Scream Queen Chapter 141

Speaking of the ability system, I have to talk about the three games that Zhu Yang has seen so far.

According to her understanding, in fact, all the way to the back will be the same. No matter how much the game helps, the final achievement depends on the players themselves.

The Goubi game and Zhu Yang had a good understanding of another game. If you really want to compare, it will be similar.

Both games are rich in resources, but the concept, selection criteria, player training style, and management of the player group are quite different.

Of course, let’s not mention this first, let’s talk about the most critical resources for players.

Dogs are more of a supernatural field than in the early game, and ghosts are rich in abilities, which means that even if the new player does not have enough furniture, there is a chance that they can explode skills.

At this point, another game is much more demanding. The comparison is that when the game sent Zhu Yang as an exchange student, Xu Xiao’s ability over there should be equivalent to Zhu Yang in their comprehensive evaluation.

But Xu Xiao’s abilities are much less than Zhu Yang, but it can’t be said that the opponent has a disadvantage.

On the contrary, they are rich in variety, versatile, and unheard of props, which are incomparable to dogs than games.

Although the role of props is indeed limited as they go to the back, it is undeniable that if the new players of the two games compare, the overall combat power of the other game will be much stronger.

Then in the later stage, the dog’s advantage over the game is obvious, but it does not mean that another game will be suppressed.

Because at this point, players have gone through multiple rounds of elimination, and the remaining ones have basically saved enough furniture, buy bloodlines, buy bloodlines, that bloodline will often have several talent abilities.

Although the pedigree is slow to upgrade, and it can’t exist at the same time as it conflicts with some abilities, this compatibility is not as good as that of the dog than the game.

But in the end, the ability is more expensive and less expensive. Don’t think Zhu Yang has so many abilities now, but what drove her to be close to the evaluation of advanced players has never been the amount of ability, but she will one or two of them. The ability has completed a qualitative improvement.

Another example is Zhou Yao. He is not very capable, and his promotion is very obvious. He has always known what he wants.

Among the mid-level players in the same period, there were more fancy players than his ability, but he was still the best.

Therefore, the two games have their own advantages, but the overall conditions are similar.

So let’s talk about extreme games.

Yes, extreme games have fewer compatible copies and fewer resources because of their special race.

Where does the ability pedigree that the game rewards players come from? It is not drawn from the copy world copy yet.

The player is the foundation of the game, so the copy world is the source of supply for the game.

Extreme games do not have as many copy worlds as two games, and naturally there are few that can be allocated to players.

But does this mean that their overall game evaluation is weak? Quite the opposite.

Players evolved in extreme environments, each of the basic qualities of the rookie period is to play two games.

Even if you are engaged in a special industry in your own real world, such as military bodyguards and samurai, it is possible that a pure newcomer who has just entered the game will be able to face the average middle-level players of the two games.

Especially those who are very physically gifted like the Venom Skin Man and the Rock Man, that is to say, they also ran to the end. In the beginning, they started/pointed that many people couldn’t reach it until death.

Their abilities are really rare, but they are talented, and the physical blessing of the game will not be subject to these restrictions.

Like murlocs, rock people, mutants, the ability is to survive in extreme environments, and then continue to upgrade, think about what it is like?

Zhu Yang finally got the ability of a mermaid in the mid-level field. Maybe someone with a talented race can do the same thing a few times.

There are also some players who can turn their skin into a metallic texture to resist damage, and finally they have the ability to explode. The rock people may have a higher initial value than them, not to mention blessing a few times. The end is that the knife is not broken. , As strong as a diamond.

The starting point/point of extreme game players is so high, even if the abilities are rare and the bursts are small, but you must concentrate on upgrading, coupled with the talent that is far superior to other players, naturally it is a bright future.

It’s just that it’s obvious that the idiot extreme game is all about good things. Of course, this can’t be said that people are whimsical. After all, it is biological nature to fight for resources for oneself.

But you have to ask if the gamers they were hacked would like.

The poison skin man was half-dead by Zhu Yang’s ostentatious words, and he had a murderous intent towards them, but now he was pulled full of hatred.

There is also the shame of the other party playing with them for several days, and the other party is afraid that the other party will put a lot of back-ups in such a long time, and naturally there is no temptation to think.

They knew that time lengthening was not good for them, and seeing that this round was already powerless, they had to eradicate this group of people in order to follow.

