Scream Queen Chapter 134

It’s not an exaggeration, these people are so strange that Zhu Yang can’t determine their origin for a while.

Human head fish have webbed gills on their hands. Although their skin is not covered with a layer of fish scales like Zhu Yang, they can obviously live underwater.

There are also skins that look like granite. Several of them have different colors. They are not as rough as some manga characters.

But just like that, it was like a vivid handicraft carved out of rocks of various colors and density, with gray eyes and not as fragile as ordinary people.

It’s just that they are able to move freely as if they have injected soul into the stone sculptures, and they seem to be even more permeating from ordinary people’s aesthetics.

Zhu Yang guessed that this was a race that evolved in extreme environments. For example, the first one obviously lived in the water world, and the second one was a bit like living in a long-term high temperature and dust cover?

Could it be the background of the volcanic eruption? That these people can survive and evolve is too awesome.

However, the awesomeness is more than that. Among them, there are several blue and green skins, and their clothes are very unique.

Although it looks light and does not hinder activities, the whole body is tightly wrapped, and a special transparent helmet is worn on the head.

Among the players who were blown up at the previous tables, those who survived the attack immediately launched an attack.

But the guy quickly took off his gloves and grabbed the neck of the counterattack player.

The player’s neck rotted at a speed visible to the naked eye. After a while, there was no sound, and it was touched to death.

The blue-skinned man threw the corpse aside like trash, and sneered, “Trash, I can’t imagine the best resources being enjoyed by these trash.”

“Put the gloves on. Most of these players are not resistant to your poisonous skin people’s secretions. They will die if they continue to emit gas.”

“Sneez—” The blue-skinned man sneered, as if he would be dead if he talked about it? However, they did not violate the leader’s order. Obviously, their purpose was to ensure that most players’ lives were guaranteed as much as possible.

However, the lives of several players were implicated in the face-to-face encounter, and he acted cruelly and rudely, which was obviously not friendly.

So this doesn’t make the players present have peace of mind. After all, people go fishing on weekends and hope that the fish will be alive until they are brought home, right?

But does this mean that the fish’s situation is not bad?

Needless to say, there are other human races with three heads and six arms with strange shapes and even features of beasts.

In short, the shock of the opening and the cruelty just now made the players present dare not act rashly for the time being.

Zhu Yang and the others are seated by the window, and the energy shield that restricts the player’s escape is right in front of them.

Lu Xiuci curled up his slender fingers, tapped on it, and there was a burning sensation.

Withdrawing his hand, the piece of skin touching the energy mask was already burned. Zhu Yang was about to speak when he saw him wipe the piece of skin, and it was intact again.

As if it was an illusion just now.

But Zhu Yang was sure that this energy had a strong offensive nature. At this time, some players from the outer edge tried to break the energy shield and escape.

But as soon as Fang touched the limbs of the energy hood, it disappeared, and the two male players instantly lost an arm due to inertia.

If it weren’t for the partner next to him to have a good understanding and pull back quickly, I’m afraid they would become fans out of thin air.

Such a comparison between Lu Xiu’s resignation and that point was actually just a calm trial.

Zhu Yang said: “Your level is not restricted?”

Generally speaking, wherever Lu Xiuci and Zhu Yang exist at the same time, his strength is severely suppressed.

Needless to say the reality, even Zhu Yang’s strength in reality will be suppressed by most, and she has already exceeded the upper limit of reality.

In the game world, Zhu Yang is not enough to appear in the high court for the time being, so only the two copies spent together, Lu Xiuci in the low-level copy is naturally suppressed and suppressed.

But today’s Valentine’s Day special does not involve combat elements. This is the first time that Zhu Yang and Lu Xiu, who are in full strength, have been in a game.

It’s just because of the occasion, it doesn’t make much sense, but in the current situation-

Zhu Yang is not unable to judge the strength of the invaders. In her opinion, the average level of those people should be better than the circus, but it does not exceed the category of intermediate players.

It’s not that Zhu Yang can deal with it alone, or that there are so many players here, all of them are fighting with each other, and it is even more likely that they will lose.

But the senior player in such a senior player like Lu Xiuci is different.

