Scream Queen Chapter 143

There are Taoist priests, which means there are demons and ghosts, and there is no policy of not allowing them to become elites after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Presumably the spirits here are more capable than before.

Of course, this is a nonsense, don’t look at their current level, Zhu Yang has made a qualitative leap in two consecutive copies, let alone say.

Only this time the three players, each of them looked good.

At least there is a clear gap between the mid-level players encountered in the dungeon of the show, and it must be a mid-level late player.

The stall owner was interested in chatting, so they ate the wontons and listened to a lot of gossip about the big family.

It is said that the male host is a talent, young and promising, and handsome. His ancestors managed it for several generations. In his hands, he has both a great career and a fame.

It’s just that this talent can’t handle general affairs, so the family asked him a capable and virtuous wife. The two respected each other as guests. They had been in harmony for many years, but they also envied others.

The talented lady was also capable, grabbing inside and out, and taking care of the ancestral industry prosperously. Not only that, she also added a son and a daughter to the talent.

The daughter is still young, but his son is only sixteen this year, but he has already won a talent

“Yeah” Zhu Yang frowned suddenly, “My son is already sixteen, isn’t that a talent?”

“Oh, that Xiu Cai has two in his thirties this year,” said the main stall.

More than thirty, with the same fame as his son, young and promising

Well, objectively speaking, the ancient imperial examinations were not easy. It was just that the other party was born in a rich family and belonged to a class with abundant educational resources in this era.

The lack of general affairs means that apart from studying, I don’t care about anything else, I’m still at the same level as my teenage son.

At this point, the stall owner intends to stop, but the other side’s meaningful expression arouses people’s gossip.

Zhu Yang took the opportunity to take out a dime of silver from his purse, put it on the table next to him, and said with a smile, “Master, this wonton is really authentic, especially the soup. Let’s eat it happily, and it will take you a long time to find it.”

The stall owner didn’t expect that these people were so generous, and their faces would be full of smiles. Usually he couldn’t make so much from a day’s stall.

So he quickly put away the broken corner, looked around, bowed his head and said to them, “This matter is not accurate, even everyone is spreading it.”

“Isn’t this a talented lady recruiting Taoist priests? The talented lady has not shown up for a long time, and I suspect that the talented lady is fascinated by some fox fairy.”

The players glanced at each other, and it seemed that this talented family was not the home of the mission, but also an introduction to the mission.

So a few people didn’t sit too much and went straight to the Xiucai’s house while it was still early.

Not far, after all, gossip usually spreads from neighbors in the neighborhood.

However, Zhu Yang sorted out his belongings on the way. The players each had a cloth bag, which contained a change of clothes and some dry food, as well as customs clearance documents.

There are a few pieces of silver and some copper plates in the purse. The money is not much, but it is not too small here.

Zhu Yang estimated according to the price, and this little money is enough for a family of four to live in the city for a few months.

She also used her points to exchange for the currency here, one point can be exchanged for 16 taels of silver.

Well, she is still a local tyrant, there is nothing more reassuring and pleasant than this.

So the baggage was collected into the space, and Zhu Yang came to the talented home with the three players in a happy mood.

When the guardian saw their uniform dress, even if they couldn’t recognize the way, they knew that they were on the reward list.

After asking for their identities, the four of them were led in.

This talented family is worthy of a wealthy family who has been in business for several generations, and the mansion is exquisite and elegant.

I want to ask Zhu Yang what he thinks most, that is, I want to go back and set up a retro manor like this, and look forward to staying for a few days in quiet time.

However, Zhu Yang originally praised the exquisite setting of the game on the street, and now he immediately retracted this evaluation.

Generally speaking, common sense is correct, but a talented person from the other side is qualified to open such a big door and build such a prominent mansion.

Forget it, she didn’t come to study anyway.

When I was introduced into the lobby by the Jia Ding, I saw that there were many people sitting or standing inside, and they were all dressed in weird clothes. The traditional Taoist gowns were worn like beggars, and there were even goddesses who appeared to be jumping in.

But nothing is useful.

I want to ask Zhu Yang why he made such a determination, nothing else, because the lobby was simply blindfolded, but no one saw through it.