So the four people are full of horsepower, there is no meaning to be negligent.

This also fell in Zhu Yang’s arms, and her life-saving hand beckoned her to make arrangements. In the worst case, all of them would lose to the opponent’s arrangement.

But before that, he tried his best to extract the greatest combat value of the opponent.

Zhu Yang used her own thought power to resist the opponent, but she could only support it for a while. After all, she had acquired this ability not long ago, and she didn’t have many opportunities to practice.

Constantly making the control range and accuracy much weaker than the opponent, the poison skin people soon saw this.

He sneered: “It’s true that you have a lot of abilities, and there are several things that you show up in front of me when you meet your face, but that’s nothing more.”

“Such a good ability is simply a waste in your wasteful hands.”

Zhu Yang sneered: “Your entire game is really a style from top to bottom. You don’t want to make progress and you are still eating the bowl and watching the pot.”

That’s what I said, but it did resist the other’s motivation and shared most of Zhu Yang’s energy. She raised her hand, and the cold wave rolled, and there was an iceberg several meters high where the few people stood.

Several people responded quickly and quickly avoided, but Zhu Yang’s ice layer was chasing after him.

The so-called best defense is offense. Sure enough, under her offensive, the opponent’s control has been relaxed.

Yu Li casually grabbed the slightly larger iron plate in the air, and fanned the metal gravel floating around in one breath. There were too many around, but somehow it made them stand out.

Yu Li, Bai Youyou, Zhou Yao, and Xiao Shizi, the four broke through the encirclement and immediately tried to contain one opponent.

The four of them were already dispersed when they avoided Zhu Yang’s attack. At this moment, the poison-skinned people at the head wanted to use thought power to manipulate objects to attack them, but they had to avoid and restrict the strongest Zhu Yang, and they had to divide their energy. It is obviously not realistic to solve the scattered waves of people.

As a result, the group battle mode has become a one-on-one mode. First, Xiao Shizi is late in the game and is not strong enough to directly match those players. Second, there is no tacit agreement with Zhou Yao and others.

Just do his own thing, protect the doctors and the others from being implicated, and then take the opportunity to put a cold gun, he has a good overall view, and is often unexpected.

On Zhu Yang’s side, the poison skin man smashed the ice layer with a punch. Even if he couldn’t break it, he took off his gloves and the venom alone could melt it.

He smiled proudly: “It’s another rare ability, and it’s a natural one.”

His face was distorted with jealousy: “It’s just that you are too wasteful and the attack range is too small. If your ice cubes stretch forever, I would really be scared, but now–”

The big deal is that who can support the resistance for a long time, not only that, he even smashed the surrounding ice cubes, cutting those ice cubes into ice thorns with thought force, and his venom was stained on them.

He also rushed towards Zhu Yang, and Zhu Yang was surrounded by murderous intent. Originally, it was metal rubble that kept pushing forward. Now there are so many poison/ice thorns, it will kill him if he doesn’t pay attention to it.

However, the people who discovered the poison skin did become more relaxed, and even if they were frozen by the ice, they could only smash the ice with a fist.

“To be honest, I overestimate you.” The other side said.

But at the beginning of the conversation, Zhu Yang raised her other hand, and an ice mirror appeared in front of her.

The poisonous man was startled and didn’t know what she was going to do. Then in the next second, he felt a sense of weightlessness, and then there was a bludgeoning in his nose. His whole head was dizzy and he almost lost consciousness.

Tears and nose poured out frantically, and then he heard a disgusting ‘tsk’ sound in his ear, his mind buzzed, but his rich combat experience told him what to do.

The poison skin people are full of weapons. When they do tasks, they will wear a thin layer of special shield on their heads. This shield can prevent the poison gas from spreading, but it is thin and soft, and the texture is a bit like transparent rubber gloves.

This feature is very convenient in the usual way, but at this time, as long as the opponent uses a bludgeoning, it can hit him while not letting the poison affect him.

The poison skin man was furious, and was about to use the hood’s mechanism to fight back, but at this time his head had been loosened, his upper body was pushed back, and he had returned to the original position when he recovered.

The poison-skinned man covered his nose, gasping for breath and looked at Zhu Yang, his mind was incredibly painful.

How did you do it? How did that guy do it?

