Scream Queen Chapter 144

To be honest, a few little fairies have cultivated themselves into spirits, one is that they have never gone out to commit evil in this barren mountain and old forest.

The second is that they were cleverly worshipped at the top of the mountain early, but their abilities were limited and their location was remote, and their backing was rarely useful for them.

Except for Yundu’s mother’s birthday every year, it is customary to see you again, and other good and bad things are not their turn.

These guys are also lazy for joy, and they are easily satisfied compared to other monsters.

Because I don’t punch my eyes, I haven’t suffered any loss so far.

Just a few days ago, the bull nose led people up the mountain to encircle and suppress, each of them was worse than them, and it was a life and death situation, but it was hard to see the blood back.

This age is not friendly to monsters, and was arrested. No one is waiting for you to appeal, and there is no such thing as a crime not to die.

Whoever thinks that it is the first time to get back a big one, it will attract such a big evil spirit.

When the four little fairies heard that she disliked the Yun Po mother and their little shrimps had food, they already wanted to jump up and cover her mouth.

But I didn’t dare, until I heard that this guy was going to recruit them, and suddenly understood the sinisterness of this guy.

The lead vixen pulled the open collar on his chest, originally this group was dressed exposed and cool.

The snow-white little white rabbit is ready to come out. Don’t mention how many fans this figure will attract on the Internet. Before the last moment, he didn’t think there was anything wrong with his clothes.

But at this moment, it was a sad expression that a good woman was about to be forced into a prostitution.

With a pair of fox eyes, she stared at Zhu Yang and said, “Smelly bull nose, and said that our monsters are unbearable, you humans are really bad-hearted.”

The rabbit spirit took the words and sneered, “That’s right, none of the monsters are in your hands. You are not satisfied with digging your heart and lungs to make pills and medicines these days.”

“A group of Taoist priests have also started the business of old bustards.” The mouse said, “Yo, you really know how to knock bones and **** the marrow.”

“You know how beautiful our fairies are, and human women can’t compare them.”

Each of the four little fairies had clearly determined which brothel Zhu Yang said he was recruiting for.

Not to mention them, even Zhang Daoshi looked at Zhu Yang with horror.

I also think of their tolerance for money, maybe this sect really drives the monsters to do bad business

Zhang Daoshi is just a Taoist priest in a small county. He has little skill and knowledge, but he is still upright.

Although shouting, yelling, and killing at monsters is great, they will never tolerate this filthy thing.

So he said, “Master Zhu, you”

Zhu Yang waved his hand, as if you had a bag in your head, “Such a shabby business is worth my trip, right?”

“Just a few of your physiques, that is, how much money you can make from picking up customers throughout the day. The flesh and blood business is the most inferior, and you have to be called a good friend if you sell your strength.”

“It’s hard to eat soft food, you can’t touch it with a finger. It’s true that you have to kneel and lick you when someone empty their pockets.”

Zhang Daoshi and a few little fairies were stunned. Except for the enchanting concubine of Qingcheng and the damaging Daji, is there such a good thing?

No, Daji has also been infamous through the ages. Even the most popular oiran in the brothel and the hottest celebrity in the theater is not so arrogant.

Where is the business done

The few fairies naturally didn’t believe them, and they looked at Zhu Yang with a big flickering expression.

Zhu Yang was not in a hurry, instead, the conversation turned.

Disgustedly glanced at the few scholars beside the four little fairies, “Tsk tusk, and don’t mention it, this look is really bad.”

Of course, ancient aesthetics may be different from modern ones, but let’s not talk about looks, just the figure.

One by one, they fell down as soon as the wind blows, not to mention that scholars are the most yy since ancient times. Anyway, in the movie of Fox Fairy and Scholar, the male protagonist is such a virtue, that no one contributed movie tickets.

Unexpectedly, the four little fairies were quite fond of a few scholars. Seeing Zhu Yang’s disgust, immediately became unhappy.

“Why is it not so good? Li Lang looks handsome, gentle and elegant, and they are not good. Is it possible to be a reckless man like that stinky nose?” The fox spirit stared.

