Scream Queen Chapter 140

During the recent period, Zhu Yang has done a lot of things, and the external situation has also changed dramatically.

First of all, when the government has a thorough understanding of the situation, it naturally has a precise response plan.

Rescue efficiency is very different. The rate of fall of the entire city has finally stabilized. Although the city has basically destroyed most of it, the situation has not spread out. It is a blessing in misfortune.

Coupled with the joint cooperation of the scientific research groups on both sides, the company involved in the troubles was endorsed by Zhu Yang. There is no follow-up conspiracy that will naturally grow and disappear in the confrontation.

The government only concentrated on solving the problems in this city, and the situation was quickly brought under control.

The people in the original company had a complete plan for this plan to destroy mankind. In fact, the fall of a city, with the power of the state machine, is not enough to affect all mankind.

However, these guys have been damaged, and the virus has been buried all over the world. The city is only the first step.

Subsequent proliferation in batches, when all countries are overwhelmed with their own fuss, it can choose where to cause turmoil based on strategy, which is purely exploiting the loopholes in the countermeasures of countries.

However, these fixed/time/explosion/bomb coordinates buried deep in the world have long been handed over by Zhu Yang, and the company’s out-of-work staff have also been swept away.

The head of the headquarters has fallen, and Zhu Yang will even cooperate with the government to issue false instructions. Those guys can only be called ghosts if they can escape.

The company was uprooted in a short period of time, and the government has learned the lesson this time, and the recent actions of its men have not been small.

However, Zhu Yang and the others have been here for less than two days, so naturally they didn’t care about the fire on them.

Although this country is known as free speech, public opinion is still in the hands of the country at a special moment.

Although the tragedy of the city shocked the whole world at first, the government has now explained it and guided the public to believe that the people who died in the disaster are mainly praying.

This incident was characterized as a natural disaster, a mysterious virus raging, but it has been effectively suppressed by scientists day and night studies.

The company’s evil deeds have not been made public. People know the truth about the company’s verbal criticism, and they will naturally lose confidence in the authorities and cause social unrest.

Rather, it turned the incident into a natural disaster, the government’s rapid rescue speed and response policy, and the efficiency of stabilizing the situation, coupled with the daily broadcast of the rescue army’s sacrifices.

People’s cohesion and trust in the government are naturally the highest, and the government does not need to be exhausted in other areas.

Zhu Yang and the others have no problem with the government’s response. To put it bluntly, the authorities really have to bear great responsibility for this incident.

The support of those in power is indispensable for a company to grow bigger and perform such evil deeds that challenge human morality.

The information that Zhu Yang and the others have fallen out of the classified files is staggering among the highest-ranking officials, including several world-renowned politicians.

However, after all, they are the passengers of this world. The government’s dishonesty is not good for them at present, but the sooner the situation is suppressed, the better for them.

At the same time, Zhu Yang did not neglect the situation on his side.

It’s just that Xiao Shizi and his group came from another game, that game has heavy props.

The company’s ubiquitous monitoring network has no way to keep their tracks firmly in hand.

Had Xiao Shizi contacted her regularly, Zhu Yang might not have been able to keep track of their coordinates.

After they successfully occupied the base and contacted the government.

Zhu Yang knew that the battlefields of the other two groups were not suitable for being too close to the city.

The poison skin people are not stupid. Although they pretend to be connected with the company’s senior management behind their backs, if they are too close to the city, they will naturally find that the situation is under control and doubt the authenticity of their current position.

So Zhu Yang handed Xiao Shizi a task to let them delay the time, so that the group of people should be as far away from the city as possible.

In addition to the false information from Zhu Yang, the poison skin people have not realized that the whole situation has been extremely unfavorable to them in the past few days.

But today, Xiao Shizi and the others can’t hold it anymore.

After all, when the three groups first entered this world, the overall strength of the poison skin group was the strongest.

Xiao Shizi and his group are not even as good as Zhu Yang and the others. They can hide for so long under the chase of each other, which is already quite capable.

At this time, Wei Jiangli and his group squeezed into a car and drove desperately along the highway.

There are not too many people, Xiao Shizi, the other three players, plus the female white-collar workers and Dr. Avery, but the players are already a little bit lucky.