She just put a quick ice mirror in front of her before she started, these are ordinary ice, how did she do it?

The Venom Skin Man was at a blind spot in his sight, and he was puzzled by what had just happened. He wanted to explore it carefully, but the other person looked at him gloomily, and the metal gravel stinger that originally floated around her waiting for an attack was also because of him. Just because of a moment of intense pain, the spirit collapsed, and he lost his control and fell to the ground.

I just thought that this guy has countless abilities, but in fact, every poisonous person who is not worthy of use is not careless at the moment.

However, Zhu Yang looked at him with embarrassment, and sighed in disgust: “This is buried, and it’s so dirty. Fortunately, you all know how to wear headgear.”

The poisonous man felt that he had a chance to win, and was slapped in the face with anger, but his emotions did not affect his calmness.

Another poison-skinned man still not far away yelled at him: “Brother! Behind you, the woman’s hand sticks out from behind you.”

After shouting, he was swept by a blast of wind, Zhou Yao sneered and said, “Are you still thinking about others?”

The poison-skinned person quickly looked at the blind spot in his sight behind him, the ice tuft that he believed was not threatening and had limited power. Among them, there was a flat section, which looked at him from behind like a mirror.

He raised his hand to smash those ice lumps to pieces, and looked back at Zhu Yang, wishing to eat his flesh, and did not give her a gap in her ability.

With both hands stretched out to grab the ground, Zhu Yang suddenly felt like the sky was cracked and the ground that stretched for several kilometers was lifted off. If it weren’t for Xiao Shizi to let the other three people run away with them, he would be affected by now.

But because the player is not feeling well in it, he can’t even find his center of gravity, so he responded to the sentence, the manpower is small in the face of natural disasters.

Although this movement is not comparable to natural disasters, at least within the scope of a few of them, it is already considered to have that battle.

This unstable environment restrained the use of abilities to the greatest extent, but Zhu Yang didn’t panic.

While using his own mind power to fight against him, he doesn’t need to reach such a terrifying range of the other party, just condense the state around him, even though Zhu Yang is also struggling with the opponent’s outbreak.

But she was still agile. After a few seconds, she adapted to the vibrating environment. She pulled a hand and took out a fire/arrow/cannon from the space ring, and slammed it against the poison skin man on her shoulder.

The Bazooka Venom Skin Man has been seen by previous players. Generally speaking, weapons of this strength are still divided between games.

His eyes are good, he can tell at a glance that it is a product of a place.

Then you cannot set the channel: “Do you also have the props for another game?”

This is so bad that at this moment, there is nothing clear about flying sand and rocks, but by listening to the sound, you can know that this guy’s eyes are almost red and bleeding.

It’s just that the power of the weapon depends on who is in the hand. Zhu Yang’s certain radius can barely offset the opponent’s ability, so that it will not be lifted by the fire/arrow/barrel, and this thing has a wide range of strikes. Just look for The quasi-azimuth is not very accurate for aiming.

The Venom Skin Man only scored the cannon/ball that had resisted the incoming attack, but he was also tough, and he stopped the cannonball a metre away, not close enough.

What is the impulse of the shell? It can be seen that this poisonous skin man has refined his abilities to perfection, and he can step into the realm of advanced players with only one step.

He grinned and saw that the cannon/bullet slowly turned its direction, and then went straight to Zhu Yang and attacked. This speed was too fast. The speed of the power itself plus the impulse that the cannon/bullet has not disappeared is far from Zhu. You can avoid it.

She was submerged under artillery fire, and the surrounding area of ​​three meters in diameter turned into a pool of golden water.

When it hit, the poison skin person was overjoyed. Although the woman had superb illusion skills and could pass the test, it was on the premise that he was defenseless.

Now his whole spirit is extremely precise, even if the five senses are blinded, the range of the power of mind is like a clearly visible net in his mind, and he can infinitely magnify wherever there is a trace of violation.

He can feel the place hit by the cannons/balls he controls, the flesh and blood of a person is destroyed, he can even use the spirit to depict the other’s body characteristics, women, long hair, and the naked eye. .

Unless the woman can be cruel and take another little girl to swap positions with herself, she will definitely be dead.

After eating so much, the poison-skinned man sighed happily and relaxed.

Looking back at the other three people who were entangled with him, their abilities just now were aimed at Zhu Yang. Although they were affected, they were still inextricably fought.