At least according to Zhu Yang’s understanding, this kind of terrifying energy shield should not be a prop equipped by the invaders and their level.

And so the game hasn’t paid off the intruder, and it can’t be contacted, it can explain the problem.

Seeing Lu Xiuci leaned forward, as if he was about to move.

Zhu Yang stopped him: “Wait, let me ask a few words first.”

“All killed and left two or three torture the same.” Lu Xiu said softly.

Zhu Yang looked up at him: “Hey~~, is this your real customs clearance style?”

This is a joke, the advanced players with strength at the crushing level really don’t have to play any roundabout tactics with a group of garbage, it is a waste of time.

But Zhu Yang pulled his tie and said in his ear: “Isn’t you unable to answer what I asked you before? Now that I have the eyebrows, you let me confirm it.”

Lu Xiu resigned and waited for the high-level players to accept the clearing task, and came back to tell her that the real behind-the-scenes and motivation of the circus were not simple.

But the power of it can’t be told to her directly, because she is an intermediate player who does not have the authority to know, but if she connects the truth based on clues, that is another matter.

Lu Xiuci smiled, spread his hands forward and motioned to her to invite—

Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao, who were alert to the intruder, suddenly saw their Sister Yang’s slowly changing body.

The Valentine’s Day dress was originally elegant and cool. Zhu Yang wore this dress. His arms, shoulders and most of his back were exposed.

The three of them watched as the jewel-like scales spread on her snow-like skin, and finally even the cheekbones on her face.

The mermaid princess who walked out of the fairy tale, Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao hadn’t seen it subconsciously to see if her feet turned into fish tails.

The intruder leader over there is still speaking: “I’m sorry we are a little rough.”

The other party said with no sincerity, showing an undisguised sneer: “I believe we came with sincerity, a rare holiday. The broken game here only gives such a shabby special session, which really makes everyone die The players who have been busy for a year are chilly.”

If they didn’t look like good people one by one, these words would resonate with many players. After all, the dog was much better than the game today.

“Instead of being tortured by boring games here, it is better for everyone to come with us and see the real excitement.”

“Of course, I’m not interested.” Talking about the weapon in the opponent’s hand, he made a loaded sound: “Of course, we can only let you see the excitement first, and it won’t be a waste of us.”

Saying that several of them threw a large bundle of handcuffs: “Pick them up by yourself and handcuff them to your hands.”

Where can players be happy? Now it’s just a confrontation. If you are handcuffed, there is still room for resistance? Looks like that look is not ordinary handcuffs.

At least it can limit most of the capabilities.

Seeing no one was moving, the intruder leader said: “Didn’t you notice that the energy shield is shrinking? We have patience, it may not be possible.”

Everyone looked back, and it turned out that several nearby tables had collapsed in half unknowingly, and those tables had just been clearly within the range of the energy shield.

The face of the player who had broken both arms was still dripping cold sweat from the pain, and no one dared to fight against a weapon that was beyond their ability.

This is a prop that may only appear in the future high-tech type of advanced copy? Why is it here? Why does the game turn a blind eye to the current situation?

Is it guaranteed that all players will not be life threatening in this field? The people who were killed by the poison and whose arms were destroyed are still in sight.

Players will inevitably be shaken and panic, thinking about whether it is a test given by the game, but even if they are calm, they will not ignore the threats in front of them.

As if losing patience, a corner of the energy shield suddenly emitted a few laser nets. Several players standing close were swept by the net, and their bodies were instantly cut into small net-like pieces.

Everyone saw with their own eyes that they were still intact in the last second, and then divided into diamond-shaped equal parts in the next second, scattered on the ground.

The process was quiet and silent, and there was no violent blood splashing. The whole person was like plasticine cut by barbed wire. The shape was perfect, the cuts were flat, and even arranged comfortably.

But this scene, in the eyes of most players, is more chilling than the cruel deaths they have seen.

“This the **** is Resident Evil, right?” Zhou Yao muttered.

There is a laser cutting corridor in Resident Evil, which is also so terrible, but obviously the essence of this thing is not comparable to laser cutting.

“Look, I said it was impatient.” The intruder leader said.

