Scream Queen Chapter 142

After Zhu Yang’s magical remarks were published, Xiao Shizi always felt that the last period of time passed a bit slowly.

Obviously less than 30 hours before the end of the game, it seems that time has been stretched, showing their reluctance to play.

But this actually proved something, and then Wei Jiangli saw that Zhu Yang hurriedly redeemed a batch of points to the other three younger brothers and sisters.

He also looked excited: “Come, come, come! I may not be able to go this time, but you are absolutely OK, otherwise, why is it so procrastinating and reluctant?”

“I’ll give you two hundred thousand one person first, and just bring it back for me if I see it.”

As soon as the three heard that they were excited and began to calculate their points—-

“I haven’t bought much props recently, and there are a lot of unnecessary props in the mid-level field.”

“Me too, the same is the props, and they are cheap and affordable, even if they are not cheap, at least they are worth the money? It’s like us, hundreds of thousands of points often buy some bad things that don’t know what they are used for.”

“Yes, yes! The dungeon we knew before, the items you bought, have not been used up yet? And you can’t use it for non-specific occasions. Now you have become stronger. Those are basically useless.

And they also know that Zhu Yang bought some seasoning packs and iron pots for a few hundred points once he cleared the customs. Besides the dog game, whose merchandise is so cheating?

Of course, the newcomer’s reliance on props is still very strong, but props usually cannot play a full role.

When players grow up and have a little ability, they will know that many things can be solved by themselves even without props, and the role of props is not irreplaceable.

It is also interesting to hone your strength and resilience. Perhaps this is also the original intention of the game. The more you go to the later stage, the less the cost of points.

In particular, players with strong clearance skills can already save a fortune.

Infinite games are different. The props on their side are really easy to use. It is not so easy for players of the same level to accumulate points.

Props are not opened at the beginning of each level, and some inexplicable things appear in the redemption window, but they can be purchased at any time.

Greatly stimulated the players’ desire to consume.

The four people were thinking about it in full swing, and Zhu Yang, who was wicked, made a list and asked the three little ones to purchase some things for her.

Wei Jiangli seemed to hear the vomiting of blood from the game again, even he felt sympathetic to the game now.

Although the game usually tortures their players to ecstasy, and the players are all kinds of scolding, but this time it is really wrong.

Obviously, the other two games were fighting, and it came to be a peacemaker, and it had to be searched when it was over.

In the end, it may be that the game has abandoned itself, and the flow of time is obviously normal again.

After eating, a few people played in the recreation hall of the refuge for a while. There was everything to enjoy here. Everyone played until midnight before returning to the room to wash and sleep.

When they got up the next day, the hearty breakfast was set. Zhu Yang and the others ate their breakfast while watching the news and contacting government officials.

In the news, it is natural to report the good and not the worry, but this time it is indeed getting better day by day.

The government has put the medicine into use, and the army has been equipped with medicine looting, and within a short period of time, half of the city has been regained control.

This is just less than a day, and I believe that the matter will be completely resolved in just a few days.

Although the dead cannot be resurrected, the number of people killed this time is in the millions, but the world has escaped a catastrophe anyway.

People from the government have already arrived at the base, but Dr. Ailey and the others came forward to receive them. The research has come to an end, and the scientists who had not been thrown out before have also been brought under control.

Together with those arrested company executives, they will get the trial they deserve. It is said that the authority is also facing a reshuffle.

Naturally, these things don’t matter to Zhu Yang and the others, she didn’t plan to contact the government directly.

So when the personnel who took over the base finally ran out of patience and came to the shelter to find someone, they found that there was no one here, just like a ghost suddenly disappeared.

However, as expected by Zhu Yang, she was rejected by another game, and Zhou Yao and the three of them were able to go to the unlimited game space for a day trip.

Zhu Yang saw Wei Jiangli’s inexhaustible expression, and said happily to him: “Say hello to Xu Xiao with me, you two will take the three of them to play with you and see and see.”

