Scream Queen Chapter 138

I have scanned the surrounding terrain in the air before, and I have a clear picture of the surrounding environment.

It is vast and desolate, without rich vegetation, and households within a radius of fifty miles can count it with one hand.

This is also normal in a foreign background, but it also shows that the main customers of this gas station and motel, which are located in the middle of the highway and used for supply, are passing passengers.

But looking at the car outside, it looks like a dusty, but the people in the bar are much cleaner.

This cleanliness does not refer to their personal hygiene, but at all there is no such rushing atmosphere, just a nap here.

Although there is also a rough ore pleasure, there is a posture of wine and drunk now, but it is too compatible with the atmosphere of this bar.

The details are also familiar, even if they regard themselves as customers.

After Zhu Yang said that, the strong men in the store stood up, and could still hear the sound of being loaded.

She smiled at the boss’s wife: “A good guy, how about renting it to me?”

The boss’s wife didn’t have the diligence she had just done, so she didn’t smile and said: “You said that you ran for the robbery, and the rent is being raised now. Isn’t it a bit foolish?”

“Just be polite, who knew you were so serious?” Zhu Yang smiled.

Then he reached out and took control of the boss’s wife, who can be the person in charge of the first gatekeeper, but she has no small ability.

What’s more, since she dared to approach, it shows that she has confidence in herself.

With so many guns pointed at, she has always been secretly guarding, but she didn’t expect the other party to actually shoot like this, under the premise that there is no dead end.

What was even more incredible was that she couldn’t react to the opponent’s actions at all.

The moment the lady boss was restrained, the people around pulled the trigger, but Zhu Yang, Yu Li, and Zhou Yao were still sitting in a leisurely posture.

He didn’t plan to hide at all, as if he was afraid that his hair would be messed up by excessive movements.

But at the same time, Bai Youyou’s nails popped out more than ten centimeters out of thin air, and the stretched white and slender fingers were not pink and transparent girl nails.

The slender and sharp, gleaming texture of metal cold light suddenly sharpened her whole body, like an out-of-sheathed blade.

She stuck her nails on the table, as if inserting/inserted into tofu, and then her slender fingers lifted the table directly and stood in front of them.

It is not uncommon for bars to shout fights because of the mixed guests. They just don’t fight, watch a game or gamble for a long time, and these rough guys bang on the table with palms like palms.

The general texture really can’t stand the loss, so the tables here are not thin metal.

The bullets from the lasing hit the metal plate, and dense bumps appeared on it.

Bai Youyou’s wrist flicked, and the other vacant fingernail swiped to the edge of the table. The whole thick metal table that could temporarily withstand bullet attacks was cut off neatly and neatly like paper.

Bai Youyou cut the small piece and threw it at the person in the two-point direction. The cut off a small piece of table edge plus a table leg weighed at least 20 or 30 kilograms.

But this slender and fragile chick was more relaxed than throwing a baseball, and the incision was sharpened under her nails.

Throw it directly, and with the inhuman speed and strength, enter and directly cut off the two people there.

Inertia forced the two directly to the wall, and a corner of the table was deeply welded into the wall.

This thunderous blow shocked the surrounding people, and the bullets became denser, but it was obviously chaotic.

Without waiting for them to react, they saw another slice on the table, and the same number of ways to attack the place with a rather tricky angle.

After doing this three times, less than two-thirds of the area of ​​the table was left. At this time, the scary division appeared in the corner.

Cutting tofu is normal, neat and smooth, and the metal edges will not even roll up, just like diamond cutting glass, and even make obsessive-compulsive disorder feel satisfied.

But each cut represented a brutal cut of their hands, and the few people left in front had collapsed.

Fiercely fired a group of bullets in front, then turned around and started to flee in horror.

However, it was too late. Two iron plates flew from behind. It turned out that Bai Youyou directly divided the remaining area into two this time.

The sharp edge carries a high speed, just like a huge electric fan leaf, when it touches those people, it is cut in half.

Slow to say, but the actual conflict came down, less than a minute from the moment of turning his face.

At this time, the whole bar was bloody, the walls, the ground, and the large intestines were all over the floor. It was even more tragic than the serial murderer’s killer workshop.