In the middle of the lobby between the main seats, a sign was placed, which means that capable people should go out and listen and discuss important matters.

Anyone who is really capable has already gone out.

Zhu Yang is immune to illusion, this level of blindness is not a problem, it is the other three players, although they do not have this ability.

But they can also notice the sense of violation here, so they can confirm it.

Zhu Yang raised their feet to go out soon after they came in, and the silly guys inside were smug.

There was another group of whispering talkers who retired, but in fact they were the ones who were brushed down in the first level.

The three players went out with Zhu Yang. “It seems that the master of this guy has found a capable person.”

“But this capable person and stranger is not sure to solve the matter alone, which shows that it is a bit tricky.”

While talking, a few people came to the side hall. Sure enough, there were already several groups of people here, but they looked more decent than the previous hall.

Seeing Zhu Yang and the others come in, those people looked up, but the underground was inevitably surprised.

Those who come here are all capable, even if you don’t see the depth of Zhu Yang and the others at a glance, it is obvious that this person is not easy.

It seems that this generous reward has been scored again.

The four were seated, a little girl had tea, and the people sitting inside did not respond to each other.

There was a stick of incense on the square table in the middle of the main seat, and it was not long before Zhu Yang and the others sat down.

At this time, I heard a commotion in the hall not far away, but was soothed after a while. It is estimated that a certain tutorial fee was given and the swindlers were sent away.

Then the main house appeared, it was the talented lady, a beautiful woman in her thirties, but her face was a little haggard because of worry and sadness.

Next to her is a fifteen or sixteen boy who helped her out. He should be the eldest son of this family.

The appearance is beautiful, but he is not like a young man who is panicking. Although his eyes are helpless and worried, his temperament is calm.

There was also a square-faced Taoist priest who came out with them, who was in his forties and looked righteous.

The other party claimed to be the maiden cousin of Xiucai Niangzi, and he should have used the blindfold in the lobby.

A few of them were polite, and said they were rude as soon as they came, “The things in the lobby are really helpless.”

“The situation is dangerous this time, and I can’t bear to let everyone go into danger easily.”

The people here are naturally polite again and again. In fact, this shows their patience. They want a mob of brains to swarm up. Whose credit is the result?

After a few more polite talks, I told everyone the real situation.

It’s almost the same as the rumor in the neighborhood.

It is said that Li Xiucai, the owner of this house, was hiking with a friend a month ago. It coincided with the heavy rain. When he rushed back, he saw a large mountain house.

A few people knocked on the door to seek shelter from the house owner, but the house owner was a few young women, all of them beautiful and enchanting, and they were so fascinated by the scholars.

Then the shelter from the rain became a lodging, and the lodging became a small lodging. Just staying like this, I didn’t go home after more than a month.

It was one of the playmates who looked too ridiculous and no one liked the girl in the mansion. After returning, this guy was jealous and stabbed the matter out.

Then there was this fragrant gossip spreading in the neighborhood. Zhu Yang said that a person who is good at housekeeping and management should not let the ugliness fly in the sky.

What’s more, the ancients have a heavy reputation.

At first everyone heard it, and thought it was a prostitute, and a few of them were reluctant to think about it.

If people didn’t come back, they would definitely have to look for them in the mountains. Several scholars’ families sent people up to the mountains. As a result, there was any mansion that lived in the mountains, it was clearly a ruined temple that was abandoned for a long time.

The door opened was spider webs and thick gray. There was no sign of anyone entering recently. The Buddha statue collapsed on the ground and his head was broken.

Several families have turned over a large mountain, and there are no houses besides the ruined temple.

Only then did she realize the seriousness of the problem, and the Xiucai lady begged her cousin to join the Profound Sect, and several other families also pooled money to find a Taoist priest.

This group of people went up the mountain seven days ago and fought the girls once.

People have seen them, and the girls are all mountain spirits and monsters, and the Taoism is not shallow.

After a fierce battle, except for the sister-in-law cousin who had some real skills, the other Taoist uncles who didn’t know where they were found died there.

