Scream Queen Chapter 137

It has to be said that Goubi games has spared no effort in cultivating good players.

The occasions experienced often abandon the fun, and in the long run, it means to teach students in accordance with their aptitude.

Take Zhu Yang and the others, Zhu Yang is considered to be the most brilliant wave of players in the same period.

This is not her arrogant and complacent self-evaluation, although the game will definitely not give a unified comparison big data.

But with so many high-level players around her, with the experience of the three of them, looking back at their experience along the way, they dare not say that she is also strong at this period of Zhu Yang.

Far ahead in various senses.

It is Lu Xiuci, his advancement time is shorter than Zhu Yang, and he has become one of the only digital super players in the game in only three years. This speed is much crazy than Zhu Yang.

But that’s also because of his unprecedented frequency of customs clearance, and it really counts according to the number of games, and his progress is not as good as Zhu Yang.

Among the players in Zhu Yang’s game, he deserves special treatment for the game and has a certain plan in his heart.

Needless to say, Zhu Yang, Yu Li, they definitely count.

Having said so much, I just want to say that Yuli is a calm and detailed, with a global view, and the computer technology is particularly good, and the natural clearance copy is biased.

So he got the ability to give full play to his expertise.

For example, when everyone left the building, the surveillance bureau under his command.

Yu Li’s ability is a bit similar to Zhu Yang’s back-to-back ability to freely shuttle the Internet.

The essence and form are slightly different. He can’t let his physical body shuttle inside, but he is connected with his own spirit.

Zhu Yang agrees with the master who has no good or bad abilities, and is useful and useless.

To be honest, the ability of network shuttle is quite wasteful in her hands. She is not a data-based talent, and this ability is less than 30% effective in her hands.

But the reasoning is different. When he arranges everything and leaves the building, everything in the building is already under his control.

And the scariest thing is that there is no trace of this kind of control, at least not that the player can find.

If there is a super brain like the Red Queen in this world, then it is possible to block Yu Li, provided that Yu Li Da Lala’s intrusion is not disguised at all.

Obviously, Yu Li is not such a rough guy. He told Zhu Yang directly, unless traces were found and he was arrested by targeted weaving.

At least now, when everyone is unaware, he will never be exposed.

When Zhu Yang heard Yu Li’s words, he came to an office dedicated to him. This was the customer service studio of the previous gym.

There are several computers. Yu Li can see everything in the building without relying on the media, but Zhu Yang and the others cannot.

When Zhu Yang arrived, Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao were already here, and the three of them frowned as they watched the picture on the screen.

Seeing Zhu Yanglai shifted one of the pictures to her side: “There are four people in total, but there are no more people, but—”

Zhu Yang understood their hesitation, let’s not talk about face to face, just from the screen, you can feel the deterrent aura of the other party. This is definitely not a simple guy.

The same mid-level players, although these few have a small number of players, they are much trickier than the previous group of seemingly refined but in fact rabble.

The appearance was similar to the invaders Zhu Yang and the others had seen before, two poison-skinned people, one rock man, and one that simply grew into a beast.

The appearance of the figure is human, but the face is full of hair except for the T-zone, the pattern is a bit like a leopard, the nose and eyes are also in the shape of a beast, and the teeth are sharp.

You can see how agile this guy is by looking at his figure and walking posture. The lightness and fluency is really not something humans can easily imitate.

I haven’t seen the murlocs and the freaks with three heads and six arms, but this lineup is still wary.

The place where several people appeared was the meeting place. They circled around and looked at the scene in front of them, with a hint of surprise flashing on their faces.

I was not surprised at the horrific state of the corpses on the scene with severed limbs, but surprised that there had been an organized indiscriminate shooting here.

How obvious is the identity of the people at the scene, generally speaking, no matter how bad the situation is, few people can give such cruel orders in a short time.

The four of them looked around, glared at each other, and then went upstairs to the main control room together.

“That’s it!” Zhu Yang said.

