Scream Queen Chapter 146

Li Xuan obviously didn’t feel right, he still had reason, and plausibly broke with others.

But at this moment, I looked at Zhu Yang’s eyes, and Nima was already watching a monster fishing machine.

And looking at this guy taking the monsters that seduce the scholars into his command, he didn’t see any beatings or abuses, and he didn’t draw bones and gouge his heart to make alchemy.

After a few days, I kept a few mountain monsters smooth and moisturized enough to pinch juice.

As a wealthy household in the city, the Li family has a lot of shops, and naturally has intersections with the surroundings. It is known that these people have been extravagant recently.

At the beginning, his mother paid a lot of money, but to be honest, compared with the cost of these few days, the real legs are not counted.

It can be seen that these people are really not bad money for catching monsters, but they are not used to refine evil things like evil ways of catching monsters, but they lead the monsters to eat and drink.

Say that she covets beauty, that’s not enough. Although a few monsters are doglegs, they don’t have that enchanting aura.

Li Xuan silently stepped back two steps, and smiled at the corners of his mouth: “You, do you want to build a force in the demon world and gather the monsters?”

\”That’s not necessary. You can give them this benefit, as long as you spread it out, spread ten to ten, and there will definitely be a demon coming to your door.\”

Zhu Yang waved his hand: \”How is it possible? They are all cultivated for many years, so people will not suspect that this is a set? What’s more, I have to pick up when others turn in? When I accept a little brother, there is no threshold?\”

The four goblins also spoke up: “That’s right! What our boss wants is targeted talent, no matter how many crooked melons come, we still don’t bother to interview.”

From the initial sense of crisis, to later Zhu Yang drew a big cake for them, promising to divide the monsters from this world into groups. The four of them are the initial veterans, and naturally they are the leaders of each group.

So far, the few lazy goblins practiced diligently every day, and they would definitely not be able to be compared with those of later generations. Even if there are differences in Taoism, professionalism must definitely go one step ahead.

So Zhu Yang is singing every night, eating grapes and watching a few monsters perform her dance tricks every night.

Seeing Li Xuan’s mouth twitching, Zhu Yang patted his shoulder: “You also know what urine is like in this world, right?”

\”However, it is easy to find monsters, but regardless of the way, the most beautiful will definitely have an emotional scene with the scholar.\”

\”It just so happens that what I want is not just monsters, but also beautiful monsters and ghosts. With your precise bait for an audience, wouldn’t I just get twice the result with half the effort?\”

Li Xuan wanted to bite his tongue right now, he would never have expected this guy’s idea.

She should have thought of it when she brought back some enchanting goblins.

Just regret, very regretful.

\”I offend to ask, what are you going to do with these beautiful fairies?\” Li Xuan doubted this guy a little.

Zhu Yang did not conceal: “Of course it is to add more powerful soldiers to my entertainment company, don’t look at me like this, I am also a tens of billions of masters.”

\”Haha! Look, I can see it.\” Li Xuan’s eyes were dull.

He’s so stupid, really, just knowing that these people are reincarnations, just knowing that this kind of male domineering, will often do the act of Long Aotian.

But as expected, my brain was soaked in rust after living in ancient times.

How could you forget that under the same conditions, women have the heart of Long Aotian, and it is not surprising that it is put into practice?

Not all women in the world are the same as his mother and sister in this life, and the various demons they have encountered.

People hug from left to right, beauties are embracing unhappy, and even start a company of beauties.

If you can smuggle monsters over, the real power is not small, right?

Li Xuan thought wildly, and he felt an arm come up, and then smelled a refreshing smell.

His face turned red immediately, don’t overdo it and say: \”I, don’t look at me like this, I’m also an adult man inside, don’t stay so close.\”

Zhu Yang rubbed his head: “Oh, didn’t you just say that you are a baby?”

Not to mention, this guy has a modern soul, and has such a romantic father, and the temptations he has faced since childhood are countless, and it is rare to be so innocent.

She is the best at bullying the innocent little boy, and she deceives: “Sister won’t let you work in vain.”

\”You have also seen that people who follow me can advance the benefits before they start doing things, and the same is true for you.\”

\”Listen to you, you still have a lot of nostalgia for modern times? I can take you back.\”

Li Xuan’s pupils shrank suddenly and suddenly raised his head, looking at Zhu Yang incredulously: \”Can you?\”

After saying this, I feel stupid again. If not, how can these monsters be brought back?

