Scream Queen Chapter 136

Zhu Yang sighed, but the two bodyguards obviously did not understand.

They only saw Zhu Yang killing someone in front of them, and this person was still their colleague at the same level.

The sense of substitution in their identities made them shaken by the current situation. The two looked at Zhu Yang vigilantly, wanting to draw a gun, but were afraid that she would shoot at the moment they did it.

This woman can become their big brother, not because of her glamorous appearance, her ability is directly proportional to her appearance.

Zhu Yang saw the panic of the two and said to them: “Look at his eyes, and his neck.”

The two of them were skeptical, one opened the eyelids of the dead man, his eyeballs were already cloudy and yellow, just like a body that was beginning to rot.

It is impossible to see things with such eyes on people, and it is naturally impossible to be selected into today’s banquet preservation team.

However, it was just weird. He opened his collar again, and the stand-up collar of his shirt covered his neck, so they didn’t see clearly just now.

Only then did I realize that the neck had been bitten to the collarbone, and the blood vessels and veins were broken and pulled out. It was not at first glance that it was splashed with flesh and blood.

They saw that the boss was not even close to him, and the only blow they gave was the shot on the forehead.

In other words, these symptoms were all present when he appeared. If a person’s neck is so big that his waist is missing, his blood vessels are severely broken, and he can walk alive?

The two were shocked, but saw Zhu Yang walking over and kicking each other’s body——

“It’s not new, it seems that this gift has been planned for a long time.”

Zhu Yang doesn’t know the speed at which people in this world die and suffer from being bitten, but even it varies from person to person.

This person’s body does not look like the one who just died. Of course, the reason why the virus caused the body to quickly corrupt.

But if you look closely, although this guy has blood on the surface, his clothes are dirty and wrinkled, and there are yellow blood stains on the edges.

It was just a good meal in the hall, fresh blood covered the traces.

How did zombies that had been dead for several days break through layers of security to enter the venue? Even Zhu Yang was found to be abnormal when he inspected the building.

This is obviously a premeditated incident.

Not much to say, because in just a few seconds, someone inside started to come out again.

The situation is completely out of control.

Zhu Yang called two bodyguards: “Go, be alert at all times, keep the gun in your hand, and it’s best not to get hurt. Who knows what’s in this thing?”

The place of effectiveness is the biotechnology company. The two bodyguards naturally understand that the black technology in the company is not comparable to the concepts in the perception of the real people.

Hearing this reminder, my heart suddenly became serious, and I had to admire the boss’s instant judgment ability.

Be prepared, there is meat residue in the teeth of the guy on the ground, obviously instinctively will bite.

Who knows what these crazy people are carrying in their saliva? Even if there is a false alarm, it is to prevent rabies.

While thinking about it, Zhu Yang had already shot and killed several people.

She has good eyesight and can judge the condition of exposed wounds and people who come out at once.

However, there is still a steady stream of people coming out, and there is a big banquet inside.

The number of guests alone is hundreds of people, as well as service staff bodyguards and performers invited to cheer.

Zhu Yang can’t use abilities in this place of surveillance. If it is so violent, her advantage will be lost.

Relying solely on marksmanship and physical skills, it is also a bit difficult for her under this premise.

When a wave of people came out like a tide, Zhu Yang really had the illusion of being submerged.

She jumped up to the ceiling. Fortunately, this level of feet would really have to be washed away by so many people. It would be fun to be bitten or scratched in the chaos.

This wave of people has temporarily reduced the pressure on the venue.

Zhu Yang jumped off the ceiling and walked in. The two bodyguards who followed him before had been bitten by the crowd just now and couldn’t take care of it.

Running into the venue, even if some pressure is gone, it is still chaotic.

She quickly found Yu Li and the three of them. They were not on the ground, and they had climbed to the corridor on the second floor along the rack built on the stage.

There are bodyguards arranged around the ring to monitor the condition of the hall. The bodyguards in the hall are almost lost, but the second floor has regained the dominant power.