To Bai Youyou and the others: “It’s okay, don’t worry about the people over there asking for trouble, the poor over there, not everyone can afford the loss of fighting, let alone killing an individual for 10,000 points.”

“We are different. If they dare to hit you, they will suffer the same damage, and each will follow their own rules, so we don’t have to be frustrated when we encounter high-level players.”

“It’s cheap anyway, **** him.”

“Hmm!” The three nodded excitedly.

Wei Jiangli Naoren pushed her painfully: “You don’t have to say a few words, I haven’t seen anyone playing in the past and rushing to hit the place.”

Then I looked at her, and suddenly blushed and said, “Then, the next time I meet may be a tournament. I don’t know when, you have to come.”

Zhu Yang smiled and rubbed his head: “Why? Reluctant? Next time I will send you over as an exchange student in the game.”

Wei Jiangli’s eyes lit up: “Yes, you can come over and explode.”

“What’s so beautiful?” The three of them grabbed Xiao Shizi’s collar and left. “First take us to finish the goods.”

Sure enough, he was an ancient boy who was already talking about his age, so anyone would dare to think about it.

Ordinary modern young people who admire someone in their twenties in their teens shouldn’t be shy, right? People seem to be totally absent.

Zhu Yang waved his hands behind to send them away, and the next second they returned to the Valentine’s Day special space.

Didn’t it go back to reality?

Taking advantage of Lu Datou’s not coming back, Zhu Yang began to count his own harvest this time.

The evaluation is naturally the highest, after all, it not only saves a world from catastrophe, but also wins a copy world for one’s own game.

But when it comes to this, Zhu Yang knows why players in extreme games are so keen to kidnap other gamers and cause trouble, and the rewards are so generous.

As long as you kidnap a player and throw it into a world to kill, and win that dungeon world to your own game, it is at least an S-level reward.

How high is the return?

However, this time the ability did not explode much. Indeed, as Zhu Yang had expected, the ability of the opponent players in the competition was also within the capture range.

Although the abilities of the four players are not much, the cultivation of the thought power of the poisonous skin man at the head is so high that it is really a top ten.

Zhu Yang has the motivation of thinking, naturally this ability is very compatible with her, and her strength is not weaker than that of the other party, and she can fully support the operation of that intensity of motivation.

Although she had only obtained such an ability, it was currently the strongest ability besides the Insect Plague, which literally raised her strength by another level.

Zhu Yang estimates that in this case, one or two more worlds may be able to go to the higher field.

It’s not that she is not strong enough, but just like the first level of the intermediate field, the last level also has special significance.

In short, dogs are more ritualistic than games.

Although the rewards this time are not so fancy, the specific gains can be ranked in the top three since Zhu Yang played the game.

Points, only a ray of energy integration from advanced players, the goods swept in the base, there are so many lickers, and Bai Youyou’s ongoing purchases.

I don’t know how long it took them to spend in the infinite game space. In short, Zhu Yang only finished counting in his mind, and saw them back.

It was less than ten minutes before I came back.

Then I saw Bai Youyou pouting, and Yu Li and Zhou Yao were still unfinished.

“Huh! What! Really stingy, and the purchase is restricted.”

“That is, it is too unfriendly to let us go shopping after shopping.”

“I still want to take the opportunity to get to know what’s over there, it’s a pity.”

But to be reasonable, the game was swept by three locusts, and it was disgusting to see them, and it was just as far away as to throw it back.

Now that the person has returned, he can no longer complain.

The four of them happily began to divide the spoils-no, divide the goods.

This time there were three people purchasing for Zhu Yang, and she was naturally a bumper harvest no less than the last time, but it’s a pity that the three of Bai Youyou’s current strength is comparable to her then.

So the permissions are similar, and no more new things are bought.

But it was enough. How did Zhu Yang buy the space ring this time, because after the advanced stage, you can open the game backpack. As long as the thing is your own, you can install all the things, so there is less demand for the space ring.

However, she has recovered a lot of potions. In terms of weapons, most of her current strengths are actually no longer needed, but there are still many useful things, so I won’t repeat them here.

