Scream Queen Chapter 145

The chicken is not without ears, just a small point on the side of the face. If you don’t pay attention, you can’t see it at all. Naturally, don’t want to use animal ears to sell cute.

Seeing that the little sisters in front of the pheasant had all inspected the goods, they were taken in. The days of flying yellow and rising are close at hand, but now they can’t afford the money.

It’s a panic in my heart. Normally the little sisters get along, and I don’t realize who is worse than anyone. When I rely on my body to eat, my basic quality is not up to standard, so don’t people feel depressed?

The foxes naturally couldn’t sit and watch the pheasant being brushed down, and said hurriedly: “Hey, don’t you have a tail? Your tail is the most beautiful.”

To look at the body alone, the pheasant essence is actually more fancy than the three of them, after all, the feathers are bright and the tail feathers are up and beautiful.

Zhu Yangzheng wanted to say that without ears, wings would do. Who said that selling cute is only on the head and buttocks? That would underestimate the human longing for wings.

Before she could speak, a few guys had a bad idea, and after a burst of smoke passed, the pheasant changed her tail.

Zhu Yang watched silently for a while-

Well, it can’t be said that it’s not good-looking. The tail feathers are clearly layered and shiny, and the main color is black, dotted with layers of dark green, which is actually a cool type.

Although not as flamboyant and gorgeous as the peacock tail feathers, the deep black tail feathers with a halo, especially the strange aura, the feathers are really amazing.

But this thing is not suitable. Although the pheasant is taller than the other three fairies, they have stayed together for a long time, and their temperament is also charming and enchanting.

The tail feathers are too overwhelming and in fact not very suitable for keeping them all the time.

Appropriate exposure must be based on the clothing collocation and the setting of the scene, and usually depends on the wings.

But the color of her tail feathers, presumably the wings are similar. This style of feathers is not a handsome elder sister and the queen can’t hold it. It would be nice if it was a man.

The pheasant conjured tail feathers and looked at Zhu Yang expectantly, but when she saw her look tangled and not expressing her position for a long time, her face became more disappointed, and the whole person was about to cry again.

He raised his head and said to the little sister who was standing behind Zhu Yang: “Don’t forget to come and visit me. If you develop, you will always buy me something good.”

The three of them suddenly felt a little sad, and when they saw a few of them, they were about to cry.

Zhu Yang suddenly said: “Can you become a man?”

\”Huh?\” The pheasant whispered with tears: \”Male? Male?\”

Just as Zhu Yang wanted to nod his head, he saw a few fairies with strange expressions: “What’s wrong?”

The rabbit essence pointed to the pheasant essence: \”It, it is originally male, can it be that even males have food?\”

Now it was Zhu Yang’s turn to be stunned.

She still remembered that in the biography of the White Snake, the green snake was originally a man, so presumably these goblins might also change their gender-although these guys are definitely not as good as the green snake.

But never expected.

She was choked in one breath, and coughed several times before cursing: “You are a man, so why are you a woman?”

The key is that she is still enchanting and has no sense of disobedience. The two lumps on her chest are bigger than her.

Okay, we can refer to Xiaoqing. In many cases, it is true that human thinking cannot be used to set the behavior of the fairy, but this Nima is not only a female, you are also a sleeping man.

You just drooled over dozens of beautiful male photos. If it weren’t for this, Zhu Yang wouldn’t have noticed any clues.

The three fairies immediately poked the pheasant, turning it back into a man.

Sure enough, after a burst of smoke, the tall and plump beauty turned into a charming and cold handsome guy.

He has long black hair with dark green, reaching his waist, handsome features, narrow eyes, a straight nose, a clear outline, thin lips tight, and a fallen angel.

When Zhu Yang saw it, he spit out blood: “No, if you grow up like this, why do you become a girl?”

Pointed at the three foxes again: “I have seen such a thing, how many things can you eat?”

The pheasant touched his head and said with embarrassment: “No, all three of their **** were on the chest when they were transformed. It’s different from me. I’m afraid of being excluded.”

The three fairies nodded: “After a long time, we almost forgot that he is a male.”

Scratching his head again: \”Besides, where are you so familiar with. We haven’t seen many men, those few are pretty good.\”

Zhu Yang was speechless, thinking that she was afraid that she had recruited four fools, right?

Then he waved his hand and said to the pheasant: “Don’t show that kind of expression, do you believe it or not? I’ll be a man again in the future, talk as little as possible, and make less expressions.”