Zhu Yang touched his chin, “Pay attention to facial expression management. Don’t stare when you speak. When you speak, draw your eyes down according to the tone and content, or squint a little, then do it again.”

The vixen is really short-sighted, and really did something like this according to Zhu Yang’s statement.

Zhu Yang replied, “Yes, I don’t have a good brain for you, but my savvy is pretty good. You deserve to be a vixen.”

“Haha I used to have hooks in my eyes, now it’s even worse.”

The vixen was quite proud to hear her boasting about herself. After all, the woman in front of her was so good that her life was threatened, but she couldn’t help but feel jealous.

Naturally, the words that came out of her mouth would make people more vain.

The rabbit is still clever and swiftly stunned her, “What are you happy about, be careful she trains you to sell you.”

The vixen then came back to his senses, “Oh, yes, it’s so cunning.”

Speaking of the four fairies, they stared at Zhu Yang with the same hatred.

Zhang Daoshi couldn’t stand it anymore, and sternly said to a few fairies, “No matter how good they are, they are human husbands. They have different paths. You guys detain people here and separate them from their wives and children. There is really no sense.

The four goblins were dissatisfied with “What is detention and are willing to go, shall we stop?”

“That’s right, Lang Jun is here with us, reluctant to think about it, if you don’t believe me, ask them.”

A few white chickens were suddenly thrown to an altitude of several thousand meters. When they came down, they were all frightened. However, after so long, they finally recovered and were not scared to death.

Then Xiucai Li listened to what the fairies said, then looked back at Daoshi Zhang, and persuaded him, “Cousin, it’s not Mei Niang and the others who forced it. Last time they said we were willing.”

“Just stay for a while, and I will naturally go back when it’s time to go.”

Zhang Daoshi was not mad at him. “Don’t be obsessed, but look at it clearly. That’s a monster.”

Li Xiucai waved his hand impatiently, “How can the demon be gentle and small, young and beautiful, a hundred times better than an ordinary woman.”

“What about your lady?” Taoist Zhang could not say anything.

“Don’t you let Brother Qin speak from the beginning, so that she doesn’t have to worry about it?” Li Xiucai plausibly said. “Women’s family is useless. It’s only a few days. I’m doing the housework at home and watching the children read.

Seeing that Daoshi Zhang was about to speak, Li Xiucai hurriedly said, “I know that my cousin is kind, but you saw it last time. We are very good. What are the evil monsters Mei Niang and others?”

“Okay, cousin, that’s it, you can go back, and everyone else. I don’t want outsiders to interfere with housework.”

“When we have enjoyed the mountain scenery, we will naturally take Mei Niang and the others back.”

“You still want to take the fairy home” Zhang Daoshi pointed at the stupid niece, his hands trembling.

Even if you are willing, you have to ask the people in the city whether they are happy or not. Who wants to have more monsters near your home? You don’t want the reputation of the Li family.

Besides, if something happens, you won’t be the first to suspect that there is an extraordinary monster in your house.

Fortunately, this idiot was still complacent, thinking that he was passionate, and so fascinated that the monster followed him.

Li Xiucai’s brain circuit and Zhang Daoshi are not on the same channel at all.

I thought that the Taoist priest was worrying about the position of my niece. How could I be such a lover?

“Don’t worry, when Mei Niang comes in, she will bow her head and offer tea to her.”

In terms of the values ​​of this era, a few scholars only feel that they are affectionate and righteous. Even if they have beautiful concubines, they will not forget the yellow face woman at home.

Zhang Dao’s morale was shaking all over, helplessly speaking, how could he have said these glib scholars.

A few fairies are naturally unwilling to follow the talents back to the city. Although the city is a wonderful world, they are also reluctant to live.

Even characters like their boss, Yunpo, and his mother dare not to occupy the city. How can they be?

I just want to keep a few princes to accompany me, happy in the mountains, I only envy mandarin ducks and not immortals.

So after hearing what they said, I was displeased, and said softly, “Li Lang, let’s not go to the city, isn’t it enough to have me with you, do you still want to go home?”

An argument with Zhang Daoshi is another argument with the little fairies.

At least for now, a few talented people don’t have the intention to go back. So they hugged each other and coaxed gently.