But I had never thought about this possibility, and I obviously missed modern civilization.

Missing network air-conditioning takeaway toilets, he is okay, he was born in the bourgeoisie, and he is still a male.

But the identity of the times and the convenience of technology are sometimes something the emperor does not want to change.

He looked at Zhu Yang for a long time, his visible spirit was shaking, but after a long time, he still shook his head.

He bit his lip and said: “Forget it, the only thing I can’t put down in modern times is a house. Here, there are my mother and sister.”

\”My dad, you have seen it, without me, they don’t know where they are in the future.\”

Even if his mother can survive after he leaves, maybe he can have another male, who can grow up under the influence of his father.

There are also values ​​inherent in this era. Even if his uncle Zhang Daoshi is so generous, he often has to wrong his mother’s judgment.

He doesn’t trust anyone but himself.

Zhu Yang gave him a surprised look, then a smile flashed across his eyes.

I stopped teasing him and patted him on the head: “Okay, there are other rewards that can be paid if you don’t go back.”

Then I took out a few electronic products: “Choose whatever you want, oh and your dad’s thing, I will solve it too.”

Li Xuan’s mouth was stubborn: \”Isn’t my father the one who did that thing after all?\”

But eyes are glued to those electronic products, full-screen mobile phones, tablets, and game consoles.

Ah~~, his wife of the American TV series Paper Man, wanted to touch her mobile phone to get a handful of pesticides, but unfortunately there was no way to connect to the Internet.

\”Yes!\” Zhu Yang turned on the phone and handed it to him: \”Although I don’t know the principle, this thing is black technology and can be cross-server.\”

Naturally, it was bought in another game space, but it can only be used for entertainment. If you want to use it for other purposes, don’t think about it. It can’t be cheap.

Only then did Li Xuan realize that he had accidentally said nothing. At this moment, looking at the game interface that had been opened, he couldn’t help but snatched his phone with a scream.

It’s a pity that he didn’t operate for more than ten years, and he was scolded by his teammates, but this did not hinder Li Xuan’s excitement.

This is the first time that Li Xuan is fortunate to be born in a world of demons. No matter what, he can explain it. He can’t keep the serious ancient background even for him.

The group came to Li Xiucai’s house again, and Li Xiucai was being tied up.

The lady Xiucai looked at him with hatred, and for so many years, this guy has been very romantic.

At least people are stupid to control. The little fairy outside can blow the pillow wind to make him promise something. He can be convinced by himself without a word when he goes home. He doesn’t have his own opinion and doesn’t bear it. If he is optimistic, his life will pass.

But this **** shouldn’t do anything wrong. He actually dared to hurt his son for a woman. This was touching the scales of the Xiucai lady. At this moment, she remembered the words of the fairy master before going up the mountain.

It’s better to let him die outside.

When she saw her son bring the fairy master back, the lady Xiucai suppressed the ruthlessness on her face and greeted her.

But she hasn’t spoken yet, Li Xiucai saw Zhu Yang but he was as crazy as –

\”Fu Jiang, my Fu Jiang, give me my Fu Jiang back.\”

Zhu Yang has seen a lot of virtuous men, and ignored them, but said to Xiucai: \”Sorry.\”

\”At that time, this guy was so obsessed that I could only use poison to fight poison. Now it is causing you trouble.\”

The Xiucai lady dare not repeatedly, which fairy fan is not fascinated by? The key is that this guy has broken roots.

Li Xuan didn’t explain to his mother, but it was really different. It was much happier to stand on the fairies than on Fujiang.

It is a world-destroying monster that is famous in the second dimension.

His father’s current situation, rather than being addicted to beauty and going crazy, it is more appropriate to use a virus to explain.

Viruses that infinitely amplify human evil thoughts and lust/desire.

Zhu Yang said that it is easy to suppress the condition, but during this period, I am afraid that this guy will not be emotionally stable, and suggested that she send the child away for a period of time.

Said to be sent away, it was Li Xuan alone. Li Xuan’s sister was sent to the countryside.

She was young, and Li Xiucai was fascinated by the vixen, and she was messing around at home. She was also afraid that her little girl would not hear the news.

Xiucai ladies are all willing, but her idea is to send Li Xuan to the countryside.