Obviously it had been a small confrontation, but realized the absolute difference in strength, so he escaped dangerously.

Because she was running for her life, she couldn’t count on the mediocre car skills of the female white-collar workers and the steering wheel held by one of the players.

A man had a hole in his arm, and the edge of the wound was a terrible bruise. Fortunately, it was suppressed by something and did not spread.

For that matter, the man’s face was also in pain, his teeth clenched, and his face was cold and sweaty.

“Wait, I’ll **** the drug out for you.” His companion next to him said, and then stretched out his palm, unexpectedly a carp/toad/worm grew out of thin air from his palm.

First, the bulging skin was formed, then gradually refined and vivid, and finally separated from the palm of the hand, and the whole came alive.

The bulging eyes rolled around, and then, as if there was a radar sensor in the body, he noticed the toxin on the other person’s arm.

The whole jump was on the opponent’s arm, and the mouth was opened to the wound and it sucked/sucked. The toxin was gradually sucked into the toad/magic, and the whole arm returned to its normal color, even the blood near the wound. Become fresh and circulate.

The man helped him stop the bleeding, and he was relieved after confirming that it was not a major problem.

But the leopard/toad/mao’s entire size has become huge, and its belly seems to be bursting.

The man was startled, and quickly threw the leprosy/toad out of the car window. As expected, the leprosy exploded before it hit the ground.

“Good fellow, what kind of poison is this overbearing? The toad/mao has been exploded. Fortunately, you get a small amount of it, or else you can save it or not.”

The injured person also looked bad and fearful: “I was scratched by that guy’s nail, and just lightly. What the **** is this bunch of people? Do we have this kind of stuff in the game?”

“Furthermore, this round is too unfair. Our tasks are much more difficult and cumbersome. Those guys are obviously much better than us. They came in a few hours later than us? Right?”

The driver also spit out: “Qiangzi, you have a broad road, do you know what kind of force this passer-by is from?”

“The emperor’s must be impossible, but it’s like the snake’s side.”

The Viper is also a force group with the same reputation as the game space and the emperor. When Zhu Yang went there as an exchange student before, the five big bosses only met three.

This poisonous snake was not among the three, but Wei Jiangli naturally understood it.

This gang acts in a gloomy and treacherous style, and most of its members’ abilities are relatively impaired, like those specializing in the use of toxins, and they grab a lot of them, so the three of them are suspicious.

“It’s not like, there are strange-looking guys on the viper side, but after all, there are few people. How can you save a lot of them when you save? And those two poisonous skins are obviously not the same as the direction of ability, but they really look like they are all the same. .”

“Could it be a player of another game?”

But thanks to the face-to-face meeting, these people finally guessed the origin of each other.

Another game detains all players in the game space, naturally not afraid of their influence on reality, and players can know much more than Zhu Yang and the others.

As soon as this guess came out, several people looked at each other: “Other gamers? The mixed competition doesn’t mean that it starts at the beginning, right?”

“Which session did not talk about the card face so much? What little shrimp do we have to participate in this? There is no notice yet. I have not participated in it but I have participated in it.”

“Yes, which time is it not an advance notice, so that the participating players have a good rest, prepare weapons and props, and even save capital for a few low-difficulty and high-benefit copies before participating. What are we?”

But they had clearly done well in other dungeons before, so they were temporarily transferred, the dungeon world was replaced, and the task was changed.

Eliminate the impossible, even if it is unthinkable, you have to accept it.

Several people didn’t know what to say for a while, starting from the pressure of fighting with each other, the huge silence made the whole carriage a little suffocated.

“Front——car.” One of them suddenly roared.

I saw the truck in front of them that was a long distance away from them, suddenly the whole truck was blown up/overturned, and hit their truck directly.

The speed is so fast that it is unavoidable to match their original speed of nearly two hundred per hour.

“Head down!” One of them humanely, everyone in the car subconsciously bowed their heads as he said.

I saw a fire/arrow/barrel suddenly appeared in his hand. If Zhu Yang and the others were here, they could see that it was of the same style as them.

It seems that these players also have some possessions.