However, a few people also endorse the word lecherous and say that romanticism is an insult.

With the beauty in her arms, her eyes glanced at Zhu Yang from time to time.

From the beginning to the present, although this female Taoist priest is arrogant and defiant, she speaks sharply.

It stands to reason that the shrews they usually despise, but they are really beautiful, and the four stunners are in front, and their sense of existence is greatly reduced.

I dare not provoke, but I can’t help but look at it.

Zhu Yang didn’t treat these four wastes as human beings at all, and naturally didn’t care how the tricks of several people changed.

Just sneered and said to the foxes, “Serious words like this can make you feel dizzy.”

“If you want to have no abilities, you have to have no eyesight, at least you should not be insulted by a natural fox and charming way.”

She pointed at the vixen, “You are just as stupid as you, and other vixen can be mad at it.”

“I can already imagine your ending. You still have to post so many stupid things. It’s so clever.”

After speaking, he sighed helplessly, “This is also the project that really needs fresh blood, otherwise I will be charged with lowering the average IQ of all employees in the recruitment today.”

“As a boss, this is not good, not good.”

The vixen stopped doing “What’s the matter with you, there is no good thing from your mouth.”

“It’s been a long time since Li Lang can’t leave his wife and children in the family, but it’s kind and righteous, but I can definitely keep him.”

“Are you sure” Zhu Yang raised his eyebrows. “You don’t need to look at the long-term. Within today, I will get him back to the city. You guys will be like me.”

The four goblins hurriedly said, “We are not stupid, you are so powerful, if you tie him back, then we are not worthwhile.”

Zhu Yang said, “I just sit here and don’t do anything. These things will voluntarily go back.”

“Not only that, but I also leave behind your recent relationships, so that you can learn, what is a good-natured scumbag.”

Although the fairies are not capable of Zhu Yang, they are still very confident about their own charm and the feelings of the scholars these days.

Listening to her saying this, it evoked a backlash. “If you can’t play tricks, why don’t we make this bet.”

Zhu Yang nodded, and then everyone saw several beautiful girls who looked exactly the same suddenly appeared around her.

The girls have stunning looks, and are dressed cooler than them. Zhu Yang’s sling dresses wholesale, with black hair, snowy skin, and a suffocating mole under her eyes.

Just looking at the appearance may only be with them, but there is such a crazy chaotic charm that makes it difficult to maintain a sense of reason.

Several little fairies were shocked at once, and they determined that this girl was a human, not a mountain spirit and monster, but where did she come from such an incredibly confusing air.

Just like the nine-tailed demon fox who has been walking for a thousand years, just staying still makes people fascinated.

When Fu Jiang was in the dungeon, because of Zhu Yang’s manipulation restrictions, she had not been able to evolve much. Naturally, she was a pseudo Fu Jiang, and her charm and value-added ability were definitely not comparable to the original Fu Jiang.

But after Zhu Yang was stuffed into the mirror, maybe the world in the mirror was really mysterious. He even upgraded this guy gradually. After such a long period of refinement, his abilities may be even stranger than the original Fu Jiang.

As soon as several Fujiang came out, they began to scream “Ah you bitch, I will kill you.”

Said that he was about to pinch Zhu Yang’s neck, and Zhu Yang slapped a few spicy chickens to the ground, stepping on the top one.

“Yo is still so lively, I admire your vitality.”

However, the Fu Jiang’s strength is much stronger, of course Zhu Yang knows why.

One of them, Fu Jiang, screamed and cursed, “You **** is still not a person who usually uses us as a shield, when it is a poison test, and a trap test, forget it, what ugly thing you let in.”

Zhu Yang spread his hands and said helplessly, “Then I can’t help it. I can put living things in two things, one of which is for children. Naturally, I can’t let the dirty things dirty the space, so I have to squeeze with you. Squeezed.”

“Speaking of which you get along well”

“Ah” Fu Jiang screamed again, “Why squeeze those **** with us and start killing as soon as they come in, what do you think of our mirrors”

“Correct, that is my mirror.”

Zhu Yang rubbed his chin and looked at Fu Jiang, who had obviously been upgraded by the biochemical virus.

