Scream Queen Chapter 135

This is the first time that Zhu Yang has been sent away inexplicably, without even saying hello.

At that moment, she thought some existence hijacked her. But after the space is transformed, the scene in front of you is not like a tight atmosphere.

She opened her eyes and found herself in a suite, the room was neat and elegant, full of modern texture.

It’s not as angry as a hotel, but it doesn’t have a strong atmosphere of life. It seems that it should be a place like a lounge that is not used frequently.

Zhu Yang lowered his head and glanced at himself, but he was still wearing the previous Valentine’s Day dress.

This alone indicates that 80% of the people who transported her were not in a dog-matching game, because even in a special situation, the dog-matching game was rushed, but if they were to do anything, they would definitely not retain such an untimely outfit.

She was thinking about it, and in the next second she saw Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao appear in front of her.

Zhou Yao still had a sweet shrimp in his mouth, and hurriedly swallowed it: “What’s the matter? Another test?”

Their memory was backtracked half an hour ago, and they didn’t remember anything about the invasion. A slight disturbance must be the first to suspect that the dog was a monster than a game.

Zhu Yang was waiting to speak, and suddenly there was a flash in front of him, a strong, vigorous and sturdy teenager turned into an adult, and the last trace of his body that was about to fade appeared among them.

To be honest, the sudden transfer to an unfamiliar place has already made Zhu Yang feel exciting, and he didn’t expect to see even more exciting things in less than 30 seconds.

Yu Liguang was naked, his always calm expression cracked, and a trace of panic flashed in his eyes.

I heard two whistles next to him, Zhu Yang and Zhou Yao, and their expressions were more rascal.

Even Bai Youyou made a shy gesture of covering his eyes, but the fingers were opened wide enough.

Yu Lijun blushed, and stunned Zhou Yao: “What are you watching? There are girls, find me something.”

He placed an order because of the Valentine’s Day special. He had nothing to do at home. He was taking a shower and was about to put on clothes. He was sent here by the **** game.

At this moment, the handsome young man is like a lotus in the water, full of water vapor, wet hair, bright eyes, and his shy expression looks like a fruit that people want to bite when they see him.

Zhou Yao is usually despised by this guy, and if he wants to change his situation, he really took the opportunity to tease him.

However, the situation is obviously abnormal now. It is a good Valentine’s Day special. Why do people who he did not attend appear here? So he ignored the joking and drew a large square from the bed and threw it at him.

Yu Li was wrapped around his waist, and he clearly heard two disappointed sighs.

He became angry and furious: “Bai Youyou! How old are you, who did you learn so shamelessly from? And Sister Yang, don’t you have Brother Lu?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “I give up such a large forest, obey the morals and don’t cut it indiscriminately. I can’t let the forest get in front of me and accidentally glance at me and blame me?”

Yu Li choked, knowing that this guy is invincible in the world.

I could only snorted angrily and went to look for clothes in a desperate manner.

However, the closet is full of women’s clothing, which made him difficult. Fortunately, Zhu Yang knew that the situation was not good, and did not tease him.

She took out a set of clothes from the space, which she bought for Zhu Weixin in a certain world, and had not had time to give it to him.

Zhu Weixin and Yu Li are about the same height, but they fit well.

During the period of Yu Li changing clothes, Zhu Yang walked around the room and found a work permit from the desk.

Above is her photo, her name is English, and her position is Security Supervisor of Future Biochemical Technology.

Zhu Yang frowned, so this is another customs clearance copy? In view of the deep-sea biochemical technology that did human experiments before, Zhu Yang also rubbed fire on the urine of these institutions.

But she still put the work card on her body, and Yu Li came out with her clothes now.

He asked directly: “What’s the matter? I haven’t heard that the game pulls people without notice in advance.”

Still in such an embarrassing situation, he didn’t wear any clothes.

“Because it is not a game that brought us in.” Zhu Yang said: “It is not our game to be precise.”

Speaking and looking at the three people seriously: “Next, what I’m talking about is that it is possible that you will be wiped out of related memories when you get out here, because I have seen you and A Yao have already experienced it once.”

Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao were taken aback and looked at each other in shock.

Zhu Yang continued: “But now I still have to tell you the specific situation, why the four of us were teleported over. Apart from fancying our tacit understanding, I can’t think of other possibilities. In that case, you can’t let you cross the river by touching the stones. .”

If only Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao are alone, the metaphors in reality have also been transmitted, which shows that this is not random.

So Zhu Yang told the three people about the existence of games outside the game, some of the rules she basically confirmed, and the previous invasion.

The expressions on the three people’s faces became more solemn than ever when they heard it, and even shaken for a moment.

Especially Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao, they actually erased a piece of memory without knowing it. Thinking of this kind of thing makes your back chills.

But at the same time, I also understand how precarious the current situation is. Obviously, the Valentine’s Day special in Game Space has returned to normal.

They were transported to an unfamiliar place, and the way they entered the game was not just a hastily summoned customs clearance copy.

Yu Li said: “Will it be the game that allows us to sniper the midfielder?”

“No!” Zhu Yang affirmed: “The game has obviously erased Yoyo’s memory, but it has released a task, which is obviously unnecessary. And in terms of style, it doesn’t look like a game.”

It is true that players have some feelings, and there is no reason for it. It is similar to the difference between staying in one’s own home and other people’s homes. It is a kind of unfounded intuition.

“Go out first, you won’t get more information if you stay here.” Zhu Yang said, the three little ones naturally agreed.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door, and the three of them were shocked, and they were ready to attack in the next instant.

A gun appeared out of thin air in Zhou Yao’s hand, Bai Youyou’s nails suddenly stretched more than ten centimeters, and the texture was cold and sharp. Yu Li also raised his hand and made a gesture, which was obviously a precursor to the ability to activate.

Zhu Yang motioned them to stay calm and not restless, and as expected, the children were extremely strained by the news just now.

The sound of footsteps outside the door was not carefully confirmed. The steps of the footsteps coming from the corridor were not rushed or slow, and the heels were firmly on the ground. The frequency was slightly faster, but it was not rushing or aggressive.

Obviously the pace of the workplace, according to the listening of the three little ones, if you should not miss it in normal times, the impact just now is still too great.

Sure enough, a voice came from outside the door: “Miss Emma, ​​the party is about to begin.”

Emma is the name on Zhu Yang’s work permit. She did not answer, but went straight to open the door.

To the people outside: “I see, thank you! But can I trouble you to put them in the venue first? I have something to confirm.”

The man outside laughed and said, “Of course, you are too conscientious. The boss specially invited your younger siblings to get you together with your family. But you still rush to work.”

Zhu Yang smiled: “After all, it’s a job that can’t be missed. I’m sorry to trouble you.”

Then nodded at the three people inside, and the three of them naturally understood her intention.

This unclear situation, I don’t know what will happen in the next second, rather than gathering everyone together, it is better to deal with it flexibly based on your position.

It was just that when he passed by, Zhu Yang secretly stuffed something in his hand, the size of a fingernail, a communicator bought from other games.

Yu Li put it into his ear, and pulled the broken hair from his ear to cover it.

Zhu Yang was wearing a work card, and at the same time he held the mobile phone-sized display next to the work card.

Start with your own voice and fingerprints, and you can see the security distribution of the entire building.

Then this convenience, the understanding of the environment is much more effective, and she is used to pretending to be pretentious.

Along the way, I learned all the guards, passages, support conditions, evacuation areas, and the traffic conditions outside.

It turns out that this future biochemical technology is holding a celebration party to celebrate the success of a new drug that has just been launched.

Zhu Yang inquired about this company through the Internet, and he was naturally a giant in the world, so the people at the banquet are naturally not rich but noble.

Zhu Yang’s current identity is the security supervisor of this event. Because of her outstanding work, she has been separated from her family for a long time, so her superiors invited her family today, which is considered a small gathering.

After investigating the so-called new drug on the market, it was actually a treatment for cancer. Zhu Yang doubted whether this was a deep-sea company in a parallel world.

She tried to contact the game, but there was no response, so she didn’t dare to be careless.