Although the casualties are not small, it is much safer than the first floor for the time being.

The three of them looked down from top to bottom, and the people in the hall were no longer good.

Even if he hasn’t died, he still suffers. The disease will happen sooner or later, and things happen too quickly and suddenly.

While they can’t reveal their abilities, while protecting themselves, they really can’t save people in such a crowded and difficult to distinguish.

Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao looked down with complex expressions.

Yu Li said: “Don’t look, this is not an accident, this is a conspiracy, we can’t save them.”

But if you use your abilities, you can actually save some people even if you can’t calm the situation on the floor.

However, they chose to hide and protect themselves. The three people experienced so many levels of games. This was the first time their conscience was tortured.

It’s not because of the lack of ability, or the leeway, but that he chose to sit on the sidelines.

Bai Youyou took a deep breath and smiled: “I think too much, if everyone who died in front of me blames themselves, then I can’t blame myself.”

“Our own situation is still at stake.”

Just like Zhu Yang discovered that group of people, they know the other side’s origin, but the other side knows nothing about them.

If the judgment at the time was that those guys were enemies, I’m afraid they would kill each other with a single shot, and they would not know how they died.

Similarly, their situation may be the same in the eyes of the other party. Once the player’s identity is exposed, they don’t even know how to die.

At this moment, he saw Zhu Yang return to the hall, and after shooting and exploding the heads of several zombies who intended to approach her, the other party also found them.

Zhu Yang motioned them to stay on top first, and took out their walkie-talkie to all the bodyguards: “The people on the second floor fired indiscriminately in the lobby, and the people in the branches on all floors should be more vigilant. They were injured and approached blindly. Yes, regardless of identity, you can shoot.”

“The main control room closes the entrances and exits of the building to avoid chaos inside and outside…”

She sent a series of orders, and some of them were far away from seeing the tragedy of the venue, and had no intuitive understanding of the status quo.

Amazed: “Indiscriminate shooting, do you know who is in the venue?”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Dead!”

After speaking, he ignored the hesitating voice, but the main control room never received a reply from the order.

Zhu Yang knows that there can be an overall view of the whole situation. If the situation is chaotic, it is naturally impossible to let the normal operation there.

I am afraid that zombies have sneaked in and killed all the people inside.

Zhu Yang clings to the wall, and the second floor has begun to shoot down indiscriminately. They have experienced the fall of the entire hall.

Not as naive as the guys outside, even if the people in the venue are all celebrities from all walks of life, as long as someone is responsible, they will execute the order without hesitation.

A burst of fire lasted for several minutes, and ammunition was replenished twice in the middle. When it stopped, there was no complete place in the huge hall except for Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang walked into the crowd and saw that he had not been shot in his head and took a shot. After a few shots, the whole hall recovered completely.

She waved to the people on the second floor: “Come down.”

In the chaos, there is always a person who calmly presides over the overall situation is reassuring. Those bodyguards see that the situation is stable and professionalism is back.

Seeing that Zhu Yang only hit the monsters on the head, they also shot the corpse next to them.

Not to mention, two of them died in the attack just now and suddenly opened their eyes.

If it weren’t for this, they might have been attacked on the way down.

Zhu Yang counted the manpower. At present, there are 14 bodyguards alive in the entire hall, plus the three little ones and her, making a total of 18 people.

Since you think of yourself as an NPC, you have to act according to the NPC’s thinking: “So many monsters suddenly appeared. The venue, the main control room, and the second floor completely cut off the possibility of reducing losses. It will never be an accident.”

“All elevator passages are under surveillance, and it is impossible for flies to appear in key places without knowing it, let alone people.”

“There are all the old men above who happened to leave before the riots started. It is impossible not to conspiracy arranged in advance. They must be responsible for this matter.”

Everyone is also in the same hatred and hatred. To be honest, many people have not been dispatched to do dirty work under such a huge capital.

It’s just that being treated as an abandoned child is two different things. After all, working for you is a huge commission, just a job.

