiped his head: “Why should I compete with it to participate in such a naive game?”

Lu Xiuci knew she was shy, and smiled and hugged her, the next journey was no obstacle.

Soon the two arrived at the restaurant, unexpectedly although the paths were different, all players had the same destination.

Zhu Yang noticed that the number of people had dropped a lot, and the atmosphere among some lovers was not as affectionate as before.

Bai Youyou came first, but they heard the clues from the quarrel of some groups.

It turns out that the river is not a question of who should be saved first, as long as one is saved, the other will drown in front of him alive and cannot be saved.

Many male players naturally knew that it was just an NPC with the appearance of his own mother, but seeing her drowning in such pain, no matter how hard she was, she was tortured.

Not all female players can pass the test. Many people have a little bit of action now because their boyfriends were not perfect in the first few games.

I felt that this might be another opportunity for him to perform in the game, and as a result he was able to come up, and even save others, but I just wanted to see how the other party chose.

As if a male player couldn’t bear to say: “I’m not playing anymore, what the **** is this Valentine’s Day special, did you deliberately look for something?”

He left the place without looking back, leaving the female player at a loss.

Of course, if one party abstains from voting, the other party as a lover loses qualifications.

Zhou Yao said, “Sister, isn’t this something wrong? The tests are too much.”

Zhu Yang said: “Well! It should have its purpose.”

Zhu Yang had a faint suspicion in his heart. He looked at the big head and found that he was also thoughtful.

The game’s movements have been a bit big recently. Although it often scolds it for being out of touch, like a kid who thinks it out, but most of the time, it won’t have that kind of harsh bottomless operation.

Or is it about to introduce new rules? Or this time the reward is too special, so it is necessary to constantly eliminate the unqualified.

There hasn’t been any extreme means yet, but Zhu Yang has a hunch that his future will be different.

Don’t say anything, what to read.

Just as their remaining couple entered the restaurant and began to enjoy unheard food, an explosion suddenly came from the center of the hall.

The couples at those tables were directly blown up, and several layers of energy shields appeared around them.

Dozens of guys who looked different from ordinary people appeared out of thin air, and stepped on the corpse of one of the players——

“Sorry to interrupt the dating of all lovers. This building is temporarily occupied by us.”

The author has something to say:    Our goal is: make trouble! Trouble! Trouble!


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