The little girl with her fingernails stretched out and turned into a special metal confronted the rock man, whose body strength is second to none in their games.

But I don’t know what material the little girl’s nails are. She was born on the rock man and made a few cuts. It is rare to see the rock man bleeding.

It can be seen that the opponent’s nails and strength are so strong that the rock man has been pushing over by relying on his physique. At this moment, he actually got a disadvantage in the hands of a little lady.

The other two situations are not much, one is also a poison-skinned person, and the opponent is the kid who makes weapons.

The opponent’s ability is not fancy, but the physical fighting ability is extremely strong, and a weapon is in hand, all kinds of unpredictable, seamless connection according to their needs.

The combat thinking is so hot, I can’t think of such a young kid. Forcing the poison-skinned people over there to have abandoned their hoods, gloves, and some of their clothing, just using their own race advantage to consume the opponent.

The last leopard man confronted the shrewd and calm kid, and their play style was not fancy, but this happened to be the worst.

Leopards are a race with strong fighting talents. They have wild and agile combat styles. They usually have very fast paces. But now they have lost his original style. Isn’t it just being suppressed?

The most important thing is that he still couldn’t see how the other party could do it.

It’s just that after he cleaned up the woman here, a huge movement came, and the three of them took time to look back, their eyes were splitting, their spirits shaken——


This allowed their opponents to find an opportunity to take advantage of them, and their momentum was immediately shocked. It was originally an unmatched situation, and they had to be suppressed at first sight.

The poison-skinned man reached out his hand in satisfaction when he saw it, and was preparing to hold them back.

Suddenly, a blow hit his abdomen, staggering him.

At first he only thought that he was hit by a sneak attack, and when the pain spread, he realized that something was wrong.

Looking down, a metal spiral thorn protruded from his abdomen, and the whole person was stabbed through.

The poison skin people quickly controlled their internal organs and blood, using their own abilities to maintain their operations. Although this injury was serious, it was no longer desperately fatal for players of their level.

There was someone behind him, a woman, and the mental power he mobilized wildly was felt.

The poison-skinned man quickly pulled a long distance, turned around, and looked at Zhu Yang, who was standing opposite, with incredible eyes–

“you you–”

“Why can you hide from the sky under such a sophisticated spiritual network?” Zhu Yang said.

When she said that, a beautiful girl with long hair suddenly appeared beside her, and she screamed as soon as she came out: “Ah!!! You are not human, you are not allowed to use me as a shield.”

Zhu Yangman didn’t care: “Isn’t there too many of you? How can you not kill, I just let you, regardless of you, can give me regular proliferation, what should I do if my mirror blows up?”

“Let you stop fighting, don’t fight, have you listened? Just because of torn and forced one or two more people, have you considered how I feel?”

“Ah!!!” Fu Jiang screamed.

Zhu Yang ignored her and took her back, and then looked at the poison-skinned person: “To be honest, you are the one who forced me to force me the worst. If it weren’t for hiding quickly, I would be over.”

This is true, most of her abilities seem insignificant before the control of the poison skin person.

Therefore, Zhu Yang used illusion as a cover, and replaced Fu Jiang when the artillery/bullet struck. To be honest, it was not the first time Fu Jiang had done it.

Fu Jiang, it’s really easy to use.

And she paid a corresponding price in order to break through this guy’s powerful thought motivation.

She jumped into the world in the mirror, and if she only used illusion to invisible herself, she wouldn’t be able to notice it with her ability.

At the moment when the opponent relaxed his vigilance, Zhu Yang came out of the melting ice around him, and gave him a blow when he completely lost his defense.

In this group of extreme games, the other three are okay. So it’s this guy that raises their overall evaluation.

The intuitive strength of face-to-face, he is stronger than Zhu Yang.

Even when he was seriously injured at this time, looking at Zhu Yang did not have that kind of desperate look.

But Zhu Yang said: “It’s over, I paid such a high price, it is impossible to just be satisfied with hurting you.”

After talking about the poison skin person, he felt a sharp pain in his body.

This severe pain made him unable to concentrate on using his abilities, and in less than two seconds, the spiral thorn fell to the ground.

Just because a big hole has appeared in his abdomen, most of his internal organs have been gnawed away.

Several huge cockroaches were exposed on the spiral spines, which turned out to be this thing.