The last time such a situation was when she went to another game, now the situation is obviously similar. But this time I can’t hold the naive idea of ​​being an exchange student.

The form is not yet clear, Zhu Yang grasped the bargaining chip in his current hands, and returned to the banquet hall.

The communicator given to Yu Li is temporarily useless. She was worried that there would be an abnormal change in the banquet hall, and she might be able to interact inside and outside.

When Zhu Yang returned to the hall, the banquet had already started for half an hour, and the security guards at the door saw her bowing.

Zhu Yang nodded his head like a boss: “Where’s the boss?”

One of them said: “The boss left shortly after giving a speech, saying he was a little tired.”

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows, but didn’t say anything, and went straight in.

A senior man in a formal dress saw her, holding a wine glass and smiled: “I just came here? Has it been arranged first? You have to confirm when you put on the dress. You are also dedicated.”

Zhu Yang took a glass of champagne from the passing waiter’s tray and clinked with the other party: “It’s right to be careful.”

“Hahaha, it’s very reassuring to have you here, so let’s accompany your family.”

Zhu Yang nodded and said goodbye to this colleague he didn’t know.

At this time, Yu Li they had seen her come up, as if talking on the ground: “The situation is a bit wrong.”

“Some people started to withdraw from the market one after another, all of them were of high authority.”

But the big guys are generally busy and decent, and a lot of socializing is naturally just a formality. This kind of celebration is almost half an hour.

But they instinctively felt that the people present seemed to have been here deliberately.

Zhu Yang thought for a while. This is not like the previous Deep Sea Company. She exposed the scandal of the century at the press conference and needed to rush away.

With the meticulous reasoning, he can tell whether the situation is in violation, although the explanation is also reasonable.

Zhu Yang is considering whether to divide his troops into two groups. One side stays here and waits for the situation to happen, while the other side follows up with the evacuation bosses to detect news. In short, it is impossible for them to appear on this occasion without meaning.

Then in the next second, she glanced from a corner and was nailed there.

Sanxiao saw that she subconsciously wanted to turn back, Zhu Yang quickly said: “Don’t look back, just spread out naturally.”

The three stopped their movements, and Zhu Yang patted them on the shoulder, as if her sister suddenly encountered an emergency and told them to have fun on their own.

After they dispersed, Zhu Yang walked to the corner where there were seven people.

The three healthy men looked well-trained, the three ordinary people who were at a loss, and the remaining one was an acquaintance.

Zhu Yang can still hear their complaints when he approaches–

“What’s the matter? I was suddenly teleported away when I was doing a mission. What the **** is this?”

“Who knows the game cramps? Let’s take a look at the situation first?”

“Let’s not talk about it, the girls here are really good, they are all foreigners, and the **** and big **** are also exposed. Oh, this is good, this is good.”

One of them looked at Zhu Yangdao approaching.

Wei Jiangli was fed up with the stupidity of these idiots not in the situation, but he was smart, so he would naturally not conflict with the same people on such trivial matters. Depending on his age, a few people would despise him. The whole situation was on the sidelines.

As a result, when he looked up, he saw the people who had been separated for a long time coming towards him. Wei Jiangli was shocked at first why she appeared here in other games.

A group of contacting them was sent over for no reason, and Wei Jiangli was surprised that this situation might be more complicated than he thought.

But this didn’t prevent him from jumping for joy, but before the expression on his face leaked out, he saw her glance over him.

As if passing by a stranger, this reaction made Wei Jiangli feel like he was splashed with cold water, but at the same time he became sober.

This is not the time to rush into recognition, and the state of affairs is still unknown.

The thoughtful effort Zhu Yang has come to them. At this time, several other people also know that this beauty is not passing by, and they are a bit embarrassed at the moment who just pointed people.

However, this emotion was limited to the three ordinary people. The other three seemed to have some abilities, but they had big eyes and did not conceal the intention of aggression.

Zhu Yang sternly said: “Who are you? Why do you dress like this?”

Everyone looked at their clothes after hearing the words. Among them, the four including Wei Jiangli were experienced people. Starting from the game space, their clothes were naturally easy to fight.