The artillery/bullet collided with the swift truck and exploded tens of meters away, finally blocking the huge offensive.

The people in the carriage breathed a sigh of relief, but before the breath was delivered, they saw the broken car fragments floating in the air and not landing.

On the contrary, they kept gathering together, condensing into a metal tuft, and those with better eyesight could even see that the unlucky driver’s body in the car was also gathered in, deformed and pressed.

The volume of the entire metal tuft turned into a huge metal ball in the end, the density was much higher than when it was a truck. Naturally, the impact can be imagined.

“Think of motivation.” Someone exclaimed.

“Operating a player with such a big volume, is this the player who should play the same game with us? Tying the four of us together is not as strong as them?”

It is not surprising that Wei Jiangli is the only one among the four players. After all, the opponent’s strength is likely to be the sum of one or two groups of players selected by reference.

The four of them have just entered the mid-level field, but Zhu Yang is not necessarily there. She alone means that the strength of the third group will never be low.

The iron tuo slammed into the car again. From the control, it can be seen that even with such a large volume, the manipulator is absolutely flexible and aggressive.

The four of them could only escape by car, and they could only be thankful that the other party did not destroy their car in the first place, otherwise their mission would immediately fail.

The four of them could barely escape the catastrophe, but they absolutely did not care about the doctor.

Sure enough, the moment they jumped off the car, the huge iron ball hit the roof of the car, smashing the car directly.

And the few people who had hurriedly faced each other before, now they reappeared in front of them.

I don’t know how they caught up. The first group of people drove the car for so long, and they didn’t find any traces of being overtaken. They thought they had left each other behind.

But at this moment, the few people stood on a hill less than a hundred meters behind their car with their arms folded, and when they saw them abandon the car, they jumped off.

A group of people pulled Dr. Avery behind, and several people took out their most lethal weapons and aimed them at them.

I dare not relax my vigilance for a moment.

The three groups of people are holding the winning ticket, walking slowly, so short distance, the player can run over in less than three seconds at full speed.

I was surprised to let them walk for more than a minute, just as if they were shopping for groceries instead of life and death.

But this calmness has made the players of a group even more sinking, and I am afraid that I have to explain here today.

Sure enough, when those guys approached, they didn’t even look at the high-destructive weapons in their hands, as if they were holding a **** and rolling pin.

The head of the poison skin said: “I can just overturn your car and wipe out your entire army, and even destroy the bridge when you cross the bridge, and even if I want to, you will run away when you meet. No more.”

“But do you know why I want to keep you alive for so long?”

“Bah!” One of a group of players yelled to the ground: “Don’t you think you have won the game and want to play the cat-and-mouse trick?”

“Your grandfather, I am not persuaded, hehe! I killed someone into the game. I should have lived for another life. Now I have lived for so long and I have seen so many good things. I have drunk wine that I could not smell before. The beautiful girl who couldn’t be seen before slept with her, but she’s back.”

As he pointed the bazooka at the headed poison-skinned man: “It’s just that Lao Tzu is not a bug that you can push by pressing. If you want to pretend to be forceful in front of Grandpa, you must first smell the guy in my hand and say no.”

“No matter how powerful your mind is, you can’t even intercept the shells so close, right?”

“Sneer! Stupid.” The poison skin man sneered, and then did not wave his hand. The road under the feet of the person who spoke before suddenly lifted up, his whole figure staggered, and at the same time the fire/arrow/barrel shot out. , Flew into the hands of the poison skin man.

He took the bazooka and looked at it and wondered: “Are you other gamers? The treatment is good. You can buy this kind of high-quality goods with a few junk, and it will be different in the moment you hold it in your hand.”

He aimed his gun at those people, looked at their vigilant feedback, and smiled: “Let’s go, where are your friends?”

The three of them were taken aback, and they were inexplicable at what he said: “What accomplice?”

The poison skin man sneered: “You can hide in my hands for so many days with just a few of you trash?”

“I confirm that you have never had any contact with any suspicious people since this copy, but every time you want to grab your tail, you slip away like a loach, and when you traced the doctor’s whereabouts, you turned around. It was blocked, and no one answered and said that the ghosts did not believe it.”