Li Xuan received the benefits. Even if he is not happy anymore, he must take the initiative to say to his mother: “Mother, since I have this free time, I would like to go out and visit the capital to explore the way for the future imperial examination. .\”

The Xiucai lady was naturally reluctant, but he couldn’t say that Li Xuan, and he was right, there will always be a day in the exam, and there is no way to worry about it at that time.

My son has been a good student since he was a child, and can also read. Who in the city knows that her son is talented and will be a jinshi in the future? He didn’t know what was better than his useless dad.

It’s okay to explore the way in advance, save time to go to Beijing to catch the blind, and have to deal with exams and get messy.

After reaching a consensus, Zhu Yang was very satisfied and erased Fu Jiang’s memory for Li Xiucai.

It’s easy for the spirit to control a body that doesn’t work hard and doesn’t distinguish the grains, and it’s easy to be hollowed out by alcohol.

As soon as this guy opened his eyes, he forgot what Fu Jiang looked like. When he saw the vixen and the others, his eyes became straight again. If the memory of being beaten, insulted, and humiliated in public was still there, I might have come up to talk again.

This response was exactly what Zhu Yang had given the Xiucai lady, so he immediately packed up Li Xuan’s things and arranged for a small servant.

Zhu Yang and the others have basically prepared everything they bought here, and when Li Xuan went out, they would make peace with each other outside the city.

At first, the young man thought it was a coincidence, but later, there was no way to find that the young master had made an appointment with others.

In ancient times, the scenery was great, but the law and order was not flattering, and it was risky to go out.

But with Zhu Yang, a man with superb military value, even a few of her fairies encountered common scams, robbers, and robberies and they took care of them.

Not in a hurry, so I admired this great river and mountains all the way, not to mention, it is really incomparable in modern times.

Of course, this premise is that there is a Zhu Yang in the team.

This guy really enjoys it too much. He has everything he needs to eat, drink and have fun, all of which are delayed. One person is a transit station for a walking luxury tour group.

Like the most arduous journey outside the home, accommodation, food, bad weather, none of them existed here.

She likes to have a house that she can carry with her. The house is awkward, not a tent, or a big villa with white walls and red tiles.

The whole villa is on the third floor, with more than a dozen rooms. The number of people now has a surplus for each of them. Inside, there is a kitchen, restaurant, chess room, and entertainment room.

The villa is equipped with a generator and can be used with any electrical appliances and kitchenware. Although there is no way to connect to the TV, it contains a huge collection of discs, which can not be finished in ten years.

So what they do along the way is to feel comfortable and boldly appreciate the scenery along the way, whether it is the magnificent mountains, the romantic beauty of the lake, the mysterious fragrance of the forest or the beautiful scenery of the countryside.

I didn’t take the official road, I went wherever it was interesting, and I didn’t need to find an inn hotel. It was reasonable that those places were not safe and comfortable here.

That big villa, no matter where it is, as long as the environment is beautiful enough to be worthy of Zhu Yang’s stay, she will choose the best visual orientation of her room.

Her ability is very powerful, it should be the motivation of thinking. Under her mind, she can make a flat ground for the villa out of thin air in the rugged and uneven land, and then make a groove to put the villa directly in, stable.

They even spent the night on the edge of a mountain that is thousands of meters above. White clouds seemed to be right in front of them, and the cascading waterfall was right next to the house.

This kind of room, in modern society, is specially built next to the scenery and sits in the most beautiful scenery. It is afraid that a night’s holiday will cost five figures.

Naturally, there is no need to worry about small things like eating and drinking. There is no wildlife protection law these days. If there are no animals outside, it depends on whether you have the ability to catch them.

Obviously Zhu Yang didn’t worry about this. The food and meat dishes in the villa were also rich in stock, and the condiments were so rich as to enter the world condiment exhibition.

A few fairies are also virtuous, even if they are not good at human food at the beginning, Zhu Yang directly adjusts an instructional video of the dish and draws a gourd to draw a gourd.

And these few have good savvy, and they tried hard to learn more, and it didn’t take long for them to learn the cooking skills one by one.

This modern luxury tour group is not so exquisite and comfortable, but Li Xuan can understand the mystery.

But his little servant took the incomprehensible things as the daily life of the Xian family, calling out the blessings of his eight lifetime cultivation, and being able to try the things of the Xian family was indeed a fairy day, so he worked harder by running errands and diving to catch fish.