Apart from helping Zhu Yang bring the goods, the three of Bai Youyou naturally had a good harvest, and all the things were useful and easy to use now, and it was natural and beautiful to swept them down.

I had already accumulated a lot of points, but this time the clearance evaluation of the SSS level was a lot, but they made them sweep the pass.

It’s just that the sudden appearance of reasoning makes the lovers around who are not aware of it a bit surprised.

Some people even whispered when they passed by: “Is this a threesome? Or is it in the game? Now young people spend Valentine’s Day like this?”

Bai Youyou, Yu Li, Zhou Yao: “…”

Yu Li: “You shouldn’t pass me here.”

Zhou Yao smiled and said: “You can be fortunate that when you left, you didn’t pass you here first and then enter the copy.”

“You didn’t wear it at the time—”

Before he finished speaking, Yu Li covered his mouth and looked at him murderously: “Delete, delete this matter in my mind completely.”

This time the tasks have been completed, and there is no need to worry at all. How can Zhou Yao stop? Connecting to Bai Youyou suddenly amused Yu Li.

Yu Li knocked on this and couldn’t cover that, and finally had to say fiercely: “You can figure it out clearly, unless you two don’t interact with me in this life, otherwise you should be alert and don’t forget to have a pair of eyes fixed on you forever. Waiting to catch your embarrassment.”

Bai Youyou and Zhou Yao shook, they almost forgot that this guy had a black belly and stingy, but they just accepted it.

At this time, Lu Xiuci also returned to the game space. The clothes he was wearing were not the suits he had dated before, but he changed to black combat uniforms.

Looks wild and handsome, not bad for the man called Mustang.

The whole person looked a little bit dusty, the traces of battle on his body were very obvious, and he was surprised when he saw Yu Li here, but he immediately realized what was going on.

Zhu Yang opened the chair to make him a kid, and poured him a glass of water: “What happened?”

Lu Xiuci nodded: “It’s so smooth.”

He drank his saliva: “The three of us teamed up and were directly teleported to the advanced dungeon. We will kill the player when we see it. After killing the dungeon world, it will be ours.”

“Let us **** so many high-level copies in a short time, and the game over there is also anxious. I can’t take care of it at both ends, so it’s natural to be hit by our game.”

“At this moment, I guess I’m distressingly counting my own resources.”

Zhu Yang was pleased to think of the picture of that stupid game screaming in the corner and counting the copper plates.

If you talk about low-level and intermediate-level dungeons, it doesn’t matter if there are more than one, after all, the dungeon world is in units of billions.

But the advanced copy is different. In contrast, it is the difference between the pheasant advertising endorsement and the first-line top production.

To use the analogy of a brokerage company again, the current situation of the dumb extreme game is that the first-line actors have been cut down, the top production movies and TV series being shot by others, the international famous endorsement resources are all taken over by the rival company.

Can’t you vomit blood?

Anyway, Zhu Yang heard the news and he was very impressed. He also asked the chef to bring a lot of delicious food and enjoyed the meal.

Goubi Game didn’t know if he was shy because of the help this time or something, but he didn’t bother them to make trouble.

Lu Xiuci snorted: “It has to have a face too, how did I treat it? How did it treat me?”

After speaking, they heard a “groan” sound in their minds, some like coquetry and some resentment, in short, it felt like turning their belly in front of you with the cat who made a mistake.

But Lu Xiuci didn’t bother to care about it.

The Valentine’s Day special was originally a test, but after this one, the dog became impatient than the game.

There were dozens of couples left, and one person sent a gift package to open up the game space, but for the five people who supported themselves in the battle between the games, the dog is not stingy with the game.

According to its statement, although it does not give team props in order to prevent players from grouping, but like this time, it does understand the necessity of teaming sometimes.

Originally this time for lovers, it was to screen out some partners who can team up. The test of tacit understanding, trust and understanding is harsh.

It is said that the purpose of rushing to break up the lovers has come, but if this test fails, there will be more variables in the dungeon, and the natural team props will not be meaningful to you.