The players are all panicked. There may be something they can do to fight the intruder in front of them, but how can they fight with the restricted weapons of this foul?

So there was the person who tried to judge the situation, and again and again picked up the handcuffs and handcuffed them to their own hands.

As soon as Fang got started, the handcuffs were automatically adjusted to a suitable size, which did not give players room for cheating.

Then everyone felt the feeling of being constrained, not only that, but even the connection with the game panel was isolated.

Some who relied on their abilities and relied on special props were immediately dumbfounded.

Seeing the players start to give up, the invaders also showed satisfaction.

Suddenly, I heard a female body say: “You, are you here to save us?”

The intruder looked towards the sound source and saw a beautiful mermaid girl looking at them with excitement.

The girl is very beautiful, with scales on her body like gems, and she is from the same background world as the invader leader, and she is also a higher evolution species.

The leader of the invader is not a civilian class in his own world, and the female stars and princesses he has seen are not as beautiful as this mermaid girl.

Hurriedly said: “You are–, why are you here?”

A poison-skinned person next to him stopped him: “Wait, don’t be deceived for things that can perform illusions or even change appearances.”

Zhu Yang looked excited: “Changes? No, no, this is how I am. The previous appearance is changed. I can put on handcuffs.”

As she said, she picked up a pair of handcuffs and cuffed herself without hesitation. As expected, there was no change in her appearance, which shows that this is indeed her real body.

Zhu Yang didn’t know what the principle of the handcuffs was, it must be more than the suppressor in the deep sea prison before.

However, for her, the ability of the fish scale monster is not so much an ability that she has obtained, it is more of an inheritance after killing the fish scale monster.

This ability may not be the strongest among her many abilities, but it is the most special, and even strictly speaking, it has changed her species.

There is one thing she has been avoiding thinking about, but now she is strictly speaking of whether she is a human being, especially when she becomes a mermaid, then she is a genuine species of this kind, so she is screened for strict ability inhibitors. It’s useless.

The mist spread from her eyes, and she became more and more beautiful, like a trapped princess.

Incoherent said: “Finally, I finally saw the same kind again. I was taken captive to the game world here. Except for a few copies to show my true identity, I had to hide most of the time.”

“In the eyes of these guys, I am a monster. I took part in the game well. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t go back suddenly. Ninety percent of the dungeons here were seriously inconsistent with us. Hostile camp, this is too painful.”

The faces of the invaders changed, and they looked up and down Zhu Yang. They couldn’t believe what she said, but her appearance was an ironclad fact.

Especially those of the murloc species were immediately angry: “It turns out that this game is also secretly looting players. It already occupies such a good resource, and it actually invades our living space, which is simply outrageous.”

and also? Zhu Yang confirmed most of the speculation.

But the face didn’t show up, it still looked deceptively: “So our game is finally started, do you choose to fight for a tooth?”

The fish people were about to answer, but they were stopped by the poisonous people. The fish people derived a different aesthetic because of the evolution of the environment.

Zhu Yang is like a peerless beauty in their eyes. He is also a species of the same kind. He has also taken the initiative to be handcuffed to restrict his ability. No matter what the reason is, his defense will inevitably decline.

Poisonous skin people are different. They are cunning and alert by nature, and they don’t have special filters for mermaids, so naturally they will not dispel suspicion.

The blue poisonous skin man who strangled people before looked up and down Zhu Yang and said, “You said you are from our side? But I think you have adapted well here.”

“I am also interested in participating in the Valentine’s Day special. It can be seen that the situation is not as sad as you said.”

It means that even if you are the same kind who is living outside, after so long, who knows who is in your heart?

As soon as these words came out, the fish people also calmed down a bit.

Zhu Yang sighed, his eyebrows frowned into a melancholy arc, and the beauty at the end was suffocating.

She pointed back: “I’m lucky, because of this appearance, somehow I got into the eyes of people with special habit, and I survived. It is impossible to hide my level alone for so long.”

The invaders followed her directions.

Lu Xiu’s remarks with special hobbies including mermaid: “…”

Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao moved two steps aside to avoid being mistaken for this guy.