The proprietress was originally restrained by Zhu Yang, stepping on her neck and kneeling on the ground, but at this time, it was all in this posture that she did not let her legs fall to the ground.

As a mercenary, she has seen many lives and deaths, but in such a short period of time, so many elites have been brutally killed.

Even if it is the advantage of using weapons? But no, the opponent did not use any heat weapons.

Just such a slender and petite girl like a twelve or three-year-old girl, she didn’t know the specific age of this girl.

Asian women are relatively slender and petite, and their age is also a mystery. In her opinion, they are equivalent to 12 or 13-year-old girls in Europe and the United States, but the actual age may be older.

But anyway, her physique is here. It is possible to say that these men whose average physique is more than three times hers were cut in the middle by her in a minute, or with the advantage of hot weapons?

Can humans do it?

“You, who are you?” The black lady boss said with a trembling voice.

“Don’t you talk about the robbery?” Zhu Yang smiled and said: “Just know this. Is the identity of the robber so important?”

After speaking, he pushed the person to Yu Li: “Find out how they can communicate with the base, whether they will send signals regularly, let’s add, don’t reveal anything during this time.”

Then the three of them looked around, then turned to Bai Youyou, and sighed: “Why are you eating here after doing this? The sand outside is so big.”

Bai Youyou was dissatisfied, holding up her nails that had been restored to their original condition, and said, “Ah–, these tables are so dirty, oily and smelly, what is this? Chewing gum? Ut–”

Zhu Yang, Zhou Yao, Yu Li: “…”

This guy can always switch seamlessly between the brave and rugged iron man and the squeamish little princess.

Look at the dead bodies around you at the table? It’s broken in two, it’s hard to die, take a look, this is your masterpiece.

Yu Li went to control the hotel and the gas station next to it, in case someone whispered during this period, Bai Youyou rushed into the bar to wash his hands desperately.

They glanced at the things in the bar, it was all rubbish, and they had no appetite. He simply moved his own food.

The hall was too **** to affect appetite, so a few people turned off the light boxes and doors, and went up to the second floor to avoid being scared to death in case a real passing pedestrian came in and saw this scene.

Randomly found a room, Zhu Yang took out a few big meals from the space, all the way to eat fast food cushion to cushion his stomach, this time is really hungry.

The rice is still warm when taken out, and the aroma of the rice immediately aroused the appetite of several people.

Since Zhu Yang has space, he has deliberately searched for food in reality, and the space is extremely rich.

Each of the three small ones also has the space props she gave away, and the area is not small, but they certainly can’t be eaten tightly, and they are so extravagant to take two separate pieces of freshly made various delicacies.

All the necessary supplies and weapons in their space, as well as dry food and bottled water.

After eating, I took out a few sleeping bags, planning to relieve my nerves that had been tense for more than ten hours

The surrounding areas of the hotel were guarded by Yu Li, but no one passed by at such a big night.

After four hours, everyone woke up. At this time, it was still dark. The four of them found a room, took a shower, and put on their usual mobile suits.

After leaving the hotel, I picked a suitable one from the car outside and filled it up at the gas station nearby. Driving in a certain direction and heading away.

When the morning sun entered the hotel, outside the opaque glass door, I could finally see the status quo inside.

There is no one around now, but anyone who sees it is definitely a numb reaction.

After the car drove more than 30 miles into the desert, Yu Licai said, “This is it.”

The four people got out of the car and saw a wooden shed erected in the wilderness, like a home for a homeless man. There were some shabby clothes hanging outside, and you could see traces of life inside.

It was just that Yuli lifted the bed board and slammed down the ground. The ground began to crack, revealing the disguised part.

It was a round metal door. Yu Li grabbed the handle and pulled it fiercely before opening it.

Zhu Yang said, “Is this the only entrance? It’s too good to pretend in such a short time.”

“It’s not.” Yu Li said, “It’s not convenient for me to invade too deeply, but I still understand the general topography of the base.”

The map he put on the phone: “The layout of the entire base is in a vertical direction, and this orientation extends a single huge space.”

“There is only one channel connected, and this channel is very long, and a large artificial lake is connected to the other side.”