Several other families were entangled by the victim’s family because of their lives. Those swindlers are all deceived by their glib tongue, which shows that the family members are not easy to deal with.

Other households have no great careers in the scholarly family, and they have spent a while and cannot get out of their bodies. Only the scholarly women worry about their husbands.

Once it failed, there was another commission.

The matter was explained by Mrs. Xiucai’s cousin, Daoshi Zhang, but Mrs. Xiucai was sad and even wiped tears at the end.

The teenager next to her hurriedly comforted her. After her mother’s emotions stabilized, he clasped his fists and said to everyone present, “Everyone, as long as you can find your father back home, you will get a great reward.”

The people present naturally promised again and again, but while they were talking, everyone felt that they were lighter and floated away from the ground with their feet directly off the ground.

Floating, there were still two or two things, and immediately thought it was the monsters who knew their plans and came to make trouble.

For a while, those who pinched the formula, dig out the talisman paper, drew the peach wood sword and swung wildly, even Taoist Zhang also quickly cast the setting spell.

However, it was the young man who was most attentive where it was useful. Seeing that their master was fine, besides them, there were four Taoists who were fine.

Gently pulled his uncle’s sleeves, motioning him to look at Zhu Yang and the others.

Zhang Daoshi was taken aback, and he knew what was going on after thinking about it, knowing that he was exposed, his face was a little magnificent.

Then the floating people floated out of the compound from the side hall and were thrown directly outside the gate.

After these people were thrown out, they felt that the money was not easy to make, and that strong mana had no resistance.

I didn’t care about this rare big deal for a while, and each one got up and fled, for fear that the monsters in the mansion would chase them out and kill them all.

The Pian Ting suddenly became more than half empty, and now except for the main family, only the four of them were still drinking tea calmly.

The three ladies of Xiucai looked at each other, and they were surprised and delighted. Although it would be overbearing to throw the host’s guests out directly, it also shows the true nature of this group.

At this time, I saw the leading beautiful female mage put down the teacup and got up and said, “We already know the matter. It’s too late today. Let’s go up the mountain again tomorrow morning.”

It was not at all procrastinating, and it made the Xiucai lady wait for joy.

In the beginning, when the talented ladies came out, they were the least optimistic about this group of people, especially the beautiful girl in the lead.

There are only a few Xuanmen girls, let alone this one

Not to mention the beauty, but also the spoiled temperament, such a person, tell her to deal with demons and ghosts

Unexpectedly, real people can’t look good, and the talented lady was overjoyed and busy let the maid arrange a banquet.

That Taoist priest also hurriedly stepped forward and clasped his fists, “Dare to ask how many teachers go out”

“Xiaoyaomen” Zhu Yang casually made up a bad street school.

Relying on the fact that there is no trademark registration in these years, even if there is a free and easy door in this world, it is only to say that I have the same name.

What she didn’t expect was that this world really exists, and it has a lot to do with them.

It’s just that Taoist Zhang hasn’t heard of him, and now he is wearing a strong filter, but he really feels that this chic and smart style is worthy of the momentum of a few people.

Zhu Yang dared to go out the rest of the guys. If no one gets in the way tomorrow, they will naturally move more conveniently.

The abilities of the opponent is unknown, and those half-hearted people who follow will only make trouble. If there is something to save or not to save

However, according to Zhang Daoshi’s ability, he can retreat alive, Zhu Yang thought that either those monsters were not good enough.

Either the love brain is in line with the purpose of staying and flying with the scholars and does not want to kill more evils.

But given that the hands of several other families had died there, it was obvious that the second one was not valid.

Lady Xiucai went down to prepare the meal, leaving Xiucai’s eldest son and Taoist Zhang to accompany him.

It’s just that the more they talk, the more confused they are. According to the theory, everyone who comes here should be paid handsomely.

Otherwise, who is willing to deal with monsters, let alone the monsters who killed people.

But no matter what the four people talked about, they didn’t mention any rewards from beginning to end, but they were more interested in their customs, national affairs, harvest geometry, and monster anecdotes.

When it comes to asking where, Daoshi Zhang is okay, thinking that they are the children of the Hidden Mountain Gate who have been born and trained, and know very little about the world.

