Scream Queen Chapter 139

This matter, Rao Zhu Yang did not expect.

But unexpectedly, it is reasonable.

Lenovo’s poison-skinned people asked the base to pay attention to Zhu Yang’s movements, but did not give much feedback.

In other words, the strength and strength she showed, within the scope of the opponent’s identification, there is nothing to pay attention to.

Although Zhu Yang didn’t use his abilities in front of people before coming to the base, he was regarded as an industry leader in all aspects.

Even if these guys are evacuated, they need manual work or security, right? So there is really no reason for such a good employee to be abandoned.

It doesn’t seem that the other party has a pit in his head, they can be shrewd.

It’s just that the arrangement of the game made her enjoy it, a copy of a character in this dungeon world?

It is for selfish desire to sit and watch the **** where all mankind has fallen, and to see the other side’s appearance.

It’s really the same as Zhu Yang, even the hairstyle is the same, but the other party lacks a kind of refinement and aura that has been continuously upgraded and evolved. Such a guy says she is a duplicate?

Zhu Yang sneered: “Be considerate? Do I still have to thank you for your kindness? Thank you for being the main body, for taking such a one-time consumption of tasks and supplies for me, but also for the humanitarian care. I am afraid that I will be lonely when I die. Brothers and sisters together?”

“Seriously, your funeral idea is simply a genius. It doesn’t hurt yourself, but also makes people satisfied. I really admire you.”

As she said, she clapped her hands, really like admiring the other’s amazing talent, but there was no waver on her face.

This is not the reaction that a copy should have when it sees the other itself. It is impossible for an individual to remain indifferent.

Or is she just using a calm appearance to hide her inner vibration? But no matter what, Zhu Yang’s response made them feel like they couldn’t step on the ground.

At this time, the girl behind EmmaYang who looked the same as Bai Youyou snorted impatiently.

“It’s really rough and barbaric.” She frowned tightly, looking at Bai Youyou’s direction with disgust.

But this expression is like a pretty young lady acting like a coquettish. Under her beauty and youth, she would laugh at anything she said too much.

Bai Youyou looked a little embarrassed at the moment, clearing the level all the way through. Although the levels it really brought to them were limited, it was also a rain of guns and bullets.

I have bombarded and fired several times everywhere, and the dust covered the sky with disgust, and sweat from running.

She wore black clothes and black trousers that were easy to move. Her hair was tied into a neat high ponytail and braided into a tight ball.

No matter how you run, it will not affect it, nor will it make long hair a burden.

To be honest, she is actually pretty good looking like this, there is a kind of beauty that came out of the war smoke, and her pitiful appearance is very contrasting with her Sayuri.

With a huge fire/arrow/tube in his hand, I just grab a picture, just like the heroine poster in an adventure shop.

Also because her beauty doesn’t need to be refined at all.

But these are in the eyes of another’Bai Yoyo’, who is clean and fresh, dressed in a white dress like snow, with delicate hair care, and a diamond butterfly hairpin on his temples, it is like seeing his own black history. same.

As if his own photos had been maliciously ugly, she looked at Bai Youyou with disgust.

She said: “Sister, don’t use me to make a copy in the future. I never knew that the copy was so different from the main body.”

“Look at her, like a loach struggling to survive in the mud. Sure enough, memory can be instilled, but dignity and dignity can’t be instilled. How ugly, can’t you die beautifully?”

As soon as these words came out, how outsiders didn’t talk about it, Zhou Yao and Yu Li silently moved aside, away from this piranha that disguised as a small white flower that would show its squalid teeth at any time.

They already felt the cold breath flowing from Bai Youyou’s body, but she was still smiling, and sister Yang’s smile remained the same.

EmmaYang over there seemed to be obedient to his sister. Hearing what she said, he nodded and replied: “Okay, no, it is true that this thoughtfulness is unnecessary.”

Then the “Zhou Yao” over there took another step forward with the wine glass, if it is said that although the situation between “Bai You You” and Bai You You are different, the temperament is still the same.

So this “Zhou Yao”, apart from looks, the two seem to be completely different people.