“I guess the person hiding is in this space, but the lake looks like a shortcut, but it must be more dangerous. After all, except for you, the three of us are not suitable for underwater combat.”

So I can only rush from the other side, which is relatively troublesome.

Zhu Yang also agreed with this judgment. Although underwater had little effect on her, even if those guys filled the entire lake with zombies, her speed was still worthwhile.

But to bring three people, she might not be able to take care of them if there is a little mistake.

But in other circumstances, at least they can cope with it themselves.

The four jumped down one by one, and they landed directly from an altitude of about ten meters without using the metal ladder frame repaired along the entrance of the hole.

What you see is a huge dry platform, and you can see cables not far away, which are elevators.

A few people didn’t plan to sit on the thing either. There were a lot of articles that could be done in the enclosed space, and there was no one to deliver it.

At the moment they stepped into the base, they did not expect to remain exposed.

In order to prevent the other party from coming up with a countermeasure calmly, their actions should be accelerated.

Zhu Yang went up first, grabbed the cable with his gloved hand and slid down directly, and the three small ones at the back came down one by one.

This base is really not small, the height of each floor is amazing. At this moment, the elevator is below, and you can make an intuitive judgment through the elevator shaft.

With such a fast skating speed, each floor actually took a long time, and after going down the third floor in a row, the other party finally reacted.

The elevator below rose rapidly, and soon Zhu Yang and the others saw the huge elevator top platform.

According to their sliding speed inertia, this installation is almost like jumping off a building.

She couldn’t take it rashly, at such a fast speed, she stopped rashly, and the three small cars behind absolutely crashed.

But this kind of test is not even an appetizer, let alone Zhu Yang, the three small ones behind are not panicked.

When Zhu Yang passed an elevator entrance, suddenly his hands were loosened, and his legs stretched out to kick open the door and jump into the corresponding floor. The three small ones followed closely and jumped in from the hole she kicked out.

At the same time a huge elevator roared past them, and the wind lifted their hair.

“There are a total of 17 floors here, but we don’t need to explore it layer by layer. After entering, I am more sure that the space separated is the hiding place. According to the electricity distribution.”

“This is the third floor underground, and you can walk down the four floors to that long passage.”

While they were speaking, they could see that the monitor on the wall was aimed at them, the ceiling began to move, and within a few seconds, countless guns/guns were aimed at them in every corner.

The opponent’s actions were also neat and did not mean to negotiate, and the weapon fired intensively when it came out.

The firepower is not comparable to the previous bars, Zhu Yang quickly pulled Bai Youyou and Yu Li in front of him back to the elevator shaft.

Zhou Yao is good at physical skills, and his natural reaction is not slow. Even so, he can feel the terrifying bullet net from the elevator shaft.

Zhu Yang asked herself that she couldn’t stand in the middle, and her body and abilities had not yet reached this point.

However, the elevator shaft did not make them much easier. At this time, a huge earthquake was heard inside, and the cable suddenly broke.

The huge elevator that had already gone up suddenly crashed down like a boulder, and the speed was so fast that they couldn’t even allow them to go down one floor.

At this time, they had only two choices. One jumped back to the hallway where bullets rained, and the other stayed in the elevator shaft and was killed by the falling elevator.

But I saw a thick layer of ice suddenly spread in the elevator shaft, which spread upwards at a rapid speed.

It’s a pity that the elevator was too huge, and the downward trend was too strong. At this time, it was very close to them, and it couldn’t just be stuck in the air.

But the speed did drop sharply, which was enough.

Zhou Yao stretched out his hand and touched the elevator right in front of him. If anyone had a perspective, he could see that several huge metal thorns suddenly grew from the four corners of the elevator, and the elevator was stuck on the elevator shaft.

Coupled with the resistance of the dense ice, the whole stopped.

“All right?” Bai Youyou patted Zhou Yao on the shoulder.

Yesterday, the conversion of a helicopter has already let him off in an instant. This elevator is much larger than an airplane, and it is enough to be an apron.

Zhou Yao waved his hand with a relaxed expression: “This thing is big and big, but if you simply change the shape, it’s easy.”

How complicated the helicopter is, it doesn’t have the slightest technical content if it gets stuck in the middle, so it doesn’t take much trouble.