The entire special session ended in a hurry, and the Goubi Game handed out team cards to the five people present and Xie Yi Quhe.

However, this thing is not transferable, cannot be borrowed, and can only be grouped with someone who owns the brand.

In this way, it is basically a tacit understanding that they are in a group in the game, but the game also realizes that it needs a team of players who work together, have a tacit understanding, and stand on its own side.

It can be regarded as an approved guard.

Several people were very happy to get the team brand, but they didn’t expect the surprise to come so suddenly.

There will naturally be good things to go in groups in the future-ahem, how can you say it is like a locust?

It was Lu Xiu’s resignation. When I first saw Zhu Yangjin’s game, he desperately wanted to get this stuff. Now I got it. There must be surprises. At least I can support it when I want to support it.

But looking at Zhu Yang’s posture, there should not be many opportunities to use this thing in the future.

She is now more and more like a fish in the game. Maybe she was coerced by the game at first, so now she is completely enjoying this state.

She has never relied on him in the game, so under normal circumstances, it doesn’t make much sense to add to the back.

After all, she is getting stronger and stronger with naked eyes, and she will soon be so strong that she has no worries about her life in the game. That’s when he really feels relieved.

With the team card, the game returns several people to the real world.

In fact, at the beginning, it still played the idea of ​​entering the game together, leaving the game to send the road to the snow mountain. If he asked afterwards, it could only be said that he was positioned wrong, but it is not embarrassing at the moment. .

You know, where the player enters the game and where they come out, the coordinates have never been messed up, and they dare to make up, so they are not afraid of being drawn.

Returning to the mountain villa, Zhu Yang pushed Lu Xiu resigned to take a bath, and changed his clothes, which was a light and silky long skirt.

Although it was snowy outside, the room was warm inside. Zhu Yang shrank on the sofa, draped in a furry blanket, enjoying the snow while taking a sip.

It didn’t take long for Lu Xiuci to walk out wearing a bathrobe and wiping his hair. Zhu Yang suddenly felt that blood was nothing to appreciate. The beauty was much more attractive than the snow scene.

What’s more, there are some Valentine’s Day gifts that can’t wait to be opened in the game space, because they have been stuck for seven days because of a malfunction, so what?

After a happy applause, Zhu Yang just started to open the gifts he prepared.

No matter how valuable it is, there are staggeringly expensive gemstone necklaces, which are said to have been bought from the copy world. They are gems that do not exist in the real world. They are amazingly beautiful.

There are also interesting gadgets that Zhu Yang occasionally mentioned.

She tried to show him the same thing: “This Valentine’s Day, I really have a good harvest.”

Lu Xiuci hugged her and rubbed her ears: “Me too.”

After sticking together for a long time, I thought about coming to the snow-capped mountains and couldn’t just shrink the house like this.

Then he put on his ski suit and prepared to go skiing.

They are a private area and there are also ski resorts, but Zhu Yang felt that there were still more people, so he went to the ski resort over the hotel.

After two hours, I am ready to go back happily. By this time it was a bit late, and most of the tourists had already returned.

It’s okay for the two of them to be brave, and they didn’t even plan to go back from the road at the hotel, directly through the snow-capped mountains, and ran straight back to the house.

On the road, I met four people who came out to ski, three men and one woman. Zhu Yang also reminded them that the mountain was about to be closed, but few people were in a hurry.

Zhu Yang naturally ignored him and went home with Datou Lu.

After changing her clothes, Lu Xiuci made a dinner for her personally, and the two of them enjoyed themselves happily, and they huddled together on the bed.

When I was about to fall asleep, I heard a call for help in the distance.

At night, the mountains are empty, and the players have good ears.

Zhu Yang guessed that it was the few people just now, and suddenly felt bad, but the four lives could not be left alone.

There are more than ten hours before the ski resort is open tomorrow, and these guys run around to reach their private area, and the roller patrol may not be able to spot them the first time.

They just got up and put on clothes and went out to find someone.

It didn’t take a lot of work, and they followed the voice and followed their feet for a while to find a fight. It turned out that a few guys fell off the ski **** above, some got lost below, and could not climb up.