Although this job is accompanied by life-threatening, it is just a career risk-taking, the heroic life without regrets, your company does not have such a big personality charm.

Zhu Yang said to the bodyguards: “Go to the weapon store and get as many weapons as you can. If you encounter abnormal people on the road, you will directly kill them. Take your weapons and clear the main control room. Wait for me there.”

“Yes, boss!”

After receiving the order, Zhu Yang returned to the room with the three little ones, took off his dress and high heels, and put on easy-to-action attire.

However, it was not provided by the company. It was a set purchased by Zhu Yang from Xiaoshizi’s games.

Zhu Yang divided a set: “This kind of cloth can’t be cut by a knife. The teeth of zombies are naturally no longer a problem, but you still have to pay attention.”

The three of them didn’t say much, took over and changed their clothes. It’s better to say the clothes, but extraordinary weapons are not usable.

Fortunately, Zhou Yao can now directly manifest weapons. Bai Youyou’s copying out of thin air is temporarily unavailable, but the company’s weapons warehouse has a lot of inventory, at least don’t worry about it now.

At the same time, Wei Jiangli in the single-person interrogation room had already broken away from the handcuffs and picked up a few space props on the ground.

The heavy metal gate was locked from the outside, even a player of his level could not break it open with his bare hands.

But now that his freedom has been restored and weapons and props have returned, it is natural to escape from such a small interrogation room.

When he reached out and held the metal doorknob, he didn’t do anything, and the doorknob was full of liquid dripping down.

It just seems that the range of dissolution in one time is limited, and the speed is not very fast, so it is impossible to directly dissolve the metal gate.

But the ten-centimeter hole that melted along the lock cylinder was enough to make this door useless.

As soon as he came out, he could hear the ominous commotion in the building, but because the front of the building was huge, the commotion was not obvious on other floors.

It’s just that Wei Jiangli stays in the game space and spends most of his time studying game-related matters, either collecting information or training.

As soon as he entered the game, he encountered two players who were far superior to ordinary people in terms of force, consciousness, or aptitude, which made Wei Jiangli extremely eager to become stronger.

He naturally knows this kind of classic zombie copy, and it is not even the first time that he has participated in similar.

So seeing someone staggering at the end of the corridor and running towards him, a gun appeared in Wei Jiangli’s hand, and the zombies were killed neatly.

The ordinary ability of this copy is not as easy to use as weapons, and coupled with the number of terrifying zombies, it is very limited for intermediate players.

After all, most intermediate players still don’t have mass destruction skills, and even if they do, they have limited battery life.

Wei Jiangli is not too much to conceal the player’s identity. On the contrary, as a bait, he understands that his task now is to focus all his attention on them at the beginning of the riot.

To be concealed is also a matter of this building. The more conspicuous they are, the easier it is for Zhu Yang to hide.

The place where other people were held was also on this floor, and Wei Jiangli didn’t rush to find the room.

He sighed weakly, and then suddenly opened the room, making a hurried look.

“There is chaos outside, here is a copy of a zombie.”

Several people inside were cursing, looking up at the kid with a look of embarrassment, obviously he was repaired enough.

But as soon as they heard the zombie copy, they knew it. It should be said that they had expected it when they received the mission to protect some doctor.

Sure enough, there was a riot here, so it’s normal for the NPCs to let the child escape.

Wei Jiangli unlocked the electronic handcuffs for a few of them, and said: “Don’t worry, the main control room should have fallen, no one cares about us.”

Don’t worry about the arms and neck being blown up, a few people naturally relax, and even without Wei Jiangli, two people can break away by themselves.

A strong man loosened his wrists: “Hey! My boy, you are very clever.”

“What did the girl torture you about? You didn’t talk about the game, did you?”

As soon as he said the words, he was slapped by another person: “When are you still making this kind of joke, he just dares to say, does the game agree?”

“Cheng Chengcheng, let me find that girl, she will definitely make her look good.”