But Xiucai’s eldest son reacted very interestingly. Zhu Yang watched coldly. The child’s eyes were shocked and hesitant, and he seemed to think of something but incredible.

When it came time for dinner, the lady of scholarship really asked the kitchen to take out all her efforts. The entire table was so rich that people could move their index fingers.

I also ate two bowls of wontons at noon, but I don’t have to worry about filling them up.

In addition to the home-cooked meticulously, there are several big dishes ordered from the best restaurants in town.

These days, people are sincere, and good reputation is really good, unlike the reputation of later generations who are all online celebrities.

Zhu Yang was eating more authentically than the clubs they often go to, so he discussed with a few players and tried it.

Now even the scholars have seen the problem, these people are not bad at all.

Although he also enjoys the food, his attitude is as calm as a wealthy old glutton who tastes the delicacies of the world, although he admires the novelty of the mansion.

But it’s like seeing something that you can start immediately, without the slightest envy, not to mention that the restaurant’s food is expensive, these people don’t care about it.

Seeing that they are dressed in plain clothes, but they are indeed extraordinary, and coupled with their talents, the family of scholars naturally dare not pretend to be an employer.

After a while, the host and the host enjoyed themselves. After the dinner, the Xiucai lady arranged a guest room for several people.

The girl who is waiting is sent again, good evening.

Zhu Yang went back to the room. The hot water was ready. I have to say that greeting guests in ancient times was really comprehensive.

She gave the little maidservant a handful of toffee, and she was overjoyed to show off.

Zhu Yang still remembered the photo taken, not only the body, but also the clothes changed in the bag, and the bathrobe prepared by the lady of the scholar.

I am still thinking that I will go around the city after catching the demon tomorrow. C country people always have this kind of complex.

At this time, the little maid, who took the candy and went out, was hopping across the corridor.

He was stopped by the young master in the yard, “Little Cuier, come down.”

The little maidservant is twelve or thirteen years old, and she graduated from modern elementary school. Li Xuan, the eldest son of the scholar, usually loves these young maidservants and never scolds people.

Therefore, the little maids like him and are not very afraid.

Seeing the young master calling herself, the little maid trot over, “What’s the matter, young master.”

“What are you holding in your hand?” Xiu Li Xuan pointed at her hand.

For anyone who is a little bit mean, the maid won’t hand over the benefits of the customer, and it is possible to get caught.

But this house doesn’t have this rule. The little girl actually showed off the candies to the young master. “The female fairy gave it. I just allocated one, but it is delicious, like cow milk, but without the smell of cow milk. , So sweet.”

“Master, do you want?”

Li Xuan twisted one up. The light was not good this night, but he couldn’t tell that it was the famous white rabbit toffee.

Suddenly all the guesses were fulfilled, and he had mixed feelings for a while, and his eyes were covered with thin tears.

Seeing the little maid looking at him suspiciously, Li Xuan quickly peeled a plug.

The thick milk scent has melted, and it is this taste, which has been around for more than ten years.

“Which fairy girl” Li Xuan asked.

The little maid said, “The most beautiful one.”

Li Xuan nodded, and handed a plate of exquisite desserts on the side table to the little girl, “I don’t take advantage of you, take it.”

The little girl took two snacks in one night, and she was as happy as she was.

Li Xuan watched her leave, using a lot of energy to resist the urge to disturb others.

Let’s not talk about the top priority now. It is to rescue his dad who did nothing. I won’t talk about this time. Even if the other party is a person from the rivers and lakes, he has to avoid suspicion no matter how small.

Just talk about going up so hastily, what is their origin and purpose, it depends on the rescue of Xiucai father.


Li Xuan looked at the big white rabbit candy paper, and the other party probably felt it too. In the afternoon, he felt that he was being looked at.

The beautiful eyes looked over, as if there were no secrets.

Such a meticulous person suddenly gave the little maid a handful of modern candy, which was not just tactfully connected to him

Li Xuan didn’t fall asleep all night.

When I woke up early the next morning, there was a damsel on it, but it was not obvious. A worried father could explain it.