Zhu Yang took out a bunch of ropes from the space, and illuminated them with a flashlight: “Pull the ropes, I will pull you up.”

Those guys were short-sighted just now, but now they were all trembling at everything.

Busily said: “Big girl, please pay attention, first step on the ground to see if it is not true, otherwise we will be over if you fall.”

Zhu Yang laughed angrily: “Oh! It’s different after being frozen for a while, the water in your brain is freeze-dried to make it easier.”

“Now you know to be careful, why did you go?”

But after all, the four people were pulled up. After the four people came up, they praised the strength of the two of them. At such a high place, it was easy to pull four people in one breath.

Zhu Yang didn’t want to bother with these idiots, so he let Lu Datou contact the people in the hotel to pick them up.

Only the four guys said they must thank them and asked them their names. Zhu Yang and the others were annoyed. Fortunately, a car was sent to the hotel after a while, and the two of them stuffed a few guys into the car. It’s almost useless kicking.

A few people stood by the car window and took off their hats and goggles. Only then did Zhu Yang realize that some of them looked very good, and they looked familiar at first glance.

Zhu Yang waved at them perfunctorily, and after sending the people away, he took Lu’s head back to the house. After such a toss, Valentine’s Day was spent.

When they returned home early the next morning, they saw Zhu Weixin and Zhu Qian out of the house, Lu Li and Yin Jun were also here.

It is said that they lived here last night. Seeing them walking in sticky holding hands, four single dogs huddled together for warmth suddenly raised their noses and eyes.

Zhu Weixin touched Xiaoji’s fluff and said bitterly: “Oh~~, I have a good time, I won’t go home all night.”

Lu Li hugged Long Long Shun’s scales, and said harshly: “The phone can’t get through, who should I defend? It’s the same as if someone must contact you.”

Yin Jun followed Zhu Qian’s hair and smiled, saying that the Buddha was like him and was hurt by women twice in succession. Now he has no emotion at all, and only wants to become a monk.

Zhu Yang looked at the cute creatures in this house in his own house, Coke, and raised a large food box with several layers in his hand——

“Then you won’t eat what I brought?”

“Eat! Why don’t you eat?” The three of them surrounded each other.

With Zhu Yang’s pickiness, it is absolutely indispensable to bring it back in her eyes.

Of course, these are all packaged by Zhu Yang from the Valentine’s Day restaurant, which is no longer a question of deliciousness.

The key is the ingredients of these delicacies, many of which are ingredients of the higher dungeon world, such as the food animals raised by the sects of the Xiuxian World.

It’s extraordinary, and you don’t need much cooking skills. As long as you don’t mess up, just restoring the deliciousness of the ingredients will make you want to stop.

After Zhu Yang ate well, he asked for packaging. The game was naturally not stingy, and directly filled her with a space ring dedicated to food.

Then there is no need to worry about coaxing the child to have no good things for a long time.

Sure enough, everyone except Longlong was conquered by this wonderful delicacy, and couldn’t stop eating, and no one would bother them to go out alone.

As a result, I was eating this. I wish my mother and father would come back with a sweet face, and they packed a lot of delicious food.

Seeing that some of the children had eaten it, he said cheerfully: “Oh! I also said that no one was home last night. You are so pitiful, so are you eating?”

Three ghosts, one chicken and one dragon: “…”

No, the two big ones make people feel bad. You are both like the old man and the old lady. What are you doing?

But when Lu Xiusi saw Father Zhu, he remembered the previous second-level assessment, and the image of the wretched middle-aged man who was arrested for prostitution in the police station was lingering.

His eyes drifted a little.

Zhu Yang is the same, their performance over there, the girls’ room is live broadcast simultaneously, and he saw his father at first glance. Suddenly there was a sense of joy.

Daddy Zhu is not happy: “These two kids, talking to you, why are your eyes floating?”

Zhu Yangxin said ecstatically: “No, it just depends on how you look like the spring breeze today, it’s kind of flashed to our young people.”