And the other three may be newcomers in this field, a 20-year-old fat house glasses, still wearing pajamas, with a greasy face.

An ordinary female white-collar worker, white shirt and black skirt, looks ordinary and has ordinary uniform texture. It should be the type that can be seen everywhere in the city.

Another is a bald **** with a gold chain, a flowered shirt and black pants, reminding that he is barely strong, a beer belly, and a sloppy temperament.

There are still injuries on the face, and the eyes looking at the three people are a little afraid to dodge. It should be that they were beaten when they first entered the game to understand the situation.

In this gathering of celebrities, these three people can be said to be very out of place.

As soon as her question came out, a strong man on the opposite side sneered, and said to the person next to her: “This kind of place is indispensable for dogs to look down on people.”

“It’s okay, this kind of girl, when the business is done, I want to play and play.”

For fear that she might not hear it, after a lot of comments, one of them said: “We are the external bodyguards for this game, and it is in the file.”

Zhu Yang pointed to the three ordinary people: “So are they?”

“Yes!” the three said impatiently.

The game will naturally arrange the identity in the dungeon world, and the flaws will never be found.

But when the girl heard the words: “Catch them up.”

As soon as the voice fell, the surrounding guns were aimed at them. As the security supervisor, Zhu Yang naturally received the attention of the scene and the monitoring side.

The three players were surprised: “You—”

As for the other three ordinary newcomers, it is estimated that they have never seen guns/weapons in their lives. Among them, the gangster and the fat house were paralyzed on the spot, and the fat house even showed signs of incontinence.

The female white-collar worker is better than them. Although her legs are shaking, she raises her hands and knows how to protect herself.

Zhu Yang used the walkie-talkie in his hand to say to the control room: “Are these people the security members this time?”

Although the three players were annoyed by so many guns at them, they did not act rashly. On the one hand, they trusted the game arrangement, and on the other hand, the situation was unclear and it was inconvenient to conflict.

Here is either rich or expensive. Even if you are too radical, what if you are wanted by the state apparatus of this world? The matter is still unclear.

Sure enough, two minutes later, the general control room sent the information of several people to Zhu Yang’s terminal.

Zhu Yang points out one by one, and every resume is accompanied by the photo, which can correspond to the people on the other side.

Her sharp eyes swept over several people, and one of the three said proudly: “How about a beautiful woman? The information is correct, right?”

I thought I could get through, but saw the other party sneer: “The information is correct.”

“But why don’t I remember seeing you when I personally selected the staff?”

“This–” No matter how many people would have expected that the girl in front of him was the security chief, the identity arrangement that the mother just passed in the game was useless.

Then she listened to her: “Although you have good physiques, but you are too gangster, I can tell at a glance, it is not a professional way. Not to mention that these few can be scared of seeing the gun, and count on them to protect Who?”

“Who said just now that the girls here can play casually, right?” Zhu Yang said contemptuously: “I have to say that as robbers, you are indeed commendable for being able to tamper with files unconsciously.”

“It’s a pity, people are too stupid.”

After speaking, he waved his hand: “Take it down—”

She was half talking. Seeing that the three people who had no room to turn around launched an attack, the power in the hands of the capitalists didn’t use the law to deal with enemies.

Weapons appeared in the hands of the trio of blinkers, and they were burst-type heavy weapons. Although they were in an encirclement circle, they fired regardless of the target. The security estimated that the safety of the guests would definitely allow them to tear a hole.

However, when they pulled the trigger, they heard the sound of Caton, the fire response did not appear, the next moment the weapon exploded in their hands.

One of them was injured on the spot, while the other two reacted quickly and only slightly scratched their fingers, but when they recovered.

The woman two meters away from them was already in front of her, holding a knife in one hand and a broken wine glass in the other. Champagne dripped from the sharp gap.

One hand touched the necks of the remaining two people, and the poor two intermediate players were squeezed by the life gate before they could use them.

Careless! The two looked at each other in horror.

Unexpectedly, he was sent to this inexplicable place and kicked the iron plate. It is not that there is no NPC stronger than the player.