On the breakfast table, the flavors here are all over the table, porridge rice noodles, dumpling wonton, pancake rice cakes.

No matter whether it is made at home or bought in a well-established shop outside, in short, one can’t fault it.

Xiucai ladies and the others still accompany them, and the female family members who are not engaged in manual labor have a small appetite.

However, he was amazed at the appetite of Zhu Yang and another female player. Two beautiful girls with noodles, unexpectedly one of them could eat.

One person eats the equivalent of two adult men. Yesterday, it was not obvious that the cups were changed at the banquet, and it was obvious after breakfast.

The two of them tried almost everything, but the speed is not hurried or slow, and the movements are elegant and not gross.

Can not help but make people sigh and have a blessing.

After breakfast, Zhang Daoshi said he was ready.

Zhu Yang got up, “Let’s go, go early and come back early, maybe we can catch up with lunch at noon.”

The Xiucai lady was naturally anxious, and hurriedly said, “Master, don’t worry, you will have good wine and food. When you come back, it will be warm.”

Zhu Yang’s work for most of the day was indeed comfortable being served by this talented lady.

I couldn’t help but feel a little more sincere, and said to her, “Don’t worry, you will be satisfied. No, your husband will not die in vain. I will maximize the benefits of this matter.”

The lady Xiucai was moved, she was shocked, and her tears almost came down. “Xian, Xianshi, where does this start?”

“My son is out of help”

This statement made her shaky, Li Xuan hurriedly supported her mother, and then the Xiucai lady grabbed Zhu Yang’s hand with excitement, “Why is there no way to save it? Didn’t you say that you have to see people and corpses?”

The last time Daoshi Zhang and the others went, they actually had a face-to-face meeting with Li Xiucai. The other party was obviously fascinated by the goblins, and the six relatives didn’t recognize them. How could they remember their wife and children at home?

That’s why the Xiucai lady is holding the concept that her husband is still alive, but Zhu Yang’s hand yesterday, and before his cousin left in the evening, told her that the skills of these Taoist masters are unfathomable and far above him.

This has led to Zhu Yang’s words being very authoritative in Xiucai, who has been trapped in the fairy nest for more than a month. It is not surprising to say that a man is sucked up.

But when she was suddenly sentenced to death, she said it, and the Xiucai lady was as if her mind was broken.

Li Xuan also asked, “Didn’t you see people seven days ago? Why did the fairy say this?”

Zhu Yang looked at them with an expression of whether we did not reach a consensus.

Look at them for granted, “Eh, you still want that stuff”

“Your family already has a new pillar, and you also have fame, even if the talent is dead, it will not have much impact, right”

“Your husband’s property is yours if you die.” Zhu Yang looked at the lady Xiucai and said, “You don’t have to be stunned by that nasty thing. It also reduces the risk of getting sick.”

He pointed to Li Xuan again, “I heard that you plan to be more confident in the next few years to test the candidates, right now, the dead father is just in the period of filial piety, and will not delay the marriage. It will save you from becoming an official and then having to die. .”

“If you have any grievances, tell me directly. I chopped off the **** of that stuff and planted it directly to the vixen without any suspicion.”

“Young Master, you can also write some autobiography based on your own experience and sell miserable hype to earn fame. There are many scholars in the world, and there are definitely not two such adventures.”

“If you are capable and listen to your own deeds to the heavens, you may be in the emperor’s place. Even if there are no ready benefits, in the long run, if you enter the Golden Temple one day to participate in the palace exam, the emperor thinks of this. , Has your impression come to the fore soon”

Li Xuan was sweating profusely. This Nima is indeed a modern girl, and she has the strength to be arrogant, and dare to talk nonsense.

This familiar formula has a familiar taste, and it’s kind.

He has lived here for more than ten years, and he has been accustomed to seeing women who swallow her husband, and he almost forgot.

The girls around in the previous life, wherever they encountered this kind of thing, their first reaction was to save people, even if they sharpened their knives, they were ready to chop their dicks.

This one is more poisonous. The scumbag juniors don’t even want to run. Even if they die, they will have to shine for the future of their children, which really fully squeezes the value of scum.