After speaking, Zhu Weixin and the others also covered their eyes in cooperation.

Mother Zhu smiled and poked a few children’s foreheads, and went back to the room with Father Zhu. They still had work in the morning.

After the meal, Zhu Yang took advantage of Lu Datou and took his three younger brothers out to play basketball, called Xiao Ji and Qianmengui in the room, and told them about the previous copy.

It’s not that everything should be reported to the children, but with their cleverness, next time Zhu Yang uses unfamiliar abilities, or how his abilities have evolved, they will definitely find out.

When the time comes, Sapo will be awkward about concealing things, that will be a headache, but now that it is said, even if it is going to be a fuss, it will take a while.

Sure enough, they were very frustrated that they were not able to participate in the dungeon and were unable to help.

Especially Qianmiangui: “I can be like a sister and do it.”

Indeed, if she is there, she can even be unconscious at first, and there will be no chance of making the third group of players suspicious.

Zhu Yang touched his head: “It was also an accident this time. What a small probability, let’s run into it. It won’t happen next time!”

“You are not only my family, but also my combat power. How can you leave you behind?”

The two children broke into laughter, shrinking her arms to act like a baby.

To be honest, Zhu Yang didn’t think much about playing games frequently in the near future. He planned to take a good rest for a month or two.

However, after fusing the poisonous man’s thought power in the Resident Evil dungeon, she had the heart to test her ability to become one of her strongest abilities.

In fact, these two abilities weren’t her most optimistic at the beginning, compared to Ice Element and Illusion Art, they had much higher expectations for her at the beginning.

It’s just a coincidence. These two abilities can’t be said to be not strong. Taking these two alone is enough for the eyes of the same players, but on the contrary, it has not become her biggest dependence.

But Zhu Yang didn’t intend to shift her focus. It’s unreasonable to waste such a good ability, so she wondered whether she would consciously find opportunities for other abilities before entering the advanced field?

Only the stronger, after the cross-level, it will not fall back because of the big gap.

So after a few days of rest, Zhu Yang submitted an application like a game to enter the dungeon world to clear the customs.

Longlong saw that Xiaoji could enter together, and Xiaoqian could enter together, but it couldn’t. After all three of them were beaten, he reluctantly circled them to see them enter the game.

Not to mention, Zhu Yang felt a little rounder.

The exchange window opened, and there was a torch and nothing else.

The torch is just like a dry stick that I used to light up at night, not as good as the initial items in the game, and the price is quite high.

A full five thousand points, higher than that resurrection pill.

Of course, the resurrection pill was to clean up the garbage for the dog than the game, so he jumped off the building and vomited blood. According to Zhu Yang’s knowledge, the exchange panel of other players didn’t have that thing at all.

But even if you think so, it is still expensive.

Zhu Yang bought it and muttered: “Don’t use it.”

He talked about the game again: “It’s all games, look at the things in other stores, and then look at you? No wonder you get scolded all day long.”

Dog than the game quit, muttering in her mind, Zhu Yang directly ignored.

Feeling of weightlessness came, Zhu Yang opened his eyes and found himself in a street where people came and went.

The bluestone road is lined with street stalls and shops, and the buildings are antique. Even if the people below are full of voices, the color of the sky is still as clean as water.

This is a place that has no traces of industrial pollution, and there are no earthy love songs and ghost animals circulating advertisements on the street.

The clear and loud cries of the hawkers sounded very pleasing to the ear, and there were still entertainers setting up stalls on the street.

The dressing and dressing of pedestrians makes people feel like they have entered a period TV series, but the street clothes are not like the colorful eyes of people wearing silk on the street in Leiju.

It seems that the hierarchical system is clear, and the clothes are also exquisite, and most of them are ordinary people in linen and coarse cloth.

This copy world is actually ancient!

While Zhu Yang was looking at the world in surprise, people passing by also looked at her, probably because her appearance was too good. Who wouldn’t hold her tightly on such a beauty?

I’ll see it today. The danger is that she has everything to do, otherwise she would have been surrounded.