Then the poisonous man’s eyes lifted with horror, and he saw cockroaches rushing around like a tide at some time, and the worm tide was really like a flood.

If the previous abilities made the poison-skinned person feel that Zhu Yang was just playing tricks, then this ability really made him desperate.

This amount and scale, as well as the ability to swallow, is already the same as his motivation, and the cost to reach the threshold of the advanced field.

However, she only revealed it now. If she used this trick at the beginning, why did she come to this?

Zhu Yang seemed to see his thoughts from his expression, and said: “Although the lethality, your abilities are between you and me, but in the case of your victory, my cockroach babies are afraid that they will lose less.”

“Children who have only suffered a few days ago can’t bear them suffering any more.”

She manipulated the cockroaches and felt it naturally. When she merged with the zombie virus and turned into a more powerful red-eyed cockroach, the transformation of these little guys was naturally painful.

So now she feels distressed.

He didn’t know that the poison skin man was angry when he heard it. He saw that he had turned the boat and was unable to return to the sky, so he sneered and closed his eyes.

Zhu Yang secretly said that it was not good, and several layers of ice were wrapped up, but he still couldn’t resist the opponent’s self-destruction.

The poison skin man’s body is very poisonous, and he blew himself up so that all the surrounding players would have to be affected.

However, at the moment of his death, the cockroaches that had almost flooded him quickly wrapped tightly, forming a huge ball.

The cockroach has evolved species several times, and the shell has been as hard as metal, covered by layers of layers. This terrifying number is actually more effective than the ice layer, narrowing the explosion range of the poisonous man.

But at the same time, Zhu Yang also felt that the cockroaches were killed and injured, and her heart jumped fiercely.

To be honest, the cockroach is not a high-level spirit creature like a thousand-faced ghost. It can’t communicate with its owner and act like a baby. Its actions are all controlled. Even away from it, you can only do some simple commands.

But after raising it for so long, Zhu Yang disliked this ability the most at the beginning, but now he can’t let go of it, and has never used their numbers and lives to pile up.

This is actually not good for the use of abilities. No matter how cockroaches die, they will regenerate. As long as her spiritual power is not exhausted, these little guys will not decrease.

But seeing that she did not give orders, the wall formed by these little guys still moved Zhu Yang deeply.

With a wave of her hand, the tidal sea of ​​cockroaches rushed to another player. The three of them had been shaken by the dead man of the Venom Skin, and Bai Youyou regained the upper hand.

It’s good now, after one roll, there is nothing left.

This caused the three young ones to lose their final attacks, so they had to stop and return to Zhu Yang.

Seeing the terrible situation here, I didn’t know what to say.

Cockroaches are the manifestation of spirit creatures and disappear soon after death.

Zhu Yang was about to take them back, and saw them devouring the same kind of corpses.

Zhu Yang still thought that they were affected by the zombie virus, but they hadn’t been out of control so much before, but it didn’t take long to feel that the cockroaches that had swallowed the cockroaches killed by poison gas seemed to have changed again.

She stretched out her hand, and a weed not far away flew into her hand. Zhu Yang recruited a poisonous cockroach and let it gnaw, and the weed shrank instantly.

This is actually a blessing in disguise, these little guys can really chew on everything?

Zhu Yang was convinced that they couldn’t swallow toxins/venoms before, maybe because of the fusion of zombie viruses?

However, there are few cockroaches in this part, so she has to distinguish it first. If all the cockroaches evolve into red-eyed poisonous cockroaches, then she can just face the poisonous skin person, and she will be flattened.

Putting away the cockroaches, everyone gathered around. The three small ones had seen the evolution of cockroaches at the base before, but they were only surprised.

But Xiao Shizi was only full of shock. To be honest, he was not without speculation about Zhu Yang’s strength.

First of all, there is Xu Xiao as a benchmark, and the players who come to see in the game space are naturally not limited to their own level.

He thought that although he had a bad estimate of her in his heart, it would not be too far, but today he realized that he was naive.

He is like this, not to mention that the other three people who came back with Dr. Avery are far away, but it doesn’t mean they know nothing about the battlefield.

At the beginning, there was some dissatisfaction that Xiao Shizi accepted the opponent alone, taking their lives at risk, which was also due to the situation before.

But at this moment, no one dared to raise any grievances. I just felt that this kid was afraid that it was not because of some good connections. Such a cruel person would dare to cooperate boldly.