It seems that he can go back and blow for a lifetime.

But after reaching a certain range, Li Xuan was kicked out of the villa.

Words: It’s time to work.

This evening, Zhu Yang and the others set up a villa next to a beautiful mountain stream hot spring. After dinner, she and Xiao Ji went to the hot spring with a few fairies.

There is also a kind of fruit that tastes a bit like a strawberry growing on the side of the hot spring. Pick out a few baskets and wash them, or eat them directly, or squeeze them into juice. The taste is wonderful.

Li Xuan and the others were driven away after they had eaten, because she had sensed the evil spirit.

It is the same as in the initial situation when the ghost gas is sensed. Anyway, the player’s radar will automatically turn on when it enters a certain range.

Li Xuan originally planned to soak in a hot spring, but he was too comfortable recently and almost forgot that he was sold out.

As a result, being carried by the back collar, he threw it out, and the whole person and the young man carried the cage miserably, looking back at them at the hot spring, and walked in the direction of the ruined temple in the distance.

By the way, Zhu Yang told him that Pomiao was five miles away. He had to walk over this distance because he didn’t want to get close.

Yes, the supper has been digested, when he goes back, he must have a supper.

Halfway through, it suddenly rained in the sky. Li Xuan and Xiao Si hurriedly opened up the umbrellas, but they covered it, and the wild road under their feet was muddy.

Not to mention that he is wearing cloth shoes now, even the leather boots are uncomfortable to walk, where they are like before, once the road is uneven, Zhu Yang can use the power of thinking to make it smooth, muddy these are basically trivial things.

She can freeze an icy road even crossing the river, without changing her shoes along the way.

After Zhu Yang, Li Xuan realized for the first time that it was not easy to travel far, but he wondered if those guys were also interrupted by the rain to bathe in Yaxing.

The next second I felt frustrated that I was whimsical.

Don’t Zhu Yang, that guy can directly use the power of thinking to make the raindrops avoid them, even the giant umbrellas in the villa are not lacking. No matter what, let the pheasant and the others chop off some wood chips and pile them up in minutes. Leisurely wooden house.

A few guys can also enjoy the rain while enjoying the hot springs. They must be drinking juice, and desserts prepared by pheasant essence are prepared on the shore.

what! ! ! The more I think about it, the more envy.

I braved the acid water and ran into the ruined temple, but as soon as I entered, I saw a beautiful woman in white clothes playing the piano.

Li Xuan quietly put away the umbrella and wiped the rain off his face.

No, girl, playing the piano in the temple on a rainy night is a bit awkward. How low is your IQ, or what kind of state you are excited about, can you ignore this objective flaw.

What I thought in my heart is not ‘this girl has a pit in the brain’, ‘could there be fraud in this place’, but ‘wow! The hibiscus comes out of the clear water, and it is naturally carved. Such a beautiful and strange woman has only been seen in her life’?

Anyway, Li. Steel straight man. IQ online. Life-saving master. Xuan is very speechless about the situation in front of him. Who strikes up and who is mentally retarded.

\”Hey! Girl, our son rushed all night to rain showers, go to your place to hide, don’t blame the girl.\”

As soon as the sound of the piano stopped, the beauty in white slowly raised her head, showing a human role.

She glanced at Li Xuan, her eyes were full of lingering, tender and shy glances and smiles, her red lips were lightly opened, her shell teeth were slightly exposed, she was about to say “don’t mind”.

I saw Li Xuan slapped the young man on the back of his head: “You are a ghost, everyone lives in the ruined temple in the mountains, where is the lord?”

\”Gather firewood and make a fire!\”

\”Oh!\” The young man put down the cage in a sense of dignity, and looked at the young master with a frustrated look, really puzzled.

The face of the beautiful woman in white is also stiff. Seeing that the other party ignores her, it is no longer suitable for a lone man and a widow to live in the same room, and it is a frivolous expression to start talking.

In fact, he didn’t think he and Zhu Yang would only wear **** and swimsuits to go to the hot springs, but these monsters have rich experience in fighting.

Don’t have a good face to them, and definitely disguise yourself with an upright and pedantic appearance.

Whenever someone shows a good face, the other party is definitely more enthusiastic, can’t get rid of it, and is very good at self-strategy.

While Xiao Si was packing up the firewood, he swept out an open space in the corner far away from the girl, took out a plush carpet from the cage and threw it on the ground, threw a pillow on it, and sat down against the wall.