After the elevator trap was abandoned, they simply stopped walking down the corridor, and went straight down the elevator shaft, even though the cable was broken.

However, this space is large enough that Zhu Yang used ice to make a spiral slide.

One person jumped up first: “Yeah-”

Three small ones: “…”

Actually, let alone, it’s kind of fun.

So the three of them also jumped down one after another.

The earliest evacuation of the people in the base was less than 48 hours, and the latest was only a few hours ago from other cities.

Perhaps this day has a special meaning. When they wake up from dormancy, the world will be another scene.

Most people are not in a hurry to rest. The base has been carefully created to temporarily accommodate these people who will be ruled by the new world in the future, like a perfectly protected underground palace.

In the hall of the palace, many people are wearing beautiful dresses, holding champagne, or sitting on the luxurious sofas and chatting with people next to them, or walking between the clothes and the shadows.

The entire hall accommodating hundreds of people is like a high-end cocktail party, and the hot water outside cannot affect the exquisite calm here.

Only in the separate box on the second floor, an assistant in a black suit came next to a white-haired old man and whispered a few words to him.

In addition to him, there are a few people in the box. These people are the real decision makers of the entire company and the planners of this worldwide conspiracy.

The old man frowned when he heard the words, and did not shy away from a few people. He knocked on the desktop in front of him, and a projection appeared on the desktop.

Inside are the four Zhu Yang who have come to the seventh floor.

Because the elevator shaft monitoring was mostly destroyed when the elevator fell, they could not know that Zhu Yang got down through the ice ladder.

But the entire countermeasure record can be seen. Seeing that they survived the line of life and death between the rain of bullets and the elevator falling, and they reached the seventh floor in such a short time.

Even an army can’t retreat from this trap without defense, so it is inevitable to alarm these people.

Rather, it’s incredible enough to find here in such a short time.

After reading it, the old man sighed: “It’s EmmaYang.”

Others are not so calm like him: “Her mission has been completed, what else is she doing here?”

“Is our security really as promised before? Let’s forget about EmmaYang, how did those small ones get in?”

“Haha! Don’t underestimate those little kids, their resumes are also very good, if not-I even plan to recruit them to work in a few years.”

“Is it time to talk about this? Their straight-line distance is less than two kilometers away from us.”

“Calm down, they can’t touch the door here.”

Because they were unable to expose for the time being, Zhu Yang’s evaluation in the eyes of those people was high, but it was limited.

Because I am confident that this is just a small episode, internal employees have found this place by using the resources in their hands or the clues that they have found.

Therefore, these people did not contact the poison skin people the first time, and at this time they deeply believed that the base was in their control room.

Here, they are gods, and those who invade are bugs that can be sucked away at any time by turning on the vacuum cleaner.

The firearms in the corridor on the seventh floor could only resist, but Zhu Yang and the others suddenly broke in and fired at the ceiling before the firearms could be activated.

They have a good memory, and they still remember how these things were arranged on the third floor just now. One person divided them into several groups, and they shot these machine guns with precision.

The rain of bullets in the entire corridor was gone, but they faced much more than that.

Even if Zhu Yang’s focus is on high-level hiding places, the main floor of such a large base is naturally tightly protected.

Soon there were troops advancing in, smashing in their direction, and firing again. The whole process was rude and efficient.

There were too many people gathered, and from the same direction, it was like driving them in another direction.

Yu Li said: “Just go here, here is a straight line distance.”

So even if you know that there may be a trap, you can only break through it, otherwise, no matter how many people are wasted, you still have to turn back.

After running for a while, a metal passage appeared, and several people stopped.

Looking around this passage, there is no sign of folding, all of them are in one piece.

Zhu Yang winked at Yu Li, and Yu Li understood, his eyes became empty.

The picture on the monitor freezes at this moment, like a freeze.

Zhu Yang quickly took out a Fujiang and threw it over the passage. Fujiang rolled over there gruntingly, stood up and began to curse: “What are you doing?”

“Last time I came out to make-up and dressing up, I didn’t have my part. I didn’t pick people for work. If the **** takes advantage, you can go to her.”