“You can **** shut up, if you didn’t keep the door open, did you have this trouble? Complete the task first.”

He said, spit on the ground: “Damn, it’s the Doomsday copy again, life is as cheap as grass, killing is light, protecting people?”

To use an analogy, the task of protecting people is more difficult than carrying a bowl of water through a group of zombies and not allowing the water to be spilled. This is also the type of task that some players hate the most.

Wei Jiang said, “Let’s find Dr. Ai Li first. I don’t know if he is alive or not when it’s late.”

The three of them also agreed, now that the situation is urgent, they retrieved the ring and went down the underground garage from the corridor without taking the elevator.

During the period, I encountered some zombies, either in formal wear or overalls.

Obviously, Zhu Yang’s order was not executed immediately, and the zombie who came out of the banquet hall bitten the disease.

The entire building has basically fallen in a short period of time. Except for Zhu Yang’s hand, the scattered and unharmed alive may be less than 20 people.

Several players met each other head-on, and shot directly past, and the three newcomers were shaking with fright.

In a blink of an eye, the mess and fat house fell behind several steps because of fear and lack of physical strength. The players who ran to the next two floors looked up through the gap of the escalator: “Damn, keep up, and wait for Laozi to come back and carry you What?”

“If it weren’t for this newcomer to die, points will be deducted, and you would have been thrown into the mouth of the zombies. This is the **** one who has to pick up one ancestor and four ancestors with three ancestors.”

After the curse was over, God seemed to have heard his prayer, and the security door on that floor suddenly opened where the golden chain and the fat house stood panting.

Two zombies emerged from the inside, grabbing them and holding them to the neck.

Several players were too far away, and they were one step too late to come up to save others.

When they returned to this floor, the bully was being bitten on his neck, and the fat house was almost the same, except that the place where he bite was deviated, but he didn’t look miserable, and he still had enough power to howl.

Although the person is not dead, it is too late.

The three players jumped into a rage, and one shot broke the zombie’s head. The two lost support and fell to the ground.

Before Fei Zhai could breathe a sigh of relief, another gunshot sounded and the gangster fell forward.

Fat House raised his head, looked at the gun aimed at him in horror, and said with a trembling voice: “Don’t, don’t kill me, I haven’t been fatally injured, and-there is still a rescue.”

He forced a smile, pleading and flattering: “Look, don’t zombie movies have serums? Our goal is the doctor, he must have them there.”

This guy has a strong desire to survive, and the key to life and death is indeed the key.

It’s just that after the death of the gangster, the three players have given up on themselves with cumbersomeness and grinned and said, “It’s not our goal, it’s our goal.”

“What’s the value of your rubbish, that allows us to carry an extra zombie that can be diseased at any time, and have to make room to find an antidote?”

After talking about a gunshot, the fat man broke a hole in his forehead.

“Also, there is not much difference between losing one thousand points and two thousand points. With less of a burden, we are relaxed, and it is not impossible to find a replacement from other places.”

Of the three newcomers, the white-collar woman was left. When she ran just now, she was not left behind.

It was inconvenient to wear high heels, so she took off the shoes and held them, desperately following the progress of the others.

At this moment, the two newcomers were killed. She was terribly afraid of her heart, and she was holding on without screaming or falling to the ground without screaming.

When the three of them looked over, she trembled and said, “Big brother, I run a business, and I have good stamina. I can follow along. If I can’t keep up, you can give me a happy life? Now there is no need to waste one. Bullets.”

The three of them looked at her from the beginning and shrugged: “This girl has a bit of tenacity, but it’s a pity that she looks a little worse.”

Having said that, the idea of ​​killing her was dissipated, and the group went down a few more floors and came to the underground garage.

I randomly grabbed a Hummer with a higher base and larger internal space, and drove out of the building.

The location of Dr. Alley at this time, the game has hints, and it is not in this building.

After all, there are tens of millions of people in the entire city, and the time they came was half an hour before the chaos began. If the task includes finding people, it is obviously unrealistic.