Zhou Yao’s temperament is a bit stubborn, but his personality is a simple teenager who is addicted to military studies. The children around Zhu Yang are more logical than her and Lu Datou’s brother, Zhou Yao is the simplest.

But the ‘Zhou Yao’ in front of him was different. The entire playboy, several people also saw the lipstick mark on his face and neck after that.

The shirt buttons are also unbuttoned below the chest, and the whole person is swaying, similar to the rich second generation seen on some special occasions.

Holding the wine in his hand, he respected Zhuyang and Bai Youyou from a distance, and his eyes looked at them with undisguised regret.

“It’s a pity, if it weren’t for my sister and younger sister’s face, I would really like to spend the night with you.”

“It’s a completely different person if you don’t look at your face. This wild charm, rugged dress, and beautiful contrast, who really came out of life and death, are more powerful than any mere uniform girl.”

“Puff–” Zhu Yang and Bai Youyou were not angry when they heard this, but they burst out laughing with joy.

However, Zhou Yao almost vomited blood at the same time. When he turned around and saw Zhu Yang’s reaction, he immediately exploded his hair: “What? You treat that product as my spoof version? Don’t think about it anymore. Hey! Did you hear that? Still laughing, still laughing?”

Zhou Yao flushed with laughter, turned back in defeat, and saw that Yu Li’s unlucky stuff was also desperately holding back a smile.

He immediately had the urge to hit allies with the fire/arrow/cannon in his hand.

He hasn’t finished his grumble with this hairy look. On the other hand, he is impatient. He can only say “Zhou Yao”: “My copy over there, shut up, okay? It’s like a dog-like mania, really There is no little self-cultivation and manners at all.”

Zhou Yao was originally irritated by his companions, but now, when he heard the words, his face didn’t blush, and he didn’t make a sound.

The expression of the whole person seems to disappear by the way, and the eyebrows are flattened without fluctuations, but the keen people can feel this is the calm before the storm.

In the end, Yuli looked at the “Muli” over there, but took the initiative: “Do you not express any thoughts?”

The metaphor over there was much more indifferent, and only said: “Why do you talk so much to the dead?”

Three little ones are satisfied, and one is missing.

EmmaYang then continued: “Let’s catch it with your hands. Since you are a copy of me, I naturally thought about the possibility of getting a bite back one day, so I wouldn’t go without any insurance.”

Then she took out a lighter-sized controller: “Unfortunately, as the security team leader, I am also one of the company’s scientific researchers. I am responsible for the replication project.”

In other words, her authority is higher than Zhu Yang and the others thought. The other party is not only an ordinary employee, but also one of the high-level staff here. It is no wonder that all her family members can enter the shelter.

EmmaYang looked at Zhu Yang: “You are indeed excellent. Many of the other clones can’t resist the first test. Although memory can be copied, experience and physical memory are not so easy to inherit.”

“Your performance is much better than I thought. I have been watching you. In the sudden chaos, you not only saved yourself, but also integrated a considerable part of your forces.”

“With the horses and weapons you took away when you left the building, even if the end comes, you can quickly form your own power in the earth and the world. Even if it is me, you may not be able to do well and see yourself as the body. I’m really pleased that the possibility is so great.”

“It’s just a pity, you have to hold on to some clues.” She sighed, as if it were a pity: “The reality is not so easy to accept, right?”

Seeing her, she didn’t say a word with a smile, EmmaYang frowned, and said: “I will give you a chance at last. I don’t have to kill you. You stay and do things for me.”

“Sister?” The three little ones over there looked at her incredulously, not understanding her crazy decision.

Generally speaking, the moment the replica knows that it is a replicator, the utility has been invalidated. Regardless of her ability, the average person will first have a mental breakdown and fall into doubts about their own existence. The subsequent reactions are naturally uncontrollable. , Staying is really called endless troubles.

But the capitalists present were able to understand EmmaYang’s ideas. This copy was too strong. The refuge house they spent many years and invested heavily in was not a cardboard box.