The image still has to be packaged. This guy doesn’t speak or express anymore. It happens to be a suffocating fallen angel style.

But I’ve been a woman for a long time, influenced by the three foxes, and writhing enchantingly. It’s true that men are okay with women.

He completely turned his tall image into an earthy spoof, so he could only talk less before sending him back for professional training.

\”Oh!\” The pheasant also listened obediently, with a strained expression, and the feeling came out.

According to Zhu Yang’s instructions, he put away the tail feathers and transformed wings from behind. As Zhu Yang had expected, it was the **** feather with pitch black light.

With the dark wings spread, Zhu Yang combined with his natural cold and deceptive look and style. In addition to the playboy, the haunted house has an extra male role.

Zhu Yang simply said: \”Take off his shirt.\”

Seeing that the guy was about to behave like a shy little daughter-in-law, Zhu Yang went over with an eye knife. The guy had to let go of the hand he wanted to cover his chest, wiped a blush on his face, and removed all his shirt.

Sure enough, wild animals become fine. They are tall and strong. They are not as strong as European and American models. They are strong and lean that are more in line with the oriental aesthetic.

With beautiful muscle lines and huge black wings behind him, Zhu Yang finally smiled and nodded with great satisfaction: “Hmm! Have food.”

\”Come here, let me touch it!\”

Several people couldn’t help but couldn’t help but listen to this rascal-like sentence, and the pheasant spirit immediately brought their wings together.

While letting the boss feel lucky, he asked kindly: “Um, boss, man, how can a man have food? I don’t know how to sing.”

In their eyes, the man who can rely on beauty to eat is the celebrity in the theater.

Zhu Yang was too lazy to explain, and directly released the live video of Playboy.

Good guy, the following scene is even more crazy than Yangui and pheasant, especially the female audience, screaming almost fainted, and Brother Hua dashed across the entire performance hall neatly.

A few goblins have gained insights again, and they are more confident about their future.

Knowing that the boss will have to stay here for a while, a few goblins volunteered to come and wait on them. At this moment, they did not sigh that they would go to the city to yell at everyone.

Just kidding, their boss’s ability and arrogance, at first glance, is a short-term guardian, and even the Taoist priests who are in conflict are not allowed to touch, how can other guys be bullied?

The main reason is that I am afraid of staying here. What should I do if I forget them when she leaves?

There are so many fairies in this world, and they are not the only ones who look good. Even if they do not look good, they can change.

If the boss finds a ‘satisfied’ goblin elsewhere, they will be happy for nothing.

Zhu Yang is eager for someone to serve him. At this moment, the game mission has not come out, and there is no major conflict. Players at this level are not the ones who can use you to lead the way.

So Zhu Yang put away the sofa, took Xiao Ji out of the beast bag, and said to the pheasant: “This is your young master, all chickens. See if you can teach him something.”

It would be great if Xiaoji had the opportunity to transform, even if he didn’t, it would be good to be able to learn the cultivation method.

The pheasant was flattered, and quickly took over Xiao Ji. How much trust and glory was entrusted to the young master? And the young master is still a chicken, wouldn’t it make him feel honored?

He could feel that although it was faint, there was an aura in the young master that made them worship, obviously it was an ancient divine beast, he didn’t know whether it was blood or other influence, in short, the roots and feet must be stronger than them.

Seeing that the pheasant had jumped from the edge of unemployment to the brightest future, the three fairies couldn’t help but envy them, so they gave Zhu Yang an umbrella, a skirt, and a fan.

It was noon now, and the sun was not too small, Zhu Yang took out two pairs of sunglasses and put them on himself and Xiao Ji.

Back in the city, everyone onlookers watched this group of walking windy, beautiful and crowded, and slightly neurotic in their style.

\”Mother, why do they cover their eyes when they walk.\” A little boy with a candied haws asked: \”Still walking so steady.\”

Otherwise, how can you say childish words without restraint? This is exactly what the onlookers think.

\”Hush! The fairy can’t talk about it.\” The child mother hurriedly stopped.

When they were out of the city this morning, everyone saw Daoshi Zhang and his posture.

Originally, Li Xiucai and the others have recently been talking resources in the city. Before, they gathered their staff and went to the outside of the city to do a practice, and they came home.