Dr. Aili’s home is somewhere on the outskirts of the city. To find him, a few players have to pass through the city that has become a hell.

Because of chaos in various blocks, squares, shopping malls, and streets, the city is chaotic at this time.

People are still the second place. Now the outbreak has just begun, and the number of zombies is still relatively small, but the riots caused paralyzed traffic on the street.

People cannot take refuge effectively, and a vicious circle is formed. Even if a few players drive a car on a rampage, it is difficult to break through the siege for a while.

“Get off the car, you can’t waste time. The company can’t leave the important scientific research personnel alone. If they are transferred or controlled late, we have to run after them.”

Everyone agreed with this statement. Wei Jiangli got off the car and saw a clothing store next to him. Several sets of clothes and shoes were displayed in the window.

He raised his hand to smash the glass, took out a pair of sneakers from the inside and threw it to the female white-collar worker.

The female white-collar worker looked at him gratefully: “Thank you!”

Going out and playing barefoot is not like being in a smooth building. You can’t run with bare feet for long, and you can’t keep up with them in high heels.

At this moment, it is a relief.

Wei Jiangli waved her hand and motioned to her to change it quickly. The female white-collar worker didn’t untie her shoelace, so she squeezed her foot in, saving time.

At this time, all the people in the car came down, and when they saw them, they sneered: “This kid will feel pity and pity.”

Dr. Aili’s home is fifty kilometers away from here in a straight line, but it doesn’t take them to run so long.

I snatched a mobile phone from a pedestrian on the street, turned on the GPS, and just went to the outer ring a few kilometers away.

It’s not the city over there. People in the city haven’t reacted yet, it is impossible to rush outside the city and there will be no traffic jams.

However, a few kilometers of white-collar women was quite choking. At first, they could barely keep up with them. After a few minutes, ordinary people were exhausted even if they ran at full speed, not talking about speed.

Wei Jiangli simply picked her up. This woman looked ordinary, but her performance under extreme circumstances was remarkable.

It is certainly impossible to give him a lot of energy to take extra care of him, but he is not stingy about doing things easily.

After all, he can have today, and he has benefited somewhat from Zhu Yang and Xu Xiao’s appreciation and help. This is also the reason why he has a cold heart in the struggle for power and still maintains a goodwill towards strangers.

And his soft-heartedness made the three players even more disdainful of him, which was in line with his original intention.

Coming to the outer ring road, this side has indeed not been affected by the riots in the city, and the passing cars are not panicked.

The players grabbed a car and drove straight to the doctor’s house.

After stepping on the accelerator, he arrived near the doctor’s house in about twenty minutes. After getting off the highway and driving a few kilometers on a trail, he came to an artificial lake.

The doctor’s house was built by the lake. As they expected, the company’s people had made preparations. They saw gunmen guarding nearby from the periphery.

The four players got out of the car and ordered the female white-collar worker to sit in the driver’s seat. She couldn’t count on her when she drove inside, but she barely responded.

People in the company started to be wary when they looked at strange vehicles, but they didn’t expect the opponent to move faster than them, so they started shooting when they came down.

Four intermediate players, such a house can be stormed, and naturally will not waste time politely.

And when the group of people was very busy, Zhu Yang was almost ready here.

The inventory of the weapons depot was almost looted, and when they went to the main control room, they had already been cleaned up.

Zhu Yang and the others went in, explained to his subordinates to move all the corpses out, and then asked Yu Li, “Do you have a way to keep this building under your supervision at any time?”

Yu Li nodded: “It’s simple, it’s enough to use the main control device here.”

Zhu Yang said: “Okay, you get it, Youyou and Ah Yao stay here too. I will scan the building with the others to integrate the surviving ones.”

“Sister, are you planning to take them with you?” Bai Youyou asked.

Next, they have to stay in this game for at least seven days. Under this background, ordinary people with limited abilities are of course more likely to survive in a group.

But they don’t have that need. The more people there are, it will be a burden.