Zhu Yang and the others hurriedly crossed the passage and took her back from Fu Jiang again: “There is a lot of bullshit, wouldn’t you grab that one when you go back? The clothes on you are still mine.”

The three little ones knew that she had put away Fu Jiang’s body at the beginning, but they didn’t expect to make the most of it.

At this time, the monitoring side realized that it was invaded, and Ultrain quickly began to search and capture in its own data.

It’s just that they are cunning and logical. The closer they are to here, the more they can selectively expose a part of them. No matter how strong they are, they cannot underestimate their weapons reserves.

The trap of the metal channel is too unknown, so it is better to avoid it. At this time, the other party suspects that it is also thinking about the support of the technical staff behind, let alone thinking that it is a person’s mental power.

“The front is the long passage.” It is the only bridge connecting the main building and the refuge.

It’s not as conspicuous as the metal channel here, but everyone has become more vigilant.

It’s just that in this grand building, many projects are manpower irresistible.

Walking to the middle, the passage suddenly disconnected from the middle and kept shrinking to both sides. Seeing that the distance was getting bigger and bigger, Zhu Yang jumped forward, and he could catch the edge of the opposite side.

But because the three younger ones started a bit slower than her, the distance was farther than visually.

The last Bai Youyou fell down, Zhou Yao reacted quickly and grabbed her, Yu Li grabbed Zhou Yao, and Zhu Yang took Yu Li to share his pressure.

It was pitch black below, I don’t know how high the hole was, but the appearance of four people made the dead space suddenly become restless.

Through the lights of the passage, they saw the crowd below, like the discount scene of Black Friday, densely packed with zombies.

As if sensing the aroma of fresh human flesh, he kept climbing up.

Those zombies naturally did not have a sense of collaboration, but the latecomers kept pressing down and climbing upwards, forming a terrifying tower of people.

At first, Bai Youyou’s feet were about two meters away from the group of zombies. At this moment, the zombie standing at the highest point was close at hand.

She didn’t panic, kicked the zombies that came over, and said to the top: “Go up.”

“The passage is still moving.” At this moment, if you jump up rashly, you may not be able to estimate the distance. It is okay for one person, but four people are at risk if they pull each other.

However, suddenly a strong wind came, and a fleshy tongue struck Yu Li and Zhou Yao in the middle, both of them occupied both hands, and it would be impossible to fight if they didn’t let go.

Zhou Yao desperately threw Bai Youyou up, and then let go of Yuli’s hand, and finally, before the fleshy tongue pierced him, he avoided the opponent’s offensive and counterattacked with inertia.

He kicked the opponent with one foot, and kicked the opponent directly onto the group of zombies, but how strong can this tower made of zombies be? It was washed away in an instant.

Then Zhou Yao was buried in a group of zombies——

“Oh my God, Ayao–” Bai Youyou happened to be thrown into the edge of the passage. She turned over and saw this scene, and her eyes suddenly cracked.

Yu Li quickly let go and jumped down to help him, but was thrown up by Zhu Yang. At this time, the passage had stopped shrinking.

Zhu Yang said to the two: “I’m going down, don’t worry.”

As he said, he struck a group of zombies below, spreading along with her as the center, and instantly ice-sealed the surrounding zombies.

Even if her ability is not enough to cover the entire huge underground space, the zombies in the outer circle cannot spread in.

Zhu Yang released those red-eyed cockroaches, thousands of cockroaches, frantically gnawing at the piece that Zhu Yang signaled.

If ordinary cockroaches did not tolerate ice very well before, red-eyed cockroaches are much more fearless.

With this terrifying swallowing speed, Zhou Yao, who was submerged, quickly revealed.

The strength of the ice cubes is no problem for ordinary zombies, but the lickers who sneak attacks on them can only restrict their movements for a while.

Zhu Yang pulled out Zhou Yao and instructed the cockroach to swallow it up quickly before breaking the ice. In this small space, only Zhu Yang and Zhou Yao were left.

Without waiting for Zhu Yang to move, Zhou Yao tore off the top of his clothes. Sure enough, this guy was fine.

If Bai Youyou or Yu Li rashly fell under this premise, he might not be able to retreat like this, but Zhou Yao’s ability can keep him temporarily safe.

