Scream Queen Chapter 14

After hearing this, Li Li choked. It seems logical to say that there is no problem, but who would offend the ghost in his lifetime for no reason?

He said: “Do you think that doing something can change the fate of their death? Tell you this is just playing clever, how can there be such an obvious gap in the game for you to take advantage of? Do you think you can think of things that others can’t think of? ”

“I’ve even heard of similar missions where players send the person to another country, trying to reduce the number of ghosts by avoiding the person being killed. But no matter what you do, you have to return all the time when the time comes.”

“The game is to see us fighting ghosts, no matter how much we mess up the plot or how far we escape from this house, we have to come back on the seventh night.”

Who knows that Zhu Yang was not surprised when she heard this, she shrugged: “I know, how can this broken game be seen by people to show the truth, goodness and beauty of human nature?”

If that were the case, she wouldn’t rudely kill Julina and intimidate her into the competition.

Zhu Yang probably also knows why the game chose her, who obviously did not meet the pre-selection conditions, because her behavior is more uncertain than others, which means more surprises and highlights.

Zhu Yang doesn’t need to be humble at this point. She has been able to pick things up from a young age and know her without a teacher.

So Neng Fei got her in, and the harshness of this game is also evident.

She continued: “Since nothing will change, what else should I be cautious about?”

Li Li and the others disagreed with her view. Although these tenants were still alive in their eyes, they had already preconceived them as ghosts.

I think it’s better to keep a low profile and try to minimize the sense of presence. The more you make a fuss at this time, the first one to look for you after you become a ghost.

But would Zhu Yang care about the rhythm of ordinary people? In her opinion, the so-called security and moderation of these people should be sneered at.

I have to say that as a guy with a leadership personality, her thinking mode is extremely aggressive and risky, and she never disdains hiding in her comfort zone.

The last few people naturally broke up unhappy, but at this time it was too late. The so-called dispersion means returning to their rooms to rest.

Zhu Yang’s notebook is broken, and I feel a little distressed at the moment. I didn’t think much about it when I got angry. I just tried to go smoothly. There are so many things that can be used to cut people in the room.

Tea trays, stools, or decorative wood carvings.

Fortunately, there are mobile phones, but it has little effect. Zhu Yang checked the money in the online banking account and immediately decided to put on some clothes tomorrow. What kind of ghosts are in the suitcase.

When he was about to fall asleep at night, half asleep and half awake, Zhu Yang heard footsteps in the corridor.

This house is a few years old, and the wooden floor is an old saying, creaking when walking on it, so most people try to be light when they come out at night.

But the footsteps were obviously a bit heavy and dragged, like dragging something, which made people feel strange.

Zhu Yang is okay. It is estimated that he was scared by the female ghost and opened up the second line of Ren Du, but he didn’t feel scared.

But Wang Bei, who looked at the bed next door, really couldn’t help wrapping up the quilt tightly. She was going to fall asleep and suddenly became alert and panicked.

When she woke up early the next morning, she was not in good spirits, and she still had dark circles under her eyes.

Seeing Zhu Yang’s way of getting enough sleep and full of energy, his heart was really heartless.

Zhu Yang took the washing utensils and went to the public pool on the second floor to wash her face and brush her teeth. When she met Teacher Qiu was taking her son to wash up there.

Teacher Qiu met Zhu Yang and hurriedly gave way to the side. Seeing that the young girl didn’t pay attention to herself, she was a little stunned.

When Zhu Yang finished washing and was about to leave, he felt that the corner of his clothes was pulled.

Looking down, it was Teacher Qiu’s son.

The child was very handsome and beautiful, and his face was not as mediocre as his father, but he was already in elementary school, but he looked thinner and weaker than his peers.

He did not speak, and handed over a boiled egg, not daring to look at Zhu Yang.

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows, and finally took it, and the child hurriedly hid behind his mother.

But with this beginning, Teacher Qiu found a chance to speak.

She was a little embarrassed and said, “Yesterday, thank you.”

“His dad is easy to go crazy when he comes up with alcohol, and he can’t listen to the words at all. I am also–”

Zhu Yang interrupted his words before he finished speaking: “I am not interested in your incompetent life. It is enough for you to keep hypnotizing these words, what is my business?”

After speaking, Zhu Yang sneered and added: “I only smoked him because he was arguing with me. Don’t think about it. You are still a perfect and happy family of three. Keep it up and don’t cause trouble.”

Teacher Qiu suffered from domestic violence for a long time and often went to school with injuries. Most of his colleagues and friends around were persuading her to reconcile, and her parents would not agree to her divorce.