This time, I brought the scholars back so quickly. The only difference is that the few Taoist priests who followed this time. In the eyes of everyone, are they really talented immortals?

It’s not weird to deal with monsters, but for the other four handsome men and beauties, the people haven’t thought about the monsters yet.

First, I haven’t seen it before. Zhu Yang changed the clothes in his bag for a few fairies, and changed clothes of the same style as their players, but the pheasant gave him a black mercenary costume regardless of the era.

Black vest and jacket, dark trousers stuck into the combat boots of the ankle, long hair is simply tied into a high ponytail, and the person who is silent is handsome and neat.

When everyone saw it, they thought that the three pretty girls who wore the same clothes were the same class of the fairy masters. As for the man, the clothes of the fairy gate were unique.

Another reason is that Xiao Ji attracts most of his attention. Looking at this giant chicken, where is the ordinary person? It’s like a fairy prototype.

However, it followed the immortal master obediently, and was not as hideous as the world’s impression of monsters. After guessing and guessing, he thought it was a mount raised by the immortal family since childhood.

In short, with the aura that rescued all people from the demon cave, even if others’ brains were supplemented, it would be justified.

People who eat melon outside are not aware of it, but Li Xiucai’s house is completely different.

Zhang Daoshi almost didn’t pass when he saw a few people coming in. You just dragged four. What happened to the chicken?

Zhang Daoshi tremblingly pointed to the little yellow chicken and said: “Is it the pheasant essence and the wild species of young offspring?”

\”Who are you scolding?\” The pheasant is immediately unhappy, but he has a higher priority than his own emotions to appease the young master.

Seeing that Xiaoji was going to peck at the Taoist priest, he hurriedly stopped and said: “Young master, young master, don’t be angry, you have no knowledge in the countryside, and you can’t see your roots and feet.”

\”Just those idiots, also worthy? I’m pooh!\”

In such a short period of time, a few fairies had learned a lot of mean words from Zhu Yang, and they absolutely shouted vulgar words to call Li Xiucai.

Sure enough, it wasn’t just the pheasant essence, the other three also scolded Taoist Zhang, and the words were nothing more than the brainwashing package instilled by Zhu Yang before.

At this moment, I have already disliked those scholars.

\”What are you doing when we come down? Is it possible to use the stomach to threaten those things?\”

\”I’m pooh! Don’t look at that foolish virtue, are they worthy? Don’t say no, even if there are wild species, the old lady will die directly.\”

\”A few reed sticks, do you really think we can’t hold them as treasures? If you get out, let’s get out.\”

\”We came down the mountain to serve the boss, the boss is gold and jade, you must be a poor host.\”

He pointed to the yard and pointed his nose and eyes vertically: \”Oh~~, look at these mundane weeds in the yard, what are these vulgar weeds in the yard? It’s so bad, it’s just bad for our boss’ eyes.\”

Speaking of the rabbit essence, the orchids gave a finger, and the yard suddenly became vivid because of the less luxuriant flowers and plants in the season. The petals were so full and moist that you wanted to take a bite.

He arranged the flowers, and raised his nose and eyes at the house. Although Li Xiucai’s family is rich and noble, the house is not as elegant as a man of his fame can own, but it is the main house, which has been in existence for a long time.

Although the mistresses of several generations have been virtuous and virtuous, they inevitably leave some traces.

The mouse spits and dislikes: “What kind of stuff does this live? Our boss has to squeeze a nest with the mouse?”

After saying that, she cast a spell to renew the whole house, and even the rats in the mouse hole in the whole mansion let her get out.

Li Xiucai’s house was picked up by a few monsters from start to finish. The people present looked at Zhu Yang silently, all choking silently.

Not to mention Zhang Daoshi, even the three players can’t believe it. When Zhu Yang received the little fairies in reason, a few people were not very optimistic.

These fairies are weak, and already have a mountain, if they want to conquer, the pay and the reward are not proportional.

But unexpectedly, after an hour of effort, this guy really did it easily, and he didn’t know what he did to make a few monsters such a dogleg.

Even being in the same room with the talents, there is no sorrow before, and the posture of not treating them as gadgets, wholeheartedly mixing with Zhu Yang.

The players didn’t say anything about her behavior. Zhang Daoshi saw that for a while, those fairies cursed and made a new look to the whole house. This situation is a bit beyond the scope of his ability for the upright and honest. Don’t know what to do.