She choked off her words, but they all understood her meaning.

Not surprisingly, the position of this last group should be in conflict with the previous two groups.

One-to-two, the first two groups also entered the dungeon in advance, and even one of them entered the dungeon when the key figure Dr. Aili was in control.

Obviously the rules of the game are unfair to the third group, so this advantage has to be compensated by the difference in strength.

But these people are really strong. Zhu Yang guessed that they might be players in the late midfield. The fighting power of the three teams can be calculated. It is possible that these four people are still above the previous group and Zhu Yang and the second group.

But this gap might not be able to make up if you plan well. To put it bluntly, the opponent is strong, but it is not a strong crush.

The mission goal has been controlled over there, the world is so big, how can they find it?

Sure enough, the game won’t be biased at this point.

These guys have come to this world obviously, but they seem to be familiar with the building, and they found the main control room without any guidance, just like wandering in their back garden.

It turns out that this world has long been run out of power by these guys, or it is at peace with the senior executives of future biotech companies.

This is their biggest advantage. The world is clearly the home of these guys.

It’s like if Zhu Yang competes with others and chooses the place in the haunted house world.

She has the huge capital power of the Zhu family, and the network of contacts that the Haunted House employees have run over the years.

Then her advantage over there is naturally unparalleled, both in terms of time and rules are the most demanding.

The four people quickly came to the main control room, watching the corpses inside have been cleaned up, they were quite wary–

“Someone has already come, be careful.”

Then the poison leather man entered a long series of passwords on a computer, the authority should be the highest level, because soon a few hours ago, everything that happened in the building was reported back.

Skip the start of the banquet, and when it was about an hour or so, the screen was pressed with the pause button——

“Seven people, there are four of them that need attention.” He snorted: “These guys are really not to be seen. The advantage of first entry is gone.”

Of course, it doesn’t mean that they just appeared in the surveillance like this. In fact, the game will not have such obvious bugs. Of course, it is impossible to see a person out of thin air by monitoring afterwards.

It was the incompatible clothes and out-of-the-condition demeanor of several people, as well as Zhu Yang’s suspicion and interrogation for the first time, and then the control was inconsistent.

“Who is this person?” The poison-skinned man pointed to the enlarged figure on the screen. It was Zhu Yang in a formal dress.

The file appeared at the top right of the screen at the same time: “The security director of the company headquarters, has been in office for more than three years, it should be after we left last time—”

The words were interrupted impatiently: “Is this information credible? In the game world, I can’t even trust my memory too much.”

Then the other party pointed out Zhu Yang’s resume. It was not just a rigid number, but there were even a lot of performances of the ‘Zhu Yang’ mission actions.

“Why didn’t I know that there was this?” Zhu Yang hissed: “This implantation is too perfect. I have to wonder if I have actually lived in this world.”

Bai Youyou and the others are a little worried: “This guy is obviously comparing you and your previous skills, if we expose our layout, it will be useless.”

Zhu Yang felt a lot easier now. Since these guys entered the game, she has basically determined what the main point of this game is.

It’s good to be the last oriole in the dark, but it’s really going to be exposed and things are within control.

But things obviously didn’t reach this point. Those people compared Zhu Yang’s previous mission videos with the performance of the building on site.

Because Zhu Yang’s performance is still in the range of ordinary people, and there is no too outrageous style, it is difficult for the other party to confirm it at a time.

I still focus on a group of players, but I appreciate Zhu Yang’s follow-up reaction and organizational ability.

One of them said: “This woman should pay attention, and rule out the possibility of being accomplices with that group, but it is also the lucky person in this world.”

It means the protagonist. Although the copy of the game cannot be applied to movies or the like, there may be one or two lucky people in many worlds.

No matter what, it is easy to capsize in the gutter.

Of course, Zhu Yang has also experienced this, like Adam in the animal world before, who is undoubtedly the man of destiny in that world.

What is the protagonist in a novel movie?

After observing everything that has happened here, several people have a good idea of ​​the current situation.