“We have been hanging you all these days, but also want to see your own flaws. I didn’t expect that you are not very good, the person behind it is quite deep.”

“Now the task time is almost up. We have limited patience. Let’s say, where are the people? It’s the bee.”

The poison skin people have analyzed a lot along the way, and naturally they also suspected the female security chief who first contacted these guys.

However, the surveillance messages from the head of the company all showed that the female director brought her younger siblings and a group of people to survive in the city.

And the identity of the other party’s copy was also passed over. The deity is a veteran who has worked in the company for many years, and even one of the important researchers and senior officials.

The other party also connected the video with them, showing their control over the clone, expressing that this direction of suspicion is unreasonable in every respect.

The poison skin talents dispelled the speculation, and found a lot of suspicious insects on the way. They guessed that the opponent’s ability might be insect control and illusion.

Otherwise, the company’s all-pervasive monitoring area would be tricked around.

Seeing these people in front of them, it is obvious that they are not capable of such things.

The poison hiders looked at them. Dr. Ailey and a newcomer will not mention them for the time being. Of the four players, three are simple-minded desperadoes. A kid looks a little clever, but sees his position in the team. , It does not seem to have much right to speak.

Three groups of players looked at them, and only one group of players, even if it comes to this, still looks at a loss——

“Have a helper? If we have a helper, we still need to be angry with you? I would have killed you by walking around the back.”

“Oh, isn’t it?” The poison skin said humanely: “Then you can take a step first, and we have time to get that guy out.”

The strength of the three groups is crushing for one group, and once the shot is taken, the battle can be ended soon.

It’s just around an empty highway, with few traffic, and the surrounding gravel desert. You can’t even use the terrain to escape.

One group took the first step, but before the trigger of the weapon was pulled down, the weapon felt light.

When I lowered my head, I saw a palm covering the weapon, and the gun/mouth had begun to melt into liquid, sparsely flowing all over the ground.

It is the hand of a child who has always had no sense of existence.

The three were shocked: “Boy, you—”

Wei Jiangli withdrew his hand, the still somewhat immature hand was as white as jade, even if he became a player and went through life and death, it did not affect his aura.

It’s good to have deliberately downplayed the sense of existence before, but it was revealed at this time that although he was younger than anyone here, anyone who looked in would never mistake him for the natural superior.

He smiled: “What are you nervous about? It’s not time to be desperate.”

“It’s better to say that our mission has been completed, and the evaluation should be quite high.”

He looked at the three players and said sincerely: “Several guys, you have worked hard these days, let’s relax and rest. After all, it’s time for us to leave.”

Brows frowned on the poison skin man, and the people in this group yelled in disbelief, “Boy, aren’t you under too much pressure and lost your heart? What about the lack of heart? When this is a house wine. .”

“Shut up!” The poison skin man interrupted them and looked at the kid: “Huh? It seems you know something.”

“Let’s say, if the bargaining chips provided satisfy me, it’s not that you can’t spare your life. The premise is that the other guy has enough value.”

Wei Jiangli waved his hand: “No, no, you made a mistake. It’s not that you spared my life, but that we are happy to let you all retreat.”

“After all, the four of you are mid-level late players, and some of them are high-level players only one step away. Pulling the four of us who have just stepped into the mid-level field as a backstop, how is it not worthwhile?”

“Listening to you, you have quite a lot of chips.” The poison skin man was actually quite patient.

With a wave of his hand, two metal plates flew out of the car that had just been scrapped. Under his control, the metal plates were deformed and twisted into a twist shape with sharp tops.

Two metal thorns pointed at Wei Jiangli: “Then you said I will pierce your head now, will you die immediately?”

Obviously he didn’t believe Wei Jiangli’s words.

Wei Jiangli didn’t panic at all, he smiled and said, “You know why, will we run here?”

The three players behind him looked at each other. Isn’t that the only way to escape quickly?

The three of them thought so, and the expression on their faces was also brought out, but the female white-collar workers already had a deep understanding of these idiots.

She could see that even though Xiaoge Wei didn’t have a sense of presence in front of a few big guys, he came over carefully, and all the recent trends were determined by his will.