Seeing this hand, Miss Xiucai, she didn’t know where these fairies were the ones who came back from the mountain, and she almost fainted.

Shaking his fingers, Zhu Yang said: “Master, what do you mean by Master?”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: “Don’t worry, you won’t live in your house, and they and your house are also clean.”

Although the lady Xiucai didn’t believe it, the fairies looked disdainful. Li Xiucai and the others didn’t have any unforgettable feelings when they came back. Instead, they were obsessed with the strange girl who followed.

If it weren’t for a few fairies to show off their hands, it would be more reliable to make the Xiucai lady believe that Fu Jiang was the fairies on that mountain.

The current situation was so chaotic that she had a headache, so she quit the hall by preparing meals.

But Li Xuan was even more excited looking at the sunglasses that Zhu Yang wore without shy and the combat uniform and combat boots worn by the pheasant.

Anyway, since he saw his uncle cast spells to drive away evil spirits since he was a child, he has accepted that this is a world with demons and ghosts. How can a few goblins appear so strange that there are transversals?

If the white rabbit candy last night was a temptation, now it is no hesitation.

Li Xuan bit his lip, thinking about turning over, but now that there are many people, he doesn’t say anything.

Li Xiucai and the others hadn’t seen outsiders since they came back. In short, they surrounded Fujiang and had a good fight with the doglegs of the fairies who served Zhu Yang.

However, they are ordinary people, and they are not good at doing things. They are very despised by Fu Jiang, but these guys are also very happy. Even the family greets and speaks, they are also asked to answer ten questions, and they will get angry if they say too much.

The lady Xiucai had already cried for a while, and saw that the little girls were of worse moral character than the other, but the husband had such a heart that he obviously wanted to take it in.

This is already the case now, the other person is domineering when entering the door, do you still have a good life of your own?

The Xiucai lady was so chilling that she couldn’t help but remember what Zhu Yang had said before that he killed this guy outside and pave the way for her son.

But the thought was just a flash, and I was shocked again, repeating chanting for my evil thoughts.

Fu Jiang got Zhu Yang’s permission to act, but he enjoyed it a lot.

Soon the food was ready, and everyone moved to the dining room to have lunch. Because of the large number of people, they had to split into two tables.

The Xiucai family and Zhang Daoshiji had a table with four players, and the Fu Jiang and the fairies had a table. This was originally a serious arrangement.

But the fairies insisted on serving Zhu Yang, and the talents insisted on serving Fujiang. A meal was ——

It is estimated that Zhu Yang and the other three players can maintain their appetite in this atmosphere.

Oh, Xiao Ji is one.

It took a bite of the shrimp that was peeled off by the pheasant essence, and was quite satisfied with the wait.

Mom said, you can’t be stingy with people who work for yourself.

So Xiao Ji took out something from his small backpack (space prop) and handed it to the pheasant essence.

The pheasant took a look, and it turned out to be a dragon scale, and his entire hand was shaking.

Animals in the animal world have a strong sense of dragon’s breath, let alone monsters.

Although this thing is only a metabolite, it is not of any substantial use to them at present, but it can deter most of the fairies just by wearing it.

With the envy of the three, Le Diandian said to Xiaoji: “Thank you young master, young master, do you eat bugs? I will catch the fresh bamboo shoots and vegetables in a while.”

Xiao Ji nodded naturally, and Zhu Yang smiled and touched its head: “You will be a favor with your brother’s stuff.”

Xiao Ji rubbed her head, his expression was obvious, that guy was not like his brother.

The Xiucai lady served as a companion to eat a stomachache meal, and gave a few players a lot of rewards. Zhu Yang and the others were also magnanimous. At this moment, people feel that you are uneasy and kind if you don’t pick them up.

After collecting the money, Zhu Yang recruited a few Fujiang people to come over: “If you are full, go in when you are full. I have already prepared the sofa, carpet, mobile phone and tablet game console.”

\”There are also clothes, shoes, jewelry, sachets, cosmetic mirrors inside. You can change clothes and make-up and play in it. After eating, I will go out and set up a few tables for you. Don’t worry, they are all top dishes.\”

The days of letting go are always short, and Fu Jiang’s temper is naturally not enough, and this guy will make trouble if he is not satisfied.

But before the words came out, Zhu Yang said: \”Whoever said one more word, I will throw her back in the mirror, and another person will come out to enjoy, anyway, each of you is the same to me.\”

This can’t be done, why did you do the work yourself and want the **** in the mirror to be cheaper? The Fu Jiang had to come over reluctantly, and then Zhu Yang put them into the beast bag.