The refuge house was blocked for less than 24 hours, and someone hit the door and broke in. Let alone the force displayed by these people, it was the technical support behind it that could compete with Ultrain for permissions, and we couldn’t just let it go.

Otherwise, when they are dormant, they will probably be killed in a nest.

However, Zhu Yang had just heard that EmmaYang had finished playing.

She changed her posture, not the kind of tight posture with a stern glance, but looked relaxed, and even tilted her upper body a bit to the side, matching her **** figure, looking very lazy and enchanting.

The “Zhou Yao” over there even whistled softly, and she accepted it unceremoniously.

This said: “To be honest, I am very disappointed in you.”

She said to EmmaYang: “I thought, with my face like this, whether you are me in this world or a pure NPC, you should have a lower IQ limit.”

“But I only saw a fool who was blinded by conceit and complacent. A crisis is coming, but he will only hold onto the self-righteous bargaining chip and refuse to make progress.”

“Looking at my face making such a slow reaction, how proud you are, how disappointed in my heart, God knows how unwilling to believe this is true, how can it be so stupid?”

EmmaYang frowned, but the “Bai Youyou” over there was impatient: “Sister, it seems that the other party doesn’t understand your kindness, so it’s better—”

The delicate and sweet voice suddenly turned into a scream, EmmaYang hurriedly raised his gun at them, and then looked at his sister.

The other two “Zhou Yao” and “Yu Li” also watched eagerly, and caught the “Bai Youyou” who was about to fall to the ground.

She saw a hole in her shoulder, and a trickle of blood flowed down her white and slender arms and chest, and suddenly the white dress was dyed with a large patch of bright red.

The three of them looked over and saw Bai Youyou carrying a fire/arrow/barrel in one hand, and a pistol/gun in the other hand that was originally empty.

The hand/gun pointed directly at “Bai Youyou”, and there was still a puff of smoke remaining on the gun/mouth.

‘Bai You You’ looked over with a cold sweat on her face, her eyes were stubborn.

But I saw the copy of myself with a cold face and said: “My sister speaks, you cut in. The idiot relies on petting to say a few words, and people just bark twice as a kitten. Do you really think you have a say? ”

After speaking, she showed a bright smile, which is the same as the smiling face she used to be easy to do with her cute and sweet appearance at school.

“But don’t you mean that it is better to die decently than to struggle with ugly? Oh! Now you have a hole in your shoulder, covered in blood, like a miserable female ghost, why don’t you die so ugly?”

“I just hit a bit crooked, how about you help me and die by myself?”

‘Bai You You’ was blocked by her words, and almost fainted with anger, but it was more unbelievable.

How dare she? A mere copy.

When EmmaYang saw this, he did not engage in meaningless verbal negotiations with them. These guys can see that they cannot be convinced by words alone.

She held the controller in her hand and pressed her thumb on one of the buttons.

Each replica has a microchip implanted in its brain, which can be used for control, whether it is paralysis, electric shock, or even directly causing the chip to explode and kill them.

EmmaYang chose the electric shock option. Although the other party’s attack on his sister made her angry, the capitalist’s thinking still prioritized interests.

This copy is very useful, if you are not obedient, just rebuild it directly.

However, several seconds passed, and the four people on the opposite side did not respond, looking at her like a joke.

EmmaYang’s calm expression finally disappeared, and she even thought that the controller was malfunctioning.

But the flashing red light told her that there was no problem, and she pressed it twice.

As if impatient, the four Zhu Yang took out melon seed-sized chips from their pockets——

“Look for this again?”

EmmaYang took a step back subconsciously: “How is it possible?”

Zhu Yang popped the thing out and hit EmmaYang’s face directly: “You don’t believe you if you are stupid. I can hit the door, hold your super brain, and let your signal to locate Dr. Ai Li become invalid.”

“It’s all like this, and you still believe in your own technology. What gives you confidence?”

The executives heard the words in horror: “Dr. Eli’s tracker is also you—”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Knowing that the people who are scattered outside are likely to be under your control, how could I not check myself?”