These two were still caught out crying and crying when they were thrown out, and I don’t know how long he had to stay outside, so he could make it easier.

Li Xuan sat down and closed his eyes and rested. Don’t talk to her, he didn’t even mean to look at her.

The white-clothed woman was a little angry, but looking at his face and the temperament of that body, she lost everything.

Even self-comfort, what’s wrong with being indifferent to women? At least it wasn’t a Deng disciple who posted it when she saw the beauty.

The white-clothed woman blushed as she saw it, and then she said: “The slave family is here, must you embarrass the son?”

Li Xuan opened his eyes slowly and said: “Would you like my little boy to take you back?”

The white-clothed woman choked again and smiled: “No, I’m separated from my family. It’s better not to go around and wait for them to come to me.”

Li Xuan nodded, then closed his eyes to rest.

The white-clothed woman bit her lips with a white mark, and her heart flared: “My son, the rain is continuous, and the slave’s house is a bit cold. Can I borrow your blanket?”

\”Give you what do I use?\” Li Xuandao.

These fairies, each arm can run a horse, and they have to pretend to be weak in front of him. He is just a weak scholar. It is simply a bodybuilder who wants the primary school students to walk on his back.

He was not polite, but he knew that the white-clothed woman was not angry and rejoiced: “I can share it with the son.”

Not waiting for him to express his attitude, he got up and sat down. The carpet was obviously quite big, and the woman was going to squeeze him.

Li Xuan hid and hid next to him, almost squeezed out of the soft furry carpet.

That’s not even a big deal. The pig teammate of Xiao Si came back, winking at him when he saw it, and showing that his son was opening up. The father looked very pleased and saw that he wanted to hit someone.

This guy thought he thought he would go to another small room to rest, and said to Li Xuan: “Master, give me a blanket, don’t you have two? Give me one.”

It’s usually too good for these guys.

He couldn’t afford to hide, so Li Xuan simply lay down and went to sleep. He ignored what the woman said, just as if he was asleep.

Not to mention, maybe because he knew that everything was under Zhu Yang’s control, he actually fell asleep after a while.

The carpet is also comfortable, and it makes it easier to sleep in the wilderness.

I just fell asleep until midnight, and I felt that my body was not strong.

Li Xuan opened his eyes and became conscious, and he felt a soft, boneless hand touching him.

His scalp suddenly exploded and his whole body was stiff, but his hand still tended to stretch inward.

Li Xuan quickly sat up: “What are you doing?”

The white-clothed woman was flushed with a flattering face, like someone pinched her nose and poured ten catties of spring/medicine.

\”My son, the slave house is so cold, it’s really cold.\”

Li Xuan hurriedly threw his blanket to her, then rolled out of the carpet: “Fine, everything is for you, is that enough?”

Seeing him toasting and not eating fine wine, the white-clothed woman suddenly did nothing. This young pretty scholar must have never tasted the femininity, so she was so confused, taking advantage of no one around, she simply cooked rice with raw rice. , You have to recognize it afterwards.

So the woman jumped forward and pressed Li Xuan to the ground.

Li Xuan: \”……\”

\”Big sister, big sister, strong man, what are you doing when talking.\” He struggled quickly.

The strength of the helpless scholar was a scumbag in front of the monster, Li Xuan was humiliated and pressed to the ground, and he was about to be chaste.

The woman still pinched her charming voice and said: “My son, the slave family is dedicated to you.”

\”Wait, you call this Xian, this is Qiang [BEEP], I’m still a minor, how old are you? I tell you, this thing starts in three years and has the highest death penalty.\”

The woman smiled and said: “When did this law come out in the world? It turns out that the son already knows the face of the slave family. I hate it, he is really smart.”

Then he raised his eyebrows and said: \”Three years, for the fairy, it is only a fleeting moment. As for death, once with the son, the slave family will die well.\”

\”Therefore, the death penalty is not a loss, and it was earned in three years of blood, son, you will be a slave.\”

It was the first time that Li Xuan encountered such a vigorous spirit, and he was so flustered that he quickly snarled his neck and shouted: “Li Er, you pig, are you dead? Come and help.”

\”Snoring~~~Snoring~~Snoring!\” There was a loud snoring sound suddenly.