Because the clothes Zhu Yang wore for them were special fabrics bought by another game, the teeth and nails of the zombies could not break through all at once.

In addition, he can change the shape of the object, without changing the characteristics of the fabric of the clothes, and only spread the excess cloth to wrap all his naked/exposed skin in an instant, and it is impossible for those zombies to accurately bite him within a few seconds.

The trickier thing is to confront the licker who also fell, but it was also buried, limited by the limited space attack.

Zhou Yao was okay to make Yu Li relieved, and hurriedly threw a bunch of rope down from above: “Come, come up.”

However, Zhu Yang gave them a gesture, not in a hurry.

She looked around for a while. With so many zombies and lickers, even if the city was abandoned, the company could still create commotion everywhere.

Of course the virus is the key, so this base is not allowed.

However, these dense, large numbers of zombies have other uses.

Zhu Yang asked Zhou Yao to go up first, and he began to keep cockroaches outside. After gaining the ability to infest the insects, the number of cockroaches could be said to be almost unlimited.

The thousands that were converted in the fitness club before were not enough for her.

The three little ones stared at the scene below with a bright flashlight from above, only feeling that their scalp was numb.

The countless zombies have already made people look scared, but the cockroaches constantly pouring out from around Zhu Yang seem to be even more endless.

Soon there was a sea of ​​insects spreading below, it is no exaggeration, cockroaches spread like a tide.

Click! Click! The neat gnawing sound is endless, if the three of them face the group of zombies, they still have a little confidence to protect themselves.

Then, in the face of this insect pest, this natural disaster like a shocking scene, they thought about it, and they would never escape from it.

The three of them looked at each other. Is Sister Yang already strong enough?

After the previous copy, they were also desperately becoming stronger, compared to the previous ones, but they didn’t seem to shorten the distance between them.

The ability of insect plague is really scary, but even if the game is given to you, not everyone has the ability to endure it.

How much spiritual power is needed to control this huge number? Then let these cockroaches swallow the zombies for conversion. If the cockroaches’ restlessness cannot be suppressed, they will face a fierce backlash.

But is their sister Yang a person with good eyes and low hands? No, although she was crazy, she was always sure of her own affairs.

It’s just that they can’t see the front of Zhu Yang, otherwise they will find that Zhu Yang is not feeling well at the moment.

Her face was pale, and her forehead was already covered with cold sweat. In fact, this was the reason why she didn’t dare to change cockroaches in large areas outside.

The zombies and strangers outside are mixed, and once a riot occurs in the cockroach conversion process, she cannot guarantee that she will not hurt the innocent.

The sea of ​​zombies here is cheaper for her, Zhu Yang even felt a sweet smell in her nose, but she was forcibly suppressed.

It’s almost there, it’s almost time.

The resistance of the lickers mixed in the zombies is the fiercest, but under this amount, even if their physical aggression is comparable to the intermediate players, they can only be swallowed.

Under the frenzied gnawing, the scope of the zombies kept shrinking, and the cockroaches that hadn’t gnawed naturally began to violent, and Zhu Yang quickly recovered half of the number.

And as the number of zombies became fewer and fewer, they continued to recover. When the last zombie was eaten up, Zhu Yang finally couldn’t help but vomit a mouthful of blood.

This was the first time she was so embarrassed. Even if all the cockroaches were taken back, the violent backlash still made her mind burst.

She quickly took out the recovery potion, poured it into her mouth without money, and finally relied on the local tyrant’s ability to suppress the backlash.

In fact, she had already done a good job of using the resurrection pill at that moment if she died from backlash.

Although she was messy, the price of a life can always be exchanged for a qualitative change of ability.

Although the dog than the game is missing now, there is no way to give her a hint, but she feels it, forcibly combining the abilities of cockroaches and insects to raise a terrifying attack level.

She seemed to have touched the edge of high-level players. It was a mysterious and mysterious feeling, and she couldn’t say where the confidence came from.

In short, he has become a lot stronger again, in this extreme polishing and adventure.

When Zhu Yang pulled the rope up by the three little ones, they were shocked when they saw her face.

Bai Youyou quickly took out a towel from the space and wiped her face, wiping the sweat and blood off her face.