Then he saw the poison-skinned man at the head dialing a group of contact signals, and at the same time, Yu Li’s whole person was refreshed.

If you look closely, his eyes are not focused, and they face the front empty like a blind man.

But all three of them knew that he meant to focus on this signal capture.

Sure enough, a figure appeared on the computer screen, looking like a middle-aged white man with blond hair.

He waited for the poison-skinned person on the video: “Thank God, you came back much earlier than I expected.”

“Also beyond my expectation.” The poison skin said humanely.

Who would have thought that those idiots who were caught on the spot would have been able to find the target so quickly? This riot is their chance.

He didn’t say much: “The people on Dr. Eli’s side should have been wiped out. Is there any way to track him?”

“Yes, at your request, tracking chips were implanted in all the company’s senior executives and scientific researchers. Dr. Aili was the first to withdraw from the project. Can you tell me why you are looking for him?”

The poisonous skin said: “He should be the biggest variable in this plan. Whether the world can be completely purified and the human situation can be completely shuffled, he is the key.”

The expression on the other side changed: “It is true that the reason for his withdrawal is that there were differences with other people in the project concept. The company has been monitoring his movements after he withdrew. Is he secretly conducting research in the opposite direction?”

The poison-skinned man smiled coldly: “I have to ask you now.”

“But don’t blame yourself. It’s not him that there will be others. The path of evolution is always full of drama, and it can’t be smooth sailing.”

“Okay, send the coordinates of Dr. Eli, for the new world.”

“For the new world!” said over there, and a red dot moving on the map appeared on the computer.

Four people take the terminal in the main control room and can receive company data anytime and anywhere.

“Sneer, for the new world.” Zhu Yang laughed mockingly, but he silently shut up when he thought of what he seemed to have done in the animal world.

Yu Li’s eyes returned to focus and said to Zhu Yang: “It’s tracked, but it’s far from here.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Of course it’s far away. When chaos is uncontrollable, the state machine cannot fail to respond.”

“Although the nuclear/bomb strike in the movie is inhumane, it is undeniable that the probability of execution is very high. These guys are so **** their lives and want to become the rulers of the new world. Naturally, they will stay far away.”

Sure enough, the records of those high-level departures were investigated, and the unintentional exception was to take a helicopter to avoid being congested in the city after the incident began.

“Now four or five hours have passed, and they should have reached their destination.”

Yu Li said, “Then what should we do next? The other group’s movements are already under their control. Although cutting off the connection between the two sides can draw a salary, it is too late after all.”

Zhu Yang said: “It’s not that easy, after all, there are many game items.”

She directly sent a message to Xiao Shizi and told him that there was a tracker implanted in the doctor’s body.

Here Xiao Shizi received the news, and did not mention his source of information.

Just ask a few people: “I think such an important scientific researcher will always ensure that they are in control at any time, and it is likely that they have moved something.”

The three of them nodded after listening, “Yes, who has a signal jammer?”

One of them took out a wristband from the space props: “I have. The last game was in the high-tech world. Fortunately, I was not caught up with it.”

But the doctor didn’t cooperate: “I can’t make it, I’m going to find my son.”

The three of them are only responsible for protecting the personal safety of others, but they are not necessarily polite to him: “Son? Your son may be a zombie, so let’s run away.”

“Impossible.” The doctor said anxiously: “No matter who you are and what purpose you have to save me, as long as you and the company are not in the same group, you should agree to my request, or you will regret it.”

Generally speaking, under this background, scientific researchers who specifically become mission targets are obviously of great significance to the direction of the world.

But the three of them are obviously unwilling to make minor changes, but Wei Jiangli said: “You can talk about it first, let’s just see if one thing is enough for us to make a shot. If you cover up like this, it is not good for the transaction.

The three of them were obviously displeased when the child spoke without authorization, but Wei Jiangli explained: “Two people have died. Our mission has not been completed. We will deduct 2,000 points. It is not worthwhile to complete the basic mission.”