But the lady Xiucai couldn’t stand it anymore, and waved her hand in a panic, “No, you misunderstood, Master Xian.”

“This is what hurts the heavens” and counts on them to save people. The Xiucai lady dare not say serious things. “My mate is only blinded by the vixen. Why should I die, please show me mercy.”

“Tsk” obviously felt that Zhu Yang was a little impatient, but in the end he waved his hand, “Okay, you are the employer, you have the final say.”

The high-hanging heart of the Xiucai lady just let go a little.

Zhu Yang didn’t try to talk to her. After all, romanticism in this era might not be a moral flaw.

But the other three players listened to Zhu Yang’s words, very angry and funny.

But I didn’t say anything. Once Zhu Yanglu’s hand, in addition to smashing the miscellaneous fish to show off his ability in front of his employer, it also meant to show his teammates.

A glimpse can be the whole leopard. They asked themselves that among the players in this game, Zhu Yang should be the strongest.

The arrogance of the player is directly proportional to the strength of the player. In many circumstances, the so-called untimely words, it needs to be compromised to be euphemistic.

With their strength, there is no need to do this at all. Even if they offend others, they are careful to bring the atmosphere back. Who cares?

And judging from Zhu Yang’s personality, he should be a domineering and self-willed person, so naturally no one is surprised.

Zhang Daoshi took four people up the mountain. He came once and knew the location.

Zhang Daoshi has some skills, but it is not good, and he has to rely on props and talisman papers for his methods.

I also prepared a lot when I went up the mountain, and there were even two small servants who followed to carry things.

But when he reached the ruined temple, Zhu Yang waved back the two small servants, letting them retreat a few miles and waited on the way when they came.

The two young men were afraid, and heard the words like an amnesty.

Zhu Yangben wanted Zhang Daoshi to wait outside, but he didn’t agree.

On the one hand, I didn’t want them to take risks alone. On the other hand, after hearing what Zhu Yang said, I was afraid that she would really chop off her niece and her son-in-law, leaving her niece to be a widow at a young age.

Zhu Yang did not persuade him, and the five people stepped onto the steps of the ruined temple.

They didn’t know what the ruined temple looked like at night, but it was really dilapidated during the day. The plaque fell on the ground, and the words on it could not be seen clearly.

The whole house can only look at the main structure, and it is rotten everywhere, but it is a typical meeting place for scholars and female ghosts.

Anyway, Zhu Yang has seen several such sets in early Hong Kong movies.

Daoshi Zhang was about to push the door. He kicked one step ahead of him with a leg, and the dilapidated door panel was suddenly kicked into eight pieces, and it smashed to the ground.

Seeing the four people directly filed in, without a trace of cautious thought, it was like a street fighter collecting protection fees.

It’s not as good as Street Fighter. At least Street Fighter plans to develop sustainably and will not kick people as soon as they enter the door.

The temple is quite big, but it also looks gloomy. The sun is pretty good today, and it is not a shady place. The roof has several big holes broken, so it should be well lit.

But except for the sunlight shining in through the hole, other places are still gloomy, and there are echoes when they speak, and ordinary people must feel hairy when they are here.

Zhu Yang said, “There should have been hunters in this mountain for a long time, they have never encountered such a thing before.”

Zhang Daoshi shook his head, a trace of embarrassment flashed across his face, “No, those wicked animals said they were scornful and rude, and they said they admired their literary talents.”

“Puff” Zhu Yang immediately became happy. “A primary school student in his 30s has a few literary talents.”

The other three people also laughed out loud when they heard the words. Although such a laugh is a bit unkind, the scholar is still not so shabby, and must be combined with the background of the times.

But it just so happens that this time the four players are all graduates from prestigious schools. For a guy with abundant educational resources and no mundane worries, especially the typical Liao Zhai male protagonist, he really has no idea except for his ridicule.

Zhang Daoshi couldn’t help but coughed, and he changed the subject and said, “I will take you in.”

Zhu Yang waved his hand, “No, a few little fairies, how can He De ask me to meet him personally.”

He raised his hand and waved, and there was an extra sofa on the ground.

Seeing Zhang Daoshi’s pupils shrank, this changed out of thin air, but the immortal family’s methods showed that he still underestimated others.