It can be seen that the lickers started to kill as soon as they entered, but Fujiang couldn’t kill them. Those guys were assimilated after swallowing the corpse.

Zhu Yang spread out his hands. “In other words, the armed army group that I finally searched has become a useless thing like yours.”

“Forgive me, I really don’t want to see more of you. When you count the possessions, you have the most cockroaches. If you consider how others feel, I also have a secret fear.”

“You are a lie, even if Secret Fear raises a cockroach, if you are really Secret Fear, you will kill these **** for me. I don’t want so many fakes to put my face in my face.”

“You are a fake.”

“Bitch, who do you say?”

With the name Fu Jiang, there is no concept of the same hatred and hatred. Regardless of putting them all in one pile, Zhu Yang is not at all worried about their collective rebellion.

Because these guys may hate each other more than her, and there are often life cases in the mirror anyway.

There is no weapon in it, and the average dead person doesn’t shed too much blood, let alone dismembering the body. Often one kills the other, and the other resurrects in situ within a short while, and then pinches.

But fortunately, Zhu Yang didn’t number them, otherwise the inside would be messy.

Seeing that a few guys were about to fight again, Zhu Yang slapped him over by himself, “When I die, give me trouble in front of outsiders, I don’t want face.”

Fu Jiang was also afraid of being cleaned up by this guy, and for a while he endured it angrily.

The four fairies felt extremely threatening when they first saw Fu Jiang, and now they looked at them and turned to contempt.

This kind of idiot, why did the female Taoist take it out and look at it as if the success is not enough to fail.

Thinking like this in my heart, but when I turned my head to look at the lover, he felt a little bit in his heart.

All of them looked at Fu Jiang with obsessive expressions. If they were attracted by Zhu Yang’s beauty before, it was purely stunning, but now this expression is obviously wrong.

When I really went to Wushan with them, I couldn’t compare it.

Sure enough, Zhu Yang over there spoke, pointing at a few talents, and said to a few Fujiang Road, “Go, those things, as long as you let them go home voluntarily, I will let you live in a small room for a week.”

“Within this week, how am I satisfied with beautiful clothes, cosmetics, shoes, bags, and your favorite meal?”

The eyes of a few Fu Jiang brightened, and it was really uncomfortable to tell the truth about being kept in the mirror.

There are so many kills around him that can’t kill, and can’t avoid Bi Chi, not to mention, occasionally Zhu Yang will put clothes and food in, and that has to be shared with the nasty guy.

Although it was not alone this time, at any rate there were only four people. According to this guy’s generosity, resources would definitely be sufficient.

Fu Jiang has seen Zhu Yang’s extravagance a long time ago, and now he knows that this **** has an extraordinary origin and a wealth of furniture.

If she didn’t eat her own set, she would be the most tyrant she had ever met who could satisfy her desires.

So a few Fu Jiang stood up without saying a word, and came to the four scholars.

Fu Jiang is not critical of men, men only have symbols that can bring her vanity and conquest or benefit in her eyes.

Li Xiucai and the others saw the beautiful girl looking at herself condescendingly, and laughed mockingly, “A few ugly monsters can also make you reluctant to miss Shu, and you can’t find North. It’s really worthless.”

Li Xiucai and the others don’t even remember their own mother at this moment, and they can still see the vixen.

When this beautiful girl looked over, there was only the thought of possessing her in her heart. Even when she was standing here, being watched by a few extra men around her, a faint jealousy appeared.

Hearing the rude and arrogant words of the other party, the few people were not angry, but were flattered at her initiative to speak.

Hurriedly said, “Is it the girl who is right, dare to ask the girl’s name”

Then he said, “It’s indecent to speak here. The little student has an elegant room in the city. I wonder if the girl can appreciate her face”

“Li Lang” before they finished speaking, the vixen and the others shouted in disbelief.

Several talented talents turned their heads and looked at the faces of the fairies. They were still charming and beautiful. In fact, they looked no worse than the girl in front of them.

But it seems dull, the ecstasy time of more than a month before, the unforgettable glamorous experience of a lifetime, like the obsession of a drug addict, has become dull out of thin air.