This statement is what they named, even though they have just received another group of notifications to enter the game, they know that this is a rivalry.

Therefore, the three talents are unwilling to give up the advantages they have already obtained and return to the city, but they only complete the task of guaranteeing the bottom, and this is a loss.

The three looked at each other: “Those guys wait until we reach the mission target before they come in. They must be better than us? It’s no good to face them.”

“Especially with two cumbersome.”

The doctor gritted his teeth when seeing these guys not seeing rabbits and hawks, “After I left the company, I have been studying the antidote to the virus, but I have been under surveillance, so I can only pass the experimental operation to my son through secret codes.”

“Now that the research has been successful, it was originally intended to prevent the sequelae of the virus being put on the market. I didn’t expect the company to use it to destroy the world.”

“God, they are all crazy. Now the medicine in my son’s hand is the last hope.”

After the three of them heard his words, their eyes brightened. Since the task is to protect this doctor, the camp they are divided into must be to save mankind and protect the relevant side of the world.

If this doomed doomsday crisis is lifted, and the rewards are generous, the losses of the two guys who died will be completely ignored.

Right now, the three of them nodded: “Okay, but you can’t go back right away. It’s too much of a hindrance with the old man and the woman. Find a place to settle first.”

How many people can live up to now is not without a brain. It is obvious that coming in after the opposite group will definitely have a lot of advantages. What should I do if I go back rashly and hit other people’s network?

The faster it will be for a few people to reach a consensus. You have to find a place to settle before the city is sealed off.

But at this moment, Wei Jiangli, who was sitting in the back seat, secretly sent the news to Zhu Yang——

[XX University, son of Dr. Aili, antidote]

Because the action can’t be too big, he can only make a long story short, I believe Zhu Yang can understand it.

It’s not that he doesn’t look down on such a big reward for credit, because he doesn’t take advantage of it and let Zhu Yang and the others.

But once the doctor’s position is blocked, the third group of people must be able to think that their tracking was discovered.

Immediately, they will naturally mobilize greater resources to search for a few of them. The variables during the period are too large, and it is more likely that the other party will exchange the doctor’s son to shake the doctor’s own position.

Then, during this period of time, did the doctor’s son and the antidote put the doctor’s son and the antidote in danger, and even be preempted by the opposition group?

Naturally, it is better for Zhu Yang to hold the benefits in his hands. Wei Jiangli believes in Zhu Yang more than the fellows in the same group are still a community of interests.

The guy from the fund was able to give him two thousand points just by seeing him pleasing to the eye, and working with her was more at ease than these mobs.

What’s more, in this copy of the scene, the task may still be secondary, and you can’t give up everything.

Obviously his prediction was correct. Players who came out of the four extreme games yelled badly when they saw the signal disappear.

“Our actions are being monitored.” They looked up, looked carefully, and they found several bees around the camera.

The bee was big, the size of a child’s thumb, and because it was hidden, it had not been discovered before.

One of them made a move with his bare hands, and the bee came down like this.

He closed his eyes, and suddenly the perspective and mental state of the bee appeared in his mind, and then opened his eyes and squeezed the bee to death with one hand in anger.

“This is controlled by humans. A bee is connected to the spirit in the entire building. They are lurking in all hidden places, that is, we are exposed as soon as we come out.”

This discovery made the few people who had the advantage gritted their teeth for a while, and they were too arrogant, thinking that no matter how the people who came first, no matter how they were arranged, they could not get out of their control.

Unexpectedly, he turned around and fell into the gutter.

If it wasn’t that they didn’t expect the tracker to come out in the first place, I’m afraid they have exposed the other party but not.

The head of the poison skin man said immediately: “Okay, it’s useless to be upset. It’s nothing more than spending a little more time and mobilizing satellites to screen around where they disappeared. They can’t run far in such a short time.”

Several people acted immediately, and Zhu Yang was satisfied with the result.

Yu Li smiled and said: “Awesome, I don’t know when you arranged it.”