Although the game is directly transferred from their body, the identity they play in this copy is a copy of EmmaYang and his younger siblings.

Of course, Zhu Yang hadn’t guessed this beforehand. He just felt that their group was so easy to play down compared to the other two groups, and certainly not at all disadvantages.

Moreover, with the identity of this world inserted, many things have to be followed by relevant logic, and you have to follow this line of thinking, and you cannot treat yourself as a pure outsider.

Sure enough, when Xiao Shizi sent news that there was a tracker on her doctor’s side, Zhu Yang asked Yu Li to conduct a self-inspection on them.

Although the abandoned son is not at the same level as a doctor, Zhu Yang feels that since a company dared to plan this world-wide conspiracy, many things would naturally not be lucky.

Sure enough, Yu Li detected something from a few of them, which almost didn’t make Zhu Yang annoyed. The dog dared not move her body more than the game.

Another game deserves to be of a cruel style. It is really blind to the players. Zhu Yang also has reason to suspect that this product is revenge for the previous scandal.

Pooh! Stingy got a batch.

He took out the things cursely, and Zhou Yao took it. Although he is not a doctor, his ability requires high-precision manipulation.

Zhu Yang also had the ice ability to freeze the wound and stop bleeding. Although it was the first time, there was no rushing, so he took out the things and touched the recovery potion.

Strictly speaking, this is just a small trauma, and it is not a broken limb fracture or internal organ fragmentation, which is visible to the naked eye.

Losing control of the duplicate, everyone panicked, not to mention that EmmaYang must be stronger than the other.

Then you have to look at the weapons on them, even if the manpower is now all gathered, blocking them in all directions to surround them.

But if the opponent fights desperately, casualties in the entire refuge will be inevitable, and no one can guarantee that they will not be affected.

They evade underground but to become the masters after the world is reshuffled, instead of dying tens of meters below the ground.

EmmaYang really used equality at this time, looking at Zhu Yang with vigilance in the face of an extremely difficult opponent.

And said to the two younger brothers: “You go down first.”

‘Zhou Yao’ and’Yu Li’ glanced at each other, helping’Bai You You’ to go back, but two gunshots came.

Looking back, I saw a copy of their faces looking at them and said: “What are you worried about? Anyway, it’s also an adult man. It’s not good for a woman to stand in front of you when something happens.”

These words made the faces of the two people a little ugly, but they saw the two holding guns standing in the surrounding layers, calmly facing each other, dressed in neat combat uniforms, and they were full of gunpowder from men.

It always makes them feel like they have lost a lot.

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “Come on, don’t waste time. We will come here before dawn. We haven’t eaten breakfast yet. What should we do if we occupy the base.”

“Heh! You really dare to say it.” EmmaYang sneered.

Then he made a vague gesture, and several bullets broke through the air with the momentum of thunder. They were snipers hiding in the dark.

The four guys who were arrogant with weapons were shot instantly, although they didn’t hit the point because of the angle inconvenience.

But the impulse of the bullet made them feel staggered, the whole body was unstable, and the surroundings opened fire.

Intensive and precise blows hit the four people in the encirclement, and hundreds of bullets instantly sifted them.

After a full minute, the shooting stopped, and the people in the hall were frightened by the turbulent confrontation, screaming and screaming.

However, those who can be selected to enter the refuge are indeed very capable. Such intensive bursts of fire did not affect an innocent person.

After the fireworks cleared, the four invaders were already inhumane, and they were almost beaten into a beehive and fell on the ground, unable to tell which pool of blood belonged to.

“Huh—” The people around let out a breath.

“at last–”

“It’s true that these guys are far beyond expectations, it’s a pity.”

“EmmaYang has many replicas, and there is no need to find a better one, but controlling this link really requires strengthening the design.”

EmmaYang also breathed a sigh of relief, and came to Zhu Yang, kicked her body in high heels: “It seems that you are the one who is overwhelmed–”

Before he finished speaking, there was an unbelievable voice in the main control room in the hall——

“You guys, what are you doing? What do you shoot at a cloud of air?”

what? air?