But at this singing and dancing reception, she was still a beautiful girl with inconvenient clothes. Even though she said that the security personnel had been selected by her to indicate the position, the three subconsciously despised her because she was a beautiful woman and thought it was just a clerical job.

Unexpectedly, they had experienced many battles but capsized here.

The bodyguards rushed to contain the three of them, and Zhu Yang said, “Be careful, these guys are weird. I don’t know where the large guns/arms are hidden.”

“Search them all and take off everything that can be done.”

He grabbed Wei Jiangli’s hair again: “This kid is locked in a room alone, I want to interrogate.”

This is normal. Wei Jiangli looked like he was only fifteen or sixteen. He was still a child. Compared with a few experienced adults, it was natural that a minor would be a breakthrough point with less effort.

The bodies of several people were searched around, and all their weapons and tools were confiscated. Naturally, the space tools worn on their bodies with jewelry were not immune.

The three people were obviously anxious when their rings or bracelets were taken away: “Hey! That is what my mother left for me.”

“That is my wedding ring.”

“For the sake of God, don’t take it away, check it and return it to me.”

Zhu Yang picked up the contents of the tray and sneered: “God? Did you tell me that the thing is useful?”

Oh, forget, although this Nima is full of foreigners, the boss who really has the right to speak is just like them an Asian without faith.

They thought that the other party was a banana man, so they used the trick of selling miserables.

A few people were brought down with a wave, and the six people were locked together, and Wei Jiangli entered an interrogation room alone.

Zhu Yang looked like an older sister who had been caught up in work again. He found three little ones and looked sorry.

What was said was: “Other game players have been found, but I’m not sure if this is the only batch. Please be careful not to reveal the props and abilities.”

“In case of an accident, don’t use a level beyond ordinary people, unless the situation is really critical. Keep in touch with me at any time.”

Yu Li said: “Is that the few people just now? How did you find out?”

Although they don’t fit in well with each other, Zhu Yang is so determined and ruled out other possibilities.

Zhu Yang said: “One of them is an acquaintance of other games.”

Remind them: “From the current situation, we are obviously more superior than the other team, but it also means that there may be players’ rights and advantages and our IQ.”

“Don’t expose it as a last resort, pretend to be an NPC.”

The three of them nodded, but their faces were very dissatisfied with their sister’s behavior of being busy with work on this occasion.

Zhou Yao’s acting skills are average, but it’s enough to be angry with a calm face, and it won’t be difficult for him to show up more with reason.

It was Bai Youyou, who deserved to be Zhu Yang’s heir to the Sisterhood. It was a fine play, and the performance was well-defined and just right.

The little girl’s grievances, dissatisfaction, distress, understanding, and all kinds of complex emotions are naturally integrated without any trace.

Zhou Yao and the others were stunned.

Zhu Yang walked into the interrogation room with a tray. Inside the tray were accessories found from several people. The guns and weapons had been collected separately.

There are gangster gold chains, the glasses of the fat house, and the white-collar female spatholobi bracelet. The others belong to the three players.

Players generally do not bring meaningless jewelry, especially male players, which means that this set is all props.

Zhu Yang threw the tray on the table, squeaked, and said to Xiao Shizi: “It’s really hard for you to do a task with a few fools, and treat the NPC as a deaf and blind fool. I don’t know the virtue. How did you get it now.”

When she said this, there were still people at home, and two bodyguards stood behind her, one on the left and one on the right, but she treated them as if they did not exist, saying something that would obviously arouse people’s suspicion.

Wei Jiangli breathed a sigh of relief: “I thought you had forgotten me. It’s scary to get into trouble.”

Then he said: “Don’t you care about the people behind? There are monitors.”

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “You are now fully adapted to modern technology.” Then he waved his hand: “Don’t worry, the lobby is too large and the screen will be violated and flaws will be exposed. This space is fine.”

The people in the room only saw her interrogating the kid sternly from the moment she came in, and as long as the screen was not out of line on the monitoring side, there was nothing wrong with it. After all, no one was outside to simultaneously observe her interrogation and could monitor the voice.

Xiao Shizi was relieved when he heard the words, and asked: “The situation is not right. We were pulled over in the middle of the game. We have never heard of changing to another venue in the middle of the game. If there is any accident in the game, we will stop and send us. Back to the game space.”