Sure enough, not to mention that the surrounding players looked at him differently, and the invaders were even more angry.

It feels like a war between two species. One side sees the same kind treated as slaves on the other side. First of all, dignity cannot stand.

Several murlocs came over and caught Lu Xiuci in one go.

At the same time, Zhu Yang took out a kind of candy from his small bag. The candy was wrapped in transparent cellophane and the color inside was very strange.

Seeing people is like seeing colored poisonous mushrooms or dark dishes, with an instinctive sense of danger.

She handed the candy to the poison skin man: “This is given to me by the girl I met in a copy. It’s a thought anyway.”

“She was unlucky, she didn’t look good with the aesthetics here, and she was very poisonous, so she was given as an NPC from the evil camp—”

She didn’t finish her words, but the poison-skinned man received the candy and his hands trembled, his chest rising and falling violently with anger.

There is a green-skinned poison-skin humanity behind: “Brother, this Edin, although the text is very strange, it is definitely the food of the highly poisonous world.”

“I **** know!!!” The blue poison skin man said angrily.

Then he smiled with anger: “Okay! Our fellow poisonous skin people were actually killed by pigs and dogs that have no evolutionary subspecies. Because of the large number and strong compatibility with copies, these low-level races and their management Games occupy the best resources.”

Most of the poison skin people are arrogant, they are very aggressive and lethal because of their special physique.

For non-similar species, they themselves are a very destructive weapon. For all players in the game, if you only look at the initial value.

The poison skin people are also at the top level, and ordinary humans are at an absolute disadvantage in front of them.

There are also those murlocs, even if the initial value is incomparable to Zhu Yang’s fish scale form, they have been active underwater for a long time, and their bodies are far better than ordinary humans.

Not to mention those humans with granite skin. Players who tried to resist punched them. Their faces were fine, but their fingers were broken, showing their defense.

These people are much taller than ordinary humans. Looking at them, the players naturally have a kind of arrogance, but because of their appearance and physique, they are incompatible with most dungeon worlds——

After all, there are only a few copies of the extreme world, especially the middle and low levels, and most of them have a background similar to the real world.

These players obviously have limited compatibility with those dungeons. Once they enter, let alone doing tasks, they will first cause a huge commotion.

So they are obviously stronger, but they get the least resources. How can this make them willing?

Zhu Yang used the abilities he got from the supermarket owner in the last game to buy some extreme copy world items before being handcuffed.

Although the dungeon world may deviate from those of the poisonous skin people, it should be able to fool the past.

After all, the rookie field of this race may be performed in a similar, closest background to his own world, and it really got confused.

The Venom Skin Man and other invaders were extremely angry at this time, seeing that all players had been restrained.

Those who intended to resist or play tricks were also cleared by their companions or the energy shield.

The poisonous man shouted sharply: “Take it away! Although it’s some waste, it’s up to them to grab resources.”

I thought that the outcome of this raid had already been decided, so I almost brought the people back, but in fact it was 80% successful.

At this moment, I heard a female voice, a little familiar, but the tone was completely different from the previous one.

With undisguised contempt and sarcasm: “Go? Where does the fool who has already confessed want to go?”

Everyone turned their heads and saw that mermaid beauty, her face no longer had the melancholy pitifulness.

The offensive beauty is even more straightforward in her mocking aura.

She curled her lips and smiled, her eyes looking at them with condescending contempt: “Thank you for your cooperation, now you are useless, let’s explode on the spot.”


No matter how stupid people are, they know that this guy was playing tricks just now, and he might have something to do next.

The other party’s reaction was not unpleasant, and he immediately pointed the weapon in his hand at her, and even the energy shield had separated a laser beam and shot it at her.

It seems that the energy cover of this mission is actually the main attack, and the rest are mixed.

However, this simple action is made by them who have experienced many battles in less than half a second, and they are still too late in less than half a second.

There was a loud noise from the dome, and the laser beam directed at Zhu Yang suddenly disappeared, the energy cover flashed violently twice, and then collapsed and disappeared.

A person descended from the sky and stood up slowly, without showing any ability, but just standing there, the cold brows and eyes looked at them as if they were looking at ants.