Zhu Yang sat on the sofa with his long legs curled up, and said to the empty temple hall, “Have you heard, do you still have to come to invite you in person?”

There was silence all around, except for the movement of a rat running fast.

Zhu Yang smiled, “If you succeed, please please.”

Then everyone saw her raising her hand, and then the whole temple went to heaven.

Really, it’s up to the sky. Every wall breaks neatly along the corner, and flies to the sky in a whistling way. They are all still in the hall.

There were broken stone statues and dead wood dust all over the floor, as well as the door panels that Zhu Yang had kicked in.

But the entire temple remained intact, and everyone saw Nanoda’s house rushing straight into the sky, passing through the white clouds, and getting full exposure to the sun.

So far away, with the power of the player’s ears, the painful screams from the temple can be heard.

Zhu Yang let the house dry for several minutes before he took it back.

It seems that they are just a few ordinary little fairies, even the sun’s exposure can’t resist.

After returning to the temple on the ground, Zhu Yang really didn’t need to say anything. Four beautiful women with enchanting and enchanting clothes were rolled out swayingly.

They were scorched enough by Zhu Yang and rolled all over the floor. At this time, their faces were looming.

Huo is not a breed yet.

A fox spirit, a pheasant spirit, a mouse spirit, and a hare spirit are all native spirits.

They were rolling in pain, and there were four equally disheveled scholars worrying about what to do with them.

After a while, the situation of the four fairies stabilized, and they looked up at Zhu Yang who was sitting in the middle of the hall.

A few little fairies knew that the people who came this time were no better than before, and were a little frightened.

Again this guy is bad for their good deeds, and the other party is still a woman, the important thing is a beautiful woman, how can this convince them

So one of the foxes with a charming face stared at Zhang Daoshi and said, “Smelly bull nose, if you don’t have the ability to rescue soldiers, shameless.”

Zhang Daoshi was so sullen and angry by this guy that he jumped “Youkai”

Before he finished speaking, Zhu Yang stopped him, “No, Daoist, don’t be surprised when you speak. It’s not singing, so I was surprised.”

Zhang Daoshi was interrupted by her, and he realized what it means to compete with a fairy

So he said to Zhu Yang, “Master, these wicked animals are full of evil, I might not be able to keep them, so it’s better to stop here.”

Zhu Yang ignored him, but took a close look at the looks of the little fairies.

Not to mention, although the Taoism is humble, they are indeed beauties. Although they are all of the charming style, they are beautiful and recognizable.

She lifted her chin, and said to the little fairies, “Keep in human form and show me the beast ears and tail.”

A few goblins looked at the woman in front of them, and they knew that it was the Taoist priests who came to encircle and suppress them, but those who didn’t know were some big girls and gangsters.

None of them had such waves.

Suddenly a few people looked at Zhu Yang vigilantly and said, “Who are you guys know who our backer is?”

Zhu Yang seemed to be interested, and leaned forward, “Who?”

The fox said, “Speak out and scare you to death, we are under the seat of the old mother of Yinfengshan Yundu.”

Zhu Yang heard the words, “What does Yundu mother look like”

When the little fairies saw this, they thought she was jealous, and immediately became proud. “Mother Yunpo, one foot in length, looks awe-inspiring, her eyes are like green lanterns, and her skin is like a root of a mountain.”

“It’s all right,” Zhu Yang waved impatiently. “Needless to say.”

The vixen smiled on his face, and just let us go if he was about to say cognition.

Then I heard the woman look disgusted and said, “I have no food for ugly.”

Then I looked at the three of them, with the look they looked like when they abducted scholars, abducted them and said, “Give you two choices.”

“One, **** with me, I’ll find you a good job, not to mention such a few white chicken scholars, you think that thousands of men will be successful if they lose under their skirts, not only eating fragrant and spicy, but also conducive to spiritual practice.”

“You are just a small shrimp here, and you will be the pillars when you go. How can you think about it?”

“Of course there is a second choice.” Zhu Yang smiled, the smile on his face suddenly disappeared, and his expression became threatening. “That is to die now.”


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