Zhu Yang said: “When the situation has not reached its worst, the dispersal of such a group of armed forces is also a factor of instability, it is better to hold it in your own hands.”

“It’s best not to give up the bargaining chip before the situation is clear. What’s more, we still have to make a posture of finding high-level accounts. As the boss, it is not reasonable to disband people on the spot now.”

The three also trusted her judgment, mainly because they were different from that group, and that group had clear tasks as soon as they entered.

But they were just placed in this way. Before the game intent was determined, it was better to be safe.

Zhu Yang led people up and down and rescued a dozen more people.

At this time, everyone’s basic news broadcast and online news are also clear that there is a mess everywhere now.

A rabies patient suddenly bites a person with a disease. The bitten person will die according to the injury and his own resistance. The horrible thing is that these dead people will stand up again and join the group of cannibal lunatics.

It’s almost like cancer cells that are constantly spreading, the whole outside is chaotic.

The bodyguards were undecided, and Zhu Yang said to them: “Now the situation is chaotic, we are crowded, and we have weapons. If we gather together to adjust the formula, we can give the greatest advantage.”

“But I know that some of them care about their families, and now the high-levels are running away, and even this time the conspiracy is probably planned by them, and our relationship between the superiors and superiors is dissolved.”

“If you want to go home, you can take a few weapons and leave on your own. If you stay, it means to listen to my deployment and how to choose. It’s up to you.”

All fools understand the pros and cons of this kind of thing, except for a few family members who choose to leave here or nearby cities.

Others are either from abroad or from a state thousands of miles away from here, or are lonely, naturally they will not be separated from such a clear-headed, powerful, and quick-judge boss.

Zhu Yang looked at the thirty or so people who were born and nodded: “Well, first of all we have to occupy a base area.”

“Although this building is good, it is a high-level conspiracy. I don’t know what else is waiting for us, so I can’t stay here.”

This is indeed a good banquet, security is tight, all places have been carefully checked, and a lot of corpses have come in out of thin air. There is no safety in staying here.

Zhu Yang pointed to a building two blocks away. It was a low-rise building with a total of six floors and a huge billboard on the roof.

It’s a fitness center. The environment in this kind of place is empty, not easy for Tibetans, and easy to evacuate. There is a supermarket next to it, which is just right.

At this time, Yu Li was finished, and he gestured to Zhu Yang, indicating that any movement in this building would be under his control.

The group of people locked all the entrances and exits of this building, destroyed the elevator, and left the building.

The blocks outside are more chaotic, with pedestrians screaming and panicking figures everywhere, and chaos also breeds crime.

Along the way, I saw that many nearby shops were smashed and the horns of police cars sounded in all directions. However, how could this police force control the situation?

A group of people in black, headed by Zhu Yang, walked across the street. They had weapons in their hands, and many of them carried heavy black handbags.

When encountering the zombies approaching, he shot it without hesitation, showing a calm and aura that was completely different from that on the street.

Not to mention gangsters taking advantage of the fire, even the police dare not approach.

Because they were crossing a street, passing a supermarket, a group of zombies mutated from the supermarket gathered like sharks that smelled blood.

Similar to the commercial districts, supermarkets and squares in cities, the dense population at certain times is not just fun.

A group of people from Wuyangyang rushed over, even if they had weapons on their bodies, those who were not afraid of bullets would not be able to stop them for a while.

After all, there are few sharpshooters who do not shoot one head at a time.

This was when the beautiful girl in the lead took out a hand/thunder from the bag of the entourage next to her, took it to her mouth, bit the fuse, and went out in amusement.

She has slender arms but the throwing direction is far and precise.

A group of zombies tens of meters away exploded, and the younger brothers behind her made defensive positions to prevent being affected by bullets/films.

Only when she stood still, and when the bomb/bomb had an effect, she raised the gun in her hand and shot it.

However, if a person’s dynamic vision is strong enough, she will find that she has no false hair in such a high-paced burst frequency.