Because Zhu Yang and the others killed three groups of players, a few of them had recovered a life, and the mission was completed this time. Naturally, they were all slapped.

Zhu Yangke still remembers the bandit power of these guys just before they came. If you don’t kill them, they are in a good mood, and they won’t take care of them.

He accepted Dr. Aili directly, and took him and the younger generations back to the base. As for these three guys, there are fronts on them anyway, and the game space is not cheap, just gold bars.

With this day and a half left in the world, go to the red/light/area by yourself.

The three of them were unhappy and had to be willing, but they could only comfort themselves that the mission goal was still safe in the hands of the other party.

Moreover, they wanted to find some other tasks and raise the rating, but they couldn’t start, because they found that the entire Resident Evil seemed to have been stopped.

After taking Dr. Avery back to the base, he didn’t care to rest, so he participated in Stryker’s research.

Originally, the research ideas were conceived by him, and his help naturally progressed rapidly.

After testing the finished product again, Dr. Ailey said that it was basically ready for use, but had to develop an antidote that spreads in the air to prevent the situation from spreading.

Zhu Yang didn’t care about them. Soon the government came back to take over, and they were about to leave.

In the luxurious lounge of the refuge, Xiao Shizi put on clean and fresh clothes after taking a bath. He was not a usual combat uniform, but an improved costume.

He has lived in the game space for so long, modern clothes are naturally convenient and diverse, but he still prefers his original environment aesthetically, in fact, most ancient players there are like this.

The three little ones looked at this kid, fifteen years old, just as tender as they were when they first entered the game.

The hair is thick and black, and the face is white and tender. He is pampered at the first glance. At this moment, he takes off his defenses and relaxes. He really can’t see that he is taking the pig teammate and hiding from the strong enemy. He walked the opponent for several days.

The hands of the three were itchy, trying to pinch his face. Wei Jiangli knew what they were thinking as soon as they saw their expressions.

Hastily warned: “What are you doing? What do you want to do?”

“That’s the problem with you modern people. You don’t grow up, and you always think of others as children. Before I entered the game, I always said that my parents were old. Are you? Are you?”

The three of them were shocked, and inexplicably short in front of this child.

Zhu Yang chuckled and waved to several people: “Come over for dinner.”

A few people have taken a shower now, and then come to enjoy the food, it is really enjoyable.

The guys at the base are arrogant and extravagant. The chefs they hire are all top chefs in the world. Zhu Yang asked the chef if he wanted to go out with them or stay and cook.

The chef is crying and looting to stay, but Zhu Yang is inexplicable. These chefs are not high-level or planners. She means to send people to a safe place.

But obviously the other party didn’t believe it, but he knew that the government army would take over here soon, so he looked saved.

Since Zhu Yang and the others have had their last two meals here, the cooks have also worked hard to serve these evil spirits, don’t come to the end to make others unhappy.

After eating, Wei Jiang said, “So, this copy is planned by our game?”

Zhu Yang nodded: “Yes, to drag your games, I also know how to grab resources between games.”

“How to grab it?” Zhou Yao asked.

“Think about it, if we lose this confrontation, what will be the result?” Zhu Yang said.

Several people pondered for a while, and immediately understood.

If they lose, the poison skin people will successfully carry on the conspiracy of Resident Evil, and the world will become a paradise of loss. Under the background of the apocalypse, no matter how strange the race is, it can be compatible.

Even the evolution brought about by the catastrophe doesn’t know where to take humans. Isn’t this copy world compatible with extreme games and become its copy world?

“It turns out that resources are grabbed like this.” I don’t know who murmured.

Players of different camps compete, and the game corresponding to the harder group of players will get the ownership of the copy world.

No wonder the guys who invaded before have to capture the player alive, capture them back, and then throw them into different dungeon worlds to kill them.

Naturally, he grabbed a batch of dungeon worlds that were originally in the hands of the game.

“Then the relationship between our game and your game is pretty good.” Xiao Shizi smiled.

Otherwise, this copy arrangement will not come when the dog game and extreme game are torn apart.

It should be that Goubi games and extreme games have come to an end, and then Xiaoshizi and their games come out to be peacemakers.

Otherwise, it will not be fair in the arrangement, and even the most disadvantaged thing is its group of players, because its group of players is pure soy sauce.