Zhu Yang rubbed his head: “Your abilities are too buggy. Once exposed, their first prerequisite is to exclude you, otherwise everything is under the control of others, and of course they have to arrange a trick.”

The bee is the insect damage ability she got. The previous show is not limited to grasshoppers, but also bees. Unfortunately, the show only uses grasshoppers and bees. If you use more insects, she can manipulate more .

Bees have compound eyes, and many monitoring abilities that manipulate insects will choose bees, flies or dragonflies, preconceived, and the other party has the ability to perceive whether the insects are controlled.

Naturally, the credit for being monitored just now goes to the bees. In fact, Zhu Yang can manipulate the pests, but he cannot directly monitor people by relying on insects.

Even a cockroach who has reached such a high level of understanding with her can’t be a monitor directly.

But she is not like exposing cockroaches, so bees are released, and bees are more suitable.

The three little ones admire her strict logic. Many times before she does something, you don’t even know her intentions, but every time at the end, you will always find that her arrangement will be implemented.

Seeing her after a group of guys stepped into the game, the uncertainty on her face disappeared, and she returned to her omnipotent calmness in the past.

The three of them indeed once again experienced the tacit understanding and peace of mind of clearing customs with her.

“Now we go to X University and find the doctor’s son.”

“Where are the people here?” Zhou Yao asked.

“It doesn’t matter, the uncertainty at the beginning is just in case.” Zhu Yang said: “Now I have been on the watch list, it is troublesome to bring them.”

Thirty bodyguards, following Zhu Yang is only the trend of the situation, if the company secretly contacted and extended an olive branch.

The power of capital is more reassuring than running away in chaos. If benefits are offered over there, there may be someone betraying them behind their backs.

No need!

Of course, Zhu Yang didn’t bring any weapons when she left, and these people were a little worried about her leaving.

After all, her strength and coordinating ability are very good. Before, she thought she had found the backbone, but suddenly she pulled away and stopped playing with them.

Someone said: “Boss, are you going to find someone or a company to settle accounts? Take us, we can always do something.”

Zhu Yang shook his head: “What I have to do is inconvenient with too many people.”

“But you don’t have to worry about it. With your current number and weapon configuration, as long as you be careful, it will basically be fine.”

“But I suggest you collect vehicles and find a way out of the city. If you can help people on the road, please help.”

Many Zhu Yang did not say, taking advantage of the night Zhu Yang and the four of them got out of the door in the dark.

At this time, it was only 15 minutes before Xiao Shizi and his group’s signal disappeared. In such a short period of time, the company and the third group probably haven’t paid attention to them.

The environment at night is also just under cover. At this time, the entire city street has been completely chaotic. This has been reported in the news. The safest place now is in residential houses.

However, in places like schools, there should be no chance of being spared.

I can only hope that Professor Ai Li’s son will have a halo of the protagonist on his body, and don’t die if he fails the first wave of trials.

Yu Li has found the other party’s photos and information here. As the doctor’s family, the other party’s information is naturally also in the company’s database.

Yu Li handed Zhu Yang the information he had put in the terminal. He was a handsome young man with blond hair. The other party used his position to replace his father to practice the theory he envisioned.

Being able to do this under the supervision of the company shows that he is meticulous and alert. Zhu Yang hopes that he will also maintain this quality when dealing with crises.

In the car that Zhou Yao drove, a few people hadn’t eaten since the banquet.

At this moment in the carriage, taking advantage of the gap to replenish energy.

After Zhou Yao finished eating a sandwich with Yu Li’s hands, X Big was near.

The huge campus was completely dark at this time, and there were no lights in the dormitory. Zhu Yang didn’t feel that so many people had all fallen within a few hours.

Maybe it was to avoid the zombies from coming around, so the people who hid did not make any movement.

The campus is full of zombies dangling at night, but because the university is too large, it looks a little sparse.

Zhu Yang was in trouble: “Where can I find the doctor’s son at such an age?”