At this moment, the whole mind was in front of the beautiful girl, and everything else faded.

At first, there was a hint of hesitation in my heart, but after looking at Fu Jiang more, he turned into impatient, “Who is called is right. I have been delayed here for more than a month, which is long enough.”

“I always have to go back home, and I can’t ignore the family’s affairs.”

“Let’s go down the mountain now. You and I will go back together, and you will be able to live with peace of mind by kowtowing your head to the lady. It is not a way to nest in a deserted temple deep in the mountains.

The four fairies are also the first time to seduce a man, with the innocence and love mind of a little girl. To put it bluntly, they are not skilled in business.

After experiencing some big trotters and knowing the nature of this kind of stuff, it is estimated that I will be able to deal with it freely.

But now a few fairies experience the feeling of being let down for the first time at this moment, and they think of the teachings of Mother Yun Po to the little demon sitting there.

There is no good thing about men in the world.

The Fu Jiang looked at Zhu Yang, and raised their eyebrows proudly, with an expression of no difficulty.

Turning around and saying to a few men, “Do you have beautiful clothes, jewelry, food and wine? Just dare to invite me.”

Several people hurriedly said, “There must be some.”

He said to Zhang Daoshi, “Uncle Cousin, please take the first step and tell the lady to prepare wine and food, and prepare fashionable clothes. Miss Wei’s body is thin, which is really pitiful.”

Zhang Daoshi almost died out of anger. “Not only do you want to take the monsters back, but the girls of unknown origin also make your lady worry.”

“How can a female fairy be called from unknown origin”

While the discussions were fierce, the four fairies screamed, and the prototype phantom flashed across their faces.

Headed by the vixen, or have fierce nails, or elongated tails, they attack their lovers at the same time.

Before the clothes touched, the whole person suddenly rose into the air, and then fell heavily to the ground. The whole person was stunned by the fall, and there was still room for injury.

Zhang Daoshi was also surprised when he saw a few people doing their work, but he couldn’t react to it for the first time. At this time, all the fairies were stopped.

He immediately drew out the mahogany sword. “Fairy, you dare to hurt people in front of Yun Duo people. Today I will beat you back to your original form.”

The foxes laughed sorrowfully, “Oh yes, you are so powerful and capable, and it is all our fault that this man loves you and loves me.”

“I only hate myself for being stupid, being fooled by a few shameless guys in a few words.”

“You still dare”

“Okay.” Zhu Yang said, interrupting Daoshi Zhang, “I won this bet, which means these fairies are now mine.”

“If they want to pick things up, I will naturally take care of them, so you don’t have to worry about Zhang Daoyou.”

“But” Zhang Dao saw that she really had a plan for a fairy. Is that what a serious cultivator did? Only the evil way drives the monsters to profit.

To say that Taoist Zhang is not bad-hearted, and he is considered upright, but in different times, his thinking is naturally biased.

Zhu Yang waved his hand, “Let’s take these things home first, we will come back later.”

Zhang Daoshi knew that he couldn’t get things done by himself, and it was considered a good result to be able to return a few young people, so he had to listen to Zhu Yang’s first and lead people down the mountain.

Zhu Yang asked Fu Jiang to take the four dogs down the mountain first, and asked her not to go. Some people were afraid that they were not willing to go.

But they were afraid of some changes in the middle, so each Fujiang put a red-eyed mutant poisonous cockroach on them.

“Ah, what kind of cockroach is this, take it away.”

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “Just give me a dog leash, do good things, and I will reward you naturally when I come back.”

“If anyone dares to cause me trouble, run away, or get hurt, I won’t wait for you to split, just let the cockroaches swallow you first.”

“Do you know how long it only takes for a red-eyed cockroach to swallow a person now?”

“In less than ten seconds, your small body can be swallowed. Although my baby cockroach may grow your face, I don’t mind looking at that wonderful creature.”

“I mind you being a pervert.” Fu Jiang waved hurriedly.

It wasn’t that there was no other thoughts, but now I can only rest.

After Zhang Daoshi and the other three players left, Zhu Yang sat down again.