Fortunately, these guys were still complacent when they were sold, thinking that their strategy was amazing. After hiding for so long when the opponent’s advantage was obvious, they could complete the task in one or two days.

Wei Jiangli naturally ignored the three idiots, he looked like a touched poisonous man.

“There are no people in this area within a hundred miles. Do you think you can survive missile bombing no matter how powerful you are?”

The Poison Skin Man’s expression changed, and the look in the child’s eyes finally became wary.

But I didn’t completely believe what he said, and sneered: “What you mean is that you have been in hiding for the past few days, and you have connected with the military with hands and eyes, and the magical powers are so large that people can use guides and bombs to eliminate enemies. ”

“Heh! Kid, this is not what you dream of, right?”

But the kid smiled weirdly: “Who said it was the military? Don’t you know one where there is a missile/munition?”

The face of the poison-skinned person changed completely, and just as doubts emerged in his heart, the kid confirmed his guess——

“You were ran away by us, why didn’t you doubt it? In fact, something went wrong at the source from the beginning?”

Speaking confidently: “Someone contacted you, don’t you want to answer?”

Almost as soon as his voice fell, the communicator of the poison hider rang, which was a special communicator from the company.

Several people in the three groups all looked at Wei Jiangli in amazement, and did not even connect to the communication immediately.

I kept thinking about the events of the past few days, which link had the problem. Is the company colluding with these guys?

This is impossible, and the company is not stupid. Since the plan has already begun, they are an indivisible community of interests. Even if they find a better partner, they want to kick them away.

Could it be these rubbish?

The strength is unbearable, and the ability has no persuasive value and research value.

They only contacted the company in the morning, and there was nothing unusual. They had to say anything about it.

That is, all over the Internet is the news that the zombie outbreak city has stabilized, but they all know that this is just an official fig leaf.

In just a few days, it would be a ghost if they could respond to this unprecedented new virus. In reality, no influenza virus has been controlled so quickly.

The poison-skin hesitantly pressed the communicator, and a projection of a person was displayed from above, not the image of Ultrain that has always been contacted, but the security chief, EmmaYang.

This EmmaYang has also contacted them several times in the past few days, while investigating the supporters behind the other players.

She also explained to them the controlled situation of the copy, which is strictly not unfamiliar.

“EmmaYang, is there any news about the call now?” They are still more inclined to contact each other just by chance.

But seeing the other party open their mouth and shattered their expectations, only to see the other party smile badly: “No, I heard that my children can’t cover it.”

“Although he is still young at the moment and lacks experience, I am very pleased that he has been able to walk for so many days and buy so much time for us.”

“It’s almost time now, let us accept the next thing.”

All that said, even if he can’t believe it, he can only accept the fact that his rear is on fire.

The poison skin man’s face was ugly: “EmmaYang, have you betrayed the company? Or is this the company’s decision?”

There sneered and said, “Is there a hair company?”

Said that a part of the real monitoring screen was intercepted.

Players of the four extreme games look uglier the more they look, and the picture starts from entering the base.

From the fact that these people were easily unprepared at the base and underestimated the strength of the invaders, they easily took the base away in one pot.

Then she controlled the base personnel and deployed all the high-levels and their families around the city. Some city monitors captured the traces of those high-levels.

They used to work directly with the top management, so they naturally have an impression of them.

I saw those partners and event planners, mostly because of long-standing high positions, insufficient mobility, and poor survivability, and they did not survive a day in the city.

Even if they survived, they were captured by the army, and there were Emma Yang and his relatives inside.

At that time, it was only the second day after the game started, and it was less than 24 hours before they came into this world.

What about EmmaYang, who later contacted them in the video? Obviously this ‘duplicate’ pretended to be.

The poison-skinned person instantly understood how disadvantaged he was. Not to mention the bankruptcy of his entire ambition, the company base possessed a lot of energy.

The other party is now a thousand miles away from them. If the real fish dies and the net breaks, it is indeed as the kid said, if a missile comes over, it will all be finished.

Of course, you can hold the opposing player hostage, but the kid has a good grasp of their psychology.

For the four mid-level and late players, the life value is definitely not comparable to those few spicy chickens.