Relying on a hand/thunder and a gun, hundreds of zombies were still close, and she killed them all.

The police car that wanted to sound the siren at them immediately made a bend, but was busy elsewhere.

Although the nearby people were afraid of their weapons, but at the same time, they were at ease in this situation, and walked close to them. Seeing that they did not attack pedestrians, more and more people gathered.

“Boss, what should I do?” someone asked.

Zhu Yang took a look: “No matter, sweep out the building.”

Even if she can take in some people, now all of them are in chaos.

It’s neither weekend nor off-get off work time. There are few people in the gym, and they haven’t fallen into it when they enter.

It happened that many of the people in it were strong and muscular men, so Zhu Yang recruited the strong men and cleaned them layer by layer.

Kill all the zombies, and then the people in the gym will drag the corpses together. The layout of the gym was changed, and intensive equipment was pushed aside for placement.

When the whole building is cleaned up, there are not a few people surrounding it. After all, many people just follow them to seek shelter for a certain distance. Now it seems that they will not leave again.

Nor will he protect the citizens of his own accord. It is safer to return home as soon as possible instead of staying outside where the zombies are everywhere.

It will be dark, no matter the end of the world, you still have to eat.

With some people left, the three little ones were inconvenient to release. Zhu Yang took a few people and went straight out of the building.

There is a supermarket not far away, but in view of the number of people, rushing in to find material now is tantamount to drilling a group of zombies.

Zhu Yang and the others chose the nearest convenience, killed the boss and a few guests who had been corpses inside, and filled food and water with big pockets taken from the gym.

There are more than forty people in the entire building, and they consume a lot of meals just for one meal. Fortunately, it is also close.

A few trips back and forth, emptying the convenience store and the warehouse behind, is enough for these people to support them for a week or two.

Zhu Yang’s thoughts are also clear, and he won’t do too many unnecessary things until things are clear.

She guessed that at least one team from another game would appear, but she didn’t know if it was already in this world.

When it arrives or not, the natural plan is different.

After a long time, everyone is tired. It will be dark, and a dark city is more dangerous than the day.

Fortunately, although this building does not operate food, it still has basic cooking equipment. There is a staff canteen on the third floor, which also has some stocks.

Zhu Yang ordered the others to cook, but he came to a few zombies, and a cockroach appeared beside him out of thin air.

She instructed the cockroach to bite the corpse, and then quietly observed its changes.

About two minutes later, the cockroach’s eyes started to turn red, and the whole became aggressive. Without receiving Zhu Yang’s order, he swallowed the corpse crazily bit by bit.

The speed was several times faster than usual. Zhu Yangmo counted the corpse of an adult, and it actually gnawed away in thirteen seconds.

Except for the blood on the ground caused by dragging, there is nothing left.

The little thing seemed to be unable to fill up enough, and had to gnaw on the remaining corpses, but suddenly the spirit gave the order, the cockroach irritated twice, and calmed down and obeyed the order.

Zhu Yang took it back again, and released it after a while. Generally speaking, if the cockroaches are injured outside or contaminated with other things, they will recover if they take it back.

After all, this essence is a spirit creature, the same as a thousand-faced ghost.

But this time when he was released again, his eyes were still red, but compared to the previous mania, he was a lot more clever.

Zhu Yang smiled with satisfaction, and then released thousands of cockroaches, and one insect gnawed at those zombies.

Completed a kind of relative distortion, but still within her control?

Just think of it as an evolution.

At the same time, Zhu Yang sent a message to Xiao Shizi’s communicator–

[The doctor has been controlled by us. 】

After she finished reading the news, a logical voice came from her ears: “Sister, there are a few more people in that building.”

“It appeared out of thin air. It was in the lobby. It looked a little strange and was obviously not a normal human being.”

Zhu Yang looked up, his face showed a sneer that finally fell into place——

Caught you, idiot game.

The author has something to say:   The examiner of the gods didn’t intend to write it, because I found good food hahaha (beat)



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