Yu Li said: “I will try.”

The company’s file has the phone number of the other party, and judging from the time of file update, the other party should not have changed their phone.

It is said that the whole city is in chaos at this time, and the telephone signal has been paralyzed. It can be said that after dialing the number with the terminal, it seems that there is no trouble with the line, and the signal is silky smooth and goes straight to the other end.

The answer is also fast over there, almost in seconds—

“Hey!” Hearing the voice, the other party was still mentally stable.

Yu Li said: “Mr. Stryker? We were dragged by your father to the rescue. Please tell us where you are now.”

There was obviously a sigh of relief, and it seemed that the tension was not without pressure. He reported his position, right over the laboratory building.

Because a person is trapped in the house, there is no way to ask for help, and there is a desperate situation surrounded by zombies outside, and the other party can’t care whether there is a problem with the rescued people.

What even Dr. Aili hadn’t expected, he naturally couldn’t have expected. Dr. Aili only thought that the purpose of research and development of the virus was to allow the company to make monopolistic profits.

Who knew they would be used to carry out terrorist attacks-

In fact, at this time they still did not realize the seriousness of the problem.

Following the location provided by the other party, the four quickly rushed away. The method for the zombies to judge humans has not yet been confirmed, but they are obviously aware of the intrusion of strangers.

However, the four-person horsepower is full, and the car driving at high speed may be able to catch up, not to mention the slow-moving zombies that have just come out now.

The laboratory building was short of people, but there were quite a few in the entrance and corridor of the laboratory where Stryker was hiding.

Zhou Yao raised his hand a few shots, and the zombies fell to the ground.

He kicked the door of the laboratory directly and violently, and he saw a young man in a white coat holding a steel pipe watching the door vigilantly, shocked by the movement just now.

Zhu Yang said: “Mr. Stryker, we are the people who just contacted you. Please take the things your father explained and go with us.”

She was vague about something, because the youngest gave her not much information, but the other party had a tacit understanding with her father.

Hearing Zhu Yang’s words, he nodded, “Something is in my room.”

Then a few people rushed to the dormitory again. There were a lot of zombies here, and the entire corridor was horribly chaotic. When Stryker passed by, all he saw were colleagues and friends who usually went out together to do research.

My heart felt uncomfortable, and his face was pale.

Zhu Yang and the others couldn’t comfort him. They were just travelers in this world. They couldn’t empathize with this desperate doom without being in it.

Without delay, the other party returned to the room and took down his lamppost and took out a tube of medicine from it.

Said to them: “This is just a preliminary product, and it needs to be debugged. This requires my father.”

Zhu Yang nodded and took the medicine from his hand: “Sure, let me here.”

She understood that this guy had kept one hand, but she didn’t mind, this guy and the doctor had to live anyway.

One theory, one practice, and the two are indispensable if they want to dispense a truly effective medicine within time.

Seeing her strength, Stryker knew that he couldn’t help himself now, and didn’t say much, just asked: “Where is my father?”

“I don’t know!” Zhu Yang said.

“What? You–” A trace of panic flashed across Stryker’s face, and the worst result appeared.

But he heard the other party calm down and said: “Don’t worry, after all, we are not happy to see this catastrophe, no matter what our position, at least it will not be your opposite.”

“But it’s really too much trouble taking you as a person.”

Stryker thought that the other party was going to kill her, so she saw that she had taken a game console and a few magazines from his desk, which he used occasionally for pastime.

Then it went dark, and in the next second people appeared in an unfamiliar space. Game consoles, magazines and comics all fell down, and there was a big bird’s nest-shaped sofa inside, with a lot of snacks piled beside it.

Looks like it’s all children’s favorites.

As a scientific researcher, Stryker suddenly became interested in this wonderful space technology while horrified. The whole person fumbled around in the beast bag, and had his own equipment for testing, and he was very busy.

After capturing the decisive characters and props, Zhu Yang and the others have greatly increased their bargaining chips.