“What about you, what’s the situation?”

He said that his face was a little darkened: “Couldn’t we be a rivalry in this game?”

“It’s unlikely.” Zhu Yang was gratified by his vigilance. Many things are not something that can be circumvented in a happy relationship. If life is used as a bargaining chip between games to fight life and death, then many things will be involuntary.

Although Xiao Shizi was young, he was not naive to look at things.

Zhu Yang said: “My game can’t be connected, and the entry style is obviously different. I suspect that your game pulled me in.”

“But until now, the mission has not been announced. If it is to take advantage of the fire, there is no reason for us to take advantage of the power and time of the dungeon, so I guess we should not be the enemy.”

“Take advantage of the fire? Are you in trouble with the game?” Wei Jiangli raised his eyebrows, and the superiors had a natural control over the overall situation.

In the end, he was answered with a punch in the head.

Wei Jiang was slapped away from his head, the corners of his mouth were broken with teeth, half of his face was numb, and then dizziness and dull pain came.

This was a hard time, he looked at Zhu Yang incredulously.

Zhu Yang smiled and said: “I am very pleased, according to your qualifications, sooner or later, you will become a super player of your game, and even kick that unpleasant emperor’s ass.”

“I wanted to touch your head just now, but this period of surveillance is likely to be checked in the future, so I can only touch it with my fist, forgive me.”

Xiao Shizi gritted his teeth, but he showed an age-matched frizzy appearance: “What about coaxing ghosts? You must be deliberate. I provoke you to be beaten? Who wants you to give this kind of relief.”

Zhu Yang still looked at him with an aunt’s expression.

Wei Jiangli: “…”

“Then since we are not likely to be hostile, what are you doing against us?”

“It’s nothing, I can’t understand those idiots!” Zhu Yang took it for granted. Seeing that he was really going to get angry, he stopped joking: “It’s true.”

“Those guys are so stupid, I just turned a blind eye to make people suspicious, and you were wrong. I am not hostile to you, and I don’t necessarily have to be with those stupid guys.”

Wei Jiangli knew the urinary nature of their game, and most of the players were not good things, and some of them had no idea about the situation just now to Zhu Yang.

This is because the situation is still unclear, otherwise she would kill those idiots early with her decision.

But hearing her say that her position is different from the natural arrangement of the game because of her own will, which makes Wei Jiangli still sweet.

He said: “In other words, you don’t want to reveal your identity now, why?”

It is not necessary to just loathe those few players. If you kill them, you don’t have to cooperate with the nasty guy, but the game obviously won’t pull other gamers to harm your own players.

Seeing that he had already had a clue, Zhu Yang also had the intention of grabbing their game to arrange manpower.

Then he said to Xiao Shizi: “It is very likely that there will be more than us in this field. Let me ask you first, have you received any assignment?”

They can obviously be in contact with their games. When Zhu Yang wanted to check their files before, those guys had a determined expression as if they had confirmed with someone.

Xiao Shizi said: “I have received it, to ensure the safety of Dr. Ai Li, the time limit is seven days.”

When Zhu Yang heard the words, he used the terminal to Dr. Cha Aili. Unsurprisingly, the other party was the researcher of future biochemical technology.

Even Zhu Yang switched to an intranet, and the information was clearer than that on the Internet.

Excluding the useless praise on the Internet, the company’s intranet only shows his achievements and the projects he is currently responsible for.

After reading it, Zhu Yang nodded: “Yes, you are focused on the task, but it is very likely that there will be people with the opposite content of your task.”

If this is the case, she seems to have felt the meaning of this game.

It’s not just a rush between game players or hunting. Honestly speaking, the fight between intermediate players, unless it reaches a certain amount of horror, will not have any impact on the current situation of dog games and extreme games.

What is Xiaoshizi’s position in the game? Zhu Yang believes that Goubi Games can send her optimistic seed players as exchange students, and also allow her to rob her. At least the relationship between the two parties is good.

Even if the possibility of taking advantage of the fire is not ruled out, but in the current situation, they are obviously not worthy of such a roundabout and tactful game.