The poison skin man gritted his teeth and said: “You are not a copy of EmmaYang, you are a player, and you start to cooperate when you meet each other.”

“No, it’s just working with this kid. Those idiots are not in the situation at all.” He sneered: “I only wonder how you reached a consensus on different games in an instant.”

Wei Jiangli smiled and said: “It’s useless for you to instigate. Our game does not have such a strong contract spirit. If the result is good, everything is easy to say.”

The three players also said: “Yes, it is the best to have surprises and no dangers.”

But he was also shocked by the little ghost’s heart, but since he dared to do this, he was not afraid of being troublesome when he returned to the game space, so naturally he must rely on his back.

Zhu Yang’s projection said: “There’s nothing to say, right? Our two groups of players are far below you in terms of strength and influence.”

“What’s more, our identity at the beginning of the game was still a hidden danger, except for a little time advantage, we are all at a disadvantage.”

Although the poison skin people were exposed to Zhu Yang as soon as they came, it was also due to her predictability, because at the beginning there were speculations about the nature of the copy, so monitoring was placed in the building.

If there is no such premise, the moment their group came into this world, it would have fallen into the sea, nowhere to be found.

What’s more, Zhu Yang was also implanted with bombs/bombs. In contrast, the advantages of the poison skin people should not be too obvious.

“You have lost all this, and you have nothing to say?” Zhu Yang said.

The poison skin man sneered, and didn’t ask any more. What if I know the details? As a result, the group of people took the group of garbage in front of them as bait and pulled them away from the main battlefield.

During this period of time, the situation was completely changed, and they had to wait for the other side to notify them before they knew it.

The four of them were very angry at the result, their faces changed again and again, and finally they pointed at the people on the opposite side and said: “Okay, this time we accept the plant, we have worked so hard to be disturbed by you from the previous mission. ”

“I really want to say the final victory, but it’s too early. Unless you don’t want the life of these guys.”

“Since the other party can risk your life as a bait for you, there must be a certain contract guarantee between you?”

Whether it’s benefits, friendship, or exchange handles, at least the woman won’t just take advantage of the terrain.

But the next sentence hit them in the face, and the projection villain shrugged and smiled indifferently——

“Then you kill them first. Seriously, I really don’t care about the life and death of their group of people. They are not the same game. Kill me. Kill me so that the land will be flattened.”

The faces of several players in a group changed, and they hurriedly called Wei Jiangli: “Hey! You kid talked to them about cooperation. You were obviously cheated, right?”

“The same game player has to beware, the hills are the same, you dare to hide it from us?”

The situation of several people has been ups and downs between **** and heaven for several times, but they saw that Wei Jiangli ignored them.

Everyone saw him with a betrayed expression. The children’s eyes were red, and it was sad to look at him.

The nose and mouth could not stop twitching, and he was about to cry, but the next second, there was a nasty smile—

“I’m so scared~~”

They couldn’t bear being fooled by these guys again and again. First, with a wave of their hands, the metal spiral pierced Wei Jiangli’s body, piercing him into a bunch of people.

The triumphant expression on his face also turned into an incredulous freeze: “Little devil, let’s die.”

But at the same time, there was something faintly wrong in the poison skin man’s heart. There was obviously no problem. When he manipulated the metal, he could even feel the slight resistance that penetrated into the human body, which was the unique touch of the muscle being torn.

But there is always a feeling of something wrong, and as time goes by, it feels more and more wrong.

Then he suddenly felt an extreme threat. Not only him, but the other three of them also felt it. The four hurriedly jumped away from the place, and suddenly there were numerous bullet holes on the ground.

There was a rock man who moved slowly and even got a shot in the leg. Fortunately, their racial body was hard and even higher-level blessings. The bullet didn’t penetrate his leg, but got stuck in the muscle.

According to the analysis of ballistics, the attack came from the sky, but there was no bird shadow in the sky.

“Who’s there!” The poison-skinned shouted sharply, then raised his hand and waved into the air, only to find that there was a manipulative reaction.

It turns out that the comer will be invisible? He was furious. Although he couldn’t see it, he dragged the plane down from the sky with his hand and slammed it to the ground.