The lady Xiucai was not happy, she was really a celestial master in her heart, she is always doing everything, there is a head and a tail, she was worried before losing her.

But the talents stopped doing it, and they started to shoot the case one by one, and said to Zhu Yang with a grim expression: “Where did you hide Miss Wei? Quickly let her out.”

\”Such a charming and beautiful woman, why do you keep her dark, you are a poisonous woman.\”

\”Yes, poisonous woman, devil!\”

Zhu Yang took out his ears, without her having to do anything. He was a fairy, one by one, and he turned a few white chickens into the air and fell off.

If it hadn’t been for the boss to say that you can’t kill, they just swallowed it.

He fell to the ground and spit on them: “Why? Just rely on the boss’s property, and the boss can deal with it whatever he wants. It’s your turn to talk nonsense?”

The brains of several people were buzzing, and they looked up at them in disbelief: “Mei Niang, you, a couple of days of grace, I didn’t expect you to be like this–”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted impatiently by a few goblins: “Your wife is over there.”

Pointing at Lady Xiucai, the fairy looked at the guy with a swollen nose and tears, and he became more and more disgusted: “I’ll take you to play for a few days, I really treat myself as something.”

\”We are monsters, you tell me about the relationship between husband and wife, you are afraid that it is not making me laugh? I can’t count the number of male foxes that my old lady has slept before.\”

\”Heh! Let alone, male foxes are much more capable than you soft guys.\”

\”Tsk! That is, it takes a short time to step on it softly, so I never had a good time.\” Rabbit Jing said.

The mouse sperm pointed to the one that he had thought of: \”You still have time anyway, this one didn’t even come in. It’s so short, not as good as a mouse tail.\”

A few fairies nonchalantly despised the Bai Zhanji, nothing from hardware configuration to function.

The entire dining room was silent, and the scholars were even more so ashamed to hide their faces.

They are usually eloquent and eloquent, but how can they be argued?

The posture of those few, that is the posture that dare to quibble and can definitely come up and take off their pants.

In the end, Daoshi Zhang couldn’t stand it anymore, and he politely sent Zhu Yang away.

A few talented talents were still thinking about chasing Fu Jiang back, but they could not beat or scold them, and were detained by Taoist Zhang again, so they had to watch them leave.

After all, with a few goblins, Zhu Yang didn’t want to live in Xiucai’s wife’s house anymore. Anyway, it would be no good for someone to pay for it to make people sleepless at night.

They came to the biggest inn in the city and directly booked several first-class rooms.

Don’t think that ancient hotels are worse than modern ones. As long as they are willing to spend money, they are luxurious and clean. The rooms are antique and large in size. There are bedrooms and living rooms. The windows are beautiful lake views, spacious balconies. The frame is a beautiful ancient leisure and vacation picture.

Xiao Ji flapped her wings and followed Zhu Yang into the room. She was not stingy about the residences of the fairies, so she packed the two upper rooms next to her, and the two of them were arranged to enter the room, which is also convenient for serving.

The three players are naturally not bad for the money, just look at Zhu Yang, he is really about to use this place as a vacation.

However, compared with the previous players, these players are much more relaxed. What kind of players have not met here before? Then he was at ease and enjoyed himself.

Although the relationship between players has not progressed until now, smart people don’t need to emphasize the unity of pace, considering their own interests to know when to do something.

After completing the accommodation, Zhu Yang took Xiao Ji and the newly-acquired brothers out of the inn and came to the largest cloth house in the city.

Entering the door is just a piece of silver as a reward. The guy knows that the distinguished guests are coming, and he immediately greets them to the small room, tea and cakes are waiting, the new material book is brought, the latest pattern book is offered, the best tailor embroidery in the house Mother came over for reference.

Zhu Yang came in and said that he didn’t need to save money, just take whatever he wanted, without talking to her.

At first, the fairies were a bit unable to reach out. Later, Zhu Yang was disgusted with a few times, and the few people let go of their hands and feet.

Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by the refreshment and extravagance of the nouveau riche. I only knew that it was great to have money, but I had never experienced it.

What days did they spend in the mountains before?

The four fairies tried on the beautiful clothes in one set, and the one who had no size at the scene also unceremoniously placed an order and asked to work overnight.