Said to the four desolate fairies, “Okay, cry a fart, just such a few things, I don’t feel shy and panic.”

The four goblins gritted their teeth “Yes, we are willing to bet and lose, but we are blind, and we feel that men are reliable.”

“Yes, we have nothing to say at the moment. If you want to use it, please use it as much as you like.”

Zhu Yang sighed, “I don’t like to watch this heroic expression.”

“There are still good men, but they are rare, and can forget the wife at home because of your beauty and gentleness. How can you think that you will not be left behind for being more beautiful”

“A small talented person wants to have so many beauties, and he deserves it”

Scolding scumbags with women is the most resonant, even if she just killed them.

“That’s why we don’t go to the town. I really don’t want anyone to die for his sake.”

“Knock your head to offer tea, we only kneel before the dead, don’t you want to kowtow”

The old mother Yundu is said to be a carrion corpse in the wilderness during the war.

So they worshipped the dead kneeling on the top of the mountain, nothing wrong.

Zhu Yang also relied on a few goblins to become a spirit soon, and he had never seen the world, so he was simply cheating.

I scolded a scumbag with them for a while, and instilled a domineering and arrogant one. It’s not that your man gave up on me, but that he didn’t take you seriously, so I just dumped it after playing. It was just that you said it first made me faceless .

Shengsheng brainwashed the grief of this abandoned woman and became embarrassed by the scum, but let alone the spiritual victory method can really inspire people.

After being fooled by Zhu Yangqiao’s tongue, the few fairies didn’t feel so sad.

After many years of experience, I recalled what happened today before I knew how bad this bad old man was.

Zhu Yang first calmed their emotions, but this was only temporary.

Then she took out another projector, which was bought in the unlimited game space, which was of no use, just watching holographic movies.

She adjusted the range to the maximum, and played a scene of a show of dazzling ghosts and pheasants.

Nowadays, Yangui and pheasant are no longer the net celebrities who performed in a small house less than 30 square meters.

One is the goddess whose influence is comparable to the shadow queen, and the other is the mother Sang who has cultivated several **** girl groups.

It’s a bit wrong to say that, but the pheasant insists that everyone calls her that, and is still very persistent in the industry.

At the beginning, the four fairies were curious about this wonderful magic weapon, staring at the projector to see how such a small one could take such a wide picture.

There were still people moving inside, crowds of people, close to my ears, as if I was there.

Then after watching the picture, they couldn’t move their eyes away.

Inside, there was a coquettish beauty who was wearing a red dress and singing on the stage. On that stage, clouds and mist, light and shadow flickering, accompanied by the beautiful singing, the whole person was breathtakingly beautiful.

This has already made the female goblin’s natural beauty and vanity look greedy. A few little goblins have little knowledge, and where have they seen this battle?

But what was even more shocking was the thousands of people in the audience, each of them holding a luminous stick in his hand, or holding a flashing sign, screaming loudly on the stage.

One by one, the mood was agitated, and many of them still had tears in their eyes. Once the beauties on stage waved their hands in any direction, or only looked at them, they fainted with joy.

There are tens of thousands of people in the whole hall. These people are all here for the beauty and crazy about her every move.

The queen is a pheasant again

The four goblins saw a coquettish woman with her long legs exposed in a hot dress, twisting her body and dancing on the stage.

The temptation of the action was so public that even they blushed when they saw it, and the women in the brothel didn’t dare to dress like this and jump like this.

However, as Zhu Yang said before, she is clearly doing the work of betraying her beauty, but a person far away can’t touch her heel.

Tens of thousands of people screamed frantically. All the men wanted to kneel on the ground and lick, and occasionally women threw bits and pieces from the stage.

All were snatched around.

The four goblins stared blankly, completely forgot about the negative person, and just wanted to be there and experience the scenery.

They still don’t know what the live effect is, the herd mentality, in short, this wonderful audio-visual enjoyment really restores the shock of the stage and conveys it to a few goblins, subverting their view of demons.

Zhu Yang also said lightly beside him, “These people, they all ask for money to enter the show.”

“The worst position, the price is close to one tael, and there are tens of thousands of people present. The fare income alone is not less than one hundred thousand tael, let alone advertising sponsorship. Oh, you don’t understand the term.”