Sure enough, at the moment it touched the ground, a fighter plane showed its prototype.

It’s just that there was no one inside, but they instantly felt a few more breaths behind them.

Slowly turning his head, he saw that EmmaYang appeared behind them, and at the same time, there was a person standing on their side.

It was the little devil who had just been pierced through the heart with metal by the poison skin man. Looking at the place where he stood before, there was no other person like him, only two pieces of metal pierced the ground.

It was clean and there was no trace of blood on it.

“Illusion!” The poison skin man said in shock: “It’s not invisible at all, it’s an illusion.”

And this is not a simple illusion that interferes with vision. He clearly felt the real sense of the spiral piercing the flesh, which was the most difficult sensory manipulation.

Even if the sky is not blank and a slight sense of disobedience is easy to capture, I am afraid the other party will use methods to make it easy for him to capture the fighter.

The four people didn’t dare to despise this wave of people.

Zhu Yang’s arrival, let alone other players, didn’t expect Wei Jiangli to be lazy.

After all, it was less than three hours after he sent out the news, which means that they came directly without hesitation after receiving the news.

In fact, to save them, it doesn’t have to be so troublesome at all, but no matter how you analyze it rationally, it can’t conceal Wei Jiangli’s excitement and emotion.

But he didn’t want to be too fussy, so he said with a sullen expression: “Why are you here? It’s not necessary at all. I believe they are happy to retreat after negotiating the conditions.”

Zhu Yang rubbed his head with a smile: “I’m not happy.”

“It’s more than a day before the end of the mission. I don’t know what they can do, but don’t underestimate players of their level.”

“And—” She turned her gaze to the four of them: “I have benefited a lot from this game. I have an illusion of strength. But by coincidence, there are so many masters here. Wouldn’t it be a waste not to try?”

In fact, wouldn’t Zhu Yang know that they came to take a certain risk? Although Xiao Shizi is being pursued closely, the current situation is under their control.

It is simple to use conditions to get them out of danger. After the two sides are separated, they will play tricks against the players.

Whether it is the energy that the company has mastered by them or the government’s leverage, these guys can drink a pot.

But when she enters the game, no matter what the original intention of each game is, she must take advantage of it.

Has the goods she scanned at the company been considered a bumper harvest? Let’s get there early, just want to satisfy her appetite at this point, so she is too sorry for the reputation of luxury.

Among the sources of abilities obtained in the show before, there are dead players, Zhu Yang thought, or the abilities of players cannot be rewarded, what about other situations?

Those who died, or even those who died in other games, should be deprived of them, right? After all, there are really few capabilities in this game.

So she took a fancy to these guys, especially the poison-skinned person headed by her, whose power of thought was worthy of his strength.

Zhu Yang also gained the ability to read motivation in the animal world, but he was still much worse than the other party.

And no matter how much the ability increases, there is no opponent of the same level to feed, and it is always impossible to accurately judge his own strength.

So Zhu Yang had to come over anyway, and did not intend to let them leave the game alive.

She has said everything, so does the other party make no sense?

The poison-skinned man sneered: “Happy, if you really want to hide your head and show your tail, I still shout that there is no way.”

Without saying hello, they manipulated the debris of fighter jets, cars and surrounding gravel to attack Zhu Yang.

The whole process gave no reaction time at all, and there was no dead angle at all.

However, the metal stones stopped abruptly within three meters of their radius, and the poison-skinned man’s expression changed.

He felt a force against his power, and he must not be underestimated.

Looking up, I saw the other party grinning: “I’m sorry, I have a lot of abilities.”

“Nan Motive, which happens to be one of them, but I don’t use it very much at ordinary times. It’s a bit rusty. It’s definitely not as stylish as you, but self-protection is fine.”

Ability, a lot!

These words almost poked the lung tubes of the four extreme players present, although they did not know as much as the previous intruders.

But I also know that one ability is not easy to get, this guy has already demonstrated several abilities.

Insect manipulation, illusion, power of thought, all these are convenient and powerful abilities, are they just a small part of them?

The author has something to say:    Dogs are more capable than games, another game has more pedigrees and props, extreme game resources are few, and red-eye is more than hahaha! !


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