She listened a lot about talking with Xi Ni, but this Miss Zhu didn’t use any pungent words, but Teacher Qiu suddenly felt that she slapped her face with a slap.

She lowered her eyes, Zhu Yang had already left alone over there, and was not interested in talking to her more.

After the four players woke up, they went downstairs to have breakfast together.

By chance, I ran into another tenant on the second floor who was going to school. He was the one who failed to meet him yesterday, and he would hang himself in the room seven days later.

When the other party showed up, it was obvious that he had a bad life.

At the age of sixteen or seventeen, the whole person looks thin and gloomy. The school uniform and shirt are light and fluttering, and it feels like a gust of wind can blow down.

The teenager surnamed Wu still had a laceration wound on his forehead, but it was already scabs, but he was limped and limped after he walked away. He didn’t know whether he was suffering from inconvenience or new injuries.

He saw the four unfamiliar tenants, and didn’t say hello, and passed them indifferently.

Everyone didn’t care. They left the house and went out of the alley and found a good breakfast shop on the street to sit down.

In general, most of the local fly restaurants with good business have the same taste, but Zhu Yang always dislikes the hygiene of these places, so he rarely eats in similar places.

As soon as she sat down, she looked at the greasy table disgustingly, and was about to wipe it with a tissue, but someone had already wiped it for her first.

Upon seeing this, Zhu Yang said unceremoniously: “Quite winking, do you know me well?”

From yesterday’s various saddles, to the taste of eating, to the understanding of her cleanliness, it is a coincidence that it is a fool.

But Lu Xin didn’t seem to have any intention to hide it, he just smiled shyly: “You have a celebrity in school, and you have these basic information forums. I often follow you, but you don’t know me.”

This explanation makes sense. There is also her personal information in the school forum, some basic height birthday constellation favorite foods.

It seems that Lu Xin is also one of the many admirers in the university, but the school has noticed that there are more boys in her, and only those who are qualified to approach her circle.

Ordinary boys naturally don’t even have the qualifications to confess their love. In their freshman year, Dios, who had a good self, wanted to leapfrog and stalk.

But without her taking a shot, a wink passed, and the elite boys from the Brotherhood’s school put them away.

With Zhu Yang’s bitch, he would never pay attention to ordinary boys like Lu Xin in reality, but the game world has a personal call, and things are easier to do.

She threw the egg she received in the morning: “Okay, then you will listen to me. This is a reward.”

Li Li and Wang Bei are ordinary people who have experienced ordinary people, and they have never seen this arrogant stance, which is just an egg.

This is also because Zhu Yang is beautiful, and most people are so crazy that they get beaten up when they go out a day.

But Lu Xin smiled. That ordinary face that could only be called a beautiful face was unexpectedly striking for a while, and his eyes glowed with star-like luster, exuding an unbelievable charm, as if spreading out of the soul, breaking through. It looks like a shackle.

Wang Bei was a few years older than the two of them. It stands to reason that he would not have any feelings about ordinary college students. At this time, he blushed unexpectedly and his heart beat faster.

He shook his head, peeled the egg and handed it back: “You eat it, the gift of the ghost NPC willingly is good.”

“Really?” Zhu Yang took the egg hesitantly.

After eating, there is no response, but there is only one egg, it is useless if it is useless, just eat breakfast.

In a short while, everything they ordered was ready, two drawers of steamed dumplings, two bowls of porridge, two bowls of soy milk, and a few fried dough sticks.

It really tastes good!

After eating, it’s time to think about work, because the job was assigned yesterday, but most of the people in the house haven’t left at the moment, so Li Li and the others are thinking about getting information with the landlord first.

Zhu Yang and Lu Xin also had to go back to get something first. Lu Xin had a digital camera in his suitcase, and they planned to take it with them.

When I went back, I ran into the first-floor guest Ms. Cui in the lobby.

She looked like she had just got off work, her face was exhausted after working all night, and her makeup was a little off, but the whole person was still beautiful and decadent.

But she was not the only one in the hall. There was a man behind her who kept talking about something, but seeing Miss Cui’s expression of disgust and impatience, Bacheng was the one who entered the room and committed crimes seven days later.

The man was also in his early twenties, he looked average, he had a small belly at a young age, and he even wore a tight T-shirt. The hair is not taken care of, and the dress is casual. At first glance, Dios lacks self-management.

He stopped Miss Cui and said endlessly: “Why do you go to work in that kind of place again? The men there are not good things, and they specialize in young girls like you. The women over there are not good people. Those who have had abortions may still have nasty ills. Wouldn’t you be afraid to eat at the same table with them?”