The nerves have been given the command to escape automatically. This is biological instinct, but the body is stiff and unable to move under the huge fear.

It was Lu Xiuci who jumped up and destroyed the energy shield from above.

He fell by Zhu Yang’s side and pinched the neck of a poisonous man who was about to aim a weapon at her.

He directly pinched the opponent and lifted off the ground, and the poison skin man opened the device to expose the skin of his neck, but Lu Xiuci, who directly touched the poisonous skin with his hand, did not ulcerate and die like the previous player.

The strong corrosiveness had no effect on his hands, and his white and slender fingers could not get any blemishes on them.

At such a close distance, the poisonous gas secreted by the other party did not make him frown. The invaders watched the poisonous man’s neck crushed by him.

Then his head twisted and shrugged aside and was thrown away, just like throwing garbage, just like a poison skin man treated the player.

“High, advanced player!” someone shouted in horror–

“Why are there high-level players here?”

Which advanced player will participate in this stupid Valentine’s Day special for the game to toss? If you want to give a gift to the horse, it is more generous than the game to take out one or two things from your own family.

Not to mention advanced players, even mid-level late players will not look down on this event.

Realizing that there are advanced players present, the invaders don’t care if the mission fails.

The gap between advanced players and mid-level players cannot be made up by tactics or cooperation. This mission failed at the beginning.

The regional suppressor is no longer effective for advanced players, so it’s no wonder that the opponent will wear handcuffs obediently.

They wanted to escape, but they stepped into the space, but instead of returning to their game world in the next second, they returned to this restaurant hall.

The intruders looked shocked, they couldn’t fight, and couldn’t even escape?

Zhu Yang knows what Lu Datou did, and it is probably the same ability to take out the little yellow chicken at the aunt’s house.

It’s just that there is no real limitation that is more severe, and it even covers the return channel of other games.

She broke away from the handcuffs and came to the intruder who was knocked to the ground–

“Listen well, smash them! Now that the position has changed, you just wait for your own game to redeem you with chips.”

“It’s best to pray that you have value in the game, if your stupid game gives you up, hehe!”

She smiled sinisterly: “The act of plundering players to **** resources is useful to you, and vice versa, is it useful to us?”

Fortunately for the poison-skinned people, the fish people watched her teeth clenched: “As a mermaid, you actually stand in the same position as the lower race.”

But this accusation also understands the reason.

That is an advanced player, and has the ability to instantly destroy the energy shield, which is not something ordinary advanced players can do.

Someone sneered: “Hehe! Good birds choose trees to live.”

“Choose your mother.” Zhu Yang slowly changed back to human form: “My mind has been soaked in water for a long time, right?”

In contrast, the Poison Skin Man did not have that many gaps, and only hated: “It is said that your game style is tepid and protects the player like a little flower in a greenhouse, which does not seem to be the case.”

“You are not ignorant of the outside world, otherwise we won’t be fooled by you ass.”

Zhu Yang shrugged and looked at them with an expression of your stupid expression: “No, I just learned about it. You told me in person.”

“It turns out that you are players of other games. It turns out that your game’s screening range for players is an extreme evolutionary environment. It turns out that for this reason, your copy resources are at the bottom of all games.”

“It turns out that this situation can be improved by looting players from other games. As expected, players are the foundation for the game.”

The poison-skinned pupils shrank, and even they knew these things at the same time they accepted the task.

And because of the nature of the game, this memory will be cleared after completing the task, but the huge benefits that should be given will definitely be honored by the game.

“How do you know?” He glanced at the senior male player next to the woman.

It’s impossible, and it’s impossible for all advanced players to know that there are only so few top powers who are eligible to reach.

And even if they know it, they can’t tell anyone that exposing the nature of the game is tantamount to challenging the game, and it will definitely be wiped out by the game at all costs.

Zhu Yang sneered: “As soon as you came, you played your game. I originally guessed whether it was an NPC rebellion. You were afraid I had chosen the wrong idea.”

“Furthermore, on the premise that the game guarantees the player’s life, being invaded by a few spicy chickens is tantamount to fanning its face with slippers stepped on shit. Why can you live well without being wiped out at the moment of the invasion?”