Everyone looked at the corpse in front of them in shock, and it did exist. The tragic death made people unbearable to look directly at it. People who were close could even smell the rust in the air.

That is the smell of blood.

They are about to assume that a traitor has appeared in the main control room, or that the technical support of these people has tricked them into monitoring. After all, seeing is believing.

With a layer of screen, the credibility is always lower.

However, in the next second they knew that the current situation might happen to be upside down.

I saw the blood flowing out of the dead corpses on the ground was gradually recovering, and then the bullet shells were ejected from the body one by one, and then the blood flowed back to the body along the wound. The wound was healed by naked eyes. After healed, the clothes covered with bullet holes even All gradually recovered.

As if retracing time, the four people stood up from the ground intact.

Perhaps this kind of thing is too anti-human, for this full minute, no one actually responded.

“Why? What’s so surprising?” Zhu Yang smiled and said, “You are not people who have seen other worlds, and have a good cooperation? I think you are so strange that you are rare.”

The poisonous skin people cooperate with the company. In this limited time, it is naturally impossible to hide it. It is necessary for the company to see the strength and the possible direction of human evolution.

What’s more, you might contribute a little of your own genetic data for research, otherwise, who would take risks for the unknown results?

But those are all people with strange looks, obviously walking on other paths of evolution.

In front of this, they always thought that the other party was just a copy of EmmaYang.

“Shoot!” EmmaYang responded the fastest, and gave the order without waiting for others to react.

But this time those bullets passed directly through four people, because they didn’t hit the real place, and even affected people around them, and several people were shot in an instant.

“God, are they ghosts?” But they were clearly standing in front of them, and there were even entities before them.

However, the answer to them was the collapse of all the surrounding armed forces.

No one could see how they did it, and the nearest row of security was cut off.

The people on the left and right blew up, killing and wounding, and the snipers in the distance were pulled out one by one and killed.

The voices in the surveillance kept reminding them to pay attention to their surroundings, even to the precise location, but there were people there.

This broadcast reminder did not last long, because the mastermind’s control has been taken away.

The headed old man covered his sudden broken arm with a painful moan, and the palm he lost was the key to transferring authority.

The security guards died seven or eighty eight. Emma Yang, who fired according to the broadcast reminder, suddenly had something sharp against his neck.

The long-lost figure appeared behind her, with the same appearance as her own, and the sharpness and brilliance that she showed made her’body’ seem extremely ridiculous.

It’s like a poor-quality fish-eye bead saying that the diamond is its own counterfeit.

“Caught you!” Zhu Yang whispered in her ear.

This is the end of the matter, and there is no power to return, everyone is afraid, no amount of weapons, no matter how tightly surrounded it is useless.

Ultrain fell, security died seven or eighty-eight, and the entire base was hijacked.

Their dreams ended before they started. Everyone raised their hands and squatted down/body according to their requirements, just to linger.

Just like they did to that city.

Zhu Yang came to a sofa and sat down, looking at the glamour of the room.

Funny in my heart: “Yu Li, come here in several screens.”

Yu Li naturally understood that the lobby originally had a screen for entertainment, but now, under his control, the current state of the city is being played.

The whole city has fallen, and the streets are full of walking corpses, and cars collided and abandoned.

From time to time, some people who survived the disaster ran past, some of them were lucky enough to hide in the building, some were chased by zombies, or zombies that came out suddenly blocked the way and died of bites.

There may be many survivors hiding in the building, but even without considering the variation of the people in the house, not having enough food to support is a torture.

The army has arrived, blocked the exit of the city, and searched and rescued in the city, but the lack of experience in handling the situation also caused heavy losses to the early troops.

Zhu Yang pointed to the picture on the screen: “Look, this is the good thing you did.”

“Of course, I don’t expect you to be able to change your mind with just a few words. Even if you put down the butcher knife and become a Buddha, I am not happy.”

“I don’t care too much. You can get a reward. You did it. It doesn’t make sense that people are in dire straits. You can’t stand it, right?”

“If you do something, you have to take risks, just like doing business with you, so you can understand it?”