“However, as long as you know that the two performers on stage, the three achievements that can take away the income are enough.”


The eyes of the four fairies are red, and they are not the slightest unpopular thing. They have to prepare gifts for Mrs. Yundu every year. It is not money, but also knows the price of goods in the world.

One hundred thousand taels, does that have to be how much money my mother has such a wealth of money? And just one person can take away 30%, which brothel is so generous and rewards sisters so much, and it is not doing good deeds.

Zhu Yang continued, “By the way, these two women are actually ghosts.”

“The first one is a gorgeous ghost in human skin, and the second is more ordinary, just a vain prostitute.”

This time, the eyes of a few goblins are almost bleeding.

Nima, it’s just a ghost.

The demons and ghosts are also divided into different ranks, among which the ghosts naturally rank behind the fairies, no matter how unbearable the fairies are, they are also cultivated and transformed.

And they are hiding in this deep mountain and old forest because of their low strength, but they did not expect that there are ghosts that are useless than they are actually so beautiful.

In terms of the gap between the dungeons, Yangui, Pheasant and even the mirror girl may not be as good as these fairies at the beginning, but now their cultivation base has risen so much, they should be slightly above it.

But if you really want to talk about a few monsters, the roots and feet are better than the people in the haunted house. If you really go there, you will naturally have a lot more prospects than staying here.

Zhu Yang sighed, “These two work under my command. Although they are both capable, but my business is getting bigger and bigger, and they are also incapable of doing things.”

“I knew the future when I saw you, just as I saw them at the first time.”

“There are still more than a dozen in places like this country. The only difference is the beauties who can support the market. Although the work is a bit busy, you have heard about the income. That is only a small part of their income source.”

“Here you are the demon that everyone shouts and beats, and there you are the stars of infinite beauty. As for men, you will only find that the few things you just went out are not as good as pig food.”

Speaking of which, she has projected dozens of photos of popular male stars, male models, and well-known male public relations. They have all kinds of styles and everything.

Just twist one out from the inside, and the previous stuff was crushed to the point.

The saliva of a few fairies was about to flow out, there were still a few **** fairies.

Zhu Yang smiled and said, “As long as you have the ability, charm enough, and good-looking men, you can sleep whoever wants to sleep.”

The four of them looked at each other excitedly. There are so many beautiful men, and the mother doesn’t have it, let alone the quality and the quantity. They are all they can do.

At this moment, a few people have completely forgotten the scholars, let alone tasted them, just by smelling the scent, they know that they have eaten pig food.

Scenery, wealth, men, that huge pursuit, only a few people can’t wait to get through.

So I waited for Zhu Yang to say “Now I think the three of you are more promising. Would you like to follow me.”

“Willing, willing, willing” where there is still unwilling

Zhu Yang nodded, “Yes, then you follow me during this period, it’s a probation period.”

“First look at the ears and tails, so I can position your future development path.”

At this moment, the four fairies were not vague, and when they stepped back, they twisted their enchanting posture and changed their ears and tails according to Zhu Yang’s statement.

Zhu Yang looked at the fox’s ears and tails, “It’s white, yes, come over and I will touch it.”

The vixen hurriedly got together, and Zhu Yang switched to another one after a few strokes.

“Grey rabbit, not bad, like Judy Rabbit’s ears.”

“Who is Judy the Rabbit” Hare Jing asked.

“Don’t worry about this. Your ears must fluctuate according to your expression. When you are down, they will be pulled down softly. When you are happy, they will be upright, you know.”

“Got it”

“Come, come over and let me touch it.”

Then came the mouse sperm, Zhu Yang looked at her, “The ears are still good.”

This guy is a white mouse with round and hairy white ears, which is still very cute.

“It’s just that the tail doesn’t work. The mouse tail is still unpleasant. Forget it, retract the tail.”

“Oh” Mouse Jing obediently obeyed.

“Come here, let me touch it.”

After finishing three, finally his eyes came to the pheasant essence, Zhu Yang frowned

The pheasant is crying, like a sister can find a job, just like she might be screened.

“I, I don’t have ears.”



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