But obviously it is pulling off the frame, knowing that the dog is extremely optimistic about Zhu Yang than the game, and also knows the friendship between Wei Jiangli and Zhu Yang, so it seems that the extreme game takes advantage of it at first, but in fact, he saw Wei in Zhu Yang. At that moment, Jiang Li had some spectrum in his heart.

Perhaps the results of the three games following this copy proved an attitude. In short, Zhu Yang also won with a disadvantage, so there is nothing to say about extreme games.

The extreme game is stealing chickens this time, but not losing rice, but looking at its stupidity, who will lose if it doesn’t suffer?

Zhu Yang rubbed Xiao Shizi’s head: “The relationship is good? Maybe, but in the current situation, it is both a vested interest, and of course it has to play against us.”

The extreme game has a high player advantage, but let it swallow some of the resources of the dog than the game? That thing is going to heaven.

You could be called your brother, if you are so awesome, wouldn’t I be your brother?

But even if there is no intervention from another game, the dog game will not lose, because they have turned the situation around.

It’s just that creatures that are several dimensions higher than them may not be able to kill them all, so they sat at the negotiating table afterwards.

It makes Zhu Yang closer to the essence of a one-point game.

“Let’s go back this time, won’t the memory be erased?” Bai Youyou said.

“Probably not.” Zhu Yang said: “You have to have rewards for doing work. They eliminate memories. What do you say about the source of rewards?”

“Furthermore, this is your personal experience, not from one ear. It is impossible to be so rudely erased under the confidentiality policy.”

But Zhu Yang rubbed his hands: “I just don’t know where the rewards are sent this time? This is an overview of another game, maybe it’s the ones that sent it? It happened that the last time I purchased a lot of things, I want to replenish it. supply–”

Before I finished speaking, I heard a sound of vomiting blood in my head.

Wei Jiang said, “Our game wants me to tell you, don’t think about it!”

Then he looked at Zhu Yang and said with a smile: “It’s amazing, I have done so many tasks and the first time I listened to the game so hurriedly.”

“Tsk!” Zhu Yang was disappointed and said to Bai Youyou, “I may have been on the rejection list for that game, but you haven’t yet.”

“Know what’s on your sister, it’s convenient and easy to use, the key is the price of cabbage.”

The three nodded desperately: “Isn’t it? The space ring is only more than a thousand points, so I will definitely sweep ten in one breath.”

“Hmm! There are all kinds of thermal weapons, I definitely buy enough in one go.”

“Science and technology products are also countless, it is a paradise for sweeping goods.”

Zhu Yang said: “If you know it is a good place, then you should remember it. If you can be an exchange student in the future, you will definitely perform hard, earn more points, and the price of cabbage—”

“Yeah! The price of cabbage—”

Wei Jiangli: “…” What’s wrong with being angry? How amazing are the points earned when you have nothing to buy in your game? What kind of big money can I charge to other games?

Then he received a voice in his head and he smiled immediately.

Looking at Zhu Yang, they said: “Oh, the game just said, all four of you are on the rejection list. These three guys will not accept them as exchange students.”

The expressions of the four of them stiffened suddenly, and Zhu Yang grabbed Wei Jiangli by the collar: “I’m afraid this can’t be done, right?”

Wei Jiang said, “That’s not my final say, and with your cunning, you will definitely allocate a batch of points to them when you go back, so that they can help you sweep the goods, right?”

amount! This is–

Not only Zhu Yang, but even the three small eyes drifted a bit. It can be seen that they treat other people’s games as a discount store, or the kind of restricted purchase.

But the purchase restriction also has to find ways to buy.

Zhu Yang let go of Xiao Shizi’s clothes and snorted coldly: “Yes, I’m not happy, right? Then it doesn’t want our game to accept its promising players.”

“We’re just going to sweep the goods, you come here as exchange students, one thing that is not easy to show is ability, if the evaluation is high, there will be more than one.”

“It doesn’t want to do this business, right?”

After speaking, I heard another vomiting blood, but how could there be a strong heart and unwillingness to taste?

The author has something to say:    Infinite Game: Where is the locust spirit from Nima?

Dog Game: I love it!

Infinite Game: Are you proud of it?

Extreme game: yes yes, that player is shameless (distressed)

Dog ratio, infinite: shut up, little brother!


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