He said and waved his hand: “Go, throw all these people back to that city. Whether you live or die depends on your own destiny, everyone is equal.”

“No, no!” Someone quickly said: “This is not good for you, right? You have this ability, and you can completely rule the world.”

“Cooperate with our company. Our company represents the world’s most advanced science and technology. We were wrong. Those strange guys are not the terminal for development.”

“You are. With your participation, the entire human race can definitely evolve to a higher dimension.”

As he said that, the man became more and more excited.

Zhu Yang sneered and said, “What’s the beauty? This is the only one who thinks about good things when they die.”

Zhu Yang lifted his long legs and said sarcastically: “Do you really think, what kind of good intentions are those guys cooperating with you?”

“Do you really think that you can evolve just like this? You can pull it down. What people want is a playground compatible with them, so that when you come to this world, you don’t need to hide it.”

“They are monsters to the world like this. How can they be compatible? That is to turn everyone into monsters or destroy them directly.”

“Do you know how cruel conditions people evolve? You want to rule the new world by hiding in the ground, and you are willing to see whether they are happy or not.”

Zhu Yang was too lazy to say, waved, the security guards who surrendered naturally stepped forward to gather people.

EmmaYang suddenly said: “I can go out, but the family is innocent, at least let them stay here.”

She knew that the situation was over. She was confident that she could survive in the city, but her younger siblings were different, not to mention her younger sister was injured.

So she expressed affection to Zhu Yangxiaozhi: “Even if you are not a copy of me, depending on your relationship, you should be a close person? I hope you will let them go.”

“No need, no!” Bai Youyou and the three of them waved their hands: “We can eat and cry, what can’t be eaten in the’main body’? Don’t feel bad, go go.”

Bai Youyou continued to respond to them and said: “Oh, yes, the person opposite me has a relatively noble personality. Maybe he would rather die decently than survive in a bad environment. I admire this courage and feel ashamed. ”

“Well, I will give you a shot now to make you clean. This is also my greatest tenderness as an evolutionary body to you, an inferior body.”

The ‘Bai You You’ suddenly screamed with fright and kept shrinking back, and the others looked at them defensively.

Bai Youyou took it back in disappointment: “What? It turns out that life and death are at the forefront. You are not as sturdy as you said.”

Seeing them unmoved, the collapse of the people present, the confession of repentance, the loss of consciousness, but there is force to deter, no one dares to resist.

There were already large-scale vehicles in the base, but now the access to the ground in the city is blocked by the army, and the only option is to use airplanes.

The plane was also enough. Zhu Yang released a few cockroaches in front of everyone present, and directed them to chew on the corpse on the ground.

The speed of swallowing made everyone fearful, and those dead security guards were heavily armed with heavy protective clothing made of special materials, and even metal products on the clothes.

But those cockroaches gnawed without scruples, and at first they could only gnaw on the old table legs of apples. Now the swallowing range of cockroaches has undergone a qualitative change.

With a single bite, dozens of cockroaches cleaned up the corpses all over the floor within tens of seconds.

Everyone looked terrifying.

Then Zhu Yang stretched out his hand, a cockroach crawled to her fingertips, and a baby cockroach stood on her fingertips, sneered and said to everyone: “My babies are usually very gentle.”

“As long as you enter the city obediently, your life and death will depend on your own ability. I will never participate.”

“But who dares to instigate the security guard to take you away, or attack the transportation personnel to escape, my babies can pretend to be two more people.”

Saying that a cockroach appeared in front of everyone, crawling along the back of their feet to their necks, scratching on the large arteries and blood vessels.

Some women were so scared that they screamed, and everyone lost their last hope.

For those cockroaches, not to mention their terrifying phagocytic ability, that is, the bite force, biting the arteries in one bite, but also waiting for death.

Many people regret it, and even those high-level family members blame them for their involvement.

Someone begged Zhu Yang: “We did not participate in these things at all, we are innocent.”

Zhu Yang said: “But if something happens, you are also the beneficiaries. Say innocent, go and talk to the zombies in the city. I think they and you should have a common language.”