There must be a deeper meaning.

Xiao Shizi immediately understood what she meant: “Our mission is, it is impossible not to expose it.”

“Also, we are the bait. You hide in the dark, it is better to be swept away by enemies who don’t know where they are.”

The mantis catches the cicada, and the oriole is behind. But everyone is more willing to be that oriole.

This is also one of the reasons why Zhu Yang is unwilling to negotiate with the three players. Xiao Shizi is a smart person and naturally understands their situation to choose the best choice.

If you want to let those idiots come to talk, maybe the other party will bargain for their own losses. And this consensus must be built on a certain level of trust.

Xiao Shizi can trust her, but those guys are not necessarily. If you are not sure, you are afraid of stabbing her in the back. Being smart will only make things trip up.

So Zhu Yang abandoned those guys at the beginning. If there is no younger generation, she doesn’t even mind sending this team out as bait at all.

She punched Xiao Shizi again, this time even harder, her face suddenly swelled, and her teeth were even a little loose.

“Fuck! My tooth, you won’t let me eat these seven days?”

“Yo! Yes, I learned swearing from Xu Xiao.” Zhu Yang grabbed his hair and approached him as if threatening.

He whispered in his ear: “I will let the space props be put in the next room. You can find a way to escape and steal back, and save those idiots.”

It’s a pity that Xiao Shizi, if it wasn’t during the mission, those guys’ force was necessary, he really didn’t mind those space rings.

After all, the possessions of the three intermediate players are still very rich, and this kind of non-screening field can’t kill people at will like the first time.

Otherwise, players can make a fortune by robbing their companions. Who will take care of your mission?

Thinking that the soldiers might be divided into two groups in the next few days, Xiao Shizi felt a little regretful, but smiled and joked: “What if I can’t escape?”

Zhu Yang smiled more brilliantly: “If you can’t escape, you will die here!”

In the end, there was no need to wait for her to leave, because the whole building suddenly became chaotic.

A panicked voice came from the general control room: “Boss, the banquet hall is in chaos, and the situation seems to be out of control.”

“What’s the situation?” Zhu Yang asked.

“Some guests suddenly attacked each other, just like beasts, the security guards in the field couldn’t stop the commotion without shooting. It was a monster.”

“What?” Zhu Yang made a look of horror, suddenly got up and knocked over the metal tray on the table, the contents scattered on the ground.

But she didn’t seem to care about it at all, and said to the two big bodyguards behind her: “Put the gun and follow me.”

“Then this kid—”

“There is no time to worry about these idiots, the hall is seriously injured, not when it is spent in front of children.”

The two hurriedly locked the door, naturally before picking up the things on the floor, they hurried upstairs with Zhu Yang.

When I ran out of the corridor, I heard Yu Li’s voice: “Sister, is it convenient to come up now?”

“Is the Resident Evil playing in the hall?” Zhu Yang asked.

From their standpoint, naturally, the commotion on the spot is no more important than negotiating with other game players, so she was notified one step later than the cockpit.

Yu Li replied: “Almost, but it seems that there is chaos outside.”

When Zhu Yang passed the passage, he saw the chaos in the street tens of meters below. A blood-stained, crooked man in the uniform of a bodyguard came across the corridor.

The two bodyguards behind her hurried forward: “What’s wrong? What happened inside? How many casualties?”

Seeing that his face was chewed and a corner of his ear was missing, the two of them looked in a trance, and there was still blood and flesh on the teeth.

This person alone can predict how tragic the situation inside: “Why don’t you speak?”

Seeing that the person never answered, the two turned around and said to Zhu Yang: “Boss, do you want to—”

Before they finished speaking, they saw their boss pointing here with a gun in his hand, and with a bang, the bullet shot out.

The blood-stained guy’s brain exploded and fell to the ground.

“Boss!” The two were shocked, looking at Zhu Yang in horror.

Gee! Zombie-themed novels and movies are popular in all universes, except that they will not appear in a world where such things really happen.

The author has something to say:    I wanted to write about Resident Evil a long time ago. How can Infinite Stream be free from Resident Evil?


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