“Sister, you are too scary.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand to indicate that it was all right, and said to Yu Li, “Let’s get started!”

Yu Li nodded, the mental power that had been hiding before hiding in Tibet was no longer low-key, and suddenly concentrated a little and quickly attacked the opponent.

After the passage, the laser beam that originally appeared suddenly disappeared, the screen in the main control room flickered, and the state was extremely unstable.

“We were attacked.”

The high-level who was surprised that they could pass through the passage heard this, and finally lost the calmness at the beginning.

Even if the four people came to the passage, the straight-line distance from them was less than two hundred meters. But the traps here are not joking.

The crowd watched them come all the way with a cat and mouse mentality, especially when they fell into a group of zombies.

Because there is no monitoring below, but the consequences of falling alive can be imagined, but all of them came up unscathed.

I was horrified by the ability of this group of people, but received such deadly news.

Ultrain was attacked and was too busy to take care of itself, so the laser channel that was the last absolute defense lost its power.

At this time, a few people are going to come in, with their abilities as if they were in no one.

“Quickly, stop them.”

Without their instructions, the security guards had already acted, and countless people with guns and live ammunition rushed out from all directions.

At this time, there is no need to worry about whether the ability is exposed or not, the destination has been reached, and excessive cover is no longer necessary.

When Zhu Yang walked in front, Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao pulled out high-destructive weapons from the space when countless footsteps came from the two passages.

It was the shoulder-mounted fire/arrow/barrel that Zhu Yang used in the Deep Sea Prison before. She lent it to Zhou Yao and studied it, and then Bai Youyou also copied it here.

Both can be used, just like the left and right guards, a blow at the coming team will cause death and injury.

Before more people arrived, the two fired arrows/cannons aimed at the alloy door, which was comparable to a bank vault.

But the high-destructive weapon of another game is really not built, and Zhu Yang can only buy one that can only be ordinary goods?

The alloy door exploded like it had been melted, and there was red metallic liquid dripping down on the two big holes.

There was no one standing in this direction, but the huge earthquake still made the inside shake.

There was already someone on the high platform on the second floor preparing to shoot, but Zhu Yang went up with a few hands/thunders, and she was extremely accurate no matter how far away.

I couldn’t stop it outside, and the ignition power inside, the probability of accidentally injuring one’s own people was higher than the probability of effectively hitting them.

Seeing the screaming and screaming around, Zhu Yang raised his hand and fired three shots in a row.

“Roar a hammer! Anyway, you have to die, can you stop being annoying before you die?”

The fire/arrow/tube of Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao are facing the second floor, and you can look at the special room in the hall.

Zhu Yang’s gun hooked at them and said, “Come on, get out, wait for me to invite you guys?”

The terrible weapon that the door can’t stop, naturally not a layer of glass.

A few people came down from the inside and faced Zhu Yang with an ugly expression: “EmmaYang, what are you doing?”

“As the company’s security chief, you took the lead in attacking the base. This is a serious dereliction of duty.”

Zhu Yang put a gun on his head: “You still put me here and let the officials fart? What about you? Come on, don’t you mean that you are the best at lobbying people to sell their lives?”

“This kind of wickedness can gather a large group of people, and I must be able to bear it. Give me a reason and see if I can convince me not to kill you.”

After Zhu Yang finished speaking, he saw a strange expression on those people suddenly.

“Because your mission has been completed.” A familiar voice came from behind.

The four of them turned their heads and saw another Zhu Yang wearing a tuxedo and pointing a gun at them. Not only that, but there were also three people behind her, namely Bai Youyou, Zhou Yao, and reasonable.

The EmmaYang looked at Zhu Yang with an expression of unfounded arrogance in his eyes, like a **** looking at his creation.

She said: “You are our duplicates, and the purpose of staying there is to complete the last task for me after I leave.”

“I deliberately left a copy of my brothers and sisters, so that you can be with your family when you are desperate, and ultimately have no regrets.”

“This is what I can give you as a body.”

After hearing these words, Zhu Yang, how can they still not understand? The co-author of Nima Emma has long since evacuated, and their identities arranged by the game are just copies.

The author has something to say:    did not expect it? Hahahahaha…


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