Zhu Yang looked back and saw that there were three people next to him. It was obviously the first time he entered the ancient copy.

After the first meeting, no one started talking first.

Seeing Zhu Yang turned his head, he withdrew his gaze from the scene, and then the eyes of the three of them flashed with obvious surprise.

Zhu Yang lowered his head and saw that what he was wearing turned out to be an ancient costume.

But it’s not the kind of chiffon and inconvenient clothes like Miss Everyone on the TV, but it’s a bit like the costume of the gang heroine in the game. It looks good and beautiful, but at first glance, it is agile and convenient.

Of course, although the chin is not wrapped and only the long face is shown, but there is no chest/breast, arms and thighs, which is a bit of the feeling in the early Hong Kong movies.

Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows, a mirror suddenly appeared in his hand, and he glanced in.

I saw that her hair has also been slightly modified. She recently permed her hair, which was a big silky wave like chocolate, but now it has restored the black straightness before.

It was even longer than her original hair, and it reached the waist. A simple single snail bun was pulled on the top of her head, and the rest of the hair was loosely draped, and one strand on the left and right was pulled to the chest.

Her black hair is as beautiful as a waterfall, and with her delicate and flawless face, she is really a beautiful beauty.

Zhu Yang didn’t expect that she was quite suitable for costumes. She had also taken costume portraits before, and they were also styling made by professionals in this area.

The shape is much more gorgeous and diverse than the current one, but it’s just a little tasteless.

But now it really looks antique, there is no sense of violation. I really can’t resist, the dog is better than the aesthetics of the game.

Zhu Yangle, thinking about finding time to take more photos.

For low-level occasions, she would definitely take out her mobile phone to take pictures without saying a word, but now the game is getting more and more difficult and the opponents are getting more and more dangerous. How did the Venom Skin Man capsize in her hands?

Naturally, she herself would not do the kind of stupid thing that caught people with flaws.

Several players introduced each other, two men and two women, the woman was just a few years older than Zhu Yang, and both men were over thirty.

The four in the clothes look like they belong to a gang, but they don’t have any iconic accessories.

The game didn’t give notice at this time, but they put a few of them on the street. For modern society, they also found a place to live nearby, but they may be a little uncomfortable here.

Obviously, the logical logic made the three of them hesitate.

When Zhu Yang came to sit down in front of a wonton stall, the stall owner saw her and came to greet her warmly.

“Four bowls of chaos, more soup.” Zhu Yang said.

“Okay, wait a minute.” The stall owner slapped the wontons while making the seasoning.

When the other three saw this, they could only come and sit down. The wontons were cooked quickly, and they came up soon.

Different from modern catering snacks that have no threshold, the real delicacy is always one of the best.

In ancient times, it was not easy to make money. Women in every household were diligent and skillful, and the people lived thrifty. Where was the food industry so developed?

Without two or two skills, it is difficult for ordinary shops to survive, so those who can set up stalls on the street naturally have so much uniqueness.

Zhu Yang likes to eat chaotic dumplings in the real world, but he rarely eats them sold outside. The stuffing alone does not meet her standards.

The pork is fatty, lacks tenacity, sloppy seasoning, the stuffing is terribly small, and the dough doesn’t have any toughness.

But what is sold at this stall is the pork bone soup that has been boiled for several hours with thin skins and big fillings.

At the beginning, the three people who sat there took a bite, and after a bite, they gave up other thoughts, and it was not impossible to concentrate on eating a meal before making plans.

Because gamers generally have a big appetite, everyone ate a bowl and ordered a second bowl, and the stall owner was happy with pleats on his face.

While he was cooking Chaos, Zhu Yang asked: “Master, is there anything new in the city lately? Let’s listen to it?”

The stall owner also likes to talk to people, and he said: “There have been no major incidents recently, but there are so many big families in the city. They say that there are pickles at home and they are seeking Taoists.”

The author has something to say:    You are actually entangled with what the dog is called than the game? Haha isn’t it a horror game? Although the more you reach the later stage, the fewer ghosts (beating).


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