“In addition to the game being tested by the idiot, there is only one reason that it is now pinned, and there is no time to separate/separate it. Only another game can pin the game. With the introduction, you can confirm your origin.”

In addition, she pretended to be an adult fish and fooled with poisonous sugar, which caused the family to say in anger.

In fact, after careful consideration of what Zhu Yang said, many have not been implemented, just because they are afraid of revealing the flaws, but the other party is enough to make up for it by himself, as long as the words are specious.

What subspecies has the most resources, grabs, and the poison skin people are excited because of their emotions, and all players are controlled at the time. Under the premise that things are a foregone conclusion, a lot is exposed.

It’s easier than Zhu Yang thought. As long as the overall context is determined, the next details will be easy to consider.

She sneered and said to the intruder: “You have also said that compared to ours, you don’t know where your starting point is higher.”

“I am afraid that many of the players present are not even non-player human opponents in your world. Just like this, dare you complain about resource injustice?”

“Could it be that good things can still be taken by you? Why don’t you go to heaven?”

“Obviously blessed, the more you get behind, the more you become the last. Why don’t you reflect on yourself, your game and you are the same virtue, right? Arrogant, contempt of others, and never look squarely at the efforts and possibilities of other gamers. Never find a reason in yourself.”

“Just like you, do you still have to say that you have evolved better?”

The invaders stopped talking. It wasn’t that Zhu Yang’s mouths made people reflect, but that the enemy is strong and we are weak.

Zhu Yang resigned to Lu Xiu: “Is there a way to put these guys away? My spirit bag may not be able to contain them.”

This group of people is not weak, directly stronger than Zhu Yang, she dare to conclude that there are no less than ten.

This time, if there is no road to the big head, it will definitely be the result of the entire army being wiped out. Even if she is fooled by the appearance of a mermaid or other means, she will be taken to other games.

Then it’s hard to come back.

The opponent has mental arithmetic and unintentional in the game. To put it bluntly, Zhu Yang is no matter how good it is. At this moment, her level is limited. This is not a level battle that she can participate in.

Lu Xiuci nodded: “Yes.”

Then with a wave of his hand, the invaders on the ground disappeared out of thin air, without knowing where he took them.

These players are also bargaining chips after the event, and they are right here, at least unless the game is directly grabbed, otherwise these guys will not be liberated.

But then again, if the game can directly compete with the advanced players here, unless the dog is dead than the game.

Thinking of this, Zhu Yang was quite worried.

It’s really called Nima that there is no harm if there is no comparison. I used to think that the players would lose the blood mold to the dog than the game, and I couldn’t live a good life, and I was afraid.

I have seen two other games, and I get the comments from the intruder just now that the dog is tepid and protects the players.

Indeed, from the player’s point of view, if the dog-competition game is over, they will be better than the players in the game seat, and living under the stepmother is not as easy as a real mother.

Gee! What kind of metaphor?

In short, the conscience of the dog than the game is brought out by his peers.

Lu Xiuci took the intruders away and said to Zhu Yang: “There is no problem here. I will set up a defense. Unless the game sends a high-level player over there, it will definitely not be able to break open.”

“The game hasn’t gotten out for so long. It’s obvious that the other party is prepared this time. I’ll try to reduce the pressure on it.”

But this kind of thing games obviously dare not easily ask for the help of advanced players. Those games despise Goubi games and are too indulgent to players, but it is undeniable that Goubi games and its own advanced players are the best tacit understanding.

At least if something happens, it dares to ask senior players for help, but other games have to consider whether senior players will take the opportunity to stab themselves in the back.

After all, most of them are really painful, and there is nothing wrong with hating games.

Zhu Yang hurriedly said: “You go, you go!”

Lu Xiuci nodded, and his eyes turned into inorganic blue: “Xie Yi, Qu He, no matter what you have in your hands, immediately put it down and wait for me in the Absolute Domain.”

He said: “The game, after one minute, the three of us will be teleported to the copy space of the extreme game, and we will hunt its advanced players.”

The game that hasn’t reacted since the invasion finally made a little room to react.