Li Xuan: \”……\”

\”Haha! Son, even if you break your throat, no one will come to rescue you.\”

Li Xuan almost cried, and said to the woman fiercely: “Be reasonable, I let you go, it is for your good.”

“Oh? What if I don’t leave?” The woman in white raised her eyebrows.

\”If you don’t leave, just wait for the job.\” After Li Xuan said this, he pulled his throat and said: \”Break my throat, break my throat!\”

\”My son, you are so funny.\”

\”Pouch!\” There was a burst of laughter from the torn paper window close at hand.

The woman in white immediately turned back vigilantly: “Who?”

Then the door opened automatically without any wind, and saw five people and a chicken standing outside the door, watching the scene in the room, with expressions on their faces, as if the show was not enough.

\”Who are you?\” The woman in white willow her brows frowned.

She could see that, except for the beautiful woman at the head, the other four were all fairies, similar to her, they were all little fairies.

But the four fairies were headed by the human woman, and they looked like doglegs, without fear.

It’s not like being detained and enslaved by a capable person, but a pleasant atmosphere.

Li Xuan eased the pressure due to the arrival of a few people, and immediately gathered his clothes and escaped. When he ran in front of Zhu Yang, he would tear up with her——

\”Just use me as a bait, and watch the show. You watch the show—I’m almost gone.\”

This guy is now a fifteen or sixteen-year-old body. Zhu Yang grabbed his arm and said with a smile: “Oh, this is the first time I have seen the super invincible Jack Su physique.”

\”Hahaha…, the overlord puts on the bow hard.\” Zhu Yang pointed at him and laughed wildly: \”I know so many handsome guys, you are the first to have this honor.\”

Really, no matter how good the skin is, it is no match for the terrible physique, it is all written in it.

Li Xuan almost cried out: “I shouldn’t have come out with you.”

Just because of the two pesticides, I almost lost my virginity.

At this time, the woman in white could not know that she was in the trap. She looked at Li Xuan incredulously, as if he was a heartbreaker——

\”Li Lang, you!\”

Li Xuan immediately exploded his hair when she heard her, Zhu Yang was now too courageous and fat: “Lang, your sister, so we both have end to end, and how do you know what I believe?\ ”

\”I can tell you that it doesn’t depend on me. Although this is fishing law enforcement, my hook is straight. You are upset by yourself, and you are violently forced. It is your own subjective reason.\”

After Li Xuan finished speaking, he felt a few needle **** from his back. When he turned his head, he saw four fairies looking at him with contempt.

Oh, he has forgotten that these guys have not waited to see him because of his father, and everything is wrong.

The situation at this moment is naturally easier to bring to the woman in white.

He exploded immediately: \”What kind of look do you have? Isn’t this Zhu Yang’s idea?\”

Mentioning Zhu Yang, a few people immediately doubled their bids, and one after another stepped forward to take photos: “The boss is really wise and wise.”

\”Yes, yes! Knowing that this fishing machine is going to come out is sure to be caught.\”

\”Tsk tusk! This fairy is really good, and can also play piano, tusk tusk! It will definitely contribute to my company.\”

Li Xuan’s whole person is already pale. These guys have received Zhu Yang’s vocational training in their spare time, and they know some modern rankings.

But sadly, the title of fishing machine has been firmly established on him.

The reaction of the woman in white is the same as the four fairies at the beginning, clutching her chest tightly. Where is the vigor that just forced someone?

She looked at Zhu Yang and them vigilantly: “You want to catch me to do shameless business, you want to be beautiful.”

Looking back at Li Xuan again: \”Li Lang, I am sincere to you, have you forgotten the white koi you released when you were young? I have been waiting for you to grow up.\”

Li Xuan’s goose bumps all came out: “I was only seven years old at that time, are you a human?”

Ok! People are demon.

Koi Jing’s expression was sad, but Li Xuan was even more desperate. He knelt to the ground and screamed from the sky.

\”God, why would there be a flower demon’repaying grace’ when planting flowers, and a carp spirit and vixen’repaying grace’ when planting flowers?

Zhu Yang and the others watched the Coke break, but the process still has to go.

In fact, up to now, it’s easy to cut off this unfavorable relationship. There is no intersection between the two people, let alone any real deep feelings.

It is nothing more than Li Xuan’s kind treatment when he was a child that has made the carp so impressed, and he has grown into a young boy, and his gratitude has turned into admiration. The life in the mountains is lonely and the natural situation is out of control.