No matter how struggling, they were brutally pulled down, but EmmaYang and his party did not struggle excessively.

Also, she has the ability to protect herself, she doesn’t have to do this posture.

Packed everyone out of the shelter, Zhu Yang turned around and contacted the government——

Just kidding, even if one lives back, the legal sanctions still have to be accepted. Otherwise, the ratio of one to one hundred will not be offset by the death of so many people in the city.

The government was in distress, and suddenly received a comprehensive explanation of the matter.

The entire huge urban catastrophe was the responsibility of the world’s pharmaceutical oligarch Future Biotechnology Company, and all the details were sent to the past.

The formation and planning of the disaster, as well as the suppression plan, were successfully studied, which immediately reduced the pressure on the authorities.

In any case, there is a solution to the problem at the source, and the country also has excellent scientists, and the antidote information developed by Dr. Avery and Stryker is also transmitted.

But Zhu Yang, the scientific researcher on the base, didn’t drive away either, and released Stryker to continue correcting the drug.

It’s not like a university here, and Stryker can let go. No matter whether it’s data samples or equipment resources, it’s not comparable to universities. Even without Dr. Ailey’s presence, I believe that he and the base scientists can work together to create an effective solution that spreads in an instant. medicine.

Those scientists were threatened by cockroaches and had to work. Zhu Yang handed in the information of the evacuees from the base without leaving them. They still had to accept legal sanctions after they finished their work.

After occupying the base, Zhu Yang regarded this place as his own private property, and he swept away with the three small ones.

Don’t underestimate other people’s companies. They create refuges to survive the apocalyptic catastrophe, which naturally has everything.

It is still very important to wish Yang and their success by surprise. If you give them more time to arrange, I am afraid it will not be so easy.

The various advanced weapons inside were all divided by four people.

Not only that, those lickers who were made into biochemical weapons had a large number of them at the bottom of the underground, and they were all taken away by Zhu Yang. With their physical combat capabilities, they almost slapped average intermediate players.

The three small ones were also greedy, but they didn’t have any props to store the living body, so Zhu Yang promised to help them raise them first, and then they would divide them into a few if they had props.

There are also various high-tech supplies and medicines, almost no worse than those that Zhu Yang bought from another game. Naturally, they are pretending to be.

The three small pretends couldn’t fit in the space, and Zhu Yang couldn’t have to give them another one.

The three of them hugged Zhu Yang and kissed each other. In a sense, she was the same as Lu Datou, and she was taken advantage of herself.

She has always been mean to the people she covers.

And in the entire artificial lake at the other exit of the refuge, as expected, there were all zombies under the water.

Zhu Yang let out cockroaches and swallowed them all up, and that city was fine, and none of the outside could be let go.

The four robbers methodically robbed them, occasionally looking at the status of those guys.

Those people were sent by Zhu Yang to various places in the city. Taking the family as a unit, there will be no more than five people in one place, and it is impossible to form a team.

Even if you want to form a team, you have to cross dozens of kilometers of streets full of zombies.

Some people were attacked and died shortly after they landed, and the casualties have increased over time. They were lucky enough to be discovered by the army, but all of them have been wanted.

After being separated from zombies, the place where he was escorted back was also a prison.

It seems that in the face of catastrophe, these people who think they control everything are in it, and they will not be omnipotent as they think so.

There are a lot of test items in the base. Under this premise, research has also made considerable progress. Stryker revised the proportion of the liquid medicine, and after the experiment, it has become more and more successful.

Scientists all over the world have also made great contributions to this project. Although there is no help from Dr. Avery, things are progressing smoothly.

As for the other two groups of catch-up matches, Zhu Yang did not break the status quo, even let Yu Li pretend that everything was normal in the base, and continued to provide news to them.

True or false, in short, let the other party still see the saw, and they are fortunate in this chase to find out the details of each other.

On this day, Xiao Shizi sent a message–

[We can’t stand it anymore, support quickly. 】

The author has something to say:    strive to end this copy tomorrow!


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