Zhu Yang was not idle either. She bought dozens of suits in one go, and asked the tailor to make a few sets of children’s clothing for Xiao Ji. Not only did she have a normal body shape, but she also had a smaller body shape in reality. Going back will definitely greedy his grandparents.

Of course, Longlong did not forget that it is not convenient to make clothes, so he ordered some puppet toys for it.

Don’t think that the ancient aesthetics are not good. Those so-called C national styles are shoddy, and under the craftsmanship of these top craftsmen, they are all scum.

Everything can be collected in the museum when you take it home, and it is naturally expensive.

After buying the clothes, a group of people went to the Yinlou again. The vixen and the others didn’t have any good jewellery on them. They could play with their own beauty. Although they could change their points, they were based on the same principle of illusion.

In the previous pomp in the cloth house, this time the four guys were not polite to Zhu Yang. All kinds of gold and silver jewelry, pearl agate, almost emptied the entire store.

For the first time, the four of them realized this kind of lavishness. They used to prepare birthday gifts for their old mothers, and they often prepared gold and silver utensils. At that time, they only dared to sneak in and buy one or two of medium-quality ones, which was considered the best.

Where is today expected? Is it because my mother doesn’t have as many things as they do right now?

If a few people said that they were still looking at the sweet pie before, under Zhu Yang’s generous treatment, Xiao Ji easily took out the dragon scales.

They were no longer two-minded since then, and they were worried about the mother before. Although they didn’t have much face in front of the mother, they were known to have no good fruit.

Now I’m afraid of being a hairy, but people have dragons, so what kind of mother are you afraid of? Don’t be afraid of the one above the old mother.

Not enough to mention my mother, a few people think of one thing.

The fox said to Zhu Yang: “Boss, next month is my mother’s birthday, all the fairies under her seat have to visit.”

Then she whispered: “She is petty and narrow. Although she doesn’t make us very much, but if she doesn’t go, she will definitely hate her.”

\”Of course, with the boundless strength of the old, I am definitely not afraid of her, but letting her come to the door will also disturb you and the young master.\”

\”So do you think–\”

What they mean is that they can go to worship on the day of their birthday. Anyway, after which year, what should I do if I go back?

I’m afraid that the newly recognized boss will respond and misunderstand that they are still hooked on the former boss.

Unexpectedly, when Zhu Yang heard this, not only was he not angry, but instead asked: “Mother Yun Po, how many fairies like you are there?”

\”Quite a lot.\” The four goblins immediately felt the professional crisis, although they didn’t know the concept.

So he hurriedly said to Zhu Yang: “It’s quite a lot, but the ones she has to use there are generally ugly. Her exercises are soaked in corpse water. The beautiful ones can’t be practiced. There is no one to use. .\”

Sure enough, Zhu Yang was a little disappointed, but she still didn’t stop there.

\”Forget it, don’t consider this, let’s go there.\”

Since the game does not release a task, you have to find something for yourself to do, trigger more conflicts, fight with people more, and see the ability to recognize people more, which is also good for the later burst skills.

A skill that the player has never seen before, even if it exists in this world, is unlikely to be exposed to you.

The old mother Yun Poison watered the roots of the old tree to become fine. Although it was disgusting to listen to it, it did not mean that she was useless there.

So he urged a goblin: “You choose the gift, take me together this time, and the money for the gift counts as mine.”

The four fairies didn’t mean to be happy at all. The boss’s posture was obviously going to play on the court.

Because of this, when eating in the evening, the delicacies of mountains and seas in the best restaurant in the city made them feel a little bit ignorant.

Zhu Yang had a good appetite, and he packed a big banquet for Fu Jiang in a trustworthy manner. A few guys in the spirit beast bag once again fought for clothes robbing. Fortunately, no life was killed and no new Fu Jiang was born.

It is estimated that the new **** is not happy to come out to grab the benefits, so there is no direct split.

In the evening, the game sent a mission instruction.

[As a demon-catching master, the name moves the world. 】

What wonderful task is this Nima?

When the player receives it, the first impression is like this. Does it feel like this game is playing?

Where is it like a serious game task?