With Li Xuan’s avoidance and Zhu Yang’s abduction, the big stick and jujube policy is tricky.

The subtle difference between the koi spirit and the four monsters is that although there is still a monster’s vanity, love and beauty.

But she wants to be much more spiritually happy, and because she has not been concerned since she was a child, she is extremely eager to get attention.

Zhu Yang turned on his mobile phone to surf the Internet and coaxed: “Why don’t you stay here? You are just an inconspicuous carp here, but in other places you are a popular star.”

\”Your appearance rate is higher than that of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Everyone is proud of being honored by you.\”

The carp spirit flipped through the posts that forwarded the koi, which were just ordinary carps.

Unexpectedly, there is a world that tolerates her like this, where she doesn’t have to hide, and her roots and feet are despised among monsters here.

Zhu Yang patted her shoulder: \”Look at yourself, what a majestic beauty, even if you feel lonely, you can’t hide your brilliance, roots and feet? What is that? Noble lies in the soul, not in blood. \”

\”Moreover, isn’t your pedigree bad?\” Zhu Yang handed her a dragon scale.

The carp tremblingly took the dragon scale: \”It, it—\”

Zhu Yang nodded, Long Long, I’m sorry: “It used to be just an ordinary white koi, but now, its today is your tomorrow.”

\”You don’t have to stay in the wild, and put your life value in a relationship, a man, to contribute a fragrant / colorful strange thing to the boring people of the world.\”

\”You have infinite possibilities, why not cast your gaze to the sky, where the scenery is so beautiful, don’t you want to go up and soar?\”

Although it won’t be long before, Koi Jing knows that going to heaven is an easy task, and only the air ticket is enough.

But at this moment, she was really shocked, and the buried revenge and ambition suddenly broke ground, out of control.

Comparing Li Xuan and Zhu Yang, one shunned and the other appreciated.

She blushed and said to Zhu Yang: “Okay, I’m with you.”

Zhu Yang smiled with satisfaction. It’s not a waste of attendance in the middle of the night. The koi piano art is superb and pure and beautiful, like a fairy on earth.

It can be predicted how much her future commercial value will be.

I was about to greet everyone to go back, but when I turned back, I saw Koi Jingming that her gaze was head-up just now, so after a while, she needs to look up?

No, this product has grown more than ten centimeters higher out of thin air, and then the contour of the face has also changed, and the white clothes on the body have also changed in style.

Zhu Yang’s mouth twitched: \”Yo, yo! It turns out that you are also a male.\”

\”It’s not that I said, you fairies are really talented here, and it’s not a violation of men and women to switch at will, not to mention that others will not recognize it at first.\”

The koi essence and the pheasant essence have different looks. I saw his cold face, melancholy brow, like a snow lotus in the mountains, and an angel pitying the world.

He smiled, and suddenly there seemed to be a hundred flowers blooming behind him: “Oh! The master can really laugh. Although my body is female, it is my goal now to jump out of the dragon gate. A natural male body is more suitable.”

Zhu Yang glanced at him, and then at the pheasant, thinking that you two are right.

One is male partial to female, and one female partial to male.

However, considering the company’s interests, it is true that women are easy to find, but men are hard to find.

Clean up, even in the modern context, people are more tolerant of men than women to public figures.

Since it was the other party’s own wishes, Zhu Yang did not suppress it, not to mention this one is really rare, and it is even more valuable than the female body.

So Zhu Yang pointed his head and waved his big hand: “Sure, you will act in a male body in the future.”

The koi essence happily leaned over immediately, and was pushed behind him by the pheasant essence: “What’s the matter is the newcomer? I don’t know the rules, squeeze in front of the predecessors, are you standing in that position? Stay behind go with.\”

The boss was oversight for a while. Don’t think that they didn’t know what his plan was. They all seduced the scholar. How could they not recognize the love in his eyes?

The boss is beautiful and powerful, how normal it is.

The pheasant spirit had to be trained, and everyone heard a loud noise.

Li Xuan directly fainted to the ground, Zhu Yang quickly helped him up, fanning and pinching people.

After this guy woke up leisurely, the first sentence was pointing to the koi spirit and tremblingly said: “I, what happened to me just now by a man?”

The author has something to say: Longlong: Today is another day when only the scales appear, one gold coin, two gold coins…


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