If the player is the foundation of the game and can even encroach on resources through the player, then the high-level player is the pillar.

Understand these games as competing brokerage companies. It is of course good for the following newcomers to have their own prospects, but the top actor and actress are the ones who suppress the scene.

The game was caught off guard than the game, and Lu Xiu simply took a salary from the bottom of the pan and joined forces with his tacit partner to attack its high-level players.

While the dog-match game is pinned by it, why isn’t it being pinned down by the dog-match game? They can still kill with mental arithmetic unintentionally.

It is estimated that the game would never have thought that a super player would risk his life to rescue it.

In short, Zhu Yang didn’t know what happened next, she only saw Lu Xiuci suddenly disappear before her eyes.

But it seems that although there are no team items so far, advanced players still have the means of communication across the world.

And that “absolute field” may be a gathering place for advanced players in the game world.

Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao ran over to surround Zhu Yang. At this time, all the players had helped each other to remove the handcuffs.

Bai Youyou said: “Sister, there is actually other than us—”

Without finishing a sentence, her eyes suddenly became blank, as if she had forgotten half of her words, and Zhou Yao did the same.

Zhu Yang’s eyes flashed, just now she inferred that everyone who had no brains knew what was going on.

But these things are not what they are qualified to know, so they are directly erased from memory.

It seems that Lu Datou should be going well on their side, and the Goubi game can now clear up the situation.

The secret here is that it will not let these middle and low-level players take it out, but Zhu Yang’s memory has not been erased.

I don’t know if it was because she discovered it, or if she knew it would sooner or later.

Then Zhu Yang and the others saw the players who had been killed before stood up swayingly, and their injuries began to recover.

The fester of the poisoned players also faded and resurrected, and those who died under the energy mask or lost their arms also recovered.

Since the promise is not life-threatening, the game will still do what it says, even if you die, it can bring you back to life.

All players who recovered seemed to have lost the memory of the attack they had just attacked. All the environment was restored, and even the food on the table returned to the moment before the invasion.

It seemed that time had gone back half an hour, except that Zhu Yang was empty in front of him, and there was no boyfriend who was dating.

Bai Youyou looked at him by mistake and curiously said: “Sister, where’s Brother Lu? I just saw him in position, why did he turn his head and disappear?”

Zhu Yang smiled: “I asked him to borrow the kitchen to make me something.”

Bai Youyou’s eyes lit up: “Wow! Is it so romantic?”

“Haha! Yeah, haha!” Zhu Yang drank the water and smiled stiffly.

Mom, it turned out that Valentine’s Day was taken apart.

But this is not the most awesome, Bai Youyou, who was just talking to her, suddenly saw Zhu Yang disappear before her eyes.

Not to be surprised, she also disappeared in place, along with Zhou Yao on the opposite side.

The author has something to say:    Guess which game is going on?

I see that some little angels in the message have discussed the topic of’protecting the big and protecting the small’. It is true that this kind of problem is unlikely to occur unless there are very special circumstances.

The game knows that this question is full of slots and logically unreasonable, so it can only rely on the thinking of the interference road to force him to make an instinctive answer. Of course, other players are the same. Men may lack common sense, even if they detect something wrong, they will be interference.

I just want you to have an answer, so there is no need to combine rationality. It is unreasonable.

In fact, the author also thinks this question is absurd. Except for the mother herself, I don’t think anyone is qualified to answer this question. Don’t be too entangled.

And tweet the text of Jiyou:

Green Valley from the enemy alliance

Text/Love Poems and the Sea

“I want to create a world where Olmert can continue to laugh, and those who speak ill of Olmert because of his loss of power will die.”

“Former classmates of Xiongying? Of course they are my companions, so I can only hurt them personally.”

“Including you, Xiao Sheng.”

Midori Uzumaki said.

Since then, the three major organizations, the enemy alliance headed by the death handle wooden crane and supplemented by Tubi, JP headed by Bakugo Katsuji and supplemented by Iida Tenya, and AM led by Midoriya Idehisa and supplemented by Kojiro. Three-legged trend.

Midoriya Ikuhisa himself has also become an S-class wanted criminal.


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