One of the players complained: \”How do I feel that this mission is so similar to an online game?\”

\”What is the standard for fame moving the world? How many monsters can be achieved? Is it not only to catch monsters, but also to manage reputation? This is simply embarrassing.\”

\”Should we kill the demon and have to go back to the city for a while? So silly!\”

\”It’s not so troublesome, just pick the most powerful one. \”One of the players said: \”According to this idea, I am afraid that there will be a big event of monsters to harm the world in the near future, so we can stand out.\”

Zhu Yang passed the table of several people carrying the juice they had squeezed by the demon.

Slowly said: \”Actually, the task is not difficult, but the important thing is to extract the benefits as much as possible during the task.\”

\”Why not difficult?\” one of the players asked: \”I am not good at that.\”

Zhu Yang smiled: \”For example, you sneak into the palace and slap the emperor under the dragon chair while the civil and military officials are in the early court, shouting that I am XX celestial master.\”

\”It will be all over the country within three days.\”

Three players: \”……\”

Also, there is such a showy operation? One of them is really eager to try.

Zhu Yang continued: \”But I don’t recommend you to do this. Monsters in this world are rampant. In order not to be harmed by them, there must be capable people and strangers. They are not necessarily better than us. Moreover, the Forbidden Army is not a big one. Furnished.\”

You cannot use the combat power of the real historical background to estimate the people in the fantasy background, otherwise the emperor would have been swallowed by the monsters and pretended to be the opponent to enjoy the power of the king.

Zhu Yang smiled: \”This time the mission is very flexible. If the four of us get together, if we can’t achieve the best benefit, we might as well go separately and operate separately. What do you think?\”

Some people agree with this idea, but some people think that at least a two-person team is relatively supportive.

However, they all agreed. Zhu Yang and one of the male players went on their own, and the other male and female teamed up, so there was a way to take care of them.

After the arrangements were made, the four of them drank the practice wine, wishing everyone well.

The four decided to go in different directions, and Zhu Yang chose to go to Beijing because this section of the road would pass through Yundu’s mother.

Now that the task has come down, the enthusiasm of a few people has come out. They have purchased a lot in the city, exchanged their points for enough coils, and left when they were ready.

Zhu Yang and the others have been delayed for a few days. There is nothing else to do, just wait for the cloth shop to make the clothes (…)

But because of such a delay, Li Xuan was entangled.

The guy got tangled that morning, with injuries on his body, and he was not as stable as before.

As if the pressure has been vented for a long time, Zhu Yang said with his nose and tears: “Did you say it was easy for me?”

\”It’s so easy for me to get a good job after graduating from college. I saved the down payment and just bought a house, and I went through.\”

\”Passing through, not born in a poor family, it’s not bad, but it’s such a great mallet.\”

\”He **** took the Liao Zhai male lead script, right? Since childhood, this guy has recruited several female ghosts, and it’s not that he has to die. Fortunately, he has an uncle, and he keeps it every time. There is no big trouble at home.\”

\”Well, then I got worse, even the mountain spirit monsters fascinated him. He wants to have such a great charm, but he is just an ordinary talent, all the women are crazy, right?\ ”

\”Could he be the YY incarnation of the author of the story? Because of his pedigree, I always came across some peony essence and peony essence when I went out for a walk. The first time I was eight years old, I was still a baby. .\”

\”I just thought about studying hard, getting a fame, getting an official job, then marrying a good wife, having children and serving as an old-age mother, just living a life of peace and tranquility, and what life and death love is involved with fairies is long-lived What do people do?\”

\”I tell you, you must be responsible for this matter. The previous one was Fu Jiang, right? The famous Fu Jiang, right?\”

\”My dad had something wrong after she left. Now he is completely crazy. I will come out to find you today. I stopped him and was injured. When I was injured, my mother worked hard with him. Our family is about to die. Up.\”

Although the Xiucai ladies value their husbands, their sons are more important than those who are bothered.

Other things are easy to say. I dare to move my son, for fear that I don’t want to live anymore. Although the woman hadn’t seen it before, it was Zhang Daoshi who took the lead.

But since it can run such a booming home, it’s not weak in nature.

Li Xuan has a terrible headache about what is happening now, but he really doesn’t have much affection for that father. He doesn’t have a family all year round, but he can’t kill him at home.

But Zhu Yang, the devil, really grinned after hearing his words——

\”Huh? You also have the physique of a scholar in Liao Zhai? Wouldn’t it be with you, so there is no need to worry about finding the monsters and ghosts?\”

Li Xuan felt like he had sold himself.

The author has something to say: Yo West! There are four days left for full attendance this month, and the countdown begins.


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