Ms. Cui was just impatient before, and heard the fire here: “Do you know someone you just open your mouth and spray dung here, what is the relationship between the two of us, pointing to my life all day long.”

Then he shouted to the landlord: “This person has run into the house to harass the tenant, don’t you care?”

The landlord was sitting behind the bar, drinking soy milk and biting the dough sticks with a hippy smiley and muddy face: “Young people, don’t be so angry. The little couples are in conflict and close the door and talk about it. It’s not good to be angry.”

“Who is in love with him?” Miss Huo almost cried.

She grew up to be charming, and her figure was plumper than her peers. She was very attractive to boys. She has been ostracized by girls since junior high school.

It is not easy to go to university in other places, because the family conditions are not good and all the tuition and living expenses are borne by myself.

I thought that my classmates would be more mature after going to college. Who knew that there were still all kinds of mean and squeezed rumors about her, which also made her often harassed by some nasty boys.

This boy who has been pestering her for a while is called Zhang Hua. Not only does he follow her every day like a pervert, but also spread rumors that they have been dating. The school girls often see him following her, and they are happy to see the coquettish **** find a low man Naturally, I love to hear and see and believe in it.

If she refutes or even some people say that she suspends others to use someone as a spare tire, it’s not that she hasn’t reported to the police, but the police/inspectors are also in harmony with each other. Zhang Hua insisted that her classmates testify, and that would be fine.

The landlord is not a good thing either. The two **** men are just like each other. If the rent was not paid back at the end of the year, she would have moved out early.

Unexpectedly, she hasn’t really cried yet, but Zhang Hua’s desire for acting has come out first.

He looked angrily and said: “You just think I am poor. You can’t see how I have treated you for so long? I almost got my heart out.”

“You women are like this, don’t you just like money? I really disdain your man, and I would rather be a dog for the rich. You are arrogant in front of me, and you are afraid that you are not kneeling and wagging your tail in front of others. ?”

After speaking, I kneeled on the ground again and slapped myself. It was a real fan with a loud sound.

Fan crying while fanning: “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said such heavy words to you, you forgive me, let’s stop making trouble, okay?”

Ms. Cui was so frightened that Hua Rong was pale. She felt that this man was fundamentally neurotic, and she often talked to herself. She swears fiercely in the first second, and knelt and cried the next. She used to do this in public at school. Let yourself become the laughing stock of the whole school.

But the landlord was quite emotional and persuaded: “Oh! Xiao Cui, you see that Brother Zhang is like this, you just–”

Before I finished speaking, I heard a sneer from the side.

The sound is not loud, but the ridicule contained in it is very obvious, as if someone who is deeply involved in the play is pierced by a needle.

The three of them looked back and saw the tenants who had moved in yesterday. They laughed at the very beautiful young girl among them.

Even Zhang Hua chased Cui Yuan so enthusiastically, it was unavoidable to be surprised when he saw the girl.

But what she said in the next second was not as pleasing as her appearance.

Zhu Yang sneered and said: “These years, people are getting less and less forced. I can only see that I am poor. I don’t know that I am actually poor, ugly, lazy, and fat. It’s right for the swan/frog to eat swan meat. If he can’t eat it, he’s sitting and rolling the white swan and not letting him eat it. So shameless, why not just point to God and scold him for not losing the pie today?”

He said to Ms. Cui again: “Sister, you can’t do it. Just like this, just find a spare tire and interrupt his third leg. You can still get a place to live, if it’s someone from my sisterhood. It’s so useless, I was removed from my name a long time ago.”

Immediately snapped his fingers and asked Lu Xin to say, “Throw it out!”

Lu Xin didn’t know why, suddenly he was obviously unhappy, his face was strained, but he still listened to her.

He lifted the man on his knees directly, and threw it out the door as easily as a bag of garbage, without moving his footsteps.

Zhu Yang Xindao is indeed a player who has strengthened his physique. Although Dios itself is a useless waste, after all, it is an adult male with obese body, and it is appropriate for more than one hundred and sixty kilograms.

However, Lu Xin effortlessly carried a chicken with one hand, and she didn’t know how far she could achieve after the various indexes were strengthened by 20 points.

Seeing Miss Cui was quite stunned by their simple and neat handling, Zhu Yang ignored it.

Just shout: “The landlord, the floor is washed! The air on the ground where the idiot has kneeled is uncomfortable.”

After speaking, he turned around and went upstairs, simply arrogant.


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