She said to the three of them: “Our enemies seem to be those players, but they are not. Even if they are killed, as long as the company’s ambitions are still there, it can only be said to treat the symptoms and not the root cause.”

The source of the advantage of those guys is the well-managed power status in this world, and the battlefield has not yet begun, so naturally they can’t rush forward in such a hurry.

It would be better to cut off their rear first, cut off the other’s wings, and then get twice the result with half the effort.

“It’s a pity that airplanes are not so easy to find. Now if you want to get out of town, you must first run out of town on foot.”

But Zhou Yao said: “Helicopters? Yes.”

Speaking, he came to a large truck, put his hand on it, and then the vehicle completed the transformation of the helicopter in the eyes of a few people.

Although I know that this guy’s abilities must be much stronger than before, but this is too exaggerated.

In the previous copy of Fu Jiang, he could only transform items of size and precision such as guns.

Comparing helicopters with firearms, it’s not a matter of size at all.

Yu Li patted him on the shoulder: “I, where are you, no, when–”

Such a calm child is incoherent.

Zhou Yao tried this once, and almost exhausted his energy, and he directly used him as a crutches.

“Didn’t I say that I spent nearly a year in the last copy? My identity is more convenient in it, so I just took the opportunity to study the structure of the helicopter.”

However, understanding the structure is one thing. To successfully convert, you have to constantly break through the upper limit of your ability within the limit. The so-called training is one thing.

Zhu Yang had to admire this guy and patted him on the shoulder: “Yes, in the future, you will enter the high-level field and copy the feat of battleship and human confrontation is just around the corner.”

Zhou Yao’s concentration and polishing of his abilities is indeed inferior to Zhu Yang.

The three of them didn’t know how to fly, so they still had to wait for Zhou Yao to rest for a while.

Zhu Yang fed him some food, as well as the energy recovery potion left over from the previous sweep.

It didn’t take long before this guy was energetic again.

Although the capacity is temporarily unavailable due to excessive consumption, it is natural to fly a plane.

Before all parties reacted, a helicopter took off and drove out of the city, heading north.

The closer you are, the more you can catch the signal here. When there are tens of kilometers away from the destination, several people got off the plane.

The aerial target is too conspicuous, for fear of arousing the other’s vigilance. In fact, when they arrived, it was already one or two in the middle of the night.

Unlike a city that has become a **** on earth, the base a thousand miles away is peaceful.

The base was built underground and surrounded by desert. Zhu Yang and the others settled in a motel next to a gas station.

Their dress and appearance are very different from those of ordinary passing passengers. When the lady boss with heavy makeup entertains them, she keeps chatting with them, as if she is very interested in them.

Zhu Yang glanced at the people around him. It was late at night, but the boss and the clerk were still there, and there were many customers in the bar on the first floor.

But contact the nearby residential branch, as well as the number of parking outside, this is really-

Zhu Yang and Yu Li looked at each other, too, no matter how tight the checkpoints inside, it does not mean that the outside can be overlooked.

So when the proprietress was serving food, they asked them: “How did you come? I saw your car and was put down midway?”

“Is it waiting for someone to come back tomorrow? Is there a car?”

Zhu Yang smiled at her and said, “The one who came in the helicopter, don’t wait for tomorrow, and will leave now. As for the car, don’t you have many here?”

The lady boss smiled and said: “Haha! Then you are really in a hurry, yes, I will let the kitchen hurry up, what kind of car do you four want? Or someone will go out with me to choose one?”

“I’ll ask someone to drive to the gas station next to fill up the gas for you. The rental fee will be cheaper for you.”

Zhu Yang smiled brighter: “Discounts are no longer necessary. Have you ever heard of robbers breaking into people’s homes and robbing tools handily. Do you still have to rent them?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the lady boss smiled stiffly, and all the big guys in the room who had been drinking stood up.

The author has something to say:   倀~~, I feel that this copy is written so badly